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Reloading is the worst thing about owning a Jakobs pistol. A psycho was rushing towards you, screaming manically whilst thrashing his axe around in front of him. You waited calmly, quickly depositing bullets into the barrel of your gun, until you heard another enemy screech; "I'm gonna make hammocks from your eyelids!" You grumbled as another psycho came into view, with 3 psycho midgets following close behind, their high pitched voices making you grit your teeth together in annoyance. With your gun held tightly in one hand, you hoisted yourself onto the closest ledge you could reach, using almost all of your strength to lift your body weight high enough to roll yourself onto the roof of a low rise building. You pushed yourself to stand up, quickly aiming your pistol and pointing down at the ground where the psychos now stood jumping and grabbing at the side of the building which you had heaved yourself on top of.

You only had six shots to kill all five of them. Your range was close, but one wrong hit and your enemy could still be alive. The midgets were going to be the easiest, as one bullet could easily kill each of them especially when shot in the head. With three quick shots, the midgets were down. Using your weapons zoom, you aimed at one of the psychos and pulled the trigger. Your target held up his axe to deflect the bullet. You jumped back, missing the fast projectile by a fraction of an inch, immediately getting pissed off and re-aiming, successfully murdering the asshole you had missed previously. Your close-to-death moment dampened your mood, so sticking your gun back into your belt loop and pulling out a dagger from it's sheath, you sighed deeply before jumping off the building onto the psycho's shoulders. With two hands on your dagger, you struck down, plunging it deep into his head. After a few small coughs of blood, the psycho took his last breath.

You surveyed the area after pulling the dagger out of your victim's head, being able to see almost all of the bandit camp you had just invaded. All that was left in this area were bodies decorated with blood and bullet holes, littering the ground. It wasn't necessarily a large camp, but the leader of the camp had a horrid temper and was rumoured to have been breeding the same four skags non stop, only to kill all of the offspring to make skag skin clothing. The skags had already fled after you shot the lock of their cages, they didn't stick around long for the fear of being recaptured. You hoped they would be safer without these pigs alive. You started to make your way out of the camp, when your echo started beeping.

' Hey, killer!

Nice work you did at the Doomcrusher's camp! Tina mentioned you did it to save those poor skags. Good on you.

Listen, we need your help getting into a Hyperion base. Travel to Sanctuary and I'll give you more details.

See you soon. '

Lilith's voice filled your ears, making you listen intently. The Crimson Raiders always paid well, and they dubbed you a vault hunter when you helped open the Vault of the Destroyer a few years back. You had helped Lilith charge the vault key, surprising them completely as they never knew you were a siren. You rarely used your powers and constantly had your tattoos covered by your baggy faux leather jacket. When people know you're a siren, they either want to use you, kill you or kidnap and sell you. You were tired of that. The only people who knew were Lilith and some of her friends who lived in Sanctuary - you had pretty much murdered everyone else.

You decided to make the trek to Sanctuary, knowing it would only take you around two hours to get there, to find out the rest of the details of this job proposition. You took off swiftly, running out of the camp towards your vehicle. After the first vault opening, you had stayed at Sanctuary for a little while to get back on your feet and got friendly with Scooter. He offered you a car to help you travel, letting you use any catch-a-ride terminal to digistruct it. He let you design it, letting you put your trademark on it. The car was black with flames on the sides. Generic, yes, but you loved it. You could kill, but you certainly couldn't design something - and you had tried! Yet you loved it because it was unique to you. 

And so you travelled to Sanctuary, parking up outside and taking in a deep breath. You felt a little pang in your chest, which made you feel queasy and unsure. There was something wrong about this mission they were about to embark on, and it made you want to vomit. 

"Hey killer!"

You looked up to the top of the steps in front of you, that led to the entrance of Sanctuary, and waved. Lilith waved back, a small smile on her face to show was happy to see you. Lilith was a tough cookie. She was the Firehawk. A strong siren with the ability to teleport ('phasewalking' as she called it) and wings that look like fire. She lead the Crimson Raiders with pride and was really good at it, especially with the help of her boyfriend Roland. They made a great team. 

"Hey Lilith, how's it going?" You called out, making your way up the stairs to greet her with a hug.

"Not bad, not bad. Let's go see Roland and the others, then we'll brief you on what's going to happen in three days time," She smiled, signalling for you to follow her, "I'm sure everyone is going to be really excited to see you."

You returned the smile, following her into the safe haven the Crimson Raiders call home. There had definitely been some improvements since you had last been here, but also a lot of it looked the exact same. You decided against telling Lilith your uneasiness about what they wanted to do, as you didn't want her to worry. You and all of her soldiers were very well trained and you knew deep down you could handle almost anything. 

"Hey! Long time no see!" Roland yelled, his voice as deep as ever as you waltzed into the the Crimson Raiders HQ, "Ready to help us out, vault hunter?"

"Of course, always happy to help," You beamed, "who else is coming?" 

"We've decided it'll just be you, Roland and I," Lilith replied, sitting down at the table in the middle of the room, "Sanctuary is under threat and it needs it's people to defend it, therefore us three should be able to deal with the Hyperion base we've found."

"Hyperion is very risky to hack into right now, Lil," You shook your head, sitting down across from her, "Handsome Jack is going crazy up there on that space station of his, how did you find it?"

"This is going to sound weird, but his daughter has been contacting us," Roland began, "and before you try to accuse us of falling for a trap, his daughter is a siren and she is being used to charge the vault key. Let's just say she isn't on good terms with her father right now."

"Teen angst, maybe?" You questioned, "If you're sure, I believe you, but it could still be a risk."

"We're sure." Roland announces, nodding at Lilith to continue the rest of the explaining.

"She is being held on Pandora, at a place called 'The Bunker' and it is large," She explained, "plus it is heavily guarded. Angel has given us a detailed description of the layout of the place, so all we need to do now is go in and save her. She is located in the central control room, which is two levels underground. We will need to clear everywhere out before we get to her, as there is only one way in or out."

"And what happens when we save her? Jack comes searching for his daughter and kills us all?" You were making sure they had explored every part of the plan in detail. 

"We have a new overhead shield on Sanctuary, plus if need be, I can be charged with enough eridium to teleport Sanctuary to another location. That'll give us enough time for me to charge up again if that still isn't safe," Lilith replied, "but hopefully it'll take Jack a while to find us again."

"You guys are crazy," You laughed, "but I'm in. Saving people is what I'm about, if Jack is using his daughter for his dirty deeds, then we will definitely get her out of there."

"Definitely." Roland agreed, nodding. 

"I'll show you to your room, follow me," Lilith gestured to the door, "and I know Scooter is dying to see you."

You smiled at the last comment, following her happily to see your beloved old friend.

You barely took more than a few steps outside of the building before you could hear Scooter's deafening whistle. He jogged into view, a big grin plastered on his face. 

"I knew when I heard that sweet ride turned up, that my girl was here! Looking as deadly as ever, baby!" He yelled, "Long time no see!"

"Scooter!" You yelled back, pulling him into a big bear hug.

"I have some sweet new car mods that you're welcome to try, come on over to the garage when you're all settled in," He said as he hugged you back, "you've also got to tell me about all the great things you've been getting up to!"

"Of course I will, I'm going to hit the hay as soon as I get to my room though, I'll be over bright and early tomorrow," You chimed, "how's that sound?"

"Great! See you then!" Scooter smiled, waving as you continued to follow Lilith.

Scooter was too pure for this world. You waved back until he was out of sight, making your way into a small building only a few meters away. Lilith pulled a key from her pocket, opening the door for you. You bit your lip. Of course it was your old room, why did you think it would be somewhere different? Everything you left behind was still in it's place, everything untouched as if they had been waiting for your return. The neon pink sign reading 'LOVE' you received as a gift from Moxxi still hung above your bed, the light illuminating the small room in a light pink glow. A few tools still sat on your workbench in one corner, various cheesy motivational posters plastered on the wall above it in an attempt to keep you going when you got bored or lazy, whilst your bed still looked as comfortable and inviting as it always had been on long days like these. The best sleep you had was after you had all fought the Destroyer, your bed offering you a long few nights of relaxation and rest after the massive fight. 

"We always hoped you'd come back sooner," Lilith's voice cut through the silence, "talking via echo isn't the same as fighting beside one another, or seeing each other almost every day. It's good to have you back, even if it's only for a little while."

"It is nice to be back," You sighed, "I appreciate that you kept my room the way it was. I really do, it'll make it easier for me to rest."

"Yeah." Lilith shrugged, "Well... I'll leave you to it, killer. See you later."

You gave her a small wave of goodbye as she closed the door behind her as she left. You took another glance around the room, immediately feeling calm and suddenly very tired. You pried off all of your gear; your sheaths, holsters, shield and jacket. Opting to stay clothed, since you knew you had a spare change of clothes under the bed in an old Dahl crate you stole from Marcus, you got into bed. You pulled the blanket up to your chin, cocooning yourself, drifting easily into a deep sleep.