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Nasty November

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There was a hollow. A hollow in the dark in the basement of the arena. Zhenya twisted through the bowels, trying to remember where exactly Sid had tucked himself away. The deeper he went the more insulated the air felt. The chill left his skin as the sound around him dampened. It made sense; it was a nest, after all. Sid's nest.

He knew he had found it when the hallway turned into a dark pit. All the lights had been shut off, and the camping lamp he carried with him only threw off enough cool light to see the beginnings of sticky strands that clung to the cement walls and led into where Sid’s nest swallowed the light. It looked like Sid had been working at it for months. Preparing, carefully placing one strand of silk after another, tearing some down and moving them around. No one was allowed to see it, not even Zhenya. Every time Zhenya prodded Sid about it he'd get a red-eared "not finished yet" mumbled into whatever food Sid was cramming into his mouth. He was so hungry, so hungry all the time. Spinning silk took a lot of energy it seemed and Sid wanted it to be perfect. 

The hallway had been narrowed down by the layers and layers of woven thread, turning the harsh corners into a soft, rounded-out tunnel. It was fuzzy and dark but Zhenya knew he wasn’t alone. He placed the light on the ground and stripped out of his shorts. He hadn’t been wearing much to begin with but it still felt vulnerable to be fully naked in the dark. 

Zhenya took a shaky breath and reached out blindly. Sid’s hand found him, and Zhenya took it and grasped it tight. Sid’s fingers were warm, and smoother than normal, like if Zhenya didn’t hold on, Sid’s hand might just slip away. Zhenya couldn't really reconcile himself with the sensation. Like this, Sid was just a shadow. Zhenya gripped harder and Sid tugged him forward. There was Sid's broad chest under his palm, the brush of his nose against Zhenya’s neck and the dampness of his breath. Zhenya didn’t feel alone at all. 

"Do you like it?" The rumble of Sid’s voice was loud against the quiet, as scratchy as the stubble that rubbed against Zhenya’s neck. Sid had been down here a lot recently.  

"Very nice." Zhenya didn't really know what the qualifiers were for a good spider’s nest but he tried. "Safe, strong--" His eyes caught a silvery strand illuminated in thin light. "Pretty." It was obviously the right thing to say and Sid squeezed where their fingers were woven together, drawing Zhenya the rest of the way in. 

Curled around him were Sid’s new legs, sharp and cooler than the rest of him, mostly smooth except for fine hairs that tickled up the inside of his calf. Well, they weren’t totally new per se; Sid had told him all about the cycle of limbs pushing up through his skin and moulting. Zhenya mostly blocked that part of the conversation out. 

They talked about this, at length, because it was Sid and everything was talked about at length. He’d never seen Sid fully shifted. He had seen the ridges of Sid’s folded-up legs pressing against the fabric of his sweater when he came up to eat. Now Zhenya could skim his fingers up the muscle of Sid’s flank and back along his ribs, feeling for where the bone met hard bumps that attached the extra limbs to his body. Long and thin and hard, like a shell, an exoskeleton. It was difficult in the low light but he could tell the legs were dark and thin, falling around Zhenya like the fine branches of a willow. 

He could feel his pulse against the skin of his throat, where Sid was breathing wet and heavy against his skin. “I wanted you to like it,” Sid murmured and bit down, not as hard as Zhenya knew he could. It was teasing, and Zhenya dug his fingers dug into Sid’s back. Bending his head, he found the corner of Sid’s mouth and pressed a series of kisses to it. Sid’s vision was clearly sharper than his, his hands coming up easily to cup Zhenya’s face and tilt it so their lips brushed each other, Sid’s already slick as he kissed Zhenya slow and deep. The skin of Zhenya’s lips tingled, wet with the saliva that was thick in Sid’s mouth and going numb. He was dizzy with it. Sid pressed solidly against him was the only real tether to reality. 

Groping down Sid’s thick back, Zhenya explored every new ridge and crevice, the way hard shell seemed to transition easily into flesh and muscle. Sid was still soft and solid where it counted. Zhenya grabbed a double handful of his ass and Sid stopped his sloppy kissing long enough to laugh into Zhenya’s mouth. Some things would always be the same. He felt along where the crest of Sid’s hips curved towards his dick, swollen and interested. Palming Sid’s cock rewarded him with another hitched breath as he felt down behind Sid’s balls, where the meat of a taint should be. Instead, there, along the plush stretch of skin was a seam. 

The first time he had touched Sid there without thinking, Sid had shrunk back like Zhenya had touched an exposed nerve. The last time Sid had rubbed himself against Zhenya till he was soft and open and slid down on him in one smooth glide, squeezing in long sucking pulses until Zhenya was shivering and empty. The soft head of his dick had bumped up against something hard, but by then Sid was pulling away, his eggs fertilized.

Now, the skin was slightly bulged, rounded out by whatever was inside Sid trying to push out. Sid fucked Zhenya’s mouth with his tongue and ground into the touch. The seam opened enough for the tip of one of Zhenya’s fingers to slip inside, pressing against the slick head of what Sid had hidden away inside the silt. Zhenya knew that it came out, and it was for laying. He had yet to get it to come out, though. Well, he liked a challenge. 

Sid shivered against him and Zhenya pressed in further, feeling the fat slit along the head, slightly gaping and soft. He slid the tip of his finger inside, smug when Sid pulled away from his mouth and moaned low and hurt like it was pulled from deep within him. His nails dug into Zhenya’s skin. Curious, Zhenya kept going, finger pushing into the tight channel. With a yelp, Sid’s hand snapped down and around his wrist in an iron-tight grip and Zhenya stilled. 

“Okay, okay,” Sid panted, drawing Zhenya’s hand away. “I’m going to start now.” Zhenya thought they had already started, but clearly, Sid had an agenda.

With his senses lulled, it was hard for Zhenya to keep track as Sid moved around him in the dark. Pinpricks dragged up his spine where Sid’s legs curled around him, one pressed hard to his shoulder blade with something sticky clinging to his skin, then another on the center of his spine, the fine web tickling down the back of his arm. Sid liked to tie him up. Thick black ropes, around his chest and wrist and thigh. Zhenya was helplessly into it. This was the same and different. The tension and pressure against his chest, reassuring and keeping him in place as Sid weaved his web, binding Zhenya up tight. Once Sid thought he was secure, his legs drew out long bits of silk and hooked Zhenya up to the sticky wall. Zhenya had never been suspended before. Sid slowly lifted him until there was no longer solid ground under his feet and his last sense of the space around him was taken away, suspended between gravity and Sid’s bindings.

“Is that good?” 

Sid’s voice was closer than he expected and Zhenya’s heart jumped in his chest. He took a slow shaky breath. “Yeah,” he said, and leaned his head forward as much as his binds allowed him, silently asking for the kiss Sid quickly provided. Sid gave few long presses against his mouth before he trailed biting kisses down Zhenya’s chest where there were still exposed strips of skin, to the joint of his hip. 

Zhenya tried and failed at keeping his noises in when Sid nosed under his balls. His legs had been spread and fixed, splayed open for Sid to mouth at. Sid’s mouth was always hungry, hungry and sloppy as he cupped Zhenyay’s dick out of the way and sucked harshly at his rim, lapping over and over until Zhenya felt drenched and his dick was so hard it must have been leaking. Slowly, the skin of his ass went tingly and wet like his mouth and Sid pressed in deep. 

With one last harsh suck, Sid pulled away, moving back up his body. Zhenya felt it now, that growing hungry emptiness, a cramping insistent need to be filled deep in his gut. Sid crowded himself around Zhenya and something that was distinctly not Sid’s dick brushed against Zhenya’s thigh. Stiffer, slick, and blood-hot like the inside of his body. It twitched and moved, nudging along Zhenya’s inner thigh. Seeking , Zhenya realized with a deep internal clench. He felt wet from Sid’s spit and gaping. His body welcomed it when Sid shifted his hips and the wet head found his hole, pressing against it, probing slightly. Sid gripped him hard around the hips as he sunk inside. It was a slow ridged pressure, cleaving him open. Almost never-ending, and Zhenya and could feel it up into his throat. He arched into it, hole flexing, and Sid’s hips jerked involuntarily. The way Sid’s breath caught rough in his throat was starting to sound more like clicking. 

Zhenya shivered. He could barely move, bound still as Sid ground hot and hard into him. Zhenya loved Sid’s dick; it was thick and short and hit just the right spot when he pinned Zhenya down and thrust into him. But this, this felt like it rubbed against everything at once in a slick glide. A raw and hot and overwhelming pressure he couldn’t escape or angle his hips away from to make it less intense; he just had to take it. Sid was breathing against him hard, and he wished he could comb his fingers through Sid’s hair the way he wanted to. Zhenya pressed his face there instead, into the sweaty curls at Sid’s temple so he could press his lips against his ear as Sid shuddered. He stilled smelled the same. 

“Come, give me babies,” Zhenya whispered. “Want to feel, Sid.”

Sid had been very specific about calling them eggs. But if they were going to incubate in his body, Zhenya got to decide what he wanted to call them. They were Sid’s babies and now they were his too. He was surrounded by Sid and full but still, he wanted more.

Yes , Geno--” There was a sudden pressure and Sid broke off into a soft chitter. Something thicker was pushing through Zhenya with rippling little shoves. Sid hitched his hips and Zhenya moaned as he felt the fast slip of eggs through Sid and into him, and the tight feeling of his abdomen as the slow pressure of being filled grew. Sid pressed himself close, caging Zhenya in with his body and his legs. Another shudder ran through him and Sid rolled his hips against Zhenya like he couldn’t help it, a slick glide helping them along, rocking deep at the same steady pace. Zhenya’s whole body strained against his binds. That familiar aching pressure grew and he moaned helplessly as his body tightened and he came dry, clenching around Sid. He still felt hard and wanting. Sid kept rocking, those satisfying clicking noises coming steadily out of him.

Time drew out as if smudged. The sensation of eggs filling him came in waves, shocks of sensation every time Sid pressed deep. Another round of eggs pushed through and Sid came wet where he had been rubbing against Zhenya’s hip. Zhenya moaned pathetically. He was still stupidly hard. His ears were filled with the slick noises of his ass and the cooing sound Sid had made deep in his chest with the last pass. Zhenya couldn’t see, he couldn’t move, all he had was the sensation of Sid around him, the deep satisfaction of being filled, and the friction of sweaty skin between them as he got fucked. 

“That was the last few.” Sid’s voice sounded ragged and Zhenya groaned in protest as slowly Sid eased away from him, pulling out and back into his own body with a wet noise that made Zhenya’s face burn. Sid’s hands smoothed over the taut skin of his stomach. “How do you feel?” 

Zhenya’s face was still flushed. “ Full, ” he panted, and was surprised there was any blood left that wasn’t in his dick. “Sid,” he pleaded with a futile roll of his hips, but it didn’t matter because Sid was there. Lips glided down his shaft, and Zhenya’s cock jumped as Sid’s hot mouth swallowed around him, still so wet and sucking in slow pulls until Zhenya cried out and came down Sid’s throat. 

He was floating, dozy and worn out somewhere outside his body. The dark was now soft and lulling like the ocean at night. Sid moved around him, laying down new strands of web, wrapping him up like a cocoon, warm and safe and tucked away. His eyelids felt heavy, and he let them droop, tired now with the warm weight in his belly. 

He barely registered it as Sid tucked in beside him and whispered, “I love you”

“Love you, too.” It was a knee-jerk response, but he meant it with all his heart, and Sid pressed kisses to his closed eyelids. 

Now he would sleep.