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Settled by Winding the Net

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The lights flashed and the bass pounded as they made their way to a side booth in Jabba.  Part of Shouta was wincing and flinching at the sudden noises and constant movement, twitchy as he came down from a long job, but more of him was already tingling with excitement.  He was going to get fucked out of his mind. He couldn’t wait.

“Mmmm, you’ve got hidden depths Shira-kun,” Nemuri purred, “I don’t know how you convinced Aizawa to come here for his celebration, but I certainly thank you.”

No one had actually invited her.  Or Hizashi. They overheard Shirakumo making plans and decided to come along.  

They’d all decided that he needed to celebrate his latest job. 

The job had been the culmination of months of undercover work.  But finally,the majority of the gang was in police custody and Shouta had tracked down enough of their ties to drugs and weapons that the police could follow up easily. He knew there were a couple of gang members that had slipped through and there was at least one corrupt politician that he hadn’t figured out. 

At least they went along with what he and Shirakumo had already planned.  Playing with Nemuri’s kitten and watching bad tv wasn’t what he needed tonight.

Tonight he needed to be fucked until he couldn’t think.  Until he was fully present in his own skin and his brain wasn’t going in ten different directions cataloguing fallout.

“HAHA, yeah! This is your kinda place Nemuri!  Aizawa’s going to get eaten alive!” Hizashi sounded nervous and looked uncomfortable.  Well, as much as he ever did, being the extrovert he was.

Jabba was a sex club and while it wasn’t high class, it had strict anonynimity and consent rules.  And considering that Shouta and Shirakumo weren’t the only heroes that visited the place, it wasn’t a surprise that it stayed clean.

A brief glance around the club gave Shouta a look at people of all genders, in collars or holding leashes, many not wearing much at all. Up on stage, a person with giant butterfly wings was tying someone up with loops upon intricate loops of ropes as they gasped and drooled around a gag.  

Nemuri giggled and Shirakumo outright laughed. "Only in the way he wants!  This is Aizawa’s choice, I’m just here to watch the show and get him home after.”

Both Nemuri and Hizashi froze for a moment in shock. Shouta glanced over, tearing his eyes away from a buff man in chains to see why they stopped.  They were both staring at him. What? He quirked a brow.

They each had their own way of winding down from intense jobs.  Nemuri needed to cuddle platonically most of the time, Hizashi found the biggest crowd he could and just lost himself in the noise and people, and Shirakumo watched really, really shitty action movies.  He knew that Nemuri and Hizashi thought that his was watching shitty tv and playing with Nemuri’s kitten but that wasn’t the case for the long jobs. The intense ones or ones that went poorly. Nights like these Shouta needed to refocus in the most primal way he knew how.

The bass dropped and Aizawa actually flinched into Shirakumo.  Fuck, he needed to find someone to hook up with fast.

Shirakumo dragged Aizawa into the booth after the rest of them.  Shouta's eyes lingered on a woman taking a skinny man apart with a feather and a cane.  Hizashi was squawking something unintelligible and generally awkward and embarrassing.

Their conversation turned to post-job rituals and how Nemuri had somehow never seen him here.  He scanned the crowd again for someone who looked like they wanted to play, but everyone seemed occupied or not into what he needed.

A throat cleared on his open side and his eyes darted from the crowd to- oh.  “Hey, Bou.” 

How Bou managed to sneak up on him when he was this jumpy was a mystery for the ages, but he did it every time.  He was shorter than average and absolutely gorgeous. He had a classic Japanese beauty to him that had even Hizashi staring.

“Hi, Aizawa.”  He felt his eyes slide halfway shut as Bou’s smooth tenor washed over him.  Whether it was his voice or the realisation that his search was over that made him almost swoon, he did, like a fucking damsel from an off-brand All Might commercial.  Shit he needed this bad.  

“I’ve got a regular who brought a friend today and the friend is brand new.” Bou's voice dropped to a whisper. “I think the regular is a fan of your work too. He is adorably nervous.”  Shouta let his eyes drift in the direction Bou indicated and he felt his eyes widen.  

He straightened as he took in the sight of a huge man, his inhuman features indistinct in the low lights, and a tall skinny man next to him.  The skinny one caught him looking, waved a dorky little wave, and then immediately looked like he wanted to die of embarrassment.

Shouta let himself smirk lazily.“You brought me a present?”

Bou laughed. “I thought to myself, who should I task with giving this newbie the best intro to the scene?  You were the obvious answer.”

Shouta liked the compliment, but really, Bou was only interested because some of the other regulars weren’t around. And the pair obviously weren’t into women or Bou would have asked Nemuri instead.  Shouta wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth (or under the gift wrapping on a villian, as the police said) because he needed this today.

“You joining us?” Shouta asked.  He loved playing with Bou.

Bou grinned and started walking back to their other playmates. “Of course! Gotta make sure the new guy has a quality first experience, you know?”

Shouta followed him, tossing Shirokumo a thumbs up on his way out.  Of course Bou wanted to be sure Shouta was good enough.

As he walked away, Shouta caught Nemuri’s gasp of  “Oh wow, that’s a manager! And oooooo, Frond is a regular.  He’s good. Can hold his breath forever you know?” Shirakumo laughed in response.

And as the crowd closed behind him and the giant of a man rose above him, he heard Hizashi’s high pitched cry of, “oh my word, that is Gang O-” before he dissolved in a squawk.  Which was only right because privacy rules and fuck did Nemuri not deserve to get kicked out because Hizashi couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


Shouta could feel himself winding tighter as they entered the back room.  His eyes skipped over the large four-poster western style bed, taking in its rich dressing without really letting it sink in.  He glanced at the wide, European style armchair in the corner of the room. Bou had taken them to the best of the back rooms, the one they saved for special clients or when the staff wanted to play.  (Which, okay, yeah, Bou wasn’t just a staff member, he was one of the managers. Possibly an owner, but Shouta had never been able to confirm that. And Gang Orca was really gaining popularity lately in the Pro Hero world.)

Maybe that’s why he was here?  To escape the pressures of popularity?  Shouta let his eyes run over Orca and his friend. He started wondering what he needed for the scene and what they wanted and how much rope and how much Orca could take and how big Orca’s cock was and-

Shit.  He hadn’t asked safe words or if the friend even wanted to be involved or any of the other things a good partner starts out with.  Fuck.

Focus, Shouta.

Fuck, he needed to get back in his head.

He dragged his mind back to the present and blinked rapidly, trying to focus on the conversation in front of him.  Bou was casually chatting with the two other customers. (Fuck, he didn’t deserve Bou. They’d played together enough, and after some really bad jobs, that Bou knew it sometimes took Shouta a moment.)

Shouta moved up next to them.  Bou smiled and stepped backwards to include him in the conversation. “Looks like Ai-kun has a plan.” 

Shouta gave him a halfhearted glare at the nickname.  The only reason he hadn’t gotten his capture weapon out and made sure Bou never used it again was that for one, Bou would enjoy that way too much, and two, Shouta never used it outside of a scene.  If Hizashi ever found out, though, all bets were off.

“I’m Aizawa, just call me that.  What should I call you?” Shouta wasn’t going to assume anyone’s scene name.

Now that Shouta saw him in the soft lamp light, the tall skinny man looked vaguely familiar in that way a lot of the club’s regulars looked familiar, but was otherwise pretty average.  His black hair was slightly wild but that was the only stand out to him. He would be perfect for undercover work. Or infiltration. And fuck, Shouta needed to shut his brain off.

The skinny man smiled brightly and said, “Call me Frond.” 

He nudged his friend, the newcomer. Gang Orca fidgeted for a moment before speaking, “um hi.” Words seemed to fail him and shit, were those nerves?  Bou was a good person and screened everyone he played with thoroughly so Frond was probably good people but there was always a chance that he had slipped by and that Orca wasn’t here by choice and-

“I’m Kugo Sakamata, um, call me Kugo? I don’t know how this is supposed to work?” The giant man was glancing bashfully around the room and fidgeting his hands but there was an eagerness to him hidden under the shyness.  “You’re supposed to tell me what to do right? It’s…” he trailed off and looked like he was bracing himself for disappointment. Shouta narrowed his eyes, he could provide whatever Kugo needed. “It’s fine if you want to just play with Frond and Bou.  I know I’m big and not attractive and-”

Kugo cut off when Shouta held up a hand, mind going a mile a minute.  Who the fuck had told Kugo he was too big and unattractive? Fuck society.  Shouta wanted to climb him like a tree. He bet that dick was proportional and he wanted it inside him before the night was over.

“Are you here because you want to sub or because this was a place Frond knew he could find someone who wanted you?”

Kugo blinked and then flushed a delicate pink across the top of his nose.  Interesting how the skin changed colour completely. He knotted his fingers together and looked down at them. “I want someone to tie me up. Um. sir.”

“First off, I’m not Sir, or Master, or any of that shit.  Call me Aizawa. We all know who’s in charge, we don’t need any fancy names for that.  And I’m not into it.” Kugo looked up sharply and Shouta caught his eyes and held them. “Secondly, I can and will tie you up and tell you what to do.  Is there anything you know you like? I want to know what you want out of tonight. And I need to know what you don’t want. And safewords.”

Kugo blinked again, and seemed to be sinking a little into sub space already.  Shit, Shouta needed this. Shouta could already feel himself focusing, tightening in on the here and now of Kugo and Frond and what they needed (Bou could, and would, take care of himself).

The pre-interview continued. Kugo wanted to be tied up but beyond that wasn’t sure.  He admitted that he hadn’t done anything like this before and that his general experience was limited because of his looks.  They decided on the stoplight system for safewords---red, yellow, green. Frond mostly hung back, which made Shouta narrow his eyes. What kind of ‘special friend’ (as Nemuri put it) would let their partner fumble through on their own.

Eventually, Shouta commanded Kugo to strip and went to get the rope.

When Shouta turned back around, pale pink soft rope in his hands his jaw dropped and he could feel his mouth watering.

Kugo was standing at the foot of the bed, naked.  Frond was hovering behind him, still clothed, and Bou was sitting in the chair in the corner, but Shouta couldn’t even give them a thought right now.  His entire being was focused on Kugo’s cock. It was mostly soft, but even soft it was large--not the largest thing Shouta had ever put inside himself but definitely the largest human he’s seen outside of some very niche porn.

He could not fucking wait.

Shouta got to work with the rope.  Kugo’s skin was an odd, almost rubbery texture, and he had to stop and ask multiple times to make sure that nothing was rubbing the wrong way.  Kugo just nodded or shook his head where necessary. As the rope work got more complex and actually started holding him in place, he started making soft sighs of pleasure and relaxed piece by piece into the hold.

Frond hovered the entire time. Two tiny green, fern-like antennae uncurled from his hair as he watched, shivering every time Kugo sighed.  Shouta eyed the antennae as they swayed and experimentally tightened a rope slightly, causing Kugo’s breath to hitch, and watched as Frond’s antenne uncurl slightly further and shiver.  Well that was convenient, an outward indicator of Frond’s mood. It was almost cheating.

Kugo ended up bound on his back, intricate harness covering his chest, his arms tied together hand to elbow behind his head.  Frond put a pillow between Kugo’s head and his arms at Shouta’s direction to help the positioning with his fin. He continued to mutter reassurances as Shouta tied Kugo’s bound arms to the headboard.  The soles of his feet were pressed together to leave his knees on his bed and allow access to everything.

Shouta dragged his eyes away from Kugo’s cock, which was chubbing up nicely.  Kugo had his eyes closed. When Shouta stepped back, he thrashed a little but the ropes held.  Shouta’s rope work wasn’t the best but this rope was meant to hold someone bigger and stronger than Kugo, only a few steps down from being rated for All Might's caliber

When Shouta finished testing the ropes, Kugo opened his eyes and the look of vulnerability on his face made Shouta shiver.  Fuck, he needed this. Him and Kugo both.

Shouta all but dove for Kugo’s cock, getting right in there with his face.

“What?” Kugo said.  He sounded apprehensive and slightly confused. “You don’t, there’s no need, I-”

Shouta cut him off right there.  “I know I don’t need to, I’m in charge here so anything I do is because I want it.  So unless you are saying stop, I’m getting my mouth on your fucking gorgeous cock.”

Kugo’s breath caught and he let out a little whine at that.He tried to twitch away but the ropes held.  Shouta watched as Kugo clamped his mouth shut. Fuck, yes.  

He also caught sight of Frond’s hands clenched in the sheets, antenne quivering as he watched.

Shouta licked up Kugo’s cock, and moaned at the feel of a cock under his tongue.  

“Get your mouth down here and show me what he likes.”  Shouta said to Frond, then licked another stripe up Kugo’s cock.  Kugo let out a whimper at the touch.


Shouta dragged himself away from practically making out with the head to glance up and see what was taking so long.

Frond was just staring at him.

“Well?” Shouta asked, making eye contact with Frond.

“What?” Frond jerked upright. “Why would I know what Kugo likes? I, what, um?”  He was beet red and avoiding everyone’s eyes.

“You’re his partner right? And you’re introducing him to your scene?”  Shouta watched as Frond’s eyes grew wider and Kugo flushed delicately again.  Shit.

“What?!” Frond yelped. “We aren’t! Oh wow! I mean, um.”

“We aren’t together,” Kugo rumbled, embarrassment and something else lacing his voice. “I wanted to be tied up but no one I meet normally wants that.  They all want the rough dominant beast. And then they see my cock and make excuses. Frond said this would be different.” He trailed off.

Fuck.  Shouta had messed this up bad.  But. He glanced between Frond and Kugo.  Frond’s longing looks. Kugo’s voice; it was disappointment and fucking shame there.  Well. They were Shouta’s for the night. He’d show them what they could be.

“Huh,” he said, “you looked so comfortable together I just assumed.  My bad.”

And then he let himself focus on Kugo’s cock.  There was no way in hell he could deepthroat something this size but he gave it his best shot.  He sucked and just flat out worshipped his cock, filling his senses with it, forgetting the shitty job and his friends waiting and his landlord’s increasing demands and just revelling in the moment.

Kugo tried to thrash and thrust but the ropes held, which only made Kugo tense more.

After much too short a time, Shouta’s jaw was screaming at him to stop.  He thought about ignoring it, but he wanted that cock inside him too much to really consider it.  He pulled away.

Kugo was panting, hips twitching, head thrashing from side to side.  Frond was hard now, Shouta could clearly see the outline of his dick in his pants.   His eyes were bouncing between Kugo’s dick and Shouta’s swollen lips.

“Please.” The plea dropped from Kugo’s lips in a whispered rumble, like he was afraid to ask for anything.  Shouta grinned and got off the bed.

He pulled off his clothes as he went for the lube and an “All Mighty” condom on a side table by the door.  Kugo had broken into whimpers and soft pleading. When he turned around, Frond was glaring at him.

“I’m not riding you without stretching, so you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes.  It’ll give you time to calm down a little too.” Shouta's bedside manner was shit. He got on one knee on the bed and sunk a finger inside himself as he talked. 

It had been too long since he’d been able to do more than a quick jerk in a bathroom stall.  The stretch on Kugo’s cock was going to to be fucking glorious. He felt his eyes flutter as he imagined it and sunk another finger in.  Shit, too fast. Fuck he wanted this faster.

He opened his eyes and Frond was staring at him, jaw dropped.  Kugo was nuzzling into the hand Frond had let drop onto his cheek, eyeing Shouta as he stretched himself.

Kugo opened his mouth, guilty look on his face.  Shouta cut him off with “I put toys bigger than you in my ass on a regular basis.  I’m a fucking size queen and I have been waiting since I saw you on the floor to do this.  But it’s been a while so I need to stretch. Part of me wishes I was loose from fucking myself on them so I could just slide onto you with nothing but lube but shit, the stretch from weeks without it, fuck...”

Kugo bucked as much as he could at the words and Frond actually let out a soft moan.  Apparently fingers in his ass and the prospect of a giant cock was what it took to make him chatty. (Wouldn’t Hizashi love to know.)

And that was it.  He was ready.

He straddled Kugo’s hips and wrapped his lubed-up hand around his cock.  He caught Kugo’s eyes and held them as he slowly sank down, enveloping him.  And fuck. He was huge. Shouta moaned.

Normally Shouta was reserved, especially when he was this wired. He held everything close until he was too fucking gone to care and a lot of the time he never got that far.  But Kugo had tensed up the moment the head of his dick kissed Shouta’s hole. He knew that he’d have to be open about how much he enjoyed this if he wanted Kugo to relax into it.

He let himself hesitate and lift off, only to have a groan punch out of him as he sank back down.  Shit, it felt like he was being split open. Overwhelming in the best way. He worked himself on Kugo’s cock, not letting the eye contact drop.

By the time he was sitting flush on his hips, Shouta was sweating and trembling with effort and pleasure.  He couldn’t stop himself from swiveling his hips; he didn’t want to leave the overwhelming fullness but he needed something more.

Kugo was gasping and looked overcome.

“You feel so fucking good.” Shouta was breathless with it.

Kugo lost it at that.  He bucked and writhed in the ropes, trying to fuck up into Shouta.  Shouta braced himself and rode it and felt his eyes nearly roll with pleasure.

When Kugo calmed down and Shouta was able to expand his focus from the amazing dick in his ass, he looked at Frond.  He was hovering like he didn’t quite know what he wanted or was allowed to do.

“Get behind his head, sit on the rope tying him to the headboard.” Shouta needed to lose it, but he needed to know that Kugo would be taken care of while he did it.  He caught Frond’s eyes. Frond's antenne were drooping slightly. “You’re going to be our spotter.”

Frond’s mouth dropped open. He hesitated for a moment, and then scrambled to follow.  Once he was in place, Shouta continued, “I don’t know Kugo’s limits and Kugo doesn’t know mine.  Your job is to make sure Kugo is okay through this. Talk to him, get him to talk to you. Understand?”

“Yeah, yeah I got it,” Frond had his hands on either side of Kugo’s face, staring down with devotion. He hesitated and opened his mouth to ask something but Bou cut him off.

“I will be doing the same for Aiz-kun.” Shouta felt Bou move up behind him and leaned back slightly.  Kugo moaned and Shouta felt his own eyelids flutter a little at the shift and change in angle. 

“Consent to use my quirk?” Bou asked.  Shit. Shouta forced himself to actually think about it.  Could he handle Bou’s quirk on top of Kugo’s cock? He shifted a little. He heard Frond murmur to Kugo and his brain started up again.

“Please,” he whispered.  It didn’t matter if he could handle it.  The point was that he needed his body to be so blitzed that he couldn’t think. Shouta caught Kugo’s eyes for a moment and then Frond’s and they both looked anticipatory. He leaned back a little more and caught Bou’s lips with his own, then started to move.

Immediately every nerve in his body lit up. Shouta moaned into Bou’s mouth as his quirk taking hold the moment their skin touched, hypersensitivity wracking every nerve in Shouta's body.

He lost time.  Body split open by a giant cock, the stretch and rub against parts of him that hadn’t been given attention in too long.  The burn in his thighs as he rode Kugo hard. Bou’s lips soft against his own and that quirk amplifying every feeling, nerves prickling and zinging like lightning.

He arched and changed the angle, then screamed as Kugo’s cock hit his prostate.  The sensation dulled immediately as his mouth left Bou’s. He couldn’t keep up kissing. His mouth was open and panting and he had no focus for anything but his own, overwhelming pleasure.

His brain started to pull itself together with the lack of quirk-enhanced sensation. Shouta noticed Kugo thrashing and bucking as much as he could, with Frond stroking his face and his voice a constant low thrum of speech, not meant for anyone but Kugo.

Then Bou pinched his nipples hard, both at once, and Shouta wailed, long and loud.  The hypersensitivity was back and Bou was circling and plucking at his nipples. Bou kept at least a finger on him at all times.  He brought back one hand, fingers wet as they circled and Shouta’s mind scattered to pieces again.

One of Shouta’s hands cupped the back of Bou’s head, using him for support.  The other dropped to his own cock and he let himself go, let himself drown in the pleasure.  He used the cock in him for everything it could give and worked himself higher and higher until he finally, finally shattered and his mind went blank and white with pleasure.

He rode that moment of overwhelmed sensation until it came crashing down and he flinched out of Bou’s grip.  Bou trailed one finger down his back as he slumped forward on to Kugo’s chest, hissing. It was too much but felt fucking fantastic.  He shivered with the aftershocks and just lay there, open around a giant cock and sprawled on a broad chest.

Kugo's whine  snapped him back to the present, but he could feel himself coming down from the hyperawareness and twitchy feeling of being on a job.  It wasn’t completely gone, but it was much less.

And shit, just how shit of a dom was he to let himself go and take without any thought to his sub.  Shoutasat up, sinking further onto Kugo's giant cock. He shivered with oversensitive pleasure. He eyed Kugo and Frond.

Kugo was staring at Frond like he couldn’t see anything else and had a tiny bit of drool leaking from the corner of his mouth.  He was making low whines and hitching breaths and was muttering a constant “please, please, please”

Frond was bent over Kugo, a low murmur of reassurances falling from his lips.  His hands were stretched out, petting and playing with Kugo’s chest. As Shouta watched, he leaned down and licked the saliva from Kugo’s mouth.  Not quite a kiss, but almost.

Shouta smirked.  He caught Bou’s gaze and flicked his glance at the other two.  Bou grinned back. Yeah, they’d get them to confess before this was up.

He shifted again.  He pricked with sensation but it was on the good side of too much.  Good.

“Can Bou use his quirk on you, Kugo?” he asked, breaking through the bubble of intimacy.  Both men startled, which made both Kugo and Shouta moan.

“Hyper-” Kugo broke off, unable to finish the thought as Shouta shifted around him.

“Hypersensitivity, if I make skin contact.”  Bou finished, waggling his fingers and dragging them over his lips.

“Please,” Kugo gasped out and when Shouta caught Frond’s eyes he nodded as well.

Shoutas mirked, nodded to Bou, and then began to move.  It was riding the edge of too much but Shouta loved that edge. Watching what it did to Kugo was worth it.

Kugo seemed to try and relatively hold it together until Bou leaned over and kissed Kugo’s chest.  Kugo let out a bellow and his eyes rolled back. He wasn’t quite there yet, but he was close.

As Shouta worked him over with his body, he watched Frond too.  Frond couldn’t seem to figure out where to look, but he settled on staring hungrily at where Kugo’s cock was stretching Shouta’s ass.  Shouta flexed and shifted to give him a better view and a slight moan crept into his reassurances.

Then Kugo was coming, silent mouth gaping open before turning and latching on to Frond’s leg.  Frond’s eyes slammed shut and he bucked into the sensation. Shouta revelled in the feeling of Kugo losing it and fuck if it didn’t feel like he got bigger as he pumped the condom full.  Shouta kept working him over until Kugo flinched away. Bou backed off and Shouta gave two last, good thrusts before pulling himself off Kugo’s dick and letting himself collapse onto the bed, boneless.  He was going to need to untie Kugo and make sure everything was fine a minute.  

There was a long moment as Shouta lay there, blissed out and body exhausted.  His days of no sleep were finally catching up to him as his body relaxed. He heard rustling, but no one called his name.  His mind had, unfortunately, not gotten the message yet and was still going a mile a minute.

“Um…” Frond began.  Shouta grimaced, because that meant he was going to need to collect himself and move.

“Don’t worry about him, Aiz-kun likes things intense and afterwards collapses for several minutes.  He will be ready to continue in several minutes.” Bou’s voice came closer as he spoke, his limbs rustling on the bed.  “Provided, of course, that you want more.”

Kugo squeaked at that, embarrassed pleasure pure in his voice.  Bou chuckled and Frond laughed softly.

“I think we’re good for some more?  At least I think?” Frond said, his voice slightly muffled. “Unless I’m wrong, Kugo?”

There was a pause, breathless for some reason, and then Kugo said in a soft voice, “Call me Sakamata.”  It sounded like he was going to say something more but he was cut off by soft wet kissing noises and Bou quietly cooing in the background.  

  1. Fucking called it.

Eventually, Shouta dragged his eyes open and rolled off the bed and onto his feet.  Literally rolled, why waste energy sitting up? He staggered over to the plush chair in the corner and watched Frond and Kugo make out, Kugo still bound and vulnerable and Frond fully clothed.  Frond was doing a lot of licking and kissing around Kugo’s broad mouth and his antenne were half-curled and swaying slightly. Kugo was using his tongue a lot and shit, Frond was a lucky guy.

Shouta gave them another minute while he worked out how he wanted this to go.  His body was relaxed and done for the moment but his mind hadn’t been forced to slow down yet.  Kugo looked relaxed but mostly ready to keep going, dick still half hard against his thigh and Frond kissed him in a way that was almost frantic.  Bou smirked as he looked over, hard in his pants but comfortable. Shouta jerked his head and Bou left them to come perch on the arm of Shouta's chair.

Shouta cleared his throat.. “You’re going to release him for me Frond.”

Both of them gasped as they broke apart, Frond meeting his eyes, pupils blown.  Shouta quirked a brow and Frond gasped, “Yes, please.”

Shouta walked Frond through untying and unwinding the ropes, allowing him to take his time.

“Kiss the place the rope sat, it is sensitive.”  Shouta directed. Frond obeyed and Kugo keened. Rope by rope, knot by knot, Kugo was freed.

When his arms were free he slid his hands through Frond’s hair and pulled him in for a long kiss, breaking apart only to wrap his teeth gently around Frond’s bicep and suck.  Frond jerked and moaned in his hold, whimpering until Shouta got them back on track.

Eventually, Kugo was free and Frond was gasping and begging for it.

Shouta eyed Kugo’s cock, calculating.  Was it bigger than he thought? Had he been that out of it?  But someone who didn’t normally take giant dildos for fun, such a glorious past time of his, would need time and practice to take it.

“Does Frond go for big or pain?” he asked Bou under his breath.  Bou shook his head, eyes locked on the necking pair in front of them.

Shouta blinked long and slow and shit, his body was falling asleep on him.  Or trying at least, his mind wasn’t ready to sleep at all. But he wasn’t moving.  He wasn’t ready for another orgasm anyway. Get them to play with each other, teach them the best way of doing things.  Shouta wasn’t the best person to learn from but not even he could undercut himself enough to say he was the worst.

“If you want to ride him, you’re going to need to work up to it.” The pair startled at his voice and broke apart, gasping.  

Frond looked at him, a little wild around the eyes. “Please.” he gasped.  Kugo moaned in response.

Shouta let his mouth curl in a lazy smirk.“On your front, Kugo’s going to finger you.”

Frond let out a brief whimper and they both twisted until he was laying on his front, Kugo sitting between his thighs.

“I don’t. I’ve never done this before,” Kugo stuttered.  His hands were bracketing Frond’s hips, dark against his pale skin.  Frond’s hips were twitching on the bed, grinding into the mattress a little.  Frond’s antenne were curled in anticipation.

“Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.  The lube is on the nightstand, coat your pointer finger in it,” Shouta instructed.  It was gratifying to see Kugo follow his lead so well. “Pet around his hole. Tease it.  He thinks he’s ready but he’s not. Your hands are huge.”

Kugo was an eager and attentive student, giving Frond the tip of his finger when Shouta told him to, it made Shouta sink back in his chair a little more, satisfied.  Kugo took direction well and teased Frond until his hips were shifting, chasing the tease, and his antenne were strung out and quivering. That was when Shouta told Kugo to sink his finger all the way, one smooth unyielding motion.  It caused Frond to yowl and freeze before going wild, bucking back onto it.

As Kugo played, Shouta felt a brief touch around his own thigh.  He tore his gaze away from his student and looked down. Bou was sitting between his knees, skimming his gloved hands over his thighs. At his attention, Bou opened his mouth and gently mouthed at the skin next to Shouta’s cock.  He flinched and sucked in a breath at the hypersensitivity and the heat and wetness so close to his spent dick. But he nodded, Bou could play, they both loved it. 

He walked Kugo through fingerfucking Frond, instructing him to add a second finger when Frond started whining.  Shouta watched as Frond ground against the bed and gasped his way through the stretch, gasping himself as Bou started kissing his cock with wet sloppy suction along the length.  Too much. He loved it.

Unfortunately, they weren’t going to get him open enough for Kugo’s cock in one session and Kugo’d got the motions and feel for it now.  It would be cruel to drag it out any longer. Especially as Kugo hauled Frond’s hips up higher and got his tongue involved. Shouta could see his cock swaying and dripping onto the sheets without the bed to grind against anymore.  He was strung out, shivering and pleading quietly, Kugo glancing at Shouta for instruction.

Shouta spread his legs wider to give Kugo a better view of Frond.  “You ready to come again?”

Kugo’s blush burned into his face again, which made Shouta smirk.  His cock was hard and dripping between his legs and his face was a mess.

“You aren’t going to be able to, fuck Bou.” He grabbed Bou’s head and clenched his hands in his hair, not knowing if he wanted him to press further onto his cock or pull him out of contact completely.

Kugo laughed slightly and said, “I definitely know I’m not going to be able to fuck Bou.”

Shouta rolled his eyes and pulled Bou away from teasing.  He eyed Kugo’s cock. “Maybe, maybe not. But you sure aren’t going to be able to fuck Frond with that yet.”

Kugo looked devastated and Frond made a frustrated noise. “No, fuck you,” Shouta said, shivering as Bou kissed his thighs again. “You aren’t getting hurt on my watch.  And you won’t be unsatisfied either. Intercrural’s almost as good.”

It said bad things about all Kugo’s previous partners that he blinked in incomprehension at the term.  Shouta kind of wanted to make them his next “project”. Frond was scrambling for the lube though, slathering it between his thighs before squeezing them together, hips up and waiting.

“Intercrural,” Shouta said, and fuck, he sounded like his old biology professor. “Is fucking between the thighs. Safe for any size.” He leaned in to the lecturer tone, easing back in the chair and letting his eyelids lower as Bou got back to sucking on the tip of his cock, “It is much easier and requires less preparation than anal sex.  Many individuals find it more pleasant. Lube yourself up and go to town.”

With that blessing Kugo did as he was told, soaking his dick in lube and pushing it, tentatively, between Frond’s thighs.  They both moaned at the act. Shouta moaned too as Bou sunk his mouth down and began to truly work Shouta over.

There was a brief pause as Kugo waited for more instruction but Shouta was distracted and he’d told him what to do already.  Kugo seemed to figure that out though and slowly drew back. Frond cursed him viciously. “Fucking move already! I won’t break, Sakamata.”

And that was the last bit of encouragement Kugo needed.  He slammed into action, putting his entire Pro Hero body into fucking Frond the way he wanted.  Frond was nearly screaming. Shouta’s eyes were locked on them, even as every nerve in his body was lit up by Bou’s quirk and his dick was tingling and prickling with pain at too much, not enough.

Much sooner than he thought, fuck Shouta, realistic expectations with that much teasing; not everyone is you and wants to be edged into oblivion.  Kugo bellowed and covered the bed in come. Fuck that was a lot. And shit.


Kugo’s cock just grew.  

Actually grew.  Thicker and longer.  Like in shitty hentai.

Shouta’s brain blanked out a little at the revelation as his entire body became a livewire of want.

He blinked back to himself in time to see Kugo flip Frond onto his back into the wet spot (gotta work on that), wrap his long tongue around his dick, shove two fingers back inside him, and bring Frond off, screaming.

Shouta hauled Bou off him, because like fuck was he coming if he wasn’t on that dick.

Bou pouted.  Shouta gave no shits.  Bou would get to come. He’d make sure that happened.  Only problem: Shouta’s body, except for his cock, was still halfway to sleep.

He blinked, long and slow as his body fought itself, arousal pricking his nerves as fatigue dragged at his muscles.  His brain took in everyone, not slowing for a moment; Kugo panting into Frond’s thigh and still mostly hard, Frond starfished on the bed still shivering with the aftershocks and hips twitching slightly on Kugo’s fingers, Bou kneeling between Shouta’s knees and tenting his pants.

“Do you two want another one?” Shouta rasped out and the two on the bed blinked lazily at him.  Frond’s antenne were limp against his hair as he turned his head to look. “Because I really want to be fucked by Kugo again.”

Kugo looked startled and then deeply embarrassed. “Um, my, uh,” he stumbled a bit before he finally blurted, “it’s bigger. Than it was before.”

Shouta let the avarice he felt show on his face. “I know.  I want to feel it.” Kugo whimpered at the declaration and ground his hips into the bed.

“I want to be fucked.” Frond declared.  “Your hands are amazing Sakamata but I want a dick inside me.”  

Kugo blinked at Frond’s bluntness but chuckled and nuzzled his thigh.  “I want to see you split open on Aizawa’s cock.”

Shit yes.

“And Bou can fuck my mouth.”  Bou whined into Shouta’s leg at the words.  He thought for a moment how to work this, he still needed to be in control.  Both for power play reasons and because he was going to be vulnerable. Yeah okay, ropes would work.

“Get that rope again,” he said to Frond. “Bou, choose something for yourself if you want it.  Grab a pair of cuffs too.” Bou stumbled to his feet and Frond pushed himself up and groped around the sheets for the discarded rope.

“I’m going to walk you through a harness for Kugo,” he locked eyes with Frond and the man let out a soft whimper and nodded. “Do you want something or do you want to be unbound?”

Frond shifted on his knees, sliding the rope between his hands.  Finally he dropped his gaze and said “Please.”

“On it,” Bou said from the other side of the room before Shouta could even ask for more rope.

He slowly walked Frond through harnessing Kugo.  Antenne perking with interest, he framed Kugo’s pecs with rope and brought it around to his back, binding his arms together there.

“There’s extra rope here,” Frond said as they finished up.  He was no longer shivering from aftershocks and his dick was stirring.  Kugo was panting a little.

“I know, that’s for me to use to control how he fucks me.”  Shouta smirked at the reaction that had on Kugo, cock jumping and drooling.  “Suck him as I wrap Bou up. See if you can put that quirk to use.” Frond’s antenne jumped and he moaned.

Bou knelt in front of the chair and Shouta made quick work of a harness on him.  It wasn’t the prettiest and didn’t actually restrain him at all but he felt him relax as it finished. 

“Good?” He murmured into Bou’s ear.  

He shivered. “Yeah.  Thanks.” They both just took a moment to watch the show in front of them.  “Fuck, he can’t even get his mouth around him.”

“Don’t think the breathholding quirk is doing him much good right now.”  Shouta agreed. Frond was kissing and licking and sucking at Kugo’s cock, but it was too big to truly suck.  “You want to try?” He asked Bou.

“Mmmm yeah.” Bou hummed, “I’ll get the condom on him at least.”

Shouta raised his voice back to normal and said, “swap out.  I’ll get something on you Frond and then we can get this show on the road.”

He gave Frond the same harness as Kugo, though without the extra handle.  He smirked as Frond noticed and flushed halfway down his chest. “You’re good together.” They watched Bou artfully avoid skin to skin as he rolled a condom onto Kugo’s dick and proceeded to worship it.

Frond shivered and Shouta was done.  He needed to be blanked out before he began getting invested in people’s love lives.

“Get me onto the bed," Shouta told Frond and stood up, wobbly with fatigue.  Frond gave him a shoulder to lean on and he flopped onto the bed. Face first.  Ugh. Not good enough.

But gloved hands rolled him over and he splayed himself across the sheets, open for the taking.  He watched as lust rolled over each of them at the sight. Fuck ,that felt good.

He dragged his hand above his head and groaned out, “Cuffs.”

Bou scrambled off the bed and grabbed them from the floor next to the chair.  He cuffed Shouta to the headboard and for a moment Shouta felt himself tense and start to panic but then the feeling clicked and he relaxed all at once.  Good. This was going to work.

“Kugo first.  Then Frond. Then you can have my mouth Bou.” Hee twitched his legs wider, making space for Kugo.

He could tell Kugo was nervous, he lingered between Shouta’s legs for a while and Shouta let him.  But when he just hovered, cock tip kissing his entrance and not breaching him, Shouta lost patience.  Shouta wrapped his legs around Kugo, one at his hips and one slightly higher and sliding through the extra rope handle on the harness, and pulled.

Shouta screamed in satisfaction.  Kugo felt giant entering him, the stretch overwhelming.  Kugo froze but it didn’t matter, Shouta writhed on his dick, using the leverage from the harness and the cuffs to fuck himself on it.  Kugo’s eyes were half shut and his mouth was hanging open. His pecs bulged in the ropes as Shouta tugged on them. He looked blissed out.  

Shouta blissed out himself for a moment, then went limp.  There was a quiet moment, then he felt a hand on his cock and he hissed.

He pried his eyes open.Bou was holding his cock up and Frond was kneeling over his hips facing him.  The rope framed Fron’d, non-pro-hero, pecs just as nicely as Kugo’s. At Shouta’s gaze, he slowly let his legs widen and sunk down on his cock.  Shouta groaned at the feeling.

Frond sunk steadily and there was nothing Shouta could do about it.

When he was fully seated he shifted for a bit, trying to find a good angle.  Shouta groaned again and bucked, which made him move on Kugo’s cock and fuck-

Frond moaned and leaned back into Kugo’s bulk and stretched up to kiss him.  And fuck. Just the sight. And yeah that supported him.

Frond used that support to start rolling his hips which made Shouta’s mind blank out again.  Kugo didn’t fuck him so much as let Shouta use his cock.

And then there was a cock in front of his face.  Bou was kneeling over his arms, facing Frond and Kugo, and his cock was hanging just above Shouta’s lips. Kugo thrust, and Bou fed his cock into Shouta's mouth as he began to scream.

Suddenly, every nerve in Shouta’s body lit up and he screamed again, muffled by the bare cock in him.  Bou braced himself on Shouta’s chest, rubbing at his nipples with ungloved hands.

Shouta felt his mind break free.  He pulled and pushed with his thighs, instinctually guiding Kugo into the rhythm he liked best.  He rolled his hips back onto the massive cock and up into the tight heat of Frond’s ass. He could hear their moans and wet kissing noises over the roaring of pleasure in his ears.  His vision was blocked by Bou’s balls as Bou fucked his mouth, really going at it now.

It couldn’t last forever but Shouta was blank to everything but the pleasure so he had no idea how much time passed. Bou started babbling as he fucked harder and Shouta tried to gather himself enough to actually suck.  Bou only babbled when he was right on the edge.

It was no wonder he was the first to come, he’d been on edge for most of the night. Bou wailed and pulled back just in time to get it all over Shouta’s face.  He’d complain but Kugo was fucking into him faster and he really couldn’t think of anything, much less the feel of come on his face.

Shouta flew on the feeling of being fucked, controlling the pace with his legs and hips.  He yanked at the cuffs for leverage. Without his mouth full of dick, he could hear his own cries and screams as Kugo hit places only his biggest toys ever touched.

He faintly heard the sound of murmuring but ignored it. Then Frond tightened on his cock and made a sound like he was coming apart and Shouta cracked his eyes open in time to catch Bou sucking on one of his nipples.

Frond was screaming against Kugo’s jaw.  Bou’s hand was around his cock and he went still.  He was tight enough that Shouta instinctually froze as he quivered above him, overwhelmed.

Kugo kept pounding into Shouta, which made his eyes close in pleasure. He heard Kugo say, “wanna see you come.” He forced his eyes open to see Frond’s eyes slam shut.  He stayed still and just quivered as he came, spurting come all over Shouta’s abs. He was sitting flush against Shouta’s hips, back arched slightly so he could lean into Kugo with his arms bound behind his back in the harness, Bou’s dark head against his chest and fingers encircling his cock.

Kugo stopped fucking him while Frond came and as Bou helped him off Shouta’s dick.  The moment he was clear, Shouta caught Kugo’s eyes and said, “go”

Kugo went, pounding in, using his massive cock more like a battering ram than anything skillful.  Shouta loved it. He wanted to ride the feeling of his body being broken for pleasure forever.

But Bou leaned over and asked, “may I?”

“Please,” Kugo ground out and Bou kissed him, lingering, on the cheek.

Kugo exploded inside Shouta, bellowing, and Shouta screamed.  He could feel it, now that he knew it was happening, Kugo’s cock expanded inside him, stretching him further and his brain couldn’t parse the feeling.  He had no idea what was happening.

His mind shattered as he came, cock untouched, at the feeling.


Shouta drifted for a bit.  He was distantly aware of Kugo withdrawing but he was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t even protest.  He heard voices and Bou reassuring the others that Shouta was fine and that he had a spotter, himself, for a reason.  (This was mostly a lie. Shouta hadn’t intended to have a spotter. But poor life choices were his modus operandi so that was nothing new.)

As he slowly came back to himself, he opened his eyes and saw that Bou had untied everyone, huh, him too.  The cuffs were gone. Frond and Kugo were cuddling at the end of the bed, nuzzling and kissing softly and holding each other as they came down.  Bou was smiling at all of them like a proud parent.

Shouta rolled to his side, wobbly even laying down.  Bou came over to help.

“They have the room for the next half hour still.” Bou told him, soft to not disturb the cuddling couple.

“Good.” was all Shouta could get out.  His brain had finally slowed and he could barely stay conscious.

Bou chuckled, he’d seen the aftermath of Shouta coming off a job before.  The mess he made of it.

Bou helped him into his clothes, because of course he needed help, couldn’t do anything by himself, and helped him stumble out the door.

The couple on the bed looked like they wanted to help or say something but Shouta tiredly waved a hand at them.  They should stay and solidify their connection. One good thing he’d done today at least.

Bou helped him back out into the club and Shouta flinched at the noise and lights.  Shit, he wanted to go home where it was quiet.

They got back to the table and the entire group was there.  Nemuri looked more relaxed, she found someone to fuck or whip or something.  Good. Shirakumo had a massive hickey on his neck which would make Shouta snort if he wasn’t halfway asleep despite the lights and noise of the club.

Hizashi saw him and screeched, “What did you do to him!”

Shouta rolled his eyes and shrugged off Bou, limping the rest of the way to the table.  He slumped into the booth and put his head down, moaning as his ass came into contact with the bench.

“More like what he did to them and to himself!” Shirakumo laughed.  “The other two guys aren’t even out here. I bet they couldn’t keep up and need more time to recover.”

Shouta just lifted a very rude finger at Shirakumo.

Hizashi kept squawking. “Three Guys! One of them was Huge! No one is going to believe this!”

Nemuri leaned in and said, “Let’s get you home.”

Shouta smiled, he knew there was a reason she was his favourite.