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Blind Love (Rewrite)

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This fic was written so long ago that I really don’t remember where I was going with it. Since there were so many mistakes, I have decided to rewrite it. Hopefully this time I can see the fic through to completion.

This first chapter was originally 3234 words, and is now 4982

Enjoy and review.




Voldemort sneered down at the cowering, snotting, sorry excuse for a wizard that was sniveling pathetically at his feet. The boy’s red hair was plastered to his forehead as sweat and tears dripped down his face, his eyes large with pupils dilated in fear. Cackling madly, he wrenched his eyes away from the trembling young wizard and looked to the older wizard who was pointing his wand at him.

“You call yourself the Greatest Wizard of the Age, Dumbledore?” Voldemort spat in disgust. “Yet you, in all your wisdom and greatness, proclaimed this weak child, this below average wizard, as the prophesied one?”

With his wand steady in his hand, Dumbledore looked at his former student, his eyebrows drawn together in confusion. “What are you talking about, Tom? Liam Potter is the prophesied child, the chosen one, he vanquished you when he was just a babe.” He had to admit, he was a bit disappointed that Tom was able to defeat Liam so easily. The boy may only be fifteen years old, but he was the chosen one, he should have lasted longer against Voldemort, or at least should have been able to hurt the older wizard. Not one of the boy’s spells had hit the Dark Lord.

Voldemort threw his head back, laughing loud and hard. “This,” he cried, pointing his wand at the cowering boy, “is not the snot nosed brat that managed to defeat me fourteen years ago.”

“But he is,” Dumblefore corrected. “That is Liam Potter.”

Shaking his head, Voldemort cried, “crucio!” He wanted to close his eyes and savor the boy’s screams of pain as he thrashed and convulsed at his feet, but he knew better than to take his eyes off of Dumbledore. “There were two boys there that night, twins, and this one hid behind his smaller brother crying. It was the raven haired child that defeated me, that wrenched me from my body. As soon as I laid eyes on that boy I knew immediately that he was the one. Never before have I sensed so much power in someone, and he was nothing but a babe still suckling from his mother’s breasts. My first instinct had been to take the child, to train him and possibly make him my heir, but I had foolishly been blinded by the prophecy. I didn’t want to destroy someone with so much potential, so much magic, but I couldn’t take the risk.”

Dumbledore took a step backwards, his head shaking no. Voldemort was wrong, he was trying to trick him, there was no way that little Harry Potter was the Chosen One. He had personally scanned both boys after the attack at Godric’s Hallow and Harry had had no magic. “You’re wrong, Tom, Harry Potter was born a squib.”

“A squib!” Voldemort taunted. “He may have only been a babe in diapers at the time, but Harry Potter was already more powerful than you.”

“No, I tested the boys myself that night, Harry had no magic whatsoever.”

Voldemort couldn’t believe the old wizard’s stupidity, how could he have made such a careless mistake. “Honestly, old man, did you not consider the possibility that the child’s magical core was depleted after vanquishing me? That baby wordlessly and wandlessly defeated me, the Dark Lord.”

Paling, Dumbledore’s wand started shaking in his hand. He felt ice rush through his veins as he thought back to that night almost fourteen years ago. How could he have not considered the possibility that young Harry’s magical core could have been depleted? He had never tested the twins before that Halloween night, but Harry had showed not a drop of magic in his young body, while Liam had tested above average for his age. He had even asked James and Lily about Harry and they both had informed him that Harry had shown no signs of accidental magic, unlike Liam who had been floating his toys around the room for months. It was rare for a young witch or wizard to not show signs of magic before their first birthday, and Harry had been fifteen months old at the time of the attack.

Voldemort’s snake like face lit up with glee, his red eyes almost glowing. “Could it be, did the great Albus Dumbledore, the defeater of the Dark Lord Grindewald, make a mistake? You, the almighty one, declared the wrong twin the savior of the wizarding world, and banished the true savior, the chosen one, to the muggle world. Don’t worry though, Albus, I will find this child and explain to him why his parents threw him away like unwanted trash. I will then train the true savior of the wizarding world to be my greatest and most powerful Death Eater. All that power will be at my disposal and the boy will be loyal to me because you and his family turned your backs on him. Revenge is a wonderful motivator, don’t you think, Albus?”

Dumbledore felt numb, he didn’t even acknowledge his other Order members as they started apparating in. Unfortunately James and Lily had overheard Tom and they were looking just as pale and sickly as him.

Voldemort pinned his red eyes on James and Lily. “You have raised a pathetic wizard.” Snapping his wand, he sent the crying teen flying across the room and into a stone wall. It had been so easy to trick the boy into meeting him in an abandoned building so he could steal some of his blood. Liam Potter may be worthless, but his blood was going to help him track down his twin.

“Liam!” Lily Potter screamed as she rushed to her son’s side, crying as she knelt down next to him. Her precious son wasn’t moving, he was frighteningly pale, and he was bleeding from his mouth and nose. Reaching out with a trembling hand, she checked his pulse, sighing with relief when she felt it beating strong under her finger. Liam was hurt, but he was still alive and breathing.

“Pathetic!” Voldemort spat. “You cuddle and pamper the below average child, yet you tossed away his incredibly powerful twin. Not only are you a disgusting mudblood, but you’re also a horrible mother.”

Looking around the room, Voldemort took in all the Order members who were watching and listening in disbelief. “For fourteen years you all have worshipped and glorified the wrong Potter twin. Liam Potter is not, nor has he even been, the prophesied child. Liam Potter did not vanquish me fourteen years ago on Halloween night. That pathetic child doesn’t even have half the power now as a teen, that his twin had at fifteen months of age. Not only did you turn your backs on the true chosen one, but you banished him to the muggle world and erased his existence from your minds. You all will pay for your ignorance and blind faith in an old, manipulative wizard.” With that, he disapparated from the room.


Still looking pale and shaky, James and Lily took their seats at the large table set up in the kitchen at Grimmauld Place, home to Sirius Black, and the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. After the events of earlier that evening they were shook up and exhausted, but Dumbledore had called an emergency Order meeting.

The table was full of faithful wizards and witches all quiet as they waited for their leader to arrive. Waiting with James and Lily Potter were James’ best friend, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, along with, Molly and Arthur Weasley, and their elder sons Bill and Charlie Weasley. Also sitting at the table were Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shaklebolt, Nymphadora Tonks, Alice and Frank Longbottom, Dedalus Diggle, Aberforth Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Sturgis Podmore. There were other members of the Order of the Phoenix, but these were Dumbledore’s most faithful and trusted.

Remus Lupin awkwardly cleared his throat. “Lily, how is Liam?” He asked softly, his voice laced with concern. Liam was his cub, he loved him as if he were his own.

Looking to her long time friend, Lily rubbed her tired and bloodshot eyes. “Liam is doing about as well as can be expected after dueling and losing to You-Know-Who. Poppy had to mend a broken arm and three broken ribs and he’s suffering from a concussion and the side effects from multiple crucios, but he’s going to be okay. He’s really shook up and scared so Poppy had to give him a Dreamless Sleep potion to help settle him down.”

James handed his crying wife a napkin so she could blow her nose. “You know my boy, Moony, he’s a fighter.”

Dumbledore strode into the kitchen looking tired and every bit his age. Sitting down, he looked to his most trusted friends, co-workers, and Order members. He cared deeply for them all and he considered them his family. Most of the members gathered he has known since they entered Hogwarts at the young age of eleven.

“Is it true, Albus?” James asked, breaking the heavy silence in the room. Try as he might, he hadn’t been able to get the Dark Lord’s words out of his head. He had been replaying that Halloween night over and over again in his head the past few hours trying to see if what Voldemort had said about his sons were true. Up until that fateful night his life had been damn near perfect. Other than being in hiding, he had been living the dream. He had the perfect wife and two perfect twin boys, the only shadow on his perfect life had been the prophecy, the war, and the Dark Lord Voldemort.


Dumbledore lowered his head and sat quietly in his chair at the head of the table. “I wish I had an answer for you, James, but I honestly don’t know. Voldemort my be the Dark Lord, but he’s normally not much on lying. The fact that he lured Liam out just to get his blood, makes me believe that he was speaking the truth. I’m sorry, but I never took into consideration that Harry's core could have been depleted from shielding himself and Liam from the killing curse and then vanquishing Voldemort from his body. Sadly, it does make sense.”

“I’m confused,” Charlie Weasley said as he looked to James. “I didn’t know that Liam had a twin.” Charlie Weasley was Molly and Arthur Weasley’s second oldest, he stood at a respectable six feet, was extremely muscular, had blue eyes, and the Weasley’s trademark red hair and freckles. Charlie worked as a dragon handler in Romania and, as such, had huge callouses on his hands and a handsome, but tough, weather beaten face.

“Not many people knew that Lily was carrying twins,” Sirius explained sadly. "Harry was the oldest of the pair, but also the smallest and quietist. Liam was born at a healthy six pounds, eleven ounces, and was twenty inches long, while little Harry was only four pounds, six ounces, and eighteen inches long. Liam was born screaming at the top of his lungs, while Harry hardly made a sound. The boys were the complete opposite, even in looks. Harry looked a lot like James, but had Lily's emerald eyes, and Liam looked more like Lily, but had James’ eyes.”

Sirius closed his eyes as he pictured his sweet little godson. Neither him nor his mate, Remus had been there when James and Lily had sent Harry away, but he had refused to talk to James for three years after his best friend had refused to tell him where his godson was. Even now, after fourteen years, he hasn’t been able to truly forgive James for getting rid of his pup, he had loved that boy with all his heart. He hadn’t cared that Harry had been declared a squib, he would have taken Harry in a heartbeat and raised him as his own in a loving home.

Remus reached out and took his mate’s hand. Sirius had been clenching his fist so hard that his nails had cut into his palm. “Harry was always quiet, but you could tell by looking into his eyes that he was taking in everything that was going on around him. When he looked at you, it was as though he was looking into your soul. Honestly, it was a little bit disturbing seeing such intelligence in such a small child. Harry was extremely smart and perceptive.”

“Remember how excited he’d get every time we visited?” Sirius asked wistfully. “His little face would light and he’d wiggle his little bum.”

Remus wiped a tear from his eye. “Harry started talking before Liam and his first word wasn’t the same old boring mommy or daddy. No, Harry’s first words were, yaaa yooo. That was his way of saying, love you. That little boy had so much love in his heart.”

“Harry would repeat yaaa yooo over and over again while hugging you with his tiny, delicate arms,” Sirius added. “He also loved to smother you with his sloppy baby kisses.”

Remus glared at James as tears started falling from his eyes. “And then Harry was just gone. The day after Liam supposedly defeated Voldemort. that Halloween night, Remus and I visited James and Lily. Since their home was destroyed in the attack they were staying at Hogwarts where it was safe from avenging Death Eaters, and where Poppy could easily keep an eye on the traumatized boys. Physically both boys were fine, except for a small wound on Harry’s forehead the shape of a lightning bolt, but both boys were understandably scared and exhausted.”

“I’ll never forget rushing into the hospital wing and finding James and Lily curled up on a bed with Liam proudly fussing over him with Harry nowhere in sight.” Sirius said grimly. “Remus and I were disgusted and horrified when James informed us that they had given Harry away because Dumbledore had declared him a squib.”

“They weren’t even upset,” Remus whispered, still feeling shocked to this day.

“Can’t have a squib in the family!” Sirius said, mocking James. “What would people think if they knew a Potter produced a squib?”

Remus let out a growl. “Can’t have Harry holding Liam back,” He said imitating James. “If we had kept him, he would have only grown jealous of Liam because of his magic. A magical home is no place for a squib.”

“Merlin, we begged James and Lily to tell us where they sent Harry,” Sirius cried brokenly. “We didn’t care that he was a squib, we were prepared to raise him ourselves in the muggle world, but they refused to tell us anything.”

“It was as though they were punishing Harry for having no magic,” Remus added. “We pleaded with them for months to let us have Harry, but they stubbornly kept their mouths shut. For years we refused to talk to them, and even now our relationship isn’t what it was before that night. Harry had been my cub, my pack, and they just tossed him away and never looked back. How can you forgive someone for breaking your heart?”

“It wasn’t like that!” Lily sobbed as she looked around the table, flinching at all the disgusted and dirty looks her friends were giving her. “We deeply loved Harry, we were only doing what was best for him. It wouldn’t have been fair to Harry to be raised around the wonders of magic and the wizarding world when he had no magic of his own.”

Molly shook her head, her eyes hard. “I would have found a way to show a child of mine that even though they were a squib, that they were still special and loved. There is no way in hell that I would have just dumped my child off somewhere in the muggle world and never looked back. I always respected you as a mother Lily, but now I see you are no better than the Malfoy's. Throwing a child away because they didn't live up to their standards is something they would have done." Molly turned her head, she couldn't bare to look at Lily Potter anymore.

“If Harry wasn’t a squib, why didn’t he get a Hogwarts acceptance letter on his eleventh birthday?” Bill Weasley asked thoughtfully. Bill Weasley was the eldest Weasley child and one of the best and most gifted curse breakers at Gringotts Bank. Like with Charlie, Bill had red hair and freckles, but he liked to keep his hair long and pulled back into a pony tail. Bill was also a bit of a rebel who liked to wear muggle clothes, especially leather jackets and concert t-shirts, dragon hide boots, and despite the glares from his mother, he wore a dangling fang earring from his left ear. Bill was taller than his brother Charlie and not as muscular, but he was still extremely good looking and well built.

“The dead don’t receive an acceptance letter, do they?” Charlie said softly at he looked sadly at his brother. “Maybe Harry is dead?”

Dumbledore cringed as all eyes looked to him. “Hogwarts did address a letter to Harry, but I had assumed that the quill had made a mistake so I never sent it out.”



When Hogwarts was first founded, the four founders combined their magic and enchanted a quill to automatically write Hogwarts acceptance letters to any child, pureblood, halfblood or muggle, that showed enough magic to be able to attend Hogwarts School of WitchCraft and Wizardry. The quill had never made a mistake before, but he had assumed that the quill had accepted Harry based solely on Liam’s magical talents. It was practically unheard of for one twin to be magical and the other a squib.

Minerva gasped loudly. “Albus, you know damn well that the quill doesn’t make mistakes. If an acceptance letter was written for Harry, then the boy was not a squib.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” James roared. “We would have went to Harry and brought him home. It killed Lily and I to give up our first born child.”

Sirius snorted. “Didn’t look like it to me,” he muttered with a glare. “The three of you looked like a happily little family just hours after dumping Harry.”

“Sirius,” Dumbledore scolded. “I personally tested the twins myself, Harry had no magic, not even a drop.”

"Of course there was no way that the all mighty Albus Dumbledore could have made a mistake. Obviously it was the centuries old quill that was enchanted by the four most powerful witches and wizards since Merlin that made the mistake." Severus Snape said sarcastically.



“All along we have been training the wrong twin." Moody hissed, his magical eye spinning wildly in his head. "We have to find Harry and start training him so he can defeat the Dark Lord.”


"Yes, I'm sure that conversion will go over splendidly." Severus snapped. "We're sorry that your parents thought you were a worthless embarrassment to the Potter name, but now that we know that you are the true Chosen One, we need you to come back and risk your life for a world that tossed you away like trash. I'm sure he will gladly accept us with open arms." Severus couldn't believe that the woman he once loved threw her child away just because it was assumed he was a squib. The Lily he grew up with would have never have done that to a child of hers.



Lily covered her face and started crying. Severus was right, her son will never forgive them for turning him away when he was only a small, innocent baby. She was the worst mother ever.



“I agree with Alastar." Dumbledore said, running his long fingers through his white beard. "Harry must be brought back into our world before Voldemort finds him and turns him against us. If Harry is as powerful as he say's, then he could win the war for the dark side if he joins them."


Sirius stood up, a slightly manic look in his eyes. "Tell me where my pup is and I will go and get him right now.” For fourteen years he had been begging and pleading for Harry’s location, he couldn’t believe that he was finally going to get to see and hold his godson again.

Lilly looked to her husband then cleared her throat. "We left Harry with my sister Petunia and her husband."


Gasping, Severus slammed his hands on the table. "Are you mad? You left your baby with that bitch? She hated you and anything to do with magic, why in the hell would you leave your son with her? More importantly, why would she taken in your unwanted spawn?”


"Please, Severus,” Lily sobbed. "Harry was not unwanted. I loved my son and I didn't want to give him up, but I honestly thought that I was doing best by Harry." From across the table Molly Weasley snorted into her tea, it sounded suspiciously like, ‘bitch please.’

“So she just took your son in out of the goodness of her heart?” Severus asked skeptically. “The Petunia I knew had no heart.”

Lily nervously looked away from her once best friend then looked down at her trembling hands. She tensed slightly when James wrapped his arm around her shoulders, but then she melted into his embrace. “We didn’t exactly talk to my sister,” she admitted shamefully. “We left Harry in a basket with a note on their doorstep in the early morning hours along with a large sum of cash, enough too see him through until he became an adult.”

Molly Weasley screeched so loud that her four other children that were upstairs probably heard her, even through the silencing charm that Albus had put up. "You left a baby in a basket on their doorstep on a cold November morning? I was wrong about you, Lily, you are worse then the Malfoy's. Narcissa would never treat her child in such a horrific manner, not even a squib. Did you at least stick around until your sister found him?" Molly's jaw dropped when the Potter's refused to make eye contact with her. "You didn't did you? You left a fifteen month old baby sitting outside where anything could have happened to him." Molly sat back in her chair in shock.




Alice Longbottom looked at her best friend, her heart heavy. Ever since she met Lily on the Hogwarts express in their first first year, they had been inseparable. Even her getting sorted into Hufflepuff didn't ruin their budding friendship. Like everyone else, with the exception of Sirius and Remus, she hadn’t know that Lily had given birth to twin boys. Lily and James has been forced into hiding early in Lily’s pregnancy after Dumbledore informed them of the prophecy of Chosen One.

"You’re a damn hypocrite, Lily." Alice snapped. "When I thought my Neville was a squib, you preached to me that I should still love and be proud of him. You said that if you had a squib child you wouldn't treat them any differently than Liam. How could you look me in the eyes and lie like that? Does Liam even know about Harry?"

All Lily wanted to do was crawl in a ball and die. “I...I...” she stuttered, not sure what to say in her defense.


"We don't have time for finger pointing and name calling." Dumbledore said in disappointment. "For Harry's safety, as well as the safety of the wizarding world, we must retrieve him from his aunt and uncle’s house immediately. Frank and Alice, I feel that the two of you will be the best for the job.”

“What?” Both Sirius and James cried in outrage.

Dumbledore held his hand up, there wasn’t time for arguing. “Gentlemen, I’m afraid that Severus is correct on how young Harry will react to hearing the truth. James, I don’t think Harry should meet you and Lily until after everything has been explained to him. And Sirius, I understand that you never turned your back on the boy and that you fought to find him so you could offer him a loving home, but you have a tendency to be a bit on the hotheaded side. Frank and Alice are not only both aurors, but they are both neutral in this situation and I feel that they can better explain everything to Harry and his family.”

Sirius wasn’t happy, he wanted to go a bring his pup home, but he was just thrilled that after fourteen years he was finally going to be able to see his godson again. It was going to be hard, but he could wait another or hour or two until Frank and Alice returned with his boy.

“Lily, your sister’s address please,” Dumbledore instructed kindly.

Nodding her head, Lily quickly did as Dumbledore instructed and wrote out Petunia’s address. “Alice, please be careful. Severus was correct when he said that both my sister and her husband hate magical people. They’re not bad, they just fear anyone different then them.”

Alice didn’t even look at her friend as she snatched the address out of her hand. Lily may be her oldest friend, but right now she was too disgusted with her to offer her any form of comfort or support. She felt as though she didn’t truly know her best friend.


“Every house on the block looks exactly the same,” Frank commented as they approached number four, Privet Drive.

“It’s a bit creepy,” Alice agreed as she glanced at the neighbors house, which was the exact same shape and color as Lily’s sister’s house, even the flowers on the front step were the same.

Frank couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live in a neighborhood where everything was sickeningly similar, but he pushed the thought out of his head as he rung the doorbell.

Alice gripped her husband’s hand when the door was wrenched open by an extremely large and angry man with a twitching mustache and red splotchy face. “What?” The man spat, his face turning even redder.

Frank was no empath, but he could easily feel the hate and anger pouring off of the muggle. “Excuse me, Mr. Dursley, sorry to bother you at such a late hour, but my name is Frank Longbottom and my wife Alice and I are here to talk to your nephew, Harry Potter.”

Vernon’s face got impossibly redder, it was actually starting to turn a frighteningly purple color. “I never heard of a Harry Potter and I don’t have a ruddy nephew. Get the hell away from my house, you freaks!” He snarled, slamming the door in Frank and Alice’s face.

“Well, he’s pleasant,” Alice said, still staring at the door.

“Not to mention a liar,” Frank said, his face darkening as he reached out and rang the doorbell again. Frank was one of the top aurors on the force, and right now his instincts were screaming at him that something was horribly wrong. Not only was the muggle lying, but he was also terrified of them.

Alice snorted with amusement when her husband continued to ring the doorbell over and over again. She counted forty five time before the same angry muggle wrenched the door open again, this time his face slightly paler, his hands trembling.

“You will get off my property now or else I’ll call the police!” Vernon bellowed, spit flying from his mouth.




Frank raised a single eyebrow as he stared at the enraged man. “By all means, please call your law enforcement. I’m sure they will be interested in the whereabouts of your fifteen year old nephew. Your nephew that was left in your care fourteen years ago.”

Petunia came up behind her husband, her eyes wide with fright. “Vernon, they’re from her lot. Let them in before the neighbors see and start gossiping.”

Grunting, Vernon reluctantly stepped aside. “Don’t touch anything, and don’t do anything freaky,” he sneered angrily.

As Alice looked around the room her concern started to grow. There were pictures hung all around the walls, but the young man in them resembled the fat muggle, even in weight, there were no pictures with a second young man, a young man that could be James and Lily’s son.

“Could we please speak with Harry Potter?” Alice asked as kindly as she could.

Petunia Dursley sneered at the woman in front of her despite her fear. “We never asked to get saddled with that unnatural little freak.” She spat. “My worthless sister left him on our doorstep with no way of contacting her to send the little monster back. It wasn’t our fault, he wasn’t our responsibility.”

“Died he did,” Vernon snarled. “When he was only eight years old. We never asked for him so it wasn’t our responsibility to take him to the doctors when he got sick. It was bad enough that we had to take food from our own precious son to feed the little ungrateful monster, I wasn’t going to use my hard earned money to pay for a doctor because the brat had a cough.”

Frank whipped out his wand and pointed it at the muggle. “He’s lying. Alice, please go and ask Severus to return with you, we will see how well this muggle can hold out against Severus’ unique talents.” Normally he would call for auror backup and do this the legal way, but he knew that Dumbledore would want to keep the ministry out of this. No, the quickest and easiest way to get the information they needed is for Severus to break into their minds. It wasn’t going to pretty or pleasant for the muggles, but they didn’t have time for niceties, they had to find Harry Potter before the Dark Lord could get his hands on him.