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A wonderful Miracle

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Sam stares down at the pregnancy test in his hands. It showed he was pregnant. Sam was so excited, he had always wanted children but then, he thought of Bucky. They never talked about having children together, they have only been together for a year after Steve decided to go back in time to be with Peggy. All of Sam's joy turned into fear, "what if Bucky doesn't want this baby", Sam thought. He stopped thinking when he heard the front door open.

"Baby I'm home!" He heard Bucky call out

Sam quickly put the pregnancy test in the trash and went to go greet Bucky.

"Hey sweetheart"
Sam smiled and gave Bucky a quick kissed on the lips. Bucky smiled his beautiful smile, his stormy blue grey eyes twinkeld with love and adoration.
"What have you been doing today babe"
Sam wanted to tell Bucky that he was pregnant but decided against it.
"Nothing much I did see Steve today."
Every since Steve came as an old man he has been living in a cabin in the woods away from the public's eye. Both Sam and Bucky will visit him from time to time.

"How's the punk doing"Bucky asked as he moved in their shared bedroom to change his clothes. Bucky came back from a mission with Sharon.
"He is doing fine for an old man can't say the same for you."
Bucky laughed and Sam thought it was the most beautiful thing he has ever heard
" you got jokes huh"
"I always have jokes"
Bucky left the room to go make dinner while Sam got his phone to call Sharon about his situation.