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Baby Scully

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The door between our rooms creaks open, and I squint my eyes through the darkness to catch a glimpse of her ethereal outline, with the light from her room shining around her like a full-bodied halo, and my lips turn upwards, “What are you doin’ Scully?”


She nearly jumps out of her skin, “Geez, Mulder, you scared the life out of me!” I chuckle as she clutches her chest.


I can feel my own heart beating overtime, as she slinks towards me on the bed cautiously, and stops on the side where I’ve placed a glass of water, even though I’ve sprawled across the mattress diagonally.


The sheets rustle as I sit up, scooting towards her, as she stands before me with arms crossed to her chest, and sucking on her bottom lip.


She looks absolutely adorable, and she’d just about kill me if she knew I thought it.


“What’s wrong, Scully? What time is it?”


I extend my arm, reaching for the cheap alarm clock, turning it over, and 2:25 is etched in neon blue lights.


She hasn’t moved, but opened her mouth and then closed it again, sighing, “Mulder, my heater isn't working, can I please… just…” she bites her nails, and looks across the room, “could you let me…,” as she stumbled over her words. I pull her down to the bed and she chuckles, “Oof."


I hold her in my arms like a baby, and rock her just for fun. “Mulder, what the hell are you doing?” She’s glaring up at me so I kiss her forehead, “Do I look like an infant, Mulder?”


I blame the sleepiness on my next words, “Shh, shh, you’re a fussy one aren’t ya?”, and she snickers and rolls her eyes, and I’m surprised she hasn’t kicked me yet.


“Awe, look at the sweet wittle baby, she just wanted some cuddles,” I nuzzle her nose with mine, “mmm you even smell good like a baby.”


Scully bursts out laughing and throws her head back, then she kicks her feet and puts her thumb in her mouth, batting her eyelashes up at me, and I lick my lips as I shake my head, “Oh, wittle baby Dana…”, I shake her slightly like you bounce a baby.


She is shaking her head, but the look in her eyes is a dead giveaway. My heart is thumping wildly as I lean down and kiss her forehead, then sit back up to ruffle her hair.


She smiles warmly, and curls into me, mumbling something incoherent into my chest. “What was that, Scully?”.


She turned towards the air, “You’re so cozy, it feels nice… to be held by you,” she shut her eyes, and her breathing was quicker than normal.


I hugged her closer to me, “It feels nice to hold you.”


Her eyes opened back up and they were shining through the dimly lit room as she whispered up at me. She was playing with the collar of my t-shirt as she whispered, “You never kissed me. Last summer. After the bee…”.


Her eyes had drifted down to her hands as she fiddled with the worn fabric, my arms tensed around her and she noticed.


“Mulder… it’s… it’s all right... I guess...if you didn’t want to,” she straightened it out and rolled the material between her delicate fingers, “but I really wanted you to…”


She was biting down on her lip and sighed, “Just be honest with me. I can handle it."


Her eyes drew a trail up my jaw and then fell back onto mine as she grazed my jawline with her index finger, as if she was Van Gogh finger-painting a delicate masterpiece.


I was in awe, after so many years, the almost kiss, she had snuck into my room at two in the morning to settle it now?


My stomach was twisted into knots, and so was my tongue, “Scu-... Scully…,” I nearly whined, “of course I wanted to kiss you. And so damn badly. I’ve just been scared that you wouldn’t want to, that it was just that moment. The desperation…”


She chuckled softly, “Oh, Mulder, no,” she painted circles of swirl stars onto my cheeks, “I was terrified that you felt the same, that it was just a fleeting moment.”


I shook my head vigorously, and she giggled, “Scully, oh, no, no, no. That was six years of bottled up emotions exploding all at once.”