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The Hole in The Office's Toilet

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Lunchtime, 12.05 in the afternoon.


Patiently Ruki waits in one of the cubicles at the end of the toilet, the tiles pristine white contrasting against his shiny black shoe. Ruki squirms a bit as his pants tighten around the crotch. His bulge is tenting against the fabric of his pants.

Patiently he waits by a hole he discovered at the side a few weeks ago. So far no one had taken notice in that. A small hole easily picked out of the wall. If they do, they surely cover it up within a few days, signs of "sorry for your inconvenience" on the door. That is ... what Ruki has been doing after all. He printed out a note and would hang it outside of the cubicle when he's not using it. To deter anybody off from his personal masturbation corner.

It's only been 5 minutes, Ruki tucks his brown hair behind his ear, he then clenched his thighs waiting. His legs bounce in excitement. He doesn't know when these perverted habits kick in but his curiosity heightens ever since a man accidentally pushes open his cubicle while he was peeing, resulting him to touch himself even after the man mutter his sorry and runs away.

Since then, whenever the washroom is empty he would do his business with an open door, hoping for somebody to catch him again. But to no avail, he wasn't caught any more.

He sighs a bit, it's still early. His legs continue its usual tempo, he runs a hand over his manhood, itching to unzip...

No, he must wait. At least for someone to enter

Just as that thought came, the sound of the door was heard and Ruki unbuckles his belt, slipping his pants low, he glances at the glory hole at his side. Footsteps growing close, Ruki prays that someone would enter, even if they didn't notice him it certainly help to relieve himself.

Another door swings open and Ruki starts to caress his cock. It's near and he knows this person has enter beside him. His hand slowly strokes himself.

"umm... Are you there?"

A wary voice breaks the silence. It was awkward but he's sure it was the man next door.

Ruki mutters an Ah and stands up, he lets his trousers hit the floor while he went closer to the hole.

"if you don't mind..." Ruki's voice is rather small yet loud enough to hear.

He presses his ass close to the hole, spreading his cheeks open as if on display.

If only Ruki knew that it was Reita on the other side of the stall, the IT man. But the sense of anonymity makes Ruki excited. The blonde man was rather surprised but his interest piqued. It was his first time. After all, this is the sort of thing he only sees in porno on his laptop at home.

Slowly Reita caress Ruki's rim, it was tight and pinkish... A lovely hue really. He inserts his finger in making Ruki gasp a little. Ruki looks down on his manhood, seeing it twitch excitedly, he bites his lower lips as if ready. It's his first time too.

The next thing that happens surprises him, Ruki felt a soft wet substance, Reita's tongue licking and exploring his hole, he tries to relax but to not vail as it slips inside. It didn't take long till he felt the next thing, rather harder and bigger. It's a dick alright and it slips in Ruki.
The brown-haired man didn't have much to hold on but the side of the stall to brace for impact.

Reita's hip was fast and steady, he looks down on the hole seeing his dick slipping in and out to the other side. It got him panting a little for sure, and it makes him more excited than ever. This person is tight...and warm.

Ruki remembers the first time he used the hole, it was near his end shift and he waited patiently. He heard a knock and a cock slipped in, presenting itself so beautifully. Oh, the lovely veins and a piercing decorated the shaft. It fills his mouth just like the smell of the cologne in his nose. He came right in his pants before the Cologned Man could finish. He doesn't know who it is but he hopes to taste him again. This time, however... This ass man is a mystery and my... he's good.

Ruki's legs start to tremble, his cock leaks of precum and he could feel some warm sensation in his walls. He bit his lips still and tries not to moan as he heard more clanking outside, the sound of toilets flushing and water running. Oh, how exciting if he suddenly slipped out a whimper and one of them heard him...

Another tapping was heard, as if like a signal to Ruki. Reita's movement got faster and faster before he slips in deeper, gushing out his semen into Ruki.

Ruki choked on his moan and ends up coming, his seeds sprouts out, hitting the floor without him needing to touch his cock, he watches it for a while with a daze, twitching, secreting...

Reita pulls himself out, he watches his semen pour out of Ruki for a while before Ruki pulls himself back. The blonde man flushes the unused toilet, zipping himself back and heads out to wash his hands.

Ruki sits back on the toilet, satisfied as he pees. He docks his head back and tilts to the side, watching his man-made hole, smiling a little.

"thanks" he muttered breathlessly.