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Dreamers of Waltville

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Chapter 1: For the First Time in Forever

Anna Arendelle

Anna overflowed with excitement and nervousness. She had spent a long summer alone up north in the palatial family "cottage". Her parents passed away when she was a freshman and her sister, Elsa, had been distant since they were very little. Their old house had too many bad memories so Elsa bought them a new house near the new offices of their family ice company. Anna couldn't wait to make new friends. All the people in her old school were rich snobs and her sister hadn't really talked to her in years, so Anna was desperate to finally not be alone. Elsa stared out the opposite window. Her stare icy cold, her white-blonde hair perfectly tied in a braid, she only spoke to give directions to the driver. Anna fidgeted with her ginger pig-tails. She could almost die of excitement.

"Look there it is! Waltville High" Anna screamed.

"Yes, there it is, Anna." Elsa smiled briefly, Anna's eyes met her sister's for a second. "Calm down though, you don't want everyone's first impression of you to be the crazily over excited girl."

"Oh, yeah, you're totally right." Anna tried to gain her composure.

She hopped out of the care, grabbing her purple backpack and pulling it close to herself. She fixed her jean jacket and green pants put on her most confident face and strode up the steps. For the first time in forever she was going to make new friends and not be alone. She already saw a girl with long blonde hair and green eyes admiring her outfit. As Anna turned to wave to friendly-looking girl, she felt herself crash into someone.

She toppled straight into a tall handsome boy with red hair and sideburns. She felt his muscular body as she awkwardly tried to help herself up.

"This is awkward. Well, I'm awkward, you're not awkward, you're gorgeous, I mean wait."

"Anna." Elsa exclaimed with embarrassment. "I am so sorry, my sister can be really clumsy."

"No worries, accidents happen." He smiled so sweetly. Anna thought his voice was so sexy.

He wiped off his green v-neck and white jeans. "I'm Hans Prince, a sophomore here at Waltville. You girls must be new here."

"Yeah." Anna said dazedly. He was so perfect.

"Yes," Elsa sighed ever so slightly. "We just moved here. I'm Elsa, my sister is named Anna"

"Welcome to Waltville, milady's." He picked up Anna's backpack and offered his arms to both girls. Anna took it gleefully, Elsa did skeptically.

"I was born and raised here. My dad is actually the mayor. My family lives in that big house on the hill." He pointed to an impressive manor that overlooked the entire town. "Anyways, we're a small town but everyone knows each other really well, which can be nice."

"Hey Hanes Prince." Some male voices called.

"Most of the time." Hans rolled his eyes.

Three guys on skateboards circled the Hans and the sisters.

"Meet my brother Eric and his friends Aladdin and Flynn."

"Hey girls" Flynn flashed a smile.

"Hi." Anna chirped enthusiastically.

Elsa groaned inwardly.

"Sup bro, who are your friends." Eric said, halting his skateboard.

"I'm Anna and this is my sister Elsa, we're new here." She didn't catch the tension.

"Oh, so you don't know about Hans's rep?" Aladdin smirked ruffling his dark greasy hair.

"What kind of rep?" Anna asked.

Hans looked mortified.

"Well me and Hans have like 13 bajillion brothers, of which Hans is the youngest. We all have nicknames."

"Kind of like the spice girls." Hans said trying to keep cool.

""Uh, Hans why are you such a loser." Flynn groaned.

"He was born that way, like Lady Gaga." Eric laughed at his own joke. "I'm a year older than Hans and people call me Skater Prince. Before me come the triplets. Ferdinand or Arsty Prince, Philip aka Sporty Prince and Charles aka Charming Prince. Our oldest brother, Adam is redoing his senior year, he's super smart. Anyways people call him Beastly Prince."

"What do they call Hans?" Anna asked.

"Hanes Prince." Eric laughed at himself. "My girlfriend Vanessa does hypnotism. At the school talent show last year she got Hans to take his pants off in front of the whole school."

"He wore tighty whities." Aladdin started chuckling to himself.

"It's not that funny, guys." Hans's face was beet-red.

"Actually it's hilarious." Flynn snuck up behind Hans and gave him a wedgie, pulling blue and white stripped underwear out of his pants.

Anna let out a laugh for a moment, then she suddenly realized that this teasing wasn't friendly.

"See, no tighty whities." Hans defended. "Ouch"

"You can add some color but they are still tighty whities in my book." He pulled harder. Everyone else was taking pictures. Flynn let go, still laughing as Hans awkwardly tried to fix the wedgie. Flynn was showing three giggling blondes the picture.

"Hey Flynn can I see that picture?" Elsa asked.

"Sure thang, honey." He handed her his phone.
Elsa proceeded to delete the picture and then threw Flynn's phone at the crotch.

"OOOO" Flynn doubled over in pain.

Elsa simply walked into building ignoring the crowd.

"Omygosh, she's like some kind of Ice Queen." One of the blonde girls whispered loudly to her triplet.

"I know so cold and cruel." The other blonde responded.

"Elsa isn't cruel." Anna defended and the girls flinched back.

"Come on Anna let's get out of here." Hans led her away.

"Don't worry my junk is resilient. I shall recover. But next time Hanes Prince won't have the Ice Queen to defend his dignity and we'll see who wins then. " Flynn called out to the crowd.

"Next time? Does this kind of stuff happen every day?" Anna asked, her face filled with sympathy and fear, as they entered the building.

"Well it's the first day, so who knows. There are a lot of nice people at this school too. So no worries." He smiled at her.

"I'm hoping this will be a good year." They both said at the same time.

Their faces lit up. "Jinx! Jinx again." They shouted in unison.

Hans was beaming. "It's crazy we finish each other's-"

"Sandwiches!" Anna cried out. "Wait no that doesn't make sense. But you can totally have my PB&J if you want yeah, um." Anna desperately tried to fill the silence

"No that's totally what I was going to say." He smiled at her. "I have turkey if you want."

"I love turkey! It's like a little mini Thanksgiving on a regular day." She bounced as she spoke.

"My thoughts exactly." He smiled.

"It looks like Hanes Prince made himself a new friend." A female voice laughed from behind.

"Ariel, don't use that nickname it's mean." Another voice chimed in.

"Well I don't mean it in a mean way." The girl defended.

Anna turned around to see a girl with bright red hair and big blue eyes at a nearby locker. She was taking off her conservative jumper to reveal a purple tank-top and aqua skinny jeans. The girl next to her was the green-eye girl from earlier. She had long, long blonde hair and wore a violet blouse along with a long jean-skirt. There was a third girl with them. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had wavy blonde hair and violet eyes. She wore a cute little pink dress with a blue jacket.

"Maybe we should give him a new nickname. I always liked the idea of Ginger Prince as a nick name. What do you think Hans?" The third girl smiled. "It's still an insulting generalization but less mean-spirited."

"I'd rather have that one." Hans smiled.

"Um, Hans, are you gunna like, introduce us to your new friend." The red-head waved in his face dramatically. "She is super cute. I love your outfit."

"Oh me too." The green-eyed girl smiled.

"Girls, this is Anna… um, I don't know your last name."

"Oh, yeah, I'm Anna Arendelle. Me and my sister just moved here."

"Nice to meet you Anna." The violet-eyed girl smiled. She seemed to be the leader of the group. "I'm Briar Rose, people just call me Rose, and these are my friends Rapunzel," the girl with the really long-blonde hair waved, "and Ariel." The red-head girl beamed.

"What grade are you?" Ariel asked.

"Anna is a sophomore like us." Hans smiled.

"Omygosh, yes! You can totally be our new best friend. We're gunna have so much fun this year." Ariel's hair bounced around as she talked.

"Oh, it sounds awesome." Anna was so thrilled to meet so many people in her grade that seemed so nice.

"You don't have to best friends with us if you don't want to." Rose smiled "But you're welcome to sit with us for lunch."

"We meet by the water fountain." Rapunzel interjected.

"We might be sitting with the soccer team today." Rose smirked.

"Omygosh, we get to sit with the boys! You having a boyfriend is like the best thing that has ever happened to me." Ariel jumped up and down. Rose just rolled her eyes playfully.

The bell rang for opening assembly and Anna sat with her new friends. Hans sat with his soccer team because they had all agreed to sit together for team-spirit.

A bunch of people waved at them and sat by them but Ariel was desperately saving a seat for their other friend, Jasmine.

"Rose." Rapunzel whispered. "I think I see Jasmine sitting with Vanessa and her posy."

"O dear, I think you're right. What is she doing with those girls?" Rose seemed really nervous.

"Maybe she couldn't find us, so she sat with them." Anna said out loud, trying to explain.

Rose and Rapunzel both gave her horrified looks. Apparently they were whispering for a reason.

"Wait, Jasmine is sitting with someone else, not her best fired since pre-k." Ariel looked distraught. "Who is she sitting with?"

Rose and Rapunzel both shook their heads warning Anna not to say. But Anna didn't know what else to do. "I think with some girl named Vanessa and-"

"Eric!" Ariel interrupted. She stood up to look at the group. "She's with Vanessa and Eric!"

"There are other people." Rapunzel tried to use a soothing tone.

"But she's with them. What is she going to say?" Ariel panicked.

"I'm sure nothing embarrassing, Ariel." Rose stated calmly. "You two have been best friends forever, she's not going to humiliate you in front of her crush."

"I hope you're right." Ariel sighed.

Ariel Triton

"You can sit here Meg." Ariel said to a thin brunette with a sour looking face who stood on the end of the aisle.

"Gee thanks Miss Perky-Pants." The girl sat down. "Just know I'm only sitting here because every other seat is next to some lunk-head jock and I don't want to be harassed. Also I include harassment as annoying comments from underclassmen girls like you, so don't talk to me." Meg crossed her shoulders and glanced about the room with a bored look.

"Oh, yeah, no worries, no annoyingness coming from this girl."

"Shut up." Meg snapped.

"Sorry." Ariel folded into herself.

Her first class was Math. Hans and Anna were in it with her. Her second class was Bio and none of her good friends were in that one. So she sat with Mulan and Merida, they were super-athletic and a little too intense for Ariel but they were nice and fun. Next period was lunch so she texted Jasmine.
"Hey gurl, meet us at the drinking fountain. C ya then. Lurv u!"

Ariel skipped over to the drinking fountain. Hoping the day would start to get better, she put on a big smile. She waved to everyone as she walked by.

"Hi Kenai, hey Lottie, what's up Esmeralda." She smiled to everyone as they walked by. Everyone seemed to be glued to their phones.

"Must be why Daddy hates phones." She thought.

"Hi Aladdin. How's it going?" She punched him in the shoulder playfully.

"Oh, hey Ariel." Al seemed awkward. "Gotta go bye." He sped off down the hallway after he looked at her like the plague.

"What's gotten into him?" Ariel thought out loud.

"Maybe he's read these texts from Jasmine." She heard Pocahontas behind her.

"What are you talking about?" Ariel asked.

Pocahontas showed Ariel her phone and began scrolling.

Ariel's heart dropped to her stomach.

Jasmine had forwarded every text sent her about Ariel's secret crush since middle school, Eric. Along with every facebook pic she had ever liked, love note, doodle of them kissing, creeper pic or Eric Ariel had taken and sent to Jasmine. Now everyone thought she was some crazy stalker. Ok, maybe she was a little obsessed but she wasn't some pyscho. She could see everyone pointing and laughing at her.

"I'm sorry, Ariel." Pocahontas looked at her sympathetically.

"OMG look at this art where she's a mermaid singing over Eric's body." One of the blonde triplets pointed to her fellow bimbette.

Gaston, the king-jock, called out to her. "Hey Ariel, I know you think mermaids are sexy but where is he supposed to put his dick if you don't have a pussy?" He started to laugh at his own joke and the bimbettes and half the football team joined in.

It soon spread across the hallway. People shouted comments and insults at her. She began to shake. Her lip began to quiver and her blue eyes got even bigger. No, she wouldn't cry, she wouldn't cry. It was too late. She started to sob. She buried her face and sped down the hallway.

She couldn't bear it anymore. She felt like she was about to die. She was sure Eric had seen those texts. He must think she was some freak. She felt herself crash into someone near the drinking fountain.

"It seems to be my bad day for crashing into people." She heard Anna say. Thank God it was just the new girl and not Eric.

"Ariel" Rapunzel saw her tear-stained face. "What's wrong?"

"You don't know?" Ariel sobbed.

Anna's phone beeped. "I just got a text, a bunch of texts, from some number I don't recognize." Anna scrolled through her phone. "Oh, I see."

"Let me see, I don't have a phone." Rapunzel peeked over to Anna's phone. "Oh, Ariel." Rapunzel sighed sympathetically.

"The whole school thinks I'm some kind of freak." Ariel whined.

"You mean the whole school knows you're a freak." Jasmine's voice called behind her.

Ariel turned to see her former best friend strut towards her. Her outfit was turquoise high-waisted shorts with a short crop top. Her wide almond eyes smirked with confidence and she swayed her top model body as she walked.

"Why, Jasmine? Why?" Ariel sobbed. "You were my best friend. I told you those things in confidence."

"You're a sweet girl, Ariel. We had our time together, it was good while it lasted, but let's face it we are two different people." Jasmine was now cleaning her manicured nails. "I am a beautiful confident young woman, ready to take on the world and be on top. You, little girl, are a weirdo with absolutely no sense of class or coolness, who obsesses over some guy you've never even talked too. Not to mention your dad is some crazy preacher who barely lets you out of the house, so if I plan on having any parties, I can't rely on you as best friend venue support." She fixed her clunky necklace, "Not to mention the rest of the friend group, ugh, I mean Rapunzel was homeschooled half her life, her mom is crazy, and she still wears those hideous homeschooler clothes. Not to mention her hair is freakishly long," Rapunzel twiddled with her hair self-consciously, "I can already tell this new girl is a train-wreck of awkwardness, and Briar," Jasmine didn't see Rose walk up behind her, "she was raised by nuns in a cottage because she her parents didn't even want her, I mean who leaves their baby on a doorstop anymore, white-trash perhaps? Besides she's dating a soccer player, #socialsuicide. They are all so gay. Philip and Phoebus totally want to do each other, anyone with a brain can tell. She thinks she's all so cool because she got a good part in the musical as a freshmen. I'm totally going to blow her out of the water at auditions this year. I'm so done being friends with immature losers like you guys. Vanessa and her friends have really opened me up to new possibilities. So in other words #goodbye." Jasmine smirked.

"#Waitahotsec." Rose got between Ariel and Jasmine. She crossed her shoulders tossed her hair and glared Jasmine right in the eyes, "What did you say about my friends?"
"That they are stupid losers." Jasmine scoffed.

"I'm not sure if you're having some trouble thinking straight because you probably haven't eaten anything other than Special K Bars for the last week but you wouldn't have passed History if it wasn't for Rapunzel and you wouldn't have even made the cut for the musical last year if Ariel hadn't given you personal voice lessons, so I don't think you can call them dumb. But I guess you must have forgotten all about that, now that your waist is smaller than your head. You don't have to be friends with us, but you have no reason to betray Ariel like a treacherous snitch."

"Ariel gave me those pictures, I had a right to do whatever I wanted with them." Jasmine huffed.

Rose's voice drew to a whisper. She stepped closer to Jasmine, meeting her glare. "That means I can do whatever I want with those pictures of you from Middle-School."

Jasmine gasped. "You wouldn't."

"I actually thought you looked cute with a little extra-chub. You always looked so cheery and full of life, rather than the mean skinny twig you look like now."

"I'll tell Vanessa if you dare cross me." Jasmine threatened.

"Vanessa's got nothing on me, so leave us alone and those pictures stay hidden from Waltville High. Understand?
"Got it."

"Also, Jasmine, don't insult my aunts again. BTW Nuns are great singers, I've been training at our church, which has great acoustics, so I'd watch out at auditions. And don't disrespect my boyfriend, his friends, or an entire sexual orientation again. Goodbye." Rose waved at Jasmine and began to walk off with Ariel, Rapunzel, and Anna.

"You losers aren't walking away from me! I'm walking away from you!" Jasmine shrieked as she stormed off in the opposite direction.

"Thanks Rose." Ariel sighed.

"No problem honey, no one messes with my friends without going through me first."

"Hey babe." Rose's boyfriend, Phoebus, wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. "How's the first day of school treating you?"

"It could be better, but Jasmine had to go nasty on us. I'm pretty sure we just got friend-broken up with by her."

"Don't worry about her, she's just a bitch." He mumbled as he kissed her on the cheek. He had blonde hair with a goatee and wore blue jeans with a yellow hoodie.

"Ugh, I hate that word." She nudged him away.

It drove Ariel nuts how Rose seemed so distant with Phoebus. He was a hot soccer player and one of the only guys at school with good facial hair, yet Ariel couldn't think of a time when Rose really seemed into cuddling or kissing him. Rose had hit the jackpot of boyfriends and she seemed to be taking it for granted On days like today when Ariel felt doomed to be a single pringle forever, it got on her nerves.

"Are you going to sit with us at lunch?" Phoebus asked.

"NOOOO." Ariel's mind screamed. She couldn't face sitting in front of a bunch of guys that knew Eric after this whole mess. They would all laugh at her like Gaston or treat her like some stalker like Aladdin did. She just wanted to curl up in a corner not be in front of all these guys when she felt all exposed and embarrassed.

"I think the girls and I are gunna grab a small corner booth. I think Ariel wants some girl time after this incident." Rose seemed to have read Ariel's mind.

"Oh, ok." Phoebus smiled with disappointment, looking almost hurt.

Ariel couldn't bear to see him so disappointed. "Actually, I'm good. It's probably best to act like it's just a normal day rather than making a big deal out of it. We'd love to sit with you and you're friends."

"Are you sure?' Rose asked.

"Positive." Ariel gave her best fake smile and started to follow Phoebus to the soccer team table.

The other girls followed her. They had all packed a lunch, so they didn't have to wait in line for the disgusting cafeteria food. Rose took a seat next to Phoebus and handed him the lunch she packed him. Ariel sat next to her with Rapunzel on the other side. Anna sat next to Rapunzel.

"Hey Anna!" Hans set next to her and opened up his paper bag. "Turkey sandwich time?" He handed her one half of his sandwich.

"You mean PB & J time." She smiled and handed him the other half of her sandwich.

"Even the new girl has a better love life than me." Ariel thought to herself as she played with her Greek Yogurt.

"Dude, kale tastes disgusting." Phoebus's best friend, Philip, sat next to him while taking a bite of a sandwich that apparently had kale in it. He had short brown hair moussed up into a spike. He wore a red v-neck with red and black athletic shorts.

"I told you it would." Phoebus laughed. "You don't have to eat all that healthy crap. You're not dating Pocahontas anymore."

"She bet me that I couldn't eat vegan for a year when we were dating and I'm not letting her win again."

"Again?" Rose asked.

"That girl is like always right. And when she told me I didn't have what it takes to maintain her diet, I was all like 'I totally have what it takes' and she was like 'I bet you couldn't eat like me for a year' and I was like 'challenge accepted' and so here I am eating kale. I couldn't let her be right one more time." Philip took another bite of his sandwich, grimaced, then guzzled it down. "Oh, I forgot to say hi to everybody, my bad. Sup Rose" he paused then smiled "Ariel, Rapunzel and whose this girl eating half my baby brother's sandwich?"

"Oh, yeah, this is Anna." Hans introduced her.

"Hi." Anna waved.
Everyone went on with their normal conversations but Ariel noticed that pause before Philip said her name. That momentary break in the cheeriness of his brown eyes. He was Eric's older brother. He probably thought that she was some stalker chick going after his brother. Ariel wanted to fold into herself.

Kenai and Kristoff, two juniors on the soccer team, walked towards the table with lunch trays. Kenai was Inuit and had brown and black hair and Kristoff was a big guy with huge shoulders and messy blonde hair.

"Did you see all those texts Jasmine sent?" Kenai asked.

"That Ariel girl is crazy..." Kristoff dragged the last syllable out like a deer caught in the headlights. Rose had just sent him a look that could kill.

Time for a little Waltville High 101. Vanessa and her clique were the cheerleaders and were the queens of the school like Gaston and the football team were the kings. The soccer team was always second string socially to the football team so they never had fan girls. Until Rose and Phoebus started hanging out together. Next thing they knew Rose came to all their games bringing along Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel. They suddenly had fans thanks to Rose so she kind of became queen of their social circle. So if Kristoff risked pissing her off then he risked pissing off the rest of the soccer team. They finally had fan girls and they did not want to lose them. So that boy really had to cover up his mess.

Rose was still giving Kristoff the death glare. He looked bright red as he had just realized Ariel was at the table. "hot." He finished his sentence. "That Ariel girl is crazy hot. That's what I meant to say. How awkward she's right here, I'm just embarrassed now." He failed at acting surprised.

"Thanks Kirstoff" Ariel gave him an awkward smile.

"OOO sounds like love is in the air," Philip laughed at his friend's plight.

Kristoff and Ariel both buried themselves in their food.

Cinderella Tremaine

The first day at school had remained uneventful for Cinderella. Or Ella but everyone called her Cinderella so she didn't bother to correct them. She had just finished bringing Anastasia and Drizella, her stepsisters, their cheer uniforms for practice. They were not graceful at all but they were Vanessa's little minions and she was always able to get them on the team. She used them to torment whoever she had it in for, though Cinderella expected Jasmine now shared that responsibility as well. Poor Ariel. Cinderella stayed clear of all that drama, her family created enough. She was more a hipster by default because all her clothes were vintage outfits left by her mother. She enjoyed her small little group of hipster friends and she would rather hang out with them then deal with all the popular girl drama.

Cinderella usually hung out with her friends while waiting for Drizella to drive her home. She didn't mind staying at school late because once she got home she was just going to have to clean everything.

"Hi Belle, hi Snow," Ella sat next to her friends on the grassy hill overlooking the field.

"Hi Cinderella." Snow waved cheerfully, munching on an apple.

"Where's Jane?" Ella asked.

"Probably off with her new dirty boyfriend." Belle sighed not looking up from her copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

"You mean handsome." Snow White corrected "I mean have you seen Tarzan?"

"He's quite the hunk." Cinderella laughed.

"I will admit he's a hunk but I doubt he showers regularly." Belle snarked as she lay reading in the grass.

"Ahh, I'm wishing for a boyfriend." Snow sighed.

"There's more to life than boys, Snow." Cinderella chuckled in disbelief "And it's not nice that Jane keeps ditching us for her boyfriend, no matter how ruggedly sexy he is. I mean, ovaries before brovaries. Am I right?

Snow laughed and kept laughing.

"Ok Snow, it wasn't that funny." Cinderella said as she fixed the strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail.

"It's just." Snow managed to get her composure. She had a habit of entering uncontrollable laughing fits. "You say the funniest, sassiest things and no one but Belle and I know because you are always so sweet and polite to everyone else. If people knew what you were really like you might be in competition with Meg of school sass-master.

"Well, I'd rather keep it that way." Cinderella smiled shyly. "I like floating under the radar."

"Amen to that." Belle snapped her fingers. "Everyone in this school is so preppy and dumb. I don't want them to notice me."

"Why wouldn't you want people to notice you? That's all I dream about. High school is the time to shine." Snow got up and twirled to illustrate her point. Her yellow skirt twirled with her and her blue blouse contrasted with the extreme whiteness of her skin.

"I would rather not peak in high school. I want so much more than this provincial life." Belle sighed, while still not taking her brown eyes of her book.

Cinderella smiled with both her lips and her blue eyes. Her friends were so different, but she loved both of them dearly. Sometimes she couldn't decide which she was more like, sweetheart Snow White or snarky Belle.

"How do you plan on getting noticed, Snow?" Cinderella asked.

"I was thinking of trying out for the fall musical this year." Snow's brown eyes burst with excitement.

"What are they doing for the musical this year?" Cinderella asked.

"Yeah, hopefully it's better than West Side Story. If the universe creates one more Romeo and Juliet adaptation I will barf my entrails out." Belle whined.

"Ewe, Belle." Snow didn't like gross humor. "The show this year is going to be Les Miserables!"

"Looks like you get to keep your entrails for now, Belle." Cinderella laughed.

"Really! I love LesMiz. I've read that book in English and French!" Belle looked up from her book for the first time and pulled her brown hair out of her face.

"We should all totally audition!" Snow exclaimed, jumping in the air.

"I think I actually agree with you." Belle jumped up.

"Wait, you guys are serious?" Cinderella asked incredulously

"Yeah, why not?" Snow asked.

"I'd rather lay low, I can't imagine so many people looking at me." She looked down at the grass.

"Come on Cindy," Belle pleaded "No one will notice us, we'll just be chorus people. People only pay attention to the leads."

"I don't know." She looked up at her friends, sincerely scared.

"Don't be scared. We'll do it with you. And after you audition you'll be ashamed at how scared you were. That's how I always feel." Snow gave her the sweetest smile in her repertoire.

"Besides, if you don't audition, I won't, and then poor Snow will be stuck in a play with all the mainstream girls." Belle smirked.

"No, don't leave me alone, Belle" Snow cried, "Don't leave me stuck in a play with all the mean girls. I'm too trusting. They'll eat me alive."

"It's up to you Ella." Belle smiled. "Shall you leave Snow to be terrorized by the likes of Vanessa and Jasmine, or will you come to her rescue and take one for team?"

"Please pick the second option." Snow pleaded.

"Alright, I'll do it. But just for you guys."

"Awe, you're such a good friend." Snow gave her a big hug. "Let's go sign up." She giggled.

The three girls walked over to the school building. Ella in her vintage blue dress and Belle in a blue skirt from Salvation Army and a white blouse.

"Look there is the sign up!" Snow ran over to the sign up poster right inside the entrance of the school and began signing her name on the sheet.

"Omygosh, I can't wait, I love LesMiz so much…" Belle proceeded to go on a fan-girl fest about LesMiz that Cinderella only half-way understood.

Cinderella just finished signing her name when she heard someone walking down the hall. "O goodness, someone is coming."

It was Charles "Charming Prince". His dad was the mayor and he played the lead in every musical since he was a freshman. He was the ultimate theater guy. His black hair was perfectly coiffed. He wore red skinny jeans with a cream button up. His smile was white and his eyes dreamy. Every girl at school crushed on him at least once.

"I think I'm going to go outside and read. There's a little too much ego in this hallway." Belle skipped outside.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Snow ran over to the Ladies Room.

Cinderella found herself alone in the hallway with the school heart throb. She felt her heart pounding as he approached her. She felt like it was love at first sight. Then he spoke.

"Can I sign-up." He asked, his voice gave off an "I am so over all of this" vibe.

"Oh sure, just let me finish." She smiled.

He rolled his eyes and sighed, tapping his foot.

"What a little snob." She thought to herself. "He can't wait a moment."

"Are you excited for LesMiz?" She asked trying to be friendly.

"Not really, I've kind of been there, done that. You know what I mean."

"Actually I don't. Why is an 18 year old tired of life already when he's popular, handsome, and rich?" She thought to herself, but she didn't say it, she just smiled and nodded.

"Omygod how long does it take you to write down your name, grade and address?" He whined.

"As long as I want too, brat. I'm sorry if those tight pants are busting your balls but that's no reason to take it out on me." She wished she said it. But she instead she said. "Oh, sorry, I'm almost done. Here." She handed him the pen. "Good luck, Charles."

He just chuckled. "Yeah, thanks, um…, I don't believe I caught your name." He turned around and saw her skip out the door in a hurry.

Ella stormed down the school steps, "Ugh, what an unbelievable, badly behaved-" She stopped when she saw that Belle was not alone.

"Come on Belle, why don't you come over to my place tonight, look at all my trophies?" It was Gaston, the huge piece of meat that led the football team.

"Um, no thank you, Gaston, I have to get back home."

"What is this?" He grabbed Belle's book. "How can you read this? There are no pictures?"

"Some people like to use their imaginations." Belle chuckled at him.

Cinderella envied Belle's courage.

"I know how to use my imagination," Gaston leered at her.

"I bet you use it all the time. To imagine that you have friends, or that people like you or that 'it' is big." She laughed at him.

His face went red. You could here is football friends laughing at him down the sidewalk. "I wouldn't say things like that Belle. You could really get on my bad side."

"Oh, this is your good side?' Belle laughed as she grabbed her book back.

Judging from Gaston's look, Cinderella didn't feel like they should loiter around.

"Oh, look at the time, Belle and I are late for meeting Jane at the coffee shop. Bye" She grabbed Belle's hand and ran inside the school.

Snow was just emerging from the bathroom. "Is he gone?"

"Come along Snow. Belle just pissed off the king of the jocks and we need to wait in the library until cheer practice is over."

"Why the library?" Snow asked.

"Because Gaston probably doesn't know where it is?" Belle chuckled.

"My thoughts exactly," Cinderella smiled as she ran down the whole with her two best friends. "This is going to be an interesting year." She thought.