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A Game Of Life And Death

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The day started out like any other. The students of Class 1-A woke up, some slower than others while others have been awake for hours. Bakugou grumbled some as he stood in the kitchen of the dorms, cooking breakfast for him and his idiots. His idiots being the self-proclaimed 'Bakusquad'. "Damn shitty extras could've gotten themselves breakfast but nooo. I just had to go and cook for them.." He mumbled angrily, ignoring the intense cuddlefest happening at the table. This was to be expected though, considering that the entirety of the Bakusquad had managed to end up together romantically. Well excluding Bakugou himself. 


In the common room, Tokoyami and Shinsou sat on opposite couches, each doing different things. Tokoyami was reading a book while Shinsou scrolled through his phone, the latter having gotten little to no sleep during the night. The purple-haired teen wasn't keen on moving anytime soon either, having had a training session with his teacher before attempting to sleep which left him sore. The two males sat in a comfortable silence, not directly acknowledging the other's presence, but not entirely ignoring it either. That is until one sparkly french boy decided he wanted to interrupt the peace that the two enjoyed. "Mon Dieu! It is awfully bland in here, is it not? Why don't you two interact! It's Sunday so we have the time!" Shinsou groaned at the blonde's words. "It's so early. I'm still tired, so I'm just gonna sit here and not move, or talk to anyone." Was all he said before going back to his phone.


It took a few hours but eventually, everyone came out to the common room and began hanging out. The 'Dekusuad' sat in front of the t.v playing Mario cart while the 'Bakusquad' engaged in another cuddle fest, managing to pull Bakugou into it, who then proceeded to grab Shinsou by the collar of his shirt and angrily state. "If I have to suffer this, so do you, Troll Doll." He really doesn't call anyone by their names, huh. Momo was seated on one of the couches with Shouji, Tokoyami, Ojiro, Hagakure, and Aoyama, all studying for an upcoming English test. 




One word shocked them all to look at the group in front of the t.v, all staring at Uraraka, who had shouted. She smiled nervously, looking down while her face was bright red with embarrassment. "I uh...Oops?" She said innocently as if she didn't just shout. "It's just the fourth time I've gotten last place..." She mumbled while Tsuyu rubbed her back soothingly. "It's okay, kero. You didn't mean to yell." The frog girl stated with a smile. "Let's just get back to what we were doing, yeah?" She said to everyone in the room, smiling. 




A text message? But who's texting someone when everyone is in the room? Everyone begins checking their phones, trying to see who got the text. Then Shinsou pales (if he even can) and Bakugou asks him what has him so spooked. "We have a heroics test on Monday." 


Those few words send everyone into a panic. A test? On what? Why tell them now? Everyone panics until Momo speaks up.


"Hey! Yeah, tests suck, but at least no one's dead. I can help everyone review everything we've gone over these past few weeks!"


Famous last words. As everyone rushed Momo, bless her soul, She was tackled. Some of her classmates begging for aid. 


"Calm down! I already said I would!" 


There were only a few who didn't rush her. Those being Bakugou, Midoriya, Shinsou, Iida, Tokoyami, and Todoroki. They would review what they had tonight and hopefully do well on the test, maybe Shinsou could even ask what it was about the next time he sees their poor homeroom teacher. Surely he wouldn't mind telling them at least a little bit. 


Shinsou shook his head some as he began walking into the kitchen, turning back to look at the small group that spared Momo. "Anyone want some coffee?" Was a simple question with a simple answer. And answer he got when both Bakugou and Tokoyami began following him to the kitchen. He went and made a pot of coffee, yawning some as he did. Of course, this caught the attention of Bakugou, who immediately pushed him aside and finished making the coffee. "Damn Troll Doll. Do you not sleep or something? How do you expect to save people when you can't even stay awake?" The tone of the blonde's voice wasn't as angry as he usually was, more fondly annoyed, as if he was talking to Kirishima or Kaminari. He was more shocked when he saw Tokoyami nodding in agreement. "You cannot be a hero without being properly rested." Was all the bird-headed teen said. Shinsou only sighed. "I'd sleep if I could, really. Just insomnia is a bitch." 


"If you really can't sleep I'll buy you some lavender incents. I hear those are supposed to help with sleep. My mom used them when she was having trouble sleeping." The explosive teen offered, shocking both Tokoyami and Shinsou. "You're being...Oddly nice." Was all the purple-haired teen could get out before Bakugou shouted loudly. "WHATEVER!" and rushed off with his mug of coffee. The two teens left in the kitchen just stared as he left. 


"Well, that was odd.." Tokoyami muttered. Shinsou only nodded as he began sipping his coffee. "Want me to get the straw?" He asked as he looked over at the other, who was just looking at his coffee. 


"Yes, please." The avian teen nodded some, a small smile, well what could be considered a smile, appearing on his beak. "Thank you." Of course, the moment had to be ruined. 


"You two should kiss."


"Dark Shadow!"