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Behind-the-scenes Hero

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“Kacchan! Wait up!” A small green haired child yelled, running to meet the explosive blonde. Kacchan, otherwise known as Katuski - which was his actual name - turned to watch the greenette run up to meet him, a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

“Deku? Why’d you take so damn long?”

The greenette shrugged, frowning a little, “I don’t know, and Kacchan that’s a bad word, Mommy said you shouldn’t say those.”

Kacchan rolled his eyes, “Auntie Inko isn’t my mom, she your’s, so her rules don’t apply to me.”

The 4-year-old’s walked home, Deku pointing at the clouds and Kacchan making sure that Deku didn’t somehow trip and smack his face on the pavement like last week. Auntie Inko and Kacchan’s mother hadn’t been too excited about Deku’s bloody nose, and Katsuki had been scolded for not watching out for him.


At the park, they met their mother’s who both stood from the oak bench that was nestled under some cherry blossoms trees. Both opened their arms running to their respective child.



They called out simultaneously, making Deku giggle and Kacchan roll his eyes.

Consent or not, both kids were swept up in a hug. The pairs stood side by side, either being held or holding someone.

From far away, it might’ve looked like the women had been holding carbon copies of themselves. Each child was practically a look-a-like of their mom, except smaller and a different gender.

Izuku and his mother wore a small stature, allowing them top prize for the best huggers. Their eyes and heads were adorned with a beautiful green, that made your heart skip beat at the sheer severity of it. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. This is especially true for the two greenettes, who poured their every emotion into those swirling green orbs.

The Bakugous, however, had blond spiky hair - which Deku liked to play with every so often. Crimson eyes made their stares and glares even more unbearable. And, likewise to the Midoriyas, their emotions were… easily readable. Their anger only rivaled their competitive fire, which to be honest, wasn’t exactly the best pairing.

Kacchan’s quirk was explosive; and so was Kacchan.

“Alright, Izu we’re gonna have to be going to that doctors appointment now,” Inko reminded, interrupting their moment. Katsuki scowled, but then Izuku leaned over and poked one of his fair-skinned cheeks.

“Don’t worry Kacchan, we can keep playing when I get back,” Izuku reassured him.
Katsuki only pouted more and Izuku reached over and stretched Katsuki’s face into a forced smile, earning a chuckle from both mothers.

“Come on Kacchan, smile! I like it when you smile.” Izuku insisted, reaching up to pat the choppy tips of blonde hair. His hand was suddenly smacked away.

“Tsh, I don’t care. Just come back soon so we can play again, nerd.” Katsuki huffed, badly hiding the blush that dusted his small face.

Inko and Izuku bidded goodbye to the Bakugous and soon left the park, Inko hoping that, by some miracle, they wouldn’t be too late.

Inko swiftly set Izuku down and they continued walking down the pale sidewalk. Izuku pointed out the colors of the houses, mentioning how they could color coat the houses by some degree to help medical teams to see who has a known medical predicament and could need help. Inko smiled softly, silently squealing at her baby’s bright ideas.
He was such a smart boy, she praised. He’d make such a great hero.

Granted, she was still worried. An unknown sixth sort of sense had wrapped around her this morning, warning her something was bound to happen. But she simply chalked it up to the fact that her baby still hadn’t manifested any quirk. Katsuki - who was almost like a second son - had already shown his quirk: Explosions.

She laughed slightly. It was ironic really; an explosive quirk for an explosive boy.

Izuku tugged on her sleeve, she looked down to see a panicked face. Quickly scooping him up she whispered into his soft hair, “What’s wrong Izu?”

He shook his head and then very quickly jerked his head to the left behind them. “There’s this creepy man that has been following us for a while. S-sorry I didn’t say anything earlier.”

The blood drained from her face and she bit her lip, pulling a brave face for her child.

“It’s perfectly fine Izu. Thank you for telling me baby.”

Fuck. She didn’t know what to do! What could she do?

She quickly began weaving through the crowd, which she couldn’t remember being there a couple of minutes ago.

A few minutes ago it was just her and Izuku and Inko’s thoughts.

But now she was hyper aware of every little thing near them. Who was this man away? Why was he following them? Or was there even a man?

She shook her green head, holding Izuku closer to her. Her baby wouldn’t lie or make anything up, and he certainly wasn’t paranoid. Her stomach churned. There was actually someone following them.

Without thinking, she turned the corner and nearly ran into someone.
“Ah! I-I’m so sorry, I’m just a bit frazzled I guess!” She immediately apologized, taking in the man’s - more like teen’s - blue hair and flaky pale skin. He was scratching his at neck fruitlessly, obviously not finding any comfort in the friction of nails on skin. She scrunched her nose up. A side effect of his quirk maybe?

Blood red eyes glinted dangerously, in almost childlike glee which made Inko unconsciously tighten her grip on whimpering Izuku.

“Perfectly fine madam,” He said in an unusually raspy voice, “Do you need help? You seem on edge.”

She shook her head, analyzing the boy’s tone. It didn’t sound like an offer for help, more of an offhand observation.

Deciding to find the nearest police station instead she reassured him, “No, no. We’re perfectly fine, I’m just a bit late for a doctor's appointment you see.”

Not quite the truth, but not a blatant lie either.

She turned to leave. Maybe it was a bit rude but this kid was giving her a weird vibe, and she didn’t like it.


A hand was on her shoulder, but weirdly enough it felt like there was only four fingers resting there.

“Sir, if you don’t mind taking your hand off my shoulder—”

Suddenly Izuku was ripped her as all finger landed on her cardigan... and she screamed.

“Give him back!”
Something metal whacked her in the back of her head, her screaming cut short and she slumped to the ground. Sickeningly, she watched as the blue haired teen lugged her baby, him screaming himself, tears streaming down his face, into a swirling black hole in the brick. She sobbed once, soon losing consciousness.