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Civil War - Brooklyn

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Chapter 1 Nightmares

The sounds of gunshots ring out around you as you run down the hallway of your parent’s house. You are trying to get to the safety of your room as you hear someone running after you. Shit, where are they? Just as you reach your room a pair of hands wrap around you. You start fighting against them. “Easy princess, if you play nice I won’t be so rough with you.” He drags you into the room and throws you on the bed face first. Before you can get up he is on you. You feel him groping you from behind and you struggle to get away. He puts a knee in your back and you cry out. “Stop fighting. I promise this will be good.”

“Fuck off asshole! I swear to god when my boyfriends get in here you will wish you never touched me.” He starts laughing and tries to pull your shorts down. “Doubt it. We are going to have a fun time.”

“Hey asshole, I think the lady said no.” You feel the guy get pulled off you and you turn over to see him being thrown into a wall by Bucky. The guy quickly stands up and pulls a gun on Bucky. Gunshots go off and you close your eyes assuming the worst. You hear a body drop to the ground and you scream. As soon as you feel hands on you again you open your eyes to see Bucky. Behind him is Steve holding a gun. He had arrived just in time to put two bullets in that guy. “Doll, we need to get you out of here. It’s not safe anymore.” Bucky pulls you into his arms.

“We need to go out the back. I have a car waiting so we can get her out safely.” Steve says looking at you both.

Bucky nods his head in agreement. “Doll, can you walk? Are you okay?” Bucky is looking your body over.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Where’s my father?” Silence. They just look at you. “Guys where’s my...”

Steve reloads his gun. “Doll, we don’t have time for this. We need to move now.” Bucky grabs his gun from his waistband and takes your hand. All three of you are out of your room making your way down the hall. Steve is running point making sure there is no one around corners while Bucky pulls you behind him. You make your way to the back door and see where it was kicked in. There is a body on the floor that you have to step over. Stepping over him you’re out the door and running with them down the driveway. You can see the car in sight when you hear gunfire again.

Bucky turns to start shooting at the person coming out the back. “Keep running doll. Get to the car.” You run with everything you have and reach the car with Steve who gets you in the back seat. He jumps in the front seat and you hear a few more shots before Bucky jumps in the front.

Steve pulls away from your home, speeding down the road. “We need to get her to the safe house. We can load up on ammo there and hit Hydra back once we contact the others,” Bucky then looks back at you. “Are you okay doll?”

“What is going on Bucky? Where is my father? Why were we attacked by Hydra?” At that moment the car is t-boned by another vehicle.

You wake up screaming from the nightmare in a cold sweat. That was the night that changed your life forever. That night you had lost everything. You glance at the clock to see it’s 5:35am. Great there is no way I will be able to fall back asleep.

Getting out of bed you head to the bathroom to start your day. You turn the shower on to as hot as you can tolerate it. Hoping the hot water will chase away your dreams so you can focus on the day ahead.

Once you are dried and dressed for the day you make your way to the kitchen. You grab an apple and a bottle of water off the counter. You walk in to your living room and sit down on the couch eyeing the case files on the coffee table. Sticking out at you is a crime scene photo of a couple you knew a long time ago. They were friends of your parents. Allen and Elizabeth Cooper, ages 52 and 53. They died from a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. What stands out is the Hydra logo seared into the back of their necks. It could be a warning or a statement to others. Don’t double cross Hydra.

Hydra, yes you knew them all too well. They are the reason you lost everything and everyone you loved. Your father had been a part of a crime syndicate in New York. He worked hard to build relationships within the community and keep the peace between smaller syndicates.

He controlled everything from the drugs to guns. Drugs never were sold to kids - and guns, if not sold local, would head west. But not everyone was happy with how things were run.

Then there was Hydra. They fed off of chaos. They liked to strike fear into people. They wanted a cut of the business thinking they deserved it. Your father despised them and didn’t think they were much of a threat. Underestimating them was your father’s downfall. Hydra tried many times to encroach on his territory, Brooklyn. Every time they did there was an all out war until Hydra fell into place. That is until, Brock Rumlow, aka Crossbones, came along.

You pick up his picture from the table and stare into his eyes. These were the eyes of a sadistic, evil human being. Brock tried to come onto you at one point. He thought if he could win you over that he would merge Hydra and your father’s business. He was a charmer but wouldn’t take no for an answer when you said you weren’t interested. He started stalking you and that’s where your dad stepped in and hired them.

Your heart starts to ache at the thought of Steve Rogers and James “Bucky” Barnes. You grew up with them in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn. Your father had taken them in when they were teens. Bucky’s father, who was your father’s right hand man, was killed in an FBI raid. Steve lost his dad when he was a kid. He had his mom up until she fell ill and passed away. Your dad apparently had loved Steve’s mother - Sarah back when they were younger but he wanted her to have someone better than him.

In a way, your dad taking them in was not only settling debts but to you it was a blessing. You couldn’t get enough of them. Steve with his blond hair and blue eyes had a smile that could win any girl over. He was sweet to you but when push comes to shove he had a darker side. Bucky, brown hair and blue eyes could charm the pants off of any dame. He was a shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy. He was also sweet on you but was rougher around the edges. To you they were perfect.

When your dad hired them to protect you, you were 19, Steve was 20 and Bucky was 21. Your dad didn’t like you flirting with them and use to threaten them all the time to keep their hands to themselves. But that never stopped you three from the relationship that eventually developed.

It was hot, rough, raw but also passionate. They took care of you, not only by protecting you, but they made sure you wanted for nothing. The guys were not into each other. They made that clear from day one. They were best friends but wanted the same woman. Since you couldn’t choose between them you took both to bed. Life was perfect for the first two years and then Hydra happened.

The nightmare that plagues you nightly is the reason why you decided to take the job you have. After your father was murdered by Brock Rumlow, the guys were taking you to the safe house. That was until you got hit by an SUV driven by Hydra.

The car you were in spun out of control. “Hang on doll,” Steve yells as he finally got the car under control.

Bucky looked back at you, “Keep your head down.” Both men jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting at the SUV. You watched as the two Hydra men in the SUV slump over. Steve and Bucky jump back into your SUV and speed off to the safe house. As soon as you all arrived Bucky was making phone calls to their people letting them know what happened.

Steve steers you to the living room and has you sit down. “Hey, y/n are you okay? No wounds?” You stare at him and shake your head. Steve wraps his arms around you and holds you close to him. He kisses your forehead, “I’m sorry about your dad. Hydra is going to pay for what they did. I swear it.” Bucky walks in and sits to your other side lightly rubbing your back. You sat in silence as you waited for their team to show up.

If you would have known that was the last time you would see them you would have done things differently. The three of you could have run away and lived anywhere in the world in peace. That’s what you always talked about. They were supposed to come back that night. Both had promised that once Hydra was taken care things would be different. Steve and Bucky had kissed you goodbye and you never saw them again.

Word had come back that Hydra captured them and tortured them to death. Hydra wanted you and the boys never gave up your location. Their bodies were never found and you were left alone.

After that you left Brooklyn and put yourself through college. You graduated with a bachelor’s degree with the highest honor you can receive. Then you went to the FBI so you could become an agent. Your goal was simple. Take down Hydra.

Here you are 10 years after that night working a case that has Hydra written all over it. You have big plans when you get to the office today. Enough information to go to your superior and convince him Hydra is back on the radar again. You glance at the photo of you with Steve and Bucky on the table. Your heart breaks for what it can’t have but you will take down Hydra even if it kills you.

You pick up a notepad you were writing on before you went to bed after midnight. Scribbled down in your notes was a group called the Avengers. Apparently they are trying to make a name for themselves in Brooklyn. You follow your notes to two names that you have been hearing about on the streets. They are two men, possibly brothers, who run the Avengers. They’re ruthless and taking the Brooklyn area over, a little at a time. They are Hydras’ number 1 (on the list of targets/ enemy) and there have been many deaths on Hydras side. You know another war is going to break out soon. You just need to figure out the identity of these guys, The Captain and Winter Soldier.