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It could have been a perfect night. The crescent mon shone down on the small town near the coast and reflected in the water of the sea that was unusually still and calm. It sent a silver light through the crowns of the trees and made the forest seem magical, like a fairtytale. Even the streets and the houses added up perfectly to the atmosphere. The only thing that disturbed the unreal fairy-tale night, was the noise of feet on the ground, breaking branches and stepping on leafs, while someone ran for their life.

Actually, it wasn't only one person who ran. Four teenagers sprinted through the forest, not daring to stop for a second or look back to see who was following them. The only road they knew was the one straight forward and in the direction that led them away from the ones who were coming to kill them.

None of them seemed to care about the fact that they should be walking on an actual path. All of them were focused on getting away without being hurt, hunted down and then killed in a brutal way. None of them was shedding a tear. They didn't have the time to let drops of water, that ran down their faces, distract them from what was actually important in that exact situation. And the thing that was important, was, that they had to run as fast as their legs could carry them.

The fastest one of them were a girl and a boy with similiar black hair and the same thin and lanky body. The boy's eyes were flashing blue in a way that no one's eyes usually do while the eyes of the girl were shining red. Both of their fingers looked like claws, their teeth were weirdly sharp and long. Along the cheeks of the boy grew black hair that was quite similiar to fur while the girl's skin was free from facial hair but so white that she looked like a corpse.

The other two, a blonde girl and a brunet boy, were following them the best they could. While the boy was actually kind of close to the black-haired ones, the silver haired girl struggled with being nearly as fast as the three. While all three of them had supernatural strength, her body could only be as good as the one of a human.

The brunet boy's eyes were golden for a few seconds as he held back the need to pause and take a deep breathe to relax. The thing was, that only one second or one deep breathe could be the death of him. So he ran. He ran even though he was too exhausted and tired to. He ran even though he knew that they couldn't go on like this forever, not even with the strength they had been given.

   "I can't -", the blonde started. Her attempt to speak ended in gasping for air and panting heavily. Her condition had never been bad but it certainly wasn't enough for all of the miles they had left behind and the ones that would follow, until they could rest again.

"Run, Quinn. Run." The boy at the front hissed the words, trying not to say too much and let himself become slower. There was no way in heaven and no way in hell that he'd survive becoming slower. All of them knew that and that was why they were still running, their hearts beating fast while the tears were on the edge of running over their cheek and then falling on the ground to only be heard by them.

  "Maybe they're gone, Elliot," the brunet claimed, "Maybe we can stop."

He swallowed hard even though they're was nothing he could swallow. His mouth was as dry as the desert. He was sure that he couldn't keep running forever. The only thing that kept him going, was the thought of what waited for him if he didn't run anymore. And also the thought of what could happen to the girl in front of him if he stopped. And even if he would risk his life, he could and would never risk her life. 

   "Only a little longer, Zack," the black-haired girl answered, "We'll be fine. Just a little longer."

It was obvious that she didn't believe in what she said. It wasn't like she was lying, she just wasn't quite certain about the truth that lay in the spoken words. She wondered if her heart rate had changed. If it had sped up when she had said the words that had just gotten past her lips. She wondered if saying something that she didn't quite believe had the same effect as saying something that was clearly lied.

  "I don't know if I can do that, Lilith." The blonde girl was becoming slower and slower with every second and pain was reflecting in her grey eyes. She was gasping for air, needing cold air to float her lungs and let her breathe properly.

Lilith swallowed. Her heart was aching. She didn't want her friends to suffer and collapse when they would finally find a place to stay. But the only thing that she wanted even less, was to lose one of them. She didn't want them to die.

   Die. Die. Die.

The word echoed through her brain and her mind. Lilith knew what that meant. She knew exactly what was going to happen. Lilith really didn't want it to happen. There were a hundred reasons for her to not want it and a hundred reasons to try to hold it in. And she gave her best to do so.

Lilith did her best to ignore the on-going echo in her mind and run further. She tried to push down the supernatural in her. Every single part of her was tensed and focused on pushing the beast away. It felt like she was bursting from the inside. Like someone was filling air inside of her until she'd blow up. 

Lilith gasped for air, seeking for oxygen and something that would make the pain go away. She swallowed and ignored the tears that were streaming down her face by now. Her heart was hurting, physically and not emotionally this time. It was swelling and waiting to burst. Her heart was very close to shattering to pieces. That was at least how Lilith felt.

And then it happened. She couldn't hold it back any longer. Like a ball that had been pushed under water, it jumped up to Lilith's brain and came over her. Energy was floating through her veins as her eyes flashed completely black, like those of a demon. She fell to her knees, feeling how the coldness of death conquered her and signalized her what was going to happen soon.

That was when she let out a long, painful howl. A wailing echoed in the seeming endlessness of the woods.

  "Hell," Quinn exclaimed as she watched what happened. Her eyes were drawn to Lilith. Lilith who had just predicted something that would be important, lasting and as painful as a blade in her heart.

And in that moment everything fell apart. Lilith's howl ended in the exact same second, Zack fell to the ground. His body hit the branches and leafs that had fallen down and the shot echoed in the woods. It echoed in all of their minds and all of their hearts.

Lilith screamed as she watched Zack fall. She screamed as she saw his last breathe fading away in the coldness. She screamed as she watched the blood color his shirt in dark red.

Zack had died by the bullet of a hunter. He had become the prey while everyone was thinking that he had been the killer. But the real killers were those who didn't miss the chance to kill an innocent teenager who had the bad luck to be turned into a werewolf. A monster like they claimed him to be.

But how could Zack be a monster? Lilith asked herself, How could he be a monster if he never did anything wrong? How could anyone think that?

   Elliot opened his mouth. He wanted to say something. He wanted to suggest that they should run, he wanted to look for other hunters, he wanted to kill them like they had killed his friend. Whatever he would have said, went under in a loud roar and a scream that followed.

Quinn and the boy watched the body of the hunter hit the ground. They saw him become unconscious. Another hunter flew against a tree and fell down on his face. A huntress landed right in front of them and then, someone came in the direction of them.

Whoever it was, was running. He looked scared, almost terrified.

Elliot growled before he jumped and tackled the hunter. He pushed the killer down to the ground, his claws digging into the flesh of the hunter's shoulders. Elliot showed his teeth. He watched as the hunter's eyes widened in fear. Elliot didn't feel satisfied yet. He wanted to slash the guy's throat and then watch him bleed out until the autumn leafs weren't orange but red. He wanted to see him hurt as badly as they had hurt his pack, his friend.

"Elliot," Quinn whispered, "Do it."

Elliot looked up for a second. He glanced at his friends. Lilith was sobbing violently, pulling her boyfriend's body close to her and burrying her nose in his neck. Quinn's eyes were sparkling angrily and Elliot saw the tear that ran down her cheek. Seeing his friends like that, either dead or hurt, made him wrathful enough to kill that hunter that lay in front of him.

   "You're going to kill him?"

Elliot's head jerked up as he noticed the unknown voice. He guessed that it came from a male person around his age. From the tone that he had heard in the statement, Elliot reasoned that the stranger didn't want him to kill that hunter.

"He is a hunter," Elliot gave back, "He could be the one who killed my friend. He's one of those who killed my pack. I don't know why I shouldn't kill him."

"And we have killed people before," Quinn added, danger and the hint of a threat sounding in her voice.

"Is that so?" That was another voice. Someone else but probably also around their age.

"We don't owe you an answer." Quinn narrowed her eyes. "You're hiding in the shadows and we don't know either of your names."

Elliot watched as two people appeared from the shadows. One of them was a tall boy with light curls and a smug grin on his face. The other was shorter and had dark hair that hung in his face. Both of their eyes flashed golden.

"I'm Erin Fontaine," the short one said, "And that's Isaac Lahey. We're here to help you."