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Locker room shenanigans

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Having a locker toom in class 1-A was an interesting dynamic. At first, everyone had stayed spaced apart as much as possible, or took turns. But that was so long ago. Friendships and trust bonded them all now, even if some less than others.

Deku remembers those first few weeks like yesterday. Eijirou was casual, just getting into the shower while barely covering himself. He said he "had no shame around his new buds." Or something like that. Izuku admired his confidence.
Bakugou took no shit, as expected. Deku thinks he hasnt changed at all in the locker room, besides tolerating everyone a bit more. He'd went on a very angry rant on how he would pummel anyone who tries to peek at him, and that no one better touch his shit.
Benki wasnt trusted, for a while. He could shock the fuck out of the water system and kill them all. Eventually some trust from experience took over the weariness, but it was a tense time. Electric and water dont mix.

Personally, Deku thinks the friendship developement is amazing. He was headed towards the showers now, rather casaully. No one up and went streaking to the shower, but he wasnt so paranoid about it anymore. He was extensively sore from traning, so a hot shower would soothe his muscles. He stepped in and hung his towel elsewhere to keep dry, before turning the water on blast.
He immediately relaxed into it, the knots in his shoulders easing if not just for right now.
He dips his head down, green hair wetting and cascading around his face. He pushed it back, out of his eyes. Then the water stopped? He furrowed his eyebrows, looked to the dial, and seen that it hadnt been touched. Then, why..?

"T-TODOROKI DONT!" He cried out immediately as he recalled the cruel, common prank. Yet ice water spouted out of the showerhead anyways, leaving Deku to shriek and try to stumble away. It ripped through his skin and froze his bones solid, metaphorically of course, leaving him to shake and try to get as far away as possible.

It was a great trick, honestly. He wasnt left with many options. Either run away from the cold and be seen shriveled and naked, or tough it out and freeze. Damn bastard. He decided he'd outsmarted Shouto, as he recalled he'd left his towel nearby. But as he hurriedly reached for it, he found it was taken. He miserably looked at the group of his chuckling classmates. By group, he meant Kacchan, Todoroki, and Kirishima. Mostly Kacchan.

He continued his drill sergeant lecturing, gesticulating and grabbing a towel. He thrusts it to Deku, so he can escape.

Though the towel isnt taken, so he looks back and sees the hot water is already running again, and Izuku simply went on with his showering. He gaped, wondering how long he had been lecturing without cause. He turned back to the men he was lecturing towards, and seen they had parted with a few scattered snickers.
"Well then. Very good!" He nods to himself, stalking off.

Deku had a bit of free time before he had to do anything, so he took a long shower. First Bakugou would shower in the one next to him, mostly rinsing himself of sweat. He kept a glare, staring at the wall.
Izuku looked over to him when he first stepped in, though quickly looked away realizing the nakedness they both wore.


This shook Midoriya, as Kacchan was yelling right beside him. And he hadn't even realised Shouto had froze Kacchans water. He didnt even flinch, just took the cold shower.
Todoroki snickered a little as he entered the shower stall on Dekus other side. Further unamused that he didnt get a reaction, he stopped the coldness showering onto Bakugous side.

"How very fucking kind of you," Kacchan grumbled.

The explosive hero left after rinsing in the hot water a bit longer, and as Deku turned to tell him bye, he realises that now that he was gone, everyone else had also piled out, besides himself and Shoto.

"Whatever, nerd."

Deku gulped a bit. Was it rude to get out, now? Should he care if it was rude?

"Oh look, we're alone.." Todoroki said, feigning innocence.
"No one to save you.."

Dekus eyes went wide, already frantically looking for a towel. He was left empty handed again, screaming the others name miserably as he was showered with freezing water again. He made an unconcious decision to get out this time, as no one was to see, anyways.

He heard before he seen the thin layer of ice creeping over the floor, covering everything. It came from all the exits, and slowly was making its way to Izuku from every direction. All while Todoroki casually washed his hair.

He quickly realised it was to freeze, or..or, go to the only safe place. Deku shoved the shower door open and entered Todorokis shower stall to avoid freezing to death. He smiled smugly for about 2 seconds, before realizing that they were both naked.

Shouto didnt seem phased, just pushing the last bit of bubbles from his hair. He turned to Deku, and smirked.
"You've played right into my trap, Izuku Midoriya."

And the green haired man gulped. Todoroki pressed his hand against Dekus chest, gently pushing him against the wall. Izukus breath caught in his throat, Shouto was close. Very close. He had his arm caging in Deku on one side. Their unsure, panting chests brushed against one anothers as they breathed. His lips, so close that if he were to press forward, he could easily capture them.
Deku felt steam rising all around them, letting him know that all the ice was melted.

"You can leave whenever you want," Todoroki confirmed, his eyes glancing down to Dekus lips. He moved closer and kissed him quickly, his other hand capturing Dekus freckled cheek.

Izuku kissed back for a few moments, before pulling away with furrowed eyebrows.
"What are you doing?" He mumbled.

Shouto grunted softly at the disconnection, his lips instead trailing down to Izukus neck, where he kissed hungrily, yet slow.
"The way you scream my name," he groaned a little, licking up Dekus throat.
"I want to hear it again."

Izuku relaxed a little at the explanation, although his cheeks burned red. He let an arm cautiously wrap up and curl into the others split hair. He pulled Shoutos head closer as he sucked a hickey, a small whimper escaping his lips.

They heard the door re open suddenly, and Todoroki was quick to shove Deku down out of sight.
Bakugou reenters, looking around suspiciously. He grabs his coat he'd forgotten, before narrowing his eyes.

"Where'd the nerd go?"

Deku kept quiet and out of sight, so long as Kacchan didn't look under the stall and see him on his knees. Though the idea thrilled him in a confusing way. He realised that he was eye level with the taller mans groin, and that Shouto was definitely hard.

He realised there was a silence, aswell. So, silently, he tentatively licked up the others cock. It bounced slightly, and he seen Todoroki's fist clench.

"I didn't see him leave," Kacchan said in a confused grumble, putting his arms through his jacket.

"Must have missed him. Im not his keeper." The half and half quirked male said simply, managing to keep his voice even as he ran his hand through his bicromial hair. Izuku, beneath him, carefully wrapped a hand around his length and brought it to his mouth.

Unaware to Deku, Bakugou chancedly glanced down at the bottom of the stall, his eyes widening. He didn't necessarily know who it was, he could only make out someones feet and knees from where he stood.

"Well, well. Who'd you sneak in here, icyhot? Who's the lady you managed to convince to kneel on this athletes foot floor?" He chuckled slightly, arms crossing.

Todoroki gulped, because even as Deku listened, he flushed and took the others length into his mouth as much as he could. Shouto was afraid that Bakugou would step closer to peek.

"None of your business, Bakugou. Get out."
His hands moved down to curl into a green mess of hair, pulling Deku impossibly further onto him.

He seemed to weigh his options. "No way. You want my silence, you can buy it. I want in." And just as slowly as he'd put on his jacket, he took it off again.

Todoroki clenched his jaw. "And if 'she' doesnt want to?"

"Im sure she's a smart girl who doesnt want a stain on her record. Isnt that right?" He called over.

Todoroki looked down and released Deku off of himself where he'd held him. Izuku couldnt help but to gasp and pant softly, the sound echoing off of the walls. Katsuki smirked at the noises, they were highpitched enough to be believed to be female.
Midoriya nodded shyly up at Shouto, who grumbled.

"You're either blindfolded or you get cool about a lot of things really quickly." Shouto said in a deadpan to the explosive male.

Bakugos eyebrows rose. "I want to see."

"Then give me your word you wont tell."

"Look, if I'm in, I won't."

"Yes, Bakugou, but-"

Aggravated about the complexity after already getting confirmation, Katsuki stepped over and just ripped the shower stall door open.
The scene of Todoroki with his hands clenched into his childhood friends hair, as he held him down on his cock, invaded his eyes. What was most shocking was how Deku was also hard, gripping himself and staring up at Shouto as if this were perfect.

"DAMMIT DEKU," Bakugou growled, his hands subconciously flickering a few flames.

Shouto pushed Izukus off of himself and sparked his own right side threateningly. "Stay or get out. Just shut your loud mouth."

The blonde kept his jaw clenched for a few moments, before giving a gruff shake of his head. "No, no I've waited too long to make this nerd pay." He said in a cold tone.
Deku looked up at him with a slight flush of what was to come.