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The Freakiest Friday

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Hank exhaled a long, deep sigh as he entered his house. He's grateful that they finished their paperwork before midnight. The pot of coffee had worn off hours ago.
He slowly slid out of his jacket, threw it onto the couch and he kicked off his shoes. The bright lights in the living room intensified his headache.
Connor closed the door behind them before he removed his jacket in one swift motion. His LED had remained yellow for the past couple of hours. He dreaded the paperwork that accompanied every case given to them. On his own, he’d be fine, but Hank often needed help - especially when he's exhausted himself.
Sumo lifted his head up with a smile as he panted happily, immediately his tail excitedly smacked against the living room floor. He let out a soft ‘boof’.
“Hey, Sumo,” Hank greeted the dog.
“Hi, Sumo,” Connor perked up as he walked over to Sumo. He knelt down to scratch behind Sumo’s ears.
“Ah, Jesus Christ, Sumo!” Hank exclaimed.
Immediately, Connor jumped up to see Hank avoid the large yellow puddle on the kitchen floor. He frowned down at Sumo.
“Sumo,” Connor tiredly mumbled. He walked to the kitchen, grabbed paper towels and disinfectant spray to clean up. Connor didn’t enjoy cleaning up after Hank and Sumo, especially since accidents like this happened frequently the last couple of weeks, “he’s doing this too often, Hank.”
Hank exhaled a short and quiet groan as he dug through the fridge.
“It’s just the second time,” Hank replied gruffly as he pulled out a beer bottle. He knocked the cap off with help from the counter edge.
“The second time this week,” Connor sternly replied. His lips pressed tightly together as the cap rolled by him, “And there might be a third, fourth, and fifth time.”
He plucked the cap out from the puddle then tossed it at the trash can, not missing his target.
“Fuckin’ hell, Connor,” Hank breathed out and rubbed his eyes, the migraine increased, “He just had an accident, it happens.”
Sumo let out a sorrowful whine from the living room.
“It’s concerning, Hank,” Connor continued as he finished cleaning up, “he’ll think that it’s okay to keep doing this because we clean up his mess.”
Hank kept his eyes closed as he rubbed them. He let out a whispered groaned when Connor’s rant continued.
“You’ve become too lenient with Sumo. He needs a routine,” Connor insisted. The headache pulsed faster behind Hank’s eyes. He felt anxiety pulse under his skin as
Connor’s voice became background noise.
Connor was focused on anything, but Hank. He held back the bubbling anger in his abdomen. He had held it down for a while - often told himself that he’d deal with the cause of emotions later, but he kept postponing.
Hank’s focus was clouded by his migraine. He couldn’t handle Connor’s annoyed tone, the bright lights, Sumo’s high-noted whimpers, all while his body ached. Eventually, it all became unbearable.
“I GOT IT!” Hank shouted. Connor went silent at the outburst, “If you want Sumo’s routine to be fucking perfect, then why don’t you do it yourself, huh? I’m too goddamn tired and old to deal with all this shit! So, get off my fucking dick, Connor!”
Connor stared at Hank with wide eyes and mouth slightly agape. His LED rapidly flickered between yellow and red. His shocked reaction soured as his LED settled on red.
“I’m doing my best at caring for you and Sumo! I’m working just as much as you at work and at home! I may be a ‘state of the art prototype’ but I get tired too, Hank!” Connor shouted back. Sumo’s whimpering got louder while he sat between them.
“Oh yeah?” Hank half-laughed, half-sighed, “You’re a goddamn robot! What makes you tired? You can run for days and not give a damn! Shove your stupid ‘state of the art’ nonsense up your ass!”
Connor’s glare remained on Hank as Sumo’s nose pushed into his hand.
Sumo howled sadly, catching both their attention.
Connor knew he needed to leave. He needed to cool off.
Hank was annoyed at everything, from Sumo’s whispered whimper, Connor’s angry glare, to the stench of piss in the kitchen.
“I’m taking Sumo out,” Connor bitterly muttered. Hank remained silent as Connor walked to the door.
“Let’s go, Sumo,” Connor pulled Sumo’s leash off the keyholder by the door.
Sumo whined as he slowly walked to Connor, often looked back to Hank with sad eyes.
Hank felt his chest ache at Sumo’s face, but the anger overpowered him.
Connor slammed the door behind him, which shook the wall and scared Sumo - who yelped.
“Don’t slam the fucking door!” Hank shouted after them.
Connor glared toward the door before he escorted Sumo down the sidewalk.
“Sorry to scare you,” Connor apologized to Sumo.

Inside the house, Hank glared at the door as he muttered, “fucking androids.”
He paced through the kitchen, hands balled into fists. His whole body shook in anger. He needed to punch something.
After a few minutes of grunts, curses, and a stubbed toe, Hank resigned to his bed. The amount of stress he had been under finally boiled over. Although it felt nice to throw and break stuff, he felt guilt take over. He covered his face with his hands as he whispered, “shit.”
He’d have to apologize to both Connor and Sumo, but he’d do that in the morning. Now that the adrenaline rush disappeared, he returned to his exhausted state.
Hank let the exhaustion send him to sleep.

Connor returned twenty minutes later with Sumo curled in his arms. The older dog had gotten tired halfway through their walk, so Connor carried him around. He wanted to come back once Sumo laid on the ground, but he felt antsy. He decided to walk until the anger settled.
When he arrived home the living room lights were still on, but Hank’s room was dark.
The inside was a mess. Hank seemed to have knocked over the kitchen chairs, all the items on the table, and boxes of dry food. The kitchen table had moved to the opposite end of the kitchen. Connor’s face turned emotionless as he shook his head. He won’t clean that up.
He placed Sumo on the couch, returned the leash to the key hook, and lied back into the recliner. Now that the anger had settled, he realized that he deeply regretted his rant. He had repressed any annoyance to address later, but that hadn’t been the right decision. He would need to approach the situation in a different way - and faster so they won’t argue again.
Connor turned his head at Sumo when the dog snored. He smiled softly before he closed his eyes.
He knew that he’d need to apologize to Hank and Sumo. But, they’re both asleep, so he’d wait until the morning.
For now, he needed to rest.
He’d deal with the aftermath later.
Connor relaxed into the chair as he entered stasis.

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The next morning, Connor’s head had a dull ache that matched the rest of his body. It wasn’t his main concern, though.

He wasn’t concerned when he tried to bring up the clock HUD, but received nothing.

He wasn’t alarmed when he didn’t receive any notifications when he exited stasis or received statuses regarding his system.

He was concerned when he woke up in Hank’s bed, body sweaty yet cold.

He felt cold.

He slowly rose with a groan and scooched toward the foot of the bed. He looked down at his body, his mind had gone blank at the sight. He was bigger, his hands larger and hairier, and he wore jeans, a crazy designed button-down, and white socks.

“What…” Connor whispered, then softly held his throat. What is happening? He thought to himself as he ruffled the beard on his chin, cheeks, and upper lips. “... no...”

He stood up and stumbled to the bathroom, barely able to catch himself on the sink to remain upright. The bathroom light temporarily blinded him, but when he saw his reflection, he screamed.

Hank jumped awake, the scream rang loudly in his ears. No sooner than he had opened his eyes, that his vision was obstructed. He yelped at the notifications that flooded his vision.

[Stasis Ended]

[May 13, 2039]

[6:03 AM]

[All systems functional]

He attempted to swat the notifications away with his hands. They disappeared soon after, but Hank was fully alert, awake, and in shock.


He swatted the text away and sat up on the recliner.


Hank paused as he stared at the hallway. The voice sounded like him, but it didn’t make sense.

What the fuck Hank thought.

He needed to know who was there and why they sounded like him. Just as quickly as his thoughts, more notifications took up his field of view.


[Lieutenant Henry Anderson]

Hank swatted at the text again, then narrowed his eyes in the hallway. He slowly rose from the recliner and stalked through the living room.

Hank !”

Hank flattened against the wall and cautiously peeked into the bathroom to see himself . His jaw dropped as he blocked the door.

“What the fuck!” Hank yelled.

Connor jumped as he turned to the door.

“Hank! I need you here!” Connor yelled as he widened his stance. He didn’t know what happened, but the ‘doppelganger’ had him on full alert.

“What? I’m Hank!” Hank shouted back, “Why are you-Why do you look like me!”

Connor remained vigilant.

“What’s going on? Where’s Hank!” Connor demanded.

I’m Hank!” Hank replied, “I don’t know what fuckery is going on, but you better have a good explanation for looking like me!”

“Hank?” Connor relaxed a bit. The angry, sarcastic, and foulmouthed attitude from the doppelganger sounded eerily similar to Hank. “Look in the mirror!”

Hank narrowed his eyes, but obliged - he kept the other in his periphery. He glanced at the mirror, and froze.


“I… What… Uh…” Hank stuttered as he stared at his reflection. The LED at his temple remained red as he silently stared.

“Hank?” Connor called while he gingerly grasped the other’s shoulder.

“What... the… fuck…” Hank whispered.


“Hank!” Connor shouted as he shook the man.

“What the hell is going on!” Hank shouted back.

“I don’t know!” Connor cried out.

“How does--Why did--What!” Hank stuttered as he brought his hands to his head. He paced back and forth through the bathroom.


“Hank! I need you to look at me,” Connor urged as he blocked Hank’s path.

Hank stopped.

“How did this happen?” Hank asked, “is this even real? FUCK - FUCK -this is messed up”


“Hank,” Connor held Hank’s shoulders, “I don’t know how this happened, but this is real . We need to think logically, rationally, and calmly.”

Hank nodded as he looked into his own eyes. Damn, this kid’s good .

Connor watched as the LED circled between red and yellow. Better than before, Connor thought.

“Okay…” Connor trailed off, “Now, we need to figure out how this happened and how to get us back to… normal…”

Hank nodded as he closed his eyes. He focused on their situation. He wanted to know how they became like this.




[Information unavailable]

He kept at it, though. He tried to think of how they could get back to normal.




[Information unavailable]

He ignored the notification and focused on their situation. Despite his rapid thoughts, the notification HUD came back and honed in on one of his ideas.




[Found: 37,230,770 results]

“Freaky friday!” Hank exclaimed. Connor promptly pulled his hands back.

“What?” Connor questioned.

“Goddamn Freaky Friday,” Hank grumbled, “It’s a stupid movie about this kid and her mom switching bodies. She’s in her mom’s body, and vice versa. In the end, they learn a moral lesson about respecting each other.”

Connor skeptically nodded as he listened to Hank.

“So, if we learn our moral lessons, then we could return to our bodies?" Connor asked, still skeptical.

Hank shrugged.

"It's a stupid plan, but better than nothing."

“I suppose so,” Connor said then scrunched his face in mild pain, “I think I’m hungry.”

Soon after, his stomach growled.

Hank looked at his - now Connor’s - stomach, then up at his face. Slowly, he realized Connor's situation.

"Holy shit-HA!" Hank laughed, "Good luck being human, kid."

Connor glared.

"You could be a little more sympathetic," Connor scolded, "I've never prepared food before."

"Eat some cereal," Hank shrugged, "Cereal, milk and a bowl, that's it."

"Okay, sounds easy," Connor said and quickly grabbed some aspirin and swallow it. His face scrunched in disgust, "ugh-ew, that’s horrible."

Hank chuckled as he left the bathroom.

[Incoming call: Officer Miller]

Hank stopped in the hallway as he looked at the notification.

"Uh-" he trailed, "Hello?"

"What?" Connor’s eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

"How do I answer calls?" Hank asked.

"You… just… answer it?" Connor attempted to explain.

"Fuckin--Shit! Hello, Chris," Hank babbled as he raised his hand - forgetting for a second that he had no phone.

"Connor?" Officer Miller asked, "Are you okay?"

"I-uh-um-yeah, just…" Hank glanced at Connor for help,"Stubbed my toe?"

Connor sighed loudly as he covered his face.

"O-Okay? So, we need you and Lt. Anderson to come in early. There was a homicide at Hemlock Park. Three dead, two human and one android,” Officer Miller summarized, “get over here ASAP, CSI is almost done here.”

“All right,” Hank said, “We’ll be right over.”

“Okay, see you soon,” Officer Miller said then ended the call.

Connor stared at Hank.

“What?” Hank asked.

“I didn’t hear the call,” Connor explained, “What did he say?”

“Oh-um, three dead at Hemlock Park. We gotta get going now,” Hank replied sternly as he nodded his head to the bedroom, “Go get changed and we’ll grab some food on the way.”

“No shower? I can't even brush my teeth?" Connor pleaded. He could almost taste his own horrible breath.

"Maybe later," Hank’s uncertain tone didn’t reassure Connor as he was pushed toward the bedroom, "we just need to get through today and figure out how to get back to normal."

Connor mumbled in agreement before he changed - and paid no attention to the aesthetic of the clothes, only that it had to be clean.

They were about to leave the house when Connor pulled Hank back.

"Where's Sumo?" Connor asked as he looked around the living room.

"Fu-uck!" Hank drawled out the word as he looked around the room. "Sumo! C'mon, boy, you're comin’ along."

There was no answer.


"Sumo!" Hank called again, his voice louder.

"Hank, could Sumo have gotten out?” Connor asked, then looked around, “I locked the door last night.”

Hank paused as he thought of ways Sumo could’ve left, then the world paused as his vision became monochromatic and notifications appeared over the couch and recliner. He focused his attention on the notifications when he saw that they contained a lot of Sumo’s fur.

“Ugh, gross,” Hank commented.

“What is it?” Connor asked.

“Sumo’s definitely been on the couch,” Hank reported before he mumbled, “gotta throw the whole damn couch away.”

The scan paused and restarted constantly as Hank steadily walked through the house. Finally, he stopped by the slightly ajar door at the end of the hallway. He entered, scanned the room, and called out to Connor, "Dammit! He got out through the window in here!"

The room was filled with stacks of boxes - some pushed over and crushed - and filled black trash bags that looked worn from time. Connor saw the window at the back was pushed out.

Hank inspected the window and saw how neglected it was. He hadn't bothered the room in years, evident in the various spider webs, mostly undisturbed dust, and the thick and humid air.

He looked at the disturbed dusty floors and open window and concluded that Sumo broke out last night.

“Shit,” Hank muttered as he looked out the window. The backyard was empty, so Sumo must’ve jumped the fence and wandered away. “He’s gone, Connor.”

Connor frowned as he felt an ache in his chest. He truly loved and cared for Sumo, and now that he is gone, Connor deeply missed him.

“We have to look for him,” Connor pleaded.

“We have to go to work first,” Hank argued back. A notification popped up.

[Mission Objective: Solve Case]

“But, Sumo!” Connor countered, “He could get stolen or hurt or killed !”

“I know!” Hank bellowed then paused when he turned around.

Connor’s lips curled down into a deep frown, his eyes watered, and his breathing had increased slightly. Hank had to think of a plan that would satisfy both of them,

“I’ll put an APB on Sumo, we’ll head to Hemlock Park, and look for him at lunch, okay?” Hank assured Connor with a soft pat on his shoulder.

Connor opened and closed his mouth several times before he nodded. That’s the best plan they have right now.

“Okay,” Connor agreed, “Let’s go.”

They left to the car and Hank took his usual driver’s seat as Connor sat as a passenger - although with their situation it was odd to see themselves in opposite settings.

“Can’t believe you’re driving my car,” Hank muttered as they left the house.

“You never let me drive,” Connor replied tensely, “and you’re just in my body - technically you’re still driving.”

Hank grunted.

“Yeah, I guess,” He replied, “We can’t raise suspicion when we get there. We barely understand what happened, and looping other’s in would be too confusing.”

“What if they can help?” Connor countered.

“How? This isn’t common, hell it’s not even rare. This shit is the first time it happened,” Hank rambled then stopped himself and continued in a softer tone, “Let’s just - not make it complicated. Okay? We got this.”

Connor hummed a doubt filled ‘okay’ as he stared out the window.

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[Investigate Crime Scene]

As they arrived at the crime scene, Connor had finished his breakfast burrito - one of Hank's usual/go-to breakfast choice. There was no time to savor the taste as Connor was too hungry to care.

They had a few odd stares at the sight of Connor’s body driving Hank’s car, but they soon dissipated at the sight of Hank’s state of exhaustion. 

The two detective’s exchanged a knowing glance before Hank - in Connor’s body - took the lead.

“Hello, Officer Miller,” Hank spoke clearly and firmly, “we would like a briefing of the… incident.”

Officer Miller nodded and began.

[Understand What Happened] 

Hank started Connor’s usual procedure of multitasking between listening to the briefing, analyzing evidence, and reconstructing the crime scene. Although, Hank found that it was easier said than done, as he’d never multitasked this much and certainly hadn’t a clue on how to analyze and reconstruct as an android.

Connor noticed Hank’s hesitation and furrowed brows as he intensely stared at the crime scene. He excused himself from Officer Miller’s briefing and walked up to Hank.

“Are you okay?” Connor asked.

“Hm…” Hank replied, “I’ve never done… this… before.”

Hank’s vague gesture toward the crime scene seemed odd to outside observers, but Connor understood.

“You need to concentrate,” Connor offered, “one object at a time, and eventually the reconstruction software will alert you when you’ve collected enough data.”

“Okay, thanks,” Hank whispered and Connor hummed, ‘uh-huh’ as he returned to Officer Miller.

“Sorry about that,” Connor apologized, “uh--go ahead. Floor’s all yours.”

Officer Miller eyed Connor carefully, but brushed it off and continued.

Hank bent down to inspect the nearest piece of evidence labeled and concentrated on the object. Several seconds passed, and Hank clenched his jaw.

“C’mon, you stupid--” Hank started, but stopped when the analysis program started up. He nearly jumped in shock, but was distracted by the information pop-ups that detailed everything about the evidence.

The blood stain was several hours old and type B negative. 

“Okay,” Hank said as he stood and moved to the next evidence marker. He knelt and concentrated again.

The blood spatter indicated that a weapon was used - by the amount of blood, it was a sharp weapon.

He kept going, moving all across the crime scene, until he stopped at the victims. He started with the humans.

The first victim he examined had three knife wounds to the chest and one across the neck. He noticed that her forehead had a large bruise, a hairline fracture on her skull, and several more bruises littered her arms, shoulders, and behind her neck.

[White, Jessica]

[Height: 5’6’’ - Weight: 122 lbs]

[Estimated time of Death: 06:14AM]

“Jesus,” Hank muttered. He stood up and moved to the next victim.

The next victim had two gunshot wounds - on in the chest and the other in his forehead.

[White, Harry]

[Height: 6’ 0” - Weight - 184.6 lbs]

[Estimated time of death: 6:15 AM]

The last victim was an android. He had one gunshot wound to the forehead.

[PL600 Model #435 928 710]

[Moser, Michael]

[Estimated time of death: 6:11AM]

Hank stood up and looked around the crime scene. The reconstruction software booted up, notified him that he’s collected enough data, and he started.

The victims were ambushed from behind by four suspects. There was a struggle between one suspect and Jessica, and she was hit in the temple with the butt of a gun and then the suspect switched to a knife. Another suspect shot Michael, killing him instantly, and Jessica got up and fought back. Two suspects left early, while the last two killed Jessica and Harry.

Once Hank exited the reconstruction, he immediately looked at the path the other two suspects left through. The analysis program booted up again.

There were four sets of footprints, two larger ones - he assumed males - a smaller one - perhaps a female - and the last one was tiny - a child.

“The bastards,” Hank muttered.

“What is it?” Connor asked as he walked up to Hank.

“Four guys ambushed Jessica, Michael, and Harry. There were two others with them - one female and one child. Two of the suspects kidnapped the woman and child, while the other two killed the rest,” Hank summarized. His jaw clenched as he stared at the path of tiny footprints, “the woman was target, but they took the child too.”

“Any information on who the woman might be?” Connor asked.

He concentrated on bringing up Jessica Moser and Harry Moser’s information. He needed everything available, from social media accounts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, criminal records. He got everything he needed within milliseconds.

“Lauren Moser and the kid was Ryan Moser, Lauren’s son,” Hank said then paused, “she has two kids, C--Hank… Baxter, he’s a little older than Ryan.”

“Do you think he was here too?” Connor asked.

“The evidence doesn’t show it, but…” Hank trailed off as he studied the footprints again.

Connor seemed to understand, as he sighed loudly.

“Who would do this,” Connor said softly, “she was only a mom, and they took her kids too…”

“Let’s find them before anything bad happens,” Hank said sternly.

“Yeah…” Connor stared at the android.

“No use,” Hank said, “he’s too far gone.”

Connor frowned as he turned away from the corpses.

“We need to solve this case, fast,” Connor replied, his voice tight with anger.

“We will,” Hank confirmed. He turned to the crime scene and brought up the analysis program once more. He needed to find as much evidence as he can, from the crime scene and into the streets - if he has to. Although his chest tightened - all centered near his thirium pump regulator - he also felt his hand curl tighter as he glared at the scene. 

What if it had been Cole… or Connor... Hank felt a new conviction take over his body, and soon a new, bolder, and long-term mission objective popped up.

[Mission Objective: Find Suspects At All Costs]

“Hank,” Connor whispered as he kept his back toward the crime scene. He felt that if he saw the bodies - the gore - that he’d throw up, “we should scout the area - see if you can pick up anything.”

“Already on it,” Hank replied and scoured the edge of the crime scene. He eventually followed the path the suspects took and stopped at the farthest end of the street. They took a vehicle to get away.

Hank knelt beside the road, but he couldn’t find a proper tire marks, footprints, or speck of dirt that indicated what type of vehicle, the places the suspects have been based on dirt or dust or speckle of shit. He stood up and looked up at the buildings. At least one of the places nearby must’ve had a CCTV camera that faced near the park.

“CCTV…” Hank muttered as he looked around.

“Okay, then look for some,” Connor said then tapped Hank’s forehead.

“Oh, right,” Hank said then closed his eyes to concentrate.


[Found 15 available CCTV cameras]

“Shit, fucking shithole of a place,” Hank muttered. Connor snorted.

Hank concentrated once more, and each of the CCTV footages raced through his mind - until he came across one vehicle; it drove too fast, looked out of place for the area, and it’s path seemed too erratic, yet well thought out, and it only showed in two cameras. Although he couldn’t identify the license plate, he managed to follow it as far north and west as he could, and lost it on the freeway.

“Black SUV, tinted windows, it went north, then west, and onto Southfield Freeway,” Hank reported, “I couldn’t see the license plate.”

Connor hummed as he thought it over.

“We can’t do much without that license plate number,” Connor thought out loud.

“No shit,” Hank replied, “and there’s enough shady fuckers around that finding this specific one would either take too long or lead to a dead end.”

“We should try looking into Lauren’s history - maybe she might’ve known them,” Connor replied.

“We could give it a try,” Hank shrugged, “need to head back to the precinct, though.”

“Um - Hank?” Officer Miller spoke up. Both men turned to look at him. “Can I talk to you for a moment."

It wasn’t until they looked at each other that they noticed their odd behavior.

“I-Uh-Sure, Offi--I mean--Chris,” Connor stuttered out and walked several paces away. 

Hank turned away to finally assess the many notifications that started to appear. He didn’t know he’s been ignoring them - perhaps it was because he concentrated solely on the case, but now that he’s had a break, the programs within him decided to finally post reports.

Just like my damn computer. Hank thought.

“Is Connor okay?” Officer Miller asked.

“He’s--” Connor glanced at Hank, who stared off into the distance, “I think he’s doing okay.”

That was a half-truth.

“He’s acting a bit… odd,” Miller continued, “Maybe you’re finally having an influence on him… A bad one though. I’ve never heard him curse that much.”

Officer Miller chuckled.

“Haha,” Connor laughed dryly, “Yeah, I should probably say something about that.”

Another half-truth.

“Nah,” Officer Miller said, “doesn’t bother me much, but it’s surprising… Reminds me of you when you first started.”

Connor felt his heart increased. He hardly knew anything about Hank’s early years in the DPD. Hank never talked about it and Connor had never thought of mentioning it.

Connor cleared his throat.

“I suppose,” He commented, “Maybe this case pushed his - uh - buttons.”

Officer Miller laughed at that.

“Yeah, maybe,” Miller chuckled.

The mood took a sour turn, and Connor felt it.

“Did he pick up anything?” Officer Miller asked.

Connor nodded.

“A woman was kidnapped, along with her child,” Connor reported, “Lauren Moser and Ryan Moser. She has another son... Baxter.”

Officer Miller hummed as he let the information soak in and he thought through his own theories.

“I’ll send out a welfare check on Baxter,” Miller suggested, “I hope he’s with a relative.,. Jesus Christ.”

Despite Officer Miller’s lack of words, Connor understood the last part. 

They both hoped that Baxter was some place else, and he wasn’t kidnapped. They didn’t have a motive, but the case felt grim and left Connor’s stomach achingly churn. The thought of two children being injured, or worse, left Connor in a melancholic mood.

“All right, we’ll head back to the precinct to look into Lauren’s past,” Connor informed, “Maybe she was involved with the wrong people at some point.”
“Yeah, seems like the best plan for now,” Officer Miller agreed, “Don’t overwork yourself, all right.”

“Sure-yeah-Thanks, Chris,” Connor said as he looked at Officer Miller and smiled.

“No problem,” Officer Miller smiled back as he patted Connor’s shoulder.

“Hank!” Hank called out, “let’s go! I'm done here!"

Connor gave a weak wave to Officer Miller as he walked back over to Hank.

“What was that about?” Hank asked.

“We’re acting too out of character,” Connor whispered as he escorted Hank away, “You need to act more like… well me.”

“No problem, just need to act like I have a stick up my ass,” Hank joked.

Connor shook his head as he grimaced.

“Fine, then I’ll just act like a juvenile, cranky old man,” Connor retorted.

“Oh, fuck you,” Hank glared, but his eyes softened as he smiled.

Connor smiled back.

[Objective: Completed]

Chapter Text

[Get Hank Food]

“I’m not eating at the Chicken Feed,” Connor said as they slowed down near the food truck.

“Well, tough shit, kid,” Hank replied, “We gotta keep up this charade and that means you eat whatever I used to eat.”

“You don’t have a say in this, Hank,” Connor replied, “ I’m the one that’s hungry, so I’m going to choose what I get to eat.”

Hank parked the car and looked at Connor. He was tired of always arguing with the Android, but he’d have to lose this battle.

“Fine,” Hank gave in, “Where do you want to eat?”

Connor paused as he thought. He’s been given the opportunity to eat food, so his first lunch should be something delicious, yet healthy. He wanted to have some type of meat for protein, definitely with vegetables, but he also craved something else. He couldn’t quite figure out what the last part was, but he hoped he’d know when he sees the food.

“A sandwich,” Connor finally spoke, “I want a sandwich.”

Hank shrugged as he slightly smirked.

“All right, you’re the boss,” Hank sarcastically replied and then left the Chicken Feed.

It hadn’t taken long to find the nearest sandwich shop on the way back to the precinct. There were so many on the way, but Hank always liked this one more - perhaps because this place was opened the longest or that he’d survived college buying food from here. Nonetheless, he hoped Connor would enjoy this place as well.

“Hygrade Deli?” Connor thought out loud.

“Yeah, this place ain’t so bad,” Hank said as he parked the car, “we gotta just grab the food and go, so you better know what you want.”

Connor slightly frowned.

“Fine, but I’m also craving something,” Connor said, vaguely.

“What? Something sweet? Salty? Greasy?” Hank asked as they walked to the door.

“I’m not sure,” Connor said as he looked at the painted sign on the side of the wall. Hygrade Deli. Breakfast. Lunch. Since 1955

He tried to do the math on how old this place is, but he found that he wasn’t as fast.

“It’s been here since 1955,” Connor said.

“Yep, nearly one hundred years old,” Hank said as they entered. “Gotta be, what, eighty-four years now?”

“Just about,” Connor replied, finally able to do the math. Hank grabbed the nearest menu off an empty table and gave it to Connor.

“Hurry up and choose,” Hank said. A few of the customers looked at them, and few glared at Hank. Although their stares didn’t bother Hank, it had bothered Connor.

“All right,” Connor said as he focused on the menu. He flipped through it and handed it back, “Grilled chicken sandwich”

“Okay, not bad,” Hank said as he went to the employee, “Want anything to drink?”

“Um--”Connor paused.

“Eh, don’t worry about it,” Hank said, “I got you - hey, a - uh - chicken sandwich, side of pickles, and a large lemonade.”

Connor could feel eyes on him, which was unsettling and had him anxious. He looked around the room and saw a few people’s faces turned in disgust and disdain toward Hank. 

Is this what Hank had to deal with when I’m around? Connor thought to himself. He turned away from them and placed himself between them and Hank. He may not be as strong as his android body, but he’d fight anyone that would harass and harm Hank - even if Hank was stronger than him at the moment.

“What’s wrong?” Hank asked.

Connor hesitated.

“Uh-Nothing,” Connor lied, “I’m-uh-just hungry”

Connor knew that Hank knew he had lied. He didn’t know why he lied. Perhaps he wanted to avoid a scene where Hank would confront the prejudiced people or he didn’t want Hank to know that they were here - judging him.

“Okay?” Hank trailed off, “So, Chris put out a welfare check on Baxter, right? Turns out the kid is missing, too.”

“What happened?” Connor asked.

“He was at his grandparent’s house when some guys broke in and took the kid with them.”

“That’s unsettling,” Connor said, “That means they have a plan for all of them.”

“Yeah, so we gotta work fast,” Hank said then grabbed Connor’s food, “And Sumo’s still out there. I don’t know if we might have time to look for him.”

Connor frowned as they exited the restaurant.

“I hope he’s okay,” Connor said, “I hope they’re all okay.”

“Sumo’s a gentle giant. He’ll be fine,” Hank assured, “but we should focus on the case. We might end up pulling all-nighters.”

Connor worried over that. He had no problem working hours on end as an android, but now that he’s human, he has to also take care of himself. Also, he started to doubt their ability to finish this case in time to find all three victims alive. He never doubted their capabilities in the field, in fact, he was confident that they’d always finish the case. But, they’ve found themselves in a precarious situation and thrust into a case that required both men to do what they’re good at.

“We should ask for help,” Connor suggested as they entered the car.

“Uh-I don’t know about that,” Hank replied, “We gotta run that by Fowler and pray that someone isn’t busy, too.”

Hank’s reply didn’t make Connor feel better. In fact, he felt hopeless, yet he was ready to work all night and day to find Lauren and her kids.

“Right,” Connor replied.

Hank handed the food to Connor before he left the parking lot.

“For now, eat up,” Hank said.

[Objective: Completed]

Connor opened the bag and unwrapped his sandwich. The smell of hot chicken, mayo, and toasted bread made his mouth water. He took a bite and smiled as he chewed.

“Th’s gud,” Connor said as he chewed. His chest warmed as he relaxed in the seat. He eagerly ate half the sandwich before he fished out the pickles and took a bite as well. His face soured, “ugh”

Hank chuckled.

“Try them together,” Hank suggested.

Connor took a bite of the pickle and then his sandwich. He liked this better.

“Yep, maybe we can have you try other stuff, too,” Hank said as he turned onto the freeway, “being human ain’t so bad when you have food like that. It makes life a little better.”

Despite the depressing undertone of his words, Connor nodded in agreement. There’s a lot of stress to life, yet so many people - androids included - find ways to enjoy what they were given. Humans have turned their basic survival needs into a positive and gratifying experience.

Connor tried the lemonade next.

He loves lemonade.

While Connor enjoyed his lunch, Hank focused on multitasking. He found that multitasking was effortless as an android. 

He had explored deeper into the DPD database on any related files for Lauren or anyone she’d been in contact with. He had found out that she was a police informant. That troubled him. The files related to her disclosures were encrypted, so he’d have some paperwork to file. He’d also have to run it by Fowler.

“Lauren was a police informant,” Hank said. Connor paused his eating as he looked at Hank, shocked.

“What?” He said through a mouthful of food.

“There’s not much details I can get right now, but the basics are more than enough to keep this ball rolling,” Hank said. Connor swallowed and he put his sandwich aside.

“Someone must’ve told the people she was spying on,” Connor said, “They might’ve killed her already.”

Hank didn’t argue, because that morbid thought had already crossed his mind.

“Or they’re biding their time,” Hank said, “... if her kidnappers are part of a gang or mafia, then they’d want to make an… example outta her.”

“What about Ryan and Baxter?” Connor uttered. His stomach started to turn in knots as his chest ached.

“I don’t know,” Hank replied solemnly.

He hoped the kids would be unharmed and alive when they’re found, but his pessimistic side hinted that they might be used against Lauren. His hopeful side retaliated to his pessimism by praying that those bastards had a heart and won’t harm the kids.

“How many gangs is the DPD investigating,” Connor asked.

“Too damned many,” Hank replied, “It’s always been like a game of cat and mouse. Each time we get close to taking them down, they’d slip right out of our fingers.”

“How?” Connor asked.

“Some would hire a team of lawyers to weasel their way outta court,” Hank listed, “some knew how to find pressure points, so they’d blackmail, threatened, and even paid their way out of the investigation.”

“I think they used that to their advantage, here,” Connor proposed, “they used one of our own to get information that’ll benefit them… and they found out about Lauren.”

“That’s usually the case,” Hank said, “then we’ll need to find our weak link.”

Connor hummed in agreement.

“We should leave that to internal affairs,” Connor said, “while we focus on finding Lauren.”

“Yeah,” Hank reluctantly agreed. He wanted to beat the backstabber into a coma. He felt betrayed, angry, and disgusted toward the traitor. He wanted to destroy them.

[Mission Objective: Identify Dirty Cop]

Chapter Text

Connor crumbled up his lunch bag and finished the last of his lemonade as they entered the receptionist entrance to the precinct. He tossed away his trash, nodded to the receptionist, and left to the back.

Hank walked beside Connor as they made their way to their desks. They stumbled and awkwardly danced around each other - remembering their situation and that they can’t use their own computers.

“This is gonna take some getting used to,” Hank commented as he sat down and looked at Connor’s computer, “how do I--ya know?”

“Just… interface with it,” Connor tried, “put your hand on the keyboard, retract your skin, and concentrate on the computer.”

Connor turned to Hank’s computer and typed in ‘ fuckingpassword ’. The ease of entering Hank’s computer worried him, but only a bit.

Hank grumbled as he followed Connor’s instructions, but found it easier said than done. He put his hand up and back down several times before he gave up.

“Fuck this,” He mumbled, “I’m getting a coffee.”

Connor looked up at Hank, eyes wide.

“You can’t drink coffee,” Connor reminded.

“Then I’m getting you coffee,” Hank replied as he stood up and walked away.

“Thanks?” Connor replied, then started looking through Hank’s computer. 

He sighed deeply at the amount of time it took for him to find the right reports to fill out and file. He missed being able to do one simple task within milliseconds. Maybe this is why Hank always seemed so agitated after paperwork. It took him longer to type, edit, and send it to the right departments.

Hank casually made his way toward the break room, while he split his attention between coffee and Lauren. 

The social networks she was on hadn’t suggested that she was involved in a bad crowd. In fact, she looked like she was living decently. 

He grabbed his usual coffee mug and grabbed the pot of coffee.

He even looked into her friend’s and family’s backgrounds and social media, but they seemed as normal and decent as her.

He grabbed some sugar, poured it in, and added the coffee to dissolve the sugar.

Since there weren’t any helpful leads from online activity, then they’d have to do things the old fashioned way.

Hank was shoved aside as someone grabbed the coffee pot out of his hand.

“Outta the way, dickhead,” Detective Reed grumbled as he poured himself some coffee.

“Well, ‘scuse you,” Hank muttered as he grabbed his mug and turned away.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Detective Reed growled as he shoved the coffee pot back into the machine.

Hank clenched his jaw and closed his eyes. 

Shit. I need to act more like Connor. He thought to himself, then turned to Detective Reed. Ah, fuck it, this guy’s been a pain in Connor’s ass for far too long.

Hank stared down at Detective Reed, his eyes narrowed and glared into Reed’s eyes. Reed didn’t back down as he stepped closer and glared right back.

“You know, a lot of decent humans say ‘excuse me’ when trying to get past another person,” Hank started, “You should try saying it more often.”

Reed sneered at him.

Stubborn jackass , Hank thought.

“Oh yeah?” Reed replied as he dryly chuckled, “And how would you know? You’re just a fucking machine .”

Just need to sound like Connor.

“I assume my successor has been a great benefit to you?” Hank replied, “since you’ve been able to take more breaks.”

The change of subject surprised Reed, but he subtly showed his reaction.

“We’re a good team,” Reed replied, his arms crossed as he studied Hank. “A lot better than you and Anderson.”

“Hm,” Hank hummed, “Lieutenant Anderson does things at his own pace, which in turn makes the case have more substantial evidence. A case with no faults or weak points would hold stronger in court, unlike the Walter Case.”

Detective Reed’s jaws tightened as his face tinted red.

“Phck. You,” Reed growled.

“Excuse me, Detective,” Hank smirked, “I have to return to work.”

Hank walked past Reed, who trembled in anger. 

Hank almost snickered.

“Fucking machines,” Reed cursed as he stormed away from the break room.

“Good luck on your case, Detective,” Hank shouted as he left the break room as well.

His smug face had gone neutral as he watched Connor work. The concentration on his face seemed both comical and concerning.

Is that what I look like? Hank thought to himself as he walked closer to Connor. 

“Here, a nice hot cup of coffee,” Hank said as he placed the mug on the desk.

Connor looked at the mug and his face coiled in disgust.

“It smells… weird,” Connor tried to explain.

“It’s coffee,” Hank assured, “that’s what it smells like.”

Connor’s sense of smell was unlike his android counterpart. As an android, he could identify what a smell could originate from but never experienced it with emotion. Now, he could smell anything sour, salty, sweet, and everything in between. 

And he didn’t like how coffee smelled.

But, he was curious about what it would taste like.

So, he picked up the mug and took a sip. His face contorted in disgust as he put the mug back down.

“Ugh, it’s cold,” Connor commented.

“Then, it’s a nice cup of coffee,” Hank said as he walked toward his side of the desk.

“It tastes horrible,” Connor gagged.

“So it’s just a cup of coffee. Drink up ‘cause you’ll need the energy,” Hank said as he tried to interface with the terminal once more.

“Is there anything you can add to it? To make it taste better?” Connor asked.

“I added sugar,” Hank shrugged.

“It needs more,” Connor said as he stood up with the mug.

“Add half-and-half,” Hank suggested, “or those tiny cups of creamer in the cabinet.”

Connor nodded and lazily waved as he walked away.

Hank sighed in relief when he accessed the terminal. The analysis program started up once more, and he searched through the whole database for anything related to their case.

When the program ended, he sat back and let the information soak in.

“Connor! Get in here,” Captain Fowler shouted from his office door. Hank looked at Connor in the break room, before he remembered that he was Connor.

[Talk to Cpt. Fowler]

He quickly stood up and walked briskly to Fowler’s office. He closed the door behind him and awkwardly stood in front of the desk.

“Yes, Captain?” Hank asked,

“This case is a fucking nightmare,” Fowler groaned, “but it’ll be your last one with Hank.”

Hank’s eyebrows rose as his eyes widened slightly.

“Pardon?” Hank replied.

“You’re training’s almost over, and once this case is over you’ll be working solo on the next one,” Fowler explained, “I’m leaving it to you to give Hank the good news. He won’t be babysitting you, anymore.”

Hank felt his heart slightly drop. He liked having Connor as a partner, even if the DPD didn’t prefer that arrangement, but it gave them the chance to lean on each other.

“Why couldn’t we tell Hank sooner?” Hank asked.

Fowler groaned.

“I’m not having that conversation again,” Fowler waved, “now get out.”

Hank wanted to prod Fowler more, but he wanted to hear Connor’s side of the story.

“Okay,” Hank replied, “Have a good day, Captain.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Fowler muttered. 

[Objective: Completed]

Hank left the office and headed back to his desk. Connor had returned from the break room and happily sipped at his coffee.

“The hazelnut creamer is good,” Connor commented.

Hank smiled as Connor sipped more, both hands hugged the mug, and he had leaned into the chair.

The heaviness in his chest lifted at the sight.

“Yeah, that one’s pretty good,” Hank replied as he sat down at the desk.

“Oh, I put in a request for information about Lauren,” Connor informed, “I’m not sure how long the process would take, but I was thinking we should examine her residence while we waited.”

“Good thinking,” Hank agreed, “She lived at a couple of places. Let’s try the nearest one first.”

“Okay,” Connor nodded, “Can we stop by a coffee shop for better coffee?”

Hank smiled.

“You’re the boss.”

[Get Hank More Coffee]

Chapter Text

[Objective: Completed]

Lauren’s apartment was located in downtown Detroit, on the tenth floor of a nearly twenty-floor building. Hank remembered when this apartment building had been for luxury apartments, but better buildings had appeared, making this one obsolete. It had turned into a low-rent apartment building.

Hank had managed to convince the building manager to let them into Lauren’s apartment, while Connor sipped at his iced coffee and scrolled through Hank’s phone. He hadn’t found anything too private since Hank kept his phone to the bare basics of coworker’s numbers, music apps, video streaming apps, and a few games. He’d have to try a couple of the games later when they’re not working.

Hank and Connor exited the elevator and followed behind the manager to Lauren’s apartment door. The manager opened the door and mumbled a ‘good luck’ while he stood outside - he was there to monitor their activity.

They slowly entered the apartment and shared a confused look.

“It’s… spotless,” Connor spoke and Hank hummed as he looked at the studio apartment.

He did a quick scan of the apartment as he walked around. Connor stayed by the door to ask the manager questions about Lauren.

“Are there any nearby daycare centers that Ms. Moser would have sent her two sons' to?” Connor asked.

The manager shook his head.

“Haven’t been a daycare in this area for a long time… and I didn’t know she had kids,” he commented. Connor’s brows furrowed in confusion, but he pressed on.

“What do you know about her?” Connor insisted.

The manager sighed as he shrugged.

“Not much. She’s a nice lady and always paid rent and utilities on time. She passed all her apartment inspections… quiet neighbor, kids aren’t too loud I guess,” he listed.

Connor narrowed his eyes as he nodded.

Hank wandered back to the entrance as he listened to their conversation.

“Children are loud, messy, and hyperactive,” Hank spoke up, “she can’t have brought them here… It’s too clean… and organized.”

The manager looked around the apartment before he nodded and shrugged again.

“Maybe she’s raising them well? They could be cleaning up after themselves--”

“No… Children are often rebellious, curious, and enjoy making messes,” Hank interrupted, “She has two boys.”

The manager listened as he looked around the apartment.  He slowly comprehended what Hank hinted at.

“You think she might have another place?” The manager asked.

“This could only be her documented place of residence,” Hank continued.

“She might have a place that she’s kept a secret,” Connor shared, “did you find anything?”

Hank shook his head.

“Nothing,” Hank sighed, “Let’s head back. Thank you, again.”

The manager nodded as he locked the apartment door after they exited. Connor fidgeted with the coffee straw as they returned downstairs. Hank ran several searches related to Lauren, Jessica, Harry, and the grandparents of the two boys. He pushed them to the background of his HUD while he silently followed Connor.

They had hit another dead end.

Both remained quiet as they left the building. Connor continued to play with the straw as he thought about their case. Knowing that a fellow member of the DPD had fed information to a criminal group made him feel incredibly uncomfortable. 

He felt exposed, even if the person didn’t know him. There’s also the twisting heaviness in his gut that followed after he thought about the cop.

“We should tell Captain Fowler about the dirty cop,” Connor admitted.

Hank hummed, acknowledging Connor’s statement as they entered the ccar. He was conflicted, though. He wanted to catch the bastard on his own - show him what happened to traitors - but he knew that Fowler deserved to know. Eventually, he settled to agree with Connor.

“You’re right,” Hank agreed, “and nothing good will come out of keeping it from Fowler.”

Connor looked at Hank, slightly shocked.

“You didn’t want to tell him, did you?” Connor said.

Hank remained silent again and debated telling Connor his intentions.

He didn’t want to keep secrets from Connor, but he didn’t want Connor’s perspective of him to change. The brief silence unnerved both men.

“Thought about it,” Hank finally admitted, “there’s a code everyone in law enforcement abides by, Connor. You don’t break your oath, no matter what… the bastards that do are worse than the criminals we bring in… They’re the fucking scum of society.”

Connor listened in silence as he let the information sink in. The depth of Hank’s hatred toward dirty cops uneased him, yet he empathized with Hank. 

“I understand,” Connor softly replied, “Fowler shares the same perspective, right?”

“No doubt about it,” Hank confirmed.

“Good,” Connor nodded, “that means there are only four people we can trust… You, me, Captain Fowler, and Nines.”

“What about Reed?” Hank asked.

“That’s… debatable,” Connor replied slowly as he looked out the window.

Hank chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s how I felt about him at first, but he’s just an asshole,” Hank smirked, “we can trust him.”

“If you say so, Lieutenant,” Connor mused.

Hank gave a half chuckle, half exhale to that reply, before he turned on some music. The usual death metal was switched to heavy metal so it could fit his current mood. He also wondered if Connor had ever gotten around to listening to music - any type - that he’d like. Instantly, the search HUD appeared again.

[Music Search History]

[Results: 860,342 search results]

He glanced at Connor, unsure if this was an invasion of privacy. After a moment of debate, he decided that this wasn’t too serious. Connor wouldn’t mind, right?

[Most Popular

 Song: Bohemian Rhapsody

 Artist: Queen

 Album: A Night At The Opera

 Released: 31 October 1975]

He smirked as pulled his attention back to driving. Connor didn't seem to notice Hank’s smugness.

“So…” Hank started, “Bohemian Rhapsody?”

Connor felt his body temperature drop as he froze in place. He hadn’t realized that Hank has access to all stored files within his body.

“I-uh-It’s a very popular song,” Connor stammered, “it’s been over sixty years and the song is still popular.”

Hank couldn’t agree more. The song was a timeless classic.

“Yeah, I’m sure everyone knows the lyrics by heart,” Hank replied, “Hell, I’ve seen a whole stadium crowd sing the song, word for word, while it played before a wrestling show.”

Connor relaxed as Hank talked about his past. He didn’t know much about the man’s personal life - only the basics that could be found online.

“You watched wrestling?” Connor asked.

“Who doesn’t?” Hank scoffed, “I’ve watched it in the early days when there was only 5 main wrestling companies, now there’s - like what - dozens? I dunno, but they were always the best ones out there.”

Hank wrestling rant went on for a while longer. Then the subject transitioned to concerts Hank went to - many of them ended with him being beaten bloody. 

Connor listened with a smile, he enjoyed knowing about Hank’s past. He hadn’t known about the intensity of a mosh pit, the undying respect for a band from the 1970s, and the extreme dedication wrestlers had that would cause them to fall twenty feet off a steel cage and onto a flaming table. 

The stories Hank told were horrific, terrifying, but entertaining. Connor saw a part of Hank emerge that seemed eager to reminisce, but he knew that older man hardly did that. 

“Maybe I could take you to a show,” Hank suggested as he looked at Connor. The kid had listened intently to Hank’s rambling and looked fascinated by it all. He felt a metaphorical tug at his heartstrings, “yeah, there should be a few around here.”

“I can’t wait,” Connor replied with a smile. Hank smiled to himself as he kept his focus on the road.

“Yeah, and since we’re about to be on Wrestlemania 50-something, we could grab some tickets before they’re gone,” Hank added as they made their way onto the freeway.

“Sounds like fun,” Connor replied with a soft smile. He looked over to Hank, who beamed with excitement- yet it was odd to see his own face expressing it, “You’ll need to catch me up on the show. I’ve never seen any of it.”

“Of course,” Hank glanced at Connor, “You need to know who you’re booing.”

Connor’s face scrunched in confusion.

Hank laughed at Connor’s response, but Connor soon joined in. 

Their banter continued throughout their ride back to the Precinct. Eventually, they had to settle down and continue working, but Connor didn’t feel as somber as before. Hank felt accomplished that he managed to lift Connor’s mood.

As they neared the Precinct a notification HUD appeared in Hank’s vision. The searching program had brought up several pieces of information regarding Lauren’s parents. He looked through the program’s findings, dug a bit more, and found a good, solid lead.

“I’ve got the address of Lauren’s second home,” Hank informed, ”Her parents’ names are on the house, but they don’t make the payments. The payments have been through Lauren’s secondary bank account.”

They stayed in the car as Hank drove them toward the address.

“What does the place look like?” Connor asked.

“It’s a nice place,” Hank commented, “a good home in a decent neighborhood. It’s near Lauren’s parents’ home. Looks normal.”
Connor hummed as he processed the information.

“What are you thinking?” Hank asked.

“The manager from the apartment building said she’s never missed a rent payment, but she’s also able to pay for the house…” Connor thought out loud, “I don’t believe that she earns enough to cover both… so, where did the rest of the money come from?”

Hank mulled over Connor’s words. Despite their silence, they both followed with similar thoughts. Hank’s darker thoughts crept up and told him that the people she’d been spying on had her doing dirty work. 

Connor could only guess the same. He had no solid intel that’ll confirm his suspicions immediately. He’d have to wait on that.

“We’ll need evidence to back that up, kid,” Hank finally spoke.

“Yeah,” Connor agreed, “but you’re able to help connect the dots, Lieutenant.”

Hank didn’t understand at first, but his mind caught up.

“Ah shit, I almost forgot,” Hank gave a dry chuckle as he brought the search program back up. He liked multitasking, it made him feel twice as productive as before, “Ah, yeah the money isn’t direct deposit… it’s by check, weekly, and from different parts of the city.”

“Smart,” Connor muttered.

“Yeah, she doesn’t seem to have a preference between ATM, bank window, or mobile… She’s a smart one,” Hank said.

“Anything from the precinct about the file on Lauren?” Connor asked.

“Nothing yet,” Hank replied, “but it shouldn’t be much longer.”

Hank had noticed the disappointing shift in Connor’s demeanor. Usually, these processes are quick, but this particular request seemed to have taken suspiciously long.

“Look, we’ll check out this second house, and then check in with the grandparents. It’s a long shot with them, but you’ll never know…” Hank explained their short-term plan, “then we can head back and bug Fowler on our request.”

Connor exhaled deeply as he nodded, “okay, sounds good.”

[Obtain Information]