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Various & Varying BNHA and SNK Oneshots!

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Welcome to my BNHA & SNK one shot collection!


I write, but am not limited to:
• Smut (including BDSM or lighter themes)
• Fluff
• Angst
• Dark / Gore
• AU's
• Supernatural themes

I will NOT write:
• incest of any kind
• non con elements (only exception being consensual non con.)


All characters will be aged up accordingly.


Your one shot doesn't have to include romance / smut if you don't want that! If you would like any topics about a different ending to canon plot, headcanons written out, etc then I will gladly write this, too!

I take requests! If you're going to request a chapter, please include the characters you want (I will also do reader inserts, which will be gender neutral unless specified between m/f), themes, and ideas / prompt (if you have one in mind, if not I'll whip up something!).


This one shot collection will go on as long as I can make it go, honestly. I hope you enjoy my work!