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The Sons of Villains and Heroes

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The Prologue

The day was downcast and bleak, the sky was a blanket of gray and black, the sense of rain was on everyone's mind so most made it a point to not be around when the dam finally burst. It was the perfect time for villains to bring their machinations to fruition. Most would be stopped by heroes since no matter what time, place, or condition a hero would always arrive. Except there were some villains who had much higher aspirations and much more interesting targets. More specifically, two villains who had just managed to pull off their best heist yet, they were known as The Lich King and Queen, notorious villains whose powers allowed them to hold dominion over death. This heist was unusual for them since it wasn't their usual bank robbery and their target had been another villain, and their bounty for their efforts was something no one could replace.

Kokoro didn't care if she was seen by heroes, she didn't care if even All Might showed up, she would rip them all to pieces just so she could get to Them. She was a villain as well, a very well known villain. Her villain name was Bloodfang. she had the quirk of being able to turn into a very large werewolf, she was well known by how ghastly a corpse she'd leave in her wake she killed without pity or remorse. and that she also ran the largest crime syndicate in America. she was going to unleash her full power on those bastards. Those heartless bastards had stolen something from her, something much more important than any of the money or loot she had gotten through her villainy. They had stolen her son.

The two villains ran down the trash cluttered alleys trying to lose her, they knew she was on to them and they knew if she caught them no force on earth could save them. The male was holding a bundle of cloth against his shoulder, underneath it crying and sniveling could be heard.

"Shut up you worthless runt before I rip that tongue from your mouth." The man said while tightening his grip around where the boy's neck should be.

"My darling king if you hurt the merchandise, how are we going to be able to make it our own?" The woman said with a slight smirk on her face

"We can still make this thing our own, a puppet does not need a tongue to perform."

"First we must escape from Her my sweet."

"I concur with the sentiment my queen"

"In there!" the woman pointed towards an old abandoned warehouse "We can plan the perfect ambush and be rid of that cur before she can harrow us any further."

With that, the two ran into the building and began to make ready their plan.

Kokoro ran down the alleys still on their scent, until she saw it veered off and went towards an old warehouse. She could only chuckle at the sight.

"These idiots think they can trick me?" she thought to herself

She knew an ambush when she saw one, and she knew that even if it was an ambush these villains had essentially put themselves in a cage.

"They have thrown themselves into the wolves waiting jaws." she thought "And the wolf is starving." She said with a sadistic grin on her face.

She began to walk towards the building knowing full well that the two people in there were deadmen walking. When she entered the sight she saw made her blood boil even more. Standing before her was the male known as The Lich King, the outfit he was wearing would make any goth or emo say he was trying too hard. He wore a simple black leather vest with a white undershirt and gray dress pants but what was ridiculous about him was the armor he was wearing on top of it. He wore a large plate belt with a skull adorning it and two pauldrons with spikes and skulls adorning those as well, the leg guards he wore also had skulls on it where he kneecaps were, his gloves were made of leather and also had armor which served as makeshift brass knuckles each knuckle fashioned into tiny skulls. The pièce de résistance was by far the dumbest thing Kokoro had ever seen, He called it his crown of the damned, it was a large plate helm that covered most of his face, except for his mouth and chin, the bottom part of his nose and his eyes were also visible, where his eyes were a blue ethereal light and mist can flowing out from them. above that the helm went on to branch out into different spikes each symmetrical to its partner on the other side of the helm. In the middle starting at his forehead rose a much larger spike which ended in a small skull with two horn-like spikes sticking up from it.

While seeing his face was enough to piss her off, what made her blood boil was the sight next to him tied against a metal support beam was her son. A shaking boy with straight salt and pepper hair and brownish red eyes looking back at her with absolute fear in his eyes.

"Don't worry my little wolf I will get you out of there in no time, but I need you to close your eyes so you don't see what happens." She said trying to keep calm so she didn't scare her son.

"Runt if you close your eyes it'll only be because I gouged them out, now keep them open and watch." The man said with no hidden malice in his voice.

Kokoro knew that he was trying to rile her into attacking, but she had been around long enough to know that would spell the end for her and her son. What she had to figure was where his partner was, she couldn't smell them due to the whole place reeking of death, and she couldn't hear or see them either, even if she could hear the smallest of sounds and see in the dark. She knew she had to be on guard for the Lich Queen was as an efficient killer as she was. She then realized what she had to do to draw her out of hiding.

"So where's the Lich Bitch?" She snarked "She busy taking care of that little zombie of yours?"

This pissed off the man, exactly what she had been hoping for.

"Hold your tongue you cur before you lose it." he spat "You do not have the right nor the honor of mentioning either of them."

"Oh, you ashamed of your family, that's a shame." She jested " And here I was thinking we could set up a little cook-out where the parents could chat and our kids could play."

"How dare you assume I am ashamed of my family." He roared stepping towards her a bit "And as if I would let my little prince even get near that worthless sniveling welp you call a son."

She knew she had him on the ropes but his last comment pushed her a little closer to the edge as well, she had to get him where she wanted before she lost it.

"If you think my son is so worthless, why do you need him?" She questioned, "Is it because your son is even more worthless than him so you need a slightly better replacement?"

This made the man roar at her and he began to charge forward.

"Jackpot, right where I want you." She thought

With him now wrapped around her finger, she started to transform. She was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans with no armor since she hadn't expected any of this to have happened, but even in the way of armor, she didn't have any use for it. The Lich King watched as her black sclera faded and her red irises started to grow bigger until it made up the entirety of her eye and it began to glow. He watched as the white hair on her head started to grow longer and as more hair sprouted all over her. Her body began to grow ripping her shirt and pants her hands formed into claws with pads for palms, while her feet began to elongate to where they were digitigrade. Her face began to elongate until if formed into a muzzle and took on the visage of a wolf. Finally, she stopped growing and transforming and looked at him and let out a roar letting him get a good view of the razor wolf-like teeth she had in her maw. In that moment he knew he had fallen straight into her hands. Before she could swing at him with her claws though an arrow covered in a black aura hit her square in the shoulder, causing her to howl in pain. From a corner of the roof, the woman dropped down.

She was a bit more refined in her costume than her partner was. Where he had skulls adorning most things she kept that squared off on her pauldrons with two small skulls adorning each side. Other than that she wore simple purple metal bracers on her wrist and leg guards and a brown leather vest with a purple plate chest guard which she used to mainly cover her upper torso, on her back was a simple arrow quiver and bow holder, she also wore a crimson cloak and hood over her face with embroidery running around the trim of it. She had a fair face with black hair with streaks of gray running in it, she also sported red eyes that burned with hatred towards the werewolf.

"My dear we are going to have words over how you let a mutt like her set you off" The woman spat. "But first we must deal with it first."

"Of course my love, now let us begin." He said regaining some of his composure.

Kokoro started to laugh, making the couple very confused.

"You think you can stop me don't you?" she said in a low growling voice " If you wanted a chance to stop me then you should have never come out of hiding."

"What are you talking about it's two against one and I hit you with an arrow."

"Only because I let you."

The couple were stunned by this revelation and then realized at the last second that they had made a fatal mistake

"I knew what you were planning even before I walked in here, so I knew one of you would be waiting to ambush me. Except what you didn't account for is the fact that I know who you are and that I'm not an idiot. So I used your family to rile you up making you more easy to get you where I wanted, I knew that your partner would come to your defense giving them away. Now you're both in the open and have nowhere to hide."

She looked at them with a sardonic smile and drank in their fear enjoying every drop of it.

"Now as you said let us begin."

She immediately started to run towards the woman on all four and as she got near she sprang up and wound back a clawed fist aiming for the throat. The Lich Queen, however, reacted in time rolling out of the way, she notched an arrow into her bow and used her quirk to imbue it with a Miasma of disease and poison. Kokoro was getting up from her failed attack and didn't have enough time to react and the arrow pierced through her other shoulder. She howled in pain and out of the corner of her eye saw the man still standing there with his fist wound back ready to strike. He swung at her only to have it be stopped by a giant clawed palm.

"Hitting a lady? My, my, what would your mother think?" She jeered.

"If a dog is misbehaving you teach it a lesson." He retorted " Now be a good bitch and heel!"

With that, he used his quirk on her slowly sucking the life force out of her. She realized this and retreated jumping back as far as possible from the couple. She began to realize she may have underestimated them just a little. She knew she had to finish this quickly or else it would spell doom for her and her son.

The couple watched on as they saw the she-wolf stumble and fall to one knee. The woman couldn't help but smirk at how easy it was.

"Was all that talk about underestimating you just hot air, is this all the big bad wolf can do. Maybe the great and mighty Bloodfang wasn't so great and might after all." The Lich queen said as she walked towards the downed beast "It is such a shame for all your bravado you couldn't even save your son. But don't worry we'll take good care of the pup and make sure he is raised in a proper family unlike the one..."

Before she could finish her sentence she found her hands at her throat, crimson red leaking through her fingers and she looked on in horror as she fell to her knees. Standing above her was the villain known as Bloodfang looking at her with a large sadistic grin on her muzzle

"Don't ever mention my family with that filthy tongue of yours." She growled.

With that, she plunged her hand into the woman's chest straight through the heart.

The Lich Queen eyes glazed over and she exhaled once and was no more. The Lich King looked on with a mixture of horror, sadness, and rage, and then he turned towards the boy who was still watching wide-eyed at the scene taking place before him.


he started to march over to the boy while having his power flow through his arms. He reached out towards the boy's face thumbs closing in on his eyes when suddenly one of his arms fell off. He looked over to find a bleeding stump and a clawed and mangled arm on the ground, he reached the stump and cried out in pain. He turned around to find the hulking form of Kokoro looming over him.

"You will not lay a single hand on him." She growled

She then places both hands on the man's helm and begins to press them together the metal creaking and groaning under the strain.

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown." she sneered "Now be damned and join your subjects in hell."

Knowing he was not going to get out of this alive, thought about his life, about where he went wrong, about his wife, about his family, about his son. The thought of his son being alone in the world without anyone to help teach him filled him with rage and he knew he had to pay her back in kind for what she was doing. With the last shred of strength in him, he channeled all his power into his one good arm and thrust it forward. It made purchase and punched straight through the woman's gut. She hissed in pain but soldiered on, the metal now bending in on itself.

"Then you shall be one of my subjects then." He spat in a venom laced tone "And let our sons inherit our crowns and empires."

With that, the helm folded in on itself crushing his head instantly. She dropped his body and knelt over herself inspecting the giant hole going through her gut. She knew she was not going to make it, but she had to at least say her final goodbyes. She looked up and saw her son standing in front of her, the ropes having been cut when she cut the Lich King's arm off.

"M-m-mommy are y-you g-going to be o-okay." Her son whimpered

She knew she could never lie to him, but she didn't know how to tell him and she didn't have time to think either, so she hoped he would forgive her for being blunt with him.

"No my little wolf I'm afraid this is it for me." She said through clenched teeth

"NO, NO, NO PLEASE MOMMY DON'T GO!" The boy cried out clutching at her arm

"I'm afraid that there isn't anything either of us can do for me. But listen to me and listen to me well." She said trying to get him to calm down

"Know that no matter what happens, I will always believe in you no matter what you choose to do and that I will always love you."

"P-please d-don't go I l-love you." The small boy whimpered as he started to cry

"Aridyn, please I know this is hard but please stay strong for me, I know you are capable."

The boy only looked at her with tears and snot running down his face

"I-I promise I'll s-stay strong for y-you."

"Thank you, Now you must go and run before others arrive, they do not need to find you here with us."

"But I don't want to leave you!" He shouted

"You must go. Now! Know that I will always love you." She commanded through gritted teeth and blood pouring from her mouth.

"I love you." the small boy said as he started to get up

"And I love you forever and always."

With that the boy ran out of the warehouse, leaving her all by herself. She took time to reflect on her life, how she ended up here, how she had fallen in love with the father of her son, How much she loved her son, and how now he was safe from harm. She felt herself starting to fade, so she thought back to a happy memory of her and Aridyn at the park having a picnic and just a good time. She smiled as her thoughts slowly faded.

"Aridyn…" was all she said before she left with a smile on her face.

Aridyn had no idea what he was doing, he was running blindly through alleyways trying to find help or someone in general. After a while, he finally saw a main street with people walking about. Seeing this was probably where he could find help he charged headfirst towards it with tears in his eyes. What he didn't see was the green-haired woman and her equally green-haired son when he ran straight into them. After he tumbles he tried to get up and apologize, but the weight of what he had witnessed and the fatigue of running finally caught up to him, and all he can do is sit there and cry. Inko was surprised, to say the least, she had thought that a villain had erupted from the alley and was going to do something horrible to her and her Izuku. She regained her bearings and focused on the cause of the commotion. She was again surprised to find a small boy no older than her son laying there in the middle of the sidewalk crying his eyes out. Inko couldn't help but to feel sorry for the sight the boy made. Izuku, on the other hand, was just curious, wondering why the boy was crying. He slowly walked up to the boy and asked.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

Aridyn couldn't even form a coherent thought, let alone a sentence. The tragedy of the scene before replaying on loop in his head. The only thing on his mind was to find comfort and with that, he wraps his hands around the boy in front of him and hugged him tightly letting tears fall freely onto the boy's back. Inko at first a bit apprehensive seeing the boy suddenly embrace her son in a hug, she took a closer look at the boy and noticed something that would haunt her till the end of her days. Around his wrists and neck were traces of rope burns and on his shoes, there were splashes and specks of crimson that were not part of the design. Instantly her maternal instinct kicked in. She grabbed the boy and embraced him in a hug which the boy easily accepted and continued to weep.

"Come now Izuku sweetie we have to go." She said ordering her son to follow

"Where are we going?"

"The Police station to go get help, something terrible has happened."

The Police had no idea on what to do with the kid when had brought him in they asked what the boy's name was, all they got out of him was his first name and said he didn't know what his last name was. Which the police couldn't blame him since he was three. Why they had no idea what to do with him was because he didn't exist. The boy had no records whatsoever, there was nothing in the system on the kid, no birth certificate, no medical records, nothing. They tried to ask the boy what had happened. Aridyn tried to tell them but when he thought back to it his memory was fuzzy and everything was hazy to him and all he remembered was the blood and that his mother was dead. When asked about who his mother was, he said he didn't know her name nor what she actually did. The police were at a loss since the kid couldn't point them to the scene they had no case yet, and that since he didn't exist in the eyes of the law they couldn't contact any family members in hopes of shedding light on what happened.

"The only thing we can truly do is to turn him over to Child Protective Services"

Upon hearing this Aridyn realized he was going to be separated from the people who had helped him, in his mind that meant that his safety was going to be taken away. The thought of the idea caused Aridyn to clutch at Inko closer. Inko saw the boy's fear of being separated from the people who had helped him so she quickly thought of a way to try and help him stay with them.

"Detective if it's not too much to ask I would like to have Aridyn here released into my custody for the time being."

"No absolutely not, he doesn't exist in the eyes of the society, therefore we have to turn him over to the proper authorities."

"That's not what I'm saying, what I'm saying let me take care of him for the time being. I mean look at the boy, you can already tell he has been through enough he doesn't need to be dragged from one place to another, that wouldn't help his mental state. So let me take care of him while we get this all sorted out. It may be questionable in the eyes of the law but it is the right thing to do."

The Detective sat there a pondered over what she had said, while it was true that it was extremely questionable in the eyes of the law, but it was obvious that the kid was in a rough situation and thrusting him into the foster child system would do him no favors. He finally decided to let the boy decide if he wanted to stay with them.

"Young boy, do you want to stay with these people?"

Aridyn immediately shook his head in confirmation

"Well alright then, but we need to start the process of making his identity and all that paperwork so please bring him by sometime tomorrow to get that started, and we will be doing wellness checks every so often to make sure he is being taken care of, and should he remember anything about what happened to him please bring him down to the station."

"Of course officer I will help in any way I can. Also, thank you for trusting me."

"Take care of him, you were right when you said he's been through enough."

As Inko, Izuku, and Aridyn walked out, Aridyn didn't know exactly what was going to happen next but all he knew was that he was safe and that made him feel happy which was something he hadn't felt since the whole incident started. He looked up at Inko and she looked at him and gave him a big smile, this made him feel something that he could only later equate to feeling like he was home and protected from all the harms of the world, all he could do was smile back. Off in the distance on a rooftop, a man watched as the group of three walked down the street towards their home the only thing he could genuinely think or say at the sight was.