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Torchwood: The Ianto Jones Chronicles Part One

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Chapter One: The Fall of Canary Wharf


When Ianto had been given the assignment to spy on Torchwood he had been a bit sceptic at first, the muggles tended to be a bit too nosey for his liking. The Muggle Prime Minister had started getting worried when Yvonne Hartman started looking deeper into the events that occurred in the muggle world during the war with Voldemort. They had covered up the events as well as they could but didn’t know that they would be under the scrutiny of a woman who believed anyone who didn’t fit into her little perfect empire was property of Torchwood, ‘For Queen and Country’.

He had been suggested for the assignment by Harry who had noticed Ianto’s lack of enthusiasm for his job after Seamus died. Harry knew that Ianto needed a change of pace, new scenery and a different job to get him out of the rut he had been in for two years. The change of scenery would do his kids some good too.

Making his way through the ranks at Canary Wharf, Ianto had been promoted into the position needed to keep an eye on the reports being accumulated from the investigation into the ‘terrorist’ attacks that had occurred in ’97 and ’98. It had taken him a year and a half to work his way up to Head Archivist and once he had reached that level, Ianto had been able to doctor the reports so that any connection to the wizarding world was no longer in them.

It had taken a while for him to get the reports the way he wanted them, with everything that happened between Voldemort regaining a body and the end of the second greatest wizarding war, Ianto had to make sure to erase everything pertaining to the wizarding world. It was a hard-enough task without the worry of getting caught by Hartman or one of her followers.

With all the witness reports suggesting a force beyond normal for the general human, Ianto had to track down each witness and alter their memories so they would coincide with the new reports he was doctoring. Twice he had to call the Unspeakables to deal with a couple of witnesses who had shown a resilience to the memory charm, a very rare occurrence with muggles suggesting that they were at least distantly related to a witch or wizard.

He stayed on at the agency, once he had completed the task set out to him, in the hopes that he could prevent anyone else from coming to harm. The Muggles were acting no better than Voldemort with their resolute belief that anything different didn’t have rights and it wasn’t a big deal if they were experimented on.

It was during his first week as head archivist when he came across a file pertaining to a House Elf that had been captured and mistaken for an alien. The poor thing had been kept chained in a dungeon like room where scientists experimented on the creature on an almost daily basis. With a bit of quick thinking, and the use of his magic, Ianto had managed to make it look like the creature had escaped when food was brought to it. With a bit of memory alteration and quite a bit of guile, Ianto managed to get the house elf, who introduced itself as Mindy, back to the wizarding world where she would get the care she needed to heal.

Ianto had almost brought down the full wrath of the Auror department until he realised that he would only end up doing the very thing he was there to prevent, the exposure of the magical world to the muggles. Hermione had been the one to talk him out of it in the end, understanding his anger but not condoning his actions.

From that day on, Ianto made it his goal to make sure that no more magical creatures were captured by Hartman’s power-hungry goons. He also made a habit of letting lose what alien creatures he could without garnering too much suspicion, he knew he couldn’t save them all, but he was determined to save as many as he could. Now, his new assignment was to keep an eye out for any other magical creature that Hartman happens to stumble across. 

However, things changed when the ‘Ghosts’ started appearing as a result of Torchwood’s quest for a more powerful energy source. That’s when everything went to hell in a hand basket and Hartman caused the unnecessary death of ninety-eight percent of the workers at Torchwood London.




“Do you know what time you’ll be home tonight?”

“It depends on how todays ghost shifts go, if Hartman could get away with it, we would all be there twenty-four/seven. She’s still obsessed with that damn sphere as well.” Ianto told his mother as he made his morning coffee.

“Is dad coming around?” He asked her.

“He’ll be around once breakfast at Hogwarts is over.” Glenda told him as she filled the bowl in front of her with cereal.

“Where’s Morgan and Seren?” Ianto asked as he sat at the table.

“Morgan and Seren are at your sisters, they’ll be here around lunch time.” His mother explained.

With his little brother off to Hogwarts, his mother planned to come around more often which meant she would take over the role of babysitter for his son and daughter on a regular basis. Even though his little sister was around the same age as Dylan, she liked to spend most of her time with Micah and Alannah. His mother tried to spend as much time as she could with both his kids and his sister Rhiannon’s two kids, travelling between Cardiff, Newport and London every weekend. Today being another of her visits tied in well with his impromptu call into work on what was originally his day off.

“Morning dad.”

Ianto had enough time to put his coffee mug down and move his chair back a bit before he was pounced upon by his hyperactive eight-year-old.

“Morning, what have you been up to for the past half hour, and where’s your sister?”

“Getting the Wii set up for when Morgan gets here, he said he’d play Wii sports with me. And Lanny is still trying to decide on what she wants to wear, probably another weird clothing choice.” Dylan replied as he gave his dad a hug good morning.

“Leave your sister alone, she has a unique way of dressing. I just hope she doesn’t try to wear your fathers quidditch uniform again, I spent a week trying to get those stains out of the pants.” Glenda reprimanded her grandson.

“Sorry. Dad, do you have to go to work today?” Dylan asked as he made his way to his seat at the table.

“I’m sorry, buddy, I have to go in. I really wish I wasn’t though, but maybe we can go to the aquarium next weekend. Maybe Grandpa can get that weekend off too and come with us.”

“That would be so cool, and Morgan can come too, and Aunty Rhi and Uncle Johnny, and Micah and David.” Dylan said excitedly as he wiggled around in his seat.

“We’ll see little man; you need to behave yourself at school this week and behave for nan while I’m at work.”

“I will.”

“And I’ll be taking the weekend of your sisters’ birthday off whether Hartman likes it or not, I’m not missing her fifth birthday just because Hartman likes controlling everything around her.” Ianto added as his mother placed a plate of food in front of his son.

“I better go and finish getting dressed for work.” Ianto told his mother and son as he made his way out of the kitchen. Heading upstairs he reached the landing and made his way to his bedroom.

Being a single parent with a very active eight-year-old, and a boisterous four-year-old (‘four and three quarters’) was hard enough without a cold-hearted boss making things harder. Thanks to Hartman, he had missed Dylan’s birthday earlier in the year, almost leading his mum to head to Torchwood Tower to smack the overachieving woman upside the head, either that or curse her. Rhiannon was the voice of reason in that argument and managed to calm their mother down.

His mum had been protective of Dylan and Alannah ever since Seamus had died, Dylan was only four and Alannah six months when their father was ambushed by rogue Death Eaters whilst on assignment as an Auror. Ianto and Seamus had been together since they were sixteen and had married once the war was over, Dylan had been the result of celebrations after the war had ended, both men glad to be alive and thoughts of protection were the last thing on their minds. Alannah came along four years later, and six months after that their world shattered with just one fire call. 

A lot of Death Eaters had still been on the loose since the end of the war and capturing them was the main job of the unit that Ianto and Seamus were serving in at the Ministry. It had consisted of Ianto, Harry, Seamus, Draco, Blaise Zabini, and Ron and their main task was to track down any loose Death Eater and either capture or kill.

A part of him blames himself for Seamus’ death, at the time he was taking care of his nephew who had contracted Dragon Pox and had to be looked after by someone who had already had it. Seamus had gone ahead on the assignment and had foolishly not waited for backup. It was only after the death of his husband that Ianto found out that there was a spy in the Auror department, sending out word to the Death Eaters who were being hunted. They had organised an ambush, hoping to get all the members of Ianto’s squad, but only ended up killing Seamus and injuring Ron.

Dylan and Alannah had spent a week with Ianto’s mother and father before spending another week with Seamus’ parents while he sorted out funeral details and his husband’s estate. He had almost let them stay another two weeks when his mum and Seamus’ mother told him he needed to take care of his kids himself, they needed Ianto more than anything right then and Ianto had to be the one to take care of them.

Now, almost five years later, he was working in a muggle agency hell bent on creating a new British Empire through means of stolen alien artefacts. The head of said organisation was just as cold hearted as Umbridge had been in their fifth year. He took great pleasure in setting free all the alien’s he could, and even more pleasure in seeing the furious and confused look Hartman always got when she was told of yet another escape.

“All right, I’m off. I’ll let you know when I’m leaving work, do you want me to bring home something for dinner?” Ianto asked as he hugged and kissed Dylan and Alannah, who had finally come downstairs dressed in her brother’s rugby uniform from the previous season, then gave his mother a kiss on the cheek.

“I bought the ingredients to make lamb cawl, and the ingredients needed to make my Welsh Cakes.”

“Fantastic, I love your cooking. Now I can’t wait to get home for dinner. Okay Dylan, behave for your nan and Lanny, try not to annoy your brother and cousin too much.” 

“Bye dad.”

“Bye daddy, I can’t make any promises though.” Alannah told her father as she reached for her cup of juice.

Ianto laughed at his daughter’s antics before kissing her on top of her head. Grabbing his keys and wallet, he headed for the door to their house before heading out.




Before heading into work, Ianto stopped at the market to buy more coffee beans for the machine in the tearoom at work. There was no way he was going to drink the swill that was available in the staff room, he had become rather reliant on coffee since he took the job at Torchwood and he had turned into a bit of a coffee snob because of it.

He had endless praise from the other workers on his floor and word about his fantastic coffee had spread rather quickly through the building that people from other departments would come down to the sub-basement just for a cup of his coffee. His mother’s Welsh Cakes were a great hit too on the day’s he would bring a batch in.

“Morning, Ianto, what flavours did you pick today?” Eric, the cashier, asked as Ianto put his basket down on the counter.

“Morning, Eric. Thought I’d try a new combination today, got some French Vanilla and Irish Cream.” Ianto told him as he emptied his basket.

“Mm, I’d love to taste that.”

“If I finish early enough, I’ll bring you some on my way home from work.” Ianto told him as he paid the total with his credit card before replacing it in his wallet.

“That would be awesome, have a good day.”

“You too.”

Ianto walked out of the shop and got back in his car before heading off towards Canary Wharf, he still had half an hour before he started work. That gave him plenty of time to get there and start the coffee before he had to clock in. The first Ghost shift wasn’t due to occur until ten past twelve, so he had enough time to write up his weekly report for Kingsley before the shift started.

One of Hartman’s retrieval teams had gotten their hands on a cursed item that had somehow ended up in a muggle auction, Ianto was charged with the responsibility of cataloguing the item. During his study, he discovered that it was a cursed artefact that had been stolen from a rather dark wizarding family and sold to some unsuspecting muggle who had gifted it to their grandmother who then proceeded to die due to activating the curse on the item.

It had taken Ianto a week to make a near perfect replica of the artefact before destroying the original, when the research team came to collect the item to study, all they could gather was that whatever was powering it had drained of all energy and the item was deemed useless. Ianto had re-catalogued it and put it into storage.

Kingsley needed the paperwork so that they could deal with the original owner of the artefact as well as the young wizard that thought it was a good idea to steal from a very prominent dark family. Most of his dealings with Torchwood were reported through the Auror department, but on the odd occasion of a more serious matter, he would report to the Minister of Magic, Madame Bones. He still did the occasional Death Eater raid with his old team, but that generally only happened if it required his certain hidden talent that he shared with both Harry and Draco. A talent that wizarding Britain was kept in the dark on for several reasons, one of which was to keep the three men safe from persecution or experimentation.




Ianto arrived at the underground parking gate with twenty minutes to spare, he parked in his assigned spot and made his way through security before heading for sub-basement two. There was no one else in the lift so Ianto took a moment to lean against the wall in an undignified slump, these Ghost Shifts were starting to make him nervous. The beings that materialised when the Ghost Shifts were activated caused a cold shiver to run down his spine every time. 

From what he had been told by his contacts in the wizarding world, the Ghost Shifts had started to agitate the creatures in the wizarding world. Charlie Weasley had told him how the dragons at the sanctuary had gone ballistic when the first Ghost shift had occurred, trampling through most of the enclosure.

For the last three days his magic had been itching under his skin, it was like the feeling you get when a storm was coming. The hairs on the back of his neck would stand on end and his magic would surge through his body in reaction to the sensation. It was like an itch he just couldn’t reach and as the time for the next Ghost Shift approached, the itch was becoming more intense.

His magic had never let him down, in the past, during the war, it was the perfect indicator when things were about to go wrong. It was rare for a wizard or witch to be so in tune with their magical core that not much information could be found on the subject, but what little he was able to find out was odd enough with most of his peoples history missing due to the big upheaval that brought his ancestors to Earth, but that’s a story for another time.

The lift finally arrived at his floor and Ianto straightened up from where he was slumped against the wall. Tightening his grip on the bag in his hand, Ianto straightened his tie and made his way out of the lift. Turning right, he headed down the hall to the room at the end that housed the kitchen area for he and the other workers in the archives. Setting the bag down on the bench, he proceeded to empty out the contents before making his way over to the coffee machine on the opposite bench.

Just as he was measuring out the amounts of coffee needed to make a good blend, he heard shuffling from behind him, turning around he saw his friend Jess making her way into the little kitchenette with her coffee mug in hand and a rather pitiful look on her face as she looked at the coffee machine that Ianto was standing in front of.

“Please tell me your making a fresh brew.” 

“Bought two new flavours this morning.” Ianto replied as he turned back to the machine and continued where he had left off.

“You are a saviour, Mr. Jones.” Jess said as she placed her mug on the bench and lent her hip against said bench.

“I’d rather be a coffee god.” He joked as he started the machine.

“Fine, you’re a coffee god.” She corrected.

“And don’t you forget it.”

“How is Dylan doing in rugby?” Jess asked as she waited for her coffee.

“He’s doing good, his team has made it to the semi-finals.” Ianto informed her.

“That’s great, when is the game?”

“In three weeks’, I applied for the whole weekend off because the Saturday is Alannah’s fifth birthday then Dylan has his match on the Sunday. If Hartman screws me over again, I may just curse her.”

“Ugh, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wanted to toss a jinx at her or one of her little minions. I have to keep reminding myself that the backlash isn’t worth the few seconds of joy at her discomfort.” Jess told him; she had started to leave her wand at home for the past two weeks to get rid of the temptation.

Jess was a muggle-born witch who was in the grade below Ianto and his friends at Hogwarts, they had formed a friendship when Jess had joined the DA in her fourth year. It had been a shock to Ianto when he had bumped into her his first week at Torchwood. After the war, Jess had decided to work in the muggle world, when she had first started at Torchwood, she had no idea what it was they did until her second week when she had seen a security team had brought in what she later had learned was an alien known as a Hoix.

She had been a great help to Ianto when it came to the covering up of his little jail breaks, he tended to perform when Torchwood got their hands on a peaceful alien. Their friendship had grown since then and Jess often came over for dinner.

“Kingsley keeps telling me that I can’t curse her, no matter how good my puppy dog eyes are. That man sure knows how to spoil my fun.” Ianto told her as he made her coffee to the way she liked it.  

“Exactly perfect as always, my good sir.”

“My pleasure, ma’am. I better get to my office; I have that report for Kingsley to write up.” Ianto told her as he headed for the doorway.

“No problem, Ianto. I have a couple of artefacts that need to be catalogued before the end of the day. I was hoping to have them finished by end of day yesterday, but Dennison’s team brought back a few items that they had managed to get their hands on before Torchwood Cardiff could get to them when they came through the rift on Thursday. I imagine the leader of that little group was pissed off upon discovering them gone.”

“From what I’ve been able to gather, he is a very formidable man on a good day. Taking artefacts that come though his rift isn’t a smart move on Hartman’s part, she keeps encroaching on his territory and I can just imagine the explosion that will occur.” Ianto added as they walked down the hallway towards his office.

“Tania had a run in with him the last time he came here for a meeting with the Boss Lady, said he’s an insatiable flirt that hit on everyone he came across in the six hours he was here.”

“He sounds very interesting, would negate any boredom sure to occur in a meeting with Yvonne. Bet he enjoys pissing her off the most.”

“I’d love to be a fly on the wall during their meetings, maybe we should set something up the next time he’s due to come here for a meeting.” Jess suggested.

“Well, as tempting as that is, we should get to work before her highness graces us with her unwanted presence.” 

“All right, I’ll see you for lunch. Do you want the usual?”

“Yeah, looks like it’s going to be an office lunch today. Let me know when the lunch run will be.” Ianto told her as he grabbed the file out of his desk drawer.

“Bye, Ianto.”




Kenny, the archives newest employee, had headed out to get the lunches for the Sub Two staff. Ianto had made another brew of coffee for the other members of his team before heading back to his office to go over several reports he had been handed that were to be filed in the main archive.

He had received a call from his mother letting him know that his sister and her family would be over for dinner that night. His father had been able to get the weekend off instead of just the Saturday. His duties as Headmaster would be put into the hands of Professor McGonagall, and his duties as head of Slytherin would be handed over to the Head Boy who was a Slytherin himself.

Hartman had called down to get the update on an artefact that Ianto had been studying before handing over to the research team, it had given off a familiar signature, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember where he had felt that signature before, a rarity considering his eidetic memory. He had managed to throw her off the scent of that item by bringing up another item that he had hoped would interest her more. Thankfully it had worked, and he was able to study it more closely.

The next Ghost Shift was due to begin at ten past twelve and the closer that time drew near the more his magic sparked under his skin. He just knew that today would bring a change he was sure the planet wasn’t ready for.

Jess had stopped in a couple of times since their chat in the kitchen that morning, one of the items taken from Cardiff was nothing more than a useless piece of junk that would be better used as a paper weight than anything else. Jess seemed convinced that that was exactly what it had been used for by whoever had owned it before it was sucked through the rift.

He had also been contacted by Rajesh Singh who was after an artefact he hoped would help him with his study of the sphere. Ianto had gone straight to the vault containing the artefact that was needed, and after a quick jaunt to the floor that housed the Sphere, Ianto had returned to his office to continue with his work.

Dr. Singh must have acquired a new assistant because Ianto had never seen the young man that was in the room when he went there. He had also been on the receiving end of a rather curious look from said young man.

Ianto’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door to his office, looking up he saw Kenny standing there with his lunch in hand.

“Here you go, Ianto. I think Gemma likes you, she put extra aioli on it for you.”

“Thanks, Kenny, there’s fresh coffee in the break room.” Ianto told him as he accepted the brown bag containing his burrito. Beef burritos were his favourite muggle food, with Indian curry as his close second.

“Hey, you up for some company?” Ianto looked up to see Jess and Lisa standing in the doorway with their lunches in their hands.

“Of course, how could I say no to you two?”

“So, Lisa, how did that date with Russel go last night?” Ianto asked as his two friends sat down on the other side of his desk.

“It started out great, we went to that new French restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to.” Lisa told them.

“What happened?” Jess asked.

“He spent the entirety of dinner talking about his mum, every time I tried to talk about something else, he would steer the conversation back to his mother.”

“Oh wow, that’s, heh.” Ianto was lost for words, it sounded like a nightmare of a date.

“Yeah, so that one is a great big no. I’m really glad you talked me out of dating anyone at work, I don’t think I’d be able to face him if he worked here.” Lisa told Ianto.

“You’ll find the right guy eventually.” Jess told her with sympathy.

“I’d really like the right guy to be now. You sure I can’t tempt you Ianto?” Lisa asked as she looked over at her friend.

“As much as I love you Lisa, you just don’t do it for me. You’ve got the wrong plumbing.” Ianto told her with a smile. It was a conversation they had so often it became an inside joke.

“Well, you can’t blame me for trying. Any bloke that gets you will be one lucky bastard.” Lisa told him, a wistful look on her face.

“Two minutes to ghost shift, is it me or does today just feel like a bad day to be at work?” Josh, another archivist, asked as he popped his head around Ianto’s office door.

“You’re not the only one that thinks so, even Gareth up top thinks things are going to go wonky and he’s one of the ones in control of the system responsible for the shifts.” Jess pointed out.

“Gareth has doubts. Now I really wish I hadn’t come into work.” Josh moaned before walking away.

“I need you two to promise me something.” Ianto said as he looked at the two women sat across from him.

“What?” They both asked as they gave their full attention to him.

“When things go pear shaped around her, promise me you’ll find the most secure room in this building and lock yourselves in it. Something just doesn’t sit right, and I need to know you two are safe” Ianto implored as he looked them both square in the eye whilst he talked.

“Do you really think something bad is going to happen?” Lisa asked, worry seeping into her voice.

“My instincts have never let me down before; I just need to know you’ll both be safe.” Ianto replied.

“It’s okay, I’ll make sure we get to safety.” Jess told him as she let a hint of her wand show under her sleeve, letting him know she took his words from the previous night seriously and brought it to work.

“Okay, I’ll be able to help out around here a lot easier knowing you two will be safe.”

Two hours later, Ianto’s worst fears came true and complete pandemonium rang throughout the tower as Cybermen and Daleks waged war against each other for control of the earth.




Ianto was making his way back up to the upper corridors of Torchwood tower, a disillusionment charm in place as he made his way past Cybermen patrolling the halls. He had been in the process of searching for a file he needed when word reached him that Hartman and her goons had captured the Doctor, the one man he knew could help them.

He had been on his way up to the top of the tower when the Cybermen had started carting people off to be converted. He had come across a group of his fellow archivists heading for slaughter, five minutes later the four Cybermen lay on the floor dead and the group of six, including Josh, had thanked him profusely before heading back downstairs to the room he told them had been made safe for them to hide in.

It was the same room that he and Jess had put layers and layers of protection ruins and wards on to stop anyone with ill intent from entering. They would be safe until all this was over and he could better concentrate knowing that nothing could get to those he sent there.

He had sent off an emergency Patronus to his mother, telling her to keep everyone inside the house and to get his father to activate the wards. His mother was worried about what was happening, but he promised to explain everything when it was all over.

He had just snuck around a corner in the basement level when he heard a great explosion from down the corridor and watched as the doors to the sphere room exploded inwards and a group of people clad in black and a group of Cybermen ran into the room. Keeping close to the wall, Ianto watched and listened as the Cybermen opened fire on the Daleks, momentarily stunning them.

When a man Ianto assumed was the Doctor ran out of the room followed by another man in a suit and a blonde woman, he watched as the events unfolded in front of him. After the man he saw early that day in the sphere room ran out of the room, Ianto watched as the Doctor used a silver cylinder with a blue light at the end to lock the blast doors leading into the room they had just exited. Ianto placed his right hand against the wall and channelled some of his magic into the foundation itself, making it a bit harder for the Dalek’s to exit the room when they do manage to break through.

The Doctor must have sensed his use of magic because he turned around and looked right at where Ianto was still under the disillusionment charm. A look of curiosity crossed the Time Lords face as he looked at Ianto, Ianto threw him a sloppy salute before stepping back into the shadows.

It figured that the Doctor would be able to see through his charm, the writings suggested that the Time Lords could see through his people’s magic. The Time War effected so many beings, so many planets, and a lot of the information from that time was lost in the battles that ensued.

With the Dalek’s trapped for the time being, Ianto made his way to his original destination intent on finding more people to rescue. As he made his way up the tower, the number of humans he saw became less and less. A building that once housed a thousand workers was like a ghost town, Ianto noticed as he made his way further up the tower.

On his way through the levels Ianto rescued another fifteen people, sending them down to the room in the sub-basement that he had sent the others to. Being robotic in nature, the Cybermen didn’t stand a chance against Ianto’s magic. He was so mad by the time he reached the level that the conversions were taking place, that he didn’t even need to bother using his wand. His magic felt like it was burning under skin, itching to get out and be used, and he did so. Frying the circuits in the Cybermen.




Ianto came to consciousness with a jolt, the noise around him rising to cacophony as his senses came back to him. He tried to sit up but felt a hand on his shoulder holding him down.

“Steady on, you’ve had a pretty bad knock on the head.” The voice belonging to the hand said to him.

“What’s going on?” Ianto asked as he finally opened his eyes and saw a medic crouching over him.

“It’s all over, whatever those things were, they’re gone. You were found unconscious on the ground on the top floor, you were brought down here along with all the other survivors.” The medic explained as he helped Ianto to sit up and lean against the wall.

Ianto was about to get up from where he was sitting when he heard his name called, looking up he saw Jess and Lisa running towards him. Other than looking dishevelled, they looked to be okay.

“We’re so glad you’re okay.” Jess said as she lent down to hug him, letting go when he groaned in pain.

“Are you okay?” Lisa asked as she knelt next to him.

“He’ll be fine, he’s got a goose egg on his head but apart from that he seems fine. A mild concussion which means he’ll need monitoring for the next few hours.” The medic informed them as he packed away his kit.

Both girls sighed with relief and with a promise to get him home and to make sure he was monitored, the three of them thanked the medic and bid him goodbye as he made his way to the next person.

“Do you remember what happened?” Jess asked him.

“I had almost made it to Hartman’s office when Cybermen started flying past me, one of them must have hit me on their path through the building and knocked me out cold. Next thing I know I’m waking up here with that medic crouching over me.” Ianto explained as Lisa and Jess helped him to stand.

“It’s been about an hour since UNIT stormed the building, and an hour and a half since all the Dalek’s and Cybermen disappeared.” Jess told him as they headed towards the exit.

“UNIT have set up tents outside for the survivors. They’re taking names of the survivors and getting records on those that didn’t make it. From the sounds of it, Hartman was converted just before the Dalek’s started swarming.” Lisa said.

The three of them exited the building into total chaos, there were UNIT soldiers everywhere and there was still smoke billowing from buildings further down the street, results of the fight between the Dalek’s and Cybermen that had spilled out into the streets of London.

“Torchwood three got here about twenty minutes ago, they’ve been rummaging through the vaults and have taken anything of worth, they didn’t even stop to help on their way through the tower.” Jess informed Ianto as they made their way towards the main tent. Being a department head, Ianto would need to give an account of the events from his point of view and whether he could have stopped what had happened.

He spent three quarters of an hour explaining things to a UNIT general who acted like he didn’t even want to be there. Once the man was satisfied with his answers, Ianto and the girls could leave. Once finished, Ianto sent the girls to the car and he made his way back into the building, with the power down it meant that the CCTV was down as well, so he found an empty room and apparated down to the archives. Harkness’ team must have been in the vault because he didn’t see them anywhere as he made his way to the storage room next to his office. There were somethings he would need, and he wanted to get them before the people from Cardiff got to them. 

Once he had retrieved the items, and storing them in his expanded bag, Ianto apparated back up to the room he was in upstairs and then made his way out of the building before heading to the car park where the girls were waiting for him. Ianto had lost his mobile at some point and it wasn’t safe to send off a Patronus with so many UNIT soldiers around so he would have to wait till he got home to reassure his family that he was okay.

The news crews were in abundance as he drove out of the car park, the story would be all over the TV and his family would be worrying by now. Jess’ family lived over an hour away from the city and Lisa’s parents were on their second honeymoon so he would make sure the pair of them rang their families when they got to his house before they found out about the incident from the news.

“There’s so much damage, and so many people are dead. All this carnage because Yvonne thought she knew better. She just wanted more power.” Lisa spoke softly as she looked out the passenger window at the carnage in the streets.

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hartman wanted a British empire and she didn’t care who she walked over to get it.” Ianto added.

The car filled with silence as Ianto drove home, sirens still sounded in the distance. The pain in his neck was proof that something more than a slight goose egg occurred. The Cybermen were flying at speed and Ianto knew that no one could survive that kind of impact. He was just glad that whatever it was inside him that insisted on keeping him alive had brought him back to the land of the living before he was found, he had no intentions of ever becoming some government agencies experiment. He just wished that his non-life-threatening injuries healed at the same time he comes back to life.

Only a select few knew about his ability, an ability he shared with Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, the only two other people with him during the final battle at Hogwarts. All these years later and they still didn’t know the cause or whether it was permanent, Ianto wasn’t even sure if he wanted to find out.

“You girls can call your families from my place. My mam was planning on making dinner so I’d say there would be plenty for you two as well.” Ianto told them as he pulled into his driveway.

“I’m starving, nothing like a big adrenaline rush to build up an appetite.” Jess told him as they all climbed out of the car.


Before Ianto had a chance to make it to the front door, it banged open and his daughter came racing out and threw herself at her father’s legs. Ianto bent down and picked her up, holding her close as she started to sob into his shoulder. He continued walking into the house where he saw his mother standing in the hallway, wringing her hands together as she looked at her son.

“Ianto, what the hell happened?” His father asked as he joined them in the hall.

“Let’s all sit down in the sitting room, it’s not good tad, it’s really not good.” Ianto told him as he made his way into the room. Alannah refused to be put down so Ianto sat down on the lounge and arranged her so that she was comfortable before starting the story.

“Hartman went too far, opening the portal made it possible for these creatures known as Cybermen to come through from an alternate reality. They came here to convert all humans, the Doctor got involved and Hartman ended up capturing him and making everything worse.”

“Will that woman never learn?” His mother asked as she entered with a tray of tea and biscuits for everyone.

“It’s a bit late for that now, she was converted into a Cyberman and then sucked through the portal into the void.” Jess told her.

“How many people?” Severus asked, war was never kind to the innocent caught in the crossfire.

“One hundred and three, out of fifteen hundred. And they only survived because I hid them in the sub-basement.” Ianto told him.

“Did you -?” His mother couldn’t even finish the sentence, she hated that her son put his life at risk simply because he couldn’t die.

“Yeah, got hit by a Cyberman as it was being sucked into the void. I think it broke my neck; I have the same feeling I had last time that happened.” Ianto explained, not caring about the confused look on Lisa’s face.

His father reached into the inner pocket of his coat and pulled out his potions kit, even though the war was over, Severus could never break the habit of always carrying his kit. Resizing it, he pulled out a pain potion and a healing potion and handed them to his son. Once Ianto downed the potions, Severus banished the vials back to his lab at Hogwarts.

“Where’s Rhia and the kids?” Ianto asked after taking a big gulp of his tea to get rid of the foul after taste of the potions.

“Your sister took the kids out the back, when those Cybermen started marching in the streets Micah and Lanny were so scared they couldn’t stop crying. Dylan, David and Morgan were able to settle Micah, but Lanny wouldn’t leave my side until she saw your car pull into the drive.” His mother explained.

“Oh sweetie, are you all right now?” He asked his daughter, who had finally lifted her head from his shoulder to look at him.

“Are the bad robots gone now, daddy?”

“Yeah sweetie, they’re gone. A really awesome alien made them go away for good.” Ianto reassured her.

“That’s good, can I go tell Dylan you’re home now?” She asked as she slid off her father’s lap.

“Of course, go let them all know it’s over and that I’m home.” Ianto told his daughter as she ran out of the room.

“What’s going to happen now that Torchwood is gone?” Severus asked him.

“Torchwood London wasn’t the only one, from what I was able to gather the original Torchwood is in Scotland but that is mainly used as an archive for all old case files dating back to the founding of Torchwood. Torchwood four has vanished so that leaves Torchwood three in Cardiff, I have no idea how they operate but Hartman never had a kind word to say about the leader of Torchwood Cardiff.” Ianto explained.

“Dad!” Looking up, Ianto saw his son run into the room followed by his daughter, his sister’s kids and his brother and sister.

“Lanny said the bad robots are gone; did you blow them up?” Micah asked her uncle.

“No, I didn’t blow them up. The Doctor got rid of them.” Ianto told her.

“That’s good, they were scary, and people were running around screaming from them.” Micah told him

“All right, enough of all this talk. It’s almost time for dinner, you kids need to go and wash your hands before you come to the table. Jess and Lisa, you can go and get a shower and then use the phone to call your families to let them know that you are okay. Dinner should be done in half an hour.” Glenda told them as she got up from her seat, she’d had enough of depressing talk.

“I’ll get in contact with Kingsley in the morning, see what he wants me to do now that Torchwood London is no more. For now, I need a coffee.” Ianto said as he got up, tomorrow was another day that would bring more problems, but they were tomorrow’s problems.