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Love Bite!

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On another world, in another lifetime, Donghyuck Lee would not have a plump looking, cherub-like face. But alas, he was cursed. Cursed with the fate of having very cute, very pliable cheeks, and ripe red undertones. He was basically eye candy for undead of any kind - except that eye candy is actually a 19-year-old boy-faced-man with student loans.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Donghyuck loved being cute. It meant he got his way with many of his hyungs, and he loved the lingering gazes and googly eyes from strangers, but when it came to looking like the human embodiment of a juicy red fruit, he’d pass.

It’s not like Donghyuck necessarily had a problem with undead persons, it’s just their diets simply didn’t align. In fact, his roommate was a vampire - the whiniest little thing you’ll most likely never meet. Jaemin Na was about to turn 99 and was still trying to eat human food. You’d think after 80 years of drinking blood you’d get used to it, but apparently, some things were worth ‘risking it all for’. Sure, that can be true in circumstances, but as much as Donghyuck loves ice cream it is most definitely not worth risking his bowel comfort.

Jaemin was undead, but he was bearable. He had the decency to drink his blood out of tumblers with cheesy quotes on them: “Smile” or “Live Each Day Like it’s Your Last” - Jaemin could literally never relate. Jaemin also had a boyfriend; he was tiny, human, and most likely a sadist. Donghyuck was, quite honestly, more afraid of his roommate's boyfriend than his own roommate. Jaemin and Renjun attended the same school as Donghyuck. Jaemin said something about liking to ‘take his time’ but Donghyuck would bet his life savings he’s been taking the same classes for decades. The boy never studies and clearly doesn’t care to. ‘One, I have eternity to study. Two, I’m going to become Renjun’s sugar baby after he becomes rich and famous for creating a multi-million dollar empire.’

Jaemin was first drawn to Donghyuck freshman year. They both attended some frat party they most definitely should not have been at, and Jaemin was wasted as hell. He continually flirted with Donghyuck, later admitting his attempt to suck the living daylights (blood,,, not,,, nevermind) out of him. Somehow, Donghyuck avoided the situation by convincing Jaemin that he was too cute to be left lifeless in a frat house bedroom, which Jaemin ended up agreeing with. Soon after that, they became quick friends, teasing and platonically loving each other to death (Haha). Donghyuck learned more about vampires (especially after moving in with the old man) and adjusted to some of the weird habits his undead friend partook in. Donghyuck even helped Jaemin get blood bags regularly from the local drive so his roommate could stop hunting students on campus and start focusing on his studies.

“You have a target on your back,” Jaemin said out of the blue as he slurped blood obnoxiously out of a to-go mug that read ‘But First, Coffee’.


“I don’t know if you know this, but you are literally every vampire's dream,” Jaemin said.

“Are you coming onto me?”

“Okay no. I'm married. Listen, you’re the perfect amount of pudge. Your skin is so soft and glowy and red! Your cheeks and lips are constantly tinted this perfect shade of pink and your blood smells so so good.” Jaemin confessed.

“This definitely sounds like a confession.” Donghyuck said flatly.

“No, ugh, this is not a good thing! If I wasn’t so drunk when we met I would have seduced you into baring me your neck.”

“You would never be able to seduce me. I'm not keen on being in the next Barcroft video for my age gap relationship with sexy boomer that's 5 times my age.”

“Okay, bitch you know what? I’m just trying to be helpful. Your ass will be sorry when you don’t listen to me and go clubbing late at night and some undead guy or girl attempts to tear into you.”

“That was too detailed king.”

“I’m just saying! You have to be careful! Especially at night if you’re alone.” Jaemin frowned.

“I know I know I promise I will.”

“All right, glad we had this talk. I feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. I’m going to yoga. See you.” Jaemin left ugly tumbler in hand.

Donghyuck sighs, partially relieved and also partially nervous.

It’s not necessarily the fact that he looks like a walking buffet that scares him, but it totally did. With regular-ass people and undead coexisting for the past 25 years (give or take) as equals, humans were finally getting cozy with the idea of interspecies (species? lifeforms? whatever you want to call it?) relations, which meant that nobody was going to stop a werewolf from sniffing you up at a bar. What would have been frowned upon just 25 years ago, was politely ignored now. Now Donghyuck knows he shouldn’t be so hesitant but the last undead guy he went out with was not the friendliest. We’re all just going to pretend that he didn’t try to kill Jaemin the first time the two met.

That still didn’t stop the human from slapping on a pair of skin-tight jeans paired tastefully with a breezy button-down that was just asking to be ripped open after being invited out drinking with Jaemin, Renjun, and the rest of their ghostly friends. It’s not like he cared for first impressions, but he was in desperate need of some affection.


“Uhm ehem.” Renjun coughed clearly annoyed.

“Sweetheart, you know you’re the only one for me… but I cannot let my friend go out looking all exposed like that! That would be putting his life in danger!”

“You have no right to tell Donghyuck what he can and cannot wear Jaem.” Renjun said, patting his boyfriend’s back.

“Yeah, Nana. Suck it I look fine as hell and there's nothing you can do about it!” Donghyuck stuck his tongue out childishly.

“I never said you didn’t look-”

“LET’S GO MEN!” Renjun shouted with an aggressive undertone. Man, were the tiny ones scary.

Donghyuck had never met any of Jaemin’s friends. As they drove, Renjun reassured him that they were all really chill and there was no need to feel nervous or afraid. Donghyuck was more excited than nervous. Renjun had to be the scariest out of all of Jaemin’s friends and he survived that first encounter, what could go wrong? He hadn’t gone out since god knows when. He was excited to let loose, flirt a little, and have a drink or two.

“Okay Donghyuck, I have six other friends you’ll be meeting tonight. Jaehyun whose devilishly handsome and way too old for you so don’t even think about it, Taeil who I know you’ll definitely get along with, Johnny who’s human, like Junnie and you, Doyoung and Yuta who are probably the most intimidating of the bunch but don’t worry about them they’ll probably just ignore you, and lastly Mark. He’s a little awkward and might also ignore you like the latter two... or not.” Jaemin laughed evilly.

“What are you even up to?” Donghyuck huffed, not liking being left out.

“Nothing! Oh, nothing at all.” Jaemin laughed again.

“You’re scaring him.” Renjun rolled his eyes, his boyfriend was tiring.

They arrived in one piece and made their way into the sketchy, to say the least, club.

“What the fuck is this place? This is not what I was expecting when you said ‘night out on the town’. This is shady as fuck.” Donghyuck shuddered, following Jaemin and Renjun through the crowd of people.

“It’s one of the few clubs that lets all of us in. See, Taeil is a demon, and although most night clubs and bars are fine with werewolves, vampires, and even some zombies, most big-name places don’t allow demons because of the death toll that usually comes with them. But Taeil wouldn’t hurt a soul! He just was born into the wrong family. You know how it goes.”

“...Okay.” Donghyuck stuttered, a little blindsided but glad he was all caught up.

“It’s nothing really to worry about… hey, I see them!” Jaemin smiled.

“JAEMIN!” the tallest one of the bunch yelled excitedly.

“Johnny!! I brought your people!” Jaemin laughed.

“Excuse me?” Was Donghyuck supposed to take offense?

“Well, guys this is my roommate, the one and only Donghyuck who broke my favorite mug when he first saw me phase through my bedroom wall.”

“Why did you have to include that in my introduction.” Donghyuck tried to flick Jaemin's earlobe but he gracefully dodged, smile still blinding.

Donghyuck took a good look around the booth. Johnny, the tall one was sitting next to a kid looking around Donghyuck’s age. He instantly spotted Jaehyun, who had the most perfect skin and the prettiest dimples. Donghyuck had to drag his eyes away from the much older. There were two, maybe vampires(?), sitting on the end talking about something very intensely. Then he noticed a smile directed his way.

“Hi I’m Taeil!” the smile’s owner introduced himself, sticking out a hand. Donghyuck smiled back sweetly and gave the boy’s hand a firm shake.

“My name’s Donghyuck.” Taeil patted the seat next to him and motioned for Donghyuck to sit. He soon noticed Jaemin and Renjun were nowhere in sight.

“The lovers went to the bar to grab drinks. They said they’d grab you one but you were too busy drooling over Jaehyun.” Taeil giggled sweetly. He sipped on something fizzy that smelled like peach.

“How can I not stare? He’s so attractive! Jaemin said he’s like a billion so I can’t hit on him.” Donghyuck frowned, making Taeil laugh harder.

“Yeah, he’s pretty old. The oldest of the vampires at least. We’re actually all pretty old. Besides Johnny and Mark. I mean, Johnny’s lived through more human years than any of us but Yuta and Doyoung over there,” Taeil pointed, ”are centuries old and have lived through many many lifetimes. Jaehyun’s still stuck in the middle ages... old ass bastard, and I’ve been around since the stone age, just in a different realm.” Taeil summed things up pretty casually for someone who just said they were born before Christ.

“So then what’s up with Johnny and the smaller one? Sorry, I forgot his name...” Donghyuck motioned to the two on the other side of Taeil, who were chatting together comfortably.

“Well, Johnny came into our lives when my long-time friend Ten, who isn’t here at the moment, brought him in. Ten really likes him, even though he’s human, and we all took to him easily. He’s such a sweet guy really.” Taeil glanced warmly at Johnny, the affection in his eyes easily recognizable.

“Mark, on the other hand, is kind of our baby. He’s a newly turned vampire. Didn’t think I’d be raising a fucking kid at my age but here we are!” Taeil joked warmly.

“What do you mean, ‘baby’?” Donghyuck asked curiously.

“Well, when one turns they lose their self-control. So even though he was 20 when he turned, he became similar to a baby when it happened. His parents don’t know, they’re pretty religious and he doesn’t plan on telling them anytime soon, so we took him in. He has apparently been close friends with Johnny since ‘forever’... Ha, Mortals am I right? Always so self-absorbed. One thing led to another and he was living in our house. Children I swear. He’s 21 yet he still doesn’t pay rent, like a fucking baby.” Taeil complained.

“So he’s kind of like a little feral child?” Donghyuck chuckled lowly.

“Yeah basically. He needs to feed regularly as well as monitor how much he drinks. He also is still getting accustomed to things like avoiding sunlight, phasing, and all the other fun little novelties that come along with being a creature of the night.”

“Well that doesn’t sound like much fun for any of the rest of you.”

“Johnny likes it. He is much better at dealing with Mark in comparison to the rest of us. It’s probably because Johnny understands the human part of Mark’s mind. Johnny deals with most of Mark’s mental turmoil while the rest of the vampires in the house help him with everything else. Johnny’s also been gracious enough to help us with the blood supply because Mark needs a lot of blood… more than we can get from the blood banks.”

“Taeil will you shut up about everyone’s life stories? Donghyuck came here to have fun!”

“This is fun Jaemin! Stop being mean.” Donghyuck frowned, but still accepted the drink Jaemin handed him.

“Donghyuck dance with me!” Renjun said, pulling Donghyuck out of the booth not even two sips into his drink and dragging him out to the dance floor.

“What the- why me why not Jaemin?” Donghyuck huffed in annoyance but obliged and placed his hands on Renjun’s hips.

“Because Jaemin probably wants to catch up with his boys, and I also need him to feel somewhat jealous. Keeps him on his toes, ya know?” Renjun smiled. Evil Donghyuck thought.

After a few songs passed and Donghyuck had enough of twirling Renjun around platonically, Jaemin and the rest of his gang made their way over to the dance floor to join them.

“Stealing my man? I don’t think so.” Donghyuck felt a hard flick hit his forehead.

“OW! This is your boyfriend’s doing don’t patronize me!” Donghyuck argued, but Renjun beamed happily.

Jaemin and Renjun began to dance, and Taeil, Yuta, Doyoung, and Johnny began bopping along to the music, the four of them at least three rounds of drinks in.

Donghyuck made his way back to the booth. He was eager to finish his drink and maybe flirt with Jaehyun, even if he was a billion years old. No harm no foul, right?

“Oh, uh hi,” Donghyuck said when we saw Mark sitting alone.

“Oh, hi,” Mark said.

“Mark right?” Donghyuck slid into the booth, grabbing his drink.

“Yeah.” The boy laughed awkwardly and gulped down the rest of his drink.

“So I hear you’re a baby vampire?” Donghyuck bit his straw seductively. Since Jaehyun had disappeared, Mark would have to do. Donghyuck thought he was actually pretty handsome at second glance. Even though he looked a bit gangly, the boy had pretty dark eyes and high cheekbones. Mark’s skin flushed at the comment.

“Uh yeah I guess...”

“Why aren’t you dancing?”

“It’s probably not a good idea.” Mark chuckled lowly.


“Might catch a whiff of something I like.” Mark’s pupils blackened, baby fangs peeking out for a long second before his eyes turned back to back to normal and his face turned redder than before.

“Sorry hahaha I don't know what's going on.” Mark said looking around the table for something else to drink, definitely not trying to avoid awkward eye contact or anything.

“It’s okay, heard you can’t really control it.” Donghyuck shrugged easily, moving closer to the other boy and offering him his own drink. How harmful could Mark be? Plus he seemed hot and bothered already. Oh, was Donghyuck just getting started...

“Thanks,” Mark said, accepting the drink.

“So, wanna tell me how it all happened?” Donghyuck batted his eyelashes innocently.

“I mean it’s not that interesting. I was beaten pretty badly, within an inch of my life. There was no way I was gonna survive. It’s illegal to turn humans but I was going to die, so I made a rash decision and called Johnny, knowing his boyfriend could save me. Next thing I knew Ten was biting me on the neck.”

“And he got a boner too. I will never forget that day. You were dying and your dick was like ‘not me bitch I live on!” Jaehyun came out of nowhere.

HYUNG!” Mark yelled angrily. Jaehyun just snickered, obviously showing up solely to embarrass Mark. Donghyuck laughed loudly, amused by Mark’s cherry cheeks. Who knew an undead person could have such bright red cheeks! Definitely not Donghyuck.

“Just here to make sure you weren’t eating Donghyuck alive don’t mind me.” Jaehyun poured himself another shot and graciously poured one for Donghyuck.

“What about me?” Mark pouted. Donghyuck could see why Taeil called Mark a baby.

“You can’t even handle yourself without alcohol.” Jaehyun scoffed, downing to liquid easily. Donghyuck winced at the taste.

“Oh my god hyung really? I swear I’m fine!” Mark pleaded. Jaehyun exhaled loudly before pouring half a shot and sliding it over to Mark.

“If anything happens to Donghyuck I will end you.” Jaehyun’s eyes flashed dark red before he made his way back to the dance floor.

“Oh my god, that was so hot,” Donghyuck whispered as Jaehyun disappeared.

“Oh please, Jaehyun’s such a stick.” Mark rolled his eyes, drinking the shot quickly.

“You can’t be serious. That’s the most alpha, non-werewolf I’ve ever met.” Donghyuck looked at Mark before returning his gaze to the dancing crowd. Mark scoffed again.

“Dance with me?” Mark said.

“I thought you said it was a bad idea.”

“I take it back. It’ll be fun.” Mark smirked.

“Alright then, lead the way.” Donghyuck, amused, said getting out of the booth and letting Mark go first. Mark took Donghyuck’s hand in his and led him to the middle of the crowd. Donghyuck let go of Mark’s hands and wrapped his arms around Mark’s neck. Mark placed his arms around Donghyuck’s waist as if to prove something.

“You gonna move?” Donghyuck scoffed, swaying his own hips to the beat of the current song ringing through the building.

“Busy,” Mark said, shamelessly checking Donghyuck out.

The two danced for a bit before Donghyuck decided to test the waters. He moved closer to kiss Mark’s neck, which elicited a low groan from the older. Donghyuck felt proud, continuing to kiss the tender spot on Mark’s neck. He came to be taken care of tonight, but this was good too. Mark was hot, a little stubborn in a childish way, but hot none the less. And if he was being honest, it just felt good to move his lips against something.

“Donghyuck.” Mark stuttered.

“Hmm?” Donghyuck hummed against the older’s skin.

“I’m hungry.” Mark’s fangs scraped against his own bottom lip.

“You’re hungry?” It took Donghyuck a few moments to register what was happening.

“I’m hungry,” Mark repeated, eyes turning dark, making Donghyuck feel slightly queasy.

“Do you want me to get Johnny?” Donghyuck whispered nervously.

“I’m hungry for something else.” Mark said. Oh what the fu-.

“Let’s go back to the booth,” Donghyuck nodded quietly in response.

Mark held onto Donghyuck’s waist tightly as they walked back to the table. When they arrived, Mark sat down on a chair facing the booth and pulled Donghyuck onto his lap so the younger sat straddling him. Donghyuck was surprised at Mark’s sudden surge of strength.

“You look so pretty.” Mark breathed.

“I always do.” Donghyuck laughed breathily before his breath hitched at the cold feeling of fangs suddenly sinking into his neck.

It hurt, and he moaned at the unexpectedly at the pain, which caused Mark to buck his hips, sucking harder at the tender spot on Donghyuck’s neck. Donghyuck felt dizzy, time slowing and body feeling especially light. Mark was obviously new to this, and was far from gentle, sucking with needy fever and want. Mark brought a hand up to Donghyuck’s head to keep it from falling, other hand groping his ass.

“WHAT THE FUCK MARK!” Donghyuck heard a voice as his consciousness wavered. He felt hands, presumably Mark's, grasp tightly at the back of his thighs.

“MARK STOP! YOU’RE DRAINING HIM!” Jaemin yelled angrily, roughly grabbing Donghyuck and roughly pulling him out of Mark’s hold, Mark’s fangs ripping out of Donghyuck’s neck making Donghyuck cry out in pain.

“FUCKING MARK YOU DUMBASS!” Jaemin cried out furiously, pulling his limp roommate into his arms and cradling his head. Mark’s eyes shifted back to normal and the realization of what he did made him bite his lip in shame and shock.


“I don’t want to hear it! We’ll talk about this later.” Jaemin angrily spat at Mark who recoiled in fear. Jaemin glanced at Renjun who had found the three soon after he heard yelling coming from the table. Renjun gave him a knowing nod and left to go find Johnny and the others. Jaemin gave Mark one last dirty look before carrying Donghyuck outside. He called a Lyft and sat down on the curb, pulling Donghyuck into his side. He knew Donghyuck was barely conscious, but the bite mark left by Mark would leave a nasty scar if he didn’t heal the spot now. Jaemin sighed and moved Donghyuck's head from his shoulder so he had access to Donghyuck’s neck. He gently sucked at the bite until the Lyft arrived, to which he lifted up his friend and placed him in the car first before sliding in himself.