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The Inside Story of the World - Project 8

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I'm stuck with the ever present problem of how to describe this fanfic when people ask me 'wtf is my story about'.

It all started when I was a primary schooler watching cartoons, playing videogames, and being bad at writing. I wrote my first fanfic on the computer, which was pretty much me throwing all my favourite characters on the same page and putting all their universes together in a blender. Call this 'Project 1'. Project 1 was lost due to a computer failure, and then we didn't have a computer for a while.

I wanted to keep writing and I started to draw stickmen comics in a 1B5 school exercise book. Call this 'Project 2'. I wrote more comics 'Project 3' and 'Project 4' throughout my intermediate school years (which were not related to ISW and were never finished and I've lost them all due to negligence and being a kid).

The stuff I liked the most growing up was fourth wall-ish themes present in works such as 'The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales', The Sims 2 PSP, The Truman Show, heck I admit I even liked Dora the Explorer; as well as crossover themes from reading the Kingdom Hearts manga, then Tsubasa/XxxHolic. All of that invariably led me to experiment with fourthwall self-aware themes when I wrote my own stories... Even if they all descended into sheer randomness and destined to be cringy. Nevertheless I guess ISW was my contribution to the genre, and in no way am I suggesting that this puny script fic written by me can be compared in any way to the masterpieces listed above. Including Dora the Explorer.

Project 5 is when this ISW series took off. This was written in a 2B5 hardcover exercise book during my first year in highschool. I didn't have any idea what I was writing when I started it, but at the end it turned into a spiritual successor to Project 1 out of that sheer randomness. As you can guess I also wrote a Project 6 and Project 7, also done on exercise books. This right now is Project 8 which I started in an exercise book 20 chapters in before continuing to do the rest of it on the computer (hence the 'Chapter 21' warning).

I also should at least say something about how random this fic is in general. Because never have I ever thought this would be read by other people for public consumption since I only write for fun and only into these exercise books anyway, all I ever did was I kept mindlessly writing whatever was appealing to my own sense of humor and stupidity. The running gag counter for the number of explosions and the [inside joke] system are among those traditions that persisted through the ISW series. I had one friend in intermediate school who was the only person ever to read my exercise books.

TL;DR I've been writing with pen and paper but now that I'm writing with a computer I'm posting this because I can, despite this being one book in a bigger series that doesn't exist on the internet. Also this story is random as all hell

I think that's it for context

Maybe you can read on and see how random the story is for yourself. If you've finished reading the summary, the warning notes, got down this far, and you're still here, Wow... That makes me happy enough. I'm not going to feel bad if everyone turns away after that, I regret nothing. Dare I say if you do actually decide to read on from this point - THANK YOU - because I've done everything I can to dissuade you.