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Switched Fate

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The meeting was about to start. It will when the Savior arrives, that is.

Some disciples pass by the meeting room and glance at the five executives waiting patiently outside the door. Four men, one woman. One of the men is sitting on the ground, typing on a laptop. The others stand near the door. The disciples are careful not to make eye contact, as not to disrespect their superiors. It was already an honor to see them all together, and that only happened for special occasions.

They each wore beautiful deep-colored suits, unlike the generic black robes that the believers had to wear. There was a stiff air around them. They knew of the authority and influence they held in this place. Still, many disciples were more jealous, and in awe, of how close the executives were to each other.

“No need to keep your head down,” One of the executives coos. “This is paradise. Please hold yourselves with pride.”

They look up nervously to meet violet eyes looking warmly at them. Blonde hair is clipped neatly to the sides and a sweet smile welcomes them.

The disciples nod quickly. “Thank you for such kindness Mr. Yoosung!” The poisonous smile fades as they quicken their pace and leave their sight before anything else can be said.

The man sitting on the ground lets out a small chuckle without looking up from his laptop.

“Hmph. That was no fun.” Yoosung pouts and looks around with a bored expression. There were no distractions since the disciples left. He restlessly shifts in his blazer that fits him perfectly.

“We know you like to play games Yoosung, but please spend your time more productively than to just waste time with disciples.” The woman brushes her fingers through her short brown hair before adjusting her glasses. “Well, I can’t blame you since we have this meeting right now, but I’m just suggesting in general. You could be studying more.”

“Well not everyone is a genius like you Jaehee… This isn’t fair.” The young man scowls before pouting again. “The Savior still isn’t here- did he forget to show up?”

Grey eyes flicker to look at him briefly. “Please have some faith Yoosung.” The man clears his throat before continuing. “You shouldn’t doubt our Savior.” Matter-of-factly, as per usual. He stands patiently, staring off with a stoic look that rests naturally on his face.

Yoosung crosses his arms. “Hmph. He is the Savior, but Rika was our Founder—!” Beginning to stammer, he is cut off by a pat on the head.

Red eyes convey pity for the young man. “Yoosung. We’ve been over this so much, please move on~ Do you need more elixir? I can help you make some if you do.” His white hair frames his face perfectly, and he looks down at Yoosung with a bemused smile.

Yoosung slaps his hand away. “Ugh, stop treating me like a child.” He turns away and leans on the wall a little farther away from the group.

The man sitting on the floor presses a few more keys on his laptop with an exaggerated flair of his arms and lets out a sigh. He suddenly closes his laptop and jumps up. The others flinch in response, and he walks directly to the youngest member and squeezes Yoosung’s cheeks.

“Aw, look at cutie Yoosung all mad~! Do you want to play with me instead?? You’ve got my attention now~” He grabs Yoosung’s wrists as he leans in to get the boy to face him. Yoosung shivers but knows better than to resist.

“Hahahaha! Awww don’t be scared of me- you’re my favorite to mess with! You know I’m the best at games~” Deranged golden eyes sparkle behind messy red hair.

“…S-sorry if I distracted you from your work Luciel…” Yoosung manages to say quietly.

Luciel’s manic grin instantly disappears. Golden eyes turn cold like piercing metal. He tightens his grip on Yoosung’s wrists.

“Yeah. I’m busy. So, stop being annoying and quit bothering me with your nonsense,” sneered Luciel. His glare was intense.

Yoosung glances towards the others for help, but they do not respond towards the situation.


A man with beautiful mint-colored hair walks gracefully into view. With a perfect charming smile and serene face, he looks angelic in his white robe.

Luciel releases Yoosung and spins around to bow his head before the Savior.

“For eternal paradise, my Savior.”

He is met with a gentle smile. “For eternal paradise. Luciel, you weren’t messing with Yoosung again, were you?” Mint eyes express concern.

“Haha. Not at all~ I was only playing around to cheer him up, my Savior!” Luciel looks up from his bowed head to give a look of admiration and feigned innocence.

The Savior chuckles and shakes his head. “Of course. But hello everyone, forgive me since I was busy with many things. Let’s start the meeting, shall we?”


“I know this is crazy, but do you think you could help us?”

Coffee shop music plays softly in the background and mixes with the sounds of light chatter from other customers. Both drinks remain untouched.

MC stares incredulously at the young man asking her this question. Not only was the request extremely odd, but the man seemed quite unordinary himself. She finally takes a sip of her coffee. The temperature was just right.

“Sorry, I know this is asking a lot, but I’ve seen you at community events, and you are really good with people! All you have to do is join them, chat and get to know them, and report back to us what they are doing,” pleaded the young man.

She took a moment to inspect him further. He had slightly messy snow-white hair with some signs of …pink? maybe red? He had blue eyes with contacts. Dark circles under his eyes implied he was clearly dealing with something that was keeping him up late at night.

She is suspicious, but from their interaction so far, she could already tell that he was a sweet sincere kind of guy. Before answering his request however, she had her own things to say as well.

“Hmm well, it’s true that I volunteer a lot, but this seems really… strange… and shady, if I’m honest.” MC tucks some of her long brown hair behind her ear. “Isn’t this dangerous?”

She is met with a solemn, understanding look. They were pretty warm, coming from blue eyes. “I promise that I will protect you. Given that your people skills are as good as I think they are though, I’m pretty sure you won’t be in any danger. All you have to say is that Rika sent you to help, and you should be alright.” He sighs.

“I know it’s a bit shady, but if it helps, we will know your location at all times and…” He coughs. “…I’m a pretty good hacker with some experience in field work, so I can come and rescue you anytime. I would go myself, but Rika speculates that it isn’t time for me to interfere yet, and besides… I would be recognized.” He says the last part quietly.

Ah, so this is what this was, she realized. She thought she had put her agent work behind her. So, this hacker found out about my past and needs my skills, so he is threatening to expose me, isn’t he? I suppose I have no choice… She sighs, defeated.

“Hey. I know what you’re thinking. I’m not threatening you— I promise.” The man’s eyes turn intense but were still oddly comforting. MC also sensed something else… sadness? “I just want to save someone important to me. You don’t have to help us, but you have the skills we need, that’s all. Plus, I know you are a good person. Sorry for stalking you.” He clears his throat.

“As a gesture of trust, my real name is Saeran Choi. Please think about it.”

The shock on MC’s face was evident, and she barely stifled a gasp. His real name? She could read people, it was one of her skills, and he didn’t look like he was lying. If he wasn’t lying, then he was putting himself on the line. She hadn’t even agreed to help them yet! Perhaps this was going to be interesting.

MC smiles. She knew she has a soft spot for this kind of sincerity, and she hoped that she was reading him correctly.

“Thank you Saeran. I want to help if I can.”


The ME executives have a casual discussion in their private chat when a stranger enters the chatroom.


Luciel’s cold eyes glare at the intruder in their chatroom. Excuse me?

He immediately runs a background check on her, just as the Savior calls to tell him to do so. The intruder seems to be a young woman named MC. Nothing notable comes up. She’s a normal girl who is registered with some volunteer associations. Luciel squints his eyes. With some further work he also fails to find any trace of a hacker.

How has this “normal” girl found her way into our paradise?

She seems clueless on how she entered this chatroom, but she said she was just given this app on her phone and was told to come here.

HERE, here??  Luciel turns to the security cameras and sure enough, this adorable girl with long brown hair in a chestnut sweater is standing outside the Magenta building.

Then she says something interesting. She says Rika sent her.

Our late Founder?! Everyone is shocked upon hearing her name.

She continues to say she was a bit late, but Rika had invited her some time ago, and she was not able to come until now. Rika had asked her to be party coordinator and help with recruitment.

The Savior tells Luciel to let her in.

Luciel’s mind was spinning. The late Founder had not said anything about this to any of them before. Additionally, did this girl not know about the Founder’s passing?

ALSO, who just comes to a strange place that she knows nothing about?  Luciel smirks in amusement. What a weird girl…

After some discussion and chatting, the Savior fully accepts the girl. Wanting to respect Rika’s wishes, he gives her an executive position. She could help with event planning if she wanted, but for now since she was new, she would have to adapt to this place and understand how things work here.

ME chatroom:

Savior: Since this was our beloved Founder’s wish, I hope that you all come to trust her and treat her as our own.

Some of the members feel skeptical but respect the Savior, nonetheless. Luciel is the first to respond.

Luciel: As you wish, my Savior!

Savior: Thank you. There are some things I must attend to. For eternal paradise.

-Savior leaves the chatroom-

Luciel: Welcome to eternal paradise, MC~ It’ll be so fun with you here!

MC: Aw, thank you Luciel! You’re so kind!

Kind?!  Luciel stares blankly at the message and turns to look at MC through the camera.

Luciel: Wah!! A compliment from a princess ♥w♥

He sees MC giggle at his comment. Ugh, she is seriously weird.

Zen: Haha. Don’t mind Luciel too much. He’s a bit weird. You can always talk to me whenever you want dear~ I’m the one who keeps the morale up around here since I’m an actor, and I’m very kind to everyone~

Through the cameras, Zen is seen fixing his long white hair, and Luciel scoffs at his comment.

MC: haha… ok thanks Zen

For some reason Luciel is relieved by this response.

Luciel: hehehe well

Luciel: I’m

Luciel: going to be

Luciel: the FIRST

Luciel: on the welcoming committee!! Wait for me MC, I wanna meet you first

MC: I’ll be waiting for you my prince

…Wow no one ever plays along with me, Luciel thinks as he skips over to where MC is.

Jumin: Welcome, MC.

Jaehee: Welcome, MC. Mr. Han and I hope that you will be a useful asset to our paradise. We wish to see good things from you.

MC: Thank you both for the welcome!

MC: “Mr. Han”?

Yoosung: Welcome, MC! I hope we can all get along with you!

Yoosung: Oh, Jaehee used to work as Jumin’s assistant in his company, so she still calls him that! lol

Jaehee: It’s more comfortable for me, with all due respect.

Jumin: It’s all the same to me. I don’t mind either way.

MC: I see, Mr. Han!

Jumin: I changed my mind; I would prefer Jumin.


MC chuckles at his comment. She sits comfortably on a chair in what seems to be the lobby of the building. Odd though, for cultists they seem like normal people. At least for now…

“They’re so funny right!?” A voice enthusiastically squeals behind her, taking MC by surprise.

She turns around to see a tall redhead with yellow and black rimmed glasses. Very characteristic. He wears a fitted black suit with a red rose at the front, as well as a wide goofy smile on his face.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you MC!” Luciel smiles sweetly. “I’m Luciel. Allow me to lead you to your room~”

MC nods and follows behind him. Though she’s never met him before, she recognizes his face.

Saeran’s “someone important”. His red hair is the same as the photo Saeran had shown me, but the glasses are new. That wasn’t what made her recognize him though.

His smile is the same as when he was a boy.

But his eyes… MC shudders.

She lifts her head up while walking to look at the young man leading her. He turns his head to make sure she has no trouble following. Their eyes meet. He smiles and turns to face forward.

How do you have a charming smile with… such scary eyes?

MC figures this won’t be as simple as she hoped it would be.