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Everything Stays

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She was in her second year of the civil engineering program at Yeungnam University when she first laid eyes on the beautiful daughter of a local restaurant owner. Seulgi wasn't much of a romantic, but if you should ask her, Seulgi would say it was love at first sight. One snowy night, she stopped in for a late dinner after one of her night classes got out late. A pretty girl was writing orders for another table nearby and tucked her hair behind her ear. Seulgi had been smitten ever since. She would go out of her way to stop by the restaurant, rain or shine, just to be near her. Seulgi had eventually worked up enough courage to strike up a conversation which turned into a three hour long chat full of laughter and warm glances. Even as the waitress' mother and sister wiped the tables around them, Bae Joohyun and Kang Seulgi sat in the booth, falling in love. The bike ride home that night had never been more lovely. 

Now, four years later, Seulgi gazed across the ballroom floor at the beautiful omega dressed in white; her wife. The orchestra faded into the background, becoming nothing more than white noise as she imagined a new life with the woman she loved. Seulgi smiled sweetly as she watched Joohyun laughing with a few of her friends. The raven looked over and the two locked eyes. For that moment in time, the rest of the world ceased to exist. That is, until Mr. Bae's strong hand came crashing down to rest on Seulgi's shoulder.

His voice thundered as he spoke, "I see no alpha better fit for my little Joohyun." He said with a genuine smile. "Treat her well. And maybe give me a few grandkids to spoil while you're at it." He chuckled, patting Seulgi's back a bit too roughly. She coughed out a grin as the air left her lungs, a familiar laugh catching their attention.

"Appa, stop it! Before you break her!" Joohyun gently pulled her mate into her arms, wrapping them around the taller girl's slim waist. Seulgi smiled down at her in silent appreciation, wrapping a protective arm over her shoulder.

"Sorry," The mountain of a man sniffled, tears welling in his eyes. "I'm just so happy for you two." Mrs. Bae walked over, shaking her head with a soft smile as she handed her husband a tissue.

"Your father has always been sensitive, but this is something else."

"Eomma." Joohyun called as if to say 'look what happened.' Mrs. Bae appeared to be on the verge of tears herself. She opened her arms to welcome her eldest daughter's warm embrace. 

"What'll I do without you?" She sighed, playing with Joohyun's hair in her fingers. 

"I promise we'll visit. I'll call you every day." Mrs. Bae smiled, pulling away from the hug but keeping her hands rested just below her daughter's jaw. 

"Be good to her. This one's a keeper." The omega smiled as her mother brushed a few happy tears away with her thumbs. She planted a kiss to Joohyun's forehead before she let her daughter go back into the waiting arms of her lover. The proud parents smiled as the newlyweds shared a quick kiss, turning to head for the exit with a wave over their shoulders. "Our little Baechu is all grown up." She murmured, patting her husband's stomach while he blew his nose into the handkerchief. 

Joohyun's younger sister walked over while picking at a piece of wedding cake asking, "Does this mean I get a raise?"

Their first night experiencing Joohyun's heat together was magical. The two had slept together before when they were dating, but nothing could compare to this. It was tradition to wait until the night of the honeymoon to share an omega's heat for the first time and the couple were glad they waited. Joohyun moaned underneath Seulgi, the light of the full moon illuminating the fresh mark on her neck as her alpha claimed what was rightfully hers. Two silhouettes made love on the wall beside them, the bed creaking loudly under their ministrations. The omega's nails left red hot streaks in their wake, trailing down the sweaty back of her lover. No words were exchanged, just loving touches and feelings of completion. 

"Oh, Seulgi-ah!" Joohyun gasped when her mate hit a certain spot that made her toes curl. Seulgi grunted as her hips snapped in the rhythm that seemed to earn the best reactions. Hot walls fluttered around her length signaling that her mate was close. She moved in rolling motions, reveling in the pleasurable sounds her wife made. "S-Seulgi I'm-"

"Cum for me." The alpha murmured, watching as the love of her life fell over the edge for the third time that night. The sight of Joohyun in the throes of ecstasy were more than enough to send Seulgi tumbling right after her. She kissed Joohyun's glistening neck as they struggled to catch their breath, slowly coming down from their highs. Seulgi's arms wrapped underneath her mate's back, lifting her off of the mattress slightly. Joohyun pushed her partner's thick mane away from her face, bringing her in for a tender kiss. 

"Give me a few minutes and we can go again." The omega panted. "You still haven't cum yet."

"I want to wait a while before we get to that." Seulgi stated, caressing Joohyun's porcelain face. "I don't think we're ready for pups just yet. Although, I would really like your mouth if you don't mind." Joohyun nodded, leaning against her alpha's palm submissively.

"I love you." She murmured sweetly making Seulgi smile.

"I love you even more, Kang Joohyun."

Their life together began with a rocky start. Just before the wedding, Seulgi closed a deal with her agent that breathed her dream of opening her own engineering firm into life. Joohyun couldn't be more proud of her. However, in spite of her big step towards success, Seulgi kicked herself for not being able to provide the life she promised Joohyun right off the bat. Joohyun had to assure her that she understood the current situation. With the company just getting on its feet, it had yet to prove itself against more established competition. Until the business could gain a following, Seulgi and Joohyun would be living on the poor side of town. The conditions of their current apartment were barely livable. The roof leaked, the floor boards creaked, and a million cockroaches made themselves feel right at home in their cabinets. 

Due to their poor state of living conditions, Joohyun's regular heat cycle came to a complete stop. Her body knew it was not in a good enough environment to raise healthy offspring. Thus, Joohyun's entire reproductive system was temporarily shut down. The sudden change in hormones made Joohyun irritable and withdrawn from any sexual advances made by her mate. Seulgi hated seeing her wife unhappy. She would watch her sweep up their shabby apartment, nearly tripping over metal pales full of murky water from the ceiling. Seulgi made an oath to get her out of there as soon as possible. 

Since she had no college education, Joohyun applied for every task in the city she was qualified for. She managed to land a good job at a popular cafe to help make ends meet. The money was good, but not good enough to afford the rent. Nevertheless, it helped pay for groceries and other things they might need. As for Seulgi, she was promoting herself the best she could. Luckily she had a coleague working under a respectable contracting firm that could put in a good word for her. Still, business just wasn't building fast enough. As if things couldn't get much worse, Joohyun fell ill due to the shock to her bodily systems. Now they had to work up enough money to pay the doctor's bill on top of everything else. It seemed like they were stuck in an endless loop of stress and misery.

One night, Seulgi walked in to hear the sounds of wet sniffles coming from their bedroom. She dropped her things at the door, rushing to find her wife curled up on the stained mattress placed on the floor. Her heart shattered. Joohyun had put on a convincing show for her; claiming she was happy and that everything would be just fine. Every time Seulgi would walk in the room, Joohyun would put on her best smile just to make Seulgi feel better. After a while, the alpha started to believe that what she said was how she truly felt. What a fool she was for believing it so. Seulgi sat on the mattress beside her mate, rubbing her back gently. The sniffles immediately stopped as Joohyun sat up, wiping the tears from her eyes with a little smile.

"Sorry, it must be allergies." Seulgi broke into a fit of sobs, pulling her wife against her chest. 

"I'm so sorry," She whispered into Joohyun's black hair. "I never meant for things to be this way." Joohyun's lip quivered as her little hand reached up to grab Seulgi's sleeve tightly. She was scared; scared of the loud gunshots outside, scared of the creaking walls, scared of what their future would be, but most of all, she was scared of Seulgi losing faith in herself. After all, Seulgi gave their little family hope and without hope, they truly had nothing. 

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One tortuous year had come and gone before things finally started to look up for the couple. Seulgi's business was booming and they had finally saved up just enough money to pursue better living conditions. After their busy work days, they would meet at the library to look over new apartment listings in the area. Unanimously they decided they earned the right to be a little picky. That way they could continue stockpiling while they hunted. Finally, they found a place they could both agree on; an apartment in a newly refurbished complex located in the heart of Seoul. It was within walking distance of both Seulgi's company building and the coffee shop and had an excellent view of the city. They couldn't find anything more perfect if they tried.

"Come on, Seul!" Joohyun shouted gleefully as she dragged her mate down the hallway.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Hold on!" She laughed, fumbling for the card with the pin code on it. Joohyun watched as Seulgi input the numbers unlocking the door. As Joohyun was moving to step in, Seulgi grabbed hold of her arm making her wife glance at her in confusion. "Something's missing..." With her infamous eye smile, Seulgi scooped Joohyun up in her arms bridal style.

"Ack! What are you doing?" 

"I'm carrying you over the threshold." Seulgi stated. "Isn't that what couples do when they buy their first house?" Joohyun giggled at the adorable display of affection, kissing Seulgi sweetly.

"Hurry, before you throw your back out." With a grumble, Seulgi carried her mate into the apartment, closing the door with her foot behind her. Instead of setting her down like Joohyun expected, she tossed her onto the couch making Joohyun squeal like a child. "Ya!" She was pleasantly surprised to find Seulgi climbing on top of her, kissing her into the couch. The omega hummed in approval and wrapped her arms around her wife's neck. "Oh?" Seulgi pulled away with a concerned expression on her face. Joohyun rested a hand over her stomach, head thrown back in a long, drawn-out moan.

"Uh, Hyun? Are you okay?" Joohyun hissed as a warm sensation coursed through her nether regions. Her reproductive system was finally waking up after being dormant for so long. 

"Mmmm never better." Seulgi grinned at the glazed but happy expression on her omega's face. She nibbled the mating mark on Joohyun's neck making the latter moan softly. 

"What do you say we break in the new couch?" The alpha flirted suggestively receiving a chuckle from Joohyun.

"Maybe later." She said, lightly pushing Seulgi away. "Right now I want to take a look around." Seulgi nodded with a smile, standing and reaching out to help Joohyun up as well. The couple toured the apartment, Joohyun feeling warmer by the second. As they made their way back into the living room, the omega gasped, clutching her abdomen throwing Seulgi into a state of panic.

"Hyun, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" A gentle moan made her gaze at the omega in bewilderment. Seulgi stared wide-eyed as a trail of slick ran down her mate's leg. "Uh, Hyun?" 

"Bed. Now." She groaned, eyes screwed shut. Seulgi hesitated, taking a moment to process what was going on with her mate's body. Was Joohyun actually initiating sex? With an excited smile, Seulgi took the horny omega in her arms once again and practically sprinted towards the bedroom. Finally, after a year without sex, Seulgi was finally getting some action. Joohyun whimpered when her back hit the soft bed, Seulgi already wriggling out of her button up shirt making the other chuckle. "Take it easy there, stud, I'm not going anywhere." Seulgi blushed a bit but flung herself on top of Joohyun, engaging in a heated kiss. 

"God, I missed you." Seulgi gasped against her mate's lips. Joohyun's mouth hung open in a gasp as Seulgi pulled away to begin undressing her. She whined like a sad puppy when she saw how wet her wife was. "Holy shit, Hyun. What's going on?"

"I think my body likes it here too. It's ready to make some babies." Seulgi chuckled along, running her tongue over her wife's slit and moaning at the flavor. 

"No babies yet, Hyun. Not until we're ready." Joohyun sighed to herself but quickly let it go when Seulgi's tongue stroked her clit. Her hands carded through her mate's thick hair, head rolled back in abandon. 


"Hmm?" Seulgi hummed sending vibrations to Joohyun's clit making her gasp.

"C-can I top?" With a grunt of exertion, Seulgi repositioned them so that her dainty wife was perched on top of her toned abdomen. The alpha gasped in arousal as Joohyun dragged herself over the expanse of skin leaving a trail of her warm juices. 

"God, Hyun." Seulgi moaned, resting her hands on her mate's hips as they worked. Joohyun's hands reached behind her to grab Seulgi's thighs, her head falling back with a low rumble of a moan. The alpha's arm wrapped around the omega's back as she sat up to catch a stiff nipple between her lips. Joohyun cried out, grinding down on her wife's sculpted abs with determination. One of her hands came forward to cradle Seulgi's head against her chest as she suckled gently. Joohyun could feel Seulgi's stiff cock standing at attention against her butt as she rubbed herself on her. She reluctantly backed away, bud hardening as cool air met her mate's saliva. Seulgi whined at the loss making Joohyun chuckle.

"Do you have a condom?"

"Check my phone case." Joohyun reached for Seulgi's phone that had been placed on the nightstand. Seulgi longingly gazed up at her wife's breasts dangling in front of her face. She licked her lips, latching on to the other one making Joohyun gasp in surprise. The omega sat hunched over for a moment, loving the warm sucking sensation of her wife's mouth on her chest. She patted Seulgi's head as a plea for her to let go. The alpha obeyed, watching eagerly as Joohyun tore the wrapper opened, rolling the rubber down her shaft. The duo moaned in unison as Joohyun began the journey down. 

"Damn, have you grown since last time?" Joohyun grunted, taking in a few more inches before rising back up. Seulgi shrugged.

"That or maybe you've just gotten tighter." The bear hissed when Joohyun's nails dug into her stomach. She could feel her walls squeezing around her as they adjusted to fit her size. With a needy whine, a little gush of Joohyun's warm slick splashed onto Seulgi's cock. "Fuck, Hyun." Joohyun started to roll her hips to give her mate something to work with while she finished opening up. Seulgi's head fell back into the pillows with an airy moan, hands coming back to rest on Joohyun's hips. 

"Are you ready?" Joohyun inquired.

"Do you even need to ask?" The sarcastic statement was backed by a twitch inside of her making Joohyun smirk. Her hands came forward to rest on Seulgi's stomach as she started fucking herself in earnest. 

"Mmmm I think you are bigger." Joohyun mumbled, stroking Seulgi's ego a bit. 

"Yeah? Do you like alpha's fat cock?" The omega moaned in approval, picking up her pace a bit. Seulgi watched her chest bounce with her jerky movements almost as though they were teasing her. "Speaking of bigger, I think you've done some growing yourself." She commented, groping her lover's bountiful chest while taking in the rest of her lover's body. They had both put on some weight after moving which was great since they were nearly skin and bones back when they were living off of ramen and a prayer. Seulgi was definitely a boob and thigh girl while Joohyun appreciated butts more. Regardless of preference, they both appreciated the wonders good meals did to the other's figure. "I guess better food does the body good." 

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Joohyun panted.

"No, I'm saying you look healthier." Joohyun chuckled, pecking the alpha's lips before hanging her head off to the side behind a curtain of black tresses. The little pants and grunts of pleasure against Seulgi's ear were a major turn on. 

"S-Seulgi I'm-"

"That's it, baby, cum for your alpha." Joohyun squeaked as she neared climax but was in need of a little extra push. Seulgi slapped her ass and that was all the omega needed to reach her high. Joohyun whined at her oversensitivity but continued riding Seulgi until her mate's face contorted in pleasure and she emptied into the condom. The tiny omega slipped off of Seulgi's slick-coated cock, falling onto the bed beside her. "I think we needed that." Seulgi stated as she disposed of the used condom.

"Agreed." Joohyun sighed blissfully. Seulgi snorted at the state of her wife, wiping a few of her sweaty fly aways out of her eyes. 

"Someone looks happy. It's good to see you back on your horny streak." Seulgi snickered receiving a threatening grunt from Joohyun. "I'm only teasing." She murmured, kissing the mark of her wife's sweaty neck making her hum. "Is my beautiful mate hungry?" Joohyun giggled as Seulgi blew raspberries in her neck while simultaneously tickling her sides.

"A little." She cackled, kicking and wailing as the playful teasing became more aggressive. 

"Let me take you out. My special treat for my special lady." Seulgi left the bed to collect her clothes, buttoning her shirt before passing Joohyun her own garments. The omega looked at her underwear and blushed catching Seulgi's attention. "What's the matter?" 

"Um, I might need to grab another pair." Seulgi smiled, leaning over the bed to kiss Joohyun's cheek before walking out to the living room where they left their suitcases. Joohyun smiled to herself, placing one hand on the cheek Seulgi kissed and the other over her newly awakened womb. It seems my heats might be starting up again soon. Joohyun couldn't shake the fantasy of little baby bears and bunnies running around the apartment someday. 

The Kangs were finally home yet something was still missing.

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The Kangs walked down the snowy streets of Seoul, arms linked. Despite the holly jolly Christmas atmosphere, Seulgi just couldn't relax. She was too busy glaring at a few other alphas brave enough to gawk or whistle at her mate. As usual, Joohyun failed to notice. She was too wrapped up in looking at the nicely decorated windows of storefronts. Joohyun watched as a little train weaved around some new toy advertisements and managed to catch Seulgi's attention by lightly tugging her arm.

Seulgi glanced over, softening a bit at the sight of her wife's enthusiastic smile. "Let's go in here!" She whispered, pointing at one shop in particular. Seulgi couldn't deny her mate anything; especially with that child-like twinkle in her eyes. With a happy smile, Seulgi nodded, following Joohyun into the toy store.

Children's laughter filled the space along with buzzing sounds from cogs and motors. Seulgi turned to look at her wife, grinning knowingly as her mate watched the children play with a warm smile on her face. She loved kids. It's no secret that Joohyun was ready for a few pups of her own now that they had finally settled in. Plus, being an omega at her age, her body and mind were practically begging for some. On the other hand, Seulgi wasn't quite ready for such a commitment what with her business finally taking off. Her wife had been very understanding of this and agreed to wait until the time was right, however, that didn't stop her from longing. 

"It's a cool place." Seulgi commented, looking around at the huge emporium. Joohyun nodded in agreement, giggling as two little boys ran behind her, holding toy planes above their heads as if they were flying.

"I wonder what our pups' laughter will sound like." Irene said, lost in a daydream. Seulgi grinned, wrapping an arm around her mate's shoulder. Joohyun reached up to intertwine their fingers in reciprocation, dragging her thumb over Seulgi's hand as the couple stood and observed the ruckus around them. A pot-bellied man in overalls lumbered over.

"Can I help you ladies with anything?" He asked, sticking his thumbs under his suspenders.

"We're just looking." Seulgi replied politely. The man followed the omega's gaze to the corner of the store where a little girl sat, reading a book quietly in the midst of it all. 

"Is she yours?" 

"Oh, no!" Seulgi laughed, waving her hands. "We don't have any pups yet." The man chuckled hardily, rubbing the nape of his neck in embarrassment. 

"Well, you're both still young. Plenty of time for some beautiful pups if you want 'em. Give me a holler if you need anything." Seulgi smiled and bowed politely as the shop keeper wandered off. Irene continued to watch the little girl closely, deep in thought.


"Yes, my love?" The alpha inquired, staring at the side of her wife's lovely face.

"I'm not sure how much longer I can wait." She spoke softly, almost like she was apologizing. Seulgi understood. Irene had been very patient with her as she built her company from the ground up. Now that the dust was finally settling, Joohyun's body saw it as a suitable time to raise their young. Due to the lack of stressors, there was a high possibility that Joohyun's heat cycle would return soon. The omega was more than ready to take that next big step, however, Seulgi was still dragging her feet. Despite how much she adored Joohyun, she was known to be a runner in the face of commitment. It was a miracle she had even worked up enough courage to propose, let alone follow through with it. Seulgi treasured her freedom, but on the same token, loved her wife more than anyone else in the world. She simply wanted her cake and eat it too. Seulgi smiled, kissing her wife's temple gently.

"I know."

"Seulgi? Is that you?" Said woman whirled around to find a red-haired giant gawking back at her. 

"Sooyoung?" Seulgi replied, excitement levels increasing. "It's so good to see you!" The old friends embraced each other in a friendly hug. Joohyun poked her head around out of curiosity catching Sooyoung's attention.

"Wowza! Who's this?"

"Sooyoung, this is my wife Joohyun. Joohyun, Sooyoung." The omega bowed politely, shaking the tall woman's hand. Sooyoung whistled, giving Joohyun a once over.

"Damn, Kang! Did you save a country in your past life?" Joohyun blushed, tucking her hair behind her ear nervously.

"Watch it, hot shot, she's taken." Seulgi stated, pulling Joohyun closer protectively. Sooyoung laughed, waving her hands out in front of her.

"No, no, that's not what I meant. In fact, I'm taken as well." 

"There you are!" Joy winced when a tiny blonde woman smacked the back of her head with her hand. "What are you standing around here for? Are you cheating on me already?" The young woman looked at Joohyun with a scowl. "Who's she?"

"This is Mrs. Kang. She's my best friend's wife." Seulgi waved at the shorter girl awkwardly.

"Are you having an affair with her!?" The tiny omega shouted, slapping Sooyoung angrily.

"What!? Yeri, no! I would never! We just met!" 

"You were thinking about it!" The omega turned back towards the other couple. "I'm sorry if she was bothering you."

"No, not at all!" Seulgi replied sweetly. "It's always nice seeing an old college friend this far north." Yerim turned with a blank expression, cupping her hands over her mouth.

"Parks! Assemble!" The sounds of thundering feet shook the floor as an army of kids ran in the direction of their mother's call. Yeri stood in place, counting the heads of her pups as they scrambled around her. "...six, seven, eight, where's Kaia!?" 

"Here, mommy!" The little girl from before came running, book in hand. 

"Nine. Perfect. Let's go home." The kids groaned as their mother guided them out the door. 

"It was nice seeing you! We should get the kids together some time for a play date." Joohyun and Seulgi exchanged a glance.

"Uh, actually-" Sooyoung looked at the couple like they had just sprouted second heads. 

"No pups, huh? Then why are you hanging out in a toy store like a couple of losers?"

"Joohyun wanted to have a look around." Sooyoung waved Seulgi over, leaning down to whisper in her ear.

"If I had a mate that looked like that, I'd keep her full and happy if you catch my drift." Seulgi flashed Sooyoung a look to which the latter shrugged with an innocent smile. "Well, if you ever want to get together for dinner sometime, give me a call." Sooyoung handed her friend a business card, turning to follow the last of her kids out the door. 

Seulgi bowed to the doorman as she and her wife entered their apartment complex. They thanked their lucky stars for hording money so they could afford a nicer place. It was rewarding enough to see that the past year of living off of ramen and stale bread hadn't been in vain. As the elevator lifted them to their floor, Joohyun's chilly hand shyly brushed Seulgi's. Here they were, happily married adults and yet they still acted like two kids in a school yard. Seulgi took her wife's hand in hers, leading her off of the elevator and down the hall. With a few beeps, Seulgi entered the security code before the door granted them entry.

The alpha threw her bag across the room which landed neatly on the white angled couch by the window. A gentle night's snowfall made its way down from the clouds. Joohyun paused to remove her shoes at the door, sighing as her wife walked into the kitchen neglecting to do so.

"You're tracking slush through the house!" She shouted. 

"Sorry, mom!" Seulgi chuckled as she opened the refrigerator, retrieving the half-empty gallon of milk. Although the remark was meant in a teasing way, Joohyun felt the empty hole in her heart swell. 

"Hey, can we talk?"

"Sure." Seulgi gasped after chugging some of the milk straight from the carton. She plopped down on the couch,  patting the space beside her for her wife to sit. "What's up?"

"I've been thinking." The omega began. "I know you're trying to focus on the company, and I feel bad for nagging you, but-"

"Is this about having a baby?" Seulgi asked quietly, resting a hand on the omega's knee. Joohyun looked down at her lap in shame and nodded. Seulgi sighed, staring out the window as she scratched her head in thought. It's not that she didn't want kids, she did. Thing was, with the company in its sapling stages, she wasn't sure how much attention she could dedicate towards looking after her. Not to mention her innate fear of settling down. Joohyun was, at her core, a very independent woman and could probably handle herself just fine for the first few months. That being said, she was still an omega and had a tendency to seek care from her alpha as a result. It was one of many differences between the couple; Joohyun wanted a home life while Seulgi just wanted to roam.

Seulgi glanced at Joohyun who was fiddling with her fingers quietly in her lap. It had been six long months since they first moved into the new apartment and it was clear to see that Joohyun was growing to hate the silence. It just seemed like too much of a leap for Seulgi. Things had finally settled down and now Joohyun wanted a baby to rile things up again? It just didn't seem plausible. 

"Hyun," The omega lifted her head when her mate rested a warm hand on her knee. "I do want a family with you. Just not now. With the company on the rise, I can't be here to take care of you." Joohyun looked back down again without a word. She was obviously at war with herself. 

"I just want a family." Seulgi looked at her wife with a gentle expression. "I don't know why, but seeing their little girl in the shop today made me want one even more. I know you have to lead the company and want your freedom, but I just feel so-"

"Empty." Joohyun looked at her mate and nodded. The couple sat in silence, watching the snow fall onto the balcony outside. After a while, a warm presence snuggled up against Seulgi's right side.

"I'm sorry." Seulgi wrapped her arms around Joohyun, resting her chin on her head. 

"Don't be." The winter winds howled as they blew between buildings, cutting through the silence like a knife. Soft snores caught Seulgi's attention. Looking over, Joohyun had dozed off wrapped in a warm blanket like a little burrito. The alpha smiled lovingly, pulling her closer and resting her head on top of Joohyun's. If I had a mate that looked like that, I'd keep her full and happy. Full and happy. Did the two come hand in hand? Maybe things were different for omegas. Seulgi looked down at her beautiful wife as she slept. She wanted nothing more than to make Joohyun happy, even if that meant she had to make a few more self sacrifices.

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Seulgi was in a good work flow, signing off on paperwork stacked on her desk. The loud chime of her cellphone ringing caught her ear. Finishing up with what she was writing, she reached into her coat pocket and checked the caller ID.

"Hello?" She sing-songed, propping the phone up on her shoulder as she carried on with her business.

"Seulgi? It's Sooyoung! Sorry I didn't return your call, we had to take our idiot son to the hospital."

"What for?" Seulgi asked, voice laced with concern.

"The kid tried to swallow a plastic fork. I swear, he'll eat anything these days. Anyway, what's up?"

"I think Joohyun and I are ready to start trying." For some reason, saying it out loud made the thought seem more set in stone.

"Ooh that should be fun." Sooyoung teased. "I'm guessing you want some advice?"


"Don't go thinking you can just come and go as you please. A lot of alphas don't realize just how much their presence means to their omega and pup. Your scent plays a huge role in helping her along naturally. It can even ease symptoms of morning sickness."

"Really?" Seulgi looked at her stack of papers in contemplation. 

"Yup. That's why you need to make sure this is something you really want. I know how much you like to run away when things get too real. You can't do that to her. Once she's knocked up, there's no going back."

"And if I am sure?"

"Rule number one: Make sure she's fat and happy."

"I thought you said to keep her full and happy?" Seulgi said, fiddling with her pen in her hand.

"She's gotta be fat and happy before she can be full and happy, ya feel me?"

"Not really, no." Seulgi said matter of factly causing Sooyoung to sigh.

"Your wife has the figure of a twig. She needs some curves if you want any pups out of her."

"But Joohyun likes the body she has now. Besides, insn't that kind of manipulative?"

"Sure it is, but it's for her own good. A happy omega is a pregnant omega and a pregnant omega is a healthy omega. That's what I always say. A bit of healthy weight is good for an omega, especially one that looks like her."

"I don't know, Sooyoung..."

"Can't you just talk to her about it? Maybe if she knows why you're doing it she'll be on board." 

"I guess." Seulgi was still unsure. However, Sooyoung seemed like someone worth taking advice from considering she and Yerim had nine healthy kids under their belt. "I just don't want her to feel bad about herself." 

"She'll be big when she's pregnant anyway. This is only a gentle nudge in the right direction. If she's too thin, your swimmers won't take and she'll get even more frustrated." Seulgi clicked her pen in thought.

"Do you mind if I speak to Yerim?" 

"Sure, hold on." The sound of Joy's voice echoing as she called her mate rang through the other line. The phone shuffled as the omega held the phone up to her ear. "If this is Sooyoung's mistress, I don't have time fo-"

"Yerim? This is Kang Seulgi. We met a few weeks go in the toy store?"

"Oh that's right, the one with the hot wife. Whatcha need?"

"Joohyun wants a baby. Do you have any advice? You know, as an omega with experience?"

"Make sure she eats well. If her body can't support a pup, her heats won't be as effective and you'll run the risk of miscarriage."

"Noted. Anything else?"

"Make good use of her heats. Don't let a drop go to waste. Can I go now?"

"Yes, thank-" The sound on the line going dead cut Seulgi off. With a shake of her head, she ended the call and slipped her cellphone back into her coat pocket. She didn't want her wife to feel like a pig fattened up for slaughter. Joohyun was already self aware as it was, it's what motivated her to stay in shape. Then again, maybe she'll understand Seulgi's good intentions. After all, Joohyun was always a good listener. 

"Hey, babe? Do I look swollen to you?" Seulgi looked up from her phone. Joohyun was standing in front of their closet mirror in her favorite lounging camisole and a pair of Seulgi's sweatpants. It seemed that the Parks' advice was working. What used to be a completely flat tummy curved out just a little. It seems her chest and butt grew a bit as well which was a nice bonus for Seulgi. 

"No, not at all. Besides, you'd look beautiful no matter what size you are." Johyun looked at her reflection as she rubbed her stomach in thought.

"Maybe I should get a gym membership."

"No!" Joohyun jumped at her wife's sudden outburst. "I mean, I think you look perfect." Seulgi smiled with the most awkward toothy grin she had ever worn making her wife furrow her brows skeptically. 

"Okay," Joohyun murmured, taking a seat on the bed beside her mate. "Maybe I'm overthinking it. I mean, we both gained some weight after moving, right?" Seulgi clicked her phone screen off and nodded with a grin, kissing her wife gently. 

"Like I said, you'll always be perfect to me." 

"And that's all the approval I need." Joohyun said with a smile, curling up in her mate's lap. Seulgi stroked her wife's soft hair gently, glancing at the calender. Joohyun was due for a heat in two weeks; plenty of time for Seulgi to make sure she was ripe and ready to carry. 

"Hey, Hyun? Can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure." A sweet little voice rasped from her lap.

"I've been thinking."

"Well that's never good." Joohyun chided with a giggle. "What's up?"

"I think I'm ready for a baby." Joohyun sat up slowly, expression a mix between surprise and worry. Seulgi looked at her wife's tummy and blushed. "I talked to Sooyoung on the phone a while back and she gave me some sound advice. You know better than anyone how flighty I can be, but I'm really willing to work on it. I want to have a family with you, Hyun."

"Is Sooyoung the one that gave you the idea to make me gain weight?" Joohyun said with a knowing smile, watching as Seulgi's eyes widened in alarm.

"What? How did you-" Joohyun cackled, stroking her mate's forearm to comfort her.

"Yerim told me at the market yesterday. I was wondering when you were going to fess up." Seulgi grumbled a guilty apology, resting her head in her hands. The smaller girl laughed as she rubbed her back making her feel even more embarassed. "What, did you think I didn't notice your little jabs to make me eat more?" When Seulgi didn't respond, the omega smiled, lifting her wife's chin to meet her eyes. "Hey, it's okay. I just wish you would've come to me about it."

"I know, Hyun. I'm sorry. I just know how much you liked your figure and I didn't want you to lose your confidence." Joohyun kissed her wife's red cheek lovingly.

"Well, I kind of like it." She said, looking down at her clevage. "It makes me feel like a real omega." 

"But you were always a real omega." Seulgi said with furrowed brows. Joohyun smiled sweetly, eyes trailing her wife's body up and down.

"I wasn't built to be slender like you, Seulgi-ya. I was designed to have curves. I've never felt more beautiful and it's all thanks to you." That made Seulgi feel a bit better. She smiled at her mate, kissing her lips sweetly, pulling away to rest her forehead against her mate's.

"My omega." Warm hands started to wander making Joohyun smirk to herself, placing her arms around Seulgi's neck. 

"How are you feeling there, Seul?"

"I think you know exactly how I'm feeling." Joohyun gasped when her wife's hands gave her butt a firm squeeze. Seulgi started kissing her neck with passion, moving to lay Joohyun down on the bed. "I know you're not in heat, but what do you say we take our first crack at that baby?"

Chapter Text

Seulgi woke with a pleased smile on her face. The whole apartment carried the telling scents of warm vanilla and roses; Joohyun was finally starting her first heat since moving in. A heavy sigh of relief left the alpha's lungs. She was beginning to worry Joohyun had lost her heat permanently. Seulgi rolled over to face her wife's side of the bed, whining sadly when she found it abandoned. She could smell her mate on the cotton pillow case, inhaling the intoxicating fragrance merrily. Oh, how she missed that wonderful aroma. It was Joohyun in the purest of forms. 

The faint sounds of the shower running let Seulgi know her mate had not wandered far. The blonde took her time sitting up in bed, stretching loudly as she remembered her state of dress, or lack thereof. She could see that the bathroom door was cracked, her nice dress shirt hanging on the door knob. More steam than what would be considered normal vented out of the bathroom and formed a cloud of humidity in the air. Some of it was most likely from Joohyun's increasing body temperature which excited Seulgi more than she would like to admit. 

Joohyun, meanwhile, was enjoying the rush of cold water against her scalding flesh. She woke up sweating buckets with a nearly forgotten sensation coursing through her chest and stomach regions. Judging by the potency of her scent this morning, she didn't doubt her wife would be up and ready to go by the time she got out. As if summoned by her thoughts, Joohyun smiled when a pair of familiar hands wrapped around her body from behind.

"Good morning." She cooed, resting her head back against her alpha's broad shoulder. Seulgi reached for the soap sitting on the rack under the shower head, squirting some on her palm and lathering it over her wife's heated body. Joohyun hummed in appreciation, giggling a bit when Seulgi gave her chest a little extra attention.

"You're so warm." Seulgi commented, nuzzling her omega's neck where her alluring scent was strongest. "How are you feeling?" 

"Hmm wonderful." Joohyun closed her eyes, allowing her charming wife's hands to rub her anatomy until she was weak in the knees. She loved having Seulgi near her -- touching her. The alpha's hands were always so soft and gentle when handling her. A low moan echoed off of the shower tiles when Seulgi started fondling her chest with more gusto, loving kisses pressed against her misty neck. 

"Are you ready to be a mommy?" Joohyun smiled and turned, careful not to slip, looping her arms around her alpha's neck.

"If it's with you, I'm ready for anything." The alpha beamed with pride, arranging a few strands of Joohyun's wet hair in admiration. When she was finished, she intertwined their fingers, resting her forehead against her shorter wife's. The frigid water didn't bother Seulgi as much, not with Joohyun being so warm against her. Upon close examination, Joohyun's ears and cheeks were turning red from the amount of body heat she was generating. Seulgi reached behind Joohyun to turn off the water. The tiny omega looked up at her with those big, innocent bunny eyes as Seulgi picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom. The omega landed softly on the bed with a grunt, her mate following close behind and meeting her with a tender kiss. Neither of the two really cared that the water from their bodies was soaking the sheets. All that mattered was taking the next big step in their relationship and celebrating the triumphant return of Joohyun's heat. 

"Mmmm you smell delectable, Mrs. Kang." Seulgi whispered into the crook of her mate's neck. Joohyun hummed as a form of thanks, scratching Seulgi's back lightly while she waited. The atmosphere in the room was changing fast. By now Seulgi had reached her full potential while Joohyun's body had been ready for her since early that morning. The omega whined, patience wearing thin. Seulgi knew this and pressed a reassuring kiss to her wife's pouting lips. Without further ado, Seulgi lifted herself up on her arms, looking down to guide her cock into her partner's molten core. Joohyun cried out as her alpha glided in with ease, the head of her cock pressing up against her cervix. The alpha couldn't suppress a grumble at the way Joohyun's walls massaged her as they adjusted. 

"Full." Joohyun whimpered, nails digging into Seulgi's back making her hiss. It took all of the will power in the universe to keep Seulgi from rocking her hips. She whined sharply as she fought her urges, hiding her face in Joohyun's blind spot. Her lover's labored breaths against her heated ears did more than just a few things to Joohyun. "Seulgi." Nothing more needed to be said. Joohyun whimpered in pleasure as Seulgi's hips rolled against hers, steadily picking up speed until her thrusts were nothing more than quick snapping motions. Her mate's wanton moans and cries fueled the alpha's libido and helped her maintain the hasty pace she set. Joohyun clung on to her wife's slippery back for dear life, Seulgi already too far gone to even consider slowing down. 

"God, you're so tight and warm." The alpha growled. "Don't you worry, daddy will fill you up in no time." It had been eons since Seulgi had last referred to herself with such a title. Joohyun didn't take to the idea of role play as much as her wife did so they ended up stepping away from that a bit. However, Seulgi still enjoyed being called or calling herself daddy in bed. It was just one of those things Joohyun put up with for the sake of her wife's pleasure.

"Mmmm yes, daddy." The omega could almost see the pride swelling in her alpha's chest.

"That’s it, you know exactly who you belong to. This is what you wanted, right? You want my baby growing in your belly, all safe and warm." Joohyun whimpered at the sudden dirty dialogue leaving her mate's lips. "You'll carry a piece of your alpha so everyone can see what's mine." Seulgi snarled, pace hastening as she talked herself up. 

Joohyun's walls pulsed around Seulgi's member, flagging the alpha to warn her that her mate was close. Seulgi lifted Joohyun's legs up to her waist, pounding her into the mattress with renewed determination. Joohyun didn't have the breath to cry out. Instead, her jaw hung slack and her eyes squeezed shut as her mate took her to oblivion. Her head fell back with a squeaky little whine as she came around Seulgi's cock. The alpha continued to thrust as best she could while her knot swelled. With a slick pop and an uncomfortable grunt from Joohyun, Seulgi's knot locked the couple together as rope after rope of cum emptied into the omega's fruitful womb. Joohyun cooed quietly as Seulgi's head came to rest against her own. 

"It feels so weird." Joohyun giggled. It was the first time Seulgi had ever released inside of her. What should have been a tender moment between mates turned into a fit of giggles as Seulgi playfully tickled her mate's soft belly. "Stop! Stop!" She giggled, squirming under her wife's goofy assault on her body. Seulgi sported her signature eye smile, watching the love of her life wriggle around underneath her like the happy little bunny she was. Joohyun gulped for air, laughter dying down as she glanced up into Seulgi's loving gaze.

"I love you, Hyun. So much." Joohyun smiled, cupping the alpha's face in her hands.

"To the moon and beyond." 

From that morning onwards, Joohyun had practically attached herself to Seulgi. She clung to her front like a koala, allowing herself to be carried around the apartment, still stuffed with her mate's length. Seulgi saw humor in it and let the heat-laden omega do as she pleased. Meanwhile, the alpha simply went about her day as usual, washing dishes, cleaning the counter tops, catching up on current events, and occasionally popping a knot thanks to her wife's ministrations. The couple currently occupied the couch, Joohyun settled in Seulgi's lap moaning blissfully in her ear as she wound her hips. Seulgi hissed as a familiar weight gathered at the base of her cock, jerking her hips up to lodge her knot inside of Joohyun, filling her up with a fresh supply of virile cum.  

"You really are insatiable." Seulgi chuckled, slapping Joohyun's bare bottom making her squeal. "Want some water?" Receiving a nod, Seulgi supported her wife as she rose up from the couch, padding her way into the kitchen. She rested Joohyun on the counter, the omega hissing at the cold contact against her thighs, while she reached to pour her horny wife a glass of water. "I'm glad you're feeling frisky again, but it's important you stay hydrated. I don't want you risking your health." Joohyun nodded in understanding as she pressed her lips to the glass. Seulgi smiled, tucking some fly-away hair behind the petite brunette's ear. She continued to gaze at her mate lovingly which made the subject of such infatuation squirm.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Seulgi had no words to justify her actions. Instead, she rested a hand on Joohyun's abdomen, a happy little smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Joohyun jumped in surprise when her wife's eyes suddenly squeezed shut followed by a low grunt, a smaller orgasm making its presence known. The omega swooned as yet another warm gush of her mate's genetic code pooled inside of her womb.

"I swear, woman, if you're not pregnant by the end of the day, I'll kill over. How many is that? Five? Six?" 

"One more for good measure?" Joohyun poked with a giggle, initiating a gentle kiss with her lover. "By the way, even if you do knock me up by tonight, my heat will still last another four days so strap in, partner." Seulgi groaned in semi-fake dismay as Joohyun laughed, stroking the alpha's arms lightly. Seulgi looked down at where her cock should be though it was currently nestled deep inside its mate's lush body.

"Hang in there, buddy! We'll get through this!" Joohyun rolled her eyes, slapping Seulgi's upper arm as punishment. "Have I ever mentioned how much I love you?" 

"Yeah, whatever." Joohyun grumbled jokingly. She blushed when she caught Seulgi staring at her again in the same way a little puppy looks at its master. "Seriously! Why are you looking at me like that?" She exclaimed, hiding behind a curtain of dark hair. Seulgi chuckled as she pushed the tresses away to see her wife's pretty face.

"Because you're beautiful." Joohyun's face turned beet red, this time not due to her heat, as her spouse kissed her cheek sweetly. "What, I can't just admire my lovely, sweet, gorgeous, caring, magnificent wife?" Joohyun giggled as an onslaught of playful kisses attacked every inch of her naked body, wincing a little since Seulgi's knot hadn't shrunk yet. "Is my baby mama hungry?" Seulgi asked, tickling Joohyun's tummy with her fingers.

"A little." Joohyun laughed, gasping for breath when Seulgi eventually parted. The duo grit their teeth as Seulgi slid herself free, reaching for a paper towel to wipe her weapon down with. "Couldn't you have left it in?" The empty omega whined with a pout. 

"Even alphas need a little break sometimes, Hyun." Seulgi chuckled. "Let me feed you first. Then we can discuss further activities." There was no doubt Seulgi would agree to a few more rounds despite her current state of sexual exhaustion. Besides, making the baby was the fun part and she intended on enjoying every last second of it. Just as Yeri said; not a drop should go to waste! Seulgi smirked to herself as she reached for a frying pan, member twitching eagerly at the thought of her mate standing naked and needy nearby. Oh, the things she'd like to do to her. 

"Down, boy." Seulgi whispered, scolding the hot to trot appendage hanging between her legs. 

"Fine," Joohyun groaned loudly. "I'll go put on some clothes."

"Be a dear and grab some of mine, would you?" Seulgi begged with a grin, smacking Joohyun's butt as she passed. 

"And here I thought was the butt enthusiast." The omega muttered under her breath while rubbing her sore bottom, walking off towards the bedroom.

Chapter Text

The last day of Joohyun's heat hit them the hardest. If she was insatiable before, then this was on a whole other level. It's like the tiny omega's body was giving its last hoorah before settling down again. The aggression behind her wife's inflamed sexual appetite honestly scared Seulgi, at least just a little bit. Joohyun was always so shy when it came to sex yet here she was, keening in her lap as she rode her alpha into ejaculation. Seulgi groaned at the soreness of her member, gripping Joohyun's hips to keep her from squirming.

"Joohyun, I think that's more than enough! My poor dick can't take much more of this!" Joohyun whined loudly in protest, grunting as she greedily humped Seulgi's knot. "Hyun, stop! You'll hurt yourself!" 

"But I want more!" Joohyun cried like a bratty toddler. In truth, Seulgi gave her mate plenty to work with, however, that didn't stop Joohyun's omega instincts from demanding to be filled again and again until she was satisfied. Seulgi gripped her wife's hips tighter, determined to hold her still. Of course, the tiny woman didn't take too kindly to this and made sure it was well verbalized. In a flash, Seulgi pinned Joohyun down on the couch by her dainty little wrists, the other girl thrashing about in frustration.

"Baby, please! I know your heat's been working you up, but you need to get control of yourself."

"Bite me." Joohyun snarled menacingly. Seulgi grit her teeth, holding back her anger and bruised ego. How dare an omega challenge an alpha's dominance? Especially when she's done nothing but cater to her for the past few days? A piece of her knew Joohyun didn't mean it, but her damaged alpha pride screamed louder.

"Why you ungrateful little-" The omega yelped on a whine when the raging alpha flipped her over, roughly pulling her back by the hips. "Have you forgotten your place, little one? Need I remind you?" Joohyun cried as harsh slaps landed on her pale back side, red hand prints left in their wake. "I've let you cross the line one too many times, Kang Joohyun. It seems to me you don't appreciate the freedoms I've given you. I think it's time I remind you of how things could be." The omega was reduced to a mumbling mess. "As your alpha, I demand your respect."

"I'm sorry, Seul-"

"Do I make myself clear?" Seulgi barked in a firm, alpha-esc tone. Joohyun trembled in submission, all remains of rebellion breaking down under the almighty aura of her alpha. 

"Yes, alpha." Seulgi grinned, a bit of her pride restored at the frail sound of her lover's surrender. Joohyun moaned as a warm tongue tasted her neck longingly, a slender hand cradling her jaw.

"That's a good girl."  The rutting alpha purred. "Now, present for your alpha." What remained of Joohyun's conscience refused to bow in such a patriarchal fashion, but with her heat running rampant still, Joohyun's primal instincts held the advantage. Joohyun relented, bending at the hip, butt held up by her knees awaiting her alpha's command. Seulgi hated to admit it to herself, but the sight of her mate in such a position did things to her libido; horrible things. She never thought she'd see the day where she would demand her wife do such a degrading thing. Seulgi caressed her prize's body languidly. "Only the most obedient omegas are fit for breeding. I know your little body is hungry for a pup. Let's see if you can earn one." 


"Ah ah ah! Good omegas don't talk." Seulgi tutted, a hand sliding to cover Joohyun's pretty lips. She adjusted her own position, cock twitching with excitement as she pulled her bride's legs apart. Warm slick and the excess of past loads trickled down Joohyun's inner thighs, dripping onto the white couch below. "You're making a mess of my house." Joohyun whimpered quietly when her mate's wet muscle collected their juices, lapping them up like a kitten to milk. "Mmmm you're through ovulating. I can taste your eggs on my tongue." Seulgi murmured, licking her lips sensually.

"Alpha." Joohyun whispered, almost too quiet for Seulgi to hear.

"Just one more load and you'll be carrying my child in your belly. Wouldn't that be nice?" Seulgi teased, resting a hand on her mate's warm stomach. "This is what you wanted, right? Although, I'm beginning to wonder just how much you deserve it." Joohyun keened in desperation, begging Seulgi not to harass her in such a way. The alpha hushed her, lulling her back into a more tranquil state. "Don't you worry, my sweet little bunny. Daddy's gonna make you a mommy." Joohyun warbled softly in gratitude as Seulgi lined herself up with her mate's warm entrance.

The alpha halted for a moment, punishment put on pause. She looked at her mate pressed against the couch in an uncomfortable and demeaning position. Her heart ached. Joohyun had always been there for her, faithful to her. She did all she could to keep her mate's spirits up when they were both feeling low and all she wanted in return was a baby. She had waited so patiently for her only wish to be granted and now she was finally getting her reward. What kind of monster would Seulgi be if she were to do so with Joohyun feeling belittled and unloved in such a way? Seulgi scooped the (very confused) love of her life up in her arms, burying her face in her dark hair. 


"Please don't call me that." Seulgi sniffled. "I want to be your Seulgi-ya again." Irene smiled warmly, stroking her mate's long blonde hair, running it through her fingers. She frowned when Seulgi's back heaved as she sobbed over Joohyun's shoulder.

"Seulgi-ya?" She cooed in a worried tone. "What's the matter?"

"I'm so sorry, Joohyun." She wailed in disgust with herself. 

"Seulgi, it's fine! I'm not hurt, see?" Seulgi shook her head aggressively, jerking away from her wife. 

"It's not about that!" Joohyun looked at her mate, bewildered by the sudden display of emotion. "It's about you! It should've always been about you! Instead I was so focused on what wanted! You never asked me for anything and here I am ruining everything all over again!" 

"Seulgi-" Joohyun cooed with sympathy.

"I don't like this part of myself, Hyun." Seulgi murmured into the silence. "I'm so tired of just dragging you along for the ride. I want you to be happy."

"But I am happy." Joohyun said with a smile, scooting closer to her distraught wife, wiping her tears from her cheek. Seulgi looked at her wife with the most broken expression Joohyun had ever seen.

"Stop lying." Joohyun's eyes betrayed her. They only confirmed the amount of tears they held back; the amount of fear and misery Joohyun dealt with for the sake of her wife. She spent her days in that shabby old apartment if not waiting on dynamicist slime at the coffee shop just to keep them off the streets. And where was Seulgi? At the office, laughing with potential business partners over doughnuts and blueprints yet she had the nerve to come home complaining? She had nearly raised a hand to Joohyun on one occasion completely unprovoked and realized she was quickly becoming her father. She had never forgiven herself for that.

"Are you going to run away again?" Seulgi's eyes widened, head whirling around to gaze at her wife. Joohyun was looking down sorrowfully at her hands folded neatly in her lap. "Didn't you promise me...? That you would never leave me alone?" A flash of lightening flickered in through the windows, illuminating the side of Joohyun's crying face. 

"Joohyun-" Seulgi whispered remorsefully, not sure of what to say to make it better. Perhaps that was just it though. Perhaps there was nothing she could say to mend the wounds she made, but maybe there was something she could do. Thunder cracked across the sky as Seulgi's lips crashed into Joohyun's, the salt of their tears mixing in. Joohyun whimpered sadly, Seulgi making more of an effort to sweep her off her feet. What began as a game of punishment quickly morphed into something far more intimate. Tonight would be their last shot at welcoming a little one into their mother's womb, at least for the next several weeks. Joohyun had waited long enough. "Tonight, Hyun. I promise." The omega melted into her alpha's arms, allowing herself to be gently laid on her back. Seulgi took her time warming her up again, appreciating every curve and every freckle on her mate's body.

"I love you, Seulgi-ya." The alpha smiled, more tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn't tell if these were happy or sad, perhaps a blend of the two. Seulgi stroked the omega's walls with two of her fingers, smiling at the airy moans her wife was making. She regretted taking those sounds for granted over the past few days. 

"I'll be gentle. I want you to look back on tonight as a happy memory."

"And you as well." The couple exchanged warm smiles, nuzzling up to one another as Seulgi slowly penetrated Joohyun one last time. The omega mewled, gripping the back of Seulgi's shoulders while her walls stretched to accommodate her lover. 

"Just tell me when." Joohyun nodded, eyes closed as her body pulsed, squeezing Seulgi's shaft deliciously. When she gave Seulgi the okay, she moaned as her body rolled on top of the couch cushions under the movements of Seulgi's hips. The alpha worked in circular motions, making sure to give Joohyun's sweet spot plenty of attention. She verbalized her appreciation, tossing her head to the side in pleasure. Seulgi bit her lip and watched Joohyun's expressions change when she increased her pace, soft noises of their coupling filling the apartment. 

"Mmmm Seulgi-ya."

"Tell me what you want and it's yours." Seulgi mumbled, nipping on Joohyun's ear sweetly. 

"This is everything I could ever ask for." The smaller groaned in satisfaction. "You're going to be a wonderful sire." Seulgi choked on a little sob, nuzzling Joohyun's neck while looping her arms around her torso. "My alpha." Seulgi's thrusts hastened making Joohyun jolt with a loud whine, labored breaths tickling the former's ear as she worked. 

"Cum for me." Seulgi grunted. "I'll be here to catch you." As her orgasm built, Joohyun's back arched away from Seulgi's hands, head thrown back with her jaw hanging slack. In a high-pitched cry for her alpha, Joohyun released her pleasure, liquids leaking out onto Seulgi's crotch. The alpha held her hips down against the couch cushions, hot on the heels of her own impending orgasm. "Hyunnie-" Before she could finish her thought, her seed burst forth, filling the omega underneath her. With a wanton groan, Seulgi sealed her cum inside so it could take. Just as she had sensed earlier, virile sperm swam to the little egg waiting patiently for its sire's contribution. "Joohyun." Seulgi whispered breathlessly, the reality of it all sinking in and making her heart flutter. "We just-"

"Don't be so sure just yet." Joohyun chuckled, tracing Seulgi's protruding collar bone. "And for the record, I liked this a lot more than hanging on you all day." Seulgi laughed shyly, hanging her head. Her member continued to twitch happily as it fertilized Joohyun making the couple gasp every now and then. "Wow. It feels like there's a lot more this time." Joohyun commented, looking down at her cum-inflated belly. "I'm surprised you have anything left after this week."

"You underestimate my power!" Seulgi stated theatrically, raising her arm like a nobleman. Joohyun cackled in response, covering her mouth to shield her toothy smile. "Nah uh! No covering pretty smiles!" Joohyun shrieked as Seulgi valiantly tried to pry her hand away from her lips. The omega kicked and screamed, careful not to hurt herself due to the circumstances of them being locked together. Seulgi eventually won, smiling down at her wife as she laughed, this time completely exposing her pearly whites. "There she is." The younger cooed sweetly, almost as though she was talking to herself. Joohyun smiled in reply, sitting up to peck her mate's cheek, propped up on her elbows. Two pairs of eyes drifted down to where their bodies were connected. "I guess everything changes now." Seulgi's hand glided across her wife's stomach, lost in thought.

"Again, don't get too ahead of yourself, champ." Joohyun snorted. "There's still a chance I won't get pregnant from this."

"Then I guess we'll stay knotted until you are." Seulgi stated matter-of-factly, lifting Joohyun in her arms as she sauntered off into the kitchen.

"Ack! Kang Seulgi, put me down!" She squealed, kicking her nimble legs a bit making Seulgi laugh.

"It's feeding time! You need to restore some of that energy." Seulgi turned her body so as to not hurt her mate as she reached for a banana, handing it out for Joohyun to consume. She placed her down gently on the counter, watching with fascination as Joohyun ate her snack.

"What?" Joohyun mumbled through a mouth full of chewed fruit. Seulgi smiled, glancing from her wife's pretty face down to her tummy and back. 

"Nothing. I just enjoy watching you eat." Joohyun snorted.

"What, do you have a secret fat fetish or something?" She teased. "That would explain why you made me put on a few pounds." She added, finishing off her banana before chucking the peel into the bin across the kitchen.

"Nice shot!" Seulgi exclaimed. "And no, I don't have a fetish. I just want you to be happy and healthy, that's all." Joohyun scrunched her nose, squishing Seulgi's cheeks in her hands.

"Well, I appreciate it." A stretching discomfort reminded her of their current predicament. "How long do you think before it'll go back down?"

"No idea, but I wasn't kidding earlier. I plan on staying like this all night if that's what it takes." Joohyun groaned receiving a hardy laugh from Seulgi. "Isn't it ironic that just this morning you were the one wanting me inside of you during all hours of the day?"

"That's different."

"Yeah, because you wanted it." Seulgi rebutted.

"Well my heat's sated now so-" Seulgi anticipated what was coming, poking Joohyun's tongue when she stuck it out at her. "Ew! That's disgusting!" Joohyun wailed, picking up an empty cup by the sink and filling it with water, swishing it around in her mouth.

"Serves you right for being cheeky!" Seulgi cackled in spite of her wife's side-eyed glance.

"God, just hurry up and go limp already!"

"But how could I when I have a mate as perfect and sexy as you?" Joohyun's omega nature pined at the compliment, but she still nudged her lover's armada of approaching neck kisses away.

"You're lucky I'm smitten."

Chapter Text

Approximately five weeks later, Seulgi woke with a start to the sounds of dry heaving coming from the bathroom. In a rush of both excitement and concern, Seulgi flung the blankets off of her body, dashing to her wife's aid. Joohyun was hovering woozily over the toilet bowl, left hand pressed to her forehead while she waited for another spell of morning sickness. Seulgi quietly approached, rubbing Joohyun's back as she knelt down beside her. No exchange of words was necessary. They both already knew what this meant and while they were both overjoyed, Joohyun was feeling too sick to celebrate. 

"This explains the spotting on the bedsheets." Seulgi mumbled to herself, helping Joohyun tie her hair up in a ponytail. "How long have you been feeling nauseous?"

"I've had urges, but I hadn't thrown-" Joohyun stopped herself, emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. Seulgi grimaced and diverted her eyes, still rubbing her mate's back soothingly. Joohyun lifted her head, sniffing the air like a blood hound. "Come here." Seulgi gasped as her wife yanked her closer by the collar of her sleep shirt, getting a good whiff of her mate's natural scent. "Wow, you smell amazing." The omega curled up against Seulgi's chest, nuzzling her neck. Is this what Sooyoung meant about helping with morning sickness?  Seulgi urged her wife to stand by the sink, preparing her tooth brush for her.

"I heard stomach acids can erode your tooth enamel. It's good to brush each time you throw up."

"Are you serious or do you just not like my puke breath?" Joohyun grumbled crankily with the toothbrush lodged in her mouth making Seulgi giggle.

"I'd love you no matter what. Although, to be fair, nobody likes puke breath with their kissies." Seulgi smiled sweetly, kissing her wife's cheek as she tended to her oral hygiene. Her hands wandered down to Joohyun's middle where a little seed of life was taking root. "I guess this makes you about five weeks pregnant. We should probably schedule a doctor's appointment for some time next week." Joohyun nodded, spitting in the sink before reaching for the mouthwash. 

"I'm off on Thursday, but you have that board meeting." Seulgi pursed her lips. 

"We could go in the morning," She suggested. "I can call in and postpone a few hours." 

"Wouldn't that make you look like a slacker though?" Joohyun asked worriedly, turning around to face her taller wife. Seulgi smiled, kissing her forehead and stroking her forearms in comfort. 

"I just found out my mate is with child. The rest of the world can wait." Joohyun smiled, tucking her head under her alpha's chin. She inhaled deeply, allowing her strong scent to coil in her lungs and belly. "I know you don't want to hear this, but you need to keep something on your stomach. Yerim told me that bananas, graham crackers, and fig newtons don't taste as bad coming up if you want to try those." Joohyun sighed but nodded, allowing her wife to escort her into the kitchen. 

Joohyun sulked in her seat, chewing away on a banana while Seulgi busied herself by making an omelet. The alpha whistled cheerfully, flipping the eggs around in the pan. The stench of the poultry didn't sit too well with Joohyun's heightened sense of smell. Holding in a gag, Joohyun shot out of her chair in a mad dash to the nearest toilet.

"Hyunnie?" Seulgi spoke, puzzled by the cause of the sudden outburst. She turned the stove off, setting her half-made breakfast safely to the side before jogging after her wife. Once again, Joohyun's head loomed over a toilet bowl with pathetic wrenching noises as she heaved the banana back up. 

"I think eggs are a trigger scent for me now." Joohyun croaked, wiping her mouth with her sleeve.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright, you couldn't have known." The ill omega grumbled hoarsely as she sat back on her haunches. "It's not like I could've warned you either. I have to figure out what makes me sick as I go which I can already tell is gonna suck." Seulgi couldn't stifle a small chuckle, massaging her mate's shoulder sympathetically.

"Baby Kang is already a handful." 

"They get it from your side of the family." Joohyun jabbed back, scrambling forward to puke into the commode all over again. 

"I think there's a bit of Bae mixed in there as well." The omega coughed and groaned in disgust, rubbing her stomach. Seulgi disappeared into her own little fantasy world for a moment, imagining what her beautiful wife would look like in a just a few months' time. The alpha in her took pride in the vision of her prize mate hobbling around the apartment with the weight of her child sitting heavily in her belly. Joohyun quirked a brow when she caught her wife gazing at her midriff. 

"Hello? Earth to Ddeulgi?" She murmured, snapping her fingers in front of her mate's face. 

"Sorry, what?" Seulgi said, giving her head a shake as she returned from the twilight realm. 

"I was wondering if I could borrow one of your hoodies for a while?" She asked shyly. "You know, since your scent seems to help with...this?" Joohyun added, gesturing all over her body. 

"Oh! Of course!" Seulgi chirped, leaving the guest bathroom and returning with an oversized hoodie in hand. "This one's an XL, so you should be able to wear it even after you start showing." Joohyun folded the clothing over her arm, stroking it gently like one would a small animal.

"Seulgi...What if I'm carrying a litter?" A lump formed in Seulgi's throat. What if she did accidentally sire multiples? Then what? She had only planned on making one pup so the thought of a possible litter completely slipped her mind. 

"I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there." Seulgi cocked her head to the side with interest as Joohyun brought the hoodie up to her nose, moaning at the smell of her alpha. "Uh, should I leave you two alone?" Seulgi chided receiving a warning glance from Joohyun. 

"It's good, but nothing could compete with the original." Seulgi smiled, cradling her wife's tiny head against her chest. 

"I was thinking about asking the Parks for a referral to their doctor. Apparently he delivered eight of their pups."

"What about the ninth one?" Joohyun asked out of curiosity.

"Apparently their second eldest was born in a grocery store."

"Yikes, which aisle?" Joohyun meant it as a joke, but was shocked to receive a genuine answer.

"The frozen food section."

"Poor pup. I couldn't imagine having nine kids." The omega winced, rubbing at her non existent baby bump. "Were any of Yeri's pregnancies carried in litters?"

"Two I think; one of four and another with three." Joohyun visibly paled, looking down at her own womb with frightened eyes. "Uh, but I'm sure we'll be fine! Maybe those two have some sort of super fertility powers!" The omega said nothing, lost in the bubbling stream of her own thoughts. Seulgi could understand her wife's concern. One baby was a handful, but multiples? Large litters were not by any means uncommon, either; especially in alpha-omega relationships. 

"Is it crazy to say I wouldn't hate the idea?" Seulgi tilted her head cutely.

"Idea of what?"

"Carrying a litter." Joohyun stated for clarification, tucking her chin in embarrassment. Seulgi's eyes nearly boggled out of her head.

"A-um-uh-a wh-what now?" Seulgi stammered, breaking out into a cold sweat.

"I'm not saying I want one." Joohyun giggled, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear. "I'm just saying that if things do turn out that way, I wouldn't exactly be upset about it."

"Oh." Seulgi said with an awkward laugh, rubbing the nape of her neck. 

"What's the matter? You look flushed." Joohyun said with a petite smile.

"Oh, it's nothing, I was just-" Her sentence fell when the blonde caught a glimpse of her wife's knowing look. Nothing she ever said or did slipped by Kang Joohyun. Seulgi sighed in defeat. "I'm afraid, okay? I don't have much experience with children. I mean, what if they don't like me?" 

"It's alright to be afraid, Seulgi-ya. I am too." Joohyun confessed, rubbing her mate's thigh. "But something scary could just be something familiar viewed from a different angle. That's not so scary now, is it?" Seulgi chewed on her wife's words. "And for what it's worth, I think you'll be a wonderful sire." Seulgi looked at her mate with a hopeful expression.

"You really think so?" 

"There's no better parent for your pups than you, Seulgi-ya." Seulgi grinned like the Cheshire cat, pulling her wife closer against her chest. "Uh, honey? You might want to let go right about now." The alpha's arms jerked back just in time for Joohyun to turn and throw up into the toilet again. 

"Your body is amazing, Hyun." Seulgi gaped in wonder, resting a hand on her wife's barely noticeable swell. "It can grow people!"

"You helped, remember?" Joohyun laughed, ruffling her wife's hair playfully. 

"Yeah, but my part's not as cool." Seulgi whined. "All I did was stick it in and bam! Baby power!" She gestured wildly towards her wife's stomach making Joohyun chuckle.

"So blowing up to the size of a whale is cool?" 

"Don't be silly, Hyunnie, you're not gonna turn into a whale." Seulgi grumbled with an adorable pout. "More like a cute little mama bunny." 

"And you, a sweet little mama bear." The omega cooed, kissing the crown of Seulgi's head. 

"I want a baby bunny." Seulgi sighed, resting her chin on Joohyun's thigh as she playfully poked her tummy. 

"Well, maybe I want a bear cub." 

"Bunnies are cuter."

"Bear cubs are cuddlier."


"Bear cub." 


"Bear cub!" 

"What about a hybrid?" Seulgi suggested.

"You mean like a cubby?" Joohyun laughed making Seulgi snort along with her. 

"Cubby it is then." The alpha confirmed with a tender smile, kissing her mate's softened belly. "Did you know that the baby is only the size of an apple seed?"


"Yup." Seulgi said, puffing her chest proudly. "I've been doing research on what to expect during your first trimester." 

"Ugh, I don't wanna-" 

"Nausea, bloating, exhaustion, moodiness, sore boobs-"

"Ya!" Joohyun griped, head rested against the back of the couch.

"Sorry." Seulgi giggled, getting up off of the floor to take a seat beside her wife. "I'm just really interested in this stuff." Joohyun opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Seulgi's cell phone ringing. The owner checked the caller ID, cracking a grin. "It's the Parks." Seulgi answered, putting the phone on speaker. "Hello? Sooyoung?"

"Hey, Seul! How's it hangin'? Any buns in the oven yet?" Joohyun blushed while Seulgi just chuckled, responding to her friend.

"Well, if morning sickness counts as confirmation." 

"Hey! Congrats!"

"By the way, there was something I meant to ask you..."

"Sorry, I don't think Yeri would be down for an orgy."

"What!? Sooyoung, I was going to ask for a doctor's referral!" 

"Oooohhh!  Yeah, I'll be happy to get one for you guys. Dr. Kim is fantastic. A bit of a goof ball, but he's the only man I'd trust with my wife's pus-"


"What!? What!? I'm just messing around!" She laughed. "He's a great doctor and I guarantee Joohyun will be in good hands. By the way, feel free to send her on over whenever she's feeling-" 

"She's sitting right here." Seulgi stated in slight annoyance.

"Oh, for real!? Hey, Joohyun!"

"Hi, Sooyoung!" Joohyun sing-songed, covering an awkward laugh with her hand.

"Damn, you even sound pretty."

"Step off, Park! She's mine!" Seulgi snarled, even going so far as to pull Joohyun closer to her side protectively. 

"Park Sooyoung! Are you flirting with Mrs. Kang again!?"  Yeri shrieked in the background. "Yikes, gotta scamper. I'll email you the referral sometime this week! Bye!" As Seulgi had grown used to, the line cut before she could get a word in.

"She's very...colorful." Joohyun laughed, noticing the slight twitch in her wife's eye. "Aw, is the big bad teddy bear jealous?" She teased, running her hands up her mate's toned abdomen. 

"I'm not jealous." Seulgi scoffed grumpily, folding her arms over her chest. 

"Hm. Had me fooled." She eyed Seulgi curiously, smirking when the younger avoided eye contact. She craned her neck to nibble on the alpha's ear softly, reveling in the shudder that ran up Seulgi's spine as a result. "Take me to bed?"

"I thought you'd never ask." 

Chapter Text

Joohyun sat patiently on the examination table, looking around at all of the pregnancy posters and models. They both scared her and intrigued her; an odd combo that made Joohyun even more nervous. She was already eight weeks along! Time was already passing too quickly for her liking. Before she knows it, she'll be holding her swaddled baby in her arms. A loud crash brought Joohyun back into reality.

"Seulgi! Would you stop touching everything? Just sit down!" She hissed in a hushed whisper. Seulgi looked like a deer caught in the headlights, fumbling to keep a clay model of an omega's womb from falling onto the laminant floor tiles.

"But some of this stuff is really cool!" Her mate stated with enthusiasm, showing Joohyun the model she was holding. "Did you know that the average omega's uterus can stretch to accomodate up to six pups? Look what happens to all of the organs when the baby starts to grow!" Joohyun grimmaced as the replica's insides were pushed upwards as the womb took up more space. Seulgi nearly dropped the object again when the door flew opened, a man and a woman in lab coats staggering in, the man's eyes glued to his clipboard. 

"Are you Mrs. Kang Joohyun?" 

"Yes, sir." Joohyun replied, bowing slightly to show manners. He removed his glasses and handed the clipboard off to the woman, shaking the omega's hand politely. 

"My name is Doctor Kim Junmyeon and this is your midwife, Wendy." The petite woman waved sweetly from her place in the corner.

"Wait a second, wife!?" Seulgi exclaimed in objection, standing up and taking her rightful place beside her mate. "I'm sorry, sir, but Joohyun is taken!" Everyone else in the room burst into a fit of laughter while poor Seulgi looked around in bewilderment. "What's so funny?"

"Darling, a midwife is a trained professional. They help people through pregnancy."

"Just think of me as your personal baby consultant." Wendy stated with a nod, clicking her pen with her thumb. "If you ever have a question or concern, I'm your gal." 

"Oh." Seulgi mumbled, face heating up from embarassment. "Carry on then." The alpha marched back to her swivel chair, plopping down with a wary expression as she watched Dr. Kim give Joohyun a standard check up. He flashed a light down Joohyun's throat, glasses perched on the edge of his nose.

"Has your throat been sore?" He inquired, recieving a nod in confirmation. "How frequently have you been suffering from morning sickness?"

"I've been throwing up at least twice a day." 

"That's a sign of good health, Mrs. Kang. It means your hormone levels are rising as they should be." He stated, putting his equipment away. "However, you may have particularly high levels of stomach acid. I'd recommend fewer acidic foods such as rice, chicken, and flour products. Also, if you haven't already started taking a prenatal vitamin, it would be a good time to start. Now then, are you ready for your ultrasound?" He said with a smile, turning to Seulgi. "This will be a transvaginal ultrasound. Would you prefer to step outside or are you alright staying here?"

"Can I hold her hand?" Seulgi asked softly.

"Of course." Seulgi smiled, getting up to stand beside the examination table as they reclined her wife backwards slightly. 

"Are you sure you're okay? You know he's going to have to probe me."

"I'm fine now. I was just caught off guard earlier." Seulgi admitted, pressing a kiss to her wife's head. The alpha watched with curiosity as the doctor lubed up the wand, slowly inserting it inside of Joohyun's channel. Seulgi hissed quietly, whispering into her wife's ear, "Is it uncomfortable?" Joohyun smiled, shaking her head which made Seulgi release a sigh of relief. The doctor examined Joohyun's reproductive organs to make sure everything was in good condition. 

"Would you like to know how many you're carrying?" The couple exchanged nervous glances and nodded to which Dr. Kim smiled. "Congratulations! You're having twins." Seulgi collapsed due to sensory overload. 

"Is she okay?" Joohyun asked with worry, looking down at her wife warbling mindlessly on the floor.

"She'll be fine. Happens all the time." Dr. Kim said with a chuckle. "Help her up, would you, Wendy?"

"Yes, sir." The midwife aided the alpha to her feet, handing her an ice pack for her head. Seulgi thanked her, returning her attention to her wife as the doctor and midwife left the room momentarily.

"We're having twins, Hyun!" The alpha exclaimed in excitement, jumping up and down in place like a kid in a candy store. 

"Calm down! We're in a hospital!" Joohyun laughed, holding Seulgi's hand once more. 

"I know! I know!" She cried, hugging Joohyun tight. "I'm just so proud of you, Hyun! You have two little nuggets growing inside of you!" Her happy smile slowly faded to a frown when Joohyun didn't respond with nearly as much excitement. "Hey. You okay?" Joohyun looked like she was about to respond when Wendy and Dr. Kim walked in. 

"Alright! You're all set! Your next appointment will be in six weeks. Since you are expecting multiples, I'm sorry to say you'll be experiencing more symptoms of morning sickness as you move into your second trimester. Just remember to stay hydrated and take your vitamins. If you have any questions or issues, Wendy is always on call."

"Thanks, doc!" Seulgi chirped as they watched the duo bow and leave once again. "I guess we should get going. I have to be at work in a few hours." Joohyun yawned and nodded, turning her body to climb down from the examination table. "I see that infamous fatigue is making itself known." Seulgi observed with a chuckle. "You should go home and get some rest."

The trek to the parking lot was ominously quiet. It was obvious something was irking Joohyun and Seulgi was beginning to worry. She feared that Joohyun was having second thoughts or dreaded the months to come. When they reached the car, Seulgi climbed into the driver's seat, adjusting her mirrors the way she always did. She paused for a moment, simply observing her wife as she fastened her seatbelt. Joohyun avoided her gaze, opting to stare straight ahead instead. 

"Joohyun? Are you alright?" Joohyun bit her lip and nodded. Seulgi was anything but convinced. "Baby, please talk to me. What's wrong?" The alpha froze as soft hiccups came from the passenger side. 

"I'm sorry." Joohyun sniffled. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm happy, but for some reason I feel like crying."

"Do you think it's just hormones or is something really troubling you?" Seulgi asked, gently rubbing her thumb over her mate's left hand.

"I'm a little nervous, but not enough to be worried." Joohyun murmured which came as a relief to Seulgi. "I think I'm just pregnant." She added with a chuckle, wiping a few of her crocodile tears away. Seulgi looked at the diamond ring wrapped around her wife's finger and smiled, kissing Joohyun's hand.

"Let's go home."

"I'm leaving, Hyun!" Seulgi called while trying to fit her arms through the sleeves of her blazer, holding a half-eaten apple in her mouth.

"Do you have to go?" The alpha turned to her sheepish mate pouting up at her with big, sad bunny eyes. Seulgi chuckled, wrapping her tiny wife in a warm hug. She apologized when Joohyun made a pained noise, her chest feeling particularly tender. 

"I'll be back in a few hours. I made you some snacks in case you get hungry and are too sick to cook." Seulgi giggled gleefully at the muffled 'thank you,' pulling away to look at her wife's pretty face. "You have my hoodie, right?" Joohyun nodded, flailing her arms as the clothing's sleeves dangled loosely over her hands. She looked like a sad seal pup.

"But it's not the same."

"I know." Joohyun giggled adorably when Seulgi pulled the large hood up over her eyes, temporarily blinding her. With one last kiss, Seulgi bid her loving goodbyes, closing the door behind her.

Joohyun continued to stand in place and stare at the door, a hand rubbing her abdomen as the realization started to sink in. Soon they would be welcoming two little ones into the world. Brown eyes glanced around the apartment dreamily, phantoms of two giggling pups running around dancing in her head making her smile. Joohyun brought one of the sleeves up to her nose to soothe her senses as she padded into the kitchen. She swooned at the cute little sticky note and tupperware full of tummy-friendly snacks sitting on the island. How did I get so lucky? Smiling, she picked up the cute love note from her wife, pressing the sticky part to her forehead so she could wear it like a badge of honor. Upon catching sight of her reflection in the oven door, she lifted Seulgi's hoodie to get a better look at her belly. Joohyun had started to notice her waist line thickening, though not enough to call it a baby bump. It was still hard to tell thanks to her wife's job at plumping her up beforehand, however, the little swell was starting to take its shape. Joohyun yawned loudly, the exhaustion setting in.

"I guess it's nap time." She mumbled to herself, walking off in the direction of the bedroom.

"Honey! I'm home!" Seulgi called, flicking on the lights and hanging her keys on the ring by the door. "Hyun?" The apartment was dark and silent. By then, the sun had been set for a few hours yet not a single light was on. Passing through the kitchen, Seulgi could see her note was gone although the snacks had yet to be touched. The worry slowly building in her chest washed away when she saw the little lump of a sleeping Joohyun curled up in their bed. Smiling, she took a seat, watching as her wife slept peacefully with her note still pressed to her forehead. Seulgi removed it, admiring the way Joohyun's mouth peaked opened so little breaths could exit. "You're so precious, you know that?" Joohyun stirred, eyes fluttering open as they tried to focus on the familiar figure perched at the bedside. 

"Oh hey! You're home!" Joohyun groaned quietly while stretching her arms above her head. "How was work?" 

"It was okay. I missed you." Seulgi said, kissing Joohyun's scrunched up face while chuckling at the little pink paper. "I see you got my note." 

"You're so cute." Joohyun cooed, snuggling up against her wife. 

"Have you eaten?" Joohyun bit her lip, shaking her head. "I thought so. Let me make you something and this time, I promise it won't make you throw up." The omega sat up, eyes squinted as she held her arms out.

"Carry me." With a loving smile, Seulgi turned and lifted Joohyun up onto her back. The couple made their way back to the kitchen, Seulgi crouching down so Joohyun could hop off. The former couldn't help but laugh when Joohyun toddled over to the dining table only to flop forward in drowziness. The little burrito of hoodie-clad Joohyun lay face down on the table, one arm stretched across the surface of it.

"Aw, is mommy tired?" Seulgi cooed with a hint of a sarcasm as she grabbed a bowl from the cabinet.  Joohyun's ears perked up at the title. It was the first time she had ever been referred to properly with such a name and it wouldn't be the last. However, the fact that Seulgi acknowledged it made everything seem more real. 


"Yeah?" Seulgi replied, reaching for a cup from the shelf above the stove.

"What do you want the babies to call you? Eomma?" Seulgi thought for a moment, pouring purified water into the cups she retrieved. 

"I guess I haven't really thought about it," She said. "I don't really like the sound of traditional names so I guess just mom or mama works fine." Joohyun tapped her nails against the table as a glass of water appeared in front of her followed by a warm serving of lasagna. "What about you?" Seulgi rebuttled, taking her own seat.

"I was thinking mommy while they're little. Maybe eomma when they get a bit older."

"That's a good plan." Seulgi mumbled through a mouth full of food. "It's a little weird if a grown adult still calls their mother mommy." She said with a snort as Joohyun lifted her fork to eat. Seulgi watched as the food made it safely inside of her mate's mouth without causing any disruption. Joohyun moaned in appreciation, practically inhaling the lasagna. Seulgi's eyes widened in surprise as she tried to calm her down. "Woah! Slow down, babe, or you'll get indigestion!"

"Sorry," Joohyun mumbled. "I haven't eaten since this morning."

"That's no good." The alpha said, shaking her head. "No skipping meals. It's not healthy. Plus, it'll just make you feel sicker."  

"I didn't try to, I just fell asleep." Joohyun said with a blush.

"How long did you sleep?" 

"How long were you gone?"

"Uh, I don't know, seven hours give or take?"

"Then seven hours." Seulgi looked at her wife in shock.

"Hyunnie! How are you going to get to sleep tonight? You have work in the morning!"

"The same way I did six hours ago. I'm still tired, you know." Joohyun grumbled, aggressively stabbing the noodles with her fork. 

"Sorry. Sometimes I forget your body's working overtime." Seulgi apologized, X-ray vision staring at her wife's stomach through the table. "I wish I could help you more. It feels like I'm taking advantage of you."

"What do you mean?" The omega inquired, chewing as she gazed at her wife with worry. Seulgi shrugged, shifting in her chair.

"I don't know, I just feel like you're doing all of the work and I'm just sitting around waiting."

"Seulgi, my body was designed to nourish pups in the same way yours was designed to sire them. I'll depend on you for a lot of things, you just can't see it yet. Trust me, if you thought I was needy in heat, just wait until I have a few more months under my belt." 

"But what about labor?" Seulgi whined. "You'll be in pain." Suddenly, Joohyun understood. 

"Remember what you showed me earlier? About an omega's womb being able to fit six pups?" Seulgi nodded. "If my body could carry six pups, don't you think it should be able to endure several hours of labor?"

"I guess." The alpha mumbled, looking down at the table unsurely.

"I've already planned on having an epidural. That way the contractions will be less painful. Does that make you feel a little better?" Joohyun tilted her head to look at her mate's charming face expectantly. Seulgi flashed her a sweet little smile, nodding her head slightly. "Glad to hear it." Joohyun got up and walked both of their empty bowls over to the sink. Her stomach lurched, a hand flying up to cover her mouth. 

"Let me do the dishes." Seulgi insisted, gently nudging her wife off to the side. "I don't think wet food and morning sickness are a good combination." Joohyun shouted out a quick 'thank you' on her way to the bathroom. 

Chapter Text

Joohyun stared at her baby bump in the closet mirror, turning to get a better look at it. Her cold hands glided over the bare skin of her middle, taking in how quickly it had grown. In just three weeks, Joohyun had gone from a tiny swell to an undeniable start of a pregnant belly. Judging by size alone, she appeared to be well into her second trimester yet she was only a mere two and a half months along; eleven weeks, to be exact. 

Seulgi and Joohyun had discussed announcing the pregnancy to the Baes around week thirteen, but that was when they were expecting only one pup. As the twins grew, so did Joohyun which made hiding their little secret that much harder. Joohyun's parents had voiced their complaints about the couple visiting less frequently and, in truth, Joohyun missed them as well. As for Seulgi's family, Joohyun had yet to even meet them, let alone tell them she would be giving them grandchildren. Seulgi had some underlying bad blood with the members of her family and the topic wasn't exactly open for discussion. Any pressure for further information made Seulgi irritable so Joohyun opted not to stir the pot. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't curious, but left it alone for her wife's sake.

Joohyun smiled when a familiar pair of hands joined hers in appreciating their young's growth.

"Good morning." Seulgi greeted in her raspy morning voice that never failed to make Joohyun weak in the knees. The omega hummed a response, meeting her wife's lips in an over the shoulder kiss. She watched her mate's hands explore her stomach, Seulgi's expression woven with an alpha's pride. "Wow! It seems our little ones have hit their first growth spurt." Seulgi kneeled down to press a tender kiss to her wife's distended middle. "Good morning to you too." She cooed quietly making Joohyun's heart flutter. Seulgi stood back to her full height, flashing her mate a smile as she began dressing herself for work. The petite brunette gnawed on her lower lip nervously.

"Hey, about the announcement..."

"Yes?" Seulgi chirped, clipping a silver bracelet around her wrist.

"I was wondering if we could move the date up a bit? I feel like if we wait much longer, I'll give myself away on sight." Seulgi spared her protruding belly a glance, turning to give her little wife her undivided attention.

"If you feel that's the best option, then that's what we'll do. We could do it this weekend if you want." Joohyun smiled, closing her eyes to accept Seulgi's head kiss.

She desperately wanted to talk about telling Seulgi's parents as well, but didn't know how to pose the question. It could go one of two ways; Seulgi getting frustrated and sulking for a while or Seulgi simply running away again. Joohyun didn't want to be on the receiving end of her mate's rare temper and she certainly didn't want her to disappear for days on end. Despite how much she loved her cuddly bear and received it in return, the alpha was about as predictable as a gust of wind. Something that wouldn't set her off one day could ignite a fiery rampage the next. This does not always work well with Joohyun being very direct and to-the-point. While she likes to find solutions to a problem, Seulgi would rather avoid it all together. However, in spite of their differences, it was their base of love towards each other that kept them afloat for so long. Joohyun just didn't want to throw the stone that could potentially shatter it.

"Don't forget to eat!" Seulgi said on her way to the bedroom door, catching Joohyun's attention. "I want you and the pups coming out of this healthy and strong!" She added, flexing her arm for further emphasis. Joohyun giggled, walking over to adjust her wife's blazer and brush some lint off of the shoulders. Seulgi had a telling smirk plastered to her face as she looked her very naked wife up and down. "On second thought, maybe I should stay here and tend to some business." Joohyun slapped her arm playfully when Seulgi tried to grope her bottom, a warm blush blossoming on her cheeks. 

"The only reason I'm like this is because your hoodie is the only thing that fits me right now." She grumbled receiving an apologetic look from her wife.

"I'm just teasing. I'll take you shopping when I get back, okay?" The omega's forgiveness came in the form of a smile. The couple said their goodbyes and Seulgi made her exit, Joohyun returning to the closet to find some pants she could wear for the time being. She remembered the pair of jeans she accidentally bought a few sizes too large and left abandoned in the back of her drawer. Trying them on, she was discouraged to find that she couldn't quite fasten them due to the girth of her belly.

"You youngyens are growing so fast! I can't keep up." Joohyun groaned, rubbing her belly as she removed the jeans, kicking them off to the side. The only candidates remaining were a stained pair of black sweatpants Seulgi used for painting. With a defeated sigh, Joohyun pulled them up her legs until the waistband reached her navel. It was a tight squeeze, but at least they fit. Seulgi's comfort hoodie topped off her college bum look perfectly.

Joohyun twisted her hair up in a messy bun as she padded into the kitchen in search of snacks. The little Tupperware Seulgi left for her was still sitting in its station on the island, calling her. Joohyun couldn't open it fast enough. She crunched on its contents, taking a seat on the couch and gazing out at the heavy snow fall. The city was covered in white as far as the eye could see. The tranquility of the scenery cloaked her in a blanket of calm feelings, easing the tension in her shoulders as they relaxed. Since it was early February, that meant her due date would be some time in Autumn. 

"I guess you'll be Leos then." She said with a smile, placing a hand where her babies were sleeping safe and sound in the warmth of their mother's womb. Joohyun settled into the couch, eyes falling closed as she teetered on the verge of dozing off again. In just three more weeks they would know their babies' genders and two weeks after that, Joohyun should be able to feel their movements. All of it was happening so fast and Joohyun was so excited yet so terrified she could cry. She was never one to be open with her emotions and neither was her mate. However, after Seulgi admitted to worrying about the delivery, Joohyun's lips were sealed. She was no better off herself, in fact, she was internally shaking under the looming cloud hanging over their heads. Never before had Joohyun felt such inner turmoil but she contained it to spare Seulgi's conscience. 

Seulgi trudged through the snow, hands shoved deep in her coat pockets. The street lights reflected off of the wet sidewalk making Seoul glow in a way particular to the winter months. Work had been stressful on her. At first she believed it would give her the little escape from domestication she needed, but was surprised to find herself longing to be at home with her pregnant wife. It's not that she didn't enjoy spending time with Joohyun, she did more than anything else in the world. However, she had a gypsy soul to blame for her inexplicable urge to explore. It was the same wandering spirit that lead her to Joohyun that night at the restaurant. 

Seulgi stopped, looking up at the sky. No stars could be seen through the light pollution, but she knew they were there nonetheless. The concept reminded her of Joohyun and their family she carried inside of her. A part of her loathed being a serial roamer. She wanted her wife to always feel her warmth, even when she was light years away, becoming a star herself when her time came. Seulgi wondered if Joohyun truly knew how much she loved her. Her eyes wandered into the shop window she stood idly in front of as an idea popped into her head.

Meanwhile, Joohyun was starting to worry, pacing back and forth as she pondered her mate's well being. What if she was hurt or abducted by aliens? Seulgi had made a habit of arriving home roughly around the same time each night to prevent this from happening yet here she was, two hours late. The sound of the door code being entered startled Joohyun as she hastily made a break for the entrance, intercepting Seulgi as she came in.

"Where were you!? I was worried sick!" Joohyun exclaimed, throwing herself into Seulgi's arms. The alpha was taken aback, though the reaction was somewhat expected. She hoped to make up for it with the little surprise she got for her. 

"I'm sorry, baby." She murmured, stroking Joohyun's hair gently. "On my way home, something caught my eye and I couldn't pass it up." Joohyun moved away from the hug, adorning a look of confusion as Seulgi revealed a cute little cake with a fancy heart on it. Seulgi looked down at it bashfully as she spoke, "I know it's not much-"

"It's perfect." Seulgi's wandering eyes met Joohyun's, the latter smiling, taking the cake from her mate's outstretched arms. The alpha's shyness melted under her own smile. That night, they laughed over dinner and cake as if all was well in the world. It reminded Seulgi of the night they met, talking for hours in that dining booth. The feeling of belonging had never felt so wonderful.

Over time, the energy of the room died down; the couple quietly focusing on their last little bits of Seulgi's surprise. Joohyun's eyes flickered up to analyze her mate's expressions. The alpha looked happy, smiling as she stabbed at a few crumbs with her fork. She hated to throw a wrench in such a lovely moment, however, if it wasn't mentioned now, it may never come up at all.

"Hey, can I talk to you about something a bit more...serious?" Seulgi nodded, licking the icing off of her fork like a child.

"It's about your parents." Seulgi visibly tensed, setting the fork down slowly. Her bright, happy face fell into one of confusion and spiraling emotions.


"Please, just hear me out." The alpha hesitated, but sat back in acceptance, arms crossed over her chest defensively. Joohyun took a deep breath, arranging her words carefully in her mind. "I know you aren't on good terms, but I think it's only fair we tell them about the pups. Like it or not, these people are our babies' grandparents." Seulgi set her jaw with an unreadable expression. "I'm not asking you to make amends, but please. For our children's sake." The alpha leaned forward with an aura of intimidation, making Joohyun gulp as she leaned back in retreat.

"I wouldn't let those sorry fucks anywhere near this family if my life depended on it!" The low rumble in her mate's words followed by her sudden shout brought goosebumps to her arms and shuttered through Joohyun's bones. Without another word, Seulgi got up from the table, storming off and slamming the bedroom door behind her. 

Seulgi desperately tried to get herself together, pacing back and forth as anger bubbled in her belly. Even the thought of those people made her blood boil. She grumbled to herself underneath her breath which actually just riled her up even more. With a loud yell, she threw one of her shoes at the wall, denting it and chipping the paint. Seulgi caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, pausing when she saw how furious and menacing she looked. Her thoughts traced back to Joohyun sitting alone in the kitchen; the look of fear she had in her eyes when she exploded. 

"I scared her." Seulgi went stiff, clenched fists opening up at her sides as the regret settled in. She landed on the bed, crying into her hands at what she had done. Why did she allow those people to get her so worked up? She couldn't blame Joohyun when she didn't even know the history of their relationship. Joohyun was just making a suggestion with their pups' futures in mind. It wasn't fair to keep them away from half of their family, especially when it was only to benefit their sire's pride. However, this stiff arm wasn't only for Seulgi's protection; it was to protect her family. Her real family. 

Joohyun's head popped out of her hands when Seulgi silently walked into the living room, a blanket and a pillow in hand. She watched without a word as her mate propped the cushion up against the arm rest, fluffing it slightly.


"I'll sleep out here tonight." She was obviously not yet ready to talk things over yet. Seulgi was doing this to punish herself though her choice wound up making Joohyun feel worse.

"Seulgi, I-"

"Goodnight, Joohyun." Seulgi grumbled, pulling the blanket up to her neck. The omega's mouth snapped shut, head hanging low as she turned out the lights. Before making her way into the bedroom, she spared one last glance over her shoulder with fresh tears welling up in her eyes.

Seulgi stirred awake thanks to the familiar scent of Joohyun's conditioner and a tickling sensation teasing her nose. She squinted her weary eyes in confusion, registering the warm body snuggled up against her on the couch. The clock on the wall read 2:45 if the darkness of the house wasn't enough of an indicator. Seulgi breathed heavily through her nose, holding Joohyun tighter against her chest. She could feel her mate's stomach pressing against her own. She was supposed to take her shopping when she got home but thanks to her outburst, that never happened. Her heart ached with guilt. Seulgi made a mental note to take off of work tomorrow so she could make up for her transgressions. For now, she gently wrapped her arms around her mate, drifting off into a few more hours of slumber.

Chapter Text

Joohyun's eyes fluttered opened, appreciating the feeling of her wife's chest rising and falling as she breathed. Seulgi's hand ran through her dark tresses, massaging her scalp gently as the omega woke. The couple exchanged a glance; Seulgi's still looking a bit cross in comparison. Joohyun swallowed and quickly diverted her eyes, resting a gentle hand on her wife's chest.

"I couldn't sleep. I hope you don't mind." Seulgi's eyes softened slightly. She moved to sit up, Joohyun looking at her in confusion as she was propped up on Seulgi's lap. A loving kiss landed on her forehead before she was pulled back against Seulgi's beating heart.

"I'm so sorry for shouting at you." She murmured against Joohyun's ear, choking back a few sobs while a hand continued to dance through waves of black hair. "You didn't do anything wrong. I'm just too...soft...for my own good." She paused, taking in a shaky breath before continuing. "If you want, I will introduce you to my parents. Just because I have my resentments doesn't mean our children shouldn't at least get the opportunity to know them." Joohyun's brown eyes widened, staring into those of her mate.

"Are you sure?" Seulgi swallowed the firm 'no' hanging on her tongue and nodded. The corners of the omega's mouth rose in a grin, hugging Seulgi tight. "Thank you! I promise you won't regret it!" A hand came up to rub Joohyun's back as she questioned her own decision. Every fiber of her being screamed that this was wrong, but it was what Joohyun wanted for their pups. If she allowed Joohyun to meet her parents, then she would have to be on guard at all times. No way was she letting anything happen to her mate or their pups. Seulgi's arms subconsciously constricted around Joohyun, her heart rate increasing exponentially. "Um, babe? I- can't breathe." Seulgi quickly released her, apologizing profusely as Joohyun inhaled a deep breath. Joohyun accepted her apologies, craning her neck to check the clock on the wall. "If you don't hurry, you'll be late for work." 

"I'm taking the day off." The alpha explained with a warm smile, tucking some hair behind Joohyun's adorably large ear. "I want to make it up to you somehow; anything you want to do, anywhere you want to go, I'll take you there." Joohyun smiled, pressing her cheek into Seulgi's warm hand. "How about we start by getting you some new clothes?" She inquired, pulling her hoodie down over her mate's cute little pot belly. The omega's eyes lit up making Seulgi laugh. "Alright, shopping it is! Now go get cleaned up while I make us some breakfast."

Seulgi sat outside of the changing room, looking around at all of the nice maternity clothes displayed on mannequins. Some bubbly pop music played in the background while people wandered around the boutique, inspecting the merchandise. She fished her phone out of her jean pocket when it buzzed, reading a message from her wife asking for her assistance. She smiled, shaking her head at her unnecessary shyness as she got up from the stylish cushions to knock on the stall door.

"Hyunnie? It's me." The lock clicked and the door creaked opened for Seulgi to slip inside. Her heart nearly beat out of her chest at the sight of her mate wrapped in a beautiful, flowing sun dress. It cascaded over Joohyun's bump nicely, making her look like some sort of pregnant forest fairy. 

"Do you think it's too much?" She asked, twisting in front of the mirror. 

"You look beautiful."

"You always say that." Joohyun ticked, smoothing the material down a bit.

"And I always mean it." Joohyun looked up at her with a shy little smile. "This will be good for the spring and summer, but I think you'll be bigger by then. Does it come in a few sizes up?" Joohyun nodded, watching while Seulgi admired her other choices. "You've always had such great taste. Anything for winter?" She pointed at a pile of heavier clothing sitting on the bench.

"I was going to weed a few out for costliness." She said with a blush.

"Don't worry about the price tags. You need some new clothes. Besides, I enjoy spoiling you." Seulgi held the sides of her wife's belly while kissing her cheek. Joohyun smiled at the sweet gesture, pressing a hand to the place Seulgi's lips just left as her wife organized the clothes she picked out. "Let me know when you're ready!" She chirped on her way out of the dressing room.

A part of Seulgi still felt like a monster after last night. She was trying to behave like she normally did, but the guilt was eating away at her heart like termites to a log. She knew deep in her heart that Joohyun had forgiven her, she just couldn't seem to forgive herself. It didn't help that she was scared of what her family would do upon meeting Joohyun. They weren't necessarily the nicest nor the easiest people to get along with. In fact, they were pretty much textbook psychopaths.

"Kill it." Seulgi looked down at the poor, defenseless rabbit limping on the ground, it's hind leg shattered into pieces. She didn't want to hurt it, however, her father was adamant. The man growled impatiently, tapping his cane on the grey cobblestones of the cellar. "I said kill it! Now!" The little girl burst into a fit of tears, looking away from the helpless creature. The man's eyes rolled back in his head as he pulled out his pistol, putting a bullet through the animal's head like it was made of butter. Seulgi peeked through her fingers in horror at the white rabbit laying dead on the floor. "There. Was that so hard?" He grumbled, marching off as if nothing happened. "I swear, you're too soft to be my daughter."

"B-but it didn't do anything!" She cried.

"So what? It's an animal." He shrugged. "It doesn't have feelings. And even if it did, it wouldn't matter. You won't get anywhere in this world unless you take it, Seulgi. The sooner you learn that, the better." The door slammed shut leaving young Seulgi alone with the carcass. She picked the rabbit up in her arms, wiping her tears away with her sleeve as she carried it out to the garden for a proper burial; just as she had done for every other animal that died by her father's hand. 

"Seulgi?" The alpha jumped out of her skin, holding a hand to her chest as Joohyun peered down at her quivering form with concern. "Are you alright? You seem upset."

"I'm okay." She breathed, releasing a sigh of relief. "Just a nightmare." She turned to look at the pile of clothes in her wife's arms and smiled. "Are you ready to go?" Joohyun nodded, allowing Seulgi to rest a hand on the small of her back as they approached the cashier.

"I was thinking we should tell my parents this weekend before I'm too big to make it a surprise." Joohyun suggested while nibbling on a pretzel. "Then maybe we could meet with your parents next week if they're available."

"Yeah, about that-"

"Don't tell me you're backing out." The omega stated sternly, flashing her alpha a warning look.

"I'm not, I'm just very worried." Seulgi replied, looking down at her own half-eaten pretzel. "My family isn't like yours, Joohyun. I don't want you getting hurt."

"See, that's what I don't understand." Joohyun stated with a puzzled expression. "I get that you don't like each other, that's relatively normal. I just don't get why you're so afraid of them." She could see her mate's face contort into a hybrid of mixed emotions, hand gripping her pretzel tightly. "O-or not! I get it if you don't want to talk about it. Sorry for bringing it up."

"I don't get like this because of you, Joohyun." Seulgi assured her. "I get like this because I want to protect you. I'm afraid that if they know about you, they'll..." Joohyun cocked her head in confusion, prompting her mate to finish her sentence.

"They'll what?" Seulgi sighed.

"I don't know." She said, visibly perking up again while reaching across the table for her wife's hand. "Let's just enjoy our say together, okay?" Joohyun was still concerned for her wife's mental state, but smiled back, nodding in agreement.

Back at the apartment, the couple were seated on the couch, watching as the evening sun warmed what remained of last night's snowfall. Seulgi's hand brushed up and down Joohyun's back, the other resting on top of the twins protectively. Joohyun gave her wife a side-eyed glance, watching her wife's pretty profile as she gazed out the window deep in thought. She had gone against her character and had become very clingy as of late, partially in natural response to the pregnancy. However, she looked like a soldier gearing up for war. It was obvious she was dealing with some sort of psychological trauma. Joohyun wished she had the power to read her lover's mind; maybe then she could understand where all of this was coming from. She rested her head against her wife's shoulder, releasing a bit of her scent to soothe her troubled conscience. Seulgi inhaled deeply with gratitude, holding Joohyun closer.

"Thank you." The couple continued to sit in silence except for the clock ticking above the fire place. "Have you been feeling sick lately?" Seulgi asked, breaking the tension in the room.

"No, just drowsy." She stated. "I think I might have to quit working at the cafe soon. Wendy said I shouldn't be on my feet for long periods of time or bending to lift boxes." Joohyun looked down at her belly, rubbing circles over its surface. 

"It's fine if you need a break, Hyun. I can support you financially if you decided to never work again." Seulgi said, pressing a kiss to her wife's temple.

"While that does sound nice, you know I like to pull my own weight which right now is quite heavy." She chuckled, patting her growing middle. Seulgi grinned, leaning down to kiss her wife's belly.

"We'll know their genders in a few weeks." The alpha beamed, tickling her mate's tummy with her finger. "Are you nervous?"

"Not at all! I couldn't care less what their genders are, they'll be ours regardless." Seulgi hummed in agreement while draping an arm over the back of the couch behind her mate's head, still playing with Joohyun's belly. "Do you miss sex at all?" Seulgi's eyes widened in surprise, looking at her mate who was sporting a mischievous smirk.

"I guess I haven't really thought about it that much. I've been so wrapped up in taking care of you guys." 

"And we appreciate it." Joohyun murmured, patting Seulgi's toned abdomen as she rested her head on her chest. "Wendy said my sex drive might spike up during the second trimester. Do you think you can manage or is my body too bloated for you to get it up?" 

"Oh, you can get it up alright. Remember yesterday morning? That put me in an uncomfortable situation for hours. Loving the boobs, by the way." Joohyun's laugh jingled like a bell and melted Seulgi's worries away faster than the snow outside. 

Chapter Text

Seulgi was seated on the bed admiring the view of her wife's butt as she wandered around the bedroom. They had arranged a fun little get together that night with Joohyun's family so, naturally, Joohyun was worried. The last time she saw them was on their wedding night and a lot had changed since then. Seulgi assured her that everything would be fine, but her wife was too much of a worry wart to listen.

"I just want everything to be perfect." Joohyun grumbled in despair, holding up a few of the outfits she bought with Seulgi.

"That's the problem, my love." Seulgi chuckled, standing up to wrap her arms around Joohyun's thickening waist. "Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Let's just go and have a good time, okay?" She kissed the mark on her wife's neck, sniffing her sweet scent longingly. "Or, we could always just stay in and romp around like we used to." Joohyun laughed as Seulgi gripped her hips, earning her a strong slap to the arm. 

"You'd better not act like this in front of my family." The omega warned.

"Yes ma'am." Seulgi moved away to reach for one of the winter coats hanging up on her side of the closet.

Seulgi helped Joohyun out of the passenger seat, the latter wrapping her coat around her middle to hide the topic up for discussion. The alpha smiled, reaching out to hold her mate's hand as they approached the backyard of the Bae family's home.

"There's my precious baby girl!" Mr. Bae shouted with open arms. Joohyun looked at Seulgi as if asking permission to which Seulgi gladly nodded, letting go of Joohyun's hand so she could run to her father.

"Appa!" The man lifted his tiny daughter, spinning her around a bit before setting her back down on the grass.

"It's been too long! How have you kids been?" He asked, wrapping a large arm around his wife's petite shoulders.

"We've been good." A smiling Seulgi caught up, reaching for her hand again. Mr. Bae took a good look at his eldest daughter's new curvy figure with a proud grin.

"You look good, Joohyun-ah." The omega looked down bashfully, still self-conscience about her growing body. Seulgi gave her hand a comforting squeeze to which she smiled gratefully. The young couple flashed Mr. Bae a questioning glance when they caught him looking around frantically. "Well? Where are they?"

"Who, Appa?" 

"My grand babies of course! What, you expect me to believe you've gone this long without at least an accident?" Seulgi and Joohyun exchanged a humorously awkward glance, snickering along with Mrs. Bae though for completely different reasons. Joohyun looked up at Seulgi, the latter nodding in confirmation, helping her open her coat to reveal their first glimpse at their grandchildren. Joohyun's mother pressed a hand to her mouth, failing to muffle a gasp while Mr. Bae just stared at her with his mouth hanging opened. 

"Be careful, you might catch a few flies." Joohyun's snarky younger sister chuckled, closing her father's mouth with her finger.

"C-can I...?" Joohyun nodded, allowing her father's large hands to caress her pregnant belly gently. The man choked on a few sobs, wiping a tear from his eye as he spoke to his daughter's womb. "Hello there, little angel."

"Actually, it's angels." Seulgi corrected, rubbing her mate's arm to keep her warm and at ease.  

"You're having a litter!?" The man's loud wail of excitement caught the attention of everyone else in the yard. Joohyun held her father's free hand, giggling at his ecstatic behavior.

"Twins, Appa." The man gawked in awe, touching his eldest daughter's swell with interest.

"Lemme see!" One of Joohyun's uncles roughly nudged his brother out of the way to get a closer look. Ready to fight, Mr. Bae rolled a sleeve up his arm, but was held back by his wife. "Wow! The pregnancy glow looks good on you, Baechu-ya! Congrats!" 

"Thanks." The omega squeaked meekly as her belly was inspected by relative after relative. She could feel Seulgi's grip on her shoulder tightening protectively.

"Give the poor girl some space! What are you, a bunch of animals!?" Mr. Bae exclaimed while his wife quietly escorted the couple into the house.

"Sorry about that, dear. You know how they get."

"It's fine." She grinned, checking to make sure Seulgi was alright by brushing her coat off. 

"So how far along are you?" Her mother inquired with a smile, pouring the girls some hot chocolate to ease their nerves.

"Almost twelve weeks."

"Already? Wow, I wish I would've known. I could have given you some tips." The woman sighed, passing the steaming mugs to her daughter and her mate. Joohyun looked at her mother apologetically.

"I know. We wanted it to be a surprise." The eldest woman snorted into her own mug.

"My baby's having babies." She muttered to herself, a graceful smile adorning her lips. The couple exchanged a loving look, Joohyun snuggling up against her wife's side. Thundering footsteps broke the moment of silence. Joohyun's father dusted some of the snow off of his coat by the door before lumbering into the kitchen. 

"We didn't forget about you, Seulgi." The man chuckled hardily. "How's the business been doing?"

"Great! We've just signed off on a new project in Busan later this year." The older alpha whistled, leaning over the counter beside his wife.

"Sounds fancy! I can't say I know too much about engineering, but I've read what pops up in the papers. It seems you've made quite a name for yourself, Kang." Seulgi's chest puffed up, hoping Joohyun would appreciate her alpha's success. She got what she wanted in the form of her mate's proud smile. 

"We should celebrate later." Joohyun whispered hotly in her ear, giggling at the way Seulgi's face turned beet red, steam practically coming out of her ears. Mr. Bae watched with a smirk and a quirked brow but said nothing. Instead, he turned to his own wife, playfully pulling at one of the curls in her hair to make it bounce.

Back at the apartment, it didn't take five minutes for Joohyun to keep her word. Her lips attached to Seulgi's surprising her to the point where her arms remained stuck in her coat sleeves. Joohyun's laugh was swallowed by her mate's eager mouth as she helped her work her arms free, the limbs immediately flying to Joohyun's butt. She kneaded it gently, giving it a firm smack making her wife whimper. 

"Hmm my alpha's so hardworking and charming." Joohyun hummed, smirking sexily against Seulgi's lips as her arms glided over her lover's. "I think you've earned a little reward." 

"Yeah?" Seulgi smirked, lifting her mate up in her arms which required a bit more effort than she was used to. She quickly carried Joohyun across the apartment into the living room, setting her down on the couch and positioning herself on the floor between her legs. She pulled Joohyun's pants and underwear down in one foul swoop, hungry for the main event. They moaned in harmony as Seulgi's tongue ravished her wife's center, holding her thighs to keep them from closing. Her hands trailed up from her thighs to her pelvis, holding her hips steady as the omega humped against her mouth in abandon. 

"S-Seulgi, I-ah don't think I can last very long!" Joohyun groaned, head falling back against the couch while her hands made a mess of Seulgi's hair. A low rumble in her mate's throat made Joohyun's clit twitch, babbling as she reached her peak. Seulgi watched through long lashes as Joohyun's back arched off of the couch, her mouth hanging open in a silent scream as she finished into Seulgi's waiting mouth. 

"You taste even sweeter than I remember." The alpha stated, licking her lips. Joohyun responded with a breathless giggle, kissing her wife and tasting herself on her tongue. The omega groaned with effort as she lifted herself off of the couch, getting down on the carpeted floor with her lover. Seulgi flashed her a quizzical look making the older smile. 

"I think we'll have more room to romp on the floor." Seulgi nodded, kissing her wife once again as she eased her onto her back, her right arm keeping her up while her left rubbed Joohyun's side. 

"Do you feel comfortable taking our clothes off?" Joohyun nodded, pulling her shirt up over her head leaving her in her bra alone. Seulgi followed suit, discarding all of her clothes until only her boxers remained. Her cock was visibly straining against the tight material, a prominent bulge forming between her legs. A warm hand fondled her gently making Seulgi's eyes roll back with a wanton moan. Joohyun smiled wickedly as her hand slid underneath the waistband, nibbling on her mate's neck as she worked her up to her full potential. Joohyun separated herself from her mate's firm body receiving a whine of dismay as a result. She removed her bra, flinging it off to God knows where as she got down on all fours and gazed at Seulgi over her shoulder. Her belly and breasts hung heavily like pendulums as gravity did its job only further accentuating her motherly form.

Seulgi crawled up behind her, sliding her boxers down to her knees while unintentionally poking her wife with her bobbing member. Joohyun moaned sweetly as one of her mate's hands gently groped her sensitive chest. Seulgi kissed the space between the omega's shoulder blades, mounting her and sliding her appendage into the familiar warmth of her wife's vagina. The alpha and omega both grumbled, the former resting her head against her mate's back as she rocked her hips. Since Joohyun was already well bred, they got to enjoy the pleasures of sex rather than go off of their natural instincts. It was different, but still very much enjoyable.

"Seulgi-ya!" Joohyun cried breathily as her body moved under the intensity of her alpha's thrusts. Seulgi was panting with her head still resting against Joohyun's sculpted back. Her other hand came down to the carpet to hold herself steady as she rammed her hips against Joohyun's butt, cock twitching excitedly as she unloaded inside of her. She rolled her hips slowly to work Joohyun up into another orgasm, a gush of warm liquids coating her cock. It was nice not having to wait for a knot to deflate before pulling out or going again. Seulgi slid out of Joohyun, watching as some of their combined fluids dripped onto the carpet.

Her cock now twitched in exhaustion, falling limp as she got up to retrieve some towels from the hall closet to clean their genitals with. She passed one to Joohyun as a firm knock caught their attention. With the help of the couch, Joohyun heaved herself to her feet, wrapping her naked body in a quilt as Seulgi pulled on some of her clothes to answer the door. Seulgi was surprised to find none other than the Parks standing in the hallway. Sooyoung adorned a goofy smile, waving her hand excitedly while Yerim rolled her eyes looking like the grim reaper himself.

"Surprise! We brought you something!" She said, gesturing to the little goodie bag in her wife's hand. Seulgi tried to stutter out a thank you but was rudely interrupted by Sooyoung poking her head in. Joohyun yelped in surprise, trying to hide behind the corner while crossing her hands over her chest to provide better coverage. "Oooooh! Getting cozy I see! Seulgi, you sly dog!" She chided, nudging her friend with a teasing smile. She invited herself in to urge Joohyun out of hiding. "Don't be shy, it's just us! I want to see your belly!"

"Sooyoung, you can't just waltz into someone's home and demand to see their belly!" Yerim scolded, ironically allowing herself in as well. Seulgi rolled her eyes, slamming the door shut since there was no point in keeping it opened anymore. Joohyun peeked around the corner, pulling the quilt up over one of her shoulders. She looked at her wife unsurely to which the alpha shrugged, but smiled letting her know everything was okay. The omega slowly stepped into the kitchen and opened the quilt just enough for their friends to see the state of her young's development.

"Well isn't that a sight." Sooyoung said with a soft chuckle. "Barefoot and pregnant, just the way I like 'em. Ow!" She wailed when her short wife jabbed her arm in distaste. It seems Yerim beat Seulgi to the punch. It took everything in her not to wring the taller girl's neck for muttering such patriarchal, and unfortunately familiar, words to her wife.

"Don't be a pig, Soo!" Yerim snapped. Her gaze returned to the pretty omega putting herself on display before them, blushing profusely as she was very self-conscience of her exposed form. "You can cover up, unnie. I'm sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable. We just wanted to stop by and see how things were going for you two, but judging by your state of dress and your wife's hair, it's obvious you're doing just fine." Seulgi looked in the little mirror by the coat rack, fixing her disheveled hair from when Joohyun's fingers were running through it. "I think we've overstayed our welcome." The youngest of the four said to her wife, linking their arms together. "It was nice seeing you again. I promise our next visit won't be so...invasive." Seulgi smiled, opening the door for the couple.

"Come back and see us sometime!" Seulgi said politely as the other couple staggered down the hallway. "You okay, Hyun?" She chuckled, placing the gift down on the counter. The omega nodded with a smile, accepting her wife's little peck. Seulgi gave her a once-over, appreciating the way the quilt hung just below her shoulders. "You do look super sexy like this. Maybe Sooyoung was onto something with the whole 'barefoot and pregnant' thing." Joohyun copied Yerim, slapping her mate's arm playfully.


Chapter Text

Seulgi swallowed the lump of fear lodged deep in her throat as she watched her wife spin around in front of the mirror. Today was the dreadful day she prayed would never come; the day Joohyun would meet their pups' other grandparents. Joohyun looked so excited and happy. It made Seulgi want to cry. The omega could sense her mate's discomfort, it was practically written all over her face. With a comforting smile, she stood in front of Seulgi so the sire could hold her belly.

"I promise I'll behave."

"That's not what I'm worried about." Joohyun's eyes fell with concern. She stroked her alpha's arm as she stood to her full height, adjusting her clothes nervously in the mirror. "Meet me in the car when you're ready." Seulgi pressed a parting kiss to her mate's head before hastily walking out of the apartment. She usually would've escorted Joohyun, but in truth, she needed a few minutes of alone time to get her tears and fears out. She was about to walk her sweet, beautiful, vulnerable wife into a lion's den. Willingly. She had to be on her A game. If she wasn't at her sharpest for every dreadful second they were in her parents' presence, Joohyun would be the one to suffer the consequences.

The couple stood hand in hand outside of a looming mansion, looking up at the dark majesty of the architecture. Joohyun could feel her mate shaking but was told not to succumb to her innate urge to calm her down with her scent. Instead, she gave Seulgi's hand a gentle squeeze, smiling when troubled eyes met hers. This did little to ease Seulgi's nerves. If anything, it made her even more determined to protect the woman she loved.

"Welcome home." Seulgi nearly jumped out of her skin when a familiar, gravelly voice rumbled from the direction of the house. Sure enough, three ominous figures stood gazing at the new arrivals like vultures to a fresh carcass. Seulgi's instincts screamed for her to grab her wife and drive her to safety, but Joohyun's warm hand kept her frozen in place. The couple exchanged a look worth a thousand words. Joohyun knew these people were dangerous. She wasn't so naive as to believe the world was made up of nothing more than rainbows and unicorns. However, she still didn't quite grasp what kind of danger she was getting herself into.

"Don't be afraid, little lamb." Seulgi's mother said with a creepy smile aimed directly at Joohyun. "We're family now." A willowy arm reached out towards her in a suspicious gesture of welcome. Joohyun smiled politely while cowering behind her mate's broad shoulder. Seulgi reached behind her to pat her wife's behind as a reward for good behavior.

"Let's go." She whispered over her shoulder receiving a nod in reply. Seulgi took a deep breath, putting on her best game face as she approached the rickety porch steps. She tried to ignore the wild and wandering eyes of their hosts, marching inside with Joohyun clinging tightly to her back.

"An omega." The short little gremlin of a man rasped with a smile. He watched with interest as his daughter and her bride continued their charted path down the hallway.

"Pregnant, too." His wife added, still having yet to blink her dry eyes. "I smell twins. Very fruitful. Many of her eggs are omegan as well."

"How wonderful."

Not a word was spoken at the dining table. Instead, six eyes were locked on Joohyun and followed her every move with frightening precision. It felt like she was being held at gunpoint -- like every breath she took was being thoroughly analyzed. Seulgi, of course, could see this. She held her wife's hand under the table, resting them on the armrest of Joohyun's wooden chair. Seulgi's older brother was the only one participating in the feast, gnawing on a turkey leg though his gaze never strayed from the eye candy.

"I see you've met an omega." Mrs. Bae spoke. "How nice." The room fell awkwardly silent once more. Seulgi's thumb stroked patterns over the back of Joohyun's soft hands, spelling out the words 'me first.' Seulgi quietly picked up her fork, stabbing into the meat on her wife's plate and bringing it up to her nose for a secret smell test. When she deemed it safe for consumption, she swallowed and passed the information on to her wife's hand. Before Joohyun could move to feed herself, Seulgi's brother leaned across the table, touching his sister in law curiously. Joohyun squeaked in fear, scooting her chair closer to her wife's.

"So lush."

"Sit down!" His mother shouted, roughly pulling him back by his shirt and plotting him down in his chair. "Sorry. He's handsy." She stated with a voice void of all emotion. Her dry, red eyes made Joohyun shift in discomfort, tucking her chin shyly.

"Eat. Please." Mr. Kang stated awkwardly. "You have pups to feed." Joohyun's eyes widened in surprise, wondering how he knew such information after she worked so hard to hide the little hill of her middle.

"My mother has a very keen sense of smell." Seulgi spoke, glaring at both of her parents before leaning in to whisper in her wife's ear, "Do not leave my side." Joohyun gulped and nodded, starting to feel like a goldfish among a horde of sharks.

"I can hear their little heart beats. How sweet." Seulgi's father stated with a wicked smile. Seulgi scowled and pulled her mate into her side, Joohyun pressing a hand over her belly protectively. "Oh Seulgi, would you calm down!? You were always so antsy." He grumbled, taking a sip of his drink.

"Only because you were always such a monster." She growled in reply through clenched teeth. The man seemed to find humor in her rage, snickering quietly into his glass.

"How has maternity been treating you?" 


"Fine." Seulgi grunted, digging into her own meal.

"Any complications? Does your womb feel heavy? What is your average temperature? Egg count?" Mrs. Kang pressed too enthusiastically for Seulgi's liking.

"Um I don't-"

"She's fine!" The omega's mate snarled, getting into a heated stare-down with her mother. She could clearly see what they were trying to do; her family was sizing her mate up for breeding. Her parents worked in the black market for omega trafficing, among many other things. Omegas were becoming more and more valuable as their numbers declined making Joohyun look like a million-dollar brood mare right about now.

"Try the drink, omega." Her husband flashed her a look. "I mean Joohyun. I brewed it myelf." She topped off her correction with a fake attempt at a smile, waving a hand at the little glass beside her plate. The couple exchanged a wary look as Seulgi lifted the glass to her nose, not smelling any traces of anything harmful. She handed it back to her wife, returning her attention to the trio of alphas across the table. The looks on their faces made her senses tingle. Seulgi stared at the glass in Joohyun's elegant hand as she lifted it to her mouth. Seulgi could see her relative's eyes light up with unnerving interest while the rim slowly kissed the omega's lips.

Something was wrong. The drink was roofied.

"Hyun!" She quickly slapped the glass out of her wife's hand. The whole room watched as it flew across the dining room, shattering against the cobblestone floor. The liquid held inside of it bubbled into a greenish tar as it evaporated into the air around them. Seulgi glared at her parents with the intensity rivaling that of a thousand suns. "I knew this was a mistake! We're leaving, Hyun! Now!" All three heads snapped to face her for the first time that night, expressions less than pleased. With a clap of her father's hands, the lights in the dining room went out throwing Seulgi into a state of sheer panic. "Hyun? Hyun!" She shouted, reaching for the chair beside hers. When the lights came on, Seulgi's older brother sat in Joohyun's seat, waving at his sister mockingly. She looked around the otherwise empty dining room, catching a shadow crawling up the wall of the nearby stairwell.

Seulgi snarled, hurdling herself over the table as she made a mad dash towards the stairs, yelping when her brother's hand grabbed her by the ankle. She hit the floor with a thud, nails bleeding as she clawed at the ground in desperation while being pulled further away from where her wife had been taken. She released a blood-curdling scream, kicking her brother in the nose as he bit into her leg in a last-ditch effort to keep her still. When his hands slipped away, Seulgi bolted, sprinting as fast as her legs could carry her. Her brother wasn't too far behind. She knocked the nearby buffet table over, the candles catching the doorway on fire to prevent him from coming after her.

She reached the second floor, looking around frantically for any clues as to where her parents had taken Joohyun. The house was like a labyrinth, stairs leading in every direction which would have confused anyone that wasn't familiar with the manor. Luckily, Seulgi remembered those hallways like the back of her own hand. She checked every bedroom with no luck, anger and sorrow swelling in her chest as each empty room tore her to pieces. Why didn't she listen to her instincts? Why didn't she just swallow her pride and tell Joohyun the truth? Now the love of her life may be hurt or worse and it was entirely her fault. Seulgi howled her wife's name in agony, loud sobs bouncing off the walls of the corridor. She continued her search even as warm tears streamed down her cheeks, blurring her vision.

Seulgi came upon the kitchen, ducking just in time to dodge a butcher's knife hurdling towards her head, sticking into the wall behind her. Mrs. Kang shrieked like a banshee, throwing knife after knife at her daughter in hopes of at least one hindering her motionless. Seulgi picked up a nearby baking pan and gave it a new purpose, shielding herself as she approached her hysterical mother. She swung it at the woman's head, missing and gasping at a sharp pain in her abdomen. The younger of the two grit her teeth, knocking her mother out on the backswing with a grunt. Her side felt warm. Looking down, Seulgi gasped at the blood staining her shirt, quickly covering it with her hand as she staggered off to continue her hunt for her wife.

The hallway she followed lead her right back into the foyer. Seulgi quickly shuffled through her checklist of rooms she had yet to visit, eyes widening when she recalled the one room in particular that left the sourest taste in her mouth; the room where her father brought his 'work friends,' all of which Seulgi had never seen walk out of the manor; the room where he kept all of his products for the mafias that demanded them; the room where he nearly beat the life out of her; the room where her father shot the rabbit; the cellar.

Seulgi's heart hammered in her chest as she ran, hoping and praying to every deity she knew of that her wife and pups would be okay. If anything happened to them, Seulgi would never forgive herself. Her feet clopped against the cobblestones as she wiped the sweat from her brow. Little did she know, her incident with her brother had set the mansion on fire. The flames were licking up the entire west wing of the house and making their way towards her current location. Seulgi grunted in exhaustion as she yanked on the handle, pulling the heavy door opened just enough for her to squeeze inside so she could follow one last flight of stairs underneath the house. She could hear little muffled whimpers echoing off the walls of the moldy old cellar.

The alpha was relieved to have finally found Joohyun, though that moment was very short lived.

She wasn't alone.

The alpha gazed in horror at her wife squirming on the ground, pulling what appeared to be a curtain up over her nakedness while raising a hand to defend herself against Mr. Kang's brutal assault on her body.

"From now on, you obey me! Understand!?" The psychotic man shouted, lashing a nine-tailed whip at the poor omega floundering helplessly on the cold cobblestones. "Your mate is a weakling! As soon as I get those sorry pups out of you, I'll make sure to keep you barefoot and pregnant - the way an omega should be!" The whip cracked against Joohyun's hip making her cry out for her alpha in fear and agony. "She isn't coming back for you! She's a coward! A disgrace! She doesn't know what it means to be a true alpha!" He picked Joohyun up by her black hair, the dark curtain protecting her modesty falling to the floor under the force of gravity. "She hasn't earned her right to breed an omega of your purity!" Joohyun pleaded for mercy as a rough hand fondled her body with aggression, a perverted smirk creeping onto the old man's lips. "Your pups will be worth a pretty penny, my sweet. You're teeming with omegan spawn."

Mr. Kang shouted in alarm, dropping the omega onto the floor when a rock struck his cheek. A low rumble verbalized his boiling rage, pressing a hand to the gash on his face, glaring at the imposter. Seulgi positioned herself between her mate and the man she once called her father, hands coming to strangle his neck.

"Don't touch my family." The man smirked, belittling his daughter's display of hostility.

"I'd watch your step. Someone might get hurt." He pointed at a massive canister looming forebodingly over their heads, the words 'Cyanogen' plastered on the side in thick, bold lettering. Seulgi snarled at his psychotic cackling, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. The man smirked through a dying choke, holding the end of the rope that secured the toxic gas in place against the ceiling. "Let's see how fast you can run." As the rope left his grip, Seulgi hastily collected Joohyun in her arms. The omega hid her face in her wife's neck, clinging on for dear life as Seulgi ran towards the trap door that lead up to her childhood burial grounds as fast as her legs could carry her. Seulgi's lungs inhaled only smoke as the fire spilled down into the cellar behind them.

"Grandpa, why aren't you married anymore?" A young Seulgi inquired, taking a seat on the patio beside her aging grandfather as he gazed out at the sea. The white-haired man smiled, watching as billowing clouds sailed across a pure blue sky.

"I have lost my mate, little bear; your grandmother." Me muttered hoarsely. "She was an ornery little thing; no omega could ever compete with her stubbornness. But it was her lively spirit that tied me to her. No other key could fit the lock she wrapped around my heart. That is why I swore I would never love again."

"But Appa says that omegas are only worth the number of babies they have. Is that true?" The old man frowned, eyes and mouth disappearing behind unruly white facial hair.

"Omegas are a great treasure, Seulgi. If you should find one, you should treat them with the utmost respect. Without them, our society would cease to exist." Seulgi looked out at the greenery, kicking her tiny legs in thought.

"Do you think an omega will be my mate, grandpa?" The wise man inhaled as a warm breeze blew passed which made the nearby wind chime sing a blissful melody.

"Perhaps. The dynamic of your mate does not matter. What matters is the love that is shared between two souls, like land and sea. The land gives the ocean its shape while in return, the water nourishes the life the earth loves so dearly. They both exist independently, but without each other, balance cannot be achieved. It is the earth's job to look after the sea, making sure no harm should come to it."

"That's silly!" Seulgi giggled as a withered hand rubbed her little head, a warm chuckle dancing in the summer wind.

"Someday, you will understand."

Seulgi cried out as she ran, her mate curling up in her arms to brace for impact as the flames nipped at their heels, mingling with the explosive gasses. The alpha burst through the doors to freedom just as the gas struck the floor, molecules catching fire and bursting in a massive explosion knocking Seulgi off her feet. Joohyun screamed as she rolled into the bushes nearby, her mate tumbling close behind her. The manor was completely engulfed in flames, pieces of burning wood falling from the sky after the eruption. Seulgi groaned as she eased herself up off of the grass, vision blurred as Joohyun's body came into view.

"Joohyun!" She wailed, fumbling over herself as she crawled over to the omega. She appeared to be unconscious, laying quietly on her back. Her multitude of gashes and bruises were on full display under the light of the moon, put there by her father in law. Seulgi's lower lip trembled as she rested a hand on her wife's purple cheek. How could she let this happen? She promised to protect her -- to protect them. Her hand landed on Joohyun's exposed belly feeling it move up and down as the omega breathed. "Oh, Joohyun, I'm so sorry." She whispered, kissing her wife's forehead. "I've failed you as your alpha -- I've failed our pups; you were so willing to talk to me, you always are. I'm just too much of a coward to see what you see." Seulgi sobbed against her wife's swollen cheek, internally abusing herself for what she had done. "What the hell were you thinking, marrying the likes of me?" Warm tears leaked from her eyes and dripped onto Joohyun's porcelain skin, making the woman's eyelashes flutter.

"Seulgi." Said woman gasped at the weak little coo, holding her wife's face in her hands as she cried. Joohyun's body was covered head to toe in scratches and bruises, however, it was her hand that caught her attention. The hand that had been holding the glass earlier had a matured, grey bruise covering the back of it.

"D-did I do that?" Seulgi muttered, a hand coming to rest over her breaking heart. Joohyun looked down at her body quietly. In all honesty, with all of the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she didn't feel much pain at the moment. Her mind was spinning like a top, though, as it tried to digest all that had happened over the past few hours. Slowly, she sat up, hissing as she held her pounding head in her hand. Seulgi's own hand came up to help though it wound up just hovering there shyly in fear of only hurting her more. Joohyun wearily looked at her mate, panic spreading across her features.

"S-Seulgi! Your stomach!" The alpha froze, looking down at the dark blood stain her mother inflicted upon her. Joohyun could only watch as her lover's eyes started to droop in the losing battle of keeping them fixed on her. Suddenly, Seulgi's vision went black as she fell forward into Joohyun's trembling arms, police sirens wailing nearby.

Chapter Text

"Hey, babe?" Sooyoung called over the squealing of children, eyes fixed on the television. Yerim replied from one of the nearby bedrooms in the midst of a struggle with four of her roudy sons.


"You might wanna come see this."

"-ly a house caught fire late last night. The police reports say only two survivors were found wounded in the bushes outside. Rumor has it, this was once the home of a mafia supply dealer responsible for the disappearance of 634 omegas. A chemical reaction is what caused the explosion. More on this story tonight at-" Yerim watched over the couch where her mate was seated, bouncing a gurgling baby in her arms.

"Oh no."

Joohyun stood in the hallway, peering in through the observation window at her unconscious wife laying in a hospital bed. She could barely see her wife's beautiful face covered by an oxygen mask as doctors and nurses crowded around her. A cold, bandage-wrapped hand came to rest over her belly as she watched, the other grabbing on to the IV drip at her side. Running footsteps caught her attention, compelling her to turn her head. Sooyoung and Yerim came running down the hallway, baby in tow, nearly knocking over a man on crutches receiving more than just a few angry glares.

"We came as fast as we could!" Sooyoung panted, doubling over. "Are you guys okay!? How's Seulgi?"

"Not good." Joohyun sighed with a forlorn expression, watching as her wife underwent further tests. "She's been out for a while now. The doctors say she has some internal bleeding in her abdomen which is what caused her to faint." The couple's eyes followed the worried wife's. "This is all my fault." Joohyun whispered to herself, supporting her weight on the drip.

"Don't say that." Yerim murmured. Her baby slobbered on his hand, oblivious to the current situation. "None of this is your fault. How could either of you have predicted this?"

"I pushed her too far!" The omega hiccuped. "She told me her parents were crazy, but I insisted! Now she's hurting and it's all because of me!" Joohyun broke into a fit of loud sobs, crying into the drip while her friends exchanged a sympathetic glance. Their eyes fell to the woman's belly pushing up against her hospital gown. The couple found a sense of relief in knowing their friends' children would be okay, though they still worried for their sire's recovery. "What if she never wakes up?" Joohyun breathed, falling into a downward spiral of panic and possible outcomes.

"Hey hey hey! Don't think like that!" The alpha said, trying to be helpful. "She'll wake up before you know it! I promise!" The tall woman's arms wrapped the weeping wife in a hug, rocking her gently in her embrace. More tears left wet streaks down Joohyun's cheeks. This alpha's scent was not her mate's; it was tree-like and unfamiliar.

"Be careful. You might accidentally imprint on her." Yerim murmured quietly, urging her wife to let the other omega go. Joohyun wiped her tears with her arms, looking at her wife once again. All she wanted to do was to be in her arms again. She wanted to laugh like they used to before all of this came into the picture. She wanted to celebrate their little ones growing in her belly, getting bigger with each passing day. All she wanted was for her alpha to smile at her like the goofy bear she is; to be happy again.

"Joohyun-ah!" The familiar sound of her father's voice tugged her grieving emotions back towards the surface. Her face turned red as she sobbed into her father's chest, her mother stroking her back gently. Mrs. Bae looked over her daughter's back, brows furrowing in sadness as she analyzed the situation on the other side of the glass. "Are you hurt, love? Seulgi? How are the babies?" The man sputtered while keeping Joohyun's shoulders in a firm grip, looking deep into his little girl's puffy eyes. "Oh! Look at your beautiful face!" He cooed, gently touching the massive bruise on her cheek making her wince.

"I'm fine, Appa; the babies are fine." Joohyun rubbed her belly for emphasis. "Seulgi..." Mr. Bae looked through the window at his favorite daughter in law laying on her back, completely out of operation.

"But she's gonna be okay, right?" He asked with a nervous chuckle, eyes swimming with tears. "She has to be!"

"I'm sure she'll be just fine." Yerim piped up while she rocked her baby on her hip. "It doesn't do her any good for us to just stand around idly. All we can do now is give her the time she needs to recover. She'll come back to us when she's ready." The doctors in the room gathered by the door, probably discussing their analysis on Seulgi's condition. Three of the doctors exited the room, brushing past the group of people until only one remained.

"Is the patient's mate present?" Joohyun nodded, raising her free hand. "You may see her now." The omega slowly wheeled her IV drip along beside her as she entered the room, the rest of the group trying to follow suit. The doctor held out his hand to stop them. "Only her wife, please." The group exchanged a few glances but backed away in compliance.

"I'll only be a few minutes." Joohyun whispered with a little smile before she closed the door behind her. Mr. Bae peaked through the window for as long as he could while a little blind covered the glass to give the couple some privacy.

Joohyun sighed, taking a moment to soak up Seulgi's weary form. She looked so weak and frail. Her skin was so pale it appeared to be translucent, covered in abrasions to match her own. Brown eyes wandered down to the bandages wrapped around her mate's abdomen, stained with blood where they covered her stab wound. The hissing of her breaths as she inhaled through the oxygen mask were loud and somewhat frightening for Joohyun, making her feel hesitant towards approaching the bedside. She wheeled a stool over, careful not to hurt herself as she took a seat next to the love of her life. Joohyun bit her lip, trying her best to suppress her tears while she held her mate's cold, dry, veiny hand.

"Our ultrasound is in two days." She croaked, sniffling lightly while drawing little shapes on her wife's hand. "The pups are learning how to smile now, but I'm sure you already knew that. Maybe they'll even do it for their pictures." She chuckled breathily, tears threatening to spill over despite how hard she fought them back. "I hope they look like yours." The oxygen mask and sensors continued to make noise though Seulgi remained unresponsive. The realization that her babies' sire may not be there with her to meet the twins was the straw that broke the camel's back. Joohyun stuttered over her breaths, resting her head in her arms as she wept into her mate's warmth. Her shaky breaths bounced off of the walls, reaching the ears of her loved ones waiting outside. Mr. Bae made move to go comfort his daughter, but his wife held his arm with a pleading expression. Joohyun needed this time alone.

"This might feel a little cold." Dr. Kim stated, applying the blue gel over Joohyun's stomach. The woman's eyes never left the monitor. There was a swivel chair positioned beside the bed left there by the couple that came before her. It taunted her; reminding her that her mate was down the hall and incapable of being there to see her pups for the first time. Joohyun figured it's what she gets for having hope. 

"I could hold your hand if you'd like." Wendy suggested sweetly. She knew what Joohyun was going through and wanted to lend a helping hand in any way she could; literally and figuratively. Joohyun flashed her a small smile, shaking her head to decline her heart-felt offer. Wendy bowed in apology as she retreated back into her corner of the room. The wand glided over Joohyun's middle in search of the tangerine-sized pups nestled in her womb. The omega inhaled a breath of wonder through her nose when two little bundles of joy appeared on the screen. "There they are!" The doctor chirped, rolling the wand around some more. Joohyun's eyes were fixed in fascination as she watched one of them squirm in its sleep. 

"They look so healthy!" Wendy added as a form of comfort to the mother. 

"Would you like for me to disclose their genders or would you prefer to keep it a surprise?" 

"I would like to know." Joohyun murmured quietly in her reclined position, still gazing at the screen.

"Alright then." The man pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he got to work. Joohyun waited patiently for the doctor's response. In the meantime, she was perfectly fine watching her children practice curling their little fingers and toes. "They're both male." Dr. Kim said with a smile. "Two healthy baby boys." Joohyun's heart fluttered with the new knowledge she'd gained. "Want to see something cool?" Joohyun nodded eagerly as the doctor poked her belly. They watched as her little ones squirmed away from the disruption. "Their reflexes are developing. Do you see the way he's sucking his thumb?" The doctor inquired, pointing at one of the tiny fetuses. "Since he's sucking on his right thumb, that means the left side of his brain is telling him how to do it. Pretty cool, huh?" The omega's smile reached her eyes as she nodded, the little dark clouds looming over her head poofing away for the time being. "Say cheese!" He chuckled, capturing the ultrasound for photographic purposes. "I'll go get these developed for you." Joohyun thanked the man, sad to watch the lights flicker on while Wendy wiped the gel off of her belly.

"You're so lucky." Wendy sighed dreamily. "I've always wanted to have a few kids of my own." Joohyun watched as the midwife tossed the towel into the bin to be taken to the laundry room for proper cleaning.

"What's stopping you?" Wendy displayed a sad little smile. 

"We betas don't have nearly as high of a birth rate as omegas. I've already suffered two miscarriages." Joohyun's expressions held only feelings of sympathy.

"I'm so sorry."

"It's alright." Wendy sighed, still wearing her gentle smile. "We've been thinking about adoption instead." The midwife's words weighed heavily on Joohyun's conscience as the doctor came back into the room with two ultrasound prints in hand. 

"I brought two copies in case you wanted to share." Joohyun bowed slightly, accepting the first photos of her and Seulgi's sons from the doctor's hands.

For the first time since the incident, Joohyun walked into the apartment alone. While the familiar smell did provide her with a sense of comfort, it was far too quiet. Usually Seulgi would be home for lunch by the time she returned from her shift at the cafe, stirring something up by the stove. She missed the cute little greeting Seulgi spoiled her with. As she removed her shoes, she could see her wife's strung clumsily in front of their designated cubby. What Joohyun used to scold her for daily became one of those little flaws that wound up tugging at her heart strings. 

Joohyun trudged through the lonely apartment, pushing the bedroom door opened. The room was completely dark, the bed still neatly made the way they left it four days ago. Now, she would be sleeping here alone in her wife's absence. The room still smelled like her alpha, which made her relax just a little bit. Perhaps she should sleep in her hoodie tonight as well. The sight of said article of clothing hanging up in her closet reminded the omega of her mate's adorable eye smile. It's no wonder she was able to tell when she was through ovulating. Perhaps her talents lied in her sense of taste while her parents' were in sound and smell. How could such an adorable, dorky bear turn out so wonderful after being raised by a family of psychopaths? She remembered how Seulgi spoke so highly of her late grandfather. Perhaps he was her saving grace.

She began to pick apart the dreaded evening at the Kang's manor. Why had Seulgi succumbed to her demanding persistence so easily? Sure, she had warned her of the dangers prior to their arrival, even setting up a secret language, but why did she continue to follow through with it? Simply because Joohyun wanted it to be so or was there some additional motive?

Maybe a shower will set my mind at ease. 

The warm water aided the aches in her body, but did little to sooth the stinging in the healing gashes on her back and legs. Joohyun watched as little droplets slid down her belly into the shower drain below. She was officially four months along; the second trimester of her first pregnancy. Soon she would feel her sons' little butterfly kicks in utero. The mother smiled, rubbing her precious swell gently. Her thoughts meandered towards her wife sitting alone in that cold hospital bed. She hated leaving her alone, but it was important she got her rest, especially while pregnant and in recovery herself. She decided she would visit her first thing in the morning; spend the night if she had to. Joohyun wanted to show Seulgi the beautiful baby boys she had so graciously given her.

"Mama will wake up soon, my loves. I promise." 

Chapter Text

Fluorescent lights were the first thing that greeted Seulgi's vision upon stirring from her long slumber. She grumbled quietly, trying to let them adjust to the incredibly harsh wake up call, a loud beeping ringing in her ear.

What a wonderful way to wake up.

It didn't take very long for her to realize where she was. Looking down her nose, she could see the hoses that kept her flow of oxygen going. The machine hissed each time she inhaled making her sound like Darth Vador. Seulgi giggled at the thought of playing around with the concept whenever Joohyun came to visit. Her happy eye smile faded when she remembered the last time she had seen her wife. Her heart hurt making the monitor beside her briefly fluctuate in speed. Seulgi didn't like the reality of not knowing where she was or if she was alright. What had become of her mate and children? Moving to sit up was a bad idea. A sharp twinge of pinched nerves shot up her spinal cord demanding she lay back down against the pillow.

Her eyes glanced around the hospital room before landing on the unexpected visitor fast asleep on her legs. Seulgi could recognize that old hoodie and adorable snore from a mile away. She breathed a sigh of relief which fogged up the plastic mask over her mouth and nose. A little piece of photo paper lying beside her wife's curled hand caught her attention. She carefully fished her own hand down to pick it up, holding it between her eyes and the light above her head. At first, she thought it was some form of abstract artwork, but upon further inspection, she realized it was a sonogram; Joohyun's sonogram.

I missed it?

The sleeping woman draped over the side of the bed inhaled deeply as she too rose from sleep's grasps. Her pretty little head rolled to the side, eyes squinting as they gazed at what she expected to be her unconscious mate. Instead, she was graced with the presence of her wife's twinkling monolid eyes. Joohyun suddenly looked wide awake.

"Seulgi-ya?" She whispered in disbelief.

"Good morning." The alpha tried to mumble through the plastic oxygen mask muffling her words. Joohyun didn't seem to care about annunciation. Instead, she flung herself on top of her mate, forgetting about the current state of her body. Seulgi grunted at the accidental pain her wife had inflicted but moved to reciprocate the hug.

"Sorry!" Joohyun whined, carefully climbing off of her mate. "I'm just so happy to see you! I was starting to think you were..." Seulgi blinked. She already knew what her mate was going to say though she was confused as to how long she had been gone. To her, it only felt like a single night though the length of her rest was evident by the passing of their ultrasound. Seulgi looked down at the pictures in her hand. She tried to mumble to her wife, but the words were practically sucked up by the machine. Groaning, she reached for her wife's hand, writing her message on the back of it in their secret language.

R U O K ?

Joohyun smiled down at her hand, nodding. She reached to press the buzzer beside the bedframe to summon the doctor so she could welcome her wife back properly. The couple continued to gaze at one another, enjoying one another's company until the doctor arrived to remove Seulgi's mask. He cleared her to leave the following day so they could monitor her vitals and ensure she was healthy enough to go home.

"I was going to show you my Darth Vador impression, but I guess that's a bust." Joohyun giggled at her wife's antics which lifted Seulgi's burdened spirits. There was an obvious elephant in the room that had to be addressed later on, but for now, Seulgi was interested in how the ultrasound went. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you." The omega smiled, rubbing her wife's knee.

"It's not your fault. At least you're here now so I can tell you in person." Joohyun took her mate's hand in hers, resting it on her belly. "Say hello to your sons." A wide smile spread across Seulgi's features, eyes going wet as her other hand came to join its partner out of jealousy. She pressed a kiss to the prominent bump, murmuring her cute little greetings to the brothers kept inside.

"You're growing so fast!" Seulgi gasped, taking in the size of Joohyun's middle.

"Fifteen weeks as of tomorrow."

"Already!? What is that, four months?" Seulgi asked, eyes rolling up as she tried to do the math in her head. Joohyun laughed, nodding her head in confirmation. "I'm so happy you're all okay. I was afraid I'd lost you."

"Likewise." Joohyun chuckled, pressing her cheek into the palm of her mate's hand. Seulgi smiled, though her eyes exposed her feelings.

"I don't know what I was thinking." She murmured quietly. "All of this could've been avoided if I hadn't been so selfish and stupid." Joohyun removed Seulgi's hand from her cheek, instead holding it between her own.

"I'm no saint either." She said with a short exhale. "I pushed you too far. I should've just accepted it and left it at that."

"You were not at fault." Seulgi insisted. "You didn't realize the severity of the situation because, quite simply, I didn't explain it to you. I guess I thought even they could change. I thought maybe they could accept an omega if they knew their child loved her. But people never change -- not unless they want to; especially not people like them." Joohyun digested her alpha's words, rubbing her hand with her thumbs.

"They're hardly people, Seulgi-ya. You're not like them." Joohyun cooed.

"I'm not?"

"Of course not. If you were anything like them, you would've run away or kept me under your thumb at home. That's what they did with each other. Your mother was the one who grabbed me first, but your father beat her away to get me alone." The omega stated matter-of-factly. "When your father took me down into the basement, I didn't know what to think. He said something about selling me off to a stud farm and everything after that is still a blur." Seulgi's hand clenched into a fist in Joohyun's arm making her look up. "My point is, you've never abandoned me and you spoil me rotten on a regular basis. Even when you should've assumed the worst, you ran after me."

"I'll always run after you. Even if you run off the face of the earth, I'll still run after you." Joohyun smiled, leaning in to kiss her mate. Seulgi's hand trailed down to Joohyun's pregnant belly pressed between them. A loud, flirtatious wolf whistle came from the direction of the door.

"Sorry, are we interrupting something?" The couple's lips disconnected, Joohyun's head whirling around at sound of the familiar voice. Sooyoung stood at the door with wriggling eyebrows and a teasing smirk. "Keep going! I'll just watch." Yerim peeked out from behind her taller mate, slapping her arm in rage.

"Leave them alone! Seulgi probably just woke up, for fuck's sake!" Yeri turned to Seulgi with an out of character smile. "It's good to see you back with the living, unnie."

"It's good to be back." Seulgi responded, eskimo kissing with her giggling mate.

"Uck! Show's over! Break it up!" Sooyoung exclaimed, marching over to park herself between the two love birds. Her presence didn't do much to deter the gooey atmosphere between the couple. Seulgi and Joohyun just peaked around Sooyoung, giggling and flirting like high school sweethearts in the school yard. Yerim laughed from the sidelines.

"I see you two have made up. It's good to see you both all giddy again. Come on, Soo, let's give these two some privacy."

"Ugh! Gross!" Sooyoung grumbled, dragging her feet as she followed Yerim out the door. When the couple thought they were alone, they shared heated glances, leaning in for another session of lip locking. A knock on the window made their heads turn. Sooyoung stood outside, two fingers pointing from her eyes to them before she was dragged off by an arm undoubtedly belonging to her wife. Joohyun shook her head, getting up to close the blinds before returning to the bed.

"Now, where were we?" A loud gurgling sound caught the duo's attention.

"It sounds like someone's hungry." Seulgi chuckled, rubbing her wife's belly while pressing a kiss to her blushing cheeks. A similar rumble came from Seulgi's stomach to which the omega smiled cheekily. "Alright, alright, let's go down to the cafeteria. We both have some calories to catch up on."

Seulgi watched in amazement as Joohyun returned with her third tray of the evening. This was around the time where she would need to start eating more now that her morning sickness was a thing of the past. As their sons got bigger and bigger, they would begin to pack on some of that adorable baby fat. Much of that would come in the form of their mommy gobbling up pretty much everything in sight like a little pacman. The alpha supposed those infamous food cravings would be kicking into high gear soon along with her appetite. Seulgi smiled at the observation but said nothing, biting into her own burger. She didn't want Joohyun to get self-conscience over her body's natural instincts.

"Wendy said I should aim to gain about fourteen pounds by the end of this trimester." Joohyun stated as she nibbled on some green beans. "The boys will be shooting up like weeds over these next few weeks."

"It's so weird to hear you refer to them as 'the boys.'" Seulgi giggled. "It's a good thing, though. By the way, do you have any names in mind?" Joohyun looked up with furrowed brows as she chewed her food.

"Not really. I figured we should wait a while before deciding on anything yet. Why? Do you have one?"

"Rowoon." Seulgi stated, lifting her fork to her mouth. "After my grandfather." Joohyun tilted her head and smiled, twirling her fork idly in her hand.

"You want to name our baby after your grandfather?" Seulgi nodded adamantly before her excited expression slowly fell.

"But if you don't like it, we can pick something else."

"No, not at all! I'd love to honor him. After all, he means so much to you." Seulgi smiled, her eyes squinting into little crescents.

Chapter Text

"Seulgi-ya!" Seulgi rolled her eyes with a chuckle, flipping over little slices of ham with a spatula. Joohyun was now nineteen weeks pregnant and her neediness had grown right along with her. She was halfway through her first pregnancy with only four more months to go and Seulgi couldn't have been more proud of her. The expecting sire was buzzing with excitement when she wasn't too busy making frequent supermarket runs and giving back massages. Throughout the day Joohyun was either hungry or achy, usually a combination of both, which Seulgi was more than happy to help with. She felt like she was finally making herself useful and contributing to the pregnancy. "Seulgi-ya!" Joohyun whined once more from her station on the couch.

"What's wrong, my love?" The alpha cooed, placing the ham pucks on a little plate. 

"Come here!" Seulgi carried the plate into the living room and joined her mate on the couch. "My tummy hurts." Her wife's head came to rest on her shoulder while Seulgi's hand rubbed her belly through a classic case of round ligament pains. Seulgi picked up one of the ham pucks, holding it in front of her mate's lips for her to take. Joohyun's eyes suddenly widened as her hands flew to her belly. "Give me your hand!" The alpha gave her a look of confusion but obeyed, allowing her wife to snatch her hand and place it over a new spot on her belly. Joohyun gazed up at her expectantly as if waiting for a reaction to which Seulgi could only shrug. The omega frowned, moving her mate's hand to a more accurate position. Seulgi gasped as little taps pressed against the palm of her hand.


"They're kicking!" The sire's jaw hit the floor, a cheerful smile soon following.

"For real!? That's awesome, Hyun! What does it feel like?"

"Like cute little butterflies trapped in my tummy." The proud alpha watched with loving eyes as her mate poked at her belly, merrily playing with their pups for the very first time. It was like watching a child on Christmas morning only it was her wife celebrating the life they've created together. Her heart soared.

Seulgi was thankful for Joohyun's patience with her. An omega's natural instincts are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it came time for pups. Even as her body nagged and tormented her for remaining barren, Joohyun did her best to withhold her urges until Seulgi was ready to sire. Now, here she was in all of her omegan glory and blissfully satisfied.

Thoughts of her horrible parents creeped their way back into Seulgi's head. Apparently their intentions were to sell her mate off to some pompous stud farm. She remembered the beverage she swatted out of Joohyun's hand; a horrible concoction that would have erased Seulgi's imprint and forced her omega's body to abandon their pups to prepare for new ones. In truth, she was a major target because her eggs contained high amounts of omega chromosomes which Seulgi didn't think to check beforehand. If they had higher beta or alpha chromosomes, Joohyun's 'value' in the illegal breeding industry would have been significantly less groundbreaking. However, since omegas were growing scarce among the general population, an omega with a multitude of omegan spawn would fetch an even higher price. She couldn't stomach the thought of her wife held prisoner to live out the rest of her days being treated like scum; a breeder.

Joohyun had noticed her mate's far away look in her eyes and peered up at her out of curiosity. Seulgi had made a habit out of disconnecting from reality which could get very frustrating at times, however, Joohyun found herself wondering what that other realm looked like. Cuddling up against her alpha's chest, she released her soothing scent for her troubled mate's benefit.

"Can to you about something?" Big brown eyes gazed up at Seulgi with a sort of child-like wonder only Kang Joohyun possessed. "I've made a lot of mistakes over the past few weeks; one of them being not speaking to you sooner." Joohyun's attention never faltered as she reached for the last slice of ham. "Before we left, I should have asked to check your eggs."

"My eggs?" Joohyun questioned, brows furrowed in confusion as she gnawed on the meat between her teeth. Seulgi nodded.

"My mother could smell the most probable dynamic of your...potential children." Seulgi said, dancing around the use of the 'E' word again. "Apparently her nose picked up on a lot of omega chromosomes. For me, my capabilities lie in my taste buds. Maybe if I had checked beforehand..."

"Oh." Joohyun looked out the window ahead, still chewing on her ham puck.

"It's creepy, I know. I've even tried scrubbing them off to get rid of it but it's no use."

"It's only creepy if it's placed in the wrong hands." Joohyun assured her mate, patting her arm. "Thank you for telling me." Seulgi smiled, pulling her pregnant mate to rest against her side as they watched the cherry blossoms bloom together. "Question."


"Is that the reason why you like going down on me so much?" Seulgi's face heated up, taking on a reddish hue making Joohyun cackle. "I'll take that as a yes."

That night, Seulgi's feet squelched in her rubber boots as a heavy rain shower washed over the streets of Seoul. She had been sent on yet another food run as her mate had been craving pickles and tuna. Joohyun had been chowing down on some ketchup-coated pickles these days. She considered them a delicacy while it only made Seulgi want to gag, especially when Joohyun wanted some kissies. Unfortunately for her, she was whipped.

The door alarm dinged as Seulgi marched into the safety of the convenience store, removing the hood of her rain coat. Annoying elevator music played quietly over the speakers as she searched the aisles for what the pregnant omega wanted, picking up a few extra things she thought Joohyun might like. Popcorn, ice cream, a bottle of ketchup, some bell peppers, and a can of tuna all piled into Seulgi's arms as she continued her raid on the convenience store.

As she was reading the back of a chip bag, she felt a pair of eyes inspecting her. Seulgi looked up, catching a figure peeking over the top of one of the nearby shelves. The stranger ducked their head, hiding their eyes underneath the hood of their coat as they grabbed what seemed to be the first thing they saw and shuffled towards the counter. She watched with a skeptical eye as the odd figure paid for their singular item and scurried out the door.

"Never fear! Your delivery girl is here!" Seulgi shouted into the apartment, closing the door with her foot since her hands were full. Joohyun waddled around the corner, taking the yellow plastic bags full of food so her wife could remove her weather wear.

"Thanks, babe!" Joohyun chirped, kissing her mate's cheek as she slid her wet coat off of her arms. "Come take a shower with me? I don't want you getting sick." She pleaded, grabbing Seulgi's cold hands as she did a cute little dance in place.

"Are you sure that's your only motive?" The alpha laughed receiving a pathetic pout from her wife.

"Fine then. No sexy time for you." That seemed to grab Seulgi's attention. Joohyun's eyes shimmered with amusement, peeking over her shoulder with a flirty smirk as she disappeared around the corner. 

Little vixen.

Needless to say, Seulgi didn't need any further prompting than that. Instead, she stood under the shower head with her wifey while they enjoyed the warm water as well as each other's company. Joohyun looked absolutely radiant, wet hair sticking to her body as she lathered her arms with soap. Joohyun had acquired this motherly glow about her that made Seulgi swoon. She couldn't tear herself away from her mate's body, heavy and full of her alpha's legacy. Joohyun's slender arms came up to wash her hair, unintentionally putting herself on full display before her mate's wandering eyes. Seulgi felt her member twitch at the sight of her wife's plump breasts rising up with her lifted limbs. The proud sire took a step closer, burying her nose in her wife's wet hair while wrapping her in a back hug.

"You look absolutely beautiful." Joohyun smiled, leaning back into her mate's naked embrace and purring sweet nothings into her ear. The alpha's hands snaked around to rub Joohyun's baby bump, running her fingers over the stretch marks to thank them for their service. "I want to properly thank you."

"For what?" 

"For giving me a family." While the words seemed quite bland on the surface, the implications behind them spoke volumes. Seulgi urged Joohyun to turn around so she could get a good look at her. "Thank you noggin' for making my honey so smart." Seulgi said, kissing the top of Joohyun's head before making her way down her body. "Thank you ears for being good listeners. Thank you eyes for making my heart skip a beat. Thank you lips for letting my wifey speak her mind. Thank you throat for her soothing voice. Thank you hands for your gentle touch. Thank you boobies for keeping our babies fed. Thank you belly for keeping our babies cozy. Thank you booty for getting me in trouble." Seulgi's eyes flicked up to meet Joohyun's little chuckle. "Thank you puss puss for letting me make the babies. Thank you legs for helping me take her on adventures. And thank you feet for making her a clutz. Ow!" Seulgi rubbed the top of her head where her wife had playfully bopped her. 

"You're such a dorky bear." The walls of the bathroom repeated the angelic sound of Joohyun's giggle.

"I'm your dorky bear though!" Seulgi stood up to do a goofy little dance, nearly slipping but managed to catch herself on the towel rail.

"And don't you forget it." Joohyun chuckled, kissing her mate with passion. Seulgi felt her wife's stomach gurgle in her hands, flashing Joohyun a knowing glance. 

"Is mommy hungry?" Joohyun blushed the way she always did when she got caught. The alpha smiled and kissed Joohyun's nose as she reached to cease the flow of water. She helped Joohyun step out of the shower since she couldn't even see her feet and her center of gravity was skewed. A fluffy white towel was wrapped around the omega's gravid body, enveloping her in fuzzy feelings from her mate's attentive care. "I can whip up some spaghetti if you want. I think there's still some meatballs left in the fridge."

"I love the way you spoil me."

Chapter Text

Joohyun sat in front of the window, a hand resting over her sizable swell as she watched the autumn leaves fall from their branches. The summer months had come and gone in the blink of an eye. The omega could sense that the time before birth was wearing thinner and thinner with each passing moment. Suppressing a low murmur was impossible when a few braxton hicks contractions caused her muscles to spasm as her body practiced for labor. The pitter patter of tiny feet against her uterus let Joohyun know her pups were also up and ready to start their day. 

"Good morning, little ones." She cooed while tickling the mini bulge in her belly where one of her sons' feet was resting. Joohyun made a habit of speaking to the brothers to help her bond with her young. Sometimes they even responded to their mothers' voices, especially the voice of their sire whom had yet to greet them that morning. They wanted to be closer to their mama. The pups expressed their complaints through movement; rolling and kicking their mothers' womb making her grumble in discomfort. "Mama's sleeping. She'll come say hello to you before she leaves." She assured her frustrated pups, patting her belly gently.

With an exasperated sigh, Joohyun leaned her head back against the couch. Today she woke up feeling particularly lazy. She had no will to move even though the breast pump Yerim gifted her had been calling her name. The thought of using it put a sour taste in her mouth. It hurt for one thing and with Joohyun's seemingly endless supply of milk, her nipples had become red and sore. In addition to the pains it caused, they were running out of room in the refrigerator for bottle storage. Wendy had suggested a solution to the problem in donating some of it to a milk bank for babies in need and Joohyun was more than willing to oblige, but that did nothing to slow her weeping breasts. She would pump a few bottles and be completely full again within the hour. This was a major source of frustration for Joohyun as going without a proper milking hurt even worse than the pump did.

As if on cue, Joohyun let out a loud noise of irritation aimed at the all too familiar ache in her chest. All she wanted to do was rest her eyes for a while but nature's call waited for no one. The expecting mother flailed her arms out in front of her in hopes of working up enough momentum to heave herself up off of the couch. The poor thing felt like a turtle stuck on its back. She managed to lift her heavy belly up with her spine in an arch, a hand resting on the arm of the furniture behind her for support. She waddled her way through the apartment, one hand on her belly with the other supporting her sore back. 

The screeching of an alarm clock made Seulgi groan, covering her head with her pillow as she tried to immerse herself back into another REM cycle. Her eyes drifted over to the other side of the bed where she was surprised to find it abandoned. It was very rare for Joohyun to wake up before her unless she had to pee for the umpteenth time. Seulgi hit the snooze on her dreaded alarm clock, sitting up in a slouch as she let her eyes adjust to the morning light in the room. The door to the bathroom was wide opened. No Joohyun. 

Maybe she's eating a snack?

Seulgi let out a few fake sobs upon parting with her nice, warm bed to find her mate and brew her morning coffee. Her notoriously heavy footsteps slapped against laminate floor tiles as she entered the kitchen space, yawning ridiculously loud while scratching at her bed head. Seulgi's eyes remained squinted even as she stuck her head in the refrigerator to help perk herself up the way she did every morning. Rows upon rows of bottles were lined up along the shelves and spaces in the door, some of which accidentally tumbled out onto the floor. The cold sensation triggered the neurons in Seulgi's brain to wake up. Joohyun apparently wasn't in the kitchen either which left only the guest bathroom, living room, and spare bedroom they were turning into a nursery.

Seulgi had a hunch.

The alpha quietly nudged the door to the vacant room opened, finding Joohyun sleeping peacefully in a nest of cushions and blankets towards the back corner of the room. Seulgi had to hold on to the door frame to keep herself from toppling over. This meant Joohyun would be delivering a few weeks earlier than they had previously anticipated. It was a good thing too. The pups have already dropped and were sitting very low against Joohyun's pelvic bone causing her quite a bit of discomfort. Their Mama's paternal instincts had been flaring up as well. She had taken it upon herself to help her mate waddle around the apartment, looming over her shoulder as if waiting for something to happen. She didn't do this on purpose which was a clear indicator that Joohyun was readying herself for the birth. 

"Seulgi-ya." Joohyun had managed to roll over onto her other side so she was facing the door where her mate stood. She beckoned Seulgi closer to which the latter complied, crouching down on the floor beside the burdened mother of her pups. There was a graceful silence to Joohyun's demeanor which served as a final clue that she was due for delivery. Seulgi pressed a warm hand to her wife's cheek, humming at the way Joohyun obediently leaned into the touch. 

"You've been dying to push, haven't you?" Joohyun gazed into her wife's eyes longingly. With the pups' heads pressing up against her pelvis, her body's natural instinct was to start pushing. However, the rest of her body wasn't quite ready to let them go just yet which initiated an internal struggle within the omega. Seulgi held her close, letting her soak in the smell of her babies' sire to help ease their movements. "It's alright." A mutual understanding had been established between the couple. There was no denying it; soon they would be cradling their infant sons in their arms. Joohyun's eyes fluttered closed for a moment, listening to the steady thud of her alpha's heart lulling her back to sleep.

"I'm not sure how much longer I can wait." Things seemed to have come full circle. The same words Joohyun murmured when she was pining for a baby were now resurfacing as she lay heavily pregnant in her mate's lap. "My tummy hurts." Joohyun whispered wearily. 

"Try to get some rest. I'll be sitting right here when you wake up." The omega yawned, smiling at the babies' movements in response to their Mama's familiar voice. Joohyun was soon snoring in her lap while Seulgi reached to type up an email announcing her absence with her free hand. A smile creeped onto her lips, giddy with the thoughts of soon greeting the little people their love had made. 

Seulgi kept her promise to Joohyun, still sitting with her back against the wall and a hand resting over her mate's hip. She had managed to doze off herself before an eerie disturbance woke her up. Seulgi swore she could sense another presence lurking in the apartment making her heart rate escalate. Joohyun lifted her head slightly as she picked up on her mate's state of distress. A soft but firm thump coming from the other room made Seulgi's arm hair stand on end. The couple exchanged a nervous glance. Joohyun was obviously in no condition to defend herself or make a run for it if the intruder proved to be hostile. It was Seulgi's duty as an alpha to ensure no harm would come to her mate or her pups. Whatever was waiting outside that door, whether it be a person or a fallen object, was a threat to her family in some form and Seulgi would not stand for it.

"Stay here." Seulgi made a move to get up which earned her a whimper of protest but her mate was too weighed down to stop her. Slowly and cautiously approaching the door, Seulgi took a deep breath before peeking her head out into the hallway. Her heart sank into her stomach. "Joohyun. Cover up." The omega obeyed, curling herself around her belly protectively as she burrowed beneath some of the cushions. Seulgi boldly staggered out into the hallway, mirroring the unwelcome figure standing in their kitchen. She didn't stray too far from the nursery in case the intruder decided to seek out her vulnerable mate.

Adrenaline coursed through Seulgi's veins, fight or flight reflexes on high alert. The figure was still only for a moment. In milliseconds, the intruder made a hasty break for the exit. Seulgi was quick to chase after them, grabbing on to the back of their black hoodie though that did little to prevent them from escaping. The mystery person tore off down the hallway, stumbling over their own two feet as they ran towards the fire escape. She seriously contemplated chasing after them, but with Joohyun rendered practically immobile, Seulgi decided it was far too risky. Where there was one, there could be many others. Her instincts decided that Joohyun was no longer safe in her own home.

Seulgi pulled out her phone to report the situation to the police, pacing around the living room to calm herself down. A very familiar scent lingered in the apartment though Seulgi couldn't quite assign a face to it. At first she figured they could've been just a lowly house thief, but there was an intimidating presence there; surely an alpha with a scent that potent. Seulgi spritzed the air with a buffer so Joohyun wouldn't fall ill under the foreign alpha's aroma as she waited for her call to be accepted.

A pained cry made her drop everything on the spot, sprinting towards the nursery to find her wife's dome of a belly heaving in an effort to deliver its offspring. Now was a good time to panic. Joohyun's face was contorted in discomfort as she groaned, clutching her stomach as another bad contraction pulsed through her back and abdomen. 


"I'm here." Seulgi cooed in a hushed tone as she tried and failed to keep herself composed. She crouched down on the floor beside her, murmuring sweet nothings to help calm her mate's nerves. Joohyun started to cry under the influence of stress and fear as she felt her body work through the beginning stages of labor. Seulgi started to cry herself as her initial fears slowly became reality. "I'll go call the hospital!" Seulgi turned to fetch her phone from the living room floor but a loud wail and a hand gripping her elbow stopped her. 

"No! Don't leave me!" The terrified sobs broke Seulgi's heart.

"I'm just going to get my phone, okay? I'm not going anywhere. I promise." Joohyun whimpered quietly as her mate got up to gather the bag they prepared beforehand as well as the hoodie she gave Joohyun. Her mind was reeling in a million different directions; 

Who was that just now? What did they want? Should I call the police when my wife is in labor? Will Joohyun make it through okay? What if something goes wrong? How can I help her?

They had spent nine long months waiting for this moment. Why did something have to pop up now?

"I want them out!" The omega wailed with warm tears streaming down her face.

"Just hang in there!" Seulgi pleaded as she frantically wandered around the nursery while begging Wendy to answer the phone. Her wish was granted when their midwife's cheerful voice came through the other line. "Wendy!? This is Kang Seulgi! Joohyun's in labor!" Her words were proven by a loud groan rumbling in Joohyun's throat as her cervix started to soften and dilate.

"Get her over here as quickly as possible. I'll inform Doctor Kim so we can have a room waiting for you."

"Thank you!" Seulgi ended the call as Wendy was finishing up her goodbyes. She was too distraught to worry about proper phone etiquette. "Let's go, Hyunnie." Seulgi wrapped Joohyun's arm around her neck, attempting to lift her wife to her feet. The omega hissed as gravity pulled the twins down towards her birth canal. "Please just work with me, my love. I can't lift you alone anymore." Joohyun grumbled, trying her hardest to keep herself upright when her legs were shaking like the leaves on the trees outside. Seulgi kept her wife's arm wrapped around her shoulders as they slowly made their way towards the entrance. Joohyun had to take a moment to grab onto the door frame as another round of contractions enveloped her. 

"Please let me push." She cried in desperation with her head against the doorframe. The pain was already unbearable and she had only been in labor a few short minutes.

"No no no no! Not yet! You still haven't fully dilated!" Joohyun whined at the dull pressure against her pelvis as she was hurried down the hallway towards the elevator. 

Joohyun wallowed in the passenger's seat of her mate's car as her contractions became more frequent and increasing in intensity. It took everything in her not to voice her discomfort as they would only further distract the driver. A little nudge at the bottom of her womb made her yelp. The pups were squirming with excitement, ready to make their grand appearance but subsequently making their mommy cry. Meanwhile, Seulgi looked absolutely mortified; staring at the road with both hands holding the steering wheel in a vice grip. 

"C-can I call my parents?" Joohyun sniffled, accepting Seulgi's cell phone when she handed it over to her. Tears dripped onto the illuminated screen making it more difficult for the devise to register Joohyun's finger pressing the contact labeled 'Best Grandparents in the World.'

"Joohyun-ah? Is everything okay? You sound like you're crying." Mrs. Bae's worried voice buzzed through the phone's speakers.

"They're coming, eomma!" Joohyun sobbed, fear evident in her voice. Her mother's gentle tone shushed her panic-stricken daughter. Having been through labor twice before, she understood the flurry of emotions that came with one's first delivery. 

"Just relax. Everything is going to be just fine. Is Seulgi there with you?"

"I'm here!" Seulgi called.

"Good. Text us the hospital's address when you can and we'll see you guys up there. Remember to breathe, Hyun-ah. Just think of this as the gateway to meeting your little ones! We're so proud of you both." Mrs. Bae's words of comfort seemed to ease some of the building tension in the car. "I'll talk to you later."

"I love you, eomma." Mrs. Bae stood in the kitchen with a soft smile. It seemed like only yesterday her little Joohyun was a baby herself. Now she was welcoming two of her own into the world and her mother couldn't be more proud. 

"I love you too, my little Baechu."

Chapter Text

Seulgi winced as her hand was crushed in her wife's vice grip but said nothing. A broken hand was a paper cut compared to what Joohyun was currently going through. The epidural had yet to take effect which meant Joohyun was feeling the brunt of every painful contraction. Seulgi could hardly take it when her beloved released a blood-curdling scream, shattering every last piece of her heart and turning it to dust. This is what she had been afraid of since the very beginning. While she was surrounded by loved ones, Joohyun was completely alone in her suffering and there was not a damned thing Seulgi or anyone else could do about it. Seulgi offered the only thing she could, her hand, as a sort of stress doll to help her mate stomach the agony of childbirth.

Mr. and Mrs. Bae sat on the far wall, the former looking at his little girl with tears in his eyes. It seems he and Seulgi shared similar perspectives on the whole ordeal. Joohyun's mother rubbed her husband's back though she didn't look much better off herself. A part of Seulgi wanted to blame this on herself somehow. Maybe if she hadn't been born an alpha, none of this would've happened. Better yet, maybe the world would be better off if she hadn't even been born at all. Her hand came to rest on the boulder beneath Joohyun's blue hospital gown. She could feel the fluttering of her sons as well as each of her wife's shallow breaths stretching the already taut skin even tighter. 

It seems the epidural was finally doing its job. Joohyun's noises of discomfort decreased ever so slightly in frequency and volume. She heaved her belly up to divert the weight of her babies off of her back but was too heavy to maintain the position. Her body fell back down on the bed with a grunt of exhaustion making it squeak under the sudden movement. 

"If your back is bothering you, it might help if you lay on your side." Mrs. Bae suggested, flashing Joohyun a comforting smile. Seulgi's eyes met those of her mate, taking the implied cry for assistance. She helped her roll over on the bed to relieve the pressure on her spine receiving a little sigh as thanks.

"I didn't think they would be this heavy." Joohyun grumbled in distaste, glaring at the lamp stationed at her bedside. "It feels more like a bowling ball." 

"Maybe they'll grow to be some strong alphas like your old man!" Mr. Bae sat up straight, puffing his chest with pride receiving an eye-roll from his mate. 

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Mrs. Bae exclaimed, reaching under her chair to retrieve a decorative box tied with a baby blue bow. "It's not much, but I think your little ones will like them." She placed the gift on her daughter's bed, watching eagerly from the sidelines while Joohyun unraveled the ribbon. Seulgi also watched with great interest as the lid came off revealing two stuffed animals; a droopy-eared bunny and an adorable brown teddy bear. "I saw these in a store window and thought they were too cute to pass up."

"Eomma, they're perfect! Thank you!" Joohyun said, appreciating the soft limpness of the toys.

"I said she should've gone for two bears." Mr. Bae piped up. "A bunny is a little too feminine in my opinion."

"I chose both because it suits them. And as I've told you before, that is your opinion. It's up to them to decide whether something is appropriate for their children or not."

"Yes, dear." The alpha grumbled, pouting in his seat. Joohyun giggled while stroking the bunny's floppy ears with a smile. 

"I wonder if they'll fight over them." Seulgi laughed, picking up the bear to admire the shiny button eyes. 

"Maybe we should let them choose, if they'll ever decide to come out." Joohyun frowned down at her tubby belly, propping the bunny up against it. 

"Give them some time, they'll come out when they're good and ready." The omega looked back over her shoulder at her wife who was busy playing with her son's new toy.

"Seulgi?" The alpha gave her mate her undivided attention, ready to help with anything she wanted or needed.

"Yes? What do you need? Snack? Water?"

"Did you remember to pack the breast pump?" Joohyun said with a giggle.

"Oh yes! Just a second." Seulgi rummaged through their hospital bag pulling the pump and an empty bottle out to ready it for use. Mrs. Bae took that as a cue to give the couple some privacy.

"We'll be down in the cafeteria if you need us." 

"Give us a shout if anything happens while we're gone! Mr. Bae added with enthusiasm, following his petite wife out of the room.

"Okay! All set!" Seulgi chirped, handing the pump to her mate. Joohyun rolled onto her back again to get into a better position. She paused to breathe through a few contractions before she began to unbutton the front of her hospital gown. Seulgi blushed when the machine whirred to life, milking her wife for all she had. "Does it hurt?" She asked out of curiosity. 

"Only a little bit." Seulgi nodded, continuing to watch with fascination as the bottle slowly filled with white liquid. "We might have some chunky monkeys on our hands." Joohyun snorted. "I'm not sure if they'll be able to keep up."

"Who knows? They might surprise you." The door creaked opened as two familiar faces marched in.

"Sorry! We don't mean to intrude. Would you like for us to step out?" Dr. Kim inquired, already backpedaling with Wendy peeking in over his shoulder. 

"You're about to be looking at my vagina for the next several hours. I think this is fine." Dr. Kim chortled, closing the door as he settled on the stool at the foot of the bed. 

"I won't be but a moment. I'm just checking your progress." He turned on the little light hanging over Joohyun's nether regions to inspect the omega's cervix. "Let's see. You need ten centimeters of dilation to start pushing and you are currently sitting pretty at six and a half."

"It won't be long now." Wendy said with a happy little smile, holding the doctor's reports for him. 

"I'll be back again in a few minutes to check up on you. However, if you start to feel any downward movement, please don't hesitate to press the buzzer." Joohyun nodded, watching as the duo left the room before grumbling through another surge of pain. 

"You hear that? We're gonna be mommies soon!" Seulgi cheered with a cute bear smile. She rested a jittery hand on her mate's belly, leaning down to speak to her sons. "Please be good for Mommy. She's been through a lot to keep you bugs all safe and sound. I know it's probably really cozy in there, but you've gotta come out and see how pretty your Mommy is!" She pressed a little kiss to her mate's swell, smiling at the way it's shape changed as the pups adjusted their positions. 

"Your Mama isn't too bad herself." Joohyun teased receiving a playful shocked expression from her pups' sire.

"Excuse me! I have you know I am a sexy beast!"

"I can't take you seriously with that bear in your hand." The omega chuckled, eyes briefly flickering down to the stuffed animal tucked underneath her alpha's arm. Apparently her body was on Seulgi's side. Her laughter triggered another contraction, sending her into a slight daze for a moment. 

"Is the epidural not working?" Seulgi said with a sorry expression as she moved to tie Joohyun's hair back so it would be out of her way during delivery. 

"It is, but I can still feel the stronger ones. I'm fine." Joohyun blinked her tears away so her mate wouldn't worry so much. She capped the now full bottle, handing it to her wife. Seulgi had never held a baby bottle before and the signs were written all over her flushed features. Looking around frantically, Seulgi searched for a good place to set it down making Joohyun giggle as she started emptying her other breast. 

"Why is it so warm!?" 

"The milk came from my body, babe. I'm not made of snow." Joohyun teased, observing her cute wife's goofy behavior. Her eyes widened when Seulgi brought the rubber nipple up to her mouth, tasting a droplet of her babies' primary food source. "You did not just do that!" The alpha looked at her with an adorably oblivious expression. 

"What? I was just curious." She stated, licking her lips. "It tastes like almond milk but sweeter." 

"Oh that's right. I forgot about your tasting fetish."

"It's not a fetish, it's a quirk!" Seulgi barked defensively. Her cross expression quickly fell when Joohyun groaned, belly heaving. "Are you okay?"

"Get the doctor!" Seulgi quickly ran around the bed, pressing the button on the wall that would alert Dr. Kim. The alpha looked down at her mate with worried eyes as she grit her teeth, keening as her stretched abdominal muscles clenched. 

"You're not pushing, are you!?" The younger exclaimed in panic. "The doctor hasn't checked you yet!"

"Does it look like I give a damn!? These kids have been cooking long enough!" Joohyun gasped to recover from her efforts, panting as she laid back in the bed. She bent her knees out of instinct just as the doctor came into the room.

"Don't do anything yet, Mrs. Kang! If you push too early, you can damage your cervix." The man returned to his seat between his patient's legs, flashing a light inside of her entrance. "You're only eight centimeters dilated but boy, those pups are sitting low." Joohyun let out a noise of frustration. "It seems your babies are overly eager. I'll just stimulate your cervix to move the process along." He explained as he pulled some blue latex gloves over his hands, picking up a long probe from the tray table beside him. "This might sting for a moment." Joohyun hissed as the probe nudged the back of her birth canal, a warm sensation making it tingle. Seulgi sent Joohyun's parents a text letting them know the current situation before sliding it back into her pocket. She reached down to hold Joohyun's hand again, watching the doctor do his life's work. "It should only take a few minutes for the gel to work. For now, you should prepare yourself to start pushing. I'll be back momentarily." Seulgi took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her own restless nerves.

"How are you feeling?" Joohyun took a few breaths of her own, shifting her legs so they were spread further apart. 

"I can feel one of them. God, his head is huge!" Seulgi couldn't suppress a laugh, kissing her mate's crown gently. Dr. Kim returned promptly with Wendy as well as a few other nurses. He sat down to check her one last time and announced she was ten centimeters dilated. 

"Alright, Mrs. Bae. When you see a contraction indicated on the monitor, you can start pushing." Seulgi gave her wife's hand an encouraging squeeze, setting the two stuffed animals down on the bed beside her.

"You've got this." She whispered as Joohyun breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth, eyes looking at the monitor next to the bed. When the line spiked, Joohyun groaned, pushing with everything she had in her. Seulgi swallowed nervously, continuing to hold her mate's tiny hand. Joohyun cried out when the first child dropped, easing it's way down towards the doctor's waiting hands. 

"That's good." The doctor murmured through his surgical mask. "Now for the head and shoulders." Joohyun waited for another contraction, resting back against the pillows. Seulgi wiped her brow with a tissue while murmuring a few sweet words of encouragement before the next wave hit.

The world seemed to go still as the first tiny cries pierced the ears of everyone in the room. Seulgi watched with a hand over her mouth as her shrieking firstborn was passed off to a nearby nurse for cleaning. His brother proved to be a lot easier, sliding right into place without needing much of an incentive. After six long hours of labor, the second twin slipped into the doctor's hands. His cries were much softer than his brother's though he was much more of a squirmer. The nurse nearly dropped him several times due to his wriggling movements coupled with the layer of slime covering his body."Would you like to do the honors?" The doctor asked with smiling eyes, handing a pair of silver scissors out for Seulgi to take if she so desired.

"Will it hurt her?" 

"Not at all." Seulgi nervously watched as the doctor readied the two umbilical chords keeping her sons connected to their placentas. With two snips, the connection was cut and the pups were taken to the sink for their first warm baths. 

"You did it, Hyun." A teary eyed Seulgi sniffled while nuzzling her mate's sweaty head with her nose. "I'm so so proud of you." One of the nurses tended to the mess between the omega's legs while another carried the naked babies over to lay on their mother's chest for some skinship bonding. The eldest took initiative and immediately latched on to his mother's breast. His brother copied, four little eyelids drooping as their bellies quickly became full. Seulgi didn't know if she should smile or cry at the sight so she decided to do both. The sire's trembling hand touched the youngest's fragile head, messing up his hair.

"Let's get you boys some clothes." One of the nurses chirped, taking the food-coma sedated babies to the little incubator across the room. As soon as they were granted entry, Mr. Bae burst through the door with his wife following calmly behind them.

"Joohyun-ah! My baby girl!" He cried, brushing some stray hairs out of her face. Joohyun wearily pointed to where her offspring lay sound asleep in their incubators. The couple slowly approached, looking down at their little grandsons with proud smiles on their faces.

"The little princes." Mrs. Bae cooed, holding her husband's hand on top of her shoulder.

"You've done well, Joohyun-ah. They're perfect." Joohyun smiled, resting her head on her wife's shoulder as the latter's hands wrapped her in a comforting embrace. 

Chapter Text

The dawn of a new day fell upon the Kang family as they cherished their first morning together as a whole. Seulgi stood next to the window, bouncing their eldest son in her arms. His elegant monolid eyes squinted into tiny crescents as he gurgled, bopping his Mama in the nose with his tiny hand. Seulgi chuckled, resting her little cub over her shoulder. She continued to bounce in place while gently patting his back to coax out a burp. The baby's mother watched the sweet interaction from her hospital bed while cradling the sleeping maknae.

It was already clear to see which of their parents each pup had taken after. The eldest son looked more like his Mama though he had Joohyun's lips and brows -- even a little freckle under his right eye. He was also the liveliest; curious about everything and everyone around him. The confusing thing was he was always hungry yet he couldn't care less about accepting a nipple or bottle. His fascination with the people and objects in the room made him lose his focus. His lack of appetite concerned his Mommy as he seemed to prefer gnawing on people's hands over latching. His brother, however, was much easier to manage. He stuck to a very particular feeding schedule and would get fussy if he wasn't fed at a certain time; a serious little nugget. He didn't smile much, just stared at his visitors with the ginormous bunny eyes he got from his Mommy. He was the spitting image of Joohyun from his head of jet black hair down to his fragile bone structure. The only part of him that remotely resembled Seulgi were his cute little elf ears; everything else was 100% Kang Joohyun. 

"We still have to name them." Joohyun murmured, looking down at the baby fast asleep in her arms. "Who do you think our little Rowoon is?" 

"You remembered that?" The alpha was touched that the mother of her pups respected the man that raised her as much as she did. She looked between the twins, trying to gage who should carry the name of her late grandfather.

"Of course. I know how much he means to you."

"I think it's this little guy." Seulgi stated, lifting their eldest son high in the air. "He has the eyes of a true Kang." The baby giggled, slobbering all over his fist as he kicked his little legs with glee.

"Kang Rowoon." Joohyun said with a smile, letting the name roll off her tongue like butter. 

"What about our little maknae? Any ideas for him?" The omega looked at her pup in thought. Unlike Seulgi, she didn't have any particular family member she wanted to name her children after. She was a firm believer in individuality and lived by the philosophy that people should not be forced to live under anyone else's shadow, though Seulgi's case was the exception. Rowoon was a name given to honor the man who had bestowed his wisdom upon Seulgi essentially saving her from her family's evident psychotic gene. Their sons were not expected to carry on any ancient family tradition or legacy. Instead, they would be given the freedom to explore themselves and become the people they want to be. Suddenly, the perfect name came to mind.

"Jaeyong." The little boy slowly opened his eyes with a yawn, stretching his body while sticking his little pink tongue out.

"It looks like he already knows his name." Seulgi said with a chuckle, reaching over to rub his tiny head with her free hand. A soft knock on the door caught their attention. Sooyoung peeked in, looking around like she was on some secret spy mission.

"Is Dr. Kim in here?" The couple shook their heads making the tall alpha sigh in relief, entering the room and closing the door behind her. "Good. He and I still aren't on very good terms after the incident with his stethoscope."


"Don't ask." Sooyoung's gaze shifted from Seulgi down to the little pups in both parents' arms. "These are yours?" Seulgi smiled, nodding as Sooyoung approached Joohyun's bedside. "Can I?" Joohyun carefully passed her swaddled infant into the arms of her wife's old college friend. Jaeyong took in the stranger holding him and immediately started to cry, flailing around like a fish out of water. "Yeah, that's to be expected. Not even my own kids like me." She said with a light-hearted chuckle as she handed the child back to his mother. 

"That's odd. He's usually so well-mannered." Joohyun stated with a pout, wriggling a finger in front of her son's face. The child quickly settled down, reaching up to grab on to his Mommy's finger. Seulgi gazed down at Jaeyong in silence, giving her head a shake as a few less than pleasant thoughts crossed her mind.

"By the way, where's Yerim?" She inquired, setting Rowoon down on the bed next to the stuffed animals Joohyun's parents gave them.

"Taking a pregnancy test."

"Why is that not surprising?" The new sire laughed, flopping the toy bunny's ears for her son's entertainment. Sooyoung chuckled in agreement, making some sly remark about trying for another girl. Seulgi caught wind of an evergreen scent making her arms stop for a split second. She looked over to find Sooyoung gazing at Jaeyong with an unreadable expression. "Sooyoung, may I speak to you for a moment...alone?" The younger of the three adults gave Seulgi a questioning look but complied regardless.

"Uh, yeah. Sure." Joohyun tilted her head in confusion as the alphas stepped out into the hallway, Seulgi closing the door behind them. "Look, if this is about your son, I-"

"How did you know we were here?" The older questioned, crossing her arms over her chest awaiting a response. 

"I gave the Baes a call." The taller woman chuckled while she shifted her wait onto her hip. "I asked if they'd heard any news yet since Joohyun was nearing her due date."

"What's their phone number?" The question obviously caught Sooyoung off guard. The woman tried to laugh it off but Seulgi's stern expression didn't waver.

"Oh, you're serious?" She chuckled, finding the whole conversation up to that point completely unnecessary. "I don't know, I didn't check."

"You said you called them." The younger alpha's playful expression faded into a cold grimace. Her eyes leered down at the scowling alpha, tension quickly brewing between the two. "It was you, wasn't it." Seulgi's voice rumbled like thunder. Sooyoung smirked, leaning down to whisper into the shorter woman's ear. 

"You have a beautiful family. It would be a shame if anything happened to them; especially that pretty little mate of yours." Seulgi gritted her teeth, pushing Sooyoung across the corridor until her back hit the opposite wall with a thud. Sooyoung wheezed as the air was knocked out of her lungs upon impact but quickly shifted back into her snarky character. "What are you gonna do? Hurt me? Need I remind you we're in a hospital."

"How much of this was a lie!?" Seulgi shouted, grabbing Sooyoung by the collar of her shirt. "The toy store, your advise, the friendly visits, was any of it real!?" Sooyoung blinked with disinterest, standing back up to her towering height. 

"No." With a sour expression, she grabbed Seulgi's hands, jerking them away as she moved to take her leave. The older was quick to block her path, arms stretched out at her sides. Sooyoung glared down her nose at the puny alpha that, in her eyes, resembled an insect begging to be squashed.

"I can't accept that. I know you. You would never do something like this unless you were backed into a corner."

"Apparently you don't know me very well then." Sooyoung sneered, clicking her tongue as she moved to brush passed the shorter alpha only to be blocked again. She didn't appreciate having her patience tested.

"Move, pipsqueak." 

"Make me." Sooyoung seemed to be taken aback by the challenge, but it did little to shift her resolve. Seulgi knew she didn't have the heart to lay a hand on her. After all, Sooyoung was the figure that had appeared in their apartment the day the twins arrived. It would've been so easy for her to win in a one-on-one with Joohyun as her opponent's Achilles heel and yet she ran. Sooyoung was her friend before she became her foe. Someone had to be blackmailing her into serving as their mole to get information; it was the only logical explanation.

Seulgi had a pretty good idea who.

"How's my father?" She inquired, shifting her foot to release some of her pent up anger.

"Alive." Sooyoung replied bluntly, expression remaining the same. Her eyes drifted to the door feeding into the room where Joohyun and her newborns were resting. "Watch their backs, Kang. I can't do it for you." Seulgi's gaze shifted down to the floor as Sooyoung brushed passed her, shoulder roughly nudging her arm. 

Chapter Text

Joohyun sighed and shook her head when the little stuffed bear was once again launched out of Jaeyong's temporary crib. He started to cry profusely beckoning his tired and very sore Mommy over to tend to him. Joohyun slowly bent to pick up the bear, looking at her little boy as he wailed. 

"You're a picky little thing, aren't you?" Joohyun placed the bear beside him once more only to watch as he tried to throw it out again. The omega chuckled, picking him up and placing him over her shoulder while she fetched his older brother. She placed both twins on the bed, propped up by a pillow as she set the stuffed toys in front of them. Rowoon showed off his happy baby giggle, clapping his chubby fists together in excitement while Jaeyong just stared at his Mommy. "If you want one, you'll have to choose it for yourself." She spoke gently, mainly towards herself, as she waited for her pups to pick their animal of preference. At first nothing happened leading Joohyun to the conclusion that her pups were simply not appreciative of their grandmother's gifts. However, after patiently waiting for a response, Jaeyong whimpered needily as he reached out for the bunny he wanted while Rowoon seemed completely indifferent, gnawing away on his fist. "You are your mothers' sons." As she was carefully wiping some of the goop out of Rowoon's eye, Seulgi returned from the hallway. "Hey. Where's Sooyoung?"

"She's not coming back." Seulgi started to aggressively organize some of the items in their hospital bag as they had been preparing to leave. Joohyun watched with concern, looking to read her mate's facial expressions. 

"Why? Did something happen?" 

"That bitch is dead to me." Seulgi threw one of the bag's Velcro dividers across the floor in anger, startling Joohyun.

"What are you talking about? She's your best friend!"

"She was my best friend," Seulgi rumbled, returning her focus to packing their things. "Until she broke into our house and relayed information to my father." 

"What!? Th-that's impossible! Your father died in the explosion!" 

"So we thought." Seulgi had finished packing the bag, placing it on the chair by the door along with a few of their other belongings. "Seoul is no longer safe for you or the boys."

"What are you saying, Seulgi?" 

"I'm saying we should leave." The omega looked at her innocent pups; Jaeyong playing with the bunny's ears while Rowoon watched with his foot in his mouth. "If Sooyoung has exposed our location then we'll be sitting ducks. Staying in the city would be begging for disaster." 

"Give me four months."


"They're too young, Seulgi! Not even a day old!" Seulgi looked at her sons with a sorrowful expression. "If we leave now, I won't be able to lactate and they'll starve." Despite being very much against the idea of staying even a second longer, Seulgi knew her wife was right. While a beta would be able to nurse regardless of their surrounding conditions, an omega must remain stationary in their nesting environment. This is part of what leaves omegas more vulnerable during and after pregnancy. It was a miracle in and of itself that Joohyun was able to nurse at the hospital. If they were to pick up and leave too early, Joohyun's body wouldn't feel safe enough to continue providing milk and their sons would be the ones to suffer.

"Then we leave as soon as they're weaned." Joohyun wrapped her arms around Seulgi despite the pain it brought to her swollen chest. She wouldn't admit it to her mate, but she was scared; especially with Sooyoung no longer in their corner. She had only met Seulgi's father once and that was more than enough to shake her up for a lifetime. Plus, now that she was well aware of her body's market value, that initial fear increased ten fold; not to mention her concern for her sons' safety.

Jaeyong started to gurgle impatiently as it was now his designated lunch time. Rowoon decided to chime in just for the hell of it. Seulgi watched her wife unbutton her hospital gown as she made her way back towards the bed where their famished pups were waiting for her.

Six weeks later, Seulgi sat on the living room floor playing with her new pups. Rowoon was laying on his back sporting a gummy smile at the way her expressions shifted into funny faces. Jaeyong watched with a sort of disturbed curiosity and was trying to copy his Mama. He eventually got bored and started shaking his little hands the way he did when he wanted to be held. Seulgi picked her little boy up in her arms and held him against her chest while she continued to make Rowoon giggle. The alpha felt little hands reaching up to pat her breast which compelled her to check the clock on the wall. 

"Sorry, kiddo. These wells are dry." She picked Rowoon up in her other arm, walking him back to the nursery so she could ready a bottle for the maknae. Retrieving one from the fridge, she gave it a firm shake before holding it up to her son's eager mouth. The baby gnawed on the rubber nipple before his face contorted as he started to cry from the unfamiliar chill of his meal. Seulgi looked down at him in confusion as a very tired Joohyun entered.

"You have to warm it up first." She croaked through a yawn. "Has WoonWoon eaten yet? I'm getting kind of full." 

"I just put him back in the nursery." Seulgi said with a smile, kissing her mate's cheek as she passed. Despite the overhanging issues with her father's untimely return, the domestic life was really starting to grow on her. Her pride swelled a little more each time she saw Joohyun interacting with their children and suddenly Seulgi understood the appeal of having a big family like the Parks. The fleeting reminder of her old friend made Seulgi frown. Sooyoung understood her feelings better than anyone else did. She missed having another alpha to confide in or just share a good laugh with. Now, Seulgi found herself wondering if all of it was just a tactic she used to get closer to her and her wife. The possibility of it both angered and hurt her. 

"Seulgi?" The alpha looked up to see the love of her life standing in the doorframe holding a sleeping Rowoon. For a moment, Seulgi didn't see her wife. Rather, she saw the pretty waitress working at her family's restaurant one cold winter's night. Just seeing her now with their baby in her arms turned Seulgi into an emotional wreck. Jaeyong let out a surprised coo as his Mama wrapped his Mommy in a tight embrace, pushing the two brothers closer as a result. 

"I love you, Hyun. So much. I'm sorry I haven't been reminding you lately." Joohyun's lip trembled as she clung to her alpha's shirt. She had been feeling rather neglected as of late. Now that the pups were here, it seemed Seulgi had been so focused on providing for her family that she had forgotten to slow down and spend some time with her mate. Whenever Joohyun would ask how her day went, she would only receive a one-worded grumble as a response. Seulgi eventually stopped sitting down to eat with her altogether and instead would grab something on the way home then pass out on the couch if she couldn't make it to the bed. She was running herself into the ground so she could afford nice things for Joohyun yet all Joohyun wanted was a bit of her time and affection. While the expensive gifts were nice in moderation, they didn't hold a candle to the value of her presence.

"Seulgi-ya..." The omega called meekly.

"Yes, my love?"

"Can we cook dinner together sometime? The way we used to?" Seulgi couldn't remember the last time they had done that. They used to do it often when they were engaged, but after the trouble that came in their first year of marriage, they had fallen out of practice. Usually it was one or the other doing the cooking until Joohyun fell pregnant; then it became Seulgi's duty. Nowadays Joohyun would make something for her, but it would be cold by the time Seulgi got home from work. Eventually she started to store her servings in containers for her to warm up later with cute little notes stuck to them, but more often than not, Seulgi would be too tired to notice. They would still be sitting in the fridge for days or even weeks on end completely untouched. Joohyun gave up after that. It's not that Seulgi didn't appreciate the sweet little gestures her wife had done for her, she was just too exhausted to think about anything other than work and sleep. She could now see the error of her ways and felt guilty for making her mate feel neglected. "It's okay if you don't want to. I just miss you...a lot." Seulgi could see the pain welling up in Joohyun's eyes and evidently the twins did too. Rowoon looked up at his Mommy with a scrunched-up pout while Jaeyong tried to reach her from his place in Seulgi's arms. 

"I'd love that." Seulgi pulled Joohyun closer, kissing the tears away. "If you want, we could ask your parents to watch the boys for the weekend. I never told Sooyoung or my father where you're from. They should be safe there." The omega nodded while the pups voiced their opinions, gurgling and squealing merrily to each other while sharing their parents' body heat.

Chapter Text

"Okay, it says to add two cups of flower and - ya!" Seulgi giggled like a mischievous school child, having successfully coped a feel of her wife's firm bottom. Joohyun rolled her eyes, pouring the contents of a nearby measuring cup into the concoction. The alpha watched with her head propped up on her elbow, a sultry smile adorning her lips. "Take a picture, it'll last longer."

"Are you offering?" Joohyun scoffed at her wife's greasiness making Seulgi chuckle. She moved to stand behind her wife while she worked, taking a moment to admire the view. Her arms wrapped around Joohyun's middle but were quickly pushed down to rest on her hips instead. This puzzled Seulgi, but she said nothing. Instead, she opted to rest her chin on her mate's shoulder and watch Joohyun flatten the dough. "Mind if I help?" Seulgi's hands slithered down the omega's arms, coming to rest over hers on the pegs of the rolling pin. 

"Um." Joohyun reached for the closest thing she could find and swiftly spun around with a silver pot in hand. "You can stir the sauce!" Seulgi looked down at the pot, taking it in her hands while Joohyun returned to what she was doing. She was acting very strange; almost as though she was nervous being alone with Seulgi. 

Is she just not in the mood? I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable...

Seulgi started to move her arm in a slow, circular motion, glancing up at her wife. She looked so pretty with her hair tied back. It reminded Seulgi of the many nights she spent courting the waitress that stole her heart in the Bae family's restaurant. 

"Hey, babe?"

"Hmm?" Joohyun responded, tucking some loose strands of midnight locks behind her ear while she focused on what she was doing. 

"Do you remember the night we met?"

"I do. Very well." Joohyun said with a smile.

"Far left booth, second-"

"-from the last." The couple exchanged a sweet smile as they reminisced on the early days of their relationship. "That's also where you proposed. You were so nervous you had to go throw up in the bathroom." Seulgi's face flushed with embarrassment, but hearing the melodic laughter the memory caused was worth it. The alpha's lips turned up in a loving grin, bathing her ears in the sounds and sight of her mate's happiness. She looked so relaxed and carefree. It made Seulgi realize just how miserable she had been lately in her absence. She wanted to shower her omega in the attention she craved and deserved.

Joohyun jumped a bit when Seulgi set the pot down next to her on the island and took advantage of her turned head, catching her lips in a kiss. She was more surprised than anything. Her back went stiff and her eyes remained wide opened as Seulgi tried to deepen the kiss. She moaned hungrily, gently pressing Joohyun's back into the island in an effort to get closer. Her hands grazed up the omega's sides, lifting her shirt ever so slightly by accident. The alpha slowly pulled away when she realized her ministrations weren't being reciprocated, mortified to find Joohyun looking as though she had seen a ghost.

"Hyun? Is- everything alright?"

"I-um...Need to use the restroom." Joohyun ducked her head and scurried off down the hall leaving Seulgi feeling more and more upset with herself. 

"You idiot!" Seulgi growled, slamming her fist down on the granite countertop making some of the nearby utensils quake. She bent at the hip, resting her head in her folded arms on top of the island and released a long sigh.

How could anyone be so stupid? Way to go, Kang. Nice job ruining a perfectly sweet, sentimental conversation.

All Joohyun wanted to do was spend a little quality time with her wife. Why did Seulgi have to go and ruin a good thing by trying to take it further? Unfortunately, she had a bad habit of doing just that. This wasn't entirely her fault, though. The couple's love languages sometimes failed to overlap which lead to such predicaments. While Seulgi liked to express her feelings through touch, Joohyun preferred a much less primal approach. She enjoyed simply being in her mate's presence, whether she was reading a book while Seulgi played video games or having fun little domestic dates such as this one - or at least what it was supposed to be. Now, thanks to her, the moment has ended. Seulgi looked up when Joohyun finally returned, this time wearing an oversized black hoodie and baggy sweatpants. 

"Alright. Shall we continue?" A lump of guilt grew in Seulgi's stomach. She moved aside so the tiny omega could get back to her previous station. "Okay, so now we need to mince the-"

"I'm sorry, Hyun."

"For what?" Joohyun asked in confusion, tearing her eyes away from the cooking instructions. 

"For making you feel uncomfortable." The alpha stood a good five feet away from Joohyun, looking down at her feet in shame.

"Seulgi, you're not the reason I'm withdrawn." Joohyun assured her, closing the distance between them while reaching out to hold her mate's hand. "I'm just not feeling as confident with my body as I used to. In no way are you to blame for that." The words meant to reassure her only made Seulgi feel worse. Hearing that her beautiful mate was dealing with self-esteem issues truly broke her heart.

"But you're so beautiful." The omega's cheeks turned pink, looking away shyly.

"My body's gone through a lot of changes recently. I haven't been able to cope with it, but I'm trying." Seulgi gave her mate a look of sympathy. Joohyun's first pregnancy had taken a heavy toll on her mentally, emotionally, and physically. Seulgi had to watch her wife struggle through her baby blues and now it seemed some of that internal suffering still lingered. And where had she been? She hadn't even bothered to check up on her or ask how her day was. Some nights, she was too tired to make it into the bedroom and consequently left Joohyun to sleep alone. It was so unfair - cruel even. Seulgi knew this. 

"Then please; let me remind you the best way I know how." Seulgi carefully lifted Joohyun's hand to her mouth, kissing the back of it in a romantic gesture to woo her mate. Joohyun still looked hesitant, but allowed Seulgi's hand to stroke her cheek as the proximity between her and her lover decreased. The alpha's advances paused for a moment, allowing their breaths to mingle. Joohyun's gaze drifted from the inviting lips of her mate up to her pair of elegant, cat-like eyes. The omega's arms came to wrap around Seulgi's neck as they met in a kiss that put their former one to shame. Seulgi's tongue begged for entry and was warmly welcomed with a quiet moan. 

Firm arms wrapped around Joohyun's thighs, encouraging her to wrap her legs around Seulgi's waist so she can be placed gently on top of the island. Joohyun's knees separated to make room for her mate to stand between them. Warm hands appreciated the soft skin of Joohyun's waist hidden beneath the black hoodie, the alpha grumbling at the way her omega's hands rubbed her back gently. A low whine of disappointment made Joohyun chuckle as she broke the kiss and licked her way down to her mate's neck, moaning at the familiar scent emanating from there. 

"Mmmm hello, angel." She could feel Joohyun's lips smiling against the sensitive skin as her tongue made love with the area. Seulgi's arms pressed Joohyun forward by her back, enjoying the sensation of feeling her body flush against hers. The clothes separating her from her lover were starting to annoy Seulgi. She decided to remove her own first so Joohyun would feel more comfortable, putting on a goofy little strip tease to make her smile.

The cute atmosphere didn't last too long. Joohyun's shimmering eyes turned dark when Seulgi's not-so-little friend decided to make his grand appearance. The omega stuck the tip of her tongue between her teeth as she watched it teeter between the alpha's legs. Her eyes flickered back up to those of her wife, quirking her finger in a 'come hither' motion. Seulgi was more than happy to oblige. They engaged in another heated session of lip-locking while Seulgi worked on removing Joohyun's sweat pants. When her hands reached the hem of her sweatshirt, Joohyun's kisses became less confident. 

"You don't have to take it off if you don't want to."

"I don't think I'm ready for that just yet." Seulgi nodded, flashing Joohyun an understanding smile. Her hand teased Joohyun's center through the material of her underwear earning her a gasp followed by a guttural groan. Seulgi's member twitched in response, eager for his turn to pay his respects. 

"Is there anything you don't want me to do to you tonight?" 

"Just please don't touch my stomach." Joohyun managed through a hoarse groan.

"Am I allowed to touch your chest?" Seulgi's kisses wandered to the space just below her wife's jaw.

"Gently. They're a little sore." The alpha's hands cupped Joohyun's breasts through her hoodie, handling them with the utmost care. They felt a bit different than she was used to, but it didn't deter her in the slightest. She took her time worshiping her omega's body the way nature intended until her mouth became level with Joohyun's wetness. Seulgi paused, her eyes asking for permission before going any further. Joohyun let out a feisty growl, lacing her fingers in Seulgi's thick hair, pressing her face into the place where she needed her the most. The alpha's finger moved the material to the side so she could enjoy the unfiltered taste of her mate. Seulgi whined at the familiar flavor, her little talent making the experience all the more arousing for her. "How is it?" Joohyun moaned with a breathless but playful chuckle, well aware of how sensitive her wife's tongue was. 

"Mmmm delicious." A hint of something sweet let Seulgi know her mother had been right about Joohyun though she kept that information to herself for the time being. Instead, she focused all of her energy into helping Joohyun reach her climax. Her wife cried out, head thrown back in abandon as she humped against Seulgi's muscle.

"S-Seul-" Joohyun's back curved into a bow shape as she fell over the edge into oblivion. Seulgi stood to support her back, but kept a hand rubbing her clit to help her get the most out of her high.

"Stay up there, Hyunnie." Joohyun continued to release little sounds of pleasure as she slowly descended back down to Earth. She kissed Seulgi's lips as a display of gratitude, reaching down to stroke her stiff member. Joohyun looked up in confusion when Seulgi batted her hand away. "Tonight is all about worshiping you, my love." 

"So worship me. I just want to make you feel good too." The alpha grumbled in her mate's ear when she gave a firm tug before she slid off of the island to present herself. Seulgi's eyes widened at the behavior. 


"It's okay. I want to." Seulgi looked very unsure. She remembered being dragged along to the trade post one day to 'learn the ropes' of black market breeding. Her father had brainwashed her into believing that it was in an omega's nature to submit to the demands of an alpha and if they should refuse to do so, they were defective. Seeing her own mate in such an implicative stance rubbed Seulgi the wrong way. She didn't want Joohyun's submission, rather, she wanted her love and affection. 

"Hyunnie, please don't. This is one of those things I just can't work through." Joohyun glanced over her shoulder, taking in Seulgi's sad expression. Though she didn't quite understand what all of the fuss was about, she respected Seulgi's wishes and stood to her full height.

"Okay. How do you want me then?" 

"On my lap." Seulgi stated, pulling a chair out from under the kitchen table. She took a seat, patting her thighs in invitation. Joohyun moved to straddle her mate, sinking down on the tip of her wife's girthy penis. "Take your time. We're in no rush."

"A bit cocky, don't you think?"

"I don't know, you tell me." Seulgi fired back making Joohyun laugh at the dirty word play. The couple let out a few sounds as Joohyun's pussy swallowed the remaining length of her mate's cock, taking a moment to adjust.

"It's been a while." Joohyun chuckled, hissing when Seulgi's hands smacked her butt.

"Indeed it has. We've missed you."


"Don't tell me you forgot about Sting!" Seulgi gasped in feigned astonishment. "He's been nothing but nice to you! He even gave you a two for one special!" Joohyun cackled as the realization dawned on her.

"In that case, allow me to properly thank him." A loud cry of surprise left the alpha's throat as her mate started to rock in her lap. Joohyun whimpered at the sensation, resting her head against Seulgi's shoulder. Seulgi lifted her hips in response, pushing herself deeper inside of Joohyun and stretching her wider. Her hands made their way underneath Joohyun's hoodie to gently scratch her back while she worked. Joohyun let out a loud whine when the head nudged a certain spot deep inside of her channel.

"Fuck, Hyun!" Seulgi grabbed her hips, guiding her movements at a rougher pace as they approached the finish line. The chair's legs screeched against the floor under the force of the couple's movements. Seulgi was the first to let go, releasing her pent up frustrations into the omega's depths. Joohyun wasn't too far behind. Seulgi's arms restricted her body and held her still while her butt lifted off of the chair to hammer away, grunting in exertion. 

"Oh fuck yeah!" Joohyun came with a whine, juices dripping off of Seulgi's lap and pooling on the chair. As the duo came down from their highs, their glistening foreheads came to rest against one another's. Seulgi reached up to adjust the strings of Joohyun's hoodie so they were even.

"We should probably sanitize everything after that." Seulgi panted with a chuckle to which Joohyun agreed. "Well. So much for that pizza, huh?"

Chapter Text

The sunlight leaking in through the bedroom windows stirred Seulgi from her slumber. The air felt much colder than usual as the seasons had begun to change from autumn to winter outside. Seulgi shifted closer to Joohyun's side of the bed to exchange some body heat. Immediately, she was graced with the vision that was her sleeping wife. Her bare back was facing her, every curve highlighted by the early morning rays. Seulgi smiled as memories of the night before flooded her memory. It had been so long since they had the apartment alone with just the two of them; no screaming babies, no feeding schedules, no tripping over stray toys, just the two wives up to their old antics. Seulgi spooned her mate, inhaling the lovely scent of her lavender conditioner mixed in with her natural fragrance. Joohyun inhaled deeply as she woke, rolling over to face her wife. Her eyes had yet to adjust to the brightness of the room, but she smiled when she saw the woman she loved next to her for the first time in a while.

"Good morning, gorgeous." Seulgi pressed a little kiss to Joohyun's forehead making her giggle.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

"Like a rock." Seulgi said, folding her arm under her head.

"Yeah, I could tell." Joohyun laughed. "Your snoring almost tore the curtains off the windows."

"Ya! That's not cool!" The omega squealed, kicking her legs while her wife attacked her with little tickles. The covers shifted under the movement and revealed Joohyun's naked form. Seulgi admired the parts of her wife's body she was unable to witness in the dark the night before. It was clear to see she was still in the process of losing some of the baby weight and her stretch marks had yet to fade completely. Joohyun noticed Seulgi gazing at her body making her shriek, scrambling to hide herself under the blankets again.

"Don't look at me! Stop it! I'm hideous!" Never in her life had Seulgi expected to see Joohyun so vulnerable when it came to her own beautiful body. There was no denying that Joohyun was in a league of her own when it came to visual attraction. In fact, Seulgi had quite a bit of competition in winning the omega's hand. Other alphas and even a few betas had fallen for the Daegu waitress; all of which were simultaneously trying to sweep her off her feet. While a few of the other alphas did not disappoint, Seulgi's unique charms and charisma won her the heart of Daegu's princess.

"You look just as beautiful as you did eleven months ago." Seulgi assured her, slowly pulling the covers down to expose Joohyun's chest and midriff. A warm hand glided from her collar bones down to her navel while she pressed sweet kisses to her neck. "This body has given me two beautiful pups. If anything, I love you even more now." The sounds of Seulgi's bare skin shifting beneath the sheets were Joohyun's only warning before she was underneath her alpha once again. The omega subconsciously swooned at the strong, assertive presence looming over her. Seulgi's pretty eyes peered down at her mate which compelled Joohyun to cover her face shyly with her hands. The younger kissed the backs of them, pouting at her until she snuck a brave peek through her fingers. "Hi."

Seulgi urged Joohyun to roll over onto her belly since she was not yet comfortable exposing herself to the feasting eyes of her lover. Warm kisses tickled the backs of Joohyun's shoulders as her hands slid between the omega's body and the mattress, respecting the softer areas she was not yet allowed to see. However, one of her hands accidentally groped Joohyun's breast a bit too hard.

"Ouch!" Seulgi's hands quickly retracted so as to not inflict any more accidental harm to the omega's body.

"Sorry! Do you need to go pump?"

"Wendy said I should ease off of it while I start weaning the boys." Joohyun muttered, rolling over so her full mammary weren't pressed directly into the mattress. "I'll have to wait for them to get hungry later."

"But isn't that painful?" 

"Sure it is, but I don't have much of an option." Joohyun sat up and started buttoning one of Seulgi's dress shirts until it became too tight around her chest for her to continue. "Besides, nursing helps me bond with them and shed some of the baby weight."

"Really?" Seulgi asked in wonder, moving to cradle her wife's body. 

"Nursing makes my brain go into mommy mode and comforts the boys at the same time. I'm surprised you didn't read that during your research." The omega giggled, kissing her wife's cheek over her shoulder. Seulgi remained silent, staring down at Joohyun's cleavage in thought.

"Do you think it works for mates too?" Joohyun flashed Seulgi an odd look.

"Um, I'm not sure. But don't you think that would be a little weird?" The omega caught herself and tried to apply some unneeded damage control. "U-unless you're into that!"

"No no! I was just wondering since you said they hurt..." The room fell into an awkward silence. The curious alpha continued to sneak a few side-eyed peeks at her wife's chest thinking she hadn't noticed. Joohyun couldn't help but smile at Seulgi's shy interest. Her mate had a fascination with flavor and her milk was no exception. Ever since she snuck a taste of it at the hospital Seulgi's eyes had been practically glued to her chest. While Joohyun found it a bit taboo, she understood that Seulgi couldn't control what intrigues her. She knew that her wife would never admit to it so she spared her the embarrassment and posed the bold question.

"You can try it if you want. I won't stop you." Seulgi swallowed nervously.

"But I thought you said it was weird."

"If you're curious, then I have no issue with letting you explore what interests you. If eating someone out is considered normal, then how is this any different?" Joohyun's cheeks flushed. "Besides, it'll help relieve some of the pressure." Seulgi's eyes returned to Joohyun's enticing chest peeking out through the collar of her own dress shirt. Pale, nimble fingers moved to unbutton them leaving herself exposed before the eyes of the alpha. Seulgi guided her to sit on her lap so that her eyes were level with Joohyun's aching breasts. 

Seulgi's hand came to rest on one of the mounds and gently rubbed it in circles making Joohyun moan. Getting straight down to business, she kissed her way from Joohyun's lips down to her right nipple. She took it in her mouth and began to suck, watching for any signs of Joohyun changing her mind and found none. Instead, the omega pressed her head closer against her chest. Seulgi drained one side before moving on to the other, surprised to find herself feeling a bit more energized. The omega chuckled at the way her mate's eyes lit up like Christmas lights. Seulgi swallowed the last of it, chuckling through a hiccup as observations and new information found a place to hide in the inner workings of her brain. 

"It's sweet. Just like you."

"Has your curiosity been sated?" Joohyun inquired, wiping some of the excess off of her mate's chin. 

"Yes." The alpha replied chipperly. "Since it's morning, your milk has different properties than it would at night so it feels like I just had my first cup of coffee whereas if we had done this at night, it would probably make me drowsy." 

"You got all of that out of just a few minutes?" Joohyun asked in astonishment.

"Told you my tongue has super powers." The omega laughed at the way her mate proudly puffed up her chest earning her a kiss on the cheek.

"I feel a lot better now. Thank you." A firm knock on the door caught the couple's attention.

"Go ahead and finish getting ready. I'll get it." Joohyun smiled at the sweet kiss her mate planted on her forehead while she worked on buttoning the alpha's nice dress shirt once more. Seulgi left Joohyun to get dressed while she got up to go answer the door. Opening it, her heart stopped.


"Yerim-ah!?" Seulgi choked out, quickly shifting into protective alpha mode. "What, are you just here to 'pop in?' Go tell your traitor of a mate to take a long walk off a short pier." She made a move to slam the door, but Yerim wedged her foot in to prevent her from doing so, squeaking a little in pain.

"That's what I'm here to talk to you about!" Joohyun came around the corner having already heard everything. "I could get into some serious trouble for being here, but I wanted you to hear Sooyoung's side of things. She isn't a monster, she's just as much of a victim as the rest of us." 

"Your mate is a-"

"Let her in, Seul."

"But she's-!"

"Innocent until proven guilty?" Joohyun stated with her arms folded across her chest. "We should at least hear what she has to say. This thing is much bigger than just the four of us. It's not wise to turn on each other now."

"What if she's just stalling!?" Seulgi barked. "My father could be on the way to the pups as we speak, Hyun!"

"Let's at least listen to what she has to say." Joohyun took her mate's trembling hand and released some of her pheromones to sooth her. "We owe her that much." The alpha grumbled but moved aside to let the younger in. Yerim bowed respectfully, following Joohyun into the living room and taking a seat on the couch while Seulgi warily lingered behind.

"Start talking!" Joohyun glared at her mate's hostile behavior before returning her attention to her fellow omega.

"Please don't blame Sooyoung for this." She begged. "Her mind and heart are being pulled in a million different directions. I wish you could see how distraught she is over this."

"Then how did she get wrapped up with the likes of them? Surely she knows my father has it out for Joohyun." 

"She does." Yerim sighed, resting a hand on Joohyun's knee. "Though I assure you she has no ill will towards you or your pups. She's been forced to choose between her family and her friends, and has always come first for Sooyoung."

"If my father has threatened to harm you-"

"It's not that simple. Sooyoung has been leading your father astray on purpose and he's starting to catch on."

"She's been protecting us." Joohyun murmured.

"Yes, and while I'm glad she's kept her loyalty, I'm terrified of what the consequences will be if she gets caught. Your father's had us under his thumb from the get-go. He threatened to kill me if I didn't agree to carry at least one litter per year. Since we both wanted a large family anyway, I could cope with that though Sooyoung was a lot less compliant. Once he realized that most of our pups were presenting as betas and alphas, he's jumped to more drastic measures. Now that he knows what her weakness is, it's making it harder and harder for her not to expose your location."

"What's her weakness?" Seulgi's father was known for blackmailing attractive families into having more pups than they wanted. If any presented as omegas, he would whisk them away, never to be seen again. Seulgi remembered what happened to all of the hostages that did or did not meet his standards and it haunted her dreams still to this day.

"Seulgi..." Tears started to stream down Yerim's face, looking at the couple with a heartbroken expression. "He has our daughter." 

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Due to heavy rainfall, the sewers beneath the city were even more flooded than usual which made Sooyoung's dreaded journey that much harder. The glowing yellow eyes of rats and other night creatures were illuminated, peering at her as she approached another manhole leading even deeper into the sewer system.

Nearing her destination, Sooyoung could already hear the all too familiar screams and boisterous cackles echoing off of the concrete walls. Upon reaching the junction between four of the sewage lines, Sooyoung hardened her heart as she stepped in the proper place that allowed her to keep her head attached to her shoulders. A man stood with his back facing her, whispering something to his subordinate. The intimidating whip rested far too comfortably in the man's tense fists, the lash dragging on the gnarly, wet floor.

"You're early." A gruff voice rumbled as the man turned to scowl at her; his face blistered and covered in burn scars to the point where he was hardly recognizable. "You know how I feel about early arrivals."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kang." Sooyoung said, taking an apologetic knee. "I've returned early to relay intel as quickly as possible."

"Well? Get on with it then!"

"Your daughter and her wi- omega seem to have...evacuated." He tensed and slowly turned to Sooyoung, flashing the alpha a fiery look that would make a grown man cry.

"WHAT!?" The echo of his sonorous cry made the walls of the sewage system tremble with fear. 

"The apartment was empty when I got there," Sooyoung said, tucking her chin. "They're...gone." Mr. Kang was seething with rage. He cracked his whip, striking Sooyoung's shoulder directly making her whine at the sting. 

One lash for me is one less for Kaia.

"I want that omega!" He roared. "My clients are getting impatient! I have one of the most well-renowned stud farms in all of Asia waiting in my back pocket yet you have the nerve to come back here empty handed!? Without even knowing her whereabouts!?"

"It's not my fault! They left while my back was turned!" Sooyoung bravely snapped while the man staggered towards her. He rested the butt of his whip underneath her chin, forcing it up higher so they could see eye to eye.

"Then you hunt her down and bring her to me." Sooyoung's expressions remained as ornery as ever which fueled the fire swelling in the man's rounded gut. "Bring me 0580!" 

"NO!" Sooyoung shrieked, trying to lunge out of her stance only to get held back by two buff lackeys. Mr. Kang looked more than amused as the Parks' only daughter was presented before him, completely stripped of her clothes along with her dignity. A sign with a number that had might as well be her name was tied around her middle by the same ropes that kept her wrists locked behind her back. 

"I can see you lack the basic intelligence required to shut up and do as you're told." He teased the worried mother by trailing his whip all over her precious daughter's dirt-coated body. "Perhaps a new curriculum is in order." Kaia screamed when the whip struck her calf making it bleed. Sooyoung flailed against the floor under the suffocating  weight of the two male alphas piled on her back to hold her down. The cracking of the whip made the other omegas cower in the back corners of their stalls. Loud, manic cackles coupled with the lashes against her daughter's body made Sooyoung tremble with rage and petrification; realizing that for the first time in her daughter's life, she couldn't be the hero to save her.

"We have to go, Seulgi!" Joohyun shouted in a frenzy while stuffing clothes into random suitcases. "The longer Sooyoung covers for us, the more harm we inflict upon her and her daughter!" 

"We can't just leave now! We have to help!" Seulgi ran around, following the trail of clothes, undoing everything Joohyun had done. 

"How!? What can we do!?" The omega wailed on the verge of tears, throwing one of Seulgi's shirts in frustration. "You're his daughter and I'm his target! If we get any more involved-" She paused when she was suddenly held in her lover's arms.

"I know." Joohyun started to cry into Seulgi's chest leaving wet marks on her shirt. It seemed Joohyun was more afraid of her father in law than she let on. Never had Seulgi seen her mate in such a state of distress. She wasn't one to lose her composure often and this had opened Seulgi's eyes to the trauma she held bubbling beneath the surface. "But we can't just run away from our problems. It would only be a matter of time before he found us again. We would be living in fear for the rest of our lives, Hyun. Think about our sons." She wiped some of Joohyun's tears away with her thumbs, looking into her eyes. 

"I don't like this, Seulgi." Or in other words, 'I'm scared.'

"I know. I'm scared too." At the end of the day, they owed Sooyoung their lives for keeping them safe this long. Now it was time to return the favor. However, Mr. Kang was as crafty as he was cruel. They would have to tread lightly if they had any hope of saving Sooyoung and her daughter as well as his massive collection of omegas.

The authorities had been hunting him down since long before Seulgi was even born, but he managed to fly right under their radar. He was always ten steps ahead. As soon as they sniffed out one of his many hideouts, Mr. Kang was already long gone. Perhaps they just needed a little more intel; something Seulgi had a lot of.

"I have an idea, but it'll need the government's support. It would be best if the twins stay with your parents until all of this blows over." Joohyun watched with worried eyes as Seulgi reached for her coat, rushing towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"To talk to an old friend. Maybe she can help." Seulgi replied as she wriggled the coat's sleeves onto her arms.

"Can I go wi-?" The slamming door cut her words short.

Seulgi sat at the police station, jittering her leg nervously. The space was ominously quiet, almost foreboding, which only made Seulgi even more antsy. There were only two other people in the room; an old man reading a newspaper in the corner and a woman who appeared to be about as high as a kite. 

"Kang Seulgi?" Seulgi's ears perked up. "Lieutenant Lee will see you now." Seulgi rose to follow the officer out of the waiting room into the inner workings of the station. He escorted her down pearly white hallways until they reached an office with a gold plate next to the fogged glass window reading;

Lt. Lee Sun-Mi

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

"Come in." The officer opened the door for her, gesturing for Seulgi to enter before closing it behind her. A woman stood with her back facing her visitor, scouring the shelves of books stored behind her desk. "I always thought you'd end up here, but never like this." The woman chuckled, turning around to face her childhood friend with a book in hand. "It's been a long time, Seulgi."

"Too long." Seulgi said with a smile that quickly fell into a frown. "Though I'm sorry to say I'm not here to pay you a visit." Sunmi's face adopted a firm expression that changed the atmosphere of the room into a strictly business-level form of negotiation.

"Then what brings you here? Is there a problem?" The leather chair groaned as Sunmi took a seat, clasping her slim fingers together with her elbows propped up on the desk.

"It's about my father." The cop's eyes shimmered at the mention of the criminal.

"Go on."

"As you know, he's been operating like a well-oiled machine as of late which tells me you have yet to find him."

"Correct." Sunmi confirmed. "My team has raided two of his main hubs here in the city, both of which were found empty."

"Have you destroyed the ones you've found?" The room went quiet for a moment which only confirmed Seulgi's suspicions.


"Knowing his tactics, he'll use that mistake to his advantage." The proud lieutenant didn't take too kindly to the implication that her search attempts were flawed. 

"What are you getting at, Kang?"

"The reason I'm here is because I want to offer you my knowledge." Seulgi explained. "My involvement with this goes much deeper than I care to explain, but between my brain and your forces, we could finally give him the life sentence he deserves."

"Look, as much as I appreciate you being here, Seulgi, I can't accept word of mouth information from a civilian - even if you are his daughter." Sunmi said in an apologetic but stern voice as she filed a few things away into one of her desk drawers. "How do I know you're not lying to help him along?"

"Sunmi, you know me! I've hated my father since we were kids! Since Snowball..." Sunmi's desk drawer slammed shut at the mention of her childhood pet's name. She looked at Seulgi wide-eyed.

"What about Snowball?" Seulgi looked down at her hands resting in her lap. For all of these years, her friend still didn't know where her pet rabbit had disappeared to. 

"Sunmi. My father killed Snowball when I was seven." Shock was evident of the cop's face. Sunmi sat back in her chair, rubbing her forehead at the sad revelation.

"I thought she ran away." The assumption was technically correct, only the poor rabbit ran away in the wrong direction. She happened to hop into the wrong yard and became a sort of lesson tool to be used against young Seulgi. However, Snowball's death was the major turning point in Seulgi's life. It opened her eyes to the monster her father was and for that she will always thank Snowball for her sacrifice.

"I made sure to give her a proper burial. I wanted to tell you when we were kids, but I didn't have the heart to. She helped me, though. Ever since, I've hated my father." Sunmi thought for a moment before opening her mouth to speak.

"Do you have any sort of plan or idea of where he might be?" It was evident Sunmi was still skeptical, but at least she was making an effort. 

"He has a network of tunnels underneath the sewers." Seulgi stated. "If you raid one without destroying it, he'll just jump to the next one and return to it on a later date."

"What about his migration pattern?" Sunmi inquired with a quirked brow as though she was testing Seulgi's intelligence. 

"That's the thing. He doesn't have one." Sunmi's attention seemed to be invested. "He moves sporadically and doesn't follow a strict schedule. He moves when he feels the time is right. That's why we need to eliminate each station one by one."

"That's easy enough. We can assemble a bomb squad as soon as Thursday."

"It's not that easy, Sunmi. There are thousands of hostages down there. If you use explosives, you'll risk killing them as well. Besides, my father has already managed to survive a mass explosion once before. I'm sure he's smart enough to have some sort of counter in place."

"I see." Sunmi murmured, leaning back in her chair deep in thought. "If what you're saying is true, then this is a case that is out of my hands. I can arrange for you to meet with the Chief of Police. For now, remain on standby. I'll call you as soon as the request is approved."

Seulgi's feet lagged their way down the hallway of the apartment building with a bit of the looming weight finally lifted off of her shoulders. Though she probably still wouldn't be able to sleep that night, it was good to know that at least she and Joohyun were no longer completely alone in this. Speaking of, Seulgi started to regret rushing out and leaving her alone when she was already on edge to begin with. She figured she'll have to make up for that later tonight.

"Hyunnie! I'm back!" Seulgi called as she closed the door and hung her coat on its peg. "I have some good news!"

No answer.

"Hyun?" A grainy crunch could be heard as her shoe-covered foot stepped into the kitchen. A sudden chill ran up her spine when an unusual breeze blew in from the direction of the kitchen window. Seulgi's heart stopped. Sure enough, the pane had been shattered into a million tiny fragments. The dining table and a few of the chairs had been roughed up a bit as well. Seulgi felt the adrenaline beginning to pump through her veins. "Joohyun!?" In a state of panic, Seulgi tore through the apartment hoping and praying her mate would still be there. She ripped the curtains off of the windows, tore the sheets off of the bed, flipped the couch cushions, checked the nursery, behind the shower curtain, in the cabinets, she even looked in the fireplace out of desperation. Seulgi's worst fears had been realized.

Joohyun was gone.

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"Why are you so fucking stupid!?" Seulgi wailed in anger, hurdling one of the logs from the fireplace across the room which completely obliterated the TV. "You should've taken her with you! It's your own damn fault she's gone!" Seulgi's self-hatred turned to tears as she pounded her fists against the living room window, sliding down to the floor. "It's all my fault." The low howl of the wind blowing in through the shattered window haunted her like ghosts returning home. Perpetual silence and darkness surrounded her, only further reminding Seulgi of what she had done. Once again, she had failed Joohyun.

Her eyes drifted over to the knife rack sitting beside the sink. For a moment, the world fell even more still. She felt so void and empty; unworthy of the life she had. Joohyun was the best thing that had ever happened to her, but she hadn't been the same in return. She beat herself up over that. In a way, Seulgi's traumatic childhood sheltered her from social interaction and made her behave more selfishly. For this reason, their entire relationship was almost parasitic in nature; Seulgi caused problems yet Joohyun was somehow the one to fix them. An angel like Bae Joohyun didn't deserve a mate like her. She deserved someone that would protect her - be there for her. She needed a sire willing to keep her full of the pups she wanted - maybe even stop long enough to listen to her. A hand pressed the mating mark Joohyun left on her neck the night of their honeymoon. Joohyun had made a huge mistake in choosing her.

Seulgi knew of only one way to set Joohyun free.

Slowly, she got up and carried herself towards the kitchen. A fingertip rested on one of the knives' handles in a moment of hesitation before pulling it from its wooden sheath. She examined it for a moment, catching sight of her reflection. She didn't like the person looking back at her. Seulgi took a deep breath, pressing its edge against her stomach. She didn't bother holding back her tears. 

"I'm sorry, Hyun. I'll only hurt you one last time." The knife dug into her skin only enough to leave a pinch. The sight of a fluffy stuffed bear sprawled out on the living room floor made her stop. 

What am I doing here? 

The knife slipped out of Seulgi's grip and clattered against the floor. She fell forward, catching herself before her head wound up in the sink. She watched through blurred vision as droplets of liquid sorrow fell from her eyes and gathered in the drain. Never before had she felt so angry, confused, depressed, alone, worthless, scared, or heartbroken. Seulgi was used to having someone to seek guidance from whether it be her grandfather, Sooyoung, or Joohyun. Now, for the first time in her life, she stood completely alone.

Seulgi had officially hit rock bottom.

The lone alpha fell back against the island and sat a few feet away from the knife she had dropped; a symbol of Seulgi's surrender. It was her one-way ticket out of this nightmare, but on the same token, would allow her to abandon her family when they needed her most. She feared the fact that she had even entertained such a thought. The love of her life and the mother of her pups was in the hands of the enemy yet, once again, Seulgi was only thinking about repaying her debt and how guilty she felt. She still moved too fast for her head to catch up. Everything she did was done in the spur of the moment which was fine when the consequences of that mentality only effected her. Now, those actions effected three other people; her family - the people she loved more than anything else in the world. 

The people she nearly gave up on just like that.

Seulgi sat in silence, listening to the flapping sounds of the torn curtain swaying in the breeze. In that moment, she didn't try to think. Instead, she took a lesson she learned from her wife; she digested. Her old self desperately wanted to run out and search every nook and cranny in Seoul until she had her Hyunnie safely in her arms again. However, despite how much she worried about her wife, her pursuit would have to wait for Sunmi's vital phone call. Running in alone like a chicken with its head cut off was a very Kang Seulgi thing to do. She needed to attack this logically, the way Joohyun would. More than than anything, she needed help.

The alpha's head fell back against the island with a thud. She figured she should at least rest her eyes as there was no possibility of getting so much as a wink of sleep that night. Sweet phantoms of Joohyun and the twins danced through her head. From the first night she saw Joohyun working at the restaurant, to the way Joohyun smiled at her on their wedding night, to that crisp autumn day when she first held her pups. The memories brought tears to her eyes. She remembered the promise she made Joohyun after she woke up in the hospital.

"I'll always run after you, Kang Joohyun. Even though I don't deserve you." She sniffled, staring up at the edge of the sink. "When I get you out of this mess I've made, I swear I'll never hurt you again. I promise I'll do better - become the mate you deserve. I may not be as perfect as you, but I love you more than words can say. I miss seeing you smile." Seulgi's head rolled to the side so she could peer out the broken window at the twinkling city lights. "Please wait for me, my love. Wherever you are."

A trembling Joohyun curled up in the corner of the stall she had been thrown into. Her teeth chattered in her skull as her naked body struggled to acclimate itself to the chill in the air. It made her miss the warmth of her mate. If only she had listened to her gut and run after Seulgi while she had the chance. She'd be lying if she said she didn't hold some resentment towards her wife for that. How could she abandon her when she had a big red target on her back? That's the Seulgi way, she supposed; always in a hurry, never thinking about the consequences. 

The hushed whispers of the other omegas made her feel small. She could tell they were picking her apart, judging her and placing bets on where she would end up next.

"She'll make a fine breeder, no doubt."

"For a high price, too. Very expensive."

"I hear she's going to a fancy stud farm."

"I'm not surprised with a face like that."

"I hear she's got a full house!"

"Does she now? No wonder he had such an eye for her!"

"It's a shame she's mated. Losing an imprint hurts like nobody's business - leaves a gnarly scar, too."

"Ssh! She might hear you!" 

"I'm not deaf." Joohyun grumbled, turning her back to the others. The gossiping omegas exchanged apologetic looks before the eldest of the bunch spoke up.

"We're sorry, honey. It's not often we get someone like you down here."

"Someone like me?" Joohyun took offense to such language.

"A purebred." A toothy and skeleton-like brunette stated for clarification from the stall beside hers. "A bloodline as clean as yours is very rare these days."

"With genetics like that, there's no doubt you'll be traded as a high-listed breeder." Joohyun curled into an even tighter ball at the mention of such a fate. The only pups she wanted were those of that stupid bear Seulgi's kin.

"Stop it, 042! You're scaring her!"

"What!? It's the truth! Better than being stuck down here with the likes of us, anyway." The conversation went silent as heavy footsteps clopped against the stone of the tunnel's floor. Other omegas cowered towards the back of their own cells and watched with fear in their eyes as a sharply-dressed man paced down the corridor. The sound stopped and Joohyun could feel a presence staring at her back. The rusty cell door squeaked opened allowing her unwanted visitor to enter.

"Get up." Joohyun gasped when she was roughly pulled into an upright position. The unfamiliar alpha fastened her wrists together behind her back and urged her to stand before pushing her out of the stall. Joohyun stumbled over her own legs, accidentally running into the gate across the hall with her shoulder. "You're a clumsy little thing, aren't ya? That's cute. Your new sires will like that." New sires? Joohyun's knees trembled like tall grass in a gust of wind as she was taken to be presented before her father in law. With a firm shove from the man that fetched her, Joohyun struggled to regain her balance and avoid falling into Mr. Kang's lap. He looked her up and down, rubbing his raw, fleshy chin in appreciation. 

"I see you've given birth. Do tell me how my grandchildren are doing." He stated sarcastically while further inspecting her body. "My, my. I feel like a child on Christmas! If only I didn't have a buyer already lined up, perhaps I would've kept you for my private collection." Joohyun whined and squirmed in a fruitless attempt to free her wrists. "Oh come now, there's no need for that." He chuckled as he got up and began circling her over-exposed body like a bird of prey. "You've made quite a recovery. It's a shame your mate is so incompetent. It seems she doesn't know how lucky she got, having an omega like you for a bride."

"Seulgi's not incompetent!" Joohyun murmured in a wavering tone.

"Oh really?" The man standing behind her raised his whip to punish her for speaking out of turn, but Mr. Kang simply raised his hand, sitting back down in his chair as if he was humored by her words. "First she brought you into my home knowing full well where my fascination would linger. Then, she was stupid enough to leave you unattended. You say that isn't the behavior of someone unworthy of your hand?"

"I love her!" Mr. Kang rolled his eyes in disinterest, waving his hand to cue a harsh sting against Joohyun's backside.

"This 'love' has blinded you. Well, no matter. In three days' time, you'll never have to see her again." The omega jerked more aggressively this time earning a few more lashes to the backs of her legs. "Take her to my chambers. I want to celebrate this momentous occasion."

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Joohyun woke in a bed that was not her own. 

The grey sheets didn't smell of citrus and roses. Instead, they carried a heavy and masculine fragrance that choked her lungs like strong poison. A muscular, scarred back had replaced the toned but feminine curves of her mate's body on the other side of the bed.

That certainly woke her up.

She had almost forgotten the horrors of the night before, but the sights and smells of the room served as painful reminders. Seulgi's father had ravished her for all she was worth and the memory had left a permanent scar on her heart. The sacred territory belonging only to her and her alpha had been trespassed upon. She felt like she was going to be sick.

Slowly, Joohyun eased her way out of the bed so as to not disturb the sleeping viper beside her. She moved to wrap herself in the throw blanket that had been halfway falling off of the bed, effectively masking her own scent from his sensitive nose. If he woke up, surely he would demand far more from her than she was ever willing to offer. She bit back her sobs, holding a hand over her mouth to stifle them as she snuck out of the monster's lair.

Joohyun padded down the uncharted hallways, clutching the blanket against her chest while frantically searching for any possible bystanders. She had no idea where she was running to. All of the tunnels looked the same regardless. None of that really mattered - she just wanted to get as far away from Mr. Kang as possible. Her sneaky escape only made it about ten paces before she collided with a hard chest. She fell back with a grunt and looked up at the pair of alpha guards towering over her.

"Where's its number?" One of the men grumbled to the other.

"Maybe it's part of the boss' personal collection?"

"It's really pretty." The first guard crouched down and ran a hand through the terrified omega's hair. "I wish mine looked like this one. Maybe we could-"

"Hey! Hands off the merchandise!" The other growled, slapping the hand away. "The boss would kill us if he found out! Let's just take it back to the trophy room." Joohyun squeaked and kicked as the guards lifted her up by her arms, dragging her back in the direction she came from. The blanket she used to hide her nakedness was left abandoned on the floor outside of Mr. Kang's bedroom. The guards stopped in front of a new chamber at the end of the hall. "Here we are, safe and sound." The guards gently tossed Joohyun into a massive room, closing and locking the doors behind them. Despite hearing the guards' footsteps walking away, she continued to jiggle the door handle in desperation.

"Ahem." Joohyun looked over her shoulder to find a group of equally naked omegas staring back at her with curious expressions. She blushed, bowing slightly in apology for disturbing the tranquility of the nicely decorated room. One of the women approached, sizing her up. 


"I'm sorry?" Joohyun asked in confusion.

"Number." This time, the woman's voice had a much firmer tone. 

"I uh, don't think I was given one." The omegas' faces seemed to ease into expressions of relief.

"Ah, so she is one of us! What should we name her?" A ditzy blonde chirped.

"Ooh ooh! How about Sasha?"

"No, she looks more like a Bella."

"Irene." The woman Joohyun assumed was the leader of the pack stated, shutting the others up. "Your name is Irene."

"How come you always get to name the newcomers?" The blonde whined.

"Hyo, you almost named Sunny 'Shortcake.'"

"It was cute!"

"Ladies!" The leader shouted, putting an end to the trivial conversation. The woman looked at the newcomer cowering with her back against the door and smiled. "Welcome to the trophy room. My name is Taeyeon." Her eyes drifted down to Joohyun's chest and widened. "Look at your breasts! You poor thing!" Up until this point, Joohyun hadn't noticed the familiar ache that came with being unable to rid herself of the pressure. 

"I guess this means you have newborns somewhere?" The girl by the name of Hyo stated with a sad look. "I'm so sorry."

"We know how hard that can be." Tiffany murmured. "A few of us were separated form our families as well, myself included. Don't worry, you'll eventually learn to forget." Forget? Joohyun didn't want to forget! She wanted to go home to her wife and pups. First she wanted to beat Seulgi's ass, but after that, she wanted to hold her tight and never let go. She wanted to finally get the happily ever after she had been waiting for and she could clearly see that these women wouldn't be much help. They had already been brainwashed beyond repair and were probably trying to pull her down right along with them. 

"I know master's hands can be scary at first, but soon you'll find yourself seeking his touch." Hyo said with a disheartening smile.

"He's so wonderful! He even allowed all of us to be his mates out of the goodness of his heart."

"Master is such a giving man." Sunny said with a far away swoon. So that's what this was; a harem. That dirty old monster had been gathering only the purest and prettiest omegas to be set aside as a part of his own personal toy box. This is inevitably where Joohyun would have been placed if Mr. Kang didn't already have a deal set with the stud farm. These omegas had been kept here so long they had abandoned all hope of rescue. Instead, they had obtained a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome and had fallen madly in love with their malicious captor. The realization scared Joohyun. What if she was to meet the same fate?

"Let's be friends, Irene." Taeyeon's hand reached out to her in a gesture of acceptance. 

Sunmi and Seulgi along with their entourage of armed security guards quietly marched their way towards the Chief of Police's headquarters deep inside the heart of the capitol building. Seulgi's mind was racing with all of the information and details she had to present in order for all of this to make sense. She reached into her coat pocket, pulling out an old Polaroid photo of her pregnant wife seated on the couch. Sunmi could see that her childhood friend was a mess of emotions and offered her condolences.

"We'll bring her home, okay? I promise." Seulgi replied with a thankful nod, returning her attention to the task at hand. Before she had any hope of saving Joohyun, she had to win the Chief of Police's approval. From what Sunmi had told her, he was not an easy man to persuade. However, she did have a bit of a leg up. "He doesn't approve of civilian cases often, but I think this one will tug on his heartstrings just enough to get him on our side."

"How so?"

"Chief Sooman's wife was taken from him four years ago." Sunmi stated quietly so the guards wouldn't overhear. "I can't say for sure if it was your father or not, but I'm sure he wants her home safely as well."

"Lieutenant? We're here." 

"I'll back you up." A hand came to rest on Seulgi's shoulder. The latter spared one last look at the image in her hand before following Sunmi inside of the Chief's board room. A man standing hunched over a map laying flat on the table looked up, acknowledging the women's entrance.

"Ladies." He murmured in greeting with a slight bow, receiving two in return. "I'm not one for formal introductions. I'd much rather get right down to business, if you don't mind."

"Not at all, sir." Seulgi replied.

"From what Lieutenant Sunmi has told me, your intentions are to flush out Kang Corp's underground circuits?" He asked, shaking the mouse of his computer to project a 3D light image of the city onto the surface of the table. 

"Correct. As his daughter and ex heir to his trade posts, I believe I have key pieces of information that can fill in some of the holes."

"I see." The chief stated, highlighting a few of the sewage lines running underneath the heart of the city. "So far, we have unearthed these locations. We were surprised at how easy they were to uncover."

"Those are his decoy lines." Seulgi explained. "They aren't meant to serve as true trade posts, only to lead any pursuers astray. If you were to go deeper - may I?" Chief Sooman nodded, watching as Seulgi flipped the image from axonometric to section perspective, swiping down to get a better view underground. She adjusted a few of the sonar settings so that her discussion topics would become visible. "-you would see that there is an interconnected network of titanium pipe lines hidden directly underneath them." Both Sunmi and her commanding officer leaned closer. Sure enough, the faint, thin lines Seulgi had been talking about were barely noticeable but still present nonetheless.

"Well I be." The chief whispered in awe. "So this is where he's been hiding?"

"Without a doubt." Seulgi zoomed in on a certain junction connecting the network. "This is the aeration core. It leads straight up to the surface right about here." Seulgi pointed at the abandoned mill located just outside of the city's limits. 

"So what is your plan?"

"Smoke them out." Seulgi stated, plain and simple. The cops exchanged looks of skepticism and confusion before returning their gazes to Seulgi.


"With this." A tiny grey pellet was pressed between Seulgi's fingers. She pulled chief Sooman's glass of water over, dropping the pellet inside and urged the others to cover their noses to be on the safe side. The pellet dissolved into a murky, green gas making the water toxic in nature. "This is a mixture of boron trichloride and a bit of bromine monochloride. The boron trichloride is reactive upon contact with moisture while the bromine monochloride carries highly toxic insecticides in cloud form. This way, it will work as a gas and its effectiveness will be amplified by the moisture accumulated in the sewers."

"But wouldn't this harm the hostages as well?" Sunmi asked with a worried voice. "We shouldn't risk collateral damage here."

"Don't worry." Seulgi assured them. "This particular compound is only harmful to alphas. Omegas have a mucus membrane coating their lungs that renders these chemicals ineffective. The worst they could get is a chest cough, sore throat, or some symptoms of heartburn."

"How did you come up with such a solution?" The Chief of Police inquired, taking the glass in his hand and swirling it around. "Has it ever been tested?"

"I minored in chemistry. I came up with a plan in case my wife was taken and well..." Seulgi stared at the tablet in shame. "It's never been effectively tested as it would be too inhumane to perform, seeing as how it would have to be tested on human subjects though I assure you this mixture has been properly treated and purified."

"What if it rises to street level? Wouldn't it harm civilians as well?" Sunmi inquired. 

"The boron trichloride only reacts to high concentrations of moisture. Unless it rains or snows, the air above ground will be too dry for it to work. The tunnels are made of titanium so none of the gas should leak out into groundwater or soil to potentially harm any citizens. I've taken extra precaution by adding some metal particulates to weigh the cloud down so it won't rise."

"Ingenious!" Chief Sooman proclaimed with a smile. "And you're sure this will work?"

"I'm positive. If we can drop a multitude of these capsules in through the air vent, we can send a beta search and rescue team in under its protection to retrieve the hostages. It won't be easy, though. My father is smart enough to know how to lay a good trap or two. Not even I know what he might have set. The good news is, most if not all of my father's guard are alphas so even a smaller squad should have the upper hand as long as we can provide them a way to see clearly."

"It's settled then. Allow me to file a report to my higher ups. In regards to your invention, further tests will need to be conducted. If it passes, we will ask your permission to keep the weapon under military safe guarding. We can't risk allowing such a powerful thing to be taken advantage of." The Chief stated, tapping a stack of papers against the table as he stood. "I'll assemble a team of my finest troops, then we can meet back here and discuss further strategy." Seulgi and Sunmi bowed as the chief made his exit.

This means war.

Chapter Text

"Mr. Hyunsuk, I present to you specimen number 0329." The man inspected the omega placed on display before his eyes. "She's a personal favorite of mine. I'm sure she'll do nicely for your boys." Mr. Hyunsuk hummed in thought, approaching Joohyun's jittery form and circling her like a wolf on the prowl.

"I expected to pick up a good first dame for my youngsters, but you've pleasantly surprised me, Kang." He said, patting his bartering partner's back in a friendly gesture. "I think my prized prime stud will take quite a liking to her. You said she has a full house?"

"Yes sir!" Mr. Kang boasted proudly. "Approximately 96% omegan spawn." His partner in trade whistled at the impressive number, rubbing Joohyun's sides as he continued inspecting his investment.

"She's a purebred if I've ever seen one. I could get quite a few good litters out of her before her age gets up. If she was just a few years younger, I'd sell you my practice for her." Mr. Kang chuckled at the joke. A hand glided from Joohyun's stomach up to her breasts. He bounced them in his hands receiving a pained whimper from Joohyun while an annoyed ticking sound left the billionaire's mouth. "Full. I take it she's already carried a few pups? That'll hurt your profit, Kang."

"Yes, well," Mr. Kang laughed nervously. "She used to belong to my daughter."

"That runt?" Mr. Hyunsuk snorted, humored by the possibility. "What, did you give this one to her and realize too late?" Joohyun felt the coil in her belly strain tighter at the berating of her mate despite how much she hated her at the moment. "This one will live up to her potential with a few strong males for sires. 

"I whole-heartedly agree." What a kiss ass.

"What is her temperament like?"

"She's very shy and well-mannered. She has a tendency to be whiny in bed, though."

"Oh, that's nothing my boys can't handle. They love a vocal mate." Joohyun yelped when a firm slap landed on her butt. "Well, everything seems to be in order. Would you mind if I introduced her to one of my studs before we make this exchange final?"

"Be my guest." Joohyun gulped and jerked in protest as Mr. Hyunsuk waved two of his assistants over, struggling to handle the chains in their hands. The omega was petrified as a mountain of a man was slowly eased towards her, staring directly into her eyes. It took all of the strength the assistants had to keep him stationary at a safe distance.

"Isn't he a beauty? I hope you don't mind. I like to get my boys' acquainted with their new mounts before signing off."

"Not at all. I understand the importance of good chemistry." These psychopaths' definitions of 'good chemistry' were atrociously flawed. Nothing about this process was natural. Good chemistry required the interest of two consenting parties yet they only paid attention to the opinions of one. In short, they wanted to see if she could get it up or not. How could that be mistaken as 'good chemistry?'

Joohyun continued to yank against her constraints as the prime alpha made his move. His nose bent straight to her neck, snorting at the offensive mating mark and lingering scent of Seulgi on her skin. She squeaked like a field mouse when a pair of tree trunk arms pulled her closer for further inspection.

"They'd make some beautiful pups together, wouldn't you agree?" Mr. Kang nodded while watching the interaction nervously. If the stud didn't like her, the deal would be off and his thick wad of cash would disappear right along with it. 

Meanwhile, a gathering was taking place. 

Police cars, fire trucks, and an entire armada of beta soldiers stood on standby waiting for the chief's final signal.

The tension could be cut with a knife.

Chief Sooman stood with his arm held high above his head. Seulgi swallowed the lump in her throat, limbs going numb as the anticipation ate her alive. Liberation was a mere hand wave away. She worried about her mate, though her thoughts also suddenly drifted to Sooyoung. Seulgi wanted to warn her, but Sunmi and the Chief had insisted she shouldn't. Even though Sooyoung had been working as a double agent, she still had the means to alert the entire network of what was to come and initiate an evacuation. It hurt, but it was a possibility they just couldn't overlook.

What would become of her? Was she even in the network at all?

Seulgi didn't have time to find out.

"On my signal!" The rescue squad kneeled into their ready positions, a few of which held much larger versions of Seulgi's original gas capsule in hand.

Joohyun whimpered as the strange alpha started to rub his scent off on her, claiming her. She quietly held her breath to prevent an imprint, but found her vision fading due to lack of oxygen. She could only hold on so much longer before she either feinted or worse; succumbed to the will of a new mate. Luckily, the assistants pulled the alpha away before things got way too physical for a first impression.

"He likes her." Mr. Hyunsuk said with a smile. "I'll be happy to take her off your hands, Kang. Just show me the dotted line." Mr. Kang retrieved the written agreement from his back pocket, unrolling it and placing it down on the nearby table along with an ink pen. As the breeder bent over to sign the document, a droplet of black ink splattered onto the page as a slight tremor rattled through the pipes. Both men looked up to find a group of guards running for their lives as an ominous green fog pursued them.

Smelling trouble, Mr. Kang quickly snatched the money and took off as fast as his legs could carry him in the direction of the hub. Mr. Hyunsuk was about to call after him when he choked, clenching a hand over his throat as his eyes rolled back in his head. Joohyun watched in horror as the man fell to the ground, crawling for a short while before his body spasmed and went limp - dead. The macho alpha soon followed, releasing a loud wheeze before toppling over with a hard thud like a tree falling in the forest. Joohyun stared at the carcass in horror as a few stragglers screamed while the gas continued to spread throughout the network.

Why am I not dead? 

She wasn't sure what was going on, but she didn't want to stick around and find out. Just because she hadn't been effected yet doesn't mean it wouldn't cost her later. Joohyun kicked her leg in an attempt to free it from the pin keeping her locked to the ground, groaning as the cuff around her ankle bruised her skin.

"Joohyun?" A familiar voice coughed through the fog. "Let me help you." Sooyoung kneeled on the ground, choking through another fit of hacking. The alpha had a scarf covering her nose and mouth to buy her some time as she worked to set Joohyun free. Blood stains covered the cloth when Sooyoung coughed while the chains holding Joohyun in place finally fell to the ground. The omega rushed to Sooyoung's aid, trying to figure out what was happening. Joohyun's head was spinning like a top. She couldn't tell if this was a rescue mission or some sort of raid. 

"Sooyoung, what's going on!?" The alpha made a few gagging noises in a failed attempt to speak to Joohyun. Instead, a quivering finger pointed down the long stretch of pipe leading towards the hub - the same path Mr. Kang had taken moments before.The other alphas were dropping like flies which made Joohyun concerned for her rescuer's well-being. Joohyun grunted as she struggled to lift the taller woman over her shoulders, carrying her in the direction she had just shown her.

The green cloud of toxic gas blurred her vision making navigation that much harder. The ground was littered with dead and dying bodies, one of which grabbed tightly onto her sore ankle making her cry out in pain. Sooyoung managed to muster enough strength and brain power to kick the dying arm away. "Thanks." Just then, loud shouts and running footsteps echoed off the walls of the tunnels. In the distance, Joohyun could see people wandering around with flashlights as if they were searching for something making her even more confused.

So this is a raid?

"...down." Sooyoung croaked over Joohyun's shoulder.


"Put...down..." Between the loud shouts and hissing sounds around them, Joohyun couldn't make out exactly what Sooyoung was muttering. The omega propped Sooyoung up against the wall of the tunnel, thoroughly inspecting her body for any signs of damage. She carefully pulled the scarf away from the alpha's mouth, gasping at the horrors that greeted her. Sooyoung's lips were chapped and bleeding with a white, bubbling foam peeking through the corners of her mouth. She appeared to be in a state of half-consciousness, head seemingly too heavy for her neck. Joohyun quickly covered her mouth once more and cupped her hand over the cloth in hopes of providing better protection.

"Hang in there. We can find a way out together." Sooyoung grumbled, refusing to move when Joohyun attempted to guide her. "Soo?" She watched with worry as the alpha staggered for a moment before falling to the ground in a fit of gurgling coughs. Joohyun ran to her side, not knowing what to do to help but trying her best regardless.

"Go!" Sooyoung managed to croak out in desperation.

"I can't just leave you here to die!" Joohyun wailed. "Yerim needs you!" Sooyoung started to cry at the thought of her wife and pups, knowing there may not be a way back to them from here. She didn't want to leave Yerim to raise ten of their children on her own. She wanted to get up and run home as fast as she could, but her legs couldn't move. Joohyun wasn't strong enough to continue hauling her weight either. The sooner she came to terms with her fate, the more help she could be to Joohyun. At least then she wouldn't die in vain.

"Hub left." Sooyoung gasped through labored breaths before laying her head back, looking up at the ceiling. There was so much she wanted Joohyun to carry back to her wife and pups, but she didn't have the lung capacity to speak the words. She wished she could turn back time. Maybe then she could've saved some breath from her snarky comments and put them to better use here.

Joohyun sobbed, unable to do anything but watch as the shimmer slowly left Sooyoung's eyes. She tried to look away - she really did - even as she stumbled down the tunnel, but couldn't bring herself to do so. Sooyoung had sacrificed herself on multiple occasions just to keep Joohyun safe, and for what? To wind up laying on a grimy, wet floor surrounded by hundreds of bodies with gas in her lungs? Joohyun wished she had the strength to carry her up for a proper burial. She deserved that much.

In that moment, Joohyun made a promise to Sooyoung; she would continue to spread her good name and keep her spirit alive for her wife and children.

That is, if she could find her way out of the tunnels herself.

Chapter Text

"Tayeon!" Seulgi watched as the Chief of Police ran to his wife, holding her against his chest.

More and more soldiers resurfaced with the missing omegas in their arms, handing them off and wrapping them in warm blankets to spare their nudity. While she was glad to see the rescue mission was so far a success, there were four people Seulgi was itching to find; Joohyun, Sooyoung, Kaia, and her sorry excuse of a father - only one of which had been accounted for. She was beginning to fear the worst. Were they too late? Perhaps her father had managed to run off with Joohyun long before the gas had hit. 

She glanced over at Kaia who had been sitting on the running board of the fire truck with a cup of hot chocolate between her hands. The poor thing was shivering uncontrollably despite the blanket and warm beverage she held leading Seulgi to the conclusion that Kaia was not cold, but utterly terrified. Seulgi walked over, crouching down to eye level.

"How are you doing? Do you need anything?" Kaia looked up and bit her lip as tears started to fall.

"I just want my mom." Seulgi took a seat beside the young, sniffling girl and held her against her chest. 

The Hub.

Beams from flash lights flickering through clouds of green gas, people shouting, deceased bodies littering the floor-

A man choking.

But not just any man - Mr. Kang. The sorry toad lay on his back, practically hacking up a lung as the gas gnawed away at his respiratory tissue. Looking around, all of the holding stalls were empty. The only two remaining in the hub - possibly the whole network - were Joohyun and her dying father in law. The omega spared a lingering glance at the scepter resting a few feet away from its owner, the silver head of a cobra gazing into her eyes, beckoning her. Mr. Kang eventually took notice of Joohyun's presence, reaching out to her with a threatening grumble.

"Don't just stand there! Help me, you whore!" Joohyun made no sudden movements. Instead, she continued to watch him squirm around like a worm on a hot rock.

Joohyun was so tired of being the damsel in distress. As an omega, she had been placed on a pedestal her entire life; by her peers, by her teachers, by her parents, by her mate, even Sooyoung who had sacrificed her own life to help her go free. She couldn't wait around for a knight in shining armor to ride in, slay the dragon, and save the day. It was time she took her life in her own hands. 

However, Joohyun did not usually believe in an eye for an eye. Instead, she always tried to see the good in people. She was a firm believer in being a good Samaritan, even if the person seeking help was a malicious snake. That being said, the man in front of her was no person - this was a monster.  

As quick as a flash, Joohyun straddled the dying man making him wheeze in bewilderment. 

"You don't deserve such an easy death." Joohyun snarled, digging her nails into his jaw. "You are a fool to think I would ever take mercy on such an ugly, rotten pig - after all you've done." Mr. Kang choked, face turning purple and veiny as he clawed at Joohyun's hands in desperation. "I've tried being a good little omega - I bit my tongue. I even let you have your way with my body, yet you have the nerve to beg for my help!?" The man let out some gurgling noises as his head fell back. Before he could escape Joohyun's wrath by drowning in a mouth full of his own froth, Joohyun reached for his scepter, holding it high above her head. 

"Over there!"

"There's one more!"

The omega screamed like a harpie, repeatedly beating the man to death with his own cane. Each time the scepter came down, another crack was added to the man's skull under the sheer force behind the fatal blows. Long after her mate's father had breathed his final breath, Joohyun continued in a fit of tears and loud sobs. A group of search and rescue soldiers heard all of the ruckus, watching in a mix of shock and horror as the last hostage beat what remained of Mr. Kang into a pulp. One of the soldiers moved to stop her, but was held back by his squad leader. 

"Commander?" The man in charge simply shook his head. They returned their attention to the scene in front of them. A blind man could see that this omega had been put through the wringer under this man's hands - it was only fitting he died by hers.

By now, Joohyun had simmered down quite a bit, though her loud sobs continued to reverberate through every pipe and every empty trade post throughout the network. Joohyun nearly jumped out of her skin when a gloved hand came to rest on her bare shoulder.

"Ma'am? We're here to take you up." 

Up? As in out?

As her adrenaline rush faded, the reality of the situation began to set in. Joohyun looked down at the gorey mess she had created. The sight of it made her want to throw up. Needless to say, there was no coming back from the damage she had inflicted upon him.

What have I done??

"We should thank you, all things considered." The squad leader proclaimed. "If not for you, he would've spent the rest of his days behind bars. That doesn't sound like a worthy punishment - at least not in my opinion." Joohyun said nothing. Instead, she continued to stare at the faceless corpse with a blank expression. "Come on. We'll show you the way out."

Seulgi and Kaia stood outside of the aeration vent huddled in a blanket while they waited for their loved ones to come home. By now, the amount of soldiers returning to the surface had gone from a roar to barely even a trickle. The anxiety building in Seulgi's gut grew with each new head that popped up. Most of the soldiers were coming back in the same condition they left meaning the network had been cleared of almost all survivors, but Joohyun and Sooyoung had yet to appear. The latter's pup started to cry to which Seulgi could do nothing but hold her tighter and rub her upper arm in encouragement. Only one squad remained. If they resurfaced empty handed, Seulgi wasn't sure what she would do.

"Section 304 - we need hands - over."  Seulgi and Kaia watched as a few of the loitering soldiers climbed back down the ventilation shaft which lit a little flame of hope in their hearts. The duo held their breaths as some of the soldiers gathered around to help lift the last survivors out of the hole. Seulgi's entire world stopped spinning when she caught sight of a naked and dirt-clad Joohyun being wrapped in a blanket, safe and sound.

"Joohyun!" She wailed in an outburst of pure joy and relief, running to intercept her wife. However, the look that greeted her was anything but friendly, in fact, it was downright terrifying. She glared at Seulgi with all of the pent-up rage she carried in her heart. Despite all of the shit she's dealt with over the years, Joohyun had never looked so angry. She felt betrayed, unimportant, abandoned, any negative emotion she had, she held towards her wife. 

It stung, though it wasn't undeserved.

The alpha tried to speak to her, but the intake of breath fell upon deaf ears. Seulgi could handle outburst anger - that form only lasted a short while - but the silent breed was a completely different beast. She supposed she had earned it. After all, she is the one responsible for all of this. Instead of paying her mate any sort of attention, Joohyun brushed passed her as if she was only a phantom. Seulgi caught wind of another alpha's scent mixed in with her mate's as she walked by which raised more than just a few alarms.

Another alpha tried to claim her? Has my imprint been erased? Does this mean she could be...

Seulgi watched her wife stagger over to the fire truck, taking a seat in the place Kaia previously occupied. Rather than glancing around to get a sense of what was going on like the others had done, she just stared at the ground with an unreadable expression illuminated by the flashing lights. Seulgi worked up the courage to approach. Crouching down in front of her mate, she rested a hand on Joohyun's knee in a silent plea for her eyes that was inevitably declined. Joohyun's gaze didn't waver for even a second. Seulgi sighed in defeat, speaking in a low, gentle tone.

"I have no words to explain how sorry I am, Joohyun. You have every right to hate me." She bit her quivering lip, tucking an unruly strand of raven hair behind her wife's ear. "No amount of apologies will ever make up for what I've done to you, but I'll say them anyway because you deserve to hear them every waking moment of every day until they put me in the ground." Speaking to Joohyun now was like speaking to a deaf woman. She remained completely unresponsive, staring down at the ground in silence - broken. 

A shrill scream belonging in a horror film snared the attention of everyone present, Joohyun being the exception. Seulgi watched in confusion as Kaia ran towards one of the soldiers holding a limp and lifeless body in his arms. The soldier gently placed it down on one of the tarps and Kaia was immediately by the body's side.

"Sooyoung?" Seulgi breathed in shock, getting to her feet and arming her way through the crowd. Reaching the front of the gathering cloud of onlookers, Seulgi could only stand and watch the young girl cry into her mother's cold chest, clenching her shirt in tight fists. Kaia's blood-shot eyes met hers and morphed into a scowl over clenched teeth.

"You did this!" She growled through her fit of tears. "I thought you were the good guy! This is all your fault!" Seulgi reached out to touch Kaia's shoulder, but she quickly jerked it away as if the hand would have turned her to stone. "Stay away from me! You're a monster!" Seulgi stood in shock while the paramedics hoisted Sooyoung into a nearby ambulance, urging Kaia to follow.

All of the pieces had fallen into place.

First it was her ambition that came in the form of her dream, lifting an entire industry to new heights.

Her wittiness and charm followed suit - she had those to thank for winning Joohyun's affections.

Next came her obsession with work and need for control. Her company and income had taken priority over her wife. Joohyun just wanted to spend time with her but all Seulgi could see were dollar signs. In addition, she subconsciously wanted to have things her way at home - even going so far as to deny Joohyun the pup she wanted simply because it wasn't on her list of priorities. 

Last but not least came the final boss of them all; impulsiveness. It proved to be her mightyest demon - her greatest downfall. Her quick thinking came with the price of losing her eye for detail. It was that same quick-to-the-punch mentality that put Joohyun in danger, initiated her own downward spiral, and almost lead her towards taking her own life instead of rescuing the woman she loved.

While Seulgi's heart had always been in the right place, her actions reflected those of someone very familiar to her - a man who was a monster in his own right. While her father had mistreated and killed thousands of omegas, Seulgi had done the same to a multitude of alphas - most of which were probably in the same boat Sooyoung was. Young Kaia had just confirmed the very thing Seulgi had been trying to avoid since she was seven years old.

Seulgi had become her father.

Chapter Text

Once again, Seulgi found herself in a hospital only this time it was under a grim cloud of her own creation.

She watched from the hallway as doctors tried to jump start Sooyoung's body back to life. The healthy glow she used to have had been replaced by pale grey skin making her look more like the gargoyles of Notre Dam. Seulgi had broken the terrible news to Yerim over a phone call and hadn't interacted with her since. Now, not only was her wife not speaking to her, but Sooyoung's as well. 

After briefly discussing her wife's condition with the doctors, Yerim was asked to leave the room to spare her the heartbreak that came with the tests they were about to conduct. The divider blocked Seulgi's view from the window as well. The alpha turned to look at the shorter woman exiting her mate's hospital room with her head hung low.


"Don't talk to me. I can't even look at you right now." With not a word more, Yerim continued her journey down the hallway towards the waiting area. One of the lights on the ceiling flickered though Seulgi paid it no mind. She felt a heavy weight falling squarely on her shoulders. Not only had she massacred thousands of alphas, but she had also managed to kill her best friend - the same friend that single handedly fought to keep her family safe. And what did Seulgi do to thank her? Poison her and tear her family's hearts to pieces as a result. Sooyoung's loyalty to her loved ones showed no bounds - Seulgi knew this. She deserved a warning, yet Seulgi chose the opinions of two almost strangers over the safety of her friend out of fear.

I really am a monster...

Seulgi could hardly work up enough courage to go see how Joohyun was doing.

Her heart broke at the state of internal trauma her wife was in. She hadn't said a word to her since the night she was taken - or anyone, for that matter. Joohyun just stared blankly at the wall in front of her...motionless.

Mr. and Mrs. Bae came as quickly as they could. They were currently occupying their daughter's bedside trying to help her snap out of the daze she was trapped in. The twins were there as well, desperate for their mother's attention after going without it for so long. It was the first time they had ever been separated from Joohyun and now she wasn't even present enough to acknowledge their existence. Rowoon whined sadly, lifting his mother's arm and resting it on top of his head. Jaeyong wasn't much better off himself. The little boy lay curled up against Joohyun's side while clenching the material of her hospital gown in his tiny hands.

Mr. Bae turned to look at Seulgi, pointing a stern hand down the hall. Seulgi obeyed, walking a few paces away from the window as Mr. Bae entered the hallway, closing the door behind him. Her father in law towered over her with an angry expression on his face. For a moment, the two just stood there before a firm fist made contact with Seulgi's jaw. The smaller alpha stumbled, but made no move to defend herself as another blow knocked the air out of her lungs. Seulgi propped herself up against the wall, gulping for air.

"What the hell are you doing to her, Kang!?" The protective father roared. "That's my little girl in there! Do you know how it feels as a parent to see your child like that!?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I don't know." Seulgi bowed her head knowing there was nothing she could say to make everything better. Even if there was, she wouldn't say it. She did this. Not her parents, not Sooyoung, and certainly not Joohyun. It's the least she deserved for all of the pain and destruction she had caused. 

"Do you remember the night we first met? The night you first introduced yourself to me?" Seulgi nodded. "I liked you, Kang - I really did. You struck me as a kid I could hand my daughter away to knowing she would be well cared for." The man released a low sigh, looking Seulgi up and down for a moment before delivering his point. "I don't see that kid right now. All I see is-"

"A monster?" Seulgi muttered while still avoiding eye contact. At this point she heard the word more than she heard her own name. The comment took Mr. Bae somewhat by surprise. He could see the remorse Seulgi carried, that much was apparent. But remorse wasn't enough to mend the bonds she had broken between her and her in-laws. However, despite the wildfire she had started, he could see that she was trying to make ammends in any way she could. In no way did that make her a monster.

"A stranger, Kang." He murmured, a bit of his roaring flame dying down. "I miss that sweet kid I met all those years ago - the one that put a smile on my little girl's face every time she talked about her. Where's that kid, Kang? Surely she's not dead." Seulgi finally looked up to meet his eyes just as the door swung opened to expose Mrs. Bae.

"The boys don't want to leave her side. It might be hard getting them home."

"They can stay." Mrs. Bae flashed Seulgi a worried look.

"After everything that's happened lately, I don't think that is the best option for them." Seulgi nodded in agreement, realizing just how negative of an environment her sons would be subjected to if they came home. "We'll keep them for as long as we need to, dear. For now, you should focus on mending your relationship once she comes to."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Bae." A look of frustration mixed with sympathy shimmered in the mother's eyes. She kissed Seulgi's head gently in a display of mercy. 

"I don't doubt your love for her, Seulgi." She whispered. "Just promise me you'll make some changes starting right now. Please don't make me change my mind about you." Seulgi gave her a deep bow.

"I promise."

"Why don't you go comfort the boys for a second? We'll come get them when you're ready."

As the Baes walked away, Seulgi returned to her wife's hospital room. Their sons were in the same positions they were before, whimpering softly in hopes of waking their Mommy. Seulgi watched for a moment to punish herself further for her actions. Rowoon shifted, peeking out from under Joohyun's hand to look at her and cooed sadly as if asking for an explanation. Seulgi took the pup in her arms, holding him against her chest while bouncing the way she did to sooth them. 

"Mama did this, little cub." She said, looking at her mate's blank expression. "Although she didn't mean to." Rowoon gurgled quietly while gazing up at his Mama. A little hiccup caught Seulgi's attention. She could see a little bundle of baby curled up against Joohyun's hip, back moving with each tiny sniffle he made. While Rowoon didn't seem to have a preference, Jaeyong was definitely a Mommy's boy through and through. Seulgi could only imagine what the little guy must be going through, even though he couldn't quite understand. All he knew was his Mommy wasn't paying him any attention and he didn't know what he had done wrong. Perhaps he thought she didn't love him anymore. 

Seulgi started to cry, reaching over to caress Jaeyong's tiny head. She wanted to help him understand - let him know that his Mommy still loved him. However, that desire was unrealistic. She could try, but Jaeyong still wouldn't be able to comprehend what was happening. Seulgi began to question whether or not they should've been here in the first place with their Mommy in a state of shock and their Mama struggling with her self hatred. She supposed it didn't matter what she wanted - they were here now. They had seen everything. 

"I think it's time to go." Seulgi murmured, reaching over to pick up Jaeyong. The baby kicked and groaned, reaching out for Joohyun's clothes even as Seulgi held him in her free arm. "I know. She'll be back soon." She kissed her youngest son's little head as she opened the door, gently handing the twins over to their grandparents. 

"Let us know if she wakes up." Mrs. Bae whispered quietly, taking Rowoon from his sire. Seulgi nodded and watched them leave before closing the door behind her. She took a moment to glance at Joohyun now that they were alone. Wiping a few tears from her eyes, Seulgi held Joohyun's porcelain face between her hands.

For the first time since she'd met the love of her life, Seulgi didn't find her face attractive - not because it wasn't aesthetically pleasing, but because it was seemingly frozen in a state of perpetual shock. She could still smell another alpha's presence on her mate's skin that invaded her lungs like a parasite, eating away at the remains of her broken heart. Joohyun's eyes were blinking, though they appeared to be far away. Her fingers would occasionally twitch as well which meant she was still technically conscience, just not responsive. Seulgi rested her head against Joohyun's and allowed her tears to fall as she pressed a hand to Joohyun's cold, pale cheek. 

"What happened to you down there?" She whispered through a few labored breaths. "Please tell me. Whatever it is, whoever it was, I swear I'll see them rot in hell...even if it's my own doing." Seulgi brushed a few baby hairs away from her wife's face, observing her features with all of the love and regret she had. "I promise I'll change. I'll never let anything happen to you - never again. I'll take you anywhere you want to go, as far away from the city as possible. The sea, the mountains, the vineyards, just say the word and we'll be there. I'll quit my job to spend more time with you - help you open that restaurant you've always wanted. If you decide you want more pups to make our family complete, I'll give them to you in a heart beat just please...come back to us." A few of Seulgi's warm tears fell onto Joohyun's cheek, rolling down to her parted lips. "I love you."

Chapter Text

"You called?" Seulgi looked up from swirling her hot chocolate to find a bubbly Wendy standing in front of her - food tray in hand. "I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner. I've been hopping delivery rooms all night." 

"No worries." Seulgi said with a little smile while Wendy took a seat across from her. "I appreciate your company."

"So what is it you wanted to talk about?" The midwife inquired as she tore open a ketchup packet. "Are the pups doing okay?"

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something a bit more...close to home."

Wendy took a moment to look around at the hustle and bustle of the hospital cafeteria before leaning forward to whisper, "Would you rather go someplace more private?"

"At this point, I couldn't care less who hears." Seulgi sighed, propping her head up on her hand. "You're quite literally the only person I have in my corner right now." While munching on some lettuce, Wendy's brows furrowed with concern. She wasn't aware of any of the events that had occurred up until this point, however, she did know Joohyun had been admitted to the hospital. At first she suspected postpartum depression, but after paying her a visit and getting no acknowledgement in return, it was evident something terrible had happened.

"I'm all ears."

"You have no idea how much trouble I've caused, Wendy." The alpha said while cupping her hands over the warm sides of the mug her lips had yet to touch. "Because of my carelessness, my wife is petrified and my best friend is dead. Not only that, but my pups, my in-laws, my friend's family - all of them are suffering. I don't think they can ever forgive me for what I've done - hell, I can't even forgive myself." Wendy sat for a moment, taking in all of the information she had just been presented with. "I just feel so...trapped."

"People make mistakes, Seulgi. It's a part of what makes us human." Wendy murmured, taking her friend's warm hands in her own. "But you can only begin to grow from them if you learn to forgive yourself and take that first big step in a new direction. If you continue to carry your guilt, it'll continue to eat away at you - your loved ones will see that. Which is why you need to pave them a way forward, starting with you." Her words struck a chord with Seulgi. All this time, she had been waiting for a miracle to fall out of the sky and land right in her lap instead of taking matters into her own hands.

She lit the match, now it's her job to put out the fire. 

A bundle of red roses now occupied the vase beside Sooyoung's bed. Seulgi took her time fluffing them up so that they looked more presentable. As she did so, she shyly spared a glance at the body of her best friend laying as still and as quiet as it had ever been. Taking her for granted was a regret that ran deep - even her loud, explicit jabs Seulgi wished to hear just one last time. Sooyoung brought a certain energy into people's lives that both annoyed and humored them. She missed it.

Taking a seat at her friend's bedside felt surreal to Seulgi - as if all of it had just been some horrible nightmare. She began to reminisce about their college years; being embarrassed of Sooyoung's loud outbursts, going to Sooyoung's softball games, the year they realized two inherently messy people shouldn't dorm together, Sooyoung keeping her company into the early hours of the morning while she worked on projects, all the way up until now - sitting on Sooyoung's death bed with nothing but a bunch of flowers for an apology.  

"How's the weather up there?" Seulgi whispered as a sort of familiar jab, though now the words held a different meaning. Fresh tears left wet trails down Seulgi's cheeks as she pressed a hand to Sooyoung's forehead, checking the temperature for herself. "You didn't deserve this, you know. I shouldn't have listened to them - I should've warned you, but I was too focused on the worst case scenario. I should've taken a moment to realize who I was talking about." Seulgi sniffled, wiping away a few of her tears. "Thank you for taking care of my family - of Joohyun. You always were the better alpha." Seulgi sobbed as she spoke like a small child, but didn't care to silence herself - even as a glaring Yerim watched from the window. "You were always there for me. I wish I could've been there for you."  

Having seen enough, Yerim made her presence known. Seulgi's head lifted when the door creaked opened to reveal a very awkward Yerim standing in the doorway. Her eyes flicked around the room and landed on the vase of fresh roses beside her mate's bed.

"She's more of a tulip fan." Seulgi watched as she plucked one of the flower's scarlet pedals and held it in her hand.

"Oh." Seulgi croaked. "I'll be sure to bring some next time." Yeri flashed Seulgi a discerning glance. She was trying so hard to be understanding of Seulgi's situation, but found it to be quite difficult when said situation had costed her mate's life. Deep down she knew that Seulgi didn't mean to inflict any harm upon Sooyoung or her family, however, that still didn't justify the consequences of her actions. 

"I'm not sure if I can look at you the same way I did before, unnie." The younger confessed. "But I don't hate you." Seulgi looked up at her, eyes swimming with vulnerability. "Our families' predicaments are the same. Both you and Sooyoung were doing everything in your power to protect your loved ones. It just so happened that you were on opposite ends of the battlefield."

"But Sooyoung was an ally...she protected us!" 

"Sooyoung knew exactly what she was getting herself into, Seulgi! Don't you dare be so proud as to sit there and think that everything revolves around you and your stupid actions!" Yerim erupted as all of her withheld thoughts came spilling out in a heated display of emotion. "Every night Sooyoung would come home thankful your father didn't decide it was the end of the road for her! So don't you dare paint yourself to be the bad guy!" The room went quiet, Seulgi watching as Yerim fell to pieces in front of her. "I want to hate you, Seulgi, I really do. But I can't, no matter now hard I try...because of Kaia." 

"Your daughter sees me as the monster - the one who killed her mother. Doesn't that say anything to you?"

"You were also the one that saved her." Seulgi looked down at her hands folded in her lap. "Stop beating yourself up over everything you've done wrong. Remember that a lot of good came out of this as well. Without you, Kaia and Joohyun wouldn't have made it back to us."

"Kaia wouldn't have made it back to us..." Seulgi said with a soft and forlorn expression.

"How is she?" Yerim gingerly inquired.

"Far away."

Looking at her wife - grey and lifeless, Yerim could easily relate to Seulgi's pain. In a way, living with the fact that your mate was trapped in a state of frozen terror was far worse than knowing they were sleeping peacefully. She could see it in the way their pups behaved as well. The older Park children were finally coming to terms with things, however, the young Kang pups were in a state of disarray - at least over the brief span she saw them. The Park kids were old enough to comprehend the situation and - despite how tragic it was - would be able to bounce back much faster. On the other hand, Rowoon and Jaeyong were infants. They had never once been separated from Joohyun so to return and find her in such a state bewildered them. 

"Are the boys alright?"

"They're staying with Joohyun's parents." Yerim nodded.

"You should go spend some time with her. If she's in shock, she can probably still hear you." Seulgi got the hint. She quietly stood to her feet, looking at Sooyoung once more before making her way towards the door. As she was about to leave, one last thought caught her.

"Oh! Hey, Yerim?"

"Yea-?" Yerim stood so stiffly the walls should be jealous as Seulgi wrapped her in an unexpected but warm embrace.

"Thanks." It took a moment, but the hug was reciprocated. Overhead, the flickering light of the hallway ceased its antics and bathed the previously darkened hallway in new light.

Seulgi decided that sitting at Joohyun's bedside wasn't enough for her. Instead, she had taken it upon herself to climb up into the bed with her. Her limbs were spread in the most uncomfortable of directions, but Seulgi didn't mind - she just wanted to be closer to her.

Joohyun's stiff frame sat stationary between Seulgi's legs, oblivious to the weight of her mate's noggin pressed against her back. The traces of a foreign alpha still lingered in Joohyun's scent making Seulgi snort in aggravation. Lifting her head, she wrapped her arms around Joohyun and gently pulled her back flush against her front. Since now would be the best time to do so, Seulgi diligently worked on refreshing her own fragrance to mask the one her mate had acquired. 

When she was satisfied, she rested her chin on Joohyun's shoulder - looking at the same blank wall her mate had been staring at for the past forty-eight hours. She wondered if Joohyun was watching some sort of memory movie that was being projected onto that wall. If there was, she hoped it was a happy one. Nimble fingers glided through jet black locks, occasionally making a twirling motion. One such movement exposed the mating mark located just underneath her wife's jawline. The sight of it reminded Seulgi of their wedding night - the night Joohyun allowed herself to be claimed. Seulgi sweetly kissed the spot while appreciating Joohyun's rose and warm vanilla fragrance. 

A soft whimper caught her attention. 

Seulgi cocked her head out of curiosity, pulling some of Joohyun's hair behind her ear to get a better view of her face. A few tears stained Joohyun's cheek, rolling all the way down to her chin then falling onto the blanket covering her lap. It fired a bullet straight through Seulgi's heart. The bumbling bear scrambled to change positions. She sat on her knees in front of her wife, cupping her cheeks between her hands as a few tears of her own fell from her reddened eyes. 

"No no no don't cry - please don't cry!" Her thumbs worked with the efficiency of windshield wipers during a hurricane. The tears fell like rain to the point where Seulgi was doing nothing more than wiping them across Joohyun's cheeks. She looked into her lover's eyes with despair - hopelessness. The alpha hung her head in defeat, sobbing into her mate's warm chest while clinging to her petite shoulders. Seeing her mate cry was painful enough for Seulgi, but knowing that this time she could do nothing to comfort her absolutely crushed her.  

A sudden and particularly deep intake of breath made Seulgi's eyes widen.

Chapter Text

Joohyun's almond eyes shimmered as the fluorescent lighting reflected off of her tears. However, rather than welcome her back the way she wanted to, Seulgi sat frozen in place under the searing intensity her wife's petrifying gaze. She didn't look like the sweet, gentle Joohyun she knew. Rather, she radiated an aura of silent intimidation - glaring down at the alpha with an emotion that was neither anger nor distrust but fell somewhere within that spectrum. On a heavy swallow, Seulgi managed to squeak out to her. 


"Get off." The words had a sinister bite to them. Caught completely off guard, Seulgi quickly scrambled away towards the foot of the bed. She looked at her mate in a blend of worry and curiosity. Joohyun had yet to move despite being fully alert. She just sat there...staring. 

"Sorry. H-how are you feeling?"

"I don't know, Seulgi, how do you think I'm feeling?" Joohyun spat with a sarcastic sting to her venom, though her expressions remained relatively well-composed. However, the internal rage in the omega's eyes showed through like spotting a koi in a clear pond. This was a very new, very unnerving territory for the couple - particularly for Seulgi. As impossible as it seemed, she had yet to see Joohyun truly enraged. Sad, sure - frightened? Not as likely, though definitely more common as of late, but anger? That was a ghost without a face in regards to Joohyun.

Seulgi looked up when her wife meandered her way out of the bed to stand on the laminate floor tiles. Her bare feet hit the cold, white surface with a tap sending a rattle of chills up Seulgi's spine which, in turn, made the baby hairs on her neck and arms stand on end. Despite how much she wanted to deny it, Seulgi heeded her senses' warning, slowly climbing down to the floor on the opposite side so that the bed stood between them. For a moment, neither of the two women so much as blinked - they just stood there and waited for any sudden movement. Joohyun was the first to break. Seulgi watched with wary eyes as Joohyun slowly reached for the vase sitting on the table by the window.

"Hyun. What are you doing?" The alpha spoke cautiously. Meanwhile, Joohyun looked absolutely terrified of her. Her contradictory body language sent Seulgi a multitude of mixed signals. She didn't have time to pick them apart, though. Seulgi swiftly ducked as the vase came hurdling towards her head, nearly shattering the observation window behind her.

"Get out!" Joohyun screamed at the top of her lungs. "Leave! Go run off on another adventure for all I care! Isn't that you want!?" While her shrieking proved her rage and hatred towards Seulgi, her tears told a completely different story. Above all else, she was confused, hurt, and afraid. Doing as Joohyun said would only make matters worse. Right now, it was on Seulgi to calm her down and talk things through - understand what exactly was going on in the labyrinth that was Joohyun's mind. 

"I'm not going anywhere." Seulgi held her hands up in surrender while slowly stepping around to the other side of the room. "I want to help you, Hyun." Joohyun grit her teeth, reaching for a nearby water bottle and holding it up in pitcher position. 

"Stay away from me!" Seulgi's path towards the tiny omega did not falter. Having no other way of escape, Joohyun backed herself into a corner. The poor thing held the water bottle out in front of her as a last line of defense. "Please." She squeaked desperately as the building terror swallowed her anger whole. Realizing that there was nothing she could do or say that would push the scary alpha away, Joohyun did the only other thing she knew how to do - cower in fear. 

It broke Seulgi's heart to see her wife trembling, especially knowing that she was a big part of the reason why. Not wanting to scare her any more than she already had, she rushed to hold Joohyun. The omega's breath hitched -though mostly out of choking on a sob - at the feeling of her mate's toned arms wrapped around her. 

"It's okay, Hyunnie." Seulgi cried. "I'm here - I'll always be here." Joohyun stared off into the distance blankly before joining her wife's melody of sobs with her own - curling into the security Seulgi's body provided. The couple shared their tears, relying on one another for a sense of emotional support. Seulgi's fingers were lost in Joohyun's black tresses while the latter's clung to her wife's back. The alpha cradled Joohyun's head gently in her arms as tear drops rolled from her eyes down to land on the omega's crown. "I'm so sorry." Her hushed whispers contrasted the panicked screams from before and carried a chime of sincerity behind them.

"You promised," Joohyun sniffled meekly, her tiny fists clutching the material of her mate's black sweater. "Why did you leave me?" There it was - the age old question Seulgi had been asking herself ever since the night Joohyun disappeared. Actually hearing it had even more of an impact - especially coming straight from Joohyun's mouth. However, it was a question she herself did not have an answer to. She pulled her fellow crying companion closer against her chest and rested her chin on top of her head. 

"I suppose I wasn't thinking in the present." Seulgi murmured quietly, gazing out the open window at the morning sunlight reflecting off the snow. "Losing you made me realize how selfishly I was behaving. Actually, looking at it now, letting things get to that point in the first place was selfish of me." Joohyun said nothing. Instead, she stayed coiled in the warmth provided by her alpha and snuggled closer into her chest. 

"He touched me." Seulgi's heart sank. She hoped and prayed the tiny statement's implications weren't as horrible as she thought they were. 

"You mean-?" She felt Joohyun's head nod against her. Seulgi bit her lip, taking in the new information as best she could. "You don't think you could be..."

"I don't know. My cycle didn't stop..." The couple fell under another spell of awkward silence. Seulgi needed to know - she had to know - every story and every detail her actions had brought upon her wife. Maybe then it'll permanently sink into her thick skull.

"What more has he done to you?" Joohyun took a moment to recall all of the events that plagued her memory. 

"He hit me...a lot." She murmured as if she was embarrassed by the traumas she had faced. "He gave me a lot of pills too. Maybe they were to keep my heats on schedule? He told me that if he wasn't so keen on selling me, he would've put me in his personal collection." Now that was new. Seulgi could feel the anger and disgust towards her father boiling in her gut. Joohyun sensed this which is why the room suddenly smelled like a pleasant rose garden. "The buyer was signing the papers when the gas hit. Sooyoung is the one who saved me." Joohyun's eyes widened as the thought of their friend came to mind. She jerked away to see Seulgi's eyes. "Sooyoung! Where is she!?"

"She's in a room down the hall, although I don't think you'd want to see her right now." Seulgi said while cupping her wife's cheek. She could see the worry written all over her pretty little face. "I can't lie to you and say she's doing well, my love. The doctors are trying to mend her tissue, but there's only a 25% chance of recovery. If Yerim wasn't so hopeful, we'd be preparing for a funeral." 

"I have to see her." Joohyun made a quick move to stand, but was inevitably tugged back down by her arm.

"Later. Right now, I want to make sure you're doing okay."

"But I'm not, Seulgi." The omega whispered in a pleading voice. "I may never be. What then? Will you leave me for someone who can handle your flightiness? Who doesn't need you to feel at ease?"

"Of course not, Hyun! I love you with all of my heart!"

"So much that you were willing to leave me alone at the drop of a hat? Some love that is." Seulgi had no way of coming back from that jab. It was true, though - she did abandon Joohyun knowing she was vulnerable. "I love you, Seulgi - I really do. But sometimes, I wish I could bring myself to hate you."

"In that case, I'll hate myself enough for the both of us." Joohyun paused, looking at her mate who was too ashamed to meet her eyes. She lifted her chin, pressing her head against Seulgi's and sighed.

"Don't blame yourself, Seulgi. While I am still mad at you for using your ass for a brain, this could have all been a matter of circumstance." A chaste kiss landed on the alpha's forehead before being replaced once again with that of her mate's. "I need my cuddly, dorky bear back. Could you do that for me?" The alpha sealed her promise with a nod which was more than enough for Joohyun. The couple sat quietly, basking in each other's presence before the omega suddenly piped up. "I'm sorry for throwing a pot at your head." Seulgi snorted making Joohyun smile.

"I'm sorry for being a dumb bear."

"But you're my dumb bear."

"And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Chapter Text

After being released from the hospital's care, Joohyun struggled to reacquaint herself with her own home. By that point, the apartment carried far more negative energy than positive; arguments, tears, neglect, pain, insecurity, fear - it made such a symbolic place feel less like a home and more like a prison. Seulgi felt this as well with the knowledge that she had nearly ended her own life in the same kitchen she was supposed to help prepare meals in. Their sons had also spent very little time occupying the space which tampered with Joohyun's feelings from a maternal standpoint as well. It was time to leave the city behind them and search for greener pastures.

Seulgi watched from the doorway as her wife tried to get her bearings. The omega stood in the center of the home between the nursery and kitchen, looking around with a solemn expression. A place that once welcomed her with open arms now taunted her and made her feel anxious. Internally she had already decided that this place was no longer safe for their growing pups.

Seulgi approached her, holding her from behind as she too took a good look around. 

"It's not the same, is it?" Joohyun heard, but chose to remain silent in order to come to terms with it herself. Her eyes fell on the stuffed bunny and bear resting on the carpeted flooring of the entry space where her little ones used to play.

"I miss my babies." Seulgi's mouth quirked into a little half-smile, kissing the back of Joohyun's head. She didn't have the heart to tell her that the pups had seen her in her unresponsive state. The information would do nothing but make Joohyun feel guilty. Seulgi was concerned about how the boys would respond when they did see their mother again - especially poor Jaeyong - however, they weren't coming home until tomorrow and the couple still had more than just a few things to talk about.

"I know. But we'll see them tomorrow, right?" That put a smile of Joohyun's face, though it was short lived. A pale hand came to rest on the omega's abdomen, its owner looking down with concern.

Seulgi could see that Joohyun was afraid she had fallen pregnant with the monster's child. While an omega is far more likely to conceive during heat, it is very possible for it to happen just before or just after one - especially after Seulgi's father pumped Joohyun full of drugs to keep her fertility up. If Joohyun did stay on cycle as she said, hers was due in only five days which meant there was a fairly high probability that she could be carrying.

Seulgi didn't know what they would do if she was. That would technically make Joohyun's baby her half sibling and the thought of that alone weired her out beyond comprehension. Realistically speaking, Joohyun's body would abandon it on its own without the sire's imprint but the process is often very traumatic and with Joohyun already having been through so much, the last thing she needed was to lose a child. 

"I think we still have a test under the sink." Seulgi offered gently while rubbing Joohyun's arms. "But only if you feel up to it." Joohyun snared her lower lip between her teeth as she battled with the decision that could either come as a huge relief or a terrifying reality. While she did want more pups in the future, she wanted to be prepared and she wanted them to be Seulgi's. 



"What happens if I am?" Seulgi was quiet for a moment, pondering the question herself.

"That depends." She concluded with a sigh. "If you should decide to keep them, then I would do my best to respect your decision." 

"But would you raise them?" Now that was a difficult question. Like it or not, Seulgi's alpha nature coupled with the circumstances of this possible pup's conception was likely to lead down a path towards resentment. An alpha does not do well nurturing a pup that is not their own - especially when that little face would be a living reminder of your past transgressions. Joohyun was well aware of this. However, with the pup still being genetically related to Seulgi and being a product of her mate, it was difficult to come up with a definite answer.

"I'm not sure." Joohyun nodded in understanding.

"I wouldn't expect you to be." With that, the omega lifted her head and turned, reaching out to grab Seulgi's hand. "I think it's time we had a talk."

That night, after wearing themselves out through hours of difficult conversation, Joohyun's eyes fluttered opened. With all of the speed and agility of a tortoise, she sat up and looked to her drowzy mate's side of the bed. Seulgi's loud snores could make a hog jealous. Smiling at her adorable wife, Joohyun gracefully slid out of bed and made her way towards the bathroom.

The thoughts of possibly having another child made her too nervous to dream peacefully. Eventually, the evasion of sleep was too much for her - she wanted to find out the truth without a worried Seulgi pacing nearby. She wanted the answers she needed, but she wanted to find them in solitude.

So, Joohyun followed the standard procedure and waited patiently for the results to show. Her head fell back against the mirror as a hollow sigh expelled from her lungs. She was surprised to find that she wasn't as nervous as she had originally expected - in fact, a little piece of her was hopeful. After all, these possible pups would be just as much hers as they would be their sire's, but it was the feelings of her mate that kept her grounded. Seulgi had a hard time coping with the children they carried together. To bring another into the world that was conceived in such a way - made by her father, no less - would surely throw Seulgi over the deep end.

Unable to handle the unknown any longer, Joohyun reached for the stick resting beside her on the sink. It took her a moment to ready herself before checking. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal two blue dashes and a little M in the top corner. The omega's lower lip quivered as she held the test against her chest and cried, careful not to wake Seulgi. Joohyun knew what cruel act her body would commit when Seulgi's imprint was renewed and had already been preparing herself for it, but it hurt just the same. As if one pup wasn't enough - now she was carrying multiples. 

Joohyun brought her feet up to rest on the edge of the sink and placed her head on her knees. What was she supposed to do now? Should she tell Seulgi if the evidence would be short-term anyway? 

Joohyun wasn't sure.

On one hand, Seulgi had the right to know what was going on inside of her mate's body, however, it would only inflict feelings of horror and sadness upon her. She would continue to blame herself, no doubt - which is why Joohyun decided to keep her doomed litter a secret for the time being. Reaching for her phone, Joohyun shot Wendy a text asking to meet her in private the following day to which the latter agreed. She had done all she could do for now. The next several days would be nothing more than a waiting game.

The test was wrapped in layers of toilet paper before being placed strategically in the bottom of the waste basket beside the sink. She thoroughly washed her hands before returning to bed, snuggling close against her mate's warm back - chest burdened with an aching heart.

It would only be a matter of time before Mr. Kang's imprint was rightfully replaced by his daughter's. However, now there were a few innocent lives hanging in the balance and Joohyun was devastated. She wished there was something more she could do to spare them, but regardless of imprints, she would need that wretched man's stench as well. As a wife, she wanted to move forward for the good of her family but as a mother, she cared for the tiny cells maturing in her womb. 

Why did their lives have to be so complicated? All Joohyun wanted to do was live happily with her mate and pups - Seulgi as well. Instead, they had been caught up in this whirlwind of events and emotions and it had yet to put them down. To this day Joohyun regrets her stubborn determination towards meeting Seulgi's family. Maybe if she had left it alone, things would have been different for everyone - including Kaia, Yerim, and Sooyoung. Now, Seulgi was beating herself up inside, Joohyun was struggling with PTSD and a secret pregnancy, the twins were confused - the Baes right there with them, Sooyoung was technically pronounced dead, and Yerim was in mourning with ten kids - but at least Mr. Kang was dead, right? Did that make it all worth it? Was the demise of the villain really worth all of the pain and hardships it took to rid the world of such a stain? Joohyun wasn't so sure herself.

Having thought and cried herself into exhaustion, Joohyun curled up into fetal position with her arms pressed against Seulgi's back. She had a lot to discuss with Wendy the following morning. She didn't want Seulgi around to witness what was inevitable - she would much rather carry that weight on her own two shoulders. Seulgi had been through enough already - they both had - which is why she thought at least one of them should be spared. On the brighter side of things, Joohyun was eager to see the twins. Every night she had thanked her lucky stars that they were unharmed in the midst of it all. 

The sound of her infants' happy giggles ringing in her ears in harmony with the familiar citrus scent of her alpha lulled the omega to rest with a sweet yet forlorn smile on her face.

Chapter Text

Seulgi was roused from her dreams by the faint sound of the shower running. She could make out the blurry lights around the master vanity that had been left on for Joohyun's comfort. A limp arm flopped lazily on top of the alarm clock perched on the nightstand. Seulgi's weary eyes squinted into slits as she attempted to read the numbers glowing in red.

3:30? The sun isn't even up yet.

The walls of the room absorbed Seulgi's dramatic stretching groan, the alpha managing to sit herself upright despite her dreary state of mind. Her shed sleepwear left a trail from the bed to the bathroom currently occupied by her mate. Seulgi mimicked the grace of a lumbering bear straight out of hibernation as she stepped into the shower with her wife, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Joohyun paused what she was doing when she sensed a looming presence behind her. For a moment, she tensed, sneaking a wary glance over her shoulder. Seulgi mumbled a cute early morning greeting in some adorable bear language which made Joohyun smile. 

"Good morning." She replied as she made a sneaky move to hide herself behind the courtesy curtain. "Sleep well?"

"It's so early." Seulgi whined like a spoiled toddler. "Can't we just go back to bed?" Joohyun flinched a bit when her wife's naked body started to lean forward so far she was nearly resting against her back. She gently pushed the taller girl away until she stood upright again and chuckled.

"Sorry if I woke you up, love. Go back to sleep if you're still tired."

"Come with me." Joohyun gasped in surprise when her wife leaned forward again. Her fingers gripped the courtesy sheet so tight her knuckles turned white. She pushed her away - this time with a bit more force which made Seulgi wobble a bit. "Are you mad at me?" She asked with a sad pout.

"No, I'm just not in the mood to be touched right now. Okay?" The bumbling bear nodded in understanding, scratching her head with a big yawn. Her sleepy face scrunched up in confusion when she caught Joohyun scrubbing at her arms with her purple luffa until they turned red.

"Hey, Hyun? Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yup! Never better." The omega chirped with the fakest smile Seulgi had ever seen. The alpha watched on with concern as the focus never left the target area. 

"Hyun, I think that's enough." A hand rested on Joohyun's forearm making her squeak and jerk it away. "Stop it! You'll hurt yourself!"

"I told you, it's fine!" Joohyun snapped. "Just go back to bed, I'll be there in a minute." Not wanting to further irk her grumpy wife, Seulgi dismissed herself back into the bedroom. She didn't bother putting her clothes back on. Instead, she fell on top of the mattress with a muffled grunt.

As expected, Joohyun had adopted some odd behaviors and reactions to certain stimuli after coming out of petrification. However, her newfound snappiness came as a bit of a shock to Seulgi. She figured Joohyun was just in a sour mood since it was early morning and she had been tossing and turning all night. 

Maybe she was having a nightmare...

Seulgi's fading consciousness didn't give her time to think it over any further. 

Her eyes opened only fifteen minutes later - still no Joohyun, though she could hear the water running. Seulgi groaned in exasperation, getting up to make sure she hadn't slipped and fallen or worse. Her knuckles rapped against the cracked door to announce her presence.

"Hey, Hyun? You've been in there a while. Is everything okay?"

"Yup! Everything's good!" Joohyun called through a tiny voice crack. "The warm water feels really nice, ya know?" 

"Well, hurry on out! We don't own the water company!" She joked as she wandered her way back over to the bed. 

Meanwhile, Joohyun hissed as the shower rinsed away all of the soap suds her manic scrubbing had caused. No matter how often or how thoroughly she cleansed herself, she still didn't feel completely clean.

I guess I never really will be, will I?

With a heavy sigh, she choked the flow of water and immediately wrapped herself in a warm towel. She took her time drying herself off before slipping on a pair of shorts and a large tee shirt she left on top of the toilet seat.

As she padded her way back into the bedroom, Seulgi took a moment to appreciate her wife's petite frame.

"Feel better?" Joohyun nodded, pulling the covers back to join her smiling wife. "You're so cute." 

"Thanks, you too." The reply didn't sound very sincere which puzzled Seulgi. It was clear to see that she was hiding something - Seulgi just wasn't sure what. She knew that Joohyun was still recovering from recent events and had expected some change in her behavior, however, she wished Joohyun would be a bit more blunt with her - the way she used to be. She wanted to establish their new boundaries rather than continue walking on egg shells as she had been doing, but that conversation could come up at a later time. Right now, they were both still exhausted - particularly Joohyun who continued to lay on her back and stare up at the ceiling fan long after Seulgi had drifted off again.

Six long hours later, the doorbell chimed announcing Wendy's arrival. Joohyun quickly scurried from the couch through the kitchen to welcome the midwife in. As expected, Wendy's sunny smile was the first thing to greet her.

"Sorry I'm late, traffic was a nightmare."

"No worries." Joohyun replied, closing the door and taking the beta's coat. "Thank you for coming on such short notice."

"Oh, it's no trouble. Thursdays are always slow. So, what is it you wanted to talk about?" Joohyun encouraged Wendy to follow her into the kitchen and have a seat at the dining table.

"How do you like your coffee?"

"Whatever is easiest for you."

Wendy thanked her host as a steaming mug of hot chocolate was placed gently in her hands. She smiled at the quirky little error, but gratefully drank up the kind gesture nonetheless. 

"Do you remember what you told me in the screening room? The day we met?"

"About my infertility? Yes, I remember." Wendy said, taking another tentative sip of her hot beveridge. 

"Well, to put things simply, I'm pregnant-" 

"Really? That's great! Congratulations!"

"No, not great." Joohyun corrected, making Wendy's excited expression waver. "Seulgi and I can't care for them. I was hoping there was a way I could at least give them a chance before it's too late. Once her imprint is renewed-"

"Wait, you lost her imprint!?" Joohyun gave a sad nod. "But how?"

"That's something I'd rather not get into right now. My point is, while the circumstances are less than ideal, these pups should have an opportunity to live which is why I wanted to speak with you so urgently."

"Don't you think Seulgi should be here too?" The worried beta inquired. "She should have a say in this as well, right?"

"Seulgi doesn't know." 

"When did you find out?"

"Last night." The words managed to squeeze out through a light sob.

"Oh, unnie." Wendy had dealt with these kinds of situations before and it was never a pleasant chat. She reached for a napkin and passed it to the mourning mother who accepted it gratefully.

"I'm sorry." She sniffled, dabbing her nose with the corner of the napkin. "I just don't know what else to do. They're children, Wendy."

"I know." Wendy murmured. "I wish I could sit here and tell you there was a way to save them, unnie, but I can't. Technology just hasn't advanced that far yet." A part of Joohyun knew this would be the answer despite her choice to deny it. In a way, it came as a bit of a relief. Now she could rid herself of his curse and begin to move forward with her wife and children. But on the same token, these children were hers too. She had already developed a bit of a maternal bond and it hurt to know that she would never get a chance to properly meet them. A hand subconsciously came to rest over her womb.

"So that's it then." 

"I'm so sorry."

The sounds of sirens and morning traffic echoed from the streets below, masking a bit of the silence in the room. Within the next several hours, the litter would be terminated and there was absolutely nothing anyone could do about it. Wendy's eyes followed Joohyun up out of her chair.

"I think I just need some time alone."

"You could come to my place - bring something with Seulgi's scent on it." The midwife suggested. "It'll give you a bit more privacy."

"Privacy for what?" Two heads snapped towards the door where the intruder's voice had come from. Seulgi stood in the foyer, placing two occupied baby carriers gently on the floor beside her. Joohyun looked at Wendy in a silently cry for assistance to which the latter gently coaxed her into telling her mate the truth. The beta could see the resistance in Joohyun's eyes so she decided to rip the Band-Aid off herself.

"Unnie's pregnant." Joohyun ducked her head in shame, feeling her wife's gaze falling on her. 

"Hyunnie?" A single, teary-eyed glance into the eyes of her lover was all the confirmation Seulgi needed. While the news certainly broke her heart, Joohyun needed to know that this wasn't her fault - she needed to know that her mate didn't think any less of her. "Come here." Joohyun buried her face in her hands to hide her crying features as she walked into the waiting arms of her alpha. Seulgi rubbed her back while holding a few tears of her own, pressing a kiss to the crown of Joohyun's head. "We'll get through this, okay? Go with Wendy if that's what's best for you, love. We'll be right here waiting for you." The omega whined into Seulgi's shoulder, wrapping her arms around her mate's slender torso.

"I want to stay here with you." Seulgi glanced over to the midwife. She wasn't sure of what to do or how to speak to Joohyun in a way that wouldn't upset her further. She knew Joohyun needed to distance herself from the apartment when the time came to...let the past go. Otherwise, it would just be one more bad memory to add to the list - not to mention how unsanitary it would be, especially with two young pups there to hear it all happen. Like it or not, Joohyun had to go with Wendy.

"I've been where you are twice before. I want to help you, unnie - but you have to be willing to accept it."

"Go with her." Seulgi whispered into her mate's ear. "She can help you more than I could." Joohyun sniffled but nodded, separating herself from the comforts of Seulgi's embrace. The latter wiped away the tears from her mate's eyes and pressed a gentle, parting kiss to her forehead. "I love you, you know. Nothing will ever change that." Joohyun's jittery hand came up to hold that of her wife's cradling her cheek.

"I'm just scared." The trembling woman whispered on a shaky breath. 

"I know. I wish I could be there with you, but you'll be in good hands. You trust Wendy, right?" Joohyun nodded. 

"Would you like to take something with you?" Wendy piped up. "A shirt, perhaps?" Seulgi walked over to the couch, picking up an old, black tee shirt she had left draped over the back of it and handed it over to Joohyun. The omega lifted it to her nose and started to inhale, allowing Seulgi's scent to flood her lungs. "We should probably get going then," Wendy stated as she got up from the table. "We can't predict when your imprint will take." Seulgi followed them to the door, watching as Wendy helped Joohyun put on her coat. 

"You have my number?"

"Yes. I'll update you as the day goes on." Wendy assured the worried alpha as she scurried out the door.

"Wendy?" The midwife paused, turning to look at Seulgi as Joohyun already made her way down the hall. "Please take care of her." Wendy nodded - a sweet smile on her lips as she pulled the door closed behind her.

Even after they left, Seulgi continued to gaze at the brown surface in front of her. A piece of her wanted to chase after them, but a few gurgling noises kept her at bay. Right now, it was her responsibility to look after the pups until Joohyun returned.

The sudden commotion had disrupted the maknae's nap at which he began to cry - effectively snapping his sire out of her daze. Seulgi crouched in front of the twins' carriers, rocking Jaeyong's to calm him back down. The sight of Rowoon sprawled out in deep slumber while gnawing on his teddy bear's ear made her chuckle a few of her nerves away. 

"You really are your Mama's little cub." 

Chapter Text

Throughout the day, Seulgi made sure to keep her phone in her back pocket - even as she juggled the twins' individual needs. She had never been left alone to tend to the pups before - or at least not without Joohyun there to provide her expertise. Joohyun took to parenthood so naturally though perhaps she was simply going off of mother's intuition - a gift Seulgi didn't necessarily have as an alpha.

What if she did something wrong or accidentally hurt the pups?

The fear of it all made Seulgi far too over-attentive. She tried to keep the pups entertained, but that only lasted about ten minutes before they got bored. In panic, Seulgi quickly decided it was a good time for lunch. She reached into the pantry and scrambled over two little jars of sweet potatoes. The twins watched from their high chairs - one of them observing his Mama's nervous antics while the other merrily slapped his chubby baby hands on the tray table.

The infants' sire took a seat at the table beside Jaeyong's chair first since he tended to be the crabbiest eater. She lifted the tiny spoon full of mashed sweet potato to his mouth receiving a grimace and a slap to the hand as a result. The spoon fell onto his tray table, orange sweet potato splattering across the surface. With a sigh, Seulgi picked up the plastic utensil and wiped it off with a napkin before trying again.

"Sweet potatoes are good for you, bun! You wanna grow up into a healthy boy, don't you?" Jaeyong was not convinced. Instead, he continued to stare at his Mama as if daring her to try it. She looked at the food and shrugged.

I love sweet potatoes. How bad could it be? 

Big mistake.

Seulgi grimaced, but tried to play it off well in hopes of getting picky Jaeyong to eat.

"Mmmm! Delicious!" Rowoon kicked his little legs and released what sounded like chuckles through his gummy smile. The alpha playfully glared at the pup. "Ha ha, laugh all you want. You're lucky you're cute." 

A buzzing sensation emanating from her back pocket caught Seulgi's attention. She quickly answered the phone, resting the devise between her shoulder and ear before resuming what she had been doing.

"Hello? Wendy?"

"Hey, Seulgi! How's it going with the twins?"

"It's...going." Seulgi replied as Jaeyong denied his meal once again. "How's Joohyun? Is she okay?"

"She's doing just fine, don't worry. The process is physically painless and she's been taking it in stride."

"That's a relief." The worried alpha sighed as the maknae finally surrendered and allowed the food into his mouth. "Tell her I'm proud of her for me."

"Will do." Wendy said with a light giggle. 

"By the way, do you know how many pups she was carrying?"

"Three was the last I counted, though I think she might have one or two left to go. At first I was worried your genetic code would be too similar for Joohyun's body to detect the difference."

"Oh, so you know our situation?"

"She told me." The beta's tone was laced with sympathy. "But don't worry, that information is strictly confidential. I only told Dr. Kim in case this could somehow impact any future pregnancies."

"I never doubted your discernment, Wendy - thank you."

"Hey, don't mention it. I've gotta go make sure your wifey is doing okay. I'll let you know when she's free to come home, okay?"

"Alright. Thanks for the update."

"No problem. I'll talk to you later."

The call ended and the weight of the world was lifted off of Seulgi's shoulders. The knowledge that Joohyun was doing okay and wasn't in any sort of pain came as a big relief. That being said, she knew that Joohyun would be grieving for a while afterwards. Even though the pups were a hybrid between someone she loved and someone she loathed, she couldn't help but feel remorse towards her wife's loss. Her pups were nothing more than an innocent byproduct of the exchange that occurred between two parties. However, even if there had been a way to save them, Seulgi knew she wouldn't be able to stomach looking at their little faces - her half-siblings - every day knowing who their true sire was.

Her attention quickly returned to her own pups. Seulgi's lips quirked into a happy smile as she reached over to tickle Jaeyong's little foot making him giggle and kick. 

Joohyun returned that night looking weak and exhausted.

Seulgi waited for her at the door with Rowoon perched in her arms. The omega looked happy to see her wife and son, kicking off her shoes and reaching out to intercept the boy. The couple met for a quick peck before they separated to allow interaction between mother and child. Rowoon looked a little unsure at first, gnawing on his fist while assessing his Mommy's features. When he recognized the person holding him, his fist popped out of his mouth to make way for an oncoming smile. Joohyun chuckled sweetly as he curled into her with a coo, slobber-coated hand resting against her chest.

"Is Jaeyong awake?" She whispered.

"I just put him down. He didn't get much of a nap today." Joohyun nodded with a smile, patting Rowoon's little butt with her hand. Seulgi quirked her lips, giving her mate a once over to check for any visible damage. "Are you feeling okay? Do you need to go lay down?"

"I'm fine. A little tired and shaken up, but fine." The little pup gurgled and gummed on his Mommy's shoulder making her laugh - a familiar sound that made Seulgi's heart flutter. "How were they today? Any fun stories?"

"No, they were actually really good. I was the one that needed to calm down."

"Well, I'm proud of you. Looking after two babies alone isn't for the feint of heart - especially with all that's been going on lately." Seulgi smiled in appreciation, looking at her wife and pup - a vision of complete perfection in her eyes. While Seulgi wanted to press for more information on the events of Joohyun's day, she figured now was not the time. Joohyun was obviously tired and in no mood to discuss her loss. Right now, she needed a little pick me up to ease her mind before taking a well deserved break from reality in the form of a good night's rest.

"Do you mind if I hold you?" Joohyun quirked a curious brow at the question.

"You know we're not dating anymore, right?" She teased. "You've already won me over. You don't need to be so greasy."

"I know," Seulgi rubbed the nape of her neck shyly. "I just - don't wanna spring anything on you, that's all." Joohyun could see where her wife was coming from. She had been feeling rather resistant to skinship or any other form of physical contact lately though she really didn't want to be. She just felt...dirty. Any surprise - intentional or unintentional - sent her mind right back into the tunnels which included Seulgi's habit of sneaking up on her. She used to find it cute and endearing, but now it only made her fear being mistreated again. Of course she knew Seulgi would never do such a thing, but when Joohyun can only feel her touch before seeing her face, her initial instinct was to panic.

"As long as you don't sneak up on me, you can hold me anytime you want." Joohyun assured her, walking straight into Seulgi's arms. 

"Noted." The couple stood happily in the foyer, smiling at the familiar little bear noises leaving Rowoon's mouth.

"Hmm wonder where he got that from." Joohyun joked making Seulgi chuckle with pride, the latter reaching over to ruffle his hair.

"Like Mama bear, like cub." The alpha watched as her mate opened her mouth to release an adorably large yawn.

"I think it's time we let Mommy bunny go into hibernation." Seulgi cooed to the baby, lifting Rowoon gently off of Joohyun's shoulder. 

"But bunnies don't hibernate." 

"Well, this one does." Seulgi placed Rowoon in the nearby play pen before lifting her wife up bridal style, hushing her when she squealed to keep the maknae from waking up. She carried her into the bedroom and set her down gently on the bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. "There now. Snug as a bug in a rug." Joohyun snorted.

"You're such a dork." 

"Yeah, but I'm your dork though." The omega giggled, her big brown bunny eyes shimmering with all of the love and emotion she felt towards her mate. 

"I love you." Those three words made Seulgi's heart soar. She pressed a kiss to Joohyun's forehead and smiled, resting her head on the pair of arms she had folded over the edge of the bed.

"I love you too."

Seulgi stayed there for a while, watching as Joohyun swiftly fell into much needed slumber. When she was sure her mate had made the flight to her dream land peacefully, she got up to go tuck their last little rugrat into bed. Rowoon had been waiting patiently, occupying himself by sucking on an empty sippy cup.

"Let's go, WoonWoon." The baby giggled, holding his little arms in the air so his Mama could place her hands underneath them. She held him up Lion King style, playfully marching him into the nursery at which he squealed and kicked in glee. The loud noise of his brother stirred Jaeyong awake - a side effect Seulgi would take care of in a moment. For now, she ended the journey with simulated flying motions accompanied by a symphony of plane sounds before bringing pilot Rowoon in for landing. The baby continued to laugh as his Mama spun the little mobile dangling over his crib. "Goodnight, cubby boy." She blew a rasperry into the baby's belly as a parting gift.

While Rowoon worked on settling himself down, Seulgi crossed the room to check up on Jaeyong. The little guy didn't look too happy - but then again, no one would if they were rudely awakened from a good RIM cycle. Seulgi smiled, rubbing his head gently and watching as his eyes started to droop again. 

"Mama's sorry, bun. Go back to sleep." The baby yawned so hard his little tongue slipped out of his mouth. It reminded her of Joohyun's from earlier and tugged a blissful sigh from the alpha's lungs. While she loved both sons equally in their own unique way, she did appreciate how much the maknae reminded her of her mate. If Joohyun had been born a male, Jaeyong woud pretty much be the perfect fit for such an image.

Once both babies had drifted off, Seulgi turned on the baby monitor and soothing rain noises they liked before quietly cracking the door. She couldn't suppress a little laugh as the sounds of Rowoon's tiny snores played on the baby monitor beside her alarm clock. She turned the volume down a bit so as to not wake her mate curled up against her side, but continued to lay there and listen with a content, soft look on her face.

Chapter Text

One quiet Saturday morning, Joohyun was sitting on the floor playing with Rowoon and Jaeyong. The pups certainly appreciated the company - flailing toys in her face and squealing when she playfully flipped them over onto their backs. However, the sweet mommy-son time didn't last very long. The twins paused and watched with concern as their mother's expressions contorted in discomfort. 

"-the felon known as 'The Hollow Tradesman' has been officially pronounced dead. Detectives are further investigating the case here in Korea while foreign nations have reportedly unearthed similar stations in countries such as Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Sudan, Togo, Denmark, Wales, Brazil, and even the US. With the help of a new military development, these posts are being cleared out one by one - the omegas trapped inside returned safely home to their families. However, the International Demographic Sustainability Organization has tallied a staggering number of alpha casualties due to the use of such a weapon. The chairman declares this method quote; 'barbaric and dynamicist in nature.' The armed forces are working with-"

A blur of black hair followed by the echo of loud retching noises immediately pulled Seulgi away from the TV.

"Hyun?" She called with worry, not even bothering to turn off the broadcast as she jogged to Joohyun's aid. Nimble fingers fumbled to pull all of her wife's hair back to be held in a makeshift ponytail as Joohyun threw up into the toilet. "Are you okay? Is it something you ate?" Joohyun only had enough time to shake her head cluelessly before her head went right back into the bowl. Sounds of squeaking toys and the monotone mumbling of the news castor faded into nothing more than white noise.

They had been there before, although this time was much scarier.

Joohyun wasn't known for having a weak stomach. In fact, the only things that ever gave her trouble were chicken and growing babies. The twins were hardly nine months old and after the relatively recent loss of her father's litter, Seulgi prayed it was the former. 

When she finally got a moment to breathe, Joohyun rested her dizzy head in her hand - appreciating the hand of her wife rubbing her back in slow, lethargic circles. However, Seulgi's next, quiet murmur only served to stress her out further. "Do you think it's mor-?"

"Don't say it." Seulgi quickly pursed her lips to trap the words.

No matter how badly she wanted to deny the signs, Joohyun knew the wonders that were happening inside of her body. After all, she had already spent three months of her life leaned over a toilet bowl with that same feeling of nausea coiling in her gut. But Joohyun wasn't ready for more pups just yet - especially with her underlying trauma and events during her visit with Wendy three weeks ago as icing on the cake. 

Joohyun sighed, rubbing her face with her hand. "Can you call Dr. Kim for me?" 

"Of course." The antsy alpha jumped up off of the bathroom floor and ran to the phone with about as much haste as she did when Joohyun was in labor.

Meanwhile, the omega fought back her tears - afraid to accept their new reality.

The examination room was silent as Dr. Kim ran the ultrasound. Seulgi stood watch by the empty stroller with her arms folded across her chest while a guilty looking Wendy cowered in the far corner. Meanwhile, the wand continued to roll over the omega's flat abdomen on its hunt for any signs of life until - sure enough - a little embryo was spotted. Joohyun couldn't bring herself to look at the monitor - to look at the child she was carrying. 

"How extraordinary." The doctor gasped in wonder. "I'm not sure if she's the runt that was never flushed out or if she was conceived at a later date."

"It's a girl?" Seulgi asked, receiving a nod of confirmation from Dr. Kang that compelled her to crane her neck and look at the screen for the first time since their arrival.

"Coinciding conception is rare, but not impossible - especially with omegas. Judging by the strip tests, there seems to be an 86% genetic overlay between this little one and you, Seulgi ssi. Is there any way you could have sired her?" The couple shared a quick glance, both recalling their last intimate moment in Joohyun's hospital room.

"It's possible..." The wheels on the doctor's stool squeaked as he rolled his way over to the tray table he had set off to the side, reaching for a clipboard. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose while he glanced over a few pages.

"When did you last have intercourse, Mrs. Kang?"

"Some time around mid February." Dr. Kim nodded, clicking his pen to scribble some notes down.

"Did you get a screening to confirm the exact number of pups in your last litter?"

Joohyun went quiet - suddenly regretting her decision before replying, "No."

"I was there for the reset." Wendy interjected. "I counted four, but I never came across the runt. Maybe her litter just didn't have one, or..."

"She appears to be quite small. It'll be hard to tell if she is in fact the stray runt or if there's an issue with her development." Joohyun's eyes never left the little grey spot on the monitor as she was carried away into the realm of her own thoughts. The doctor noticed this, taking pity on the poor woman. "If you'd like, we could-"

"Keep her." The doctor and patient's heads both turned.


"I want her, Hyun. She survived for a reason."

"Wendy?" The doctor waved a hand and stood as a cue to give the couple some space, taking the newly acquired time to print the sonogram. 

"What if she isn't yours, Seulgi?" The emotional mother breathed on the verge of tears. "You heard what he said! Coinciding conception isn't common!"

"But it isn't impossible!" The alpha approached her wife, taking her hand in her own and absent mindedly fiddling with the diamond ring on her finger. "I know this isn't my choice, Hyun, and I've asked a lot of you already, but please - spare our daughter." Joohyun wasn't sure how to respond to her wife's desperate plea. Noticing the room had gone quiet, the doctor and midwife returned with the couple's printed sonogram.

"You don't have to make a decision today, Mrs. Kang - however, the longer you wait, the more attached you'll become. I'd suggest coming to an agreement before your second trimester which, judging by the information you gave me, should begin within the next two to three weeks."

Two to three weeks to decide if an innocent child should live or die? Seulgi didn't like that - not one bit.

The twins watched Joohyun fold one of their fluffy, yellow blankets into a square and tuck it away for safe keeping. Not only had they witnessed their sire's emotional state, they saw their Mommy's as well which is why they both gave her their affection in the only way they knew how; kissies.

The loving mother chuckled - her nose and lips met with her children's tiny baby kisses when she moved to place Rowoon in the same crib as his brother. The twins smiled up at their Mommy, hoping the behaviors they learned from their parents would make her happy again.

"What did I do to deserve such sweet boys?" She whispered through a smile, tickling their tummies to make them giggle. 

After putting the twins down for the night, Joohyun left the nursery only to find Seulgi sitting on the couch towards the far side of the dark apartment - a vision of glumness. Their only remaining light source was the weak, fluorescent bulb flickering over the stove though Joohyun was in no hurry to fully illuminate the space. While she had acquired a newfound fear of the dark, she rather enjoyed the ambiance of the moment and respected her wife's preferences just the same. Sounds of Seoul's busy night life echoed up from the streets below, growing feint in comparison to Joohyun's tiny feet meeting the floor. 

Taking a seat beside her mate, Joohyun gazed at her wife's profile. The way the city lights hit her features made her look like the tamer version of an Andy Warhol piece. If she didn't know better, she would have assumed Seulgi had yet notice her presence but the way her eyes quivered told a completely different tale. Joohyun sighed, joining her in peering out the yonder window at the beautiful building across the street.

"I know you want to keep this baby." She whispered. "I do too. But I don't want to risk giving birth to the last little seed your father planted." Seulgi said nothing - she hardly even blinked. Instead, she bit her tongue and continued to stare at the same little mistake in the other building's architecture she had been staring at for the past half hour or so.

The apartment fell silent once more.

It was a shame, really - the way things had worked out for them. First it was Joohyun's struggle to start a family with the woman she loved. After that came the lack of communication on Seulgi's part which inevitably lead to her parents' thirst over Joohyun. Now, here they were; unsure if the innocent little girl sleeping in her Mommy's tummy was truly a remaining piece of the monster's curse or not. Of course there were prenatal DNA tests available, but they were very expensive and with the two possible sires being so closely related, it would be a hard gamble for the correct result.

Seulgi glanced over at Joohyun out of the corner of her eye, watching the hand covering her middle while its owner was seemingly lost in thought. She knew Joohyun didn't want to give the baby up any more than she did, but the unknown had a way of toying with people's judgment. At the end of the day, Joohyun had the final decision - no questions asked - however, Seulgi knew that her opinions would not fall on deaf ears and for that she remained hopeful. Seulgi never let her secret desire towards having a daughter slip passed her lips in case Joohyun would begin to doubt her love for their sons or any others that could potentially follow.

As selfish as it may seem, she wanted to be the hero in this little girl's life. Her job as the alpha - and as such, the societal head of her household - was to be fruitful and protect the family she helped create. She had already done a lousy job of that, but after seeing the little baby on the monitor, it rekindled a fire under her. Of course she would always be the hero in the boys' lives as well, but someday they would outgrow her and would no longer want her protection. Dr. Kim had already predicted Rowoon presenting as an alpha somewhere down the line while Jaeyong would most likely present as an omega if he didn't maintain the standard beta status. In Seulgi's mind, there was no doubt that this little girl would grow to become an elegant and poised woman - just like her mother. Maybe not an omega, but that didn't matter to Seulgi. She wanted to keep her tiny angel safe until she no longer needed to then carry on doing so long after that (and probably heed the wrath of both her and her mother for doing so.) She wanted to walk her down the aisle one day in the far off future and place her in the care of someone who would love her, cherish her, respect her. 



"You have a little dream of mine growing in your belly right now." She swallowed, batting her eyelashes to keep the tears at bay. "I want this little girl more than you may ever understand. I don't care if she's mine or the neighbor down the street's, I'll love her just the same because she'll be yours." Joohyun wasn't sure what to say. In her mind, she was keen on ending things before either one of them got too attached, but it seemed this baby's presence in their lives was paramount for Seulgi. A few droplets of sorrow absorbed the blue light of the city lights beyond, plummeting to Seulgi's lap below. "I can't tell you what to do or how to go about handling this, but I want you to know how much this affects me and our family's future."

"Seulgi." The alpha started to cry in earnest now, hanging her head as rapid puffs of air filled and exited her lungs.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to pressure you, but..."

"You have just as much of a say in this as I do. This isn't a decision I should be making alone. While I may be ornery and headstrong, I'll always be an omega - I need my alpha's leadership from time to time." Joohyun said with a comforting hand on her mate's thigh. "Please give me just a little more time to think. Okay?" Seulgi sniffled and nodded, accepting her mate's warmth in her arms.

The two remained like that for quite some time, slowly drifting off together to a place they could someday call home.

Chapter Text

It had been almost a year since Joohyun last sat in that coffee shop - the same place she used to mop floors and wait tables just to get by. Now, she was sitting in it as nothing more than a paying customer and with that came a new appreciation for the cards she had been dealt. It was a humbling experience, plus she could finally enjoy the appeal of Seoul's most charming cafe.

"Thanks for seeing me. I know you have a lot on your plate right now." A tired-looking Yerim took her time finishing her humorously long sip of coffee before responding.

"Of course. I've missed living a life outside of constant noise and dirty diapers." She said with a long sigh. "So, how's motherhood been treating you?"

"The boys have been great. Jaeyong's a little picky and Rowoon is..."

"Seulgi?" Yerim snorted receiving an airy little chuckle and a nod from Joohyun. "Yeah, I figured as much. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree."

Joohyun drummed her nails on the side of her mug, wondering how to shift the gears of conversation into something more serious.

"Yerim?" Said omega's eyebrows lifted over the rim of her cup. "Have you ever abortion?" Yerim nearly choked out of surprise, reaching for a few napkins to clean some of the coffee she spewed. 

"Um, no." She managed through a late cough while dabbing at some of the brown droplets on her shirt. "Honestly, Seulgi's dad probably would've killed me if I did." Joohyun couldn't help but cringe - suddenly remembering her friends' predicament.

"Sorry, I forgot."

"It's okay."Yerim sighed. "We would've had a lot of pups on our own anyway, what with Sooyoung's libido and all - though maybe not ten." She muttered under her breath making Joohyun smile. "So what's all of this talk about an abortion? Are you pregnant?"

"It's complicated." Yerim cocked her head to the side and leaned forward with interest.

"I'm listening." Having no choice but to spill the beans, Joohyun released a defeated sigh.

"I'm pregnant, but we don't know if the baby is Seulgi's or her father's."

"Oh shit." Joohyun nodded.

"The doctor said there's an 86% DNA overlay between this pup and Seulgi, but that leaves 14% of her half unaccounted for. It's still not enough to confirm or deny anything."

"Well, what did Seulgi say?"

"She has her heart set on keeping her, but I don't know what I want to be honest." Joohyun said, looking down into her drink. "What if this pup is Mr. Kang's? I'll be carrying both Seulgi and my sons' half-sibling! Isn't that a bit - I don't know, weird?"

"Oh, definitely." Yerim stated. "But who says you even have to know? If the overlay is that high, the baby might as well be hers."

"I guess..."

"I say you should just go ahead and have the baby if it'll make Seulgi happy. Besides, weren't you the one going all pup crazy to begin with? It sounds to me like an abortion will hurt you more than it'll heal you." She wasn't wrong, but she wasn't exactly right either. Then again, despite how good she was at keeping Sooyoung in check, Yerim made a bad habit of sacrificing her own wants and needs for those of her mate - just like Joohyun. The latter was desperately looking for answers in all of the wrong places. Rather than having faith in her own decisions, she had lost any sense of self assurance she once had - trusting said faith in the hands of others instead. She felt so lost in her own head space.

Joohyun was busy thinking while stirring her hot chocolate when she caught Yerim checking her phone again with a downcast frown on her face.

"How is she?" Yerim looked up, turning off the screen and returning to the conversation.

"Not well. She's made little to no progress." Joohyun quirked her lips out of sympathy. "I just can't bring myself to give up on her knowing there's a chance she could still pull through. She'd be stuck in a wheel chair for the rest of her life with tubes down her sinuses, but at least she would be here." Yerim looked down at the wood finish on the table before looking up again with a hopeful expression on her face. "Am I selfish for wanting that?"

"Not at all." Joohyun confirmed, setting her cup down. "I don't think Sooyoung's ready to let go either. In the tunnels, I reminded her of you and she burst into tears. She wants to come back to you just as badly as you want her to." Yerim smiled a little at the reassurance, looking down at Joohyun's warm hands cupped over her own.

"I really hope things work out for you and your baby." Yerim whispered with a sad little tight-lipped smile.

The front door slammed behind Joohyun as she worked on hanging her keys and removing her shoes. Seulgi was in the kitchen feeding the twins, head peeking up over the countertop with a wide smile.

"Hey! Welcome home!" Seulgi jogged over to properly greet her wife with a kiss. "How was coffee?"

"Good." Joohyun sighed, smiling at the cheerful pups perched in their high chairs. Rowoon was laughing with what appeared to be smashed peas all over his face while Jaeyong looked about as clean as he did getting out of the bath tub. "The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?" She chuckled, pinching her eldest's chubby cheek.

"I'm just glad he didn't get any on the walls this time." As if on cue, green sludge splattered onto the nearby wall to which Joohyun raised a humored brow. "Baby steps. Oh! That reminds me!" Joohyun watched with curiosity as Seulgi reached to lift the twins out of their seats. "Come with me."

The little family of four sat in the play pen; both parents directly across from one another leaving a small amount of space between them. 

"Alright, WoonWoon. Go to Mommy." Seulgi held the little guy up in standing posture by his hands, urging him to take a step forward. Rowoon sported his not-so-gummy smile, lifting his little leg up soon to be followed by the other. The movement was awkward and clumsy, but he managed to walk about three or four steps before reaching his mother's open arms. Joohyun showered him with praise, repeatedly kissing his cheek making him laugh.

Meanwhile, little Jaeyong was feeling a bit jealous. Just like his brother, he wanted to earn his Mommy's attention and proud kissies too. He crawled over to his Mama, tugging on the bottom of her shirt with a pout. 

"You wanna try, bun?" Seulgi lifted the tiny boy to stand, holding him the same way she did Rowoon. He hadn't shown much interest in walking up until that point so it would be his first real attempt. As such, Seulgi gave him a bit more guidance, showing him how to maintain his balance and move his legs in sequence. He only got about one or two steps before falling to the carpet flooring, lip quivering as he began to cry. 

"You're okay, JaeJae." Joohyun cooed, scooping her baby up in her arms and kissing his cheek.

"That was really good for a first try!" Jaeyong smiled when his Mama planted a kiss of her own on his other cheek. Even Rowoon seemed to give his condolences, clapping his hands together with glee.

Seulgi's eyes roamed from their eldest son to her distracted mate sitting beside her. That same glance drifted down to her midsection - thoughts of the baby inside running through her mind. Whether it was against all odds or a twist of fate, girl or boy, dynamic be damned, she loved that little girl. Was she supposed to be open with her feelings like Joohyun wanted or leave the future of their daughter to rest completely in her hands and make her feel even more pressured and alone? Seulgi wasn't sure of anything anymore - this was no exception.

Joohyun caught her staring and snagged her wife's attention with a snap of her fingers. Seulgi gave her head a shake, gazing into the knowing eyes of her mate. If she looked close enough, she could see a shimmer of pain and doubt in those eyes.

"Um...I'm gonna go wash up." Joohyun gently placed Jaeyong back down on the floor, stepping over the baby gate and disappearing around the corner leaving Seulgi alone with the pups. The alpha hung her head with guilt, looking down at her index finger wrapped in Rowoon's tight grip. She never meant to upset her - then again, she never meant to do well over half of the things she'd done. It seemed like anything she said or did somehow managed to hurt Joohyun one way or another. Right now, Joohyun needed a partner in crime - not another bad cop to force a decision out of her.

"Don't be like Mama." She said with a sigh, swinging her arm lethargically and moving her eldest son's as a result. "I'm so clueless when it comes to your Mommy's feelings." Rowoon started gnawing on Seulgi's hand making her wince as his baby teeth were starting to come in. To spare her poor hand, she replaced it with a rubber teething toy instead.

Joohyun closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting the warm water hit her face and roll its way down her front into the drain beneath her feet. She was beginning to confuse her own voice with that of her mate. She could see that Seulgi was trying to be a supportive wife - she really was - but right now, Joohyun really needed her alpha to tell her what to do. Honestly, she was having a hard time making decisions in general - even more simple ones like what kind of milk she should get at the store. If she couldn't do that on her own, how was she supposed to choose between the life or death of her child?

She took a deep breath in through the nose and out through her mouth. The humidity building in the shower certainly helped calm her down. She tried to think happy thoughts - the night of her wedding, seeing her pups smile, walking on the beach with Bogum - wait, what? Joohyun's eyes flew opened at the fleeting thought of her ex boyfriend. He had never even crossed her mind until now. Perhaps it was not the man she was with that roused the sleeping memory, but a happy moment lost to the passage of time - nothing more, nothing less. 

Without giving it another thought, Joohyun stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. A quick glance to the toilet seat and she quickly realized she had forgotten to bring a change of clothes into the bathroom with her. Joohyun could feel her heart rate increasing as she pondered what to do. Even though it was highly unlikely Seulgi would be in the bedroom, her self-esteem was so low she couldn't even begin to entertain the thought of going out there unprotected. She peeked her head out the door to find Seulgi sprawled out on the bed in what appeared to be deep sleep. Quietly, Joohyun tiptoed her way over to the closet and scrambled to find something - anything - to throw on.

A soft moan certainly caught her attention. 

Sparing a glance over her shoulder, Joohyun could clearly see a tent forming in her mate's plaid boxers. The sight of it brought a warm feeling to her cheeks and ears, making her turn around like she had witnessed something she wasn't supposed to. In all honesty, Seulgi was her wife and the sire of her two - possibly three - pups. It's not like she hadn't seen her tool up close and personal before. However, Joohyun still felt too dirty and gross to consider initiating anything sexual at the moment - but boy, did she want to. Watching Seulgi strut around every morning like some sort of proud peacock did things to the omega's libido, but instead of letting herself enjoy her sexual appetite again, she suppressed her urges.


Joohyun watched her mate's hips jerk off of the mattress as a keening whine escaped her lips - head tossing side to side in reckless abandon. Joohyun felt sorry for the poor alpha. Her withdrawal from sensual activity had taken a toll on her as well, if not even more so. She tried her best to ignore the needy sounds as she slid into her side of the bed with her back facing Seulgi who remained oblivious to it all - lost in the fantasy world of her own wet dream.