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Kaminari groaned, flopping over the edge of Kirishima’s bed. He dangled upside-down, letting his electric blonde hair sway and almost touch the wooden floor. Kirishima watched cross-legged as his friend hung from his camo duvet.

“I swear, Math is just a tool by the government to make us feel dumb.”

Kirishima snickered, resting his face into the crook of his palm as he glanced at Sero in the corner of his eye, who just shrugged in response. Mina tapped her lead pencil to her cheek before going bug-eyed. Her jaw dropped right as her pencil did and she trained her focus on Kaminari, kneeling over a pile of unfinished worksheets.

“Dude, you might be onto something.

An abrupt scoff erupted from behind Kirishima. The redhead turned and was greeted with a pair of red eyes and explosive blond hair.

“What, now the government is the reason for your damn stupidity?”

Bakugou sat with his arms draped over the back of his chair, cocking a devilish brow at the person in question. Kaminari just groaned again and rubbed at his freckled face with a hand. “Shut up Kacchan you’re just good at everything.”

Kirishima sat and watched the fiasco unravel between the two blondes. Bakugou visibly cringed at the stolen nickname, then proceeded to look even more offended when an accusing finger was thrust in his direction.

“Maybe you’re working for them!”

Kirishima saw Bakugou’s face shift from confusion to anger, and if this were an anime or cartoon there would be smoke puffing out of his nose and ears like a tea kettle. Mina slapped a hand around her mouth to muffle a string of giggles before bursting out into belly-splitting laughter. Kirishima felt a chuckle tug at his own throat, not at the situation but at Bakugou’s face . He seemed so offended and furious at such a simple joke from none other than Kaminari, but the redhead knew why it got under his skin. The blonde’s brows were furrowed into a knot, eyes glaring daggers into Kaminari.


Everything broke loose at that, Sero and Mina began rolling on the ground laughing while Bakugou gritted his teeth at the group. Yeah, there would definitely be smoke coming out of his ears. Kaminari wheezed and then there was a loud thud  as he slipped off the bed suddenly. Everyone grew silent, then the laughter returned even stronger. Kirishima snorted and shot a glance at Bakugou, who seemed to have calmed down a few notches and rolled his eyes at them.

“No no, Kami pfff, If anything, Kami look at me , if anything it’s Tokoyami who, who works for the government.”

Kaminari’s eyes went wide. “Oh my GOD Mina you’re right! He’s a bird ohmyGOD-

Bakugou grunts and closes his binder a little too forcefully, breaking the room into silence and demanding all attention to him. Kirishima sighs, knowing how they had asked Bakugou here to help them study and the blonde saying yes wasn’t exactly common. While the two often studied together on their own, although it often turned into Bakugou tutoring Kirishima, it was still a rare occurrence for Bakugou to agree to helping all of them. The blonde had labeled Kirishima as tolerable, but the rest of the squad he still didn’t even call by their names.

“If you’re going to waste my time I’m leaving.”

Mina fell back onto her knees with a whine. She held her hands together and puffed her lips out, making the biggest, blackest puppy eyes Kirishima had ever seen. “Bakugouuuu…” Kaminari followed suit beside her, rolling himself upright and practically bowing down before Bakugou, his nose almost touching the floor. Kirishima couldn’t help but snort at the sight of the two begging on their hands and knees for the blonde’s help.

Bakugou turned in the blue swivel chair to face them. “Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t go back to my room and get shit done.”

Kaminari lifted his head from the ground and sat up. He hummed and raised a finger in thought. “Well, first of all, your room is right next to Kirishima’s so you’ll hear us anyway.” He raised a second finger. “Secondly, we’re your friends and friends help each other out.”

“Who the fuck said I-”

“And lastly…” Kaminari raised a third finger to interrupt Bakugou, earning a harsh glare. “I’m gonna fail like, all of my classes if you don’t help me out bro.”

Bakugou quirked an eyebrow at him. “The fuck should I care if you fail out? Less competition for me.”

Kirishima could tell he didn’t truly mean it, there was no bite to his voice. That’s one of the many things Kirishima has learned from befriending class 1-A’s top student; he communicates differently than others do. While some may take it as aggressive and offensive, and while he may be just that sometimes, Kirishima has come to understand that Bakugou just talks that way. He amused himself by making a sort of “Bakugou Translator” one time that the blonde still has yet to find out about (He prays for his safety if he ever does find out). Kaminari and the others seemed to have caught on to the boy’s behavior as well.

Mina batted her eyelashes at him and wrapped her arms around one of the blonde’s legs. “Bakugouuuu come on, pleaseeee? We’re sorry, we’ll get to work but please stay .” 

Bakugou curled his lips into a snarl and kicked his leg free of her vice grip, muttering a “Fuck off” as he was clearly annoyed at this point. Kaminari gaped at the whole debacle, eyes darting between pink and blonde before he settled on the latter. “Dude…!”

Bakugou only offered him a mixed expression, made up of confusion, annoyance, and do you have a fucking death wish. Kaminari remained relatively unfazed, still gawking at the two. 

“Bro, that is not how you treat a girl!”

Bakugou’s expression seemed to settle, becoming less murderous and more surprised and confused. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and relaxed further into Kirishima’s desk chair. “Who gives a shit what’s in your damn pants, I’m not gonna go easy on her just because she’s a girl .”

Mina stuck her tongue out at Kaminari teasingly, earning a chuckle out of Sero and even wider eyes from her target. Kirishima couldn’t help but agree with Bakugou, well, to a certain degree. More on the treating girls and dudes equally part, less on the kicking them part. “Yeah dude, that’s kinda sexist if you ask me. Ashido can handle herself just fine.”

Mina glowered at the redhead. “Thank you, Kirishima. At Least someone here has some decency.”

Kaminari then redirected his surprise to Kirishima, face twisted in betrayal. “Bro, seriously? You too?”

Kirishima just shrugged and offered the electric blonde a warm smile, Sero offering the same response when he turned to him. Kaminari just sighed and leaned back into the bed behind him. “It’s not about- you know what, whatever. You guys are never getting girlfriends.”

A pause.

Kirishima mouthed an “Oh” . So that’s what he was getting at. If he was being honest, Kirishima had never really thought about it that much. Sure, he’d admit that Ashido was very pretty and easy to get along with and many of the girls in his class were amazing, but he’d never actually thought of them in that way. Then again, he has absolutely zero experience when it comes to dating, but just trying to conjure and image of him being with a girl like that felt, well, unnatural? On the other hand…

“Speak for yourself.” Kirishima’s thoughts were interrupted by Sero’s snarky comment and rolling eyes. Kaminari simply shot him a challenging glare in response. He snorted at that, tapping a finger to his cheek in thought.

“I haven’t really thought about it dude. I mean, we’re here to train to become heroes, so I guess I’ve been sorta preoccupied with other things.”

Kirishima hummed, looking up as he slouched his chin into the nook of his palm. “I don’t really see any of the girls that way…?”

Kaminari quirked one of his eyebrows upward at him. “How can you not-

His eyes went wide, mouth agape as he halted his sentence. Silence returned, and Kirishima suddenly felt a wave of anxiety wash over him as all eyes went from him to Kaminari, his friend still gawking at him with this new look. He took a chaste sip from his almost empty Caprisun, as if trying to make an excuse as to why he wasn't responding. Was he surprised? Freaked out? Did I say something wrong, do something bad? Shit, I need to fix this, I need to say something, anything…!

Sero was the first to break the silence, and for a second Kirishima felt he could breathe, that he hadn’t in fact messed up in front of his best friends. “Kami, I think you’re just desperate-”

If only the world were that kind.

Or Kirishima likes dudes .”

He choked on his drink.

Juice dripped down to Kirishima’s chin and he wiped at it with the heel of his hand. It was his turn to gawk at the others, their attention now hyper focused on him.

“I-I...I, I don’t, I didn’t mean it like that I just-”

Kirishima could feel the heat pool in his cheeks, and by the looks of the others faces he was probably as red as his hair. Then a certain red gaze caught his eye and he forced himself to look away from the group, ruffling a subconscious hand through his scalp. The floor seemed much more interesting to look at.

Mina let out the biggest snort. “Pff, yeah right . Kiri woulda told us by now if he was gay.”


“Right, Kirishima?”

Kirishima stole a glance at Mina, her eyes locking with his. He looked around at everyone and sure enough they were looking at him too, even Bakugou seemed more focused on Kirishima than anything else. Shit. I’m totally cornered here.

He sighed, swallowing the lump in his throat and offering his best forced smile to cover how nervous he was. “I, well...uh...maybe?” Kirishima scratched at the nape of his neck, and shit is it hot in here because I’m sweating like crazy.

Mina and Kaminari exchanged surprised glances, then looked back at the redhead. Kirishima laughed nervously. “...Surprise?”

Ashido's lips curved into a massive grin, leaving no time for him to prepare to be tackled into a big hug from across his room. Kaminari joined them, with Sero close behind, and soon it was a big group hug with the four of them squeezed together.

“Dude! You shoulda told us, I had no idea ohmygodImsoproudofyou.”

“Yeah man, I was partially joking when I said that but I’m glad you said something.”

Kirishima felt tears sting at his eyes for a moment, but just a moment. Then he couldn’t help it, he started laughing and hugged his friends closer, because of course they don’t care, of course they don’t think it’s weird or anything.  

When they finally dispersed, Kirishima noticed Bakugou uncomfortably shifting in his chair, looking right at him. He offered the blonde a smile, receiving the most dramatic eye roll and a hint of a smirk tugging at the boy’s lips. Kirishima had known that Bakugou wouldn’t care if he was straight or gay or whatever, as he never seemed to care about that sort of thing, so it came as no surprise when his reaction was just his normal self. On the other hand, Mina glowered at him with excitement just a few feet away, her eyes sparkling.

“Oh my god Kiri, we totally gotta throw you a coming out party!”

Kirishima chuckled and waved his hands in front of him, explaining how there’s no need for that, but Ashido was persistent as ever. She ended up excusing herself for a minute, only to return with a small, red frosted cupcake and a candle in her hand. She hummed as she pressed the single candle into the treat. Kirishima began to open his mouth to ask where in the world she got a cupcake from but Mina just smiled and said “Sato”.

“Sato baked you a cupcake in one minute ?”

She looked up from the cake at Kirishima. “He was teaching me how to make homemade natto and we had some leftovers, so we put them in his minifridge. He’s got like, a ton of sweets stashed in there, so of course he didn’t mind letting me have one.”

Kirishima smiled at her, god he has the best friends. Bakugou slipped down from his chair to the floor next to the redhead, rolling his eyes at the cupcake placed in front of them. “This is dumb” he muttered, but sat otherwise quietly next to Kirishima.

Mina grinned from her place in from of him. “Now to light the candle…”

She reached a hand into her pants pocket and stopped. “Uhh…” Mina turned the empty pocket inside out, then did the same to the other. “Shoot. Looks like I forgot the lighter.”

Bakugou groaned, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “Dumbass.”

“Hey, don’t be an ass about it!” Mina sighed, then shot up and grinned at Bakugou with mischief. “Actually, since you’re here, why don’t you lend us a hand and light it yourself?”

He snorted, shooting an even more devilish smirk back at her. “Like hell I’d-”

“Nah it’s ok Ashido, he can’t control his quirk enough to to avoid blowing up the whole cupcake. Just forget about the candle.”

Kaminari challenged Bakugou with a look that screamed I bet you can’t and oh how many times he has used that against him.

And oh, how many times it has worked without fail.

The blonde hissed through clenched teeth at the other, small explosions dancing along his calloused fingers creating little puffs of smoke. Kirishima was glad their dorm rooms didn’t have smoke detectors.

“FUCK YOU PIKACHU I CAN CONTROL MY EXPLOSIONS JUST FUCKING FINE! You’re the one who turns fucking shitfaced from using your quirk!”

With that, Bakugou snatched the cupcake from the floor, earning a quick yelp of panic from Mina. Kirishima watched as he tested a few small puffs and pops at his palms before touching a fingertip to the candle wick. The blonde breathed in, relaxing his furrowed brows as he stared at it. Then a small crack , a pop and a hiss , and the candle was ablaze. Kirishima was utterly mesmerized, and he couldn’t help but gaze at Bakugou with awe because holy shit he just tried really fucking hard to focus his quirk to perfectly light a candle to celebrate him unintentionally coming out of the closet. 

He smirked, at first full of pride, and then it warped into something else as he raised a brow at Kaminari. Not needing too say a word, Kaminari got the message and raised his hands up in surrender. “OK, you win Blasty.”

Mina hummed and ran over to flick off the lights before returning to her seat. It was then that Kirishima realized he was still staring at Bakugou when their eyes locked. “...What?”

The redhead swallowed, blinking back to reality as he met his eyes consciously. “Dude...that was so freaking awesome! You’re so manly, Bakugou!”

Bakugou scoffed and looked away, and if it weren’t for the glow of the candle and the darkened room, he would’ve sworn the boy had a hint of a blush dusted on his cheeks.

Kirishima held the cupcake with care, not wanting to start a fire or ruin Sato’s hard work. He pursed his lips and took in a breath, and just as he was about to huff out the candle Mina pressed a finger to his lips. 

“Dude, you gotta make a wish first!”

“Uhh...what?” Kirishima looked at the girl with confusion. It’s not like it’s his birthday, why does he have too wish on something? And to top that, what do you wish for when you’re celebrating your sexuality?

Kaminari laughed with a snort. “Dude, maybe you should wish for a boyfriend. That seems fitting.”

He yelped when Mina elbowed him in the gut, muttering something under his breath that Kirishima couldn’t hear. Mina sighed and smiled back at him. “Just, I dunno, wish for anything! Like, maybe an A on the math test!”

Kirishima smiled back, looking down at the lit candle. The flame flickered and waved in time with his breathing, warming his face as he rose it up in front of his lips. He closed his eyes, thinking of something to wish for. His friends came to mind, them all being happy together, Bakugou with them smiling too. Bakugou being happy, Bakugou being here and not kidnapped by villains, and the same for the rest of them. He smiled and gripped the cupcake a little tighter, as if the wish could run away if he didn’t. 

Kirishima blew lightly, just enough for a whisper of smoke to waver up to his nose. He opened his eyes and saw Mina darting for the lightswitch in the darkness, blinking rapidly as the light flickered on in the room. He felt a warm hug from behind and he nuzzled into it, giggling when Ashido pressed a friendly kiss to his cheek.

She retreated back to her spot in front of him and sighed around a sweet smile “Kirishima, we’re your friends, ok? We love you, no matter what. And if anyone dares to give you shit we’ll beat their motherfucking ass into the ground.”

Kirishima almost jumped in surprise at the girl cursing, then noticed the other’s having a similar reaction, even Bakugou. He smiled at them, full of sharp teeth, and tugged the candle out of the cupcake. The redhead bit into the treat and moaned at the amazing taste of chocolate and strawberries. He’d make sure to thank Sato for it later.

Eventually their numbers dwindle down. Mina leaves first to go to dinner with some friends, and he waves her a goodbye as she closes the door. Not long after follows Kaminari and Sero who say they're "all studied out" and go to play some games in the common room. Denki asks Kirishima to join them, but he waves and tells the two to go ahead.

In the end, they didn’t get all that much studying done.

It gets quiet once the other three are gone. Kirishima honestly thought Bakugou would have left by now, so when the blonde shuffles over towards him he half expects him to blow up in his face or something. Instead, the redhead is greeted with a sigh as he nudges his shoulder.

“So, want me to help you with that problem or what?”

Kirishima feels confused at first, tilting his head slightly. Bakugou just rolls his eyes and grunts as he points a finger at the worksheet in front of him, full of derivatives and other math problems. Kirishima then realizes he’d been gnawing at his pencil, writing question marks around some of the equations and giving up. Bakugou leans forward on his elbows next to him and grabs his pencil. “I know you don’t like asking for help when they’re around, so just spit it out already.” 

Kirishima felt a smile tug at his lips. He chuckled and exchanged it for a smirk that he directed at the blonde. “And I know you don’t like them to know that you actually help me with school stuff.”

Bakugou huffed a breath, not moving from his spot next to Kirishima. He curled his face into a pinched snarl. “I’m fucking leaving. You can figure it out on your own , dumbass.”

“Aww, come on Blasty you don’t mean that.” Kirishima couldn’t help but smile at him through his words. If he wanted to leave, he would have left already. Bakugou simply rolls his eyes and settles down, pointing at one of the numbered problems. “It wants you to differentiate the following equations. Let’s start with this one.”

Kirishima leaned forward, closer to the blonde and the paper. “Ok, so uh, it says f(x) = ln(5x2 + 9)3 ...what do I do with that?”

Bakugou looked at him. “Really, shitty hair?” Kirishima just shrugged and offered a small smile. He sighed and began writing next to the problem, working it out step by step for Kirishima to see. After each step, Bakugou looked up to him until their eyes met and he nodded, confirming that the blonde could continue and he understood. When Bakugou reached the answer, he felt like he got it a bit more and smiled. Damn, he’s good at this.

“Ok, now try the next one on your own.”
Kirishima couldn’t help but notice how his composure and tone had softened, his face was so soft looking and eyes calm for once. The redhead just smiled and nodded, looking back down at his work. “Ok, so f(x)=(x4 +3x)−1…”

They end up sitting on the floor next to Kirishima’s bed for a while, going through and solving problems until he actually gets some of them right.

“So...Now I need to simplify the difference quotient, so h(-14x - 7h + 280) divided by h. Then I take the limit, as ‘h’ approaches zero, of the simplified difference quotient, right?”

Bakugou hummed in response, watching as Kirishima’s pencil glided over the paper. He smiled and kept going. “Which means that the derivative of f  at x = 10 is 140!” The redhead grinned and put down his pencil, writing down his answer and looking up at Bakugou for confirmation. The blonde grunted and picked up the pencil, eyeing his math closely and mumbling the processes as he moved down the paper. Kirishima crossed his fingers, hoping that he got it right as the boy paused at his circled answer.

Bakugou reached up a hand and he winced, preparing to be lectured, when it instead went up and rubbed at his hair roughly. Kirishima opened his eyes to see the blonde donning a grin as he scratched at his scalp. “That’s right. Maybe you’re not hopeless after all, Kirishima.”

Kirishima beamed at him, pumping a fist in the air and mouthing a soft Fuck yes . Bakugou rolled his eyes. He dropped the pencil on top of the worksheets and leaned back on his hands. “ Tch. Don’t get ahead of yourself dumb hair, you’re still way behind.”

Kirishima chuckled at that. His built-in Bakugou translator told him that what he actually meant was “good job”, in his own stubborn way. The blonde leaned over to the side and grabbed his phone to look at something. He muttered something along with a few curses under his breath before standing up and grabbing his binder.

Kirishima cocked a brow at him. “Where ‘ya goin?”

Bakugou turned around, stuffing his binder under an arm and his hands in his pockets. “It’s fucking late, and I’m tired.” The blonde then tugged his phone out with his free hand and clicked it on, 21:15. Kirishima snorted before gathering his papers and standing up to put them on his desk. “ Shit , you’re right dude it’s way past your bedtime!”

He growled deep in his throat at that, shooting the redhead an eat shit and die glare. “I don’t have a fucking BEDTIME you ass, it’s called time fucking management. No wonder you extras have no brains in the morning.” With that Kirishima chuckled and chirped an “Ok Blasty McSplode” as Bakugou stomped out of his dorm, slamming the door shut.

He sighed and went downstairs to shower and brush his teeth. The commons area was almost empty save for Kaminari, Sero and Jirou all still gaming. Kirishima waved to them on his way to the showers, and when he came back he saw them all passed out on the couch.

The redhead nudged Sero lightly to wake him, met by groggy half lidded eyes. “Mmh…?”

“Dude, you guys fell asleep on the couch. We’ve got class tomorrow.”

Sero groaned, shoving Kaminari and Jirou similarly to wake them until the three are all mumbling and whining about being tired. Kirishima just laughs lightly and hums a goodnight to his friends as he sees them get up and head to their rooms. He joins them, stopping at the fourth floor and then proceeding to head to his room. Kirishima closes the door behind him and flicks of the lights before he collapses onto his bed, the events of today running through his mind. I just came out of the closet to my closest friends.

But it went well, he reminded himself with a smile. They don’t care about that stuff, they’re not weirded out by it. Kirishima sleeps well on that.