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Sweet Uncertainty

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"What do you do with a years worth of condoms?" …."I don't know man, what?"
"Melt 'em down and call it a goodyear!" Negan slapped Dwight on the back, laughing hysterically. Dwight grumbled and didn't look away from his computer screen. "Gotta get that stick removed from deep in your..."

"Ahem" a cough came from behind him. Negan was still laughing as he turned around, "What in the mother fuck do you…" not able to finish his sentence because he was now staring into two of the bluest eyes he had ever seen. "Want."

"Uhh.. I'm- I'm looking for Carol Peletiers office, I'm- uh, this is my first day."
Negan couldn't help but take in all of the slightly shorter man's features. Curly brown hair slightly overgrown, gorgeous Crystal blue eyes, maybe the most beautiful he's ever seen. And that mouth. Well holy shit, about a thousand things he could do to that mouth flashed through his mind that he barely caught what the man was saying to him.

"Well shit, welcome aboard. I'm Negan." He says with a toothy grin, hand outstretched waiting for a handshake. The slighter man reciprocates and damn he can feel his hands shaking. Negan smiles that predatory grin. "I'm Rick, Rick Grimes." Rick looks down at the floor for a moment and then back up to meet Negans eyes. "Rick Grimes. Well Rick don't you have the bluest fucking eyes I've ever seen in my god damn life." He watches as Rick flushes, his eyes following it down until it meets the collar of his shirt, Negan clicks his tongue and wets his lips. He briefly wonders how far it goes down. "Follow me, and I'll show you exactly what you're looking for." Negan winks at Rick, chuckling to hinself, thinking the man looks like he could explode any second.

He walks ahead to lead Rick through a hallway to another set of offices. Negan gestures to a door, "This one right here, the ol' regional manager" he says knocking on the door for Rick. "See you around Ricky." Negan winks again, turning to walk back down the hallway to his office, leaving Rick before he could even thank him.

Negan leans back in his chair, unable to get the blue eyed Rick out of his head, he's been sitting here for forty five minutes and hasn't even taken a look at the reports stacked on his desk. He picks up his cup of coffee when a knock on his office door startles him, the coffee now dripping down his crisp white button down. "This better be fucking good!" He yells at the door.

Carol walks in and Negan stiffens. "Sorry ma'am, I didn't think it would be you." He says while he's using tissue to blot at his shirt. "Doesn't matter who it is Negan, you're supposed to treat everyone here with respect. Appropriate office language too." Carol raised an eyebrow and Negan rolled his eyes. Yeah, yeah he knows. He gestures for Carol to sit down. "You should be used to my language by now darlin'." Negan looked up from wiping coffee from his shirt, Carol did not looked amused.

"Alright what's going on? Why'd you fu, i mean why have you graced me with your lovely presence this morning?" Negan forces a grin, still pissed off about his shirt. "I have a favor to ask you. Actually, I'm only asking to be nice. You're doing it either way." Carol says now smirking. "Fuck sakes Carol." Negan doesn't hold back now that he knows she wants something from him. "Tell me then. Just fucking get it over with." Negan leans back, kicking his feet up on his desk.

"There's a new guy starting this morning." Carol begins. "Rick Grimes." Negan interrupts. "Oh good you've met then." Negan gives Carol a look. "Well I need you to stick with him for the week. Show him how everything works around here. I'm not giving him any assignments this week so he can be your partner. I need you to show him everything Negan, and I don't mean what's under your clothes. He's a nice kid, doesn't have a lot of experience. Make sure he feels good about being here and don't be too hard on him." There were too many jokes Negan could have inserted, but instead he just nodded his head. "Won't be like that ma'am. I'm a pro-fucking-fessional." He said with his wolfish grin. It was Carols turn to roll her eyes. "I'm serious Negan, be nice." She said getting up from the chair. "His office is A95." She paused before leaving. "Don't fuck this up Negan." His eyebrows may as well have launched clean off his face. But she was gone before he could give her shit for swearing.

Looking down at his shirt, he felt a wave of embarrassment wash over him. Why would he be embarrassed? He thought. He didn't give two shits about this new guy, Rick. He grabbed his black pullover on his way out to Ricks office.

Staring at the gold plaque that shows A95, he wanted to slap himself for feeling a little nervous. This feeling was foreign to him, he didn't give s shit about what people thought about him. Must be coffee jitters. He knocked twice and let himself in, walking in on a desheveled and surprised looking Rick.

"Come on," Negan gestured to the door. "I'm gonna show you around." But Rick didn't get up. Negan looked him up and down wondering what this guy's problem was. Rick looked away, "I spilled coffee…on my lap when you knocked." He stood then showing the wet spot on his black pants. Negan couldn't help but laugh, not because he was making fun of him but because at least he wasn't the only one on edge. "There's a fucking hand dryer in the bathroom, I'll show you. Stand behind me, people won't notice. Everyone is a fucking zombie here especially on Mondays. They can't get their head out of their own ass long enough to pay attention."

Negan stood against the wall outside of the bathroom waiting for Rick to clean himself up. Negan hears a set of high heels on the floor and bets himself it's Sherry. Just then she comes around the corner, Negan looks her up and down. He knows he can't have this one, she's shacking up with his best friend Dwight. He doesn't understand how an ugly chud like Dwight got such a fucking hot piece but whatever. He will be respectful, sort of. Harmless flirting was alright he thought.

"Mmmm hey Sherry. I must say you're looking mighty fine today." She rolls her eyes and stops. "Aren't you a little warm in that sweater Negan? It's a hundred degrees in here." Negan smirks, "I'm more than willing to let you take it off." Negan steps closer to Sherry, and Sherry looks around him. "Hey, I haven't seen you around before, I'm Sherry." She says with a small wave. "Um, I'm Rick. It's my first day." He said nervously, looking back and forth between her and Negan. Is he blushing right now? Negan thought. "Well it's nice to meet you Rick, I have to get going, but I'm sure I'll see you around." Rick nodded as she walked away.

Negan felt a wave of relief once Sherry was out of sight. How long had Rick been standing there? He shook his head. "Looks like you fixed your little problem. Now, let's get on with the grand tour."

"This is the copy room, I assume you know how to use one of these." Rick nodded, "I was an intern for a year and was well acquainted with one just like this." He drawled. Negans interest piqued, "Where you from Rick?" Rick shifted his feet, not meeting Negans eyes. "Georgia." Negan moved closer, standing too close by anyone else's standards. "What brings you to Virginia Ricky?" Rick audibly swallows, still not looking Negan in the face. "Well, um, people there, they uhh, they aren't as, you know, um accepting? Of uh, certain things, people." Negan never stopped looking at Ricks eyes, he smirked, then stepping out of Ricks space he turned around to show him to the lunch room. "Your secrets safe with me cowboy. Let's go."

Negan had a hunch the minute he laid eyes on the man but he wasn't that particular brand of asshole. Hell Negan didn't give a shit, he was into dicks, chicks, chicks with dicks, dudes with pussies and everything in between. He didn't know why, but knowing this piece of information about Rick perked him up a little bit. He chalked it up to his normal urges of wanting to fuck a beautiful human being. He promised Carol he would be nice, and he didn't really like to shit where he eats. He's caused enough people to quit by having a one night tryst, there was a reason Carol told him to be nice. She liked Rick and didn't want him leaving because Negan liked to stick his dick where it didn't belong.

"So you're stuck with me for the fucking week Ricky." Negan said after the tour. "It's just Rick. And yeah, Carol said I had to shadow you for the week until I get my bearings." Rick grimaced. Negan noticed the change, "I'll do my best to show you the ropes, but if you get in my way or if I have to repeat myself then you can fuck off. So try to keep up Prick." There, if he has such a problem spending the week with me, then I'll give him an actual reason to have a problem. But it made Negan feel uneasy to speak to Rick like that. Not enough to apologize though. Rick looked at the floor, still unable to look Negan in the eyes. "Yeah I get it." He said.

"Go get your wheely chair from your office, I don't want to hear you complain of a sore ass from the plastic ones in my office and you sure as shit aren't using mine." Rick glared at him, and he swears he heard a snarl. This is going to be fun.