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Everything Stays

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She was in her second year of the civil engineering program at Yeungnam University when she first laid eyes on the beautiful daughter of a local restaurant owner. Seulgi wasn't much of a romantic, but if you should ask her, Seulgi would say it was love at first sight. One snowy night, she stopped in for a late dinner after one of her night classes got out late. A pretty girl was writing orders for another table nearby and tucked her hair behind her ear. Seulgi had been smitten ever since. She would go out of her way to stop by the restaurant, rain or shine, just to be near her. Seulgi had eventually worked up enough courage to strike up a conversation which turned into a three hour long chat full of laughter and warm glances. Even as the waitress' mother and sister wiped the tables around them, Bae Joohyun and Kang Seulgi sat in the booth, falling in love. The bike ride home that night had never been more lovely. 

Now, four years later, Seulgi gazed across the ballroom floor at the beautiful omega dressed in white; her wife. The orchestra faded into the background, becoming nothing more than white noise as she imagined a new life with the woman she loved. Seulgi smiled sweetly as she watched Joohyun laughing with a few of her friends. The raven looked over and the two locked eyes. For that moment in time, the rest of the world ceased to exist. That is, until Mr. Bae's strong hand came crashing down to rest on Seulgi's shoulder.

His voice thundered as he spoke, "I see no alpha better fit for my little Joohyun." He said with a genuine smile. "Treat her well. And maybe give me a few grandkids to spoil while you're at it." He chuckled, patting Seulgi's back a bit too roughly. She coughed out a grin as the air left her lungs, a familiar laugh catching their attention.

"Appa, stop it! Before you break her!" Joohyun gently pulled her mate into her arms, wrapping them around the taller girl's slim waist. Seulgi smiled down at her in silent appreciation, wrapping a protective arm over her shoulder.

"Sorry," The mountain of a man sniffled, tears welling in his eyes. "I'm just so happy for you two." Mrs. Bae walked over, shaking her head with a soft smile as she handed her husband a tissue.

"Your father has always been sensitive, but this is something else."

"Eomma." Joohyun called as if to say 'look what happened.' Mrs. Bae appeared to be on the verge of tears herself. She opened her arms to welcome her eldest daughter's warm embrace. 

"What'll I do without you?" She sighed, playing with Joohyun's hair in her fingers. 

"I promise we'll visit. I'll call you every day." Mrs. Bae smiled, pulling away from the hug but keeping her hands rested just below her daughter's jaw. 

"Be good to her. This one's a keeper." The omega smiled as her mother brushed a few happy tears away with her thumbs. She planted a kiss to Joohyun's forehead before she let her daughter go back into the waiting arms of her lover. The proud parents smiled as the newlyweds shared a quick kiss, turning to head for the exit with a wave over their shoulders. "Our little Baechu is all grown up." She murmured, patting her husband's stomach while he blew his nose into the handkerchief. 

Joohyun's younger sister walked over while picking at a piece of wedding cake asking, "Does this mean I get a raise?"

Their first night experiencing Joohyun's heat together was magical. The two had slept together before when they were dating, but nothing could compare to this. It was tradition to wait until the night of the honeymoon to share an omega's heat for the first time and the couple were glad they waited. Joohyun moaned underneath Seulgi, the light of the full moon illuminating the fresh mark on her neck as her alpha claimed what was rightfully hers. Two silhouettes made love on the wall beside them, the bed creaking loudly under their ministrations. The omega's nails left red hot streaks in their wake, trailing down the sweaty back of her lover. No words were exchanged, just loving touches and feelings of completion. 

"Oh, Seulgi-ah!" Joohyun gasped when her mate hit a certain spot that made her toes curl. Seulgi grunted as her hips snapped in the rhythm that seemed to earn the best reactions. Hot walls fluttered around her length signaling that her mate was close. She moved in rolling motions, reveling in the pleasurable sounds her wife made. "S-Seulgi I'm-"

"Cum for me." The alpha murmured, watching as the love of her life fell over the edge for the third time that night. The sight of Joohyun in the throes of ecstasy were more than enough to send Seulgi tumbling right after her. She kissed Joohyun's glistening neck as they struggled to catch their breath, slowly coming down from their highs. Seulgi's arms wrapped underneath her mate's back, lifting her off of the mattress slightly. Joohyun pushed her partner's thick mane away from her face, bringing her in for a tender kiss. 

"Give me a few minutes and we can go again." The omega panted. "You still haven't cum yet."

"I want to wait a while before we get to that." Seulgi stated, caressing Joohyun's porcelain face. "I don't think we're ready for pups just yet. Although, I would really like your mouth if you don't mind." Joohyun nodded, leaning against her alpha's palm submissively.

"I love you." She murmured sweetly making Seulgi smile.

"I love you even more, Kang Joohyun."

Their life together began with a rocky start. Just before the wedding, Seulgi closed a deal with her agent that breathed her dream of opening her own engineering firm into life. Joohyun couldn't be more proud of her. However, in spite of her big step towards success, Seulgi kicked herself for not being able to provide the life she promised Joohyun right off the bat. Joohyun had to assure her that she understood the current situation. With the company just getting on its feet, it had yet to prove itself against more established competition. Until the business could gain a following, Seulgi and Joohyun would be living on the poor side of town. The conditions of their current apartment were barely livable. The roof leaked, the floor boards creaked, and a million cockroaches made themselves feel right at home in their cabinets. 

Due to their poor state of living conditions, Joohyun's regular heat cycle came to a complete stop. Her body knew it was not in a good enough environment to raise healthy offspring. Thus, Joohyun's entire reproductive system was temporarily shut down. The sudden change in hormones made Joohyun irritable and withdrawn from any sexual advances made by her mate. Seulgi hated seeing her wife unhappy. She would watch her sweep up their shabby apartment, nearly tripping over metal pales full of murky water from the ceiling. Seulgi made an oath to get her out of there as soon as possible. 

Since she had no college education, Joohyun applied for every task in the city she was qualified for. She managed to land a good job at a popular cafe to help make ends meet. The money was good, but not good enough to afford the rent. Nevertheless, it helped pay for groceries and other things they might need. As for Seulgi, she was promoting herself the best she could. Luckily she had a coleague working under a respectable contracting firm that could put in a good word for her. Still, business just wasn't building fast enough. As if things couldn't get much worse, Joohyun fell ill due to the shock to her bodily systems. Now they had to work up enough money to pay the doctor's bill on top of everything else. It seemed like they were stuck in an endless loop of stress and misery.

One night, Seulgi walked in to hear the sounds of wet sniffles coming from their bedroom. She dropped her things at the door, rushing to find her wife curled up on the stained mattress placed on the floor. Her heart shattered. Joohyun had put on a convincing show for her; claiming she was happy and that everything would be just fine. Every time Seulgi would walk in the room, Joohyun would put on her best smile just to make Seulgi feel better. After a while, the alpha started to believe that what she said was how she truly felt. What a fool she was for believing it so. Seulgi sat on the mattress beside her mate, rubbing her back gently. The sniffles immediately stopped as Joohyun sat up, wiping the tears from her eyes with a little smile.

"Sorry, it must be allergies." Seulgi broke into a fit of sobs, pulling her wife against her chest. 

"I'm so sorry," She whispered into Joohyun's black hair. "I never meant for things to be this way." Joohyun's lip quivered as her little hand reached up to grab Seulgi's sleeve tightly. She was scared; scared of the loud gunshots outside, scared of the creaking walls, scared of what their future would be, but most of all, she was scared of Seulgi losing faith in herself. After all, Seulgi gave their little family hope and without hope, they truly had nothing.