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Afterlife of Patroclus and Achilles

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After Achilles arrived in Elysium he frantically searched for his love. He was nowhere to be seen. Achilles was furious, he wreaked havoc. So much so that Hades had to step in to calm this young hero.
“Where is he? Where the fuck is he? He better not be in the underworld.” Achilles screamed in Hades’ face. Hades was frightened of this rage that he was witnessing. It could rival Zeus himself. The angriest being Hades knew of.

“Where is who my dear boy?” Hades asked trying to seem calm. He knew of Achilles’ lover, he had heard Achilles scream in agony as he heard of his lover’s death, as had everyone else in the Underworld.
Achilles could barely mention his dead lover’s name. For it brought the horrible pain upon him. If only he hadn’t been so stubborn, he would still be by his side.

“P-Patr-Patroclus” he managed to say.

“Our ashes were supposed to be combined as per my wish” Achilles sobbed.

“Why can’t I find him?”

“It seems that your beloved son thought that your dear partner wasn’t worthy of spending eternity with you” Hades said full of sympathy.
Achilles’ body felt numb and heavy. “What right does he have to separate me from my sun and stars?” He said with a scarily bitter voice. His eyes were full of sadness and anger.

“As your heir it is his right, sadly, to decide what to do with your remains” Hades said with a sigh. Achilles was too enraged to accept the cold hard fact.

“Does he not know of the love we shared, the pain we went through.” Achilles questioned.

Hades had seen many people long for their lover. Never before seen it with this much passion, no, it went even beyond that. It was love that could even re-write the string of the fates themselves. As ridiculous as it seemed to Hades, it was the only way he could describe it. He suspected that was Zeus’ reasoning for trying to separate these two.

“Is there anything I can do to get him here?” Achilles pleaded the God of the Underworld.

Hades thought for a bit. “If you truly believe it was your fate to spend eternity here together, he will come eventually” Hades replied. He had to do something about this situation before Achilles could destroy much of Elysium.

This seemed to calm Achilles a bit. But how long would it last?