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Fire was the only thing I could see. Two combining forces charged at each other, with blocks coming in between them to try to stop them from meeting. The flames and full power of the two wielders were about to meet, causing a deafening silence.


I shot straight up from her bed with a gasp. I brought at hand to my chest, clutching my heart.

“Mayumi, sweetheart, are you okay?” My mother asks with a frantic expression, “Did you have another vision?”

I let out a meek ‘yes’ before clearing my throat, “Yeah, I had another one.”

My mom hesitates, “Was it bad?”

I shake my head, “Not really, I don’t think. Just surprised me, is all.”

My mother nods slowly, “Okay, well it's time to get ready. It’s a very big day, isn’t it?” She says with a grin.

I slowly begins to smile when I realises what day it was,” UA Entrance Exam.” I shoot out of bed and rush to my closet to get ready.

My mother has a small smile on her face, “I have breakfast on the table.” I give her a sound of acknowledgement as I pulls clothes from her closet.

I slip on a pair of black athletic leggings and a black tank top. After I pull my hair into a rope braid and grab a pair of socks I go downstairs for breakfast. I jumps the last stair and stands in place for a second to think. A slice of bread is thrown beside my shoulder. I catch it midair and smirks,

“Good try, Aito, but you know that’ll never work.”

My little brother groans, “I’ll get you one day, sissie. Don’t you worry.” I smile and rub his hair affectionately. I take a bite out of the piece of toast he had tossed while fixing a plate of fruit.

“So,” Her mother, with kind features smiles, “You nervous?”

I scoff, “Me? Nervous? Never.”

“You are your father’s daughter, huh,” My mother says quietly with a smile.

I give a small, sad smile at the mention of my father. He passed away when I was 10. He was the Pro Hero TrickShot, a beloved hero. He died on a mission trying to stop some gang activity. Even though it was hard, our family managed to survive. To this day, I try to live everyday with a fearless attitude my father would be proud of.

My eyes water a bit at the thought of him. “He would have been so proud of you, honey. Proud of the wonderful hero you’re going to become,” My mother sympathizes, her eyes watering a little too. My mother was American, golden hair and mint green eyes. She’s an English teacher here in Japan, which is how she had met my father. They fell in love, and the rest is history.

I give her a teary smile and wipe my eyes. I look down at my phone to see that it’s time for me to go, “I love you both,” I pull my mom and brother into a tight hug.

“Can’t. Breath,” My brother wheezes. I release him with a laugh, and head toward the door, slipping my shoes on, “Wish me luck!”


After sitting through Present Mic’s speech and instructions, we were sent to faux cities for our exam. I was put in group B. I was lined up with about 50 other students, waiting for the exam to start. Beside me was standing a girl with reptile-like features. She seemed nice enough, and I was tired of standing awkwardly by myself in silence.

“Are you nervous?” I turn to the stranger with a polite smile.

The girl turns to me, “Of course. Who wouldn’t be?” She lets out a ribbit at the end of her sentence.

“Fair point,” I shrug. I hold out my hand, “Chisaka Mayumi, nice to meet you…?”

“Asui Tsuyu, but you can call me Tsu.” I give her smile.

We chatted idly for a few more moments before the speaker sounds, “On your mark,” everyone scrambles to be ready, “Get set,” I wait with anticipation, “GO!”

I take off running. I quickly realize that everyone is going in the same direction, so I diverge from the path. I run through the alley way of two buildings and emerge seeing lots of robots. I did notice a few other people had the same idea as me, but I didn’t pay much attention. I quickly did an analysis of the robots. I noticed that between their joints was their weak spot, with tons of wires and other important parts of a robot. I look around quickly to see a bunch of rocks and pebbles. Perfect. I pick up a handful and close my right eye. With a skillful toss, the rock lands in the joint, causing it to stop moving and stall. Soon enough, it overloads with confusion and explodes.

“One down, many more to go.”

*In Present Mics voice*
Chisaka Mayumi
Quirk: Accuracy: With her golden left eye, she can control the accuracy and speed of physical objects. She must close her right eye for her quirk to work. If her eye shuts, the object loses its velocity and drops. She has a second quirk that she calls ‘Oracle’. With her mint green left eye only open, she can see predictions of specific events or people.
*Back to regular stuff*

I do this to around 10 more robots, racking up about 32 points. I look around for more robots, but instead see a blonde kid. He’s releasing explosions everywhere, racking up lord knows how many points. I was about to run to find more robots when I close my left eye for a moment. I see the blonde kid standing in front of a building, the walls about to crash down on him. I opened my left eye and gasp. I couldn’t let him get crushed by the building. I knew that vision was going to happen any minute now, so even though I knew I could risk points, I had to make sure he wasn’t going to be crushed.

I stand there for a moment before I feel the ground begin to vibrate. I looked up to see a student on the roof of another building battling a bot. He had slammed his fist on the roof, releasing a burst of power. The building began to crumble. The blonde, angry guy hadn’t noticed. I quickly ran over and shout at him telling him to get out of the way. He still hadn’t heard me. I manage to reach him just as he turned around to see the building crashing down on him. I tackle him out of the way, forcing us both to the ground, out of harm’s way.

I was coughing dust out of my lungs, and pushed myself off of the guy. He opened his eyes and realised what had happened. He got up when I did. I expected a thank you or something of the sort, but that wasn’t what I got. Not in the slightest.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You think I can’t save myself or something?” The guy shouts angrily with a scowl.

My face coils up, “Excuse me, I think I just saved your life! You should be thanking me!”

“For doing WHAT? I would’ve gotten out of the way! First the damn nerd, and now some extra!” He lets out a mean growl. I didn’t know who he was referring to, but it didn’t matter.

I give him another scowl and start to run off the fight more robots. I hear the boy yelling unintelligent gibberish at me still as I run away. I only made it a few steps before the announcer came back on.

“Times up! The UA entrance exam is finished!”