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Changing Butterfly

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It had been quite a shock for Chloe Bourgeois to find an unconscious woman in her room. She looked to be in her mid-late 20s, but thanks to the bruises & other contusions peppered across her body, that was the least of Chloe’s worries at the moment. She managed to drag the unconscious body to a quiet place in the hotel with nobody noticing (it was about midnight); with all this Miraculous business going on, she might be more than some weird stalker and potentially even important or helpful to Ladybug & the other superheroes.

The lady was frantically looking around after waking up, and she inquired many things of Chloe when she laid eyes on the heiress. Chloe was trying to make an effort to do better as a person, but it was hard sometimes; this was hopefully worth it.

When she inquired into the mysterious woman’s name, she asked to go by the alias of Blatta. Chloe was almost certain she was someone important now; when she asked her, Blatta demanded she keep quiet about the truth.

She explained her powers as if Chloe knew nothing about them, as if it were before the existence of Miraculouses were revealed to the public. When the heiress told her that she knew about Miraculouses already, Blatta grew pensive & quiet. 

“Okay then, mademoiselle,” Blatta eventually uttered with a tone deadly serious, “do the aliases ‘Tortue Cerveau,’ ‘Mister Fortune’ & ‘Chaton Grise’ mean anything to you?”

The first name was spoken of with utter revulsion; the other two were referenced in a more morose manner. Chloe shook her head no as a response.

“Then Miss Bourgeois, I apologize for wasting your time; please , keep this information secret, but if my guess is right, I’m from an alternate - if not parallel - universe.”

Chloe offered to introduce her to the local heroes, but Blatta seemed unsure. 

“What are you scared about?”

“What is the villain that brought them out like? Describe their Miraculous.”

At the name of Hawkmoth alone, Blatta quickly refused to transform.

“Unless you’re Hawkmoth or Mayura, there’s no problem.”

After getting over the shock of another evil wielder, Blatta explained.

“No, I’m not Hawkmoth. I now know it’s a parallel universe I came from. My Miraculous,” at this her voice went to a whisper, “is the Butterfly; it sounds like Hawkmoth is, well… the Moth!”

Chloe looked surprised, but explained that to her knowledge, the Miraculous was not the problem.

“It’s the stigma that lepidopterous lout has put upon Paris; no one will accept my powers, thinking I’m Hawkmoth and all.”

“Then go and fight in person!”

Quid vis?”

Ignoring the unfamiliar words, Chloe continued. “Earn the trust of Paris - that’s where you are, by the way - the hard way if you need to! I’ll back you in what ways I can, starting with getting you into our society. You don’t have any ID and all that, so…”

Blatta thanked Chloe. 

True to her word, Chloe talked to her dad about helping someone get in, hiding any important information as necessary. As usual, Andre was all too eager to do things for his daughter, and when a purple masked figure snuck into Chloe’s bedroom a few nights later, Chloe handed her the ID, asking Blatta to promise she would help fight. 

“Please, Miss Chloe,” the figure spoke, “call me Papilio.”