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working at a strip club has its perks.

free drinks, a shit load of money for doing the bare minimum of ass shaking—not that jimin ever does the bare minimum, mind you, his ass shaking is always top tier—and flexible hours. it’s a pretty sweet gig, combining his love of dancing with a fat paycheck (and his exhibition kink, if he’s being totally honest.) jimin gets to dress up in his highest heels, cake on makeup and glitter until he’s glowing, and shed his sluttiest lingerie all over the stage floor. it’s probably not exactly what his mother had envisioned for him the first time she’d caught him playing dress up in her clothes, but, well. we all disappoint our parents eventually.

besides, it pays for med school. people are always so surprised when jimin tells them he’s going to be a pediatrician, side-eyeing and judgemental in a way that used to bother him but no longer does. he’s going to finish medical school debt free and do something that matters. that’s enough to get him through.

still, there are times when jimin is forcibly reminded that his job can be kind of dangerous. men are handsy and crass and they try to touch jimin like he belongs to them, slimy fingers scraping against skin harshly and demanding compensation for the money they’ve thrown at him. their security guy, namjoon, always handles it quickly and with a kind smile towards the dancers, but it’s enough to keep jimin on his toes. things have been slipped into his drink (and thank god hoseok watches his patrons like a hawk, or jimin could have ended up in a bad way), been left bruised from the force of someone’s possessive grip around his wrist.

so as a rule, a simple precaution, jimin doesn’t go home with anyone he meets at the club.

he’s about to break that rule, hard.

it started when he was on stage. eye contact gets you more money—people like to feel like they’re special—and jimin’s mastered the art of bedroom eyes. he can make a grown man drop to his knees and feel like they’re the only two people in the room, with just a moment’s glance. so as jimin danced and spun, he’d let his gaze linger. not for too long, just enough to—

to see the most beautiful fucking man alive, apparently.

he’d been sat by the bar, vibrant drink in hand, eyes wide and head cocked to the side. he looked wildly out of place, leaning against the counter uncomfortably as his friend flailed beside him, dancing to the music playing like his life depended on it.

the gorgeous stranger had locked eyes with jimin, and he’d smiled. jimin was used to leering, ogling—he was most certainly not used to the wide, genuine, sweet beam that spread across the stranger’s face, easy as sunday morning.

jimin hadn’t faltered because he’s far too professional for that. but he’d paused, let his gaze stay pinned to the stunning boy with curly brown hair and the boxy grin, and performed his heart out with a little extra pep in his high-heeled step.

he’s done, now, namjoon holding out a hand to help him off the stage like always. jimin sends him a sweet smile in thanks and hurries to the dressing room, heels clicking impatiently against the floor, sweaty hair plastered to his forehead. jimin changes quickly, a tornado of clothes and shoes and make up brushes, because he’s got to get out there before the most beautiful man in the world disappears from his reach.

jimin forces himself to stop, take a breath. he settles down at the vanity to fix his makeup calmly and carefully, because he needs to get ahold of himself. the boy was pretty, sure—breathtaking, stunning, even. but he’s probably an asshole, just like every other guy strolling through the club doors at this hour of night. jimin doesn’t like to make sweeping generalizations, because he knows exactly how much those can hurt, but—this mystery boy is still very much a strip club patron, and those need to be handled with caution.

still, jimin is curious.

he gives himself one final glance in the mirror and glides out of the room, blowing a silent kiss to the other dancers as he goes. he weaves through the crowd of people, careful to keep his head down. there are times where he wants to be noticed, wants to be showered in praises and thanked for his performance, but tonight, jimin is on a mission—a mission that most certainly does not involve getting his ass grabbed by anyone other than the boy at the bar.

he spots a shock of yellow and makes a bee-line towards it, grinning when he sets his eyes on his target. the boy is sitting on one of the bar stools and spinning back and forth, sipping the pinkest drink jimin has ever seen. his eyes wander curiously over the crowd, thin frame swamped by a gigantic yellow sweater. his glasses are too big for his face and jimin is horribly, disgustingly endeared.

most importantly, he’s alone. if all goes well, he won’t be for long.

jimin nudges into the tight space between the boy and the middle aged man next to him, earning a disgruntled look from the stranger. jimin sends his most charming smile before very pointedly turning away. he gently pokes at the beautiful boy’s shoulder, says, “you look a little out of place, sweetheart.”

the boy jumps, sloshing his drink a little. his eyes settle on jimin and his mouth drops open before settling into a wide smile. it’s gorgeous. he’s gorgeous. fuck. “i’m here for my brother’s bachelor party,” the boy shouts back over the pulsing music. his voice is deep and jimin wants to drown in it. “this isn’t my, um. usual scene.”

jimin leans forward, rests his elbow on the bar to move a little further into the boy’s space. “and what’s your usual scene, baby?” he purrs, relishing in the way the boy flushes bright red all the way up to the tips of his ears.

“i’m really big into karaoke bars.”

a laugh startles its way out of jimin unexpectedly, something warm swirling in the pit of his chest. karaoke bars, jesus christ. he ducks his head, tries to regain his composure, says, “i’m jimin.”

“i’m taehyung,” the boy says, earnest and bright. “it’s very nice to meet you.”

he sounds like he means it, too.

“taehyung,” jimin repeats, coy smile firmly in place when he tilts his head up. “so, taehyung, did you enjoy the show? i saw you watching.”

taehyung nods quickly, eyes wide, and jimin arches one delicate eyebrow. hook, line, and sinker.

“you were amazing,” taehyung says, and there’s a tinge of awe to his voice that leaves jimin preening. “gosh, i mean, wow. you’re so talented. it takes so much skill to dance like that, and you made it seem so effortless. it was breathtaking, honestly.”

and that’s—huh.

jimin’s used to the innuendos, insinuations about his flexibility and how good his silky lingerie would look on someone’s bedroom floor.

but he’s been a stripper for about two years now and he’s never, not once, gotten a compliment on his actual dancing prowess.

“thanks,” jimin says, and he finds himself flushing despite himself. he internally chastises himself for getting so worked up over a pretty boy doing the bare minimum and leans a little closer, eyes half-lidded and mouth falling open into a soft pout. “fifteen years of ballet. you’d be amazed at how flexible i am.”

taehyung chokes and promptly downs the rest of his drink. “i bet,” he squeaks, blinking rapidly. “i bet you’re—yeah, um, probably—uh huh. very cool.”

jimin smiles, a little charmed, a little teasing. “want another, sweet thing?” he gestures towards the empty class. “on me.”

“you want to buy me a drink?” taehyung asks, sounding a lot more surprised than jimin thinks he should be.

“face like that, i’d buy you just about anything you asked,” jimin purrs, fingertips just brushing over taehyung’s hand as he reaches over to grab hoseok’s attention. “hyung, another one of whatever he had. on my tab.”

hoseok raises his eyebrows. jimin stares back, unphased.

“sure, jiminie,” hobi sings, twirling away. a girl who’s been waiting to order for longer than jimin’s been sitting glares down at the bar.

“thank you,” taehyung says, eyes wide and sweet. his smile is shy but positively gorgeous, and when he tucks a stray curl behind his ear jimin is an absolute goner.

hoseok sets another pink monstrosity down in front of them and winks. taehyung tips him even though he didn’t pay, and that’s that—jimin might actually be in love. taehyung takes a sip, wide eyes blinking at jimin over the edge of his glass.

“so,” jimin says, inching a little closer. “your brother’s bachelor party, huh?”

taehyung’s face breaks into another brilliant, boxy smile, eyes creased at the corners. his glasses move up his face a little as his nose scrunches. “he’s marrying his best friend,” taehyung tells him, “they’ve been together since high school. ten years, almost. been a long time coming. i’m the best man,” he adds proudly, back straightening a little.

“so you planned this little outing?” jimin asks, resting his chin on his fist. hoseok deftly slides a beer into his waiting hand. “thought this wasn’t your scene?”

his teasing tone has taehyung laughing sheepishly. “it’s not, really, but—“ he gestures to the dance floor, where a model of a man is flailing wildly and sloshing his drink on everyone in his general vicinity. “hyung likes to have fun. besides,” he clears his throat, leans a little closer, smile turning a little flirty, “i got to meet you, right?”

jimin bites down on a grin, but taehyung catches the shift, the crack in his façade, and smiles impossibly wider. “you did, didn’t you?” jimin murmurs, peering up at taehyung through his lashes. “and what are you going to do now that you have my attention?”

taehyung gulps. “literally anything you want me to. holy shit.”

jimin can’t help it—he snorts, right in taehyung’s face. it’s incredibly unflattering and stupidly embarrassing, but all taehyung does is beam harder and laugh right along with him. taehyung keeps effortlessly shattering the sultry, tempting air that jimin is so desperately trying to hang over them like a particularly sexy fog. it’s a little frustrating and a lot intriguing just how quickly those pretty doe eyes are able to break down his walls, make him want to be a little more honest. a little more genuine.

the person that strips on stage is still very much jimin, but he thinks that maybe taehyung might like the other parts of him, too.

jimin lets his head fall back onto his palm, shoulders shaking with leftover laughter. “alright, mr. karaoke man,” he says, nudging at taehyung’s leg with a shiny, high-heeled foot. “tell me about yourself. i know more about your hyung than i do about you.”

taehyung’s smile turns sheepish. “i’m not that interesting, honest. i’m an art teacher at the elementary school a few blocks away and i hand-feed my dog because he won’t eat from his bowl. very boring stuff.”

jimin stares at him, a little dumbfounded. “you really had to go and pick the two most endearing facts to share about yourself, huh?”

taehyung ducks his head, the apples of his cheeks flushing a pretty pink. jimin wants to bite those cheeks more than he’s ever wanted anything in his life. “i mean, sure, if you think kids hanging off of me like little monkeys is endearing—”

“yes,” jimin cuts him off. “that is exactly what i think, holy shit.” he straightens up a little, tilts his chin up, adds, “i love kids. i’m, uh. actually going to school to be a pediatrician.”

jimin waits—he waits for the disbelieving laughter, followed by a quiet, “oh, you were serious?” waits for the raised eyebrows, the condescending pity, the poorly concealed smirk. jimin has developed a thick skin over the years, and he wears it like a suit of armor. still, he thinks that a negative reaction from taehyung might cut a little deeper than usual.

he braces himself, squares his jaw—

“oh my god,” taehyung gasps, eyes going wide with excitement. he reaches forward and grabs jimin’s hand, long fingers dwarfing his own. his skin is warm and soft and jimin would like to hold his hand for as long as taehyung will let him. “that’s so cool. you must be so smart, holy shit, and you’re probably super great with little ones—”

he cuts himself abruptly and pulls his hand back like he’s been burnt. he looks a little horrified, to be honest. jimin frowns, goes to ask what’s wrong, but—

“i’m so sorry, jimin, you probably get touched by creepy people all the time without permission and i totally just grabbed you without asking, i’m so sorry—”

it takes jimin a second to catch up with what’s happening but when he does, he can’t help it. he laughs.

taehyung closes his mouth, looking so sad and sorry that jimin almost starts giggling harder. “there has to be something wrong with you,” jimin tells him, smiling too hard to drink his beer properly. “nobody is this perfect. like, what. we get into your car after the appropriate amount of bar flirting and you show me the collection of doll heads in your trunk—“

“i don’t drive, or have a car,” taehyung cuts in uncertainly, “i just bike everywhere. our city is already so polluted it wouldn’t be right to—“

“stop saying things that make me want to kiss you,” jimin demands, flicking taehyung pointedly in the middle of his forehead. the boy blinks slowly but doesn’t interrupt, so jimin continues. “i adore that you’re trying to be respectful but i promise—“ he lays his hand on top of taehyung’s, marvelling a little at the size difference, “you can touch me.”

a slow smile spreads over taehyung’s face, and there’s an edge to it—a hint of something more, something potentially Not Good for jimin’s health in the way taehyung bats his eyelashes. he turns his hand until it’s palm up, fingertips brushing over jimin’s pulse point.

his hand looks positively massive under jimin’s and wow, okay, apparently jimin has a hand kind now.

“so should i keep talking about the bike?” taehyung asks, drawing jimin’s attention away from his fingers (and the intoxicating thought of what they might feel like inside him.) “since it makes you want to kiss me so bad?”

jimin inches closer, the toe of his heel tracing a dangerous line up taehyung’s leg. “do you want me to kiss you?” he asks, although of course he already knows the answer.

taehyung nods immediately, and jimin laughs. “literally since the moment i saw you, but it’s been especially bad since you sat down.”

“and why’s that?” jimin murmurs, taking taehyung’s hand in both of his own. he’s fishing for compliments, but when is he not? jimin knows he hot, but’s still nice to be told.

taehyung watches intently as jimin plays with his fingers. “well, first,” he says, tone conversational, “you’re the most stunning human being i’ve ever seen. you also scare the shit out of me and i gotta say, that’s kind of a turn on.”

jimin bursts out laughing before he can stop himself, nearly falling over with the force of it. he collapses forward, head knocking against taehyung’s shoulders, fingers fisting in the front of his soft, canary yellow sweater. taehyung giggles and catches him effortlessly, one hand on his waist and the other still holding jimin’s. it looks a little bit like they’re slow dancing, except they’re still sitting on bar stools and jimin is about five seconds away from falling rather dramatically to the sticky floor.

“you keep switching up on me,” taehyung says, smile fond and sweet. “sexy to snorting in like three seconds flat. i don’t know which one i like more. pretty sure it’s a tie.”

jimin is usually right about pretty much everything, but it’s extra satisfying to know that he was right about taehyung.

“what, you don’t think snorting is sexy?” jimin teases, righting himself on his chair and internally preening when taehyung doesn’t let go of his hand.

“i didn’t say that. i think you could yodel the alphabet and i would find it attractive.”

jimin laughs again. “you’re very blunt, has anyone ever told you that?”

taehyung nods, sipping his drink happily. “my best friend says its obnoxious and off-putting.”

“i think it’s nice to meet someone so genuine,” jimin says, and if it comes out a little softer than he intends, whatever. it's worth it to see taehyung smile his shy little smile and duck his head. “you do have a knack for throwing off my succubus powers, though.”

taehyung clears his throat, clearly a little flustered. jimin stares up at him, utterly enamoured. he’s about to pull a t-pain and make love in this club right the fuck now.

“succubus powers, huh?” taehyung asks, kicking his feet against the legs of his stool. “that implies you’re seducing me.”

“i’m trying to,” jimin says, crossing his legs at the knee, “is it working?”

“very much so, yes.”

“fantastic,” jimin purrs, running a single finger down taehyung’s chest just to watch him shiver. succubus powers: activated. “and if i said i wanted to take you home?”

“i’d say yes and discreetly send my location to my brother the second we get there so that if you actually murder me, my family will have my body and my ashes will be scattered in the van gogh exhbit at the musée d’orsay where i will rest for all eternity.”

jimin pauses. “that’s very specific.”

“yes,” taehyung breathes. “i’m so sorry i said that out loud.”

jimin laughs and taehyung’s face breaks into a wide, earnest smile. he squeezes jimin’s hand softly and rests his chin on his other fist, eyes wide. he looks particularly kissable, and so jimin takes the opportunity to do just that—he leans in slowly, slow enough that taehyung could pull away if he wanted to, and presses his lips to taehyung’s.

taehyung blooms underneath him, mouth falling open just the slightest bit as jimin swipes his tongue along his bottom lip. jimin hums appreciatively and deepens the kiss, lets the hand that’s not holding taehyung’s cup at the back of his neck. taehyung’s wraps an arm around jimin’s waist loosely, just enough to tug him closer, and jimin takes that as an immediate invitation to plop himself into taehyung’s lap without missing a beat or breaking the kiss.

jimin sucks taehyung’s bottom lip into his mouth and pulls away. “you sure your brother’s going to be okay with you ditching his bachelor party for me?”

taehyung nods quickly, hands planted firmly above the curve of jimin’s ass like he’s afraid to go lower, like jimin didn’t literally just launch himself onto his lap. “he’s literally always trying to get me laid. he’ll be ecstatic.”

jimin raises one perfect eyebrow. “i find it very hard to believe that you don’t have people throwing themselves at you literally wherever you go.”

taehyung moves back in and captures jimin’s mouth in a messy kiss, sucking jimin’s tongue into his mouth until a soft moan escapes him. he pulls away and winks, says, “i’m very picky.”

jimin grins and promptly latches onto taehyung’s neck, nipping and teasing and sucking until he starts to feel something big slowly hardening under his thigh. he grinds down just to see taehyung gasp, whispers, “c’mon, big boy.”

he hops off of taehyung’s lap and holds a hand out, admires his spit-slicked lips and half-lidded eyes and new new bruises blossoming just under taehyung’s jawline. god, he can’t wait to get taehyung underneath him.

“you’re gonna make me get up with a boner?” taehyung whines. his lips jut out into a perfect pout and oh no, that’s dangerous. that’s very dangerous.

jimin steps in between his legs and cups taehyung through his jeans, smiling against his open mouth when he gasps. jimin presses a gentle kiss to taehyung’s chin, murmurs, “the sooner we get to mine, the sooner i can help you with that, handsome.”

“yes, yeah, let’s go. let’s go right now.”

they weave through the crowd until they spot taehyung’s party, flailing and jumping around like drunk assholes. his brother is in the middle of it all, proudly sporting a veil and chugging a fishbowl. taehyung approaches the closest boy, just on the outskirts of their little group, sipping slowly at a strawberry daiquiri and looking entirely uninterested in where the night has gotten him.

“koo,” taehyung yells over the music, nudging the boy with a pointy elbow. “jungkook, i need you to get jin-hyung home for me.”

the boy, jungkook, pulls a sour face. “why would i--” jimin slithers up beside taehyung, clinging to his side like the sweetest bit of arm candy and infusing every bit of charm he has into his smile. “oh shit,” jungkook says. he claps taehyung on the back like he’s proud (which he should be, jimin’s gorgeous), says, “good for you, man. i’ll get hyung.”


the aforementioned jin-hyung announces his presence by nearly tackling taehyung (and by extension, jimin) to the ground. he throws his arms around the both of them and sways dangerously, presses a smacking kiss to the side of taehyung’s head. he pauses when he finally notices jimin, eyes going wide. “what the fuck, you’re so hot.”

“thank you,” jimin preens, laying his head against taehyung’s shoulder and popping one foot out. “do you mind if i steal your brother for a little bit?”

“are you going to fuck him?” jin asks, looking far too interested in his brother’s sex life to be normal.

“if he wants me to,” jimin shrugs, before looking up at taehyung. “what do you say, lovely? you wanna top or bottom for me?”

taehyung looks back at him, a little pink in the cheeks but otherwise confident. he offers a cocky little smirk, and it makes jimin want to bite him. “want you to hold me down and fuck me, if i’m being completely honest. really lean into the whole you sorta scare me but in a sexy way thing.”

jimin just barely stops himself from squeaking, feels his dick twitch in his extremely tight jeans. “little demon,” he murmurs, pressing a sloppy lipstick kiss to his cheek.

“gross,” jungkook says, looking more than a little pained. “please go do that somewhere else.”

jin lets go of them, thrusts his empty fishbowl in the air. “my little brother is getting laid!” he yells, triumphant like a war cry, before promptly disappearing into the cheering crowd. someone holds tips their beer towards taehyung in a silent cheer, and taehyung nods back respectfully.

jimin tugs at his arm. “let’s go, cutie.”

taehyung grins at him. “lead the way.”


they don’t let go of each other’s hands until they’re inside jimin’s apartment, and even then it’s only so that jimin can press taehyung up against his bedroom door.

“i don’t—“ taehyung cuts himself off with a gasp as jimin nips at his earlobe, head falling against the doorway with a resounding thud. jimin helpfully slides a hand between taehyung’s scalp and the wood, rubbing gently at the spot he smacked.

“careful,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to the soft skin just under taehyung’s ear. “don’t wanna scramble that pretty little head. what were you saying?”

taehyung grinds his hips forward and jimin sighs contentedly, one hand travelling down to grip at the soft give of taehyung’s perfect ass. he holds taehyung flush against him, humming happily as taehyung kisses down his neck.

“just that—“ another kiss. “i don’t usually do this. like, hook ups.”

something like satisfaction burns through jimin like wildfire. “yeah?” he asks, a little breathless, “guess that makes me special.”

taehyung grabs at the back of jimin’s neck and pulls until their lips connect, bodies moving against each other in perfect synchronization. when they break apart, taehyung surges back to gently bite down on jimin’s lip and tug. “you sure are something, jimin,” he murmurs with a crooked smile.

“cute,” jimin whispers, a little breathless. there’s no logical reason as to why taehyung has such a profound effect on him, has his insides flipping and his heart racing. he wants to wrap himself up in taehyung’s deep voice and warm smile. something in taehyung’s eyes has him thinking past tonight, has him hearing bells and songs and the chirping of doves, whatever the fuck those sound like.

jimin wouldn’t consider himself a romantic person, but he thinks he could turn into one if taehyung sticks around.

their clothes come off in a flurry of limbs and at one point jimin almost gets an eye taken out, but it’s all worth it when they collapse on the bed, giggling into each other’s mouths like they’ve got all the time in the world. jimin gets a hand around taehyung’s cock and tugs, thumb rubbing expertly against the head. taehyung moans, loud and pretty, hips jerking forward.

in one swift movement, jimin maneuvers them so that he’s on top of taehyung, thick thighs straddling narrow hips. taehyung’s hands fly to jimin’s waist, fingertips scorching soft skin. jimin lets taehyung’s cock drop unceremoniously against his stomach and giggles, grinding his hips forward.

“you’re a menace,” taehyung rasps, trying desperately to pull jimin closer. jimin laughs and bends to press their chests together, tilting his head so that taehyung can lick into his mouth with a kind of ardor jimin has never experienced before. he’s used to being wanted, used to being lusted after--but taehyung, sweet, smiley taehyung with his doe eyes and his honey butter laughter--taehyung makes him feel adored.

it’s an intoxicating feeling, one that jimin wishes he could bottle up and keep for a rainy day. he thinks that maybe he’ll just keep taehyung instead.

“and you’re just about the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen,” jimin shoots back, nudging his nose against taehyung’s chubby cheek.

“oh my god, stop,” taehyung mutters, blushing all the way to the tips of his ears. jimin sits up and pointedly wiggles his hips, takes taehyung’s cock back in his hands. starts to jerk him off slowly, languidly, until taehyung’s eyes roll back and he lets out the most gorgeous little hiccup. “okay, wow, don’t stop. shit. jimin.”

“yes, baby?” jimin sings, dabbing a delicate finger in the puddle of pre-come pooled on taehyung’s belly. he swirls it around a little, delighting in the way taehyung shivers, and brings his hand up to his mouth. he pops his finger into his mouth with a lewd, echoing noise and sucks, feels taehyung’s dick kick uselessly in his hands at the sight.

“holy shit,” taehyung whispers, eyes wide with awe, “you’re not real. this isn’t actually happening. i’m dreaming, right?”

jimin reaches down to helpfully pinch taehyung’s nipple, grinning at the gasp it elicits. “feels pretty real to me, sweetheart.” he shimmies down until he’s between taehyung’s legs, tracing delicate patterns along the backs of his thighs and smiling when taehyung shivers. “so pretty, taehyung. gorgeous.”

taehyung preens and arches up, wiggling his hips pointedly. jimin laughs, lightly scratching his nails all the way down to taehyung’s ass. he reaches for the bedside table, over taehyung, to grab the lube and a condom. tossing it beside him carelessly, jimin turns his attention back to the beautiful boy spread out before him.

he runs his hands over the soft give of taehyung’s tummy, up over his chest, down his surprisingly toned arms, leaves taehyung squirming to be touched in one very specific place. jimin smirks and pulls away long enough to uncap the lube and drizzle it over his fingers. “ready, baby?” he asks, teasing a wet, sticky finger around taehyung’s rim.

“oh my god yes,” taehyung groans, hole fluttering prettily. jimin slides the tip of his pointer finger in, watches the way taehyung sucks him in before pulling back out. taehyung whines at the loss, makes grabby hands, and it’s the cutest thing jimin has ever seen.

he wants to kiss taehyung silly, cuddle him to sleep, and positively fucking ruin him.

jimin bends down, licks a slow, agonizing stripe up taehyung’s cock. he sucks the tip into his mouth just as he slides his finger back inside, warmth flooding through his veins at the gorgeous sound taehyung makes. “oh my god,” taehyung gasps, fighting to keep his hips still. good boy, jimin thinks idly. “feels so good.”

jimin swallows around him and goes to work opening him up like a man on a mission. taehyung’s got one hand fisted in the sheets and another gripping jimin’s hair, lightly, just the suggestion of a tug. jimin wants him to yank.

he pulls off of taehyung’s cock just long enough to murmur his demand: “pull my hair, sweet thing.”

taehyung responds enthusiastically, tugging gently at first before gaining confidence at jimin’s “harder” murmured against his hip bone. he yanks, hard enough to pull jimin’s head back and expose the long line of his throat, has jimin gasping, eyes rolling back. he grinds down into the mattress to relieve a little tension and stares up at taehyung through half-lidded eyes, dark with want, fucking into taehyung with a renewed vigor. he watches taehyung bite his lip and throw his head back against the pillows, moaning loudly.

a few minutes later and jimin’s expertly fucking taehyung with three fingers, pressing up against his prostate with no consistency to leave him on edge and trembling. “i’m ready,” taehyung whines, arching off of the bed. his cock is impossibly hard and flushed beautifully, pre-come leaking steadily from the head. jimin wants to call him a wet, messy baby, but he’s not sure if taehyung would be into that. he makes a mental note to check, for next time.

jimin shakes his head. don’t count on a next time, he reminds himself firmly. you’ve already gotten too comfortable and you’ve only known him for two hours. get it the fuck together.


jimin,” taehyung hiccups, prompting jimin to press a wet, open-mouthed kiss to his hip bone and pull his fingers out entirely. taehyung whines high in his throat and jimin shushes him, dropping kisses all over his belly until taehyung chokes out a laugh, shoving lightly at jimin’s forehead.

“hands and knees, sweetheart,” jimin murmurs, sucking a bruise into the sensitive skin just above the base of taehyung’s cock. taehyung is quick to flip over and push his ass into the air, wiggling it dramatically. jimin laughs and pulls at his cheeks, admiring the lines and curves of taehyung’s body. “gorgeous,” he says quietly, ripping the condom open with his teeth and smirking when taehyung shudders at the crinkle of foil. he rolls it on and gives himself a few strokes, adding lube to ease the slide. he lines up, teasing taehyung’s hole with the head of his cock, asks, “ready, beautiful?”

“been ready since you told me you’re in med school. i’ve got a thing for smart guys.”

jimin’s laugh turns into a moan as he slowly buries himself in taehyung’s ass. “feel so good,” jimin praises, hands gripping taehyung’s tiny waist to keep him steady. “look so pretty.”

taehyung arches his back as he adjusts to the stretch before fucking himself onto jimin’s cock experimentally. he pushes back until his ass is flush against jimin’s abdomen, head falling forward. jimin finds himself wishing he’d picked a different position so that he could see taehyung’s face.

“your dick is literally perfect,” taehyung slurs, and jimin preens, “holy shit. please move. wanna feel you.”

and, well, who is jimin to say no?

he starts slow, careful, sliding out of taehyung just to watch his dick disappear inside. taehyung whines and pushes back, forces him deeper, harder, so jimin gives him what he wants. he fucks fast and forceful, snapping his hips forward sharply on each thrust. he clutches onto taehyung’s hips like a lifeline, keeping him firmly in place as he moans and cries out oh my god, so good, baby, please—

jimin stops just before it gets to be too much and taehyung turns his head to pout, eyes wide and sad. “why’d you stop?” he whines, grinding back on jimin’s cock. “wanna feel you.”

jimin dips down to press a kiss to the arch of taehyung’s back. “wanna see you. flip over.”

he pulls out and taehyung groans at the loss, flopping petulantly onto his back like an angry little starfish. jimin has to physically stop himself from cooing. instead, he settles on his knees and leans forward, gets a good grip under taehyung’s lower back, and yanks him up onto jimin’s lap. taehyung yelps and automatically wraps his arms around jimin’s neck and yes, this is definitely better.

jimin wraps one arm around tight around taehyung’s waist and braces himself against the headboard with the other. “hi,” he says, with a shit-eating grin. he pulls taehyung flush against him, laves his tongue against a hickey from earlier.

“holy shit,” taehyung murmurs faintly, his head falling back to give jimin better access to his neck, “you’re so strong. you could totally throw me out the window. i think i might be into that?”

jimin lets go of the headboard to line himself back up and slide home, watches taehyung’s pretty doe eyes roll back into his head, his mouth falling open with jimin’s name on the tip of his tongue.

so much better.

he thrusts up experimentally and taehyung moans against his mouth, a half-assed attempt at a kiss gone wrong. jimin smirks and nudges at taehyung’s nose with his own, bites down on his lower lip to punctuate another hard thrust.

“you’re so deep,” taehyung gasps, presses a messy kiss to the corner of jimin’s mouth. “faster, please, oh my god.”

jimin takes a second to readjust a little before snapping his hips up, again and again and again, taehyung bouncing on his cock like he was never meant to do anything else. “look so gorgeous, baby,” jimin manages, his own voice raspy from how fucking good he feels. taehyung is so tight around him, so wet and slick and warm. “so pretty.”

“m’gonna come, jimin, i’m gonna—m’gonna come,” taehyung babbles, attempting to fuck himself back onto jimin’s cock. jimin reaches a hand between them and wraps it around taehyung’s length, jerking it in time with his thrusts, which are starting to get a little sloppy as he gets closer to his own release.

“show me how pretty you are when you come, baby,” jimin says breathlessly, jerking his hips hard and fast, the way taehyung deserves to be fucked. “so fuckin’ pretty. come for me.”

taehyung does, on a particularly hard thrust that sends him jolting, white splattering between them like a rorschach test. his eyes fall shut, head tipped back, mouth open in a perfect circle. he’s been so vocal this entire time, moaning and babbling and whining, but when he comes he’s perfectly silent, fingers gripping jimin’s shoulders tight enough to bruise.

jimin fucks him through it before slowing down. he’s just about ready to pull out, jerk himself off, when taehyung pulls him close, murmurs, “keep going til you finish. i like it. i’ll tell you if i need to stop.”

“are you sure?” jimin asks, because he has to ask, no matter how fucking perfect that sounds.

taehyung nods sleepily, grinding down lazily on jimin’s cock and smiling wickedly at the sensitivity. “i—ah—yeah, yes. feels good.”

“gimme a safe word,” jimin insists.

taehyung looks at him fondly, thumbs over jimin’s cheekbone with far too much tenderness for a one night stand, says, “cheesecake.”

jimin snorts. “cheesecake?”

taehyung pouts. “i’m hungry.”

“there’s a diner around the corner if you want to...y’know. grab something after we’re...done,” jimin finishes lamely, a little awkward despite the fact that he’s still currently balls deep inside taehyung.

“are you asking me on a date?” taehyung asks, and his eyes are positively sparkling in the dark of jimin’s room. he tugs lightly at a strand of jimin’s hair and beams, bright and beautiful.

jimin clears his throat. “that depends. are you gonna say yes?”

“i’m absolutely going to say yes,” taehyung says, leaning forward to press their lips together. he licks into jimin’s mouth, one hand cupping his jaw as he grinds his hips slowly, little gasps falling from his pretty mouth like water. “now hurry up and finish so you can buy me a slice of cheesecake.”

“who says i’m buying?”

“one, you’re a super hot stripper and so you automatically make more money than me, a fucking art teacher. two, you’re going to make even more money when you eventually become a sexy doctor—which, sign me up to roleplay as your nurse, what the fuck. three, you asked me. it’s a rule, jiminie.”

jimin raises an eyebrow and thrusts up shallowly, still buried deep. taehyung lets out the most gorgeous moan. “jiminie, huh?”

taehyung flushes a little but doesn’t back down. “you just fucked my brains out, i can call you whatever i want. plus, it’s cute. you’re cute. i like you, shut up.”

“i like you too,” jimin laughs, feeling stupidly giddy. he maneuvers them until tae is comfortably on his back, hips angled up as his legs rest over jimin’s thighs. “remember what you say if you want me stop.”

taehyung sighs wistfully. “cheesecake.”

“stop thinking about cheesecake and focus on my dick in your ass.”

“you’re not moving so right now the cheesecake is taking precedence—oh, fuck.

jimin rolls his hips steadily, already massively on edge, just waiting to tip over. it’s not going to take much, not with the way taehyung is moaning and gasping beneath him, legs shaking and back arching up, up, up. jimin smooths a comforting hand down one of taehyung’s thighs and lets out a shuddery breath, heat pooling in the pit of his stomach as he gets closer and closer to his release. “feel so good, tae,” jimin rasps, hips stuttering, “look so good, god.”

he thrusts once more, twice more, and then he’s spilling into the condom harder than he’s ever come in his life. taehyung moans with him, a little bit of white spurting out from the tip of his dick as he comes again, which is basically the hottest thing jimin has ever seen. he pulls out slowly, careful not to jostle taehyung, and flops down beside him with his chest heaving.

taehyung immediately rolls over and wraps around him like a baby koala. jimin tugs him even closer, rubbing a gentle hand up and down his back.

“give me like twenty minutes of cuddle time,” taehyung mumbles, pressing a kiss to the hollow of jimin’s throat, “and then i believe you owe me a piece of cheesecake, mister.”


(taehyung gets his cheesecake, and jimin gets his date. he also gets a second, and a third, and a fourth, until they stop counting altogether. every saturday night, without fail, taehyung picks jimin up from work on his bright yellow bike.)