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Bonding by Binding

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Harry, a short young man with black hair and green emerald eyes, Ron, a tall red headed boy with freckles all over his face, and Hermione, a young lady with bushy hair and clever eyes, were waiting for their double potions class to start and the door to open. Leaning against the wall they were arguing about a prank Ron wanted to pull on Malfoy for revenge. While still keeping their voices as down as possible not be overheard they kept disagreeing.
“Harry, he does it to you all the time, it’s our turn to drop random stuff in his potion.” Ron was having trouble keeping his voice low as he turned red from frustration, he just couldn’t understand why it was a bad idea. In his mind, this was the perfect revenge for the insults Malfoy was throwing them constantly. The idea of getting Malfoy to fail a potion, which he has never done yet, was his favorite revenge plan. Ron thought he could get away with it, because no one would guess he did anything, if anything Harry would be blamed but with the amount of detention Harry is getting because of Umbridge he didn’t think Harry would mind.
“Malfoy knows potions better than us and doing this would make us no better than he is!” Harry was getting annoyed, he understood where Ron was coming from, Malfoy has been more of an annoying git than usual thanks to the Inquisitorial Squad, but he had a bad feeling about doing this and he always trusted that feeling.
Hermione was nodding along with Harry but ever since she started noticing her crush on Ron this year she didn’t want to end up on his wrong side by saying anything against him.
“Exactly! He’ll have an easier time fixing his stupid potion anyways so…”
Harry shut him up by elbowing him when he noticed Malfoy and his gang were close by. Draco Malfoy, a blond knockout with blue-grey eyes, had Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, both bulky boys, behind him as usual, then there was Pansy Parkinson, short brown hair and observant brown eyes and Blaise Zabini, a decent heighted boy with black hair and eyes just as dark, just behind them, being followed by Theodore Knott, a brown haired man with kind blue eyes and Daphne Greengrass, a blond with long hair and bright blue eyes. The Slytherins arriving meant the classroom would open soon and Harry didn’t want Ron to get in trouble before class even started.
“Just forget it Ron.”
And with that the door opened and Professor Snape, with hair looking a little greasy due to potions and black eyes, was at the entrance staring them all down.
“What are you all waiting for? Find your seat!” He said sounding impatient as usual.
Ron went in right after the Slytherins and found a seat diagonal to Malfoy. He made sure he was at the right place to be able to spell anything he wants into the cauldron while not being seen by anyone else. Harry sighed and just sat beside him, Hermione sitting with Neville behind them.
“Today we will be brewing one of the most challenging potions that may show up in your OWLS. It is the Binding Potion and when it is applied to any object it permanently glues them together, sometimes in unexpected ways. Can anyone tell me what the dangers are with this potion?”
Hermione raised her hand right away, Snape looked around hoping someone else would have an answer but eventually nodded at her to reply.
“The binding is permanent and if a person gets dosed with it odd things have been known to happen, for example there was a wizard who drank a vial thinking it was a calming draught and when he started to sweat, whichever piece of clothing that touched his sweat permanently glued to his body.”
“Correct, 5 points to Gryffindor.” Snape looked angry he had to give points but realized it was a good answer. “Now what is the main ingredient that causes the binding? Mr. Malfoy?”
Malfoy smirked and answered with a superior voice.
“Leech Juice, sir. It uses the leech anti-coagulant and reverses the effects, but if too much is used the potion can become uncontrollable and may even explode causing other outcomes depending on the stage of the potion.”
Harry was listening carefully knowing that this could be on his OWLS this year; meanwhile Ron was daydreaming about the next quidditch match against Hufflepuff.
“Correct, 10 points to Slytherin. Leech Juice on its own will not do much in potions but the combination with other ingredients can make it poisonous and potent. Now…” And on went Professor Snape on the making of the Binding Potion, the uses and the dangers of misusing it. Everyone was busy writing down everything he was saying, except Ron who was now daydreaming about beating Malfoy to a pulp. After thirty minutes of him speaking about the potion Snape finally told everyone to get their ingredients and start making it. Half of the class got up to get to the cupboard first wanting first pick, Harry among them, while the other half started preparing the cauldron for brewing.

Once everything was settled and the potion making was on the way Ron started whispering to Harry once more about his incredible revenge idea.
“Harry, come on! It would be so easy! Just tell me when Snape is busy elsewhere and I’ll do the rest, c’mon just say you’ll help!”
Harry gave him a glare and shook his head; he was busy slowly adding some Lovage leaves to the semi boiling, yellow colored potion before moving to the next step with the leech juice. He could already tell he was a few steps behind from most everyone else thanks to Ron’s laziness. So he just continued to ignore what Ron was saying and trying to do the potion the best he could on his own.
“For once it looks like a passable potion Mr. Potter; maybe it was not you who ruined every other potion you made but your partner. Mr. Weasley, fifteen points from Gryffindor for your lack of concentration and fifteen for your lack of participation.” Snape sneered before leaving to go talk to Malfoy about his perfectly perfect potion.
“Greasy Git… I’m doing it with or without you Harry.”
And before Harry had time to reply he noticed Ron levitating a leech that was semi juiced and dropping it in Malfoy’s potion. Harry reacted without thinking and ran towards Malfoy, he jumped in front of him, startling Malfoy to try and push him out of his way, Harry just pushed right back.
“Potter, what are you doing? Move!”
The next thing they knew the potion exploded all over Harry’s left side and partially on Malfoy and even Snape got some in his eyes. The only thing he could feel was intense burning on and under his skin and he could hear someone yelling his name but it seemed to come from so far away. Black spots started to cloud his eyes and he was starting to feel sluggish and heavy. He could feel Malfoy slowly bringing him down with him.
“I… Wha?..”
And with that Harry passed out.

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Slowly Harry started to become aware. Everything felt heavy, even his hair had a heavy feeling. He could hear mumbles around him but had trouble focusing on what was said. There was an ache inside him that was pulsing, but otherwise he didn’t feel any pain. He tried to remember what had happened. ‘Quidditch accident maybe? No, I don’t feel the soreness I usually do from that… I think I was in potions…’ and then everything came back. He finally opened his eyes and tried to sit up.

            “Get back down Mr. Potter, I’m not finished with you.”

Harry looked aside and saw Madame Pomfrey give a potion to Malfoy, who looked like he woke up a while ago as he seemed less confused than Harry felt. Harry still tried to sit up to check on Malfoy, feeling guilty he couldn’t get to him on time; when he noticed some small red scarring on Malfoy’s once spotless face. He never noticed that he had burns all over his own left side. The pain didn’t hit him until he went to stand up; then his chest started to stretch and he whimpered.

            “Sit down Potter before I tie you to the bed; you are injured and the rest of us are in no shape to satisfy your every whims.” Snape practically barked out at him. He was stressed and angry and his anger was being directed to the closest person he could think of.

Harry sat back down and leaned back against the pillows on the bed. He grabbed his glasses from the side table and winced when it touched the left side of his head. Then he finally investigated his left arm and left side of his chest. It seemed like he healed quite a bit thanks to Madame Pomfrey, but the skin was still raw and red and very sore looking. He touched his face and could feel that it probably looked the same as the rest of him. Then the pain started up.

            “How… How long have we been here?”

Harry wasn’t sure if he wanted the answer. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe through the pain knowing Madame Pomfrey will bring him something for it shortly.

            “How much pain are you in Mr. Potter?”
Madame Pomfrey asked him, keeping an eye on his face as she was used to Harry lying about the pain in order to reassure everyone else. When she asks for pain from 1 to 10, a broken arm would lead to a 5 when others would say at least 8. She knew there was more to him than it seemed but Dumbledore denied her access to his full history or to exam him after holidays. She always worried that one day he would give up on any help that she could give because he would know that she hasn’t done everything she could for him.

            “More than a broken arm but less than the basilisk venom?” Harry was never sure how to rate his pain as he has a higher threshold than most, so he uses examples and lets Pomfrey figure out where that would range.

She hummed then turned to her potion cabinet and brought back a few of potions for him to take. She made sure he took all of them as sometimes he denied the need for certain ones, but this time he didn’t give any resistance, knowing that he probably needed the 2 pain potions and the calming draught as he could still feel that non physical ache in his chest.

            “You have been asleep for 3 days, the salve for the burns has been working wonders but you may still scar due to the fact it was a very volatile potion that caused them. There will be other side effects from the potion Mr. Potter, some we are aware of but others might surprise us.” She turned to Snape and asked “Do you want to explain to him or do you want me to? You explained it nicely to Mr. Malfoy yesterday and this does involve the three of you.”

Harry started to take deep breathes to stop his panic attack. ‘Side effects? And Malfoy and Snape are involved? What’s going on?

Snape looked at Harry and sighed knowing he would have to tell the bane of his existence all about their new lives, he just knew there would be a major tantrum from the Gryffindor, unlike Draco who took it hard but just talked it through with all his questions. This would not be as easy as he never liked Potter, but he knew it must be done.

            “I have it under control Poppy, thank you. If you are done with his treatment for now I’d appreciate some privacy for this.”

Professor Snape stood up and moved around so he was in the seat between Harry and Malfoy, making Harry even more nervous as it seemed that the professor was ready to manhandle him if he reacted badly to whatever these side effects are.

            “Call me if you need me for anything boys, I’ll just be in my office.”

And with that Madame Pomfrey left Harry alone with a professor who hates him and his school rival, he physically shrunk down on himself. At least the pain was no longer in the way, he could think past that a lot easier, now if only his anxiety would also diminish. Harry was so busy thinking through his anxious thoughts that he never heard the professor trying to get his attention.

            “Potter… Mr. Potter!”
            “Wha? Oh, sorry sir, I was trying to calm myself down before hearing any more news.”
Snape didn’t look happy and in fact looked like he didn’t believe a word that Harry said. He had this look like he thought that Harry was just purposely ignoring him now that Madame Pomfrey was no longer around.

            “Be that as it may, I have to tell you what the side effects we have discovered are so far. You will not like what I have to say but you will stay quiet and stay seated until I am finished. Then you may ask any questions related to this situation you may have, but you are not to leave this bed any time soon. Is this understood? If you try to leave I will tie you to the bed.”
Snape was completely serious about this too, Harry could tell. Now he was getting really worried that this would be worse news than he originally thought.

            “Yes sir. Can you just tell me one thing? Am I going to die?”

            “No Potter, you are not dying at this moment but you may feel like that would have been better.”
Harry was shocked, what could be worse than dying? He started to hyperventilate a little and worked hard to get his breathing under control. The Calming Draught did not appear to be working any longer. Snape got up and got another dose and forced it down Harry’s throat.

            “Calm down Potter, wait until you hear what I have to say before you panic yourself to pass out.”

He sat back down and waited while Harry got his breathing under control again and then started to explain what the main side effects they’ve noticed are.

            “As you are aware, the leech juice reacts strongly to this potion when not given in the right dosage, and the amount that Weasley” He sneered Ron’s name so harshly Harry cringed; “dosed the potion with was quite a bit too much. Unfortunately for us, it caused a lot of permanent issues, including the scars you will be stuck with. The main concern is what it did to us three as a whole.”
He paused to think of how to say it so the Gryffindor would understand.

            “Do you know what a bonding is?” At Harry’s paling face he figured that Harry had an idea if not knew what he was talking about. “Right, well, the Binding agent decided to bind us in a way that is not physical, unlike its usual ways where there’s a physical component to the binding. For us, it decided to bind us by bonding the three of us together, with a permanent bond. As you are certainly aware a bond is like a marriage but made with magic, it is usually done with a ritual and spoken promises but since this one was done accidentally we are not one hundred percent sure what it may entail. Most bonds demand certain fidelity; definitely there will be no sex with any others, it may even deny us from certain touches, like a hug or a kiss on the cheek, we are unaware of how far this bond is tied at this moment.

The biggest thing with this bond is that the potion itself decided on which role we will be playing in our tri-bond. I am the alpha, which means that you both defer to me in and out of the bedroom, Draco is our beta, he is in the middle, which means you defer to him, but from what we can tell it is mostly in the bedroom as I am in charge of you both outside of it. You, Mr. Potter, are the omega, which may sound like you are in the bottom of the chain but you will be in charge of carrying any children we may want and of their care as well. This will be the hardest part for you to follow, as I know you are used to doing whatever you please, but due to me being Alpha you will obey my commands. The rest of our bond we will learn as we go, we may end up feeling each others’ feelings or other side effects may appear but for now we have not seen much other than our positions.

The amount of potion we have in our system may also cause issues further down the line, somehow you got some in your blood stream while Malfoy swallowed some and I only got some on my skin. We are unsure what these issues will be so keep aware of yourself and let me or Madame Pomfrey know.

Now, do you have any questions?”

Harry looked at Snape with tears in his eyes, trying hard not to let them drop. The words omega and bond kept repeating in his mind over and over. He had to cough to get his dry throat working.

            “What... I mean… How do you know this is permanent?”

Harry was trying to keep his mind on questions he has and not on how much his life will change due to one of his best friends.

            “Were you not listening in class Mr. Potter? Miss Granger explained how the binding is permanent when it comes to this potion. She even mentioned how having been dosed can cause unexpected results.”
            “Right. I forgot about that. And you are sure I’m the omega? Does this mean I can’t have a job or friends or anything?”
Snape sneered at him as if he was being purposely stupid.

            “We are not going to be your money makers, Mr. Potter, we still expect you to care for yourself and if getting a job is what you need to do that then that is what you will do, as for friends, we are not keeping you prisoner, you may still keep your friends, even if it is one of their faults that we are even discussing this. The only time that this will become a concern is if we decide on having children.”

Harry sighed a little, thinking his dream of a family is now ruined. He knew that men could become pregnant but it was still a rare occurrence and he didn’t even know if he was gay so it never really concerned him. ‘Guess I have to be gay now, my bond mates are 2 males and there’s no stopping it.

            “Any other questions at this time Mr. Potter? If not I have to go brew some more salve for you and Mr. Malfoy.”

Harry shook his head; unsure about what else could be a problem, but knowing in his gut that this is just the start of things. He was just about to ask another question when Snape decided he had enough and left the infirmary. That’s when Harry noticed that Malfoy was awake and had been listening the whole time.

            “Malfoy, do you know if this changes anything while we’re at Hogwarts or summer vacation or anything?”
Malfoy shrugged.

            “As far as I know it doesn’t, but we aren’t sure of all the side effects now are we?”

Harry cringed at the hate he could still hear in his bondmate's voice. He grew up in a loveless household and always hoped that one day he’d find his own family and make sure it was filled with love. He supposed he just wasn’t meant to have that.

            “Right… Thanks...”
Harry turned around and tried to stop himself from crying. ‘Snape was right. This is worse than dying.

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Malfoy spent another full day in bed before he was allowed to get up and walk around. His scarring was minimal and barely noticeable unless you knew what to look for; it only looked like a silver tear by his right eye. His most severe injury was his right shoulder from when he and Harry fell from the explosion, but that was now healed completely. Harry on the other hand still had burns all over his left side of his face, arm and chest. It was slowly getting better but was still red and raw looking and still hurt when he moved in certain ways. Malfoy made sure Harry knew that he was healed and how he looked almost good as new and how he was able to finally leave.

            “I feel sorry for you Potter, you look awful and you’re still stuck here, and no one has visited you since you woke up. Seems like the golden trio isn’t so golden is it?”

Harry tried not to think of that, of how Ron and Hermione never came to see him, or how this was Ron’s fault but he never apologized.

            “Now, I finally get to leave your scarface behind and see how Severus is doing with all the potions we’ve been using. Have a nice lonesome time Potter.”
With that Malfoy go up and left the hospital wing, leaving Harry behind with tears falling from his eyes, feeling even more alone than before.

            “Alright, Mr. Potter, time for more salve.”

Madame Pomfrey showed up from her office with the jar of burn salve she’s been applying to his burns every four to six hours. He automatically laid flat on his back and handed her his left arm, being so used to this routine that he even does it in his sleep. He still had tears in his eyes but they stopped falling.

Slowly a numbing pain started in his chest, like something was being pulled from him, or he was missing something. He couldn’t understand the pain but it was slowly getting worse.

            “Madame Pomfrey, something is wrong. I feel something in my chest; it’s really starting to hurt.”
After a few minutes the pain was even worse and he tried to curl into himself to make it better but nothing was helping, he was crying in pain and Madame Pomfrey couldn’t figure out what was happening. All she knew was that it must be really painful for Harry to be reacting this way.

            “Harry, I don’t understand what is going on. All my spells say that everything is fine except for your burns. It’s not registering anything else wrong.”
She was starting to really worry as the pain seemed to be getting worse, she decided maybe Severus would notice if it was a dark spell or something that caused this so she went to her office to floo him.

Harry was now crying and sobbing due to the pain but a second later the pain just disappeared. He laid back flat on his back and tried to catch his breath. Snape walked up to him and sneered.

            “Faking it for attention Mr. Potter? How typical. You are just lucky that none of the potions I was working on, for you by the way, were in a crucial stage. Now stop your attention seeking and be good for Madame Pomfrey or I will deal with you as I see fit.”
With another disgusted look toward Harry he turned around making his robes snap behind him and left the infirmary. Harry shrunk into himself confused with what happened and feeling even worse now that his dominant bondmate doesn’t believe him.

            “What happened? I’ve never known you to fake injury before Mr. Potter.”

Pomfrey looked disappointed, as if she wasn’t sure if she should believe him or not. Harry looked down, he didn’t understand what happened, the pain just vanished and he couldn’t explain it.

            “I don’t know Madame Pomfrey. It was like this pain of something pulling out of me or something missing and then the pain just stopped. I never felt anything like this before. Wait. Oh no, it’s coming back. Madame Pomfrey it’s happening again.”
Harry was really getting worried, what if they didn’t believe him. What if this pain was going to come and go forever and he had no way to deal with it. He started to cry out in pain again. It was almost worse than before, the pulling feeling felt like something inside him was getting stretched further and further away. The pain was getting so strong he started having trouble catching his breath.

            “Calm down Mr. Potter, just breathe, we’ll figure this out. I’ll get Severus again. This is just out of my depth.”
Just as she got to the floo and called Snape over Harry screamed in pain and passed out. Snape showed up once again, even angrier than last time, but when he saw Harry passed out and sighing in relief, he started feeling confused about the problem.

            “What happened this time?”
            “Severus it’s the strangest thing. He says the feeling is of something pulling out of him he screamed right when I flooed you and passed out from the pain. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Snape ran some tests, as a potion master he also needed to have the basics of healing, but as a dark arts specialist he knew more than most about curses and such. The results of all his tests were in the negatives. He couldn’t see any reason for this supposed pain the boy is in.

            “There is nothing there. I see nothing at all that may explain this imaginary pain Potter is apparently feeling. And you’re sure he wasn’t faking it?”
Snape was starting to feel confused about the boy, he was sweating as if he was in pain and he obviously fainted from it, but it didn’t make any sense as to why this was happening.

            “He fainted Severus, people don’t faint from imaginary pain.”

Snape nodded agreeing with that statement. Unfortunately he also knew that without any results there was nothing they could do, especially if the pain came and went in such short bursts.

            “If it happens again call me right away, maybe it’s a type of allergy or something he’s reacting to from the salve. I’ll take a deep look at the ingredients and see if any of them could cause this type of pain.”
And with that Snape left once again, leaving Harry passed out on the bed and Pomfrey feeling a little lost on how to help the poor boy.


Snape returned to his potions room to see Draco finishing up a pepper up potion and bottling it.

            “What happened this time? Another fake out by Scarface Potter?”

Malfoy sneered out when he noticed Snape coming back in. Snape went straight to his potions books to look up every ingredient and their properties from the salve he had been making. He sat on his couch and opened his books at the right page regarding the salve.

            “Apparently he is not faking. He even fainted from the pain this time, but once I arrived the pain was gone like it never existed. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I was... Oh crap!”

And all of a sudden he dropped his book and ran to the door leaving Malfoy confused and alone in the room. Malfoy got up and followed Snape towards the infirmary.


Just as Harry was screaming in pain again and Madame Pomfrey was going to floo Snape, the doors burst open. Two things happened, Harry quieted down right away and Madame Pomfrey dropped the floo powder to the floor.

            “Severus! You scared me! I was just going to floo…”
She stopped talking because of the view in front of her; Severus was sitting on Harry’s bed and holding his hand.

Harry was slowly waking up; Snape looked at him and sighed in relief.

            “It’s the bond. It is forcing him to be around one of his dominants. That is why the pain would leave as soon as I showed up and why it started when Mr. Malfoy left the room. Mr. Potter, can you hear me?”

Madame Pomfrey had her hand over her mouth in shock. It explained everything. Harry slowly nodded showing he heard what Professor Snape said.

            “We’ll make sure that either Draco or I are nearby and hopefully with time you will be able to distance yourself from us. But for now you will stay in my rooms and share classes with Draco so as to stop the pain from coming back.”
He let Harry’s hand go and went towards the floo to call Malfoy over. Pomfrey was the only one who noticed the tears in Harry’s eyes as he processed what was just said.

Malfoy barged in the room before Snape could even pick up some flood powder from the floor.

            “Severus, was Scarface faking again? Seriously, Potter, don’t you have better things to do than annoy everyone around you?”

Harry just turned away from Malfoy as he didn’t want to show him just how bad he was getting to him.

            ‘Alone with Snape or Malfoy, not even allowed to have class with my friends or sleep in my dorm…’

He felt like he couldn’t breathe. He still hadn’t seen Ron or Hermione or anyone else from Gryffindor.
            “Ma..Madame Pomfrey. Have Ron and Hermione tried to come see me yet?”
Pomfrey nodded and told him the upsetting news.

            “They were here when we found out about the bond. We explained to them what it means knowing you’d need their support. But, Mr. Potter, Harry, they didn’t take it quite like we expected. They blamed you for being ‘stuck with Slytherins’ and called you a ‘traitor to Gryffindors’ and left. I’m sorry Harry, maybe give them time to get their heads around the facts and hopefully they’ll be back with you soon.”

Harry just started to cry, he finally broke down. It felt like the end for him, he lost everything and everyone and now he was truly alone.

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The next couple of days Harry woke up feeling numb. His body, his emotions, everything was just numb. He wasn’t sure what to do next or how to fix things. Wasn’t even sure if he wanted to even try to fix anything, he was just so tired of being the one to reach out and forgive all the time. He remembered last year, Ron and Hermione both didn’t believe him about his not entering the triwizard tournament; they both turned their back on him calling him a traitor and a liar. Then there was second year when they both feared him when they found out about his being able to speak parseltongue. Every time he seemed to need them most they would turn on him and he was so very tired of it, but he always made up with them when they came back because they were his first and only friends; he didn’t know how to make new ones. He remembered how he forgave them last year:


            * Harry had just defeated the dragon and was waiting his turn to be healed by Madame Pomfrey when all of a sudden he was engulfed by a hug full of brown bushy hair.

            “Oh Harry I was so worried! I thought for sure the dragon was going to get you.”
He could hear Hermione say in his ear as he was trying not to suffocate from her hair. He finally managed to push her off and gave her a confused look.

            “Blimey Harry, you flew like a pro! I bet Krum was seething when he saw you, probably wished he thought of out flying a dragon! I mean, mate, really, you better fly like that next year when we have quidditch again!”
Harry was very confused. Both Ron and Hermione stopped speaking to him when his name was called, saying he was a cheat and a traitor and that he should have told them how he did it, even when he told them he never put his name in. None of this made sense to him, how could they just pretend they never betrayed him.

            “Why are you guys here? I thought I was a ‘no good liar who couldn’t tell the truth even if it saved my best friend’s life’ oh wait, then you said I had no friends and it’s no wonder I didn’t bother with the truth…”

He still couldn’t believe that after 3 years of friendship they would say something like that to him.

            “Oh, Harry, we didn’t mean it! We were just confused because everyone thought you put your name in the goblet and even the professors seemed so sure about it and you know how I get about rules, I thought you were just looking to break more of them after everything Sirius said your dad was like…”
Harry glared at her.

            “C’mon mate, you know we didn’t mean any of that. Besides, you need us to help you figure out who put your name in because I recon  they want to do you in!”
Harry was tired of fighting and even if their apologies were crap he missed having people in his corner, so he just shrugged and let it go.*



This time though, this time he would give them one chance when he spoke to them and if they couldn’t accept that he had no control over what happened then that was it, he was done with them. Hopefully they have calmed down enough to speak to him soon; he needed company other than Malfoy, as that has been pure torture so far.

            “Oi, Scarface! Since I’m stuck here with you and I’ve done all my homework I need you to entertain me. Do something.”

Malfoy hasn’t stopped pestering him since he found out he couldn’t leave Harry alone in the infirmary, at first it wasn’t so bad as they both used the time to catch up on homework but the longer Harry was stuck in bed, the worse Malfoy was getting.

            “Sorry Malfoy, what do you want me to do?”
Harry has just been going along with whatever Malfoy asked of him, it was less painful – considering the stinging hexes Malfoy would send – than ignoring him.

            “Tell me all about your adventures, I’ve heard too many rumors for them not to have some truth and I’d like to know the actual facts about what you golden trio have been up to these last years.”
And so Harry entertained Malfoy by telling him about his so called school adventures. He started with first year, and when he explained about Quirrell dying Draco was so shocked he spit out some water he was drinking.
            “You killed the Dark Lord’s host by touching his face?! You murdered someone at the age of 11? No wonder you were so messed up after that…”
Harry could just nod and agree, it was the truth after all, he may not have meant to kill anyone but in the end that is what happened.

Second year was harder for both of them, for Harry to talk about and for Malfoy to believe.

            “What do you mean you snuck into our common room using polyjuice? How big was this so called basilisk? You, a twelve year old boy, killed it with a sword, never having used a sword before in his life? Are you sure you weren’t just drugged to believe all this happened?”
Harry had to promise to show him the chamber of secrets just to get him to accept that this was all the truth. Malfoy just stated he wouldn’t believe it until he saw the chamber and they left it at that.

When it came to his third year, a confusing time of time travel and godfathers and werewolves, Harry tried to keep his story as accurate as possible. Luckily, Malfoy knew most of this thanks to Snape and didn’t require Harry to confirm any of it.

Fourth year was another easy one, Harry explained what happened during the tournament parts the spectators couldn’t see and then explained about how the Dark Lord came back and his torture and Cedric’s death… It was easy in the way that it was quick to tell, but Harry still choked up a bit when he got to Cedric’s fate and the pain he felt due to Voldemort’s torture.

            “You were able to fight off the Dark Lord’s imperius curse? How many times did he crucio you? How are you still alive Potter?”
            “A lot of luck? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Every year there’s something and every year I come out worse for it but luckily enough I come out alive. This year I have Umbridge now this bond of ours to deal with… Who knows how I’ll be at the end of the year considering we’re only in October...”

It was the most feelings Harry had felt since the accident and he was somewhat glad for Draco and his distraction. But now that the story was over he started to feel numb some more. Draco on the other hand had a lot to think through, he never knew how much Harry was going through every year and he started to feel a little bad for how he treated him all these years. Draco just thought Harry had it easy and that everyone treated him like he was special and now he realized just how wrong he was. He had a lot of thinking to do.

Harry on the other hand decided he really needed to speak to Ron and Hermione and so wrote them a letter.


Dear Ron and Hermione,

I heard that the news of my new situation didn’t go well. I was hoping you would come talk to me while I’m still stuck in the infirmary. Especially since there is much I need to tell you about this bond I’m stuck in. At the moment I have to have Malfoy or Snape nearby or I get this extreme pain in my chest. We all hope that this is temporary and that the bond will settle enough for me to be on my own soon, but so far they have to stay within shouting distance.

I miss you both, please come see me.



He gave that to Madame Pomfrey to send and hoped for the best. Then he started thinking about his past and what he did tell Draco. He realized that during his recollection he did seem to notice the boys more than the girls. He wasn’t sure if it was just an age thing at first but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that it wasn’t Cho he was really looking at, but Cedric. And that this year, so far, he was noticing Seamus’ arse more than Lavender’s. So he thought it out.

I did notice that Malfoy has flawless skin and that the new scar just adds to his complexion instead of taking anything away. And I always thought that he was good looking, even when my hormones weren’t an issue… Oh Merlin. I really am gay and I might like Malfoy...

And just as he realized that he felt his face heat up and knew he was beet red. Well this was new. At least part of his bond will now be easier to deal with if he really had feelings for Malfoy. He had to admit that he wasn’t being too much of a prat at this moment and he did seem nice when he spoke of his so-called adventures.

The doors opened and Ron and Hermione marched together to Harry’s bed.

            “What do you want Potter? We have better things to do than to spend time with Slytherin’s new playmate.”
Ron already seemed ready for an argument and didn’t seem to want to listen. Hermione on the other hand took a step forward and gave Ron a look.

            “Quiet Ron, we agreed to hear him out. Just because he’s stuck being Malfoy and Professor Snape’s sub doesn’t mean that he won’t fight it tooth and nail and figure out a way to maintain a real relationship with a girl.”
Harry was shocked. They really did have problems with something he had no control over, and Hermione seemed to be against the idea he might be gay. Unfortunately for her, he just came to the conclusion that he was gay and this bond wouldn’t have changed that.

            “Seriously? Ron, this is your fault! You had to sabotage a volatile potion for revenge even though we told you it was a bad idea! And Hermione, even if I wasn’t in this bond I’d still be gay, I just realized it myself but it wouldn’t have changed that at all. And of course I wasn’t happy that I’m bonded with two people who hate me, but there is literally nothing I can do! Having them more than 2 kilometers away causes me intense pain, I have to be physically close to them, but that doesn’t mean emotionally I am attached, which just makes this bond even worse. I was counting you two to stick by me this time and actually be my friends!”
During his tirade Ron and Hermione both got redder and redder as if holding in their emotions, but they finally couldn’t any longer.

            “Gay! You can’t be gay! You wanted to date Cho remember? And being Gay is an awful thing! I can’t believe you Harry! Don’t talk to me again until this so-called bond stops messing with your head.”
            “My fault?! If you didn’t jump in front of Malfoy everything would be fine! You wouldn’t look like a freak and they wouldn’t be stuck with you as a bondmate. Just leave us alone Potter, we don’t want anything to do with Slytherin’s whore!”
And with that both of them left, stomping their way out of the infirmary and out of Harry’s life. He was officially done with them. He wasn’t going to forgive them, not this time. He gave them a chance and they ruined it. He was done.

Next to him Malfoy was staring with his mouth open.

            “Potter, I told you on our first day, you don’t want to make friends with the wrong sort. Those two, they are definitely the wrong sort.”

Harry snorted and then just started laughing until he started crying again. When would his pain end? Hasn’t he suffered enough?

            “Rest Potter, I’ll wake you when it’s time for your next treatment.”

Harry looked over at Malfoy and just gave him a small watery smile. Then he huddled in bed and fell asleep. ‘At least Malfoy is no longer being a berk… Maybe this bond does have a chance.

Chapter Text

After a couple more days of bed rest and salve treatment Harry was finally allowed out of bed and out of the infirmary. Snape and Malfoy brought him to Snape’s rooms in the dungeons where they showed him the guest room he would be sharing with Malfoy. It had two double beds on each side of the room and a window showing the underside of the lake, that part made Harry shudder.

            “Professor can we get rid of the window or is it permanent?”
Malfoy asked Snape as he noticed Harry’s shudder and completely understood the feeling after hearing about his time in the lake. Snape looked over at Draco a little confused trying to understand why he would want to get rid of the window now when he had no issues before.

            “Precisely why would I try to get rid of a window that has been there since these rooms were created? You never seemed to have trouble with it before Mr. Malfoy.”
Harry cringed knowing that the professor would realize he was the reason for it being an issue.

            “It’s alright, sir, Dra…um… Malfoy just noticed my reaction to the view. It’s fine I’ll get used to it.”

Snape scoffed and just left them to it not wanting to spend more time than necessary with Potter.

            “Thanks for trying Malfoy, but I’ll have to get used to it anyways since we’re in the dungeons and I know we’re under the lake, seeing it just makes it more real.”

Malfoy just looked at Harry and nodded trying to understand how it would feel but not really being able to. It’s the first time he tried to see things from Potter’s point of view when Snape got like that with him and he didn’t like what he was seeing. Snape didn’t even try to understand why Harry would feel like that or why it might be an issue. This just wasn’t right, was it?

            “Whatever Potter. The left side is yours, I’m on the right. Keep things tidy and we should have no problems.”
Malfoy tried to get back to his old self; he didn’t want to feel pity for Potter, he didn’t think Potter wanted him to feel pity either. He walked to his bed and laid back picking up a book from his night table and pretended to read while really watching Potter. Harry on the other hand saw that his trunk and all his stuff was brought from the tower, he made sure everything was there and that his most important items: the marauders map, the invisibility cloak, his photo album and his broom were where they were supposed to be. Those items were in the right place, but he did notice something else missing and his heart missed a beat. His Weasley sweaters. Where were his Weasley sweaters that Mrs. Weasley made him for the last 3 Christmases? He turned to Malfoy.

            “Malfoy, you didn’t by any chance see some knitted sweaters around did you? Or did anyone have access to my trunk before it was brought here?”

Malfoy looked over with a brow raised shaking his head in the negative.

            “We just got your trunk yesterday, I guess your old dormmates had access unless you have spells on it.”

Harry shook his head, no he didn’t think he needed those kinds of spells; he supposed Ron decided he didn’t deserve the Weasley sweaters anymore, he was just lucky that his map and cloak were still in there. It was just unfortunate that winter was coming and he had nothing warm to wear any longer, those sweaters were his warmest items and he depended on them during the coldest season, especially since he’ll be in the dungeons now.

            “It’s fine, I guess. I must have lost them…”
Malfoy snorted.

            “You mean Weasley stole them. I did see him burning something outside yesterday when Snape took a turn trying out his new potion on you. I thought he looked unusually happy. What were they?”

Harry shrugged not wanting to talk about it, he tried to keep that numb feeling he had earlier, it was better than the pain he knew he would be feeling. Instead he decided to stop trusting people and figured Malfoy would be perfect to teach him how, the first step would be to secure his trunk.

            “Hey Malfoy, can you show me how to do some spells on my trunk? I just don’t want to chance this happening with more important things I own.”
Malfoy looked shocked that Harry wanted his help with something, or even trusted him to do this.

            “Things to hide from Snape, Potter? And you trust me to show you spells I don’t know my way around?”

Harry just shrugged.

            “I don’t care if you want access to my stuff, I just worry that if I ever have to go back to the tower more things of mine will end up disappearing and being burned to ashes. He already took my only sweaters and my only memory of being part of the Weasley family for a short while, but I don’t want him taking things that belonged to my father or my only pictures of my parents or anything else Ron might decide I no longer deserve.”
Malfoy kind of understood that, even if he doubted Potter would ever get back to the tower, not with this bond they have. He got up from his bed and pulled out his wand.

            “Let’s get started then.”
For the next couple hours they spelled his trunk to only let his bondmates and himself to open the trunk. They figured if ever they needed to add anyone else to that they could do so later. Surprisingly they got along, and Harry even thought Draco was decent at teaching; Draco was also surprised that Potter would listen intently and try his hardest at actually performing the spells.

            “What are you boys doing?”

They were so involved with spelling the trunk they never noticed Snape coming into their room. Harry whirled around and pointed his wand while Malfoy just laughed at him, Snape just stared at Harry waiting him out.

            “Sorry sir, you startled me. We were just spelling my trunk so that others can’t get access, Ron already stole some stuff from it and I just don’t want to chance that happening again. Malfoy was teaching me some new spells to do this.”

Snape turned to Malfoy who had stopped laughing and just nodded his head to confirm what Harry said.

            “Don’t trust your bondmates to stay out of your junk Potter? How typical.”

Harry frowned and shook his head.
            “That’s not it, you and Malfoy are both keyed into my trunk sir. I figured I shouldn’t have any secrets from you if we’re stuck together. So far Malfoy knows most of my secrets; I just haven’t had a chance to share anything with you, yet, sir.”

Snape just smirked and scoffed. As if a Potter would trust a Snape.

            “Right. I just came with your next treatment of the salve; this one should also help with the scarring. Now top off and arm out let’s get this done with.”

Harry was just about to lay down on his bed when the words registered. He never had to take his top off before due to the hospital wear he was stuck with, all he needed before was the uncover the left arm and lay back, so no one ever saw him without a top off completely. He even showered after everyone else when in the tower and after quidditch matches not wanting people to see.

            “Um just do my face, I can do the rest professor, it’s no problem…”
He was so nervous, he knew the professor would never agree to that but he had to try.

            “What’s wrong now Potter, we’ve seen your scarring already, just take the top off, lay down and shut up.”
Harry’s face whitened. ‘They’ve seen the scars? Why has no one mentioned anything?

            “I just… What… I mean… No one said anything…”
He looked down, not wanting to see their reaction. Now Snape and Malfoy were confused, they’ve been treating his scars for a while, so why would he be shocked at this. Did a stray spell get him or is this a weird side effect they haven’t seen yet? But before they could ask Harry took off his shirt and they both gasped.

            “Potter.. What happened to your back? These are old scars…”

Snape was speaking softly since he was so shocked, those did not look like accidental scaring, in fact…

            “Potter, why does it say FREAK on your back? Where did these scars come from and why did no one mention them before?”
Harry spun around so fast he almost made himself fall.

            “What? You… you said… you said you knew about the scars!”

Harry was near tears again, if they found out that he told people this would get so much worse. He quickly put his shirt back on and ran out of the room to barricade himself in the bathroom. Both Snape and Malfoy ran after him but couldn’t open the bathroom door, even with spells, they were stuck on the other side of the locked door.

            “Potter… Harry. Open the door. Talk to us, we need to know what is going on.”

Snape didn’t understand how anyone could have missed those markings. They were red and looked sore and like they might have been infected as some point. There’s no way that Madame Pomfrey wouldn’t have noticed this with all the time that Potter had been in the hospital wing. Things weren’t making sense.

            “Draco, keep talking to him, try and get him to come out. I need to discuss something with Madame Pomfrey.”
Draco nodded and knocked on the door trying to get Harry’s attention.

            “Potter. It’s just me. Come on out and we’ll talk in our room. Just open the door…”


Severus went to the floo and called for Madame Pomfrey to come through. Once she did she tried to see if Harry needed her but seeing Severus sitting down she was confused.

            “What’s wrong? Is Mr. Potter alright? Why did you call for me?”

Severus just got her to sit down and looked her straight in the eyes.

            “Did you know? Have you been ignoring this all these years?”

Pomfrey looked at him confused, wondering what he was talking about.

            “What are you talking about? Ignoring what? Is something wrong?”

Severus looked in her face and sighed, she didn’t know. That was something, but it meant that somehow Potter was able to hide it from everyone including the nurse.

            “Did Potter never have a full physical exam? A medical history? Anything that would show his current or past injuries?”
Madame Pomfrey was even more confused. Why would he bring this up now? What happened to cause him to think of his medical history? But then she tried to think back, and realized that he was right, she never did see his medical past or do a full physical, Albus would always delay it or tell her she didn’t have permission to do anything due to his family.

            “No, no I never had permission to do anything but the bare minimum. His family is against certain medical procedures and tests and I guess they only let him come with Albus’ word that that would be respected.”

Snape looked down; Dumbledore, he must have known something, otherwise he could have overruled these so called family beliefs. This made no sense, what was the point of keeping the poor boy injured. And why not tell him, as his bondmate he would have found out eventually, or did he figure that Draco and himself hated the boy enough not to care about this abuse… He had a lot to think on, but first he had to help Harry.

            “You may go, I just wanted to confirm something, but if Albus wanted it kept secret he must have his reasons.”
            “Severus, I never felt right about it, but you know that if I don’t follow Albus’ rules that he could make me lose my license, never mind my job.”
Snape nodded completely understanding what she meant, if she wasn’t around things would be much worse, Madame Pomfrey at least does everything she can before Dumbledore gets in her way. Once she was gone he went to see how Draco was fairing.


Meanwhile Draco was trying to get Harry to at least talk to him.

            “Harry, talk to me, we can’t help unless you talk to us, or at least open the door so we can heal what needs healing.”

Harry, on the other hand, couldn’t understand why they were acting so nice when they finally had the proof they needed that he was a freak. They finally had real ammunition to use against him and to spread around the school. He didn’t know what to do now; it was no longer safe at Hogwarts. If they found out that others knew he’d never be allowed out of the house, never mind back at school, if he even survived the punishment for letting others know about his freakishness.

            “How are we doing Draco? Any progress?”
The professor was back; Draco shook his head and sighed.

            “He hasn’t said a word. I think he’s against the door though as I can hear him sniffle and breathe. What did Pomfrey say?”
Snape sighed and just looked defeated.

            “Harry, now that we know you do not have to hide any longer. Open the door, we will heal all we can and we will make sure you never have to go back there.”

            They both heard Harry inhale at that thought. ‘Never go back, never see privet drive or the Dursley’s again, is that even possible? But no… Dumbledore said I have to keep going…’ Harry didn’t know what to believe, as much as he wished he could trust what Snape was saying he knew that Dumbledore had final say. He slowly got back up from the bathroom floor and turned the doorknob, unleashing the accidental magic he used to lock the door.

            “Dumbledore won’t let me. Just pretend you never saw anything and things will go back to normal.”

Harry was resigned to being stuck with the Dursleys. He knew Dumbledore has his reasons, even if he didn’t know what those reasons were.

            “I do not care what Dumbledore has to say, you are now our bondmate, this makes you our responsibility, he no longer has a say in where you live or what you need to be doing. It is now up to us to take care of you and we will only be able to do that if you tell us everything. Starting with, did Dumbledore know about the abuse?”
Harry stared hard at Snape unsure if this was truly happening. Was he finally going to be able to trust an adult to care for him? Was he finally going to be able to tell his full story?