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On the edge

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"yah hangyul ah, get your lazy ass up before i do something to you." jinhyuk grumbled and crossed his arms before kicking the younger that was still in dreamland. "..." hangyul still ignored the older. "lee hangyul!" jinhyuk shouted but hangyul definitely continued sleeping. he smirked at the thought of an idea.

jinhyuk pressed the alarm on his phone against hangyul's ears. hangyul groaned and covered his ears, "what time is it hyung?"

"its already 7.30am. oh and remember, its our first day of second year." jinhyuk's statement made hangyul open his eyes back to reality. "shit what?"

"don't worry. i had a hard time accepting reality too. i bet junho's having a hard time waking yohan now." jinhyuk casually said but paused. "wait i got to go check on them. yohan's even a deep sleeper than you." before hangyul could reply, the older was already out of the room and the door to his room slammed. 

damnit, jinhyuk always forgets to close the door gently. someday the doors are going to  break. hangyul sighed and got out of his bed. university life sucks.


"gosh, don't you think its good to be back? i see a couple of familiar faces from our first year." junho remarked with a smile. "right. its just unbelievable at how times passed so fast. i still remember how we were first years here." yohan replied as the four friends walked through the school gates. yonsei university.

"thank god all of us have the same module. looks like we can always pair up if there are projects." junho said with relief. he wasn't quite the social person among the four of them and they knew he enjoyed simply being with them only. 

"teacher yumi!" jinhyuk being the first to notice their form teacher for music major greeted with a bow. "awww hi students. my, all of you have grown taller again. how's holidays for all of you?" she asked with a warm smile. "well, all of us went back home for holidays." hangyul remarked. 

"thats nice. good to see all of you freshened up for the new term. hope you guys have completed any assignments given too." teacher yumi said. "ah yes we have. see you later for morning lecture." junho said and the four of them bowed. 

only yohan seemed to be flustered. "what's wrong yohan?" jinhyuk asked. yohan unzipped his bag and once he checked it, he bit his lip.

"urm guys....?" yohan glanced at his three friends.

"i may or may not have left my assignments at my aunt's place during the holidays." 



a middle aged man was brought into the room. he groaned as he was thrown onto the hard cold floor. "please, please don't harm me!" he pleaded. his head covered with dried blood while there were bruises all over his body.

"ha, amusing of you to say that. i don't see how you forgot your huge debt."

"please, just give me....a week more. i promise all the money i borrowed will be returned. please seungwoo-ssi!" the middle aged man pleaded once more while the rest of the X101 members in the room laughed with great amusement.

han seungwoo remained composed while sipping a cup of coffee. afterall he was the leader of X101, he was ruthless but yet painfully composed at the scariest moments.

"you know...we don't tolerate people with lies." seungwoo said with dead danger in his voice after a few minutes of silence. "i...i really have no money now." the middle aged man said with defeat.

"hmm...lets see. i got our men to research on you. seems like you have one beautiful wife and a healthy son. your wife can be one of our prostitutes while you and your son can be sent as slaves. great idea isn't it?" wooseok suggested with a full evil smirk on his face. kim wooseok, the main hacker of X101 was indeed known as 'woosatan', someone without mercy.

"no no no...please. i beg you to let them off!" the middle aged man begged on his already swollen knees. "that isn't for you to decide. and boy do i want to torture you." son dongpyo, the young but deadly assasin of X101 said with a slight aegyo. 

"haha, dongpyo ah. he's all yours if you want." seungwoo granted the younger's wish. "so we catch his family?" nam dohyun, the youngest and newest member of X101 asked. he was the youngest but he sure learnt the ropes fast in the underground world. "yes dohyunnie. you want to join me and yuvin hyung?" mingyu asked. kim mingyu and song yuvin were the snipers of X101. 

"can i?" dohyun asked with a glimpse of hope in his eyes. "NO!" the middle aged man interrupted but immediately shouted in pain as his ankle got stepped on harshly by seungyeon. cho seungyeon, one of the deadliest members of X101 and the second in command after seungwoo was not one to mess with.

seungyeon smugly looked at the middle aged man before stepping on the same ankle. making sure to hear the crack sound indicating the ankle was broken. "thats what you get, for interrupting a mafia's conversation. you need to learn some due respect." seungyeon said slowly before kicking the man once more. 

"hah, pathetic." minhee said. kang minhee , the drug trafficker of X101. "don't worry, i promise your family are in 'safe' hands." eunsang reassured the man sarcastically. lee eunsang, the informant of X101 was someone with the most information in the mafia world.

"guards, grab him and throw him in the underground dungeon!" seungwoo called their bodyguards standing right at the corner of the room waiting for orders. "yes sir!" the guards said in unison before dragging the poor middle aged man out.

"aw, i really hate such old folks like him." hyeongjun mumbled. song hyeongjun may be the cutest member of X101 but watch out, the weapon trafficker of X101 was still scary. "its ok hyeongjun ah, he will suffer under my hands tonight." dongpyo said with an evil smile. 

the headquarters of X101 was filled with desperate cries of pain from the middle aged man as he was dragged out. his future unknown ahead of him. and the doors closed behind him making his terrified screams muffled. 

looks like it was his biggest mistake to even mess with X101.