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From a Sheep to Fox

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Caius waited for the two Cullens and the human to brought in.

Quite honestly he was bored. Just simply bored. He missed the renascence days where pillaging villages and taking heads was downright ordinary. At least then his days wouldn’t be spent sitting in this godforsaken chair waiting to hear yet another dull story. He hoped that Aro would at least sick Felix on them, that could be entertaining.

When the large oak door finally creaked open he saw Edward Cullen walking annoyingly slow to accommodate the human. Caius couldn’t get a good look at her as the Cullen boy was shielding her from sight. The other tiny Cullen was standing right next to him with her eyes darting in every direction. Futile really, to think she could escape the Volturi. Even with her unique powers.

Aro started blabbering on with his usual theatrics making Caius lean back in his chair and stare at the wall in boredom. When he heard his name being summoned he looked at Aro with an eyebrow raised.

"She knows too much. She's a liability," Caius responded.

When he looked over to the group of criminals, he froze. The pair of brown eyes were looking up at him curiously from behind the Cullen boy. Her big pink lips were pursed and her eyebrows were furrowed, as if she was trying to solve some kind of puzzle.

Caius couldn’t breath, he couldn’t move, he could only stare at her. The thought of this…. This…. Boy touching her made Caius want to rip out the Cullen brat’s eyes out. He didn’t know where this instinct came from. He didn’t know where this possessive need to have her came from. He didn’t even feel this way about Athenodora, and she was his wife!

Caius knew immediately that he would be forever tied to this little girl. He suddenly realized what this was, she was a true mate. He recognized this when it happened to Aro and he knew it was happening to him now. He never thought this would ever happen to him as he already had a wife, but here she was. A little human here to destroy all that he thought was true in this world. Of course he knew he his marriage to Athenodora was over decades ago. But they were a good match, even if he didn’t love her.

He thought true mates were a rarity, a dying myth that only Aro really supported. Marcus had told him that this wife was a true mate before she died, and Caius honestly just thought he and Athenodora were just that. But he knew now that he was gravely mistaken. This little thing cowering in Edward’s arms was who he truly belonged with.

But he knew he was in love with this girl the moment he locked eyes with her. This was the deal with true mates, bound together in life and death for eternity.

Edward Cullen noticed his demeanor change almost immediately, undoubtedly because of his mind-reading abilities.

The boy shoved the girl behind him and snarled at Caius, for which he ignored completely. Alice, the other Cullen, screamed at the top of her lungs and looked between himself and the human and back again, as if she couldn’t believe what was going on.

“What is this?” Aro said amusedly.

Caius stood and took a predatory step towards the Cullens.

I have to get her away from those weak, pathetic excuses for vampires, he thought.

“No!” Edward yelled while shoving Bella behind him.

It was a well known fact that Caius was the most vicious of the Volturi. For what he lacked in powers he made up for in violence. He was also easily to be considered the cruelest of all three leaders, and he took pride in that. He knew that almost every vampire understood that he, and the ones he cared about, were not to be trifled with. So in this instance, he saw the look of fear in the Cullen boy’s eyes and he enjoyed it, reveled in it in fact. Because he knew this boy was afraid of him and everything he could do to him if he didn’t hand over the girl.

 “Caius!” Aro boomed threateningly.

Caius whipped around and glared at him. Although Caius was as vicious as they came, he was also a good solider and followed orders.

He angrily stomped back up the steps and shoved his hand out for Aro to see his thoughts. When he felt the bony finger touch him for half a second, he heard Aro almost squeal with excitement followed by a snicker.

Marcus was staring at them both with an eyebrow raised, completely confused of what was happening as most were when it came to Aro.

“How delightful!” Aro exclaimed while clapping his hands like a child.

Caius fought the urge to roll his eyes and turned around. The young human girl was trying to fight against the hold Edward had on her so she could see Caius more clearly. When her brown eyes peeked around Cullen’s arm, they were as wide as saucers.

Caius had enough. He did not like the way this boy was touching her so freely. He hated that her hand was clutching his arm and her lips were pressed into his shoulder from the hold.

Caius darted left and then quickly turned right, faking his move to throw off the boy. In one move he twisted the boy’s arm, breaking it in three places. As the boy fell to his knees, Caius wrapped his arm around the girl’s waist and lifted her off the ground as gently as he could. He then ran to the far right side of the room with the girl in tow.

He could hear her heart beating erratically and she was breathing much faster. She looked positively petrified but when she saw it was Caius that was holding her, she seemed to calm down a little. Caius put his hand under her chin and lifted it a little to get a better look at her.

“Ora sei al sicuro, amore mio,” he whispered to her so only she could hear.

Her eyes went even wider and her breathing quickened. She was almost breathing in gasps now. Her eyes darted to the Cullen’s and then back to him. Her bottom lip was quivering, but she didn’t say anything. She was also shaking like a leaf and still looked frightened of him. Caius didn’t want her to be afraid, but he also needed to make sure she was well-protected from the Cullen’s.

“This certainly makes things interesting!” Aro exclaimed.

Caius saw the Cullen boy was now being restained by Felix. Jane was glaring at Alice threateningly. The seer knew that Jane had no problem putting down anyone that got in the three prince’s paths. Caius nodded his thanks at Jane before he spoke.

“The human girl stays,” Caius said evenly.

“No!” Edward yelled while struggling in Felix’s arms. “She isn’t yours!”

Caius glared at the boy infuriatingly.

“Nor is she yours,” Aro said clasping his hands on his lap. “She stays and you live, that is the transaction we offer.”

“We do not –”

“–We do accept,” Bella interrupted from behind Caius.

Caius turned around slowly to look at the fragile human who stood before him. She was braced against the wall with her hands placed behind her. She was still shaking and still looked absolutely terrified, but her chin was jutting out defiantly at Edward.

Caius liked that. He liked her. He liked her stubbornness in disregarding Edward’s opinion completely. He liked that she had her own mind separate from that boy’s. He also liked how her chest was heaving up and down exposing her porcelain skin.

“Wonderful!” Aro exclaimed. “Felix, Jane, why don’t you two show out the Cullen’s and I will show young Bella around the castle.”

“No!” Edward yelled as he fought against the much larger Felix. “Get off me! Bella! I’ll come for you!”

“Don’t count on it, boy,” Caius rumbled.

He watched as Alice and Edward were escorted out of the throne room. He chuckled when Felix yanked Edward with seemingly no effort at all through the threshold.

Caius turned back around and moved to stand in front of Bella, blocking her from seeing Aro or anything else behind him.

Bella looked up at him in fear at first, but when she looked into his eyes, he saw her face morph from fear into trust.

“Are you alright?” he murmured.

Bella nodded, but didn’t speak. He frowned when she bit her lip in apprehension. He didn’t like that she still looked so scared. This wasn’t how true mates were supposed to look at each other. This wasn’t how Aro’s wife first looked at him. She practically threw herself at him.

He put his hand on her cheek and gently swiped his thumb across her bottom lip. Her skin was soft and warm, much warmer than a vampire’s of course. Her big brown eyes were probing his, asking what he was doing. However, she didn’t pull away. She just starred at him wide eyed with her heartbeat thudding so loud, he knew every vampire in the room heard it.

“Now, my dear,” Aro said conversationally. “What do you know of true mates amongst vampires?”