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It’s been six months since his little adventure in Dubai with none other than the infamous Ethan Hunt, The golden boy of IMF. And here is he even after six months, sitting in his office at HQ after working hours, still thinking about that guy. No he is not just thinking about Ethan, he is worried about what Ethan might have thinking about him.

Yes he knows it that Ethan had forgiven for his failure to protect his wife. Yes he knows now that she is not actually dead and there is nothing to blame himself for it but he had been blaming himself for her death for years now and he don’t think that now just knowing that she is very much alive is going to help him anyhow to easy his guilt but he is very glad and even relived by that.

But it’s been six months since he had even saw Ethan. After completing the mission in Dubai, when they met in Seattle and clear their misunderstanding, he had thought that Ethan wanted him on his team, Ethan had even said that himself. But that was it. He hadn’t heard from him since then, not even a phone call. All he knows about him is that he is on some highly classified mission that only Secretory knows about it.

May be Ethan don’t actually want him on the team, Will thought. May be he had said that just to reassure him. After all why would you need an analyst on the team? And it’s been years since he had been in field work. May Ethan don’t think that Will is fit to be on his team.

Will brought out of his thoughts by sudden opening of his cabin door. “Hey Will, please tell me you are not overworking yourself again, are you?” It was Jack. He works in PR department. Will won’t call him as a friend but he’s closest to a friend he has in his life. Well he has Benji, he is definitely a friend but he hadn’t come to meet him for months now so he don’t actually know is their friendship still exists.

Will took a deep breath and forces himself smile “no jack. I am not overworking myself. I was just thinking about something”. He just raised an eyebrow. “And that would be?”

“Just about Intel’s about a mission”. He smile at jack and said “Nothing of your concern." He just chuckle at that “you mean to say that, you are sitting in your office 2 hours after the closing time and thinking about your work. Please do tell me how is it not overworking?? When you should have gone to your home 2 hours ago."

Will just sigh at that. He don’t know what to say Jack. In all honesty he don’t want to have a conversation with anyone right now. He just want to be left alone. “I can ask you the same question by the since you are also still here in office after 2 hours of closing time." Will said at last looking incredulously at Jack. Jack just roll his eyes at him “my superior wanted some info about tomorrow’s press conference. So I had to stay a bit longer today. And I thought that you might be still be here so I came here just to ask you if you are done we can go out for some drinks. I could really do with couple of drinks. It’s been a long day.”

Will knows that arguing with jack right now is just a lost cause so he got up and packed his bag. “Let’s go."

They walk in silence to the restaurant since it was just a block away from their HQ. Jack was a good guy. Will thought. He is handsome, charming. And he likes Will. Just because he don’t want to talk to anyone doesn’t mean that he hadn’t notice it. He is always there smiling at Will whenever the saw each other at office , asking will for drinks whenever Will is overworking himself to get him out of his office. And it’s nice to have someone in your life to worry about you and not because of you. But Will don’t think he is ready for any relationship or maybe it’s just Jack he is not ready for. He don’t want to hurt Jacks feelings if Jack ask him for something more than friendship. This is one of the reason he always try to avoid Jack. Suddenly he regrets for coming with him at all. But before he could makes an excuse the reach at the restaurant.

Jack finds them a table near one of the window and goes for placing an order for them. He came back with drinks. Not having anything to talk other than work Will asked “So what’s the tomorrows press meeting is about? Please don’t tell me someone messed up a mission again? Because it’s been six months for reformation of IMF but the pending workload is just increasing."

Jack just laughs at that “trust me I know about the pending workload. And it’s going to be long couple of months. But no it’s not for the failed mission. It’s actually for a successful mission. Well, Ethan Hunt never fails any mission now does he?"

Will’s sour mood came back just by listening that name. “Off course. He never failed a single mission yet." He managed to say. “He is awesome, isn’t he? I had actually thought that you are not going to come back to desk work and re-join field duty after Dubai mission. But I am glad that you came back.”

“There was too much to sort out at office after the reformation and the secretory wanted me here and also I wasn’t active in field duty for years now so I don’t think it would have been easy to pass the field test” Will didn’t know what to say anymore. The truth was that he wanted to join field duty again for the first time since Julia’s death ,he wanted to join Ethan’s team .he was looking forward to that but now he knows that it’s not going to happen. And it’s hurts more than it should have.

They eat in silence and left the restaurant. Jack offered him lift back to his home but he refused. He started walking. Feeling confused for the first time since he started thinking about being on a team with Ethan. Why it is hurting so much he didn’t understand that now he is thinking about it. Why he is so much disappointed about Ethan not calling him? Ethan don’t owe him anything. So it shouldn’t be hurting him don’t wanting Will on his team. Why Will feels like there is something he needs to prove to Ethan? He hadn’t felt like this in long time. Suddenly he stopped walking as the realization hit him. “God” he breathed “I love him.”

It’s just then he heard loud horn .he turn to look at the source. He felt more than he saw the car hitting him. And the darkness took over him.