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Hades let out a deep breath he hadn't realized he was holding and relaxed, nearly boneless against Persephone's back. They’d been edging each other for hours, pushing and teasing until they’d both been about to combust from need and lust. Finally, he’d plunged into her dripping channel from behind and it had only taken a handful of strokes before they climaxed helplessly together. Aftershocks of the explosive  orgasm still sizzled through him and he kissed the back of her shoulder with a purr. "That was incredible."

Persephone simply groaned in response, her small pink body twitching unpredictably with satiety. Her hands trembled fitfully over his where they draped against her chest, holding her closely..

Hades chuckled as he cuddled her while they recovered from the shattering climaxes. It wasn’t the first time they had tried edging, but this had been the best result so far in a string of stellar attempts. He’d never quite rendered her speechless before. Very satisfying, considering she had been the one to instigate this evening with a challenge to outlast each other.

In just over a century since their marriage, they had devoted hours upon hours to learning what pleased each other. Hades considered himself a connoisseur of his wife’s pleasures and took delight in meeting as many of them as he could and exceeding them whenever possible.

Aware he wore a dopey smile, but uncaring, Hades buried his nose in her hair and sighed happily. This was one of his favorite things, even considering the chance to orgasm helplessly with her. The chance to simply hold his lover and bask in intimate tenderness was something he hadn’t often been able to indulge before Persephone. He’d been near overcome the first time she had cuddled him after love-making, but had rapidly become addicted to the closeness. 

Persephone rolled over, and snuggled against him, urging his arms around her. He obliged eagerly, enfolding her into an embrace. "I will never get tired of that thing you do with my leg," she murmured drowsily, nuzzling his chest.

Hades held her tightly, large hands stroking over her back, and chuckled. "I hope not. Your gasp as I lift your leg up is just as delicious as your gasp when I slip inside you." That had been a thing discovered early on. Persephone had seemed to enjoy displays of strength and control, to relish reminders of how much bigger he was than her. The first time he’d taken her from behind, lying on their sides, he’d hooked a hand behind her knee, lifting her leg to allow entrance. It had been a small thing, but she had nearly writhed in his hands, crying out in a sudden surge of desire. He’d taken pains to elicit that gasp as often as he could.

Hades tangled their legs together and kissed her tenderly as Persephone shivered. "You always know exactly what to do to me," she murmured, pressing kisses along his jaw. "I hope I please you just as much."

He hummed with pleasure, lifting his chin to give her room. "I've never yet been disappointed and I can’t imagine that I would ever be." The time that they'd been married had been filled with frantic, ecstatic discovery, each shared pleasure and delighted exploration adding to their bliss. 

They had taken joy in sharing ideas and fantasies with each other, exploring the depths of their need and love together.

And there's still more .

Strangely, the more time passed, the more there seemed to be to learn. Realistically, Hades knew there had to come a point where there were no more hidden things to learn about each other, but he hoped that day would never come.

Discovering new things with Persephone had rapidly become one of his favorite things to do. There were many things they had yet to explore, but one in particular had been on his mind of late. An indulgence he hadn’t taken in quite some time.

"There is something I'd like to explore with you," he murmured softly to her, nuzzling contentedly into her hair and dislodging fragrant blue and pink petals. He had no fear she’d react poorly. Persephone had never once scoffed at or been scornful of anything they had discussed, occasionally just saying no from the start, but most often being willing to give whatever it was a try.

"Mm? What's that?" she hummed, brushing kisses over his collarbone.

"I would like to get a strapon for you and have you inside me," he whispered. "I've been penetrated before and miss it a bit." She was more than enough for him in bed, but of late the yearning to be taken had been impossible to ignore. He’d found himself dreaming of crying out while she thrust deeply inside his body. Other dreams had been faceless lovers penetrating him with members decidedly warmer than the cold rigidity of a toy...

Persephone lifted her head to look at him with interest. "Really?"

"Really and truly," he murmured with a blush and a soft smile. "I love the feeling of being filled and taken.” His tone turned a little sheepish. "I meant it that I'm in no way disappointed with you. But it's a rather different experience having someone inside me and it's been a long time. Would you be interested?"

"Of course," she smiled, brushing her fingertips over his cheek. "But wouldn’t you like it more if it were a real one, rather than a strap-on?"

He inhaled sharply, the flared memory of those dreams  sharp in his mind. Sharper still, was the memory of straining and gasping against a firm, muscled body. His arousal stirred despite his  recent orgasm. It had been a long time since he’d had a female lover inside him. Longer since a male. But the memories were still as potent as the experiences had been. The stiff material of a toy could not compare to the velvet heat of a flesh and blood cock. 

"I would," he whispered with a wink, "but I'm fairly sure you're not hiding that kind of secret after all this time."

"Surprise!" she said with a short laugh. "I was actually thinking more along the lines of finding a playmate.”

His eyes went wide, the low thrum of arousal pulsing through his groin leaving no doubt as to his response to the idea. Vivid memories of past experiences tangled in limbs and passion mixed with imaginings of the two of them drowning in ecstasy with a third.

She watched with amusement, clearly enjoying his reaction. “Only,” she murmured wryly, “if that's something you'd be interested in."

"I'm very interested," he rasped.

A wide grin spread over her face, and a deep blush of arousal spread over her cheeks, down her neck and onto her upper chest. "Even after all these years, I'm still learning things about you."

Hades smiled. "I was just thinking that I hope we never run out of things to learn about each other.” He drew the backs of his fingers across her cheek. “That is a most becoming blush on your cheeks, my love. Do you like the idea of watching me with another? Would you enjoy watching me dominate another man, watching us strain together? Or to give in to my submissive side that you know so well, pliant and crying out with pleasure at being taken?"

Her blush deepened. "I believe I would like to see all of those things.”

“You’ll get your chance.” Hades grinned. “I submit to and dominate men, though I prefer the latter.” He winked outrageously at Persephone, well aware of her appreciation of his submissive and dominant sides. Her cheeks colored even darker.

“What about you?” she asked boldly, seemingly trying to hide discomfiture in sass, “How would you feel about watching another man have his way with your queen?"

He blinked for a moment, considering. The expected flare of jealousy never came. He was too secure in her love for that. What washed over him instead was a nigh overwhelming surge of arousal at the thought of watching her crying out in pleasure, writhing under another.

"Fates...." he whispered, mouth dry. To be able to watch that fertility deity arousal come undone without needing to focus on rousing or sating it… The low throb of rebuilding arousal in his belly surged higher.

"If you're not comfortable with that, it's fine," she hurried to assure him, sounding unsure whether his reaction was positive.

" No ," he blurted, then softened his tone, swallowing hard. "I... I didn't expect to find that so appealing." He shuddered and moaned quietly as another surge of desire pulsed through him. "That idea is incredibly arousing."

She smiled. "Leave it with me, then. I'll find someone for us. In the meantime, what should we do?" As her hand skated over his chest and down his belly, it was clear her question was rhetorical.

He chuckled. "Do? Well, my dear, you've started something again with your talk of playmates..." He took her hand from his belly and shortened its trip,  cupping it over his rapidly returning erection. "Seems only fair you help me deal with it."

Persephone raised one dark eyebrow and grinned.




Hours later, she slipped out of bed, leaving Hades sleeping hard. Grabbing her phone off the nightstand, she padded out into the hallway and toward the kitchen. The conversation with Hades tumbled through her mind.

Out of all the things she had learned about him over the years, this had been one of the most unexpected, but the idea was entrancing. Brewing a mug of tea, Persephone let herself imagine it. Not just the two of them curled in bliss in their bed, but tangled with another. Hands roaming, mouths searching. Soft cries of ecstasy.

She shivered.

I know just who to call.

Padding into the living room, she picked up the phone, tapped the screen, then held it up to her ear.

"Hey Eros! I'm fine, thanks. Listen, you wanna try something fun this weekend?"