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An Abundance of Desires

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This story was in my head for the longest time °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

An Alarm went off, in the Bakugou Household. Signaling a snoring mother that it was time to wake up. She shot up, from her bed and chucked the alarm at the wall. A grumble was heard from her sleeping husband.

"...Please... stop breaking... things so early in the morning hun". He mumbled still half asleep,his eyes closed tight.

"Tch, I didn't break the damn alarm!". Mitsuki snorted poking her sleeping husband with her tail. He just groaned and rolled over to his side.

Mitsuki used all her strength, to remove herself from their very comfortable bed. Watching the sun peeking out over the horizon, her ears twitched, picking up a small cry.

Coming from a room a few doors down, from theirs alerting her a cranky kitten has awoken. She sighed before glancing towards the window once more.

"Another beautiful sunrise".


The smell of coffee in the air, followed by sizzling sausages and eggs on the stove. Masaru was the reading daily news. Taking a few sips of his coffee he busted out laughing.

"K-katsuki HAHAHA!, stop it that tickles. M-mitsuki HAHAHA make him stop". He was a laughing mess, Masaru's fist were slamming the table when he laughed.

Mitsuki turned her the food, on low heat, before handling this situation.

"Ya know Masaru, you should be more strict when he's pulling your tail like that", she huffed. 

One of the things little Katsuki enjoyed was pulling his father's soft tail. He really enjoyed messing with him in the morning.

"Here katsuki,look who I have here~".

Mitsuki held up a fat fluffy, cat plushie that was katsuki favorite toy/punching bag. Katsuki stopped pestering his father. His eyes had stars as he reached out his small arms for the cat.

Mitsuki threw the plushie midair , as katsuki pounces on to the plush. Rolling around the floor in a heated fight. Mitsuki giggled seeing her kitten put up such a fight on a stuffed toy. When he started to nom on the plushie, she flinched thinking it might rip. But sighed in relief noticing it was still intact.

《"HELLOOO AND GOODMORNING~!, It'ssss Me TOGA! Your adorable Madien!. Before we start today's daily fortune. I have here with me the one and only All Might!".》

Mitsuki raised volume on the tv.
It's become a pretty popular trend to hear love fortunes daily.
For some reason the city found it pretty fun. When a Fortune is announced by Toga, it's suppose to help someone get closer to the one they desire. Or if you just want to build a strong bond with someone.

Mitsuki finished setting, the table for breakfast. She picked up her kitten, that was still beating up the poor plushie and put him into a chair.

"The boys 5 years old, but acts like he's 3 all over again", Mitsuki lectured eating her meal. Masaru gave her a warm smile before he began eating.

"Oh honey he'll grow out of it, I think it makes him adorable being so attached to that plushie. Plus he's still pretty small for his age".

《"So All Might when's the new season of "Broken Hearted" Coming out?! I am so excited for it!!. I feel like sympathize so much with Haruhime.
She's your love interest in the show isn't she?!".》

《"AHAHAHAHA!, you know I can't tell you anything about the new season! It's a secret for a reason".》

《"AWWW Darn Nya... was hoping you'd spill!"》

Just then Mitsuki slammed her fist on the table standing up. Her face spelled rage all over it.

"IT BETTER NOT BE HARUHIME! YUKIO IS BEST GIRL!",she yelled chopsticks directed at All Might on the television.

"A-Actually Haruhime is pretty cute, her character is just so delicate"



"Hehehe, Fuck"

A small giggle followed by cuss alerted the parents of their mistake. Masaru dramatically covers both of his eyes.

"It's all over now" he wailed into his hands.

"Don't be such a fucking baby, he's gonna be just fine",Mitsuki snorted.

"Yeah fucking baby!"

"KATSUKI!" Both parents yelled at their kitten grinning evily.

So everyone,be on the lookout on what that lucky green item or place could be! BYE FOR NYA!》

"Green huh?... well that one seems like a waste of time", masuru sighed chugging his coffee and cleaning up his dishes.

Masaru has been trying to get closer to his boss in hope's of getting a raise. He laughed watching his wife and son fight over the last sausage. The atmosphere was so comforting to him.

The sound of a car door closing in the distance, stopped the family and caught their attention.

All eyes looked to the neighbors yard next door, to see a new family moving in. A young women and her husband carrying in a couch together, followed by the movers. But a flash of green caught katsuki 's attention.

"Ah, looks like they have a kid", Masaru questioned.

"A wolf to be exact, a son how interesting", Mitsuki replied.

"The whole family's a wolf.. now that's rare here, usually wolves stay with their own".

Katsuki was watching the wolf pup, munching on chips walking into the house. The boy glanced towards katsuki he gave him a wink, making a blush appear on katsuki's face. Before the boy walked into the house and shutting the door behind him.

"We should go help them!" Mitsuki chimmed.

"Actually I'd rather not, we have to take katsuki to get his... you know what..." masaru whispered.


"Dad..why did that boy wink at me?" Katsuki asked tilting his head innocently to the side.

"AWW YOUR JUST TO CUTE SON!" Mitsuki crushed katsuki in a bear gripping hug.



"Come on you two let's goo"

The two then left the house, walking along the path way to doctor's office. Katsuki peeked over his shoulder, and caught eyes with the green wolf pup again. This time was smirking leaning against a fence. Watching them walk off into the distance.

"IZUKU?..... OH MY GOODNESS WHERE HAVE YOU GONE NOW?!", a worried mother shouted in the distance.

"Tch....I'M COMING MOM!" the boy gave one finally glance before walking back into the house.