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Acting on credible intel (intelligence) provided by Nas Kamal, a joint task force composed of FBI (NYO), FBI (DC),
NSA, CIA, DEA, and The Mexican Secret Service has been formed with putting a dent in the Malorca Cartel of Northern
Mexico, Vichenkovic Crime Syndicate (Eastern Europe), and the newly discovered ties between those organization and one

The Mexican Secret Service version of Special Agent In Charge, Silvia Pacheco, informs the assembled crime fighters that a
a Female UC (Undercover) is already in place with cartel chieftain Juan Pablo Malorca (and has been for the past six weeks).
Keaton offers that the "plant" is a CIA operative familiar with the region, and specially chosen to fit Malorca's "type." The "Op"
is, per the National Security implications, under the control of NSA; Nas outlines the specific areas of operation of each Agency:
NSA and CIA will surveille and monitor the EE criminals, and once arrests are made, detain and interrogate those in custody.

DEA and Marshals, along with ATF, will have rapid-response teams on stand-by in case any of the principals flee to the U.S.

FBI DC lends Special Agents Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, and support person Penelope Garcia. Aaron Hochner will lend
supervisory support from DC.

FBI NYO, with the most knowledge of Burke and her organization, will provide an additional undercover. Patterson's lab links
all operationally.

**(The Female UC contacts Jake Keaton at 2143 (1043), US EST:)**

"Keaton...Madeline is expected to arrive in three days...Vichenkovic's sending an emissary, I don't know who yet."

"Are you OKAY, Tasha? Any concerns?

"Only one: Malorca's starting to wonder about this 'husband of mine...any ETA on the other UC?"

"ETA 48 hours. I'll get a photo to you, before then. Any further?"

"Negative. I'm need to get back, before I'm contact...0500, Saturday?

" safe-and Tasha...whatever it takes, right?

"Right. Gotta go"

This news about about the UC is very heartening for Zapata. As renowned a womanizer as The crime boss is, the one
quirk about Malorca is that he won't touch a MARRIED WOMAN , hence the cover story about Zapata's
soon to be arriving Spouse. She's anxious for this op to be over-she misses Reade intensely, and is quite anxious to be back
in his arms again...counting pre-mission 'prep', and this mission, they've been apart for two months...her wish to be re-united
with her man will happen much sooner than she expects...