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After Forever

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Faith watched around the improvised table while she munched down on the food that one of Vince’s friends had brought them. She wondered what she was even doing here. Judy still completely ignored her, treating her like she didn’t exist. Mia tried to do the same, but Faith noticed the younger girl glance her way every now and then. She guessed that Mia was trying to follow her best friend and sister in her way of acting but having more difficulties with keeping it up.

Faith felt anger bubble up inside of her. Why did the two youngsters always have to be so persistently stubborn! Why didn’t they just answer if she asked them something instead of treating her like she was air! They were just happily chatting along with Dominic and the others, discussing their next move. Faith had retreated to keeping quiet and on the background, too tired to confront anyone. No one bothered to ask Faith what she thought of any of this. She just tagged along, desperately trying to hold on to the only family she had ever known.

Even Dominic seemed to ignore her now. He was probably glad not to have to travel alone with her anymore. They hadn’t spoken much on the road but when they occasionally did she had barked him down. Making snippy comments and angering him. When she thought about it, she didn’t really mean to piss him off. She was sorry for it, but her lips couldn’t form the words to apologize to him. She tried to block out any emotion that she should be feeling. Because she knew if she would let it in there was no stopping it. She didn’t want to feel the pain, the hurt, the loss. So for now she was angry most of the time. Angry and tired. She couldn’t pinpoint her anger to anything specific. Angry at the world, angry at herself, angry at him…It was draining her of the energy that she could spend so much better.

Faith watched Vincent get up from his spot on the crate that was turned upside down, functioning as a chair. He had changed a lot since she had last seen him five years ago. He had matured a lot, gotten bigger, older. He was still muscular, but he also had formed something of a belly. He was a dad now, and a husband. When Faith looked at him she felt jealousy creeping inside of her. He had found something that she could never have. He had run away, leaving her behind and he had built up a live for himself. He had a family of his own and he was happy.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to have it. She envied him. Faith new that they would probably never have worked out. Hell she didn’t even have wanted that in the end. It was just that he had found his place in this world. She thought she had, until…

Faith stood up, she needed to pee…again, and she wanted to see what Vince was doing. He seemed to be nervous ever since they returned to the others. She wasn’t really sure what had happened this afternoon. When she and Vince left the place where they were all supposed to deliver the cars, the men of Reyes weren’t happy. Vince and she had been the only ones who had shown up at the place. They had questioned them. Vince had to take in the most of their displeasure. Receiving some blows and yelling.

He had talked to them and Faith didn’t know what he promised them but they let them go eventually. She wasn’t arguing with that, but she thought it was weird. Vince, of course, didn’t want to let her in on what was going on. No one ever wanted her to know, they just figured she would be in the way and she would blow things. Faith had crossed her arms and sulked for a while until she decided that, because he wasn’t going to tell anything and she couldn’t find it in her to persistently keep asking about it, she’d better make some small talk to lift the air. Only Vince didn’t feel like that. He answered her curtly and she gave up.

When Faith walked into the garage she noticed Vince standing over one of the cars. The brunette walked up to him to see what he was doing. She looked over his shoulder. “What are you looking for?” She figured he hadn’t heard her coming because he jumped when she spoke.

“Nothing.” Vincent turned with his back against the car, facing the girl in front of him.

“Doesn’t look like nothing. You seemed to be searching.”

“It’s nothing Faith. Go back inside and mind your own business.”

“No I won’t. This is my business.” Faith pointed a finger to his chest. “You.” Tapping him with her finger. “You made it my business.”

“As I recall, You insisted on driving with me.”

“Well if you hadn’t been so stupid to mess up there wouldn’t be anything going on.”

“Damn it woman. You don’t even know what you are talking about.” Vince had turned around to continue the search he had done before Faith disturbed him.

“Then just tell me!” She said exasperated.

“Keep it down will you.” Vince warned her.

Faith sighed. “Maybe I can help. I’m not the useless bitch you think I am.”

Vincent turned around to look at her. “I don’t think you are.”

Faith watched and waited for him to continue because the man looked like he wanted to say something more.

Vince turned back around to the car again. His hand gliding along the computer system that had been built in. Time was of the essence. “I’m trying to locate a chip. Reyes wants it back.”

“This wasn’t about the cars in the first place was it?” Faith had known something was off, the feeling in her gut had told her. “It had always been about the chip.” It wasn’t as much of a question as well as a statement.

“I didn’t know. I thought it was for the cars.” Vince grunted, looking at her again. Faith gave him a doubtful look.

“I swear, I didn’t know!”

The brunette crossed her arms. “So what do we do now?”

“We do nothing. You just go back in there and pretend you know of nothing. I’ll handle this.”

“Yeah, cause you’ve been handling it so well up until now.” Faith snorted.

Vince didn’t respond to her comment but held the little chip triumphantly in front of her face.

At the same moment Dominic decided to check up on them. He wondered what was keeping them so long. When he had heard raised voices he decided to see if everything was alright. Now he saw Vince take some microchip from the car he started to believe that Brian was right. Vince wasn’t as clean as he had hoped. And what about Faith? What was her position in this? “Almost wish I didn’t see it. Almost.” Both Vince and Faith jumped when they heard him, confirming him of their guilty conscience.

“Wait.” Vince said while he hold up his hands in surrender.