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The moment Namjoon walks into the apartment with him, Seokjin knows.  


It's not like the boy hiding shyly behind his husband has a detectable scent. In fact, he smells of absolutely nothing, a rarity for a wolf so old. But it's something about him, about the way he looks like a skittish rabbit, prey instead of predator, that tells Seokjin everything he needs to know about him.


He's a runner Seokjin muses silently as he heads to the linen closet to fetch some towels. Returning to the living room, he stays quiet as he hands the towels to the shaking boy and then throws one set at Namjoon, glaring at him when the boy's head is covered by the towel.


Namjoon shrinks even further into the couch.


See, Seokjin isn't mad that Namjoon brought someone home. It's happened before. They had Yugyeom for a few weeks and then Lina for a month or so until the two wolves got back onto their feet. So Seokjin is no stranger to Namjoon picking up random strangers and then bringing them home to care for. But this...this time it's different.


Because while the boy has no discernable scent of his own, Namjoon's scent hangs over him like a raincloud, making it very hard indeed for Seokjin to not growl at this stranger that his mate had clearly rubbed himself all over. 


Instead he settles for prying the towel gently out of the boy's hands and settling on his knees before him to pull his hands away from his face too.


"Sweetie? Hey, I'm Kim Seokjin. I'm one of Namjoon's mates. Can you tell me your name?"Seokjin asks slowly as though he were talking to a child instead of a grown man.


Said grown man frowns and scrunches up his face and Seokjin has an irrepressible urge to coo at how cute he looks.


"I'm Jeon Jungkook. I'm twenty two years old and I don't know what the fuck your mate did to me, whatever that means, but I just want to go home."

The boy-no, Jungkook- snaps with venom, making Seokjin flinch at how defensive his voice sounds.

He moves back a little to get off his knees and sit on the couch near him, noting wryly, the way Namjoon had almost disappeared into the couch, his eyes guilty like the time he'd broken Yoongi's headphones. 


But something about Jungkook's angry accusation unsettles him and he shakes his head in confusion, "He...what did Namjoon do to you? What are you even talking about?


Jungkook rolls his eyes and scoffs softly,"Don't act like you're not in on whatever cosplay bullshit Dr.Strange here is into. First his bullshit about wolves and then you come and call him your mate? Dude, I understand kinks and shit, do your thing. But please, for fucks sake, leave me out of it."


"'re not a wolf?" Seokjin asks, bemused.


Jungkook raises an incredulous eyebrow at Seokjin and crosses his arms, "Do I look like I'm hiding a tail in my pants?" 


Seokjin's hands immediately fly out to wave his misconception away,"No, not a wolf wolf. Not a regular one, atleast. But don't you feel your wolf inside you?"


Jungkook is now looking at Seokjin as though he's completely lost his mind.

"No, no and no! Honestly you're all so fucking weird. I swear this entire day has just been a long ass acid trip. Well, day's over. So I'm just going to close my eyes and wait to wake up. Okay?Okay." Jungkook says with finality, scooting to the head of the couch to lie down like a block of wood, arms stiff by his sides.


He lies there for a few minutes before sitting back up with a groan, glaring at Namjoon this time.

"Well, alright, Dr.Who. So if this isn't a dream, then what is it? You've got some explaining to do, buddy."


But Seokjin cuts in and throws Namjoon the stink eye, "Oh, he has a lot of explaining to do. In fact, he's going to be explaining himself real well, so don't worry."


" Jesus , is that like, a metaphor for sex?" Jungkook scowls,crossing his arms and letting out another irritated sound.


The very tips of Seokjin's ears go red and he sputters out a negative.

"No…I...No. Look, you're gonna have to be more specific about what you said Joonie did to you."


Jungy rolls his eyes at the nickname but answers him anyway, "Ask Dr.Doofenshmirtz here. I wake up in a hospital  and he immediately tells me that I'm like, Superman or something. He didn't answer me and just dragged me here saying someone called Taehyung could help me. Honestly, I just wanna go home man."


When Jungkook takes Taehyung's name, Seokjin feels an odd calm settle over him as the realization slowly dawns on him. It all makes sense, the kicked puppy look, Namjoon's scent, why he'd brought Jungkook home. Turning to look at Namjoon, he points an accusing finger at him.

"You!" He yells," You turned him, didn't you?"


The fight drains out from Namjoon like a deflating balloon and he slumps forward, taking in a deep breath that only serves to annoy Seokjin further.

"Yah, Kim Namjoon! Answer me! Did you or did you not turn him?" 


Namjoon raises his hands placatingly, "Now, hyung, I didn't…"


"You didn't WHAT? Didn't think? " Seokjin snaps, hands at his waist.


"Look, I had no choice, okay? I really didn't, don't be mad, hyung.." Namjoon mumbles, head bent in submission.


Seokjin is immediately overcome with a brief, a very brief wave of adoration as he takes in his mate standing like a scolded child before him. He fights the urge to kiss Namjoon silly and instead levels the man with another glare. He's about to say something else when Jungkook butts in, his scowl even more pronounced than before.


"Wait, changed? Changed ? Did y'all turn me into a fucking vampire, what the fuck? Can SOMEONE fucking explain what's going on before I leave outta that window?" Jungkook finishes, panting slightly.

His eyes are unfocused and Seokjin realises that whether Regular Jungkook is aggressive or not, the Change has probably pumped him with a hundred Monster Energys worth of adrenaline. Upsetting him in this state would be, well...fatal.


So instead, he chooses to walk slowly toward Jungkook and motion toward the couch for Jungkook to sit. When Jungkook rewards him with an agitated growl, Seokjin prepares himself for what is bound to be a Very Long Night.


He sighs, "Joon-ah can you please get the guest bedroom ready. And see if you find something of Taehyung's to fit Jungkook." 


Namjoon makes a motion to leave the room but Jungkook stops him,"Wait, no, wait. Y'all seriously think I'm going to stay? Fuck no, duderos. Thanks for the superstrength or whatever but the moment you undo whatever he did, I'll be on my way. So thanks but no thanks."


Namjoon looks at Seokjin questioningly who only waves him off. Maybe Jungkook would want to stay after he had a better understanding of the Change.


So he instead fixes Jungkook with The Smile that has Namjoon and Hoseok submitting quietly to him, a kick of satisfaction coursing through him when Jungkook slumps back down into the couch.


"So, Jungkook. Look, I don't have a lot of information about what happened to you because I was born a wolf. Namjoon was right when he said that Taehyung can help you better but he's returning to Seoul only day after tomorrow. But I'll tell you what I can, okay?"


Jungkook nods slowly.


"We're not vampires. Or werewolves. Or to be more specific, we're not all shapeshifters. We are half wolf, half human but we never shift into our wolf form. doesn't happen. It isn't supposed to. Our ancestors originally were nomads who hunted and lived in packs. Archaic, I know, but as evolution progressed, we slowly gave up on our wilder instincts and instead learnt to integrate with civilization. Most wolves actually live in cities and towns. Very few still prefer to live in forests."


"And you don't hunt humans?" Jungkook asks, his face still etched with suspicion.


Seokjin feels a laugh bubble in his stomach but instead chooses to fix the boy with a deadpan look, "That's illegal, Jungkook."


Jungkook's ears turn adorably red and he huffs irritatedly, "Just because it's illegal doesn't mean people don't do it. Anyway, continue."


Seokjin does smile this time, but he moves on, "Most of us are born into this life. Our parents were half wolf, we were raised into who we are. Some catch rare genes and know of their heritage only once they present. And then there's the... minority of the lot that are turned. See, sometimes, a wolf can inject some of his venom into a person to save their life. It doesn't always result in a change, sometimes the person just walks away with a freakishly good memory or hypervision. But sometimes...and in your case too, it turns them into wolves. It's quite painful, but I'm assuming you were too deeply sedated to feel much of it."


Jungkook holds up his hands, "Hold on, so you're saying I was injected when I was unconscious, clearly without my permission, and then not told about it?"


Seokjin clears his throat and looks at Jungkook apologetically, "Ah that...that is Namjoon's fault, I agree. But he's not a bad guy. And he wouldn't have done it if your life wasn't absolutely in danger. He's just too awkward to have this conversation directly so he deflected it to me. It makes sense anyway since I'm Pack Alpha, so…"


"Wait Pack…" 


Seokjin watched curiously as horror begins to creep into Jungkook's featured slowly. When Jungkook looks back up, it's with an expression of comical panic.


" this like one of those...those Ao3 stories? Like with alphas and omegas and heats and all that?" Jungkook whispers.


Seokjin laughs at how flustered the boy has become, "It's not all that intense or all that sexual, Jungkook. Yes we do have alphas and omegas and betas and yes our omegas do go into heat, but it's once a year. And they may choose to not go into heat at all, or not have sex if they're not looking to have pups yet. So it's all good, really. We are more human than animal, Jungkook."


Jungkook doesn't look convinced but he stays quiet.


"So that's the crash course, really. I told you, I'm not the person to talk to. Wait for Taehyungie to come back and I'm sure he'll help you."

Seokjin concludes with a smile.


The moment he's done, Jungkook springs up from the couch, " Okay then, I'll come back when Taehyung does. Thanks." 


He turns to make for the door when Seokjin leans forward and grabs his arm, halting the boy.

" see Jungkook, here's how it is. Because Namjoon turned you, you're now his responsibility."


Jungkook shrugs off his arm and glares back, "Tell him not to worry, then."


"It's not that simple. You're now...well, it's an outdated word,'re part of our pack now. Our family. And at least till you present you can't break away from us. And I know it's inconvenient, but you have to stay. For Namjoon and for yourself."


"Present what? A PowerPoint?"


"No. As in, till we know if you're an alpha, beta or an omega, you can't leave the pack and go solo or join another. Besides, it'll be easier to get in touch with Taehyung too." Seokjin says. 

Jungkook could leave now, if he wished. But it would cause both him and Namjoon a whole lot of pain and by extension, the entire pack a load of heartburn. Besides, Seokjin's alpha had already recognised Jungkook as one of their own.

And he'd be damned if he allowed a member of their pack to wander the streets in the middle of the night, that too right after being released from the hospital.


So when Jungkook turns around with a defeated sigh and walks back into the living room, Seokjin's heart does a satisfied air pump.


The boy flops back down onto the couch and throws his head back. When he finally looks back at Seokjin, he asks, "So how many of y'all live here."


"Six," Seokjin answers, a stupidly fond smile immediately lighting up his face.

"There's Joonie, who you've met. Then there's Hoseok, our other alpha. Jimin and Yoongi are our omegas and Taehyung is our beta. Jiminie and Tae are out for work and Hoseok usually stays late at his studio. Yoongi too, so you may meet them tomorrow directly."


Jungkook cocks an eyebrow curiously, "And you're all together together?" 


Seokjin immediately feels himself clamp up, so used to people judging their relationship that he doesn't answer Jungkook at first.


"Hey man, it's okay. I mean, I won't judge or anything. Just asking."


Seokjin relaxes a little at that and smiles up at Jungkook, "Yeah we're all together. They're all my mates."


Jungkook seems satisfied, "And you're all like, super rich?"


Seokjin lets out a startled laugh at that, "I mean... we're... we're well off."


Jungkook nods, "Sounds like something a rich dude would say."


Seokjin is about to respond when Namjoon renters the room, armed with towels, a toothbrush and a change of clothes. He hands over the towels and toothbrush to Jungkook but hesitates before giving Jungkook the clothes.


He turns to Seokjin and asks, "Tae is into something new so I could only find satiny shit in his closet. And I didn't want to give him your clothes because he's more likely to throw a fuss if he presents while covered in your scent. So, I got him my shirt…?"


Seokjin nods, "As long as he's okay. Hey, Jungkook! You're okay wearing Joon's stuff right?"


And then Jungkook does something that Seokjin didn't quite believe he'd ever see him do. Jungkook turns a startling shade of red, his ears turning pink to their very tips and he stutters slightly when he answers.


"W-Whatever. I'll take Dr.Pepper's clothes. It's anyway just for the night. I'll get my own stuff from my apartment tomorrow." Jungkook mutters.


And then it all clicks, the way Jungkook couldn't meet Namjoon's eyes, the way he refused to say his name, the way he blushed so intensely when he was offered Namjoon's stuff. He looks over at Namjoon who's also smirking slightly with a look that asks, are you thinking what I'm thinking?


"Jungkook?" Seokjin asks, his voice teasing, "Do you perhaps find Joonie attractive?"


Jungkook freezes and mutters something that sounds like I have eyes? but chooses instead to say, "He's okay I guess."


"Oh I'm sure he finds me plenty attractive, Jinnie. When he'd just woken up from surgery, he was still a little woozy from the painkillers. I was waiting by his side and the first thing he said to me was 'Wow, thighs'. So…" Namjoon trails off, his voice laced with amusement.


Jungkook lets out a small squeak of indignation before stomping off, followed only by Seokjin's voice  calling to him to tell him that his room was at the end of the opposite corridor.


Maybe this won't be so bad, after all.