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The body made a splash as it hit the water. Floating briefly before being pulled down into the depths by the chains and cement its mass was entangled in. far above on the cliffs edge a blonde man watched. Red eyes focused intently on the spot the body sank before turning his back and tracking back to the main road. Wind whipping through his hair wildly. Scarlet rivers running down his face from a cut on his forehead. 


With the billowing wind it didn't take much time for the dark clouds overhead to open up and pour rain onto him. Matting the once free flowing hair down flat onto his head. The rain flowed down his face in a torrent onto his clothes rain drenched after just a few moments. The dirt under foot turning to mud that he dragged his boots through on the way through the desolate streets. 


Street after street he trudged until finally turning onto one just ever so more destitute then the rest. Tall buildings lined the street. Most of their windows boarded up. graffiti covering the crumbling brick of the exterior. Finally the man stopped at one that looked just ever so slightly in better repair then it’s brothers. Going to the side of the building the man began to climb the rusted fire escape that clung to the building oh so precariously. Every stomp rang out with a clang that made the structure groan and creak.


stopping at the sixth floor he carefully pried open the window and climbed through a torrent of water following his lead. Water dripped off his frame as he began to strip. First his coat and then his shirt, both thrown down with careless motions to join the puddle on the floor.

His boots squelched on the tile floor as he shut the window behind him. A chill enveloped the room turning the blood running through his veins momentarily to ice.


“Kachan?” a disembodied voice called to Bakugou. as he scanned his small apartment a mist formed behind the kitchen island. Starting as just a formless mass before it’s shape solidified finally into human form and finally into a young green haired man.


“What happened?” the man spoke as he walked through the kitchen counter. Bakugou sighed as he kicked off his boots.


“Nothing Deku, just some loser picking a fight with someone he couldn't beat”

Deku remained silent at the declaration worry etched into his brow. Bakugou plopped into one of the stools at the end of the counter as he continued to shuck his drenched clothing.


“Don't look at me like that!'' Bakugou exclaimed but still Deku stared Bakugou down with a gaze of disappointment. Soon shifting into one of surprise as the cut marring Bakugou's forehead once again started bleeding ruby drops of blood. Having stopped some time during the walk home. 


“Your bleeding!” he exclaimed as he reached out to press his hand against the cut. The light press of a cold hand sent shivers racking through Bakugou's body. He leaned in with a sigh of relief, “why do you do this to yourself? Every time you come home there's another cut for me to bandage. I don't like it!”


“Heh! Always a worry wart”


“I'm serious Kachan what is something happens and you get hurt!”


“Do you honestly think those extras could hurt me?” a smirk spread over his face as he spoke before vanishing as Deku pulled away and turned his back on the blonde.


“What if they do? Then what would i do? Your the only one who can see me!” Bakugou reached out a hand and grasped Deku's shoulder pulling him back into the blondes lap.


”nothing is going to happen. I'm always going to be there for you got it? And if you think for even a second that some damn nobody can get one over on me you've got another thing coming got it?” his breath tickled Deku’s ear as he spoke. Hands squeezing the green haired boys sides hard enough to bruise the ghostly skin.


“I still don’t like it” Deku mumbled as Bakugou grabbed his chin and turned his head to join their lips in a crushing kiss. Cold meeting hot as they shared a moment of wonder. Tongues sliding over lips, teeth, and each other in the battle for dominance. Finally Bakugou pulled away panting sucking in breath after breath. Trying to slow his racing heat as he rested his head against Deku's shoulder. The sound filled the room as the two sat there holding each other. Only broken when Bakugou once again spoke. 


“You don’t have to like it but I'm not going to stop, and tonight. Tonight I came one step closer to figuring out who killed you! So tough but I'm not stopping” 


“That doesn't mean you need to be so reckless!” Deku yelled before vanishing.leaving Bakugou to once again clasp at nothing but air.


“Deku come on! I do this for you!” Bakugou yelled back at the empty air. When suddenly a box slammed down on the counter in front of him shaking the island with an unnatural might. And as fast as he had disappeared Deku was back hand on the counter and tears in his eyes.


“I don’t care! I can't lose you!” he wailed as the tears flowed freely down his cheeks. Quick though he was to wipe them away with a shaking fist and with one final hiccup he picked up the box and carried it over to Bakugou. “Now sit still, i have to bandage that cut on your head or it’ll get infected.”


“tch , I can do it myself”


“Just let me do this! I want to help”


With a humph Bakugou crossed his arms and turned his head but sat still nonetheless as Deku began to clean the wound with a warm cloth. Gentle as he was it still stung though Bakugou did his best not to flinch when, with a light touch, Deku spread a dab of polysporin over the cut. “There I'm done,” he said as he smoothed a bandage over Bakugou's forehead.


“Good, i'm going to bed,” Bakugou said as he pushed off the stool and shuffled off to his room. Dropping his still soaked pants and underwear before crawling under the covers. Quickly he dozed off to sleep but before the darkness could overtake him he heard a voice.

“Goodnight Kachan” 

The next day saw Bakugou once again trekking through dimly lit streets. His steps even and silent against the paved sidewalk. He moved slowly, keeping a  large enough space between him and his prey. A young girl with short brown hair, on her way home from work. With her headphones in she hasn’t even noticed the man following her from a distance. He had been stalking her for weeks. Religiously watching her social media, racking through all the content he could find. It had progressed to following her to and from her work the past week. Scoping out her route to find the most vulnerable spot.


She had been a friend of Deku’s. There was a probability she knew something about how he died and true to his promise Bakugou was going to find out what it was she knew. In the time he had been watching her he had found one spot she was most vulnerable. 


The two continued on their trek through the streets. Block after block he matched her pace never falling too far behind. Once they reached the train station bakugou boarded behind the brunette. Being mindful never to be in her line of sight less he spook her.


Two blocks on from the station they came upon a desolate road.street lights overhead had blown out leaving it shadowed in the darkest black. The house windows lining the street where black and devoid of life. Bakugou sped up his pace getting closer and closer to the girl as she turned down a side street between two houses. Following her down the side road he pulled out a bundle of rope from his pocket as he came up behind her. 


He clamped a hand over her mouth as he wrapped the other around her throat and squeezed. Pulling her back tight against his front. Her reaction was immediate kicking, grasping at the hands holding her hostage, and muffled screams all came from the shorter girl in her attempt to free herself futile as it was. Bakugou simply squeezed harder on her neck. It wasn’t long until she was limp in her arms. Quickly he wrapped the rope around her body. Trying her up so no escape would be possible. Once done he picked her up and loaded her into the back of a van he had parked at the end of the side road earlier that day. 

He was quick to secure her so she couldn’t wiggle her way loose before jumping into the front seat and driving off. 


It was a long 30 minutes later through dark back roads before they reached their destination. A rundown warehouse just off the docks. All its windows where boarded up or smashed. Walls crawling with vines and blackened from years of grime. Making his way inside he dropped the girl onto the cold concrete. The fall hard enough to jar her awake with a gasp. 


“Are you finally awake, Uraraka? Good, I have questions I need you to answer,” he sneered as he flicked a blade out of his pocket. Kneeling down he held it to her throat, “and if you scream, try to get away, or don’t answer my questions I’ll slice you ear to ear. got that?”


Uraraka nodded vigorously as she tried to pull away. Tears starting to stream down her face and with the same hand that held the knife Bakugou reached up and pulled the clothe gag from her mouth.


“Good, now tell me when was the last time you say Izuku Midoriya?”


“Deku? Months ago when we went out to the movies with our group of friends,” she choked out with a shaking voice.


“And? I want more details then that! Come on you where one of the last people to see him you must know what happened to him,” Bakugou screeched as he pressed the knife harder into her neck. Uraraka shook her head violently at his words face red and breath coming in quick gasps.


“I don’t please, the last I saw him was when he walked home with Iida and then he just disappeared. I don’t know what happened. Please just let me go!”


“Why should I do that! You didn’t answer any of my goddamn questions!”

“But I don’t know anything! Please what more do you want?”


“I want to know who killed him!” Bakugou screamed as he brought a syringe down into her leg. The drugs quickly rendering her unconscious.


“Great another dead end” he sighed as he began wrapping her body in a blanket and tossing her once more into his van. Driving out to where he had taken her from he dumped the girl in the alley after removing the ropes that left her bound and making his way home.

Arriving home Bakugou made the trek up the buildings fire escape to his apartment where he stripped blood soaked clothes from his skin. Leaving nothing but his underwear to preserve his dignity. 


“Kacchan?” deku’s ghostly voice called from further in the dark apartment. Quietly Bakugou followed the voice to the bedroom finding the green haired boy sitting on the end of the bed. “Where did you go?”


“I had a lead on someone who might have known who killed you.”


“So you just leave me here? All night alone?” Izuku screamed as he rose from the bed.


“What do you want me to do, huh? I’m trying to find who killed you!” the blonde yelled back as he crowded the smaller man against the bed frustration plain across his face.


“I don’t care about that! I don’t like it when you leave me alone!”


“So what just drop the entire thing? After coming so far?”


The smaller boy was quiet for a moment as the two stared each other down. Then with a light touch he held Bakugou's face in his hands and pulled the blonde down to him, “if it means you stay with me yes, he whispered as he pressed their lips together.


The feeling was much like kissing fresh snow for Bakugou. Cold but refreshing in a way that made a shudder rake his body toe to tip. Pulling Deku flush against him Bakugou deepened the kiss. Intermingling their tongues and grinding his front against Deku’s. The speed at which the two found themselves splayed across the bed shook them both as they grind their clothed erections against each other. Moaning and groaning in tandem. The two caught up in their passion reached climax far more quickly then either would ever admit before collapsing next to each other on the bed. Panting they lied there in silence, neither wanting to break the peace. 


“Kacchan I love you,” Deku whispered in the space between them. 


“I love you too,” Bakugou whispered back as he succumbed to his exhaustion and closed his eyes.

The morning came with a quite only found in the early hours when the city around you had yet to move. The light streaming in through the blinds gently warmed Bakugou's face rousing him from the dreamless slumber. With a groan he turned over and flung his arm over Deku's side of the bed only to find it empty as his arm hit nothing but the sheets. That finally got Bakugou to open his eyes enough to take in the empty room. With a groan he pulled himself out of bed, trudging into the kitchen on heavy feet.


“Deku?” he called out in desolate kitchen. Silence was the only answer.


Unperturbed Bakugou began making breakfast. Quickly frying a few eggs and starting a pot of coffee, he sat down with the meal at the counter before turning on the news. He munched on the meager breakfast as he watched the news anchor talk about the newest plan fixing the bridge. The fifth such plan in just as many years. Quickly losing interest he tuned the TV out. Allowing the sound to fill the background as his mind wandered. First  to thoughts about Deku's an their night, then to his next target. One wealthy young man by the name of Iida Tenya. The second son of the Tenya family and one of Deku’s friends in college. While the round faced bitch didn’t have any answers for him he had high hopes for Iida. After all the tall boy was the last to see him alive. 

As he washed his dishes a stray sentence from the news caught his attention. “Police today confirm that the 5 bodies that washed up on shore in the last 4 months are the work of a serial killer. They are advising everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to please come forward with any information they might have in connection with these murders.”


Stunned Bakugou stood there for only a moment, watching images of his victims flash across the screen. The newscaster at this point had once again become background noise to the buzzing in his ears. 

“Shit!” he cried as he launched the plate he had been holding at the TV knocking is off the wall and breaking both in the process when they hit the floor with a smash. “The fuck am I supposed to do now? Where the fuck am I supposed to dump the fucking bodies?” every question punctuated with a slam of fists against the counters. Bakugou's face twisted into a snarl as he screamed. 


“Fuck!” he screamed as he pounded his fists against the counter one last time. Standing there watching the now dead tv scream as he panted. His heart pounding in his ears. Finally the fight drained out of his body. His shoulders and arms going limp as he collapsed into the chair behind him. “Fuck I guess that means I have to start dumping bodies at that fucking graveyard again.” 

It was hours later that Bakugou found himself watching a tied Iida slowly come back to consciousness in the decrepit warehouse. Secured to the chair as he was Iida could do nothing once his situation dawned on him and he began jerking against his bindings. A confused muffled scream came from Iida’s gagged mouth. His eyes wild with fear. As he tried to scan the dark warehouse for who was keeping him hostage.


”squirm all you want there's no getting out of those,” Bakugou spoke from the shadows. Immediately Iida’s eyes swung to the direction of his voice. Bakugou meandered forward coming into the little light in the warehouse. Taking out his knife the blonde tugged the gag from Iida’s mouth  “Now your going to answer a couple questions for me got it?”


“What do you want?”


“Me? I want to know what happened to Izuku Midoriya and from what I've heard your the last person to see him alive. So your going to tell me exactly what happened the night Deku disappeared.”


“But I don’t know anything. We split off at the train station, I don't know what happened after that!”


“Stop lying to me! You where the last person to see him alive, so what happened?”


“I don’t know! I swear he was fine the last time I saw him i swear!” the fear that had slowly built up in the larger man bubbled over. Hot tears spilling down his face and breath now labored as he squirmed in his seat, “please just let me go i don’t know anything!

“You fucking liar!”

 Finally Bakugou's patience snapped. He raised the syringe he held high and plunged it into the larger man's neck in one swift motion. Minutes passed before Bakugou pulled the syringe from Iida’s neck and stepped back. With a heavy sigh Bakugou rubbed his free hand through his hair.


“Fuck i didn’t even get any answers from him,” he grumbled.


Carefully Bakugou untied Iida’s body from the chair before wrapping it in a sheet and dragging it out to his van. It wasn’t long until the blonde was barreling down the road away from the warehouse. Turning down the highway away from the city. Quickly the street lights faded into the background leaving only the grimy headlights to illuminate the road in front of him. It didn’t take long before he found an abandoned stretch of road where he tossed a now freed Iida. leaving him to be discovered in the morning. 


Once again returning home empty handed, his leads dried up, the blonde banged the window open and flopped in. shucking his boots he dropped onto the couch with a dejected sigh.


“Kacchan?” Deku’s disembodied voice called as his form manifested in front of the blonde, “You went out again.”


“Yeah and what’s it to you, huh?”


“I’m worried about you! I saw the news this morning. They're going to catch you if you keep doing this!” Deku cried, voice filled with fear and tears starting to bubble in his eyes. 


“Oh yeah and what am I supposed to do? This is the only thing that gives my life purpose. This and finding out what happened to you! Ridding the world of those monsters. All the people I killed did heinous things and never got caught so why would I be any different?” Bakugou screamed launching himself from the couch to loom over Deku. 


“But if you keep doing this you’ll get caught! And then what? I’ll have no one! Please for me stop this, i don’t care anymore! As long as I have you it doesn’t matter. Please stay with me for as long as you can.” and like a string had been cut Bakugou's body deflated and he sank back down on the couch. Head in his hands he couldn’t even look up as he spoke.


“Ok, for you I'll stop,” the words were spoken in a whisper. So low Deku almost didn’t hear. Nonetheless at those words the smaller man sank down on the couch next to Bakugou and enveloped the blonde in his arms.


“I love you, Kacchan,” he whispered. His icy breathe just brushing the blondes ear.


“I love you too”