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Montague Street

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□ Doctor John Watson, M.D.
■ Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Esquire
⁰¹ Mr. Lucifer Garrick, Esquire
⁰³ Mr. Campbell Kerr, Esquire


■ Interlude: Wishing And Hoping
Holmes has hopes – if they can come true

□ Case 5: The Fifth Case
A case of wine disappears – and it leads to a diabolical murder

□ Case 6: The Adventure Of The Circus Belle
A lady's beauty nearly proves her death as the circus comes to town

■ Case 7: Blind Man's Bluff ☼
Introducing Tobias Gregson, whose family is..... well, they are family

□ Case 8: The Adventure Of The Thieving Son
Holmes both proves and disproves a fellow youngest son's guilt

⁰¹ Interlude: Tiny
Lucifer finds himself on the receiving end of something rather large


□ Case 9: The Adventure Of The Andover Asses
Stolen coins point the way to someone who is not what they seem

■ Case 10: The Adventure Of The Easy Rider ☼
Mr. Christopher Bond gains revenge on a client – and rather more

■ Case 11: The Adventure Of The Knocker-Up ☼
Holmes is being followed – by someone whose life he has ruined

⁰³ Interlude: Pillow Talk
Even powerful businessmen need to relax with people they can trust

□ Case 12: The Adventure Of The Aluminium Crotch
Be careful what you wish for – as sometimes prayers do get answered

□ Case 13: The Adventure Of The Fearful Fugitives
Two foreign gentlemen in fear for their lives are killed – sort of

■ Case 14: The Adventure Of The Norfolk Novelist ☼
The case and the book that inspired Watson to take up his own pen

□ Interlude: Write On
The doctor begins his work as a scribe

□ Case 15: Samson's Hair-Raising Adventure
The Silent Knight comes under attack – but Holmes saves the day

■ Case 16: Cadence For Cream Cake ☼
Mr. Milo Thatch has his eyes opened to what one lady is really like


□ Case 17: The Adventure Of Rhododendron Lane
The Ricoletti case, where we sadly meet Holmes's brother Randall

■ Case 18: Poetic Justice ☼
Revenge is a dish best served from several thousand miles away

□ Case 19: The Adventure Of Mrs. Farintosh's Opal Tiara
Modern technology makes an impossible theft possible

■ Interlude: Bad Habits
Holmes knows that he is not perfect but he is trying