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Gayer Things

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Max glided down the street on her skateboard, making a sharp turn at her driveway with enough force to throw someone off. Someone, but not her. The wheels ground along the pavement, as she kicked up the board and sprinted into her house, not even stopping to slam the door behind her.

And her pace only grew faster. Just until she reached Billy's postered door. She didn't hesitate to knock, having too much adrenaline to notice the sounds coming from her brothers' room.

"Billy! Wake the fuck up, we need your car," she yelled, pounding on the door with her fist. She heard a groan come from the other side.

"Uh... little busy here," he sounded slightly annoyed, but not really bothered. She pressed further, assuming he's spending his free morning sleeping in late.

"Sleep's not that important, you can do that later. We need your car, it's kind of an emergency!" Her tone grew more apprehensive with each word. She heard another groan come from his room, but it wasn't Billy this time.

"Fuck-" a soft muffled, male voice gently cussed. Max felt a little embarrassed, but pushed the feeling aside. The door swayed slightly open with a long creak.

A shirtless, almost pants-less Steve hid partially behind the door, letting only his face and shoulders meet Max's.

"Now's not the best time for him. If you'd like to make an appointment, I could take a message," he huffed out in his best "middle-aged secretary" voice. Max gaped in response.

"Were you two seriously about to fuck, it's literally 9 am," she snickered, "you're like bunnies."

Steve scrunched his nose, "what do ya need, Madmax?" This time, he was a little gentler in his tone, genuinely curious what she had to say.

"Can I talk to Billy? We need his car."

"I'm a little... well, naked at the moment," a breathless Billy shouted. Luckily, his "parents" weren't home to hear.

"Oh ew!" She gagged "That's actually disgusting." She crossed her arms.

"Why do you need the car in the first place?" Steve chimed in, successfully changing the conversation.

"We need it to look for Dustin," Steves' breath hitched when she said that, "he ran away and we can't find him anywhere. The only notice he left was a note," she began to read off of the crumpled page she pulled out of her sweatshirt pocket, "Dear beloved," Steve bit his lip, "I have decided to leave Hawkins. It is not something anyone has done that made me decide this, though. I am leaving because I know it's better for you. Knowing we're far away from each other is reassurance enough that you will be safe..." she paused, looking up at Steve, "...from me. Goodbye. -Dustin"

"Wh-why would he-" Steve couldn't think right. Only sputtering out a few syllables before giving up. "I-"

"Yeah, I know." She spoke. Everyone knows, that he cared for Dustin dearly, seeing him as a younger brother. His eyes hung low.

"I'll drive," Billy spoke from behind Steve, "let us get dressed, then we'll meet you at the car, m'kay?"

"Okay." Max leaned in to pull the door from Steve, hearing the latch click softly.

Billy was gently rubbing circles over Steve's lower back. If it were a year ago, Billy would've been punching the shit out of Steve, for whatever reason, but things had changed.

Ever since he nearly died from the mindflayer, he felt different. His body was much weaker than before, possibly due to the nights in the hospital when he should have been resting, but instead was sneaking in Steve for late visits. But not only his body was different, so was his mind. He was much more... emotional. Maybe it was from El tinkering around in his brain, but he felt better from it regardless.

Billy shook away the thoughts of the past. The mindflayer was dead, had been for a year, yet he still felt on-edge about it. Nevertheless, he continued to comfort Steve for a moment, placing soft kisses on the crook of his neck, before they finally got changed and headed out the door.