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Yuki's Story

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U.A. -the hero best academy in the country. 
Since "hero" became a prestige job, and supernatural abilities-quirks- became a regular thing, many people set their mind on getting to this private college, and becoming the best hero possible. But when the light becomes brighter, the shadow becomes darker, and so with the rise of many new heros , the villain community will soon too make their move. 
There were only two ways to get accepted to UA- 
Through reccomendations from a pro hero, 
Or by getting a high score in the hero asassment test which everyone took on the final week of highschool. If you have passed that, you were summoned to a practical test with the rest of the candidates. 
Based on your score in assult and rescue , its decided whether you're assigned to the hero course, general studies, or rejected. 
And so 21 lucky students got assigned to class 1-A of the hero course, and began their way to becoming heros.




"im shouta aizawa, your teacher in the hero course. Get dressed in your PE clothes and go to the running course, I'll be waiting there" a tired , black haired man told the class.





"Katsuki Bakugou, best score in the practical exam, assult only" aizawa turned to an angry looking guy, with spiky blond hair and red eyes.


bakugou entrance exam


He threw a baseball ball to him. "throw that ball as far as you can". 
He threw the ball relatively far, yet Aizawa's face remained indifferent. 
"in the UA we are training you all to become heros and using your quirks, so if you are in the college perimeter, you are allowed to use your quirk, unless it is directed against a student or a teacher" 
He threw another ball to bakugou "try again using your quirk" 
The boy smiled devily and prepared to throw 
"DIE!!!" the boy yelled and created an explosion that sent the ball to an astonishing distance of 705 meters.


bakugou quirk



The guy looked pleased with himself and aizawa nodded in agreement. 
"today we'll be doing fitness test using your quirks, do your best. The one who gets the lowest score gets expelled" Aizawa said emotionlessly.




"good job Uraraka. Kota you're up next" aizawa instructed. 
"good morning Senseiiiiiiiiii" a young woman lazily walked towards the group, stretching her arms as if she just woke up. She was wearing the PE uniform but chose to wear the cropped version of the top, which accentuated her toned waist. Her straight brown hair flicked at the wind and her black eyes scanned the class at the same time they were scanning her. 
"you're late." Aizawa looked disappointed but mostly angry. 
" won't happen again" she apologeticly smiled. 
Aizawa sighed and turned his gaze back towards the class. 
"what are we doing today?" she asked cheerfully 
"fitness tests to determine the strength of your quirks. You're up next." 
"but you already know my qui-" 
Aizawa cut her by throwing a ball at her and monotnely said "throwing ball test. Show us what you can do Yuki"


yuki quirk


"with pleasure" Yuki smirked. 
She looked at the ball for a few seconds and it started levitating, a purple hue added to its color. 
With a wave of her arm the ball was sent flying fast, until her quirk had no influence any longer and it fell to the ground. 
"WOW!!! LOOK SHE PASSED BAKUGOU! SHE'S STRAIGHT AFTER URARAKA!!" a red haired guy named Kirishima yelled back to the class after looking at the score board. 
"Tch." Bakugou crossed his arms angrily. another idiot with a lame ass quirk.


yuki telekinesis


He looked at her while the guy with the red hair and shitty haircut with hardening quirk talked to her,there was nothing special about her. Just another girl that he needed to beat.

Meanwhile Yuki was getting to know the class- after getting to know kirishima, he introduced her to Kaminari- a blonde with an electricity quirk, and mina- a pink and cute girl with acid quirk. 
Even while talking to the class she kept an eye out for the other's quirks. 
It seems like the strongest ones here are Todoroki- ice quirk, Bakugou- kaboom guy, and Deku-physical strength.
so those are the ones I need to keep an eye on if I want to be the best here. The other members of the class have interesting quirks but I will be able to take them out 1 on 1 .
I practiced for this after all. 
The rest of the tests showed the true potency of some of the quirks, like Lida's engine quirk and Asui's frog quirk. 
Yuki didn't stand out but rather did the other tests without using her quirk, knowing that thanks to her first score she won't be in danger. 
After the tests were done Yuki's thoughts turned out correctly, since the first and second places were Bakugou and Todoroki.

"Yuki" aizawa called her. She followed him a few steps farther than the class, so no one could hear the conversation. Aizawa was always secretive like that. 
"you haven't used your quirk today" 
"yes...I figured I should keep my cards to myself for now, like you told me"

"I see...did it work?"

"in a way, now I know what to expect from everyone in a fight"

"all right. Good job then. But from tomorrow's training I want you to use it, you came here to practice "

"I will, thanks Shou- I mean Sensei!"

" go back to class" 
Aizawa looked as she ran back to the group. 
He was worries , since it would be her first time getting in a real classroom, and meeting people. He thought she got cold feet when she didn't show up in the morning, but he sneaked a sigh of relief when it turned out she just overslept. Sometimes youre just too similar with me Yuki.



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And so, the class hero training begun.

Their scedual was pretty intense- studying sociology, psychology, philosophy in addition to biology, chemistry and phisycs to better understand their quirks and the people they need to save, or the villains they need to fight. Besides that, there was at least 2 hours of physical training every day- sometimes it was just P.E. , sometimes martial art, but mostly it was hero training sessions with either Aizawa or All Might, and every exercise was different.

That day All Might took over the class since Aizawa had a meeting he needed to attend.



"in the lockers behind you, you will find your hero costumes you submitted when you got accepted to UA, our support team worked hard to make these a reality so go put them on!" All Might cheerfully said.

Everyone has put on their hero costumes and glanced at each other.

"woahhhhhh kirishima that's a cool costume!" mina said.




"it reminds me of the hero crimson riot" a green haired boy named Izuku Midoriya said.

"yeah! He's my childhood idol!"

"that's awesome!" mina hyped him up.

she continued to look for the rest of her little group that started to form- kirishima, kaminari,sero and jiro.

Bakugou stomped out not looking at anyone and adjusting his granade looking gauntlet. Besides the gauntlents he had black clothes on and a black mask with explosion decorations behind his ears.

"Yuki!" Kirishima called "hey where's your costume?"

"ah I didn't really submit one to be honest" Yuki smiled a bit when she walked out from the dressers.

The truth was she did submit one, but after looking at everyone's costumes she decided not to wear it.

Everyone has put so much thought into their costumes, to make them work best with their quirks...mine is just pretty and comfortable..not that diferrent from the PE Uniform..

"oh well your quirk suits any costume so it doesn't matter!" Kirishima cheered. 

He was kind to everyone, but Yuki was nice to him too and wasn't Judgmental at all, so he tried to pull her to his friend group.




"where's your costume" All Might started mumbling when he realized that he didn't know the girl's last name.

"Yuki, just Yuki" she blankly answered. "and I don't need a hero costume, these uniforms are fine".

All might thought for himself and then nodded. 

"follow me then, young students!" he turned and motioned the class to follow him.

They headed towards an abandoned looking building and all might instructed them to separate to couples.

"for this exercise two teams will be placed against each other! One will play the heroes who need to reach the reactor placed at the third floor! The other will play the villains who need to protect it!"

Some commotion started as the class looked for someone to group up with.

The first two groups who were chosen against each other were Lida and Bakugou as Villains and Midoriya and Uraraka as heroes. The small boy looked petrified as Bakugo glared at him from a distance.

I wonder whats up with these two

Yuki wandered and unsuspiciously advanced a few steps towards the green haired guy. He mumbled to his partner something about being childhood friends, and getting Bullied by Bakugou. And about getting him mad when he got his quirk.

After that she joined the small group that stood in front of the screen getting ready to watch.

The match was brutal. Bakugou hunted down Midoriya and fought him mercilessly.

He was a skilled fighter, with a strong quirk, but that match proved he had a sharp mind on top of that. 
His large gauntlets served the purpose of letting him create much larger explosions than he did up until now, and his agility shows he was learning his opponent as he fought him.

Fuck he's good. Yuki thought to herself.

Up until now she had considered him as a strong angry guy, but he surprised her.

No one barely does.

But the match took a bad turn, as Bakugou's rage increased, so did the damage to the building, even All Might had to stop him. But he didn't listen, the one thing that did stop him was that Midoriya created a distraction that made his partner win the match. After using his quirk the little guy collapsed and was taken immidietly to recovery girl's office.

Bakugou has left the building and stood in front of the screen, everyone took a few steps back, not wanting to anger him, all but Yuki and Kirishima.

Yuki secretely observed him.

He's still mad.

He gritted his teeth and crossed his arms, internalizing his anger.

I lost to that fucking Deku. With his damn quirk of his. He lied to me all this time. Just lied and let me believe he was a quirkless piece of shit.

He exhaled loudly and tried to calm his thoughts. Turning, he caught a pair of black eyes glancing at him. It was the girl who was late yesterday, the one with the Telekinesis Quirk.

He glared at her with his crimson eyes ,sending her the look that made everyone clear his way in highschool. The fuck? She didn't even flinch

Yuki turned her gaze back to the screen lazily, another match was about to begin.

Weird girl Bakugou thought o himself and harshly turned his gaze to the screen as well.



The matches went by and it came down to the last groups.

It was Todoriki's and Shoji's turn. Todoroki told him to stay at the entrance and made his way in, freezing the entire building. A blank expression decorated his face- he knew he was going to win this easily.



The match was over as quickly as it started.

Yuki nodded to herself just to be expected from him...

Todoroki came out and joined the group that was standing there.

Yuki turned and talked to him. "Hey..Todoroki right? Nice work"

"oh..thank you" he said. He looked a bit surprised that someone came to talk to him since he isolated himself from the beginning. 
Yuki smiled and left the group, she wanted to stretch a bit before her match starts.

Bakugou had now stood far from the class, looking aside, drowning in his thoughts.

Fuck.he's strong. He's much stronger than me. I couldn't beat him if I was against him.FUCK.

He uncontrollably grabbed his arm and squeezed it.

" OK?" a voice called him. It was that girl that looked at him before.

"YEAH IM FUCKING FINE" he spat at her.

"woah ok spicy I was just worried about you" Yuki monotonely said. She wasn't sure if she even should approached him but she did anyways,and now he started to get on her nerves.

"I DON'T NEED A FUCKING EXTRA LIKE YOU TO WORRY ABOUT ME" he yelled and walked past her. Who the fuck does she think she is.

"you Know Bakugou, you could be as strong as him if you weren't so immature" she said calmly, didn't even bother to turn. 
She saw his face from the side of her view as Todoroki used his quirk.
For Someone like him, to see someone much better, is a punch in the nuts.

"The hell did you just said to me?" He turned on his tracks, his eyes burning with anger. He raised his arms by his side, creating small explosions as a warning.

Oh,he wants to play? Yuki, now irritated as well, looked him in the eye with a straight face.

"I SAID its fucking childish and stupid to get Jealous and mad over things like quirks." She answered him.
The class, now noticing , became silent and watched.

She's gonna get herself killed kaminari thought to himself as he couldn't take his eyes off whats happening.

"and if you wanna fight so much-" she said and pointed to his hand "then I accept the duel".

According to UA rules, apart from hero training, the students could not use their quirks against each other, unless they are dueling-the two participents needs to agree and a teacher needs to be watching them. 

All Might who came to separate them nodded and sat in a distance from them.

"you think your lame ass quirk is going to do anything? Telekinesis can't do shit to me!" Bakugou yelled walking a few steps closer. 

Telekinesis? that's what he thinks...

Yuki smiled to herself "you shouldn't judge other people's quirks so fast, spicy"

That fucking brat

He now have gathered some nitroglycerin in his gauntlet so he raised it and aimed at her. Don't fucking mess with me.

And he shot the big explosion directly at her.

"YUKI!!!!" Kirishima yelled in worry.

Bakugou smiled the moment the explosion shot. But that smile left his face soon after. Something wasn't right.

As the flames died out they revealed Yuki, standing at the same spot she was, a shield- purple and translucent -protecting her.



What the fuck

Once she saw Bakugou's face she devilishly smiled and dissolved her shield.

"you can do better than that bakugou" she smiled and tilted her head to the side, taunting him.

he restrained himself before creating a big explosion to teach her a lesson, but not hurt her, since All Might already scolded him for the match earlier. But now, she made his blood boil and he gathered all his strength in his gauntlet and shot a huge explosion at her.

She created another shield, this time a large sphere that covered her whole.

The force of the explosion made her legs slide on the ground back and she pushed forwards to keep her stance and shield projecting.

As soon as Bakugou saw that she still stood his eyes were shot opened. 
He aimed at her once again but this time she quickly made the shield that was around her move to create a sphere around both of his hands. 

The smile was no longer on her face.

She does remind me of Aizawa...SCARY. All might thought to himself. He was now on his feet ready to stop the two, but he liked pushing the line and seeing what his students are capable of.

Yuki raised her hand and the spheres lifted Bakugou's arms and pulled him up, a few inches off the ground. He looked shocked and pissed, but she didn't care.

"I don't recomment that you'll use your quirk, unless you want your hands to blow up" she said monotonely.

"Y...Yuki wins! Young Bakugou is restrained and no longer able to fight!" All Might declared.

Yuki lowered Bakugou down. 
She wasn't good with people and this fiesta just reminded her of it. "you're really strong Bakugou..But you're too proud."

She released him and gave him a final look before turning to go back to the building entrance.

"yeah you tell him Yuki!" Sero yelled at them and the class who was frightened to death of Bakugou, now giggled and laughed at him.

"what are you all laughing at?" she stopped and glared at them. They silenced immediately as they realized she wasn't having it. "Bakugou is stronger NOW than most of you will ever be. I bet none of you can last five seconds against him." 
Sero looked down and the rest scratched their neck and looked anywhere but her.

Bakugou looked at her from the ground, his eyes wide open. Her look was stern and she was bashing the class for making fun of him. 
SHE defended HIM.
After SHE defeated HIM.

Who is she . Who the fuck does she thinks she is. Bakugou stood in silence, unable to comprehend what happened. And what is that fucking quirk. My explosions did nothing to her. What the fuck WHAT THE FUCK.

He always was the best, the strongest. No one dared to come near him besides his friends , because they knew he could and would bit them up in a heartbeat.

But today he lost to someone he didn't even consider as an opponent.

He felt weak,and ashamed. The rest of the class stole glances at him but no one dared open their mouth after she yelled at them.

Yelled at them for me. Like I fucking need her fucking help.

He was angry but at the same time intrigued. He didn't get her one bit but he was intrigued.

She could ignore him and never ask him if he was ok, like everybody does. And she could just laugh at him with the others like he would have done...but she didn't

What the fuck...

He sighed and suppressed the blush that wanted to rise to his cheeks when he remembered her words.

He looked at her as she walked up to All Might.

"All Might, I will be going solo. There's no need to find me a partner"

"Young Yuki but that's not-" all might started to say until Aizawa, who joined in the middle of the duel cut him off. "let her be. Send two teams against her."

"Aizawa sensei but-" Kirishima started saying but Aizawa motioned him to stop, with an irritated expression. "Kaminari, Kirishima, Ojiro, Toru. Get ready you're the villains"

Everyone else stood around the screen, after the revelation of her actual quirk, everyone were dying to see more. Including Bakugou and Todoroki.

Completely naïve , Toru tried to jump at her as soon as Yuki walked in the third floor.

Yuki was holding a sword shaped object, purple and translucent again, created by her quirk. She heared Toru's footstep when she jumped and swang the sword hitting her and knocking her down.
"are you ok?" she asked her monotonely, looking at her direction. 

"y..yes.." the girl cauged. No one could see but she was holding her stomach, where yuki landed a direct hit.

"I'll get going now, don't follow me I don't want to hurt you" she turned and kept walking.

When she reached the door where the objective was, Ojiro swung his tail at her and she instinctively jumped away.

She has been training bakugou thought to himself. Never seen a girl that trained to fight. At his side, Todoroki was watching as well, in complete silence.

She swung her sword and a massive shockwave was projected towards Ojiro and he was sent flying through the door, breaking it, and losing consciousness as he finally hit the floor.

Bakugous breath hitched. She could do this and she didn't even tried it when we dueled. If I had that quirk I would-

His thought was stopped as Kirishima launched himself at her. 
She jumped back but he jumped right after her, not giving her a chance to even cross the room.

she swung her sword at him, testing his quirk's strength.

"Im strong as a rock Yuki, you can't beat me" he teased her ,although she knew it was in a friendly way.

"we'll see about that" she said with heavy breath.

shit. I can only fight him until he reaches his quirk fatigue limit, but I don't know when that is and there's a time limit for this challenge.

She fought him for two whole minutes, her attaching and him stopping her. 
He didn't even get a chance to strike her. She was experienced in swordfight apperantly and didn't give him any rest between hits. He just needed to stall enough time until Kaminari gets there. 

Soon enough, he finished charging himself and jumped on the reactor yelling "Take THISSSSSSSSSSSS".

He was stupid, that was certain, but in the heat of the battle he didn't even notice that his attack could hurt his teammates as well.

"KAMINARI YOU FUCKING IDIOT" Yuki yelled and projected the best shield she could create over Ojiro's unconscious body , her, and Kirishima, before Kaminari launched his electricity attack.

Then, in silence, Kaminari held his thumbs up, and fell down, after overusing his quirk.

Yuki pulled back the shield she projected and formed a sword.

She jumped a few steps back and looked up at Kirishima.
"thanks Kami, you just won the battle for me" she smiled.

With a swing her sword hit Kirishima's stomach. 
The sword that before couldn't break his defences was now enhanced and the swing hit him and managed to hurt him even with his hardening quirk. Bakugous eyes widened.

Kirishima fell back holding his belly, and Yuki walked over and touched the reactor. 

"MATCH OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" All Might yelled in the microphone. "HERO TEAM WINS!"

Aizawa nodded and a small smile crept to his lips.

"Aizawa sensei" Todoroki approached him "how did you know she was going to beat two teams solo?" Todoroki was the direct type, who asks what he needs to know without going around it. 

Aizawa's eyes looked at the guy. He contemplated making up a lie but he knew the truth will be out eventually, there was no point hiding it.

"I trained her" he said nonchellatly.

"oh, I see" Todoroki nodded and turned to walk and talk to her.

The truth was Aizawa knew that she was strong, that's why he put her against her biggest challenge that even he couldn't train her for- Kirishimas armor. He was quite pleased to know that she managed to win after all.

" Yuki?" Todoroki approached the girl that left the building.

"oh,hi Todoroki" she stopped and looked up at him. He was a bit taller than her.

"Hello. May I ask you a question?" 

"yeah sure" 

"your energy related?" he asked bluntly

"oh...yes. Its energy manipulation."

"so when Kaminari launched his attack, you absorbed the energy he produced and used it to create a stronger attack against Kirishima"

" figured that out quickly" she smiled shyly.



"oh, yes. I saw your battle with Bakugou and got interested why his explosions didn't break your shield. I assume it's because of the same reason?" 

"um yes and no. the heat itself won't burn me since its also energy I can absorb, but since it comes in a way of explosion, then I can't really absorb it, just shield against it. It was tough haha he's really strong"

Bakugou listened to their conversation from behind a wall.

She still talks as if she didn't beat me. As if shes not fucking strong.

It got on his nerves.

She got on his nerves.

How she acts so calm, how she cares but doesn't at the same time.

He got so pissed he left. It was the last class of the day so he changed and went home, not looking forward for tomorrow.

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"hey, is this seat taken?" a voice interrupted Bakugou, who was leaning in his chair and staring out the window, ready for the first lesson to start. Just hearing this voice so early in the morning ticked him off and he turned around to face her and send her a death glare.

Fucking short fused douchbag. Yuki, who was in a great mood till that moment, thought.

The gentle expression she had turned into a cold one and she returned the death glare and smacked her schoolbag at the seat right next to Bakugou.

"I'll take that as a no." she said in a cold voice, her eyes burning right into his.

She actually knew ALL the seats next to Bakugou were available since Kirishima asked, no-BEGGED her to come seat there. He sat behind Bakugou since he was trying to become his friend since he was 'so manly' in his words.

Manly my ass. Yuki thought and sat down. She knew he had the right to be mad at her because of their duel, but she did threaten the life of anyone who mentions it again, so she thought it compensated it. Besides its not like he's that just with me, he's angry with everyone. She told herself, explaining herself why it wasn't all her fault.

I should have told her to get the hell out of my sight. Bakugou, who now returned to look through the window, thought to himself. Why the fuck should I even bother to care. He sighed angrily and turned to face forward, catching a glimpse of her from the side of his eye.

She was sitting, fully in her thoughts, and looking distantly on her fingers that were holding each other. Her back hunched forwards a bit. Something was bothering her.

Bakugou turned back to the window, having enough of her for the rest of the school year, and frowned.

After a few minutes he heard her talk to Todoroki, exchanging a few words including good morning, and talking about what seat he should take. He ended up sitting a few rows back, making Bakugou glad in his heart that at least he wouldn't have to deal with him too.

Yuki turned in her seat and her look fixated on Bakugou's frowning side view.

Breath. Its fine. You got this.

She calmed herself and opened her mouth to speak and then closed it. Even though she was impulsive most of the time, since she didn't really come in contact with many people her age when growing up, she didn't know if she's acting normal and it made her overthink her actions.

"just be yourself, you're going to be fine" Aizawa had told her before the semester started. She knew she's probably just overthinking anything but she just felt different.

Fuck it.

"um...ah...Bakugou?" she turned to him.

Bakugou, who managed to calm himself down, turned and looked at her. He wasn't scowling as usual but his eyes showed he was irritated. "what."

"um...about yesterday..." she started to say, a bit discouraged because of his look.

If till then Bakugou wasn't angry enough over her presence, hearing her bring up his humiliation from yesterday made him squeeze his fist and turn at her to yell at her to shut the fuck up and that he'll kill her.

Yuki who saw his actions beforehand raised her voice

"I'm sorry!!!"

It coughed Bakugou off guard and the jaw he opened to yell remained open out of shock.

Did she fucking say she's sorry right now?

Yuki who saw he was confused scratched the back of her neck and continued.

"I shouldn't have picked a fight with you when you didn't even know my wasn't fair..."

What the fuck is she saying Bakugou now closed his mouth and narrowed his eyes, listening to what she has to say.

"I mean you are really strong, and smart, and seeing you at the exercise made me realized that if you knew my quirk you would probably find a way and win against me and-"

"don't." Bakugou said harshly.

"what?" Yuki raised her eyes to look at him.

"don't fucking apologize for winning" he said, his tone cold and harsher than before.

this fucking idiot. Yuki opened her mouth to talk but he turned his head to the window again, ending the conversation.

She sighed and got up and walked to Todoroki's desk, getting the hint.

'you're really strong, and smart' her words ringing in his head.

This was the second time she was praising him, making him realize that she might not be looking down on him.

Yuki was exchanging a few words with Todoroki asking about school but her fallen mood made her end it quick and go back to her seat, waiting for the class to start.

I didn't do it right again... she thought and sighed.

"hey brat." A voice beside her called her.

She turned to Bakugou in surprise he hadn't killed her yet.

"we're cool." He told her with no anger in his eyes and turned to Aizawa who just walked in.

Oh... Yuki turned to the front of the class too, surprised.

This fucking idiot. Bakugou scowled to himself But she's not that bad like the rest of these fucking extras.




Yuki changed into her PE Uniform again. It was hero training time again and she didn't have the guts yet to wear her hero costume. She knew it wasn't as provocative as some of the costumes, but the fact that Midnight herself sent the design to the support team showed.

She looked over her shoulder, the girl named Momo was wearing a very low cut and very short dress, without any thought of it. Catching her staring, she sent her a weirded look and Yuki pulled her gaze to the ground. she got along with the girls in the class but for some reason Momo wasn't liking her.

Well who cares she encouraged herself and closed her locker. She turned around and saw Bakugou walking out of the changing rooms as well. His upper part of the costume was tight around him and it accentuated his muscular chest, and his sleeveless shirt just showed off how toned and strong he was. He looked at her and she was ready to hear the 'what the hell are you looking at you fucking shithead' that never came. He just turned his head back and continued walking.

"Yuki" Todoroki called her when she got to the training area.

"oh, hi Todoroki. What's up?"

"Aizawa said to pair up, no exceptions"

"oh, sure we can be a pair" she said and smiled, blushing internally that the good-looking Todoroki chose her, even if it's only for training.

"great. So let's go" he turned and got to where Aizawa was standing.

"okay listen carefully because I'm not explaining again." Aizawa said with a 'I'd rather watch paint dry than be here' expression. "the pairs you are in now will be your training pairs for some time now. Before we start the exercise you have 30 minutes to talk about your quirks and see how they can work together. Go now." He said and zipped up his sleeping bag, not before taking a glimpse and making sure Yuki found a pair.

"LET'S GO SHITTY HAIR" Bakugou ordered and stomped away from the group with Kirishima.

Poor guy Yuki thought to herself and smiled a bit.

"we should go as well" Todoroki said and looked at her.

"yup! Let's go"

"I think you already know everything there is to know on my quirk by now" Todoroki said as they sat down on the grass.

"you're making ice and you can also make fire, right?" Yuki was leaning back on two hands, her legs laying straight on the grass.

"yes, but I will not be using my fire" he said shortly.

He probably has a reason...I won't push it

"how are you usually fighting?" she asked

"just freezing the enemy. If I need to move faster, I can slide over my ice"

"oh, that's so cool!" Yuki said enthusiastically

"oh. Thanks. but I'd love to hear more of your quirk. Aizawa said he was training you"

"oh, he did?"

Todoroki nodded.

"well...Aizawa said it was a mental quirk or something like that, like his. That's why" she smiled shyly.

"so you can...project your shields even without moving?"

"huh I'm not that good yet" she laughed apologetically. "I mean I'm practicing on projecting without moving but it's a bit I just gesture to where I need to project the energy. It's easier that way."

Todoroki nodded "I see. Is there a limit to your quirk?"

"yes. But since I was training since I was 5, I barely reach it by now."

"oh, so do I"


" father trained me hard to be the number 1 hero since I can remember" he said and stared at the ground.

"oh...sorry Todoroki for bringing this up..."

"it's ok. And you can call me Shouto. Its less Tongue twisting" he smiled and got up. "so lets try to duel and figure out how to use your quirk with mine"

"oh...I think it's not a good idea...I don't work well in the cold. It makes my quirk weak"

"oh...because it's energy?"

Yuki nodded. "but when we fight, I can just fly over you so I won't get useless" she smiled embarrassed.

"you...can fly?"

"ah well sort of. Here look" she said and stood back. She stretched her hand at the grass in front of her and a purple hued rectangle appeared. She then stood on it and circled around Todoroki for a few times before jumping to the floor and dissolving the board into thin air.

"woah Yuki that's so cool!" Kirishima yelled at them from a distance and raised his thumbs up. Bakugou was standing next to him, his arms crossed, looking at her actions as well.

"yes, it's a quite useful quirk" Shouto nodded and a small smile appeared on his lips "I'm glad we're paired up"

Yuki immediately blushed and looked aside. Todoroki was handsome and nice, making him popular among the ladies of the school, so getting a compliment from him was big to her. "I,,,uh,,,me too" she finally said.

"ALL RIGHTTTTTTTTTTT TIMES UPPPPPPPPPP" Present mic who joined the very annoyed Aizawa yelled. "TODAYS MISSION ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" he yelled and gestured towards the arena that was now opened. There stood a line of the 0 point huge robots from the entrance exam,10 of them, probably one for each pair.

Their mission was to take the robot down as fast as possible.

Everyone with their own strategy have beaten the robots. Midoriya, once again, was sent to recovery girl. Now it was Shouto's and Yuki's turn.

Yuki projected a board and stood on it before levitating higher in the sky. Shouto was getting into a combat stance.

"ARE YOU READYYYYYYYYYY??????????" present mic yelled

"LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and the buzzer that signaled that the timer was activated went off.

As the robot raised his hand preparing to launch an attack at Shouto, who was now running straight to it, Yuki sent a shockwave at his arm stalling him from hitting Todoroki until he reached the distance he needed to cover the huge robot in ice. "Yuki!!! Now!" he yelled as he was finished and Yuki, who was now holding a sword made by her quirk, her favorite weapon, sliced through the air and a much larger shockwave was sent at the robot, breaking it due to the fact that it was fragile from the ice.

The buzzer sounded.


Todoroki smiled at Yuki who held her ears shut due to mic's over enthusiastic narrating.

She jumped off the board and walked with him to exit the arena. Crossing them, Kirishima and Bakugou went in, it was their turn now. Kirishima held the thumbs up for them and Shouto nodded to him, and Yuki smiled back. Bakugou was just glaring, his hands in his pockets. When they passed them, he gave them the side eye and Yuki couldn't help but think to herself if they were really ok as Bakugou said.

I should have said something she scolded herself and stood by the monitor to watch their turn.

It was clear it was Bakugou's plan from the start. As Bakugou fought off the robot's hands with small explosions, Kirishima was using his hardening quirk and punching the middle part of the robot until a hole big enough formed, and in no time Bakugou jumped right in it, yelling his typical "DIE!!!" before setting off a huge explosion that basically teared the robot apart.

Fuck. he's amazing. Yuki thought to herself. Her thoughts from earlier coming back to her and she walked towards them. Kirishima took a turn and walked to talk to Kaminari, so Bakugou stared in front of him as he was walking back, until he heard footsteps coming his way.

"Hey Bakugou!" Yuki stopped as soon as he saw her. "You were amazing! Nice work!" she said and smiled; a bit worried.

Again with the fucking compliments.

He thought to himself but he couldn't help but smirk at how enthusiastically she said it.

Feeling satisfied with making him sort-of-smile she smiled back at him and turned to walk back to Todoroki.

"Oi, Brat" Bakugou called after her. She turned back and his smirk was smaller but still visible. "Good job." He said and walked past her as she stood there confused.

Was that...a compliment? From Bakugou?

She looked at him, his smirk was now gone and he was yelling at Kirishima to 'stop talking so fucking much you shitty hair'

Yuki couldn't help but smile as she went back to Shouto.

Chapter Text

Bakugou already prepared himself to sit alone at lunch for the rest of the semester and even more. He knew the class was afraid of him, already, but he didn't care. This is not why he came to the UA. He was there to be the number one hero, not make some shitty friends like his old hag told him to try and do. 
But now he looked to his left, Yuki was chuckling over something Kirishima said. 
Although he enjoyed the quiet, he was actually quite pleased with the group he was now hanging out with.




He was sitting in class in the first week, unbothered, waiting for the students to finally finish the class rep elections.


As soon as he heard that that bloody Deku was the one who won he turned and glared at him in rage. The class encouraged the idiot so he just tsked, laid back in his chair angrily, and turned to face the window once again. 
Deku was starting to mumble some stupid nonsense at the front of the class, as usual, no balls to actually do something. And that stupid class chose him, just shows how they're a bunch of extras. Choosing their class rep for some whiny reason. 
The thoughts irritated him and he turned back to glare at Deku, frightening him even more, causing his mumbling to continue even less comprehendible now.

"fucking nerd" 
"fucking nerd"

As he muttered under his breath, he heard the same words coming from his right. 
He turned in surprise to see that the also surprised Yuki was looking at him the same. 
She chuckled and smiled at him devilishly, and he returned the smirk. She raised her hand and made a fist that she pointed at him. He turned his head to the window but did fist bump her. After all there aren’t many girls with fucking common sense.



This small encounter made him smirk a little to himself and even forget how Deku ticked him off. 
After the stupid conversation over making the engine guy the class rep, the class was dismissed to eat lunch.

Until then he sat alone in lunch, due to the fact that he yelled the shitty hair dude to fuck off and stop following him around. But he didn’t mind it, he didn’t like the class either. 
He was sitting there eating his rice, thinking about something Aizawa said in class, when a tray was placed to his left. Then two legs and a skirt appeared in his side view until the girl sat down.

"what's up spicy?"

"I'LL KILL YOU SHITHEAD DON’T FUCKING CALL ME THAT!!!!" he yelled at her even though she was sitting right next to him.

She laughed and continue teasing him "but you call me brat it's only fair that I get to call you nicknames as well"

"ITS NOT A FUCKING NICKNAME YOU IDIOT!!!!" he yelled, now completely forgetting about his food that was getting cold.

"awwww even two nicknames! I didn’t know you like me that much! What your other nickname should be? Hot headed bitch?" she laughed at his raging expression and scooted over the bench to the left, afraid that he might eventually strangle her.

"YOU FUCKING LITTLE-!" he yelled and looked at her, creating explosions as a warning.
He was planning on actually pushing her off the bench but the truth was that she was laughing hysterically and she might as well fall by herself. No, the truth was that he liked the fact that she was laughing with him so much. She looked elated with herself. 



But then he remembered she was laughing AT him so his angry expression returned. 
He turned back to his rice and frowned while trying to eat as fast as he could to get out of there. 
She stopped laughing and scooted back next to him, still giggling. 

"Hey Baku, listen. You look cool and I just wanna be friends with you ok? "

Compliments. A g a I n

"funny. "

"no, I mean it! " she smiled and looked at him, trying to read his expression that was now not that angry.

"well I don’t want to be friends with you so you can get the fuck out of here as soon as you're ready" he said in a low voice looking at his plate.

"well sucks to be you" she said and leaned her chin on his shoulder and Bakugou tensed up. "cause I'm staying"

"do what you fucking want" he said and continued eating his meal. He wasn’t the type to be all touchy with people, especially with girls, but it looked like she was like this with everyone so he didn’t give it a second thought. 
Her chin lifted of his shoulder and she smiled, satisfied that he didn’t storm oout or blow her head to pieces.

"hey Yuki!" Kirishima yelled at her as he walked in the cafeteria and then looked confused over the fact that she was sitting with Bakugou.

"Hey Kiri!! Come sit with us!" she waved back.

And as soon as that shitty red head sat down, he called the pink acid girl and the dumb electricity guy to sit with them as well. This was the small group he always was around. 
In addition to that, sometimes the tape guy joined and sat with them, and also the punk girl who apparently was childhood friends with Kaminari.
And on top of all that noise, icy hot was sitting with them most of the time, because somehow Yuki managed to become friends with him.
Not that Bakugou understood it. 
Most of the time he talked coldly and indifferently to her, answering in short sentences, and he barely engaged in conversation with the rest of the group. But Yuki said she liked him around so everyone just rolled with it, including Bakugou.

They were probably the largest click that was in the class.

Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka and Asui were another group that always sat together during lunches.

Mineta sometimes sat alone, watching the girls from his seat, and sometimes Kaminari and Sero were sitting with him to plot an evil prank, when they weren’t sitting with Jirou.

Other than that, Yaoyorozu usually just hanged out with Hagakure the invisible girl, since she wasn't too fond of the rest of the class. She allowed Ojiro to sit with them since Hagakure was enjoying his company, and he was quiet and didn’t stay for long. 
Yaoyorozu was one of the students that didn't need to pass the entrance exam since a pro hero recommended her. In her case, many pro heroes recommended her, since she was from a wealthy and powerful family.
she knew that Todoroki, who she has set an eye on since the beginning of the school year, got there the same way- in his case, his father Endeavor the #2 hero probably recommended him. But even if he didn’t, their family was wealthy as well so she wouldn't be surprised that someone else recommended him as well. 
What she did find annoying, was the third person that got in through recommendation.


She didn’t know who she was, and what was her last name, and therefore, she didn’t know from wat family she came from. 
After hearing that Aizawa was training her, she pulled a few strings and managed to find out that she was the adopted daughter of Shouta Aizawa, hence her last name in all of the official papers was Aizawa, but to not raise suspicion she never used it.
Since Aizawa was a pro hero, with pro hero friends like Present Mic and Midnight, she figured out that’s how she got in. 
She wouldn’t even mind her usually, since the rest of the class was also just average people, but what made her days worse and filled her heart in envy and disgust was that THAT NO ONE just kept clinging to Todoroki from the very start. And the fact that Todoroki was willing to be with her rather that hang out with Momo made her hate that girl Yuki from the bottom. 
Yuki tried to spike conversations at the start of the semester but Momo quickly turned her down, raising her nose, trying to remind her what her place was, but that girl just snapped back at her, making the hate between the two, two sided. 
Due to that Momo didn’t get to hang out with Todoroki besides sometimes talking to him in class when that annoying girl wasn’t talking with him of course. 
On top of that she made him seat at lunches with Bakugou, the embodiment of a commoner- always rude, yelling, just a disgrace. And his friends that apparently weren’t raised to know what etiquette is, weren’t much better. 
She didn’t know what he was doing there or why he had enjoyed Yuki's company, but she wasn’t having it.

Chapter Text

"morning spicy"

"morning brat"

Bakugou was leaning back in his chair as Yuki came in and sat on her desk facing him, dangling her feet from the edge of the table.

"how was the weekend?"

"shitty. That fucking old hag dragged me with her to her friend's house. They kept fucking rambling about stupid shit and that weird ass girl kept trying to talk to me, I almost blew her head off"

"oh my god Baku" Yuki laughed and covered her mouth "somehow I imagine you dressed in a pink dress and having a tea party with the little girl!" she said and burst out laughing.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU BRAT I WILL KILL YOU!!!!" Bakugou straightened out in his chair and looked like he was going to jump at her and strangle her to death.

"sorry sorry!!! Ahahaahahaaaa" she raised her hands before him while still laughing hysterically.

Bakugou growled but didn't threaten farther, he just stated "besides it wasn't a little girl"


"the fucking daughter, dumbass. she was our age, but she goes to a regular college or some other shit"

"oh my god Baku you're the worst, she probably wanted to get to know you and you were so rude!"





"ahem" Todoroki, who just wanted to pass to his seat between the loud two, cleared his throat.

"oh good morning Shouto!"

"hey Yuki, good morning. Let's talk later when you finish here" he said and smiled to her. With that he kept walking to his desk and place his things there.

"anyways Baku, she might want to like...hit on you or something. You know...get to know and stuff"

Bakugou looked her straight in the eye with unamused look "not interested."

"wow spicy, you almost broke my heart right now" Yuki dramatically placed her hands on her chest.

He let out a chuckle and she got up from her desk and headed to Shouto, not before ruffling Bakugou's hair. She ignored his yelling as she reached Shouto and took a seat on his desk, which he didn't mind.

"hey there"

"hey there"

"so how was your weekend?" Yuki strike a conversation.

"it was ok" Shouto said and made Yuki feel her anxiety creeping in. she always felt awkward talking to him. "how was yours?"

"oh um the usual I guess, lots of training and lots of lying around"

"training with Aizawa?"

"yup. Look I managed to use my quirk without looking!" she enthusiastically said and closed her eyes.

She was deep in focus but Todoroki scanned her face and she looked so calm and peaceful to him. A purple sphere appeared in front of her. Todoroki raised his finger and touched it. He was curious about her quirk since they paired up together in training a few weeks ago. From a distance it looked translucent, like he could easily pass his hand through it, but now as he touched it, it felt hard, and in a way-vibrating? Its probably because it is made of energy, that's why its pulsating

"good job Yuki" he finally said as he lowered his hand and placed it on her thigh to assure her, he was sincere.

Her eyes shot open and the sphere dissolved "uhhhhhhhh tha..thanks!" she mumbled, her cheeks red. "so!" she quickly changed the subject, trying to forget the fact that Shouto's hand is still on her thigh "so today is more hero training! "

"you seem to love it" Shouto stated

"well yeah! We finally get to use our quirks in different situations..." she struggled with her words. When she spoke of this with Bakugou she told him she likes using her quirk without having to restrain herself, but she knew that if she told Shouto this, he might get the wrong idea of her. They were getting closer and she didn't want to blow it.

"class." A tired familiar voice called them from the doorway. "costumes. now. we are having a training day"

"but Aizawa sensei isn't that only in 4 hours?" Iida questioned politely.

"I want to sleep. So you will be training the whole day. Now go." He said and cooked up in his sleeping bag.

Everyone went ahead and left the class and as Yuki passed by the Yellow caterpillar, he called to her.



"you need to wear your costume from now on. Principal orders"






Whyyyyy did I agree to thissssssss I look so stupid like I'm showing off things that I don't have oh my god I'm going to kill midnight or maybe myself ughhhh

"oi Brat you're coming or I need to fucking pull you out of there??" Bakugou who waited for her since she begged him to, stood in a safe distance from the ladies locker room.

"It looks...weird."

"who the fuck cares how it looks"

"what? Everyone!"

"fuck them. Now get the fuck out or I will blow you and your stupid costume up"

"ugh fine I'm coming"

She took a deep breath and stepped out.

Her costume wasn't very revealing, just a black leather crop top and black leather leggings. Super tight leggings and super short crop top. It was similar to the outfit she used to wear when she trained at home, but midnight made it more "presentable" in her words.



Yuki raised her eyes and she saw Bakugou's eyes looking at her top to bottom.

What is she fucking ashamed about fucking hell. He parted his lips to say something but nothing came out.

Luckily the thing that saved him from the awkward silence came their way. The purple thing came running. Mineta.


A huge blast sent Mineta flying to where he came from. Like hell you will.

"thanks Baku" Yuki smiled softly at him "but I could do that myself you know" she teased.

"yeah whatever" he said and turned to the exit. She quick paced until she walked beside him.

"you look good" he throwed his words to the air, and suppressed the blush that crept to his cheeks. He has to stay cool.

"aww thanks spicy" she said and jumped a bit to wrap her hands around his neck and hug him .


"LET GO OF ME YOU BRAT!!!" he yelled at her and held her waist trying to uncling her from him. He finally managed and threw her at her back, and walking away, leaving her to laugh her guts out.




"yes!!! A race!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!" Yuki jumped happily near Shouto, her insecurity long gone after Bakugou relaxed her in his own way. Shouto looked at her and smiled, her cheerfulness infected him too. They didn't really need a strategy meeting before the race, since after a few weeks of training together they already knew what to do. Surprisingly they figured out how to use their quirks together and they were unstoppable.

They stood with the rest of the class on the starting line, Shouto sent her a meaningful look and she nodded, getting his hint.




And Yuki jumped high and landing on top of a board she created, avoiding the ice sheet Shouto made to stop the rest of the class. And with that they took off. Shouto was skating on his ice and Yuki flying besides him on her board. They were moving fast and creating quite a distance between them and the rest of the class.

"Shouto! Up ahead" Yuki called to him and pointed on the first obstacle- a bunch of land and air droids. He nodded to her and continued as usual. He skated right into the robots and stopped a meter from them, sending an ice wave to freeze them. He looked up and Yuki held back the air droids from attacking him. He passed the robots and then yelled back to her to come along. With a now she crossed her arms and then forcefully opened them, causing her quirk's shockwave to hit the air robots who surrounded her to get hit. the closer ones to her were annihilated and the farther ones were pushed back so she could peacefully continue after Shouto.


Shouto and Yuki smiled at the narrating as they approached the next obstacle and stopped. Flames, from every direction. The next obstacle was a huge fire field.

"Shouto...I can lift us both over it and-"

"no. just stay back I'll freeze it" Shouto stopped her.

Discouraged, Yuki stepped back. She sometimes felt like he was leading her on a leash but she quickly brushed her thought. Were teammates, I shouldn't think that

Shouto breathed in and when he exhaled the field froze.

Immediately Yuki hovered far above the field, trying to pass it quickly without getting cold.

They continued sprinting as they saw the exit sign flashing. they were approaching the end. They continued full speed knowing that due to Shouto's ice, the other obstacles won't even slow down the other teams who by now managed to escape the ice trap.

Before the exit were two concrete walls, creating a passage narrow enough for only two people to walk closely side by side in it.

"is that an obstacle?" Yuki questioned suspiciously as she stood in front of it.

"probably to stop teams from coming in at the same time" Shouto said and stepped forward into the passage.

Yuki was still questioning but she had to stay with Shouto for them to win, so she walked behind him, looking around.

A click.

A spark.

"Shouto!" Yuki yelled and jumped at him.

Shouto was shocked as he saw the trap go off and filled the passage with electricity, it was an obstacle after all. He had to watch his feet as he walked but since he didn't notice the ledge and stepped right on it, causing the trap to go off. But the electricity didn't hit him.

He was standing there, shocked, Yuki wrapped herself around him in a hug, her blushing face buried in his chest, as she projected a sphere that barely covered them both and protected them from the charge.

"s..sorry.. I just didn't have time to create a bigger one.." she mumbled to his chest.

"I don't mind it" he finally said. He looked down at her and smiled as she caught his gaze, blushed like crazy, and buried her face in his chest again.

After those few seconds that felt like eternity, the trap deactivated.

Yuki quickly stepped back and shyly giggled.

"YUUUUKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIII" she heard a scream coming quickly her way. She turned and saw Bakugou using his quirk to propel himself towards them, as poor Kirishima tried to hold on to his back.

Yuki and Shouto snapped out of their little daze by this and quickly ran to the exit, placing themselves as the winners of the race.

Not long after Bakugou stomped after them, with Kirishima stumbling after him, looking like he was going to puke.

"he spi-"


Yuki who was holding her breath till that moment, burst out laughing "and I was wondering why the hell are we using first names now"

"shut up you brat. Did you even do anything or you lazy fuck just ran after him"

"aww but I liked it when you called my name, say it again"

"fuck you"

"come onnnnnn," she cooed her head to the side and eyed him "Katsuki"

"don't fucking say my name like that idiot" he scoffed and looked away a hint of pink decorating his cheeks.

"and Shouto did mostly everything, he barely needed me heh" she said with a sigh.

"just needed a hug" Bakugou turned and looked her straight in the eyes. She became bright pink in a second

"i-it was-wasn't like that!!! I didn't have time to create a shield on both of us because the trap was really quick and-"

"pfffffft" Bakugou laughed at her

"YOU JERK!!!! YOURE ENJOYING THIS ARENT YOU!!!" she said and hit his chest as he continued laughing. She stopped and smiled, a laughing Bakugou was a rare sight.

"fucking jerk" she mumbled under her breath as she continued smiling.

"you like it brat" he smirked and raffled her hair, and walked away.

Katsuki fucking Bakugou ladies and gentlemen. My best friend.


Chapter Text

"Yuki-san can I sit next to youuuuu?" Mineta, who didn't wait for her answer was already sitting the seat next to her.

"what? No! Bakugou is-"

"OI GRAPE JUICE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SEAT" the ash blond got on the bus, ready to kill the petrified midget.

"I-Its not fairrrrr!!!!!" Mineta tried to object but as soon as Yuki saw her angry friend, she kicked Mineta right out of the seat and waved to Bakugou.

"tch. Thanks for saving me a seat. useless brat" he said sarcastically. "move I'm sitting next to the window"

"what??? Nooooooooooooooo come onnnnn" Yuki objected as Bakugou gently took her hand and led her out of the row, and sitting next to the window, but she didn't fight over it.

"you're fucking noisy"

"Spicyyyyyy you said I can sit wherever I want!"

"and you wanted to sit next to me idiot. deal with it."

"THAT'S NOT FAIR" Yuki started pulling on his sleeve to annoy him.

"get used to it"






"Yuki..." Shouto who also got on the bus now stood next to her and tried to calm her before another loud fight between them will occur. He knew that's how they were, but he liked the polite and quiet Yuki she was with him more.

"Shouto! Good morning! Are you exited?" her eyes were beaming and he let out a small smile.

"no but we'll see when we get there" he said and looked to the seat behind the two that was empty. "I will be sitting there" he said and pointed "if you'd like you can take the window, I don't mind"

"oh I-" Yuki started saying as she looked over at Bakugou.

"go" he said with a reassuring look in his eyes but an annoyed hand gesture. "shitty hair needs to sit with someone too" he said as he looked at Kirishima who just got on the bus. He was no fool, he could see how Yuki looks at icyhot, and even if he didn't get it, he didn't want her to fuck it up because of him getting in the way. She said that he was her best friend and the truth was that she too was close to him. Not that he will tell her that ever, but the way they can understand each other spoke louder than words. After all they were similar, she just didn't know it yet. But he knew. From how she is the only one that can laugh at his angry treatment and continue being cheerful, and how she stands up against him when he's being wrong. Or the way that she cares without really showing she care, or how she's acting when she gets a bit mad.

Yeah, she was just like him. And he knew that she had feelings for that bastard, so he just let them be. As long as that jerk won't hurt her.

"well its not like I'm far away" Yuki jumped gracefully out of her chair and was guided to her new seat by Shouto's hand that he placed on her lower back.

"See spicy? I can still annoy you from over here!" she said and ruffled Bakugou's hair.


"but it's so fluffyyyyyy"


"fine fine haha" she said and sat down looking over at Shouto.

He was looking at her and smiling over her energies. She couldn't help but blush.

"Alright class. We are heading to the USJ. It's a training center for rescue missions, you will be working in your usual pairs, today's goal is to see the endurance of your quirks in different environments." Aizawa said and slumped into his chair and was fast asleep as the bus started moving.

Bakugou exchanged a few words with Kirishima and then put his earphones in, trying not to listen to Yuki's and Todoroki's boring conversation. They were talking about Todoroki's siblings and the fact that Yuki was an only child and she didn't have those experiences.

"well I didn't play with them much because of the training, but we are still close"

"that's nice..." Yuki said and dazed out for a minute. I wonder how different I was if I had siblings...maybe I was less awkward all the time...or less annoying. Or..

"are you ok?" Todoroki placed his hand on hers.

"oh, sorry I just got lost in thought" Yuki blushed but didn't dare to shrug off his hand.

The rest of the drive passed quietly as Yuki eventually dozed off and leaned sleeping on Shouto's shoulder. He adjusted her head a few times so her neck won't hurt when she woke up, and scanned her face. She was calm and peaceful, and he loved it.




As they got to the USJ Center they started moving in a circle between all the stations. Their mission was to locate a friendly droid in all of the environments. Since it was merely an endurance test, they weren't teaming up against any enemy, but they had their times taken till they found the droid.


"go get them" Yuki jokingly said as she levitated a few meters off the ground. Shouto nodded and smiled, and with a swing of his foot he froze the area, queuing Yuki to start looking for the droid from above as he swiftly ran and searched on the ground. that way they were able to get more ground covered and find the droid quickly.

The same way, splitting and scouting, made them find the droids rather easily both in the landslide and the ruins as well.


"it looks dangerous to leave the building, the lightning in addition to the rain will hurt us" Todoroki stated as he looked outside at the arena.

"did you forget who you're talking to?" Yuki smirked and put her weight on one leg. "let me lead for once"

Todoroki felt uncomfortable by her words but nodded.

She held his arm and projected a shield over the both of them. She caught him looking at her and she second thought "oh do you want me to make two separate shields that would probably be better and-"

"no, I like being close to you" Shouto said and smiled gently. Her face became instantly red as she blurted out a confirmation and they both stepped outside. The lightning rumbled around them but only got absorbed when came in touch with the shield.

"see? You can lean on me too Shouto" she said and looked up to him. he looked at her confused and she continued "you don't have to be all strong and do everything yourself. I know you're used to it but...we're friends. We help each other."

He stopped in his tracks as she stopped and a worried look covered her face. "sorry I shouldn't have said-"

"no, you're right..." he said and assured her. "I just, feel weird"

"a good weird or bad one?" she cooed her head to the side

"I don't know yet"

"ok" she smiled a small smile "take your time"


And so, they continued to search and find the droid, closely walking beside each other.




"fuck." Yuki said what they both have been thinking as they looked at the arena around them. They stood on a ship, and the flooded area around them didn't look welcoming in the slightest bit.

She crouched and tried to see if it was possible to swim down to the bottom, but obviously it wasn't. it was a water quirk area after all.

"Yuki..." Shouto turned to her. He knew his quirk was useless in their situation, so he decided to try and 'lean on her' as she said.


"will your spheres be able to stop the water?"

She thought to herself and shuffled in her place.

"I mean...they can stop the water. But I don't know if I can project them long enough to get down"

"what will it take?"

"well...deep meditation at first. And then I don't know...anything could go wrong"

"Yuki..." Shouto said and patted her arm to calm her down. "don't think about it too much. If anything happens, I'll swim right up, I just need you to buy me enough time down there to look for the droid"

"I...I don't know..."

"I trust you"



She looked up at him and he smiled at her. Damn, his eyes could make me do anything.

"fine.... but you have to come up if you feel the shield breaking."


She sat down and closed her eyes, remembering he recent training. After a few minutes a sphere appeared around Shouto's head, creating an air bubble around him, a fairly large one. He let the sphere become harder, and checked that he can move, before jumping right in, swimming to the bottom, not wasting a single second.

He managed to find the droid at the bottom and as he picked it up, he noticed the purple hue around his head become faded. This was his que to leave. He swam to the surface as fast as he could and managed to come back up to the ship where Yuki was meditating. As he sat foot on the deck the sphere around his head faded completely and Yuki was thrown out of her meditation, panting and holding herself up with her hands.

"Yuki! Are you ok?" Shouto ran to her side

"ye..h...just...hard..." she panted. He kneeled beside her and waited for her to catch her breath.

"sorry about that, it was my first time actually pulling something like that off" she said and massaged the side of her head, a migraine was surely coming. "I had to calm myself and sense the energy you're emitting and focus on it so I won't lose you and you'll drown"

"I'm emitting energy?" Shouto surprisingly said, shocked that she was able to do something like that.

"well you are human, so you are emitting a small amount of heat, and your side," she said and pointed on his left side "is hotter than normal humans"

"are you feeling ok?" he said worryingly as she grabbed her head

"yeah...just overused my quirk I guess, ill rest and be fine"

"ok. We only have one area left so you'll be able to rest soon" he said and offered her a hand to get up.


"thanks, Shouto..." she said weakly.




"you got to be kidding me" Yuki grunted as they reached the last area, the Mountain. A rocky area with a constant snow storm and ice covering everything. Yuki looked over at Shouto with tired eyes. The last stunt she pulled drained her of her energy and her head hurt. "Shouto...this one is on you...I'm too weak right now and the cold..."

"got it. Here, take this" he said and took off his hero costume jacket and covered her shoulders with it.

"no, you'll be cold!" she started taking it off but he held her hand and looked her in the eye.

"I'll be fine, just take it. I'll find the droid and come back"

Yuki nodded at that and he took off, sliding over the ice gracefully.

Yuki did try and help, she ran and searched by foot for the droid, but eventually the cold caught up to her and she crouched down, hugging herself with Shouto's jacket, trying to warm up. But by the time she was better Shouto already found the droid and came back to her. "hey sorry it took so long...are you ok do you want me to carry you?" He kneeled down and worryingly questioned.

"no, its fine, I'm just cold that's all" she smiled faintly and got up, showing him, she was fine even though she wasn't.

Shouto looked at her for a few seconds and then wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closely to him.

Yuki's eyes widened at the sudden affection and she looked at Shouto embarrassed.

"I'll warm you up...I hope you're ok with that" he said and then she noticed he activated his quirk to make his arm and side warm for her. She melted into the warmth and leaned even closer to him. "you're the best Shouto..." she mumbled. He smiled at her words; she was far cuter than he ever thought she could be. He tightened his grip around her and they walked back to the center, where the rest of the class grouped up.

"oi shitty hair what are you looking at you creep" Bakugou waved his hand in front of Kirishima's face and then turned to see what he pointed at. Heh so that half bastard finally noticed her huh.

"everyone's looking..." Yuki muttered under her breath as they got closer to the center.

"does it bother you" Shouto asked, not taking his arm off her.

"I thought it will bother you..." Yuki struggled with her words as Yaoyorozu's eyes shot daggers at her.

"not at all. Don't worry. " he sent her a gentle smile.

As they finally reached the crowd, he took his arm off and she handed him his jacket "thanks..."

"Yukiiiiii!!!!!! I really really really need to talk to you like nowwwww" Mina yelled as she dragged Yuki to the side to stand with Kirishima and Bakugou.

"Why didn't you tell me you're dating??? Girlllll you keep the juicy things to yourself how dare you" she whispered-yelled dramatically.

"pffff Mina we're not. I was just really cold so he warmed me up"

"that boy sure can make you HOT"

"OH MY GOD MINA STOP" Yuki placed her hands at Minas mouth.

"fineeeeeee I won't ruin your mysterious affair" she said and dragged Kirishima after her to talk to Kaminari.

"that girl..." Yuki muttered and she looked over at Bakugou who had a weird look on his face.

"you're a terrible liar brat" Bakugou told her as soon as they weren't in hearing distance from the rest.

"what???? I wasn't lying!!" she claimed and tried to hit him jokingly, but he grabbed her hand and got closer to her.

"you forgot? I know you, you can't fool me" he smirked and let her go. "so, does that half bastard figured out that you like him?"

"i-I don't know" She sighed.

"isn't he supposed to be smart or something?" Bakugou leaned back on a wall and chuckled.

"that mean Baku..."

"whatever. I'm not telling him to fuck off only because you look happy with him"


Bakugou looked aside and realized he may have said too much. "I saw what you did at the flood area" he said and changed his subject.

" head still hurts from it ugh I can't believe it worked"

"you didn't know if it will work?"

" was the first time. And to be honest I just realized how weak I was...overusing my quirk from a single task..." she discouraged said and looked at the ground.

"then practice" Bakugou made her look at him. "since the day you beat me I'm practicing instead of whining why the fuck a weak ass girl won against me" he said the last part with a devious grin.

"WHO DO YOU CALL A WEAK ASS GIRL YOU FUCKING-" she said and jumped at him but he caught her and threw her to the ground and held her hands over her stomach. He knew she wasn't serious about hurting him so that will be enough.

"train with me" He looked her in the eye. "every day after school"

"really? But you'll beat my ass"

"you fuckin know it" he smirked.

"alright then spicy. Every day after school I'll come to your place to beat your ass up" she smirked back.

"keep dreaming brat" he ruffled her hair and got up.

Finally, some more time with her.

He thought about suggesting this for a long time. He knew that she was strong and that she can be much stronger, if only they could train together and strengthen them both. She will be able to strengthen her shield against him and he could strengthen his explosions without her whining like Kirishima does. And they both were skilled fighters. Putting them against each other could only benefit them both.

But most importantly, he just liked her company. She weren't dull and boring like the rest and her fiery personality came out when they were alone, and he enjoyed it far too much. He never imagined he'll find someone who he'll love to be around. But there he was, smiling at the brown haired brat that somehow managed to get to him.


Chapter Text

"the fuck are you doing shitty brat?" Bakugou raised his eyes from his phone to Yuki, who for some reason decided to lay down on his desk, her head resting on the backpack that was there, shirt slightly pulling up showing her lean stomach, brown hair gently falling to his lap, skirt rolling up over meaty thighs...

He shook himself mentally before that sight will make him think any more stupid thoughts.

She looked him in the eyes, red ones meeting black ones, soft ones, gentle ones.

What the fuck am I getting all soft for.

She blinked and smiled at him and he smirked back. "morning brat"

"morning spicy" she said and rolled a bit to her side, to look at him better.

"missed me?" he smirked and tilted his head at her odd behavior.

"you wish" she sighed and pointed to a few rows back.

At some point Todoroki convinced her to change her seat and sit closer to him. Since she was with Bakugou most of the time she agreed, and her new seat was now in front of Todoroki's. but now her seat was taken by a bunch of girls, with Momo apparently leading them, that questioned Todoroki.

"hhhhhh the girls are at my seat so I'm here"

Even if he was a bit disappointed that she wasn't there because of him, he brushed the feeling right off. "yeah and your boyfriend doesn't look so happy about it" he stated.

Yuki rose on her elbows to send Bakugou a death glare. "he's not my boyfriend."

And yet she did notice now that Shouto wasn't feeling comfortable with all the commotion around him. After listening closer she heard that Momo has been talking about how nice it must be to be Endeavor's son, and get to have his quirk, and a wealthy family.

That inconsiderate bitch...

She sat up on the desk and raised her arm towards that direction, Forming a spiked ring around Shouto. This took the girls by surprise but most of them got the hint and left. MOST OF THEM. Momo was still sitting in Yuki's seat, even if Toru asked if shouldn't they move. Yuki then continued to expand the spiky ring around him until Momo got up of her chair and now stood and stared at Yuki like she was seconds from killing her.

"I suggest you step away" Yuki told her in a threatening tone. Even Bakugou tensed in his chair, not knowing what is going to unfold between the two. Todoroki, even though he was grateful that Yuki stepped in and stopped the questioning, was now closely watching.

"you can't use your quirk against others. It is against the school rules." Momo hissed back at her, clenching her fists, barely holding herself back from breaking some rules herself. Even when she finally got Todoroki alone to have a long conversation with him this peasant had to come and ruin everything.

"I'm not using anything against anybody," Yuki said and stood up as well. "this ring expands slowly over time, if you don't want to get pushed by it, then move in time." She sent her a cold and serious look.

This caused Momo to raise her voice "Just because your quirk is strong doesn't mean you're the best of us!!" she then approached a few steps towards Yuki, which took this as a sign to come closer as well.

"oh yeah? Wanna duel and see about that?" Yuki teased her with a smirk.

This pushed Momo to the edge and the shiny aura that suggested that she was creating something appeared. This made Yuki's smile to turn once again to the cold and emotionless expression that she made when she has had enough. two daggers started to create in Momo's hands.

"or do I need to remind you," Yuki said and in lightning speed projected two daggers in her hands and raised one towards Momo's neck, inches away "That I can create everything you can, But much faster".

Momo gritted her teeth. She knew she was right and it embarrassed her. It embarrassed her so much that she didn't care about the threat and continue to move back to a battle stance.

Yuki snarled and prepared to fight as well. This Momo should fucking learn to not pick up fights that she can't win.

The tension was above the roof as the whole class stood and watched the scene unravel. But then a strong-arm gripped Yuki's forearm and a spiked haired blond blocked Momo from her sight. "I need to talk to you." He stated and looked her in the eyes.

Her look was intimidating even to him, it was more then irritation, but absolute determination. He knew this look, every time they trained and he pushed her harder and harder, at some point this look took over her eyes and she kept going like nothing can stop her. He liked that about her, he admired it, but now wasn't the time or place for her to unleash her rage. He knows it better than anyone.

As soon as she noticed Bakugou and his grip on her arm her look changed to a confused one. Can't Baku read the situation? But he looks so serious, it must be important.

Yuki released her quirk and the daggers faded to nothing. Momo let a small sigh of relief at that, and only after that she realized that deep down, she wouldn't be able to win this fight, and she shouldn't even drag into this.

As Bakugou saw this he released his grip on her arm but his arm sneaked around her waist and his palm rested on the small of her back. She sent a last death glare to Momo but allowed Bakugou to lead her to the door and eventually to a remote place in school, away from everyone. When they reached the door Momo sent them her last venomous remark saying "She should just stay with Bakugou, she's just as barbaric as he is!" he felt Yuki tense up but he quickly held her closer to him and continued forward.

Half way there he realized how close they were again, even though he was the one to initiate it he dropped his arm and put them in his pockets. Touch wasn't something new between them since they were training an hanging out basically everyday together, but holding her so close, in a gentle manner, alone, is something that made Bakugou's breath become ragged.

They didn't exchange a word during the walk, Yuki was too busy calming herself down and Bakugou knew her well enough to let her be for now.

As they reached the spot Bakugou crouched down and Yuki sat down in front of him.

She was looking at the ground, thinking, and he was looking at her face. A few minutes past that way until he decided to break the silence.


"mm.." she mumbled but didn't raise her eyes.

"oi, brat."

Only Then she raised her eyes to meet Bakugou's.

"what are you thinking about?" he asked, trying to figure her out

"that I should have ripped her stupid tongue off" she muttered.

"tch " Bakugou smirked "but stupidity is contagious"

This made her giggle and her look softened as she looked at him. He always knew what to say, what to do, and exactly how she felt.

"so spicy, what was so important that you dragged me here" she said quietly, not usual for her character.

"can't I just want to be with you?" he said back and looked away.

She smiled and didn't answer. Its Katsuki Bakugou were talking about, I can't force anything out of him. She turned her gaze to the distance as well, both of them sitting in comfortable silence.

Well, it was comfortable to her, on the other hand, Bakugou's mind was racing with thoughts if he should open up to her, and before he could regret it, he opened his mouth and spoke.

"we can't be pro heroes if we hurt people..." he started; his words still disoriented in his brain. "then we are just fucking villains..." he said without looking at her, but he felt her gaze fall on his side. "I know you think I'm not the one to be saying this since I'm mad all the fucking time...but because of it I'm exactly the one you should listen to"

Yuki looked at him puzzled and he sighed before continuing. "when I was in high school, I was always getting in trouble. I was the strongest and I knew it so I didn't take anyone's bullshit, like you don't" he said and he finally looked her way. "but everyone started calling me a villain, with a villainous quirk. Like I'm a monster. I though being a hero was being the strongest so that's all that was important to me, showing everyone that I was the best hero. But everyone just saw me as the biggest villain" he stood up and kicked the rock he was playing with, and looked away. "that's why I'm telling you, don't let that low life bitch ruin this for you. You're fucking strong and hella smart, with a badass quirk. Don't let her make you expelled"

Without a word Yuki stood up and silently walked up to him. She wrapped her hands around his neck gently and pulled him to an embrace. They have hugged before, but this time was different. This time it felt like they were two souls embracing each other. Bakugou wrapped his arms around her waist and back and he pulled her closer to him. She felt so small in his hands, so frail, in contrast with the Yuki she showed to everyone-an unbreakable girl. But now she was fragile, raw, he could feel her melting into him and he was into her, creating a bond that no one ever did with him. She showed him herself, and he showed her the Bakugou he really was underneath the Spiky and angry appearance. The hug felt like forever and he enjoyed every second of it. As she started to pull away, she whispered something in his ear, that he could never forget. "you're not a villain, Katsuki. you're going to be the number one hero. And you're already MY number one hero"

After that he just pulled her back in his embrace, burying his blushing face in her neck and closing his eyes, enjoying every touch, every smell, every single one of her heartbeats against his, to the fullest.

"not yet..." he mumbled and held her, she giggled and continued to hug him, petting his hair gently. 


Chapter Text

"OUT OF MY WAY KIRI!!!!" Yuki Jumped and sent a shockwave that almost hit Kirishima but landed at the ground where Bakugou was standing a second ago.

"TOO SLOW BRAT!!!" he was in the air after he jumped and he aimed a huge explosion at the two.

"shit." Yuki muttered and crossed her arms and created a shield to protect herself. She dug her feet in the ground and crouched so the blast won't send her flying back like Kirishima.

Bakugou used this opportunity to get closer to her. He was stronger in hand to hand combat even though she was faster and more agile. She noticed him and quickly jumped back before he could land a punch at her. She swung her hand to send a vertical shockwave at him but that's when he sent a huge explosion right her way, when she was exposed.

After a few weeks of training this was the main weakness he found, she couldn't attack and protect herself at the same time. The shockwave hit him and it hurt like a bitch, and he was sent back. But so was Yuki. The blast hit her in her stomach and she flew back and met the ground, rolling over it a few times.

"Kirishima...stay back..." she snarled with her face low, slowly getting up, clutching her side where Bakugou hit her.

"not again..." Kirishima murmured and walked away. He knew better than to be in the middle when these two nature forces are meeting.

There it is... Bakugou smirked to himself and looked at her hungrily. That's the look I like to see.

She rose and faced him, walking a few steps closer to him, no sign of empathy in her eyes. Just pure motivation to win.

That was the look Bakugou reached for anytime they were practicing. She already noticed that up until that point, every fight they had done was only warm up. When Bakugou sees her switch, only then the real fight begins.

They walked closer and stood a meter apart, looking at each other. All of their fights started at close combat in order to train more than their quirks.

"tell me when to stop" Bakugou said his usual line. Every time they trained, he told her to let him know when it was too much so he wouldn't hurt her too much, and every time he got the cocky answer he loved to hear "hell no."

He smirked and picked up a rock. He throwed it in between them. The moment the stone hit the ground; this was their sign to start fighting.

The moment it hit the ground Bakugou threw a punch towards her stomach but he missed because she moved quickly to the side, and landed a knee hit on his stomach instead. He spat and grabbed her arm, pulling her back so he could land a punch with the other hand on her but she used the force of his pull to hook her foot behind his knee and make him fall to the ground, losing his grip on her arm.

She quickly jumped back and positioned herself in a safe distance from all of his short ranged physical attacks. She knew she couldn't win with evading. Bakugou sent an explosion her way and she blocked it with a shield.

That fucking Bakugou really doesn't take it easy on me ever huh.

Before the smoke disappeared, Yuki used the opportunity to form several floating spheres out of the shield that was no longer in use, and send them flying towards Bakugou.

His hissing was heard close to her, way too close, and she quickly jumped to the side as he came out of the smoke trying to throw a punch at her.

"STOP FUCKING WAITING FOR ME TO DO SOMETHING AND FUCKING ATTACK ALREADY YOU BRAT!!!!" he yelled at her and sent a row of explosions her way. She managed to block them but she was grounded to her spot under her shield and Bakugou was stepping closer and closer, sending bore explosions her way and yelling that she needs to take down the enemy as fast as she can.

Ok. Close your eyes. Sharpen your instincts. You just have to time this correctly.

She closed her eyes and listened to the approaching footsteps and counted the time between explosions.

Wait...wait.... NOW!!

She opened the arms that were crossed in front of her and she projected as much power as she could at that moment to create a massive 360-degree shockwave that of course had hit Bakugou and sent him flying and rolling back.

She stood up and panted, looking his way. He pulled himself back up and wiped his bleeding lip with the back of his palm.

"nice one brat" he said and smirked, proud that she is getting better and better faster than he thought. Yuki smiled back and nodded at him breathless. "you too spicy, you almost got me there"

"almost?" he cocked his head to the side and Yuki understood that this was an invitation, that she wouldn't refuse, the fight continued.

She projected a sword at her hand and shot a shockwave in his direction, one that he evaded. But instead of shooting a huge explosion her way, he shot it to the ground, making the dirt fly up and cover her field of view. She couldn't hear his footsteps but it turned out that it was because he was jumping at her from the air so she wouldn't anticipate it. He through his right arm in a punch towards her face but she dropped her quirk and quickly moved his arm with his, making it slide on her own arm and missing her face. Little did she know it was a distraction from his other arm that was now an inch away from her exposed stomach, and sent a huge explosion that got Yuki by surprise.

It was a direct hit and a bad one. Yuki flew back and stayed on the ground for a few seconds, coughing.

An uncharacteristic Worry took over Bakugou. Shit was it too much?

He ran over to her but when he was two meters away she lift her arm and motioned him to stop.

"I'm...fine" she said in a raspy voice and coughed one last time. Then she kneeled and eventually got up, raising her face to smirk at Bakugou.

That fucking badass brat

he smirked back at her and felt all sorts of emotions when she stepped closer to him, a stone in her hand. She through it up, and as it fell, she sent a forceful kick at the side of his leg, which hit one of the spots that caused him to hiss in pain.

That shitty girl knew what she was doing.

She dodged the punch he sent to her face but he moved his leg so it tackled hers and she felt straight on her back.

"fuck!!" she yelled in disbelieve.

As Bakugou was about to tease her, Kirishima opened the water hose and started to spray them both with tons of water, making them drenched immediately. "stop!!! Fighting!! For!! A!! second!!" he yelled and closed the water after he was happy with the confused, drenched and irritated two. "I got to go so I'll see you guys tomorrow! Bye!" he waved and left with a smile.

As Bakugou was looking at him exiting the gate, Yuki took the opportunity to move her leg and kick Bakugou's. the ground too was drenched and it caused him to lose balance and fall on top of her, stopping himself on his elbows at the last second from completely squeezing her to death. This took her too by surprise and she blinked a few times at Bakugou's figure who was now hovering over her.

"like what you're seeing?" Bakugou smirked and teased her. He then pulled his upper part off her, sitting on his knees, one between her legs, and looked down on her.

"actually, I do" she bluntly said and it took him by surprise. She was looking at him, his black tank top that he was wearing for training was now soaking wet and clung to his muscular form. Every muscle was visible now and she couldn't stop her staring. She knew he was good looking but sometimes she forgot how much, like in those times she accidently saw him shirtless,

He didn't interrupt her staring because he was looking at her himself. Ever since their last talk she looked more and more vulnerable to him. In training she was his strongest opponent he ever had, but outside of it, when they talked or just hung out together, she sometimes looked so different. This was one of those times. The way her cheeks were blushing, and droplets of water sticking to her hair, decorating her like a morning dew, how her hair stuck to her cheeks, her big eyes tracing his features...she looked...beautiful. He wanted to hold her and hug her, keep her safe from any harm, but of course he had to stop his fantasies before he's going to blow it. she liked Todoroki after all...

"damn" she giggled eventually and looked up to meet his gaze "when did you get so hot?"

He blushed red instantly and looked away, but being Bakugou, he couldn't let her win this one either. "when did you become so fucking adorable?" he muttered.

Did I just really fucking said it??? am I fucking STUPID WHAT THE FUCKKKKK

She blushed and giggled and he looked at her. She was indeed adorable and he could barely stand it without going insane. He stood up and gave her a hand so she could stand too.

"you know where the shower is, and here's some clothes. Shitty hair ruined yours" he said as they entered his apartment.

Even though his parents lived in the town nearby, Bakugou decided to stay in a small apartment close to the UA by himself. His parents agreed quickly to let him use the apartment they owned since he was always fighting with his parents and Mitsuki thought it will maybe encourage him to bring friends over, or girls.

Not that he did up until now. The only ones who were in is apartment were Yuki and Shitty hair, both because of training. Well Yuki mostly because of training, but she usually just stayed with him for a few more hours, doing homework or just playing games on Xbox.

It turned out that she was staying with her adopting father, no other than Shouta Aizawa himself.


"why is Aizawa calling you so late, what did you do, you shitty brat?" Bakugou asked as he passed her her phone.

"hello? Hey I was training with Bakugou, I'm with him right now. Thought you had a mission today. Yeah, I'm ok, I'll be home soon. Ok bye~"

Bakugou raised an eyebrow and turned to her for an explanation.

"Katsuki...if I'm telling you this you can't say it to others until I tell you I'm ready ok?" she looked at the ground and played with her hands.

"you know I won't" he said and crossed his hands on his chest.

"um...I live with Aizawa Sensei...because I'm his daughter" she said and looked up a bit to meet Bakugou's shocked gaze "I...I mean not his real one! He just adopted me when I was 5 and ...well he is a father to me..."

"didn't think he would be the type to look for a kid" Bakugou stated

"well he didn't look for a kid...he found me on the street"

"what?? You said you were 5!"

"well hehe I guess I can manage myself...huh..." she breathed and continued after seeing that Bakugou takes this matter more seriously than her "my parents kicked me out when my quirk manifested. Aizawa found me on the street and well he saw my quirk and it was similar to his, so he taught me how to control it at first...and then he just adopted me. I live with him since then"

Yes, she was living with Aizawa, but he wasn't the choking type of father. He let her be as long as he knew she was safe and out of trouble. He worried more about the last part more than the first since he knew she was strong, but she had one hell of a character.

"I'm done!" she called when she left the steaming shower.

"took you long enough" Bakugou grunted and went past her to the shower.

When he went out, he dried his hair with a towel and caught Yuki trying to dry some blood on her side with a towel.

"show me" he walked to her and she was startled.

"its nothing really! " she waved her hands in front of him, knowing how protective he can get. And by protective she means he cusses her for getting hurt all the time.

He caught her wrist and looked in her eye dead serious. "show me."

She raised the shirt he gave her to reveal a bleeding wound, covered in tissues in order to stop the bleeding. "fuck." He hissed and tried to peel off the tissue. The wound looked really deep, no wonder it didn't stop bleeding.

"lay on the bed" he ordered and quickly went to get his first aid kit. Yuki sat down on the bed and tried to protest "Baku its really nothing it's going to-"

"shut the fuck up and lay on the fucking bed" he said seriously and pushed her back on the bed. He was shirtless still from the shower, and the way he was touching her gently but still aggressively made her flustered. He rolled up his shirt that she was wearing, and stopped right underneath her boobs, probably noticing she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

He then continued to peel everything off the wound and examine it. a deep wound, circular, with burn marks around it. "did I do this?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

She didn't answer, just looked at him, trying to read his unreadable expression.

"fuck" he sighed and started pouring some alcohol into a gauze. He then suddenly turned to look at Yuki.

She was laying there, in his clothes, smelling of his soap, on his bed. Almost exposed, her soft skin underneath his hands. Her bruised skin. He got mad at her for not stopping him, and for him for not knowing when to stop. He usually does, when he sees her shield can't take it no more, he usually lets her rest. But today he pushed her over the edge, too much over it.

He looked at her eyes, black, shining, and looking at him, waiting. he wanted to see those exact eyes looking at him, in that same spot, but in different scenarios, that weren't appropriate for the moment. He had something else to do.

He raised his right arm and cupped her cheek, and then smiled softly at her. The kind of smile he only lets her see. She raised one arm to hold his wrist in place, knowing what's to come. And he quickly pressed the disinfecting gauze over her wound, making her clench her jaw and close her eyes, pressing her face deeper into his palm.

"I'm sorry..." he quietly said as he raised and placed the gauze again in a different place, making sure the wound won't get infected. He knew the burning she felt, he could almost feel it himself as she buried his face in his palm, hissing in pain.

He finished it as soon as he could and she sighed in relief, nuzzling in the warmth of his palm before he pulled it away. He bandaged her wound up and looked at her when he finished. Half of her stomach was bandaged, making sure the gauze he placed over the wound won't move. Some blood drops started to form on the gauze but it already looked like it was stopping the bleeding.

"what about you?" she asks quietly, trying not to disturb the already disturbed Bakugou.

"I'm fine" he said

She rose to sit before he could protest and placed her thumb on his lower lip, and showed him the blood she wiped with it. he probably has opened the wound that formed in battle when he bit on his lip when bandaging her. As she cleaned his lip, she looked him in the eyes and tried to calm him. " was part of training. This is part of training. So, don't eat yourself up over it."

"why didn't you stop me" he looked at her discouraged, not knowing how else to respond to that

"because I could handle it. see? I'm alive. So we're good" she said and Bakugou scoffed. "listen, I train with you because you're the only one who doesn't hold back on me. Who keeps pushing me to get better. And that's exactly how you do it. now I know to keep defending myself from both sides" she raised both her thumbs and smiled, and he couldn't help himself but smile a bit too.

"you're going to recovery girl tomorrow"

"only if you promise that this doesn't change anything and that you wont sulk up over it"

"I'm not sulking"

"you're sulking more than Aizawa himself"

"fine fine! Just go treat this tomorrow"

"okayyyyy can we go eat something now? I'm starving"

"yeah I'll make some curry"



"brat" Bakugou pulled Yuki to a hidden spot during break.

"so secretive~ what's up spicy"

"shut up. Did you go to recovery hag"?

"Yup! I'm all patched up!" she said and lifted up her shirt high enough for him to see. The Huge burn mark that was there was gone, and the wound itself healed, but what bothered him was the small scar that was left on her beautiful stomach. He unconsciously traced his thumb over it. "can't she fix this too?" he asked quietly.

"she said it will pass with time of I put this cream she gave me" she said shakenly, Bakugou's touch sending shivers all over her body.

He lowered his hand and nodded, not saying anything.

"we talked about this!" she said and jokingly punched him "no sulking!"

"shut up" he scoffed.

"besides here now there's an evidence! A mark! That I'm part of the Bakugou clan!" she dramatically acted and he laughed. "look its even in the shape of a small explosion !" she said and lifted her shirt again to see.

He smirked and leaned close to her, almost too close, one hand in his pocket as usual but the other grabbed her shirt and pulled it down to cover her up again. All of this while looking in her eyes, inch away from her face. "I leave different kind of marks, brat" he smirked and then turned and walked away, leaving Yuki to catch her breath.

Chapter Text

"I realized something" Shouto claimed as he sat in front of Yuki, that was like usually, next to Bakugou and his friends, during lunch.

"what is it?" Yuki asked, mouth half full with rice.

"I should take you out for a date" He said blankly.

The conversation immediately stopped as everyone was looking, jaw dropped, at the two.

Yuki was so surprised that she choked on the food in her mouth and coughed a few times before hitting her chest to make it stop. She picked up the water glass near her and chugged it down, well aware that everyone in the table was looking at her as she blushed hysterically.

" did you realize it...?" she smiled shyly, knowing that Shouto wasn't the best at relationships or human interaction.

"when two people like each other they are going on dates before they become a couple. You like me and I like you, so we should date" he said analytically.

At this point Bakugou stopped looking at the shocked Yuki and turned his glare towards Todoroki. That fucking bastard doesn't waste any time huh. Before Todoroki could catch his gaze, he turned it back to Yuki who was now mumbling an answer.

"I...ah...yeah...sure I guess"

"so, will you go out with me?"

"yes, Shouto" she smiled her warm smile and said softly.

He nodded and smiled back at her, and continued eating his food and sometimes talking to her as the conversation that was stopped continued. Bakugou on the other hand was keeping silent. He knew that the half bastard was interested in her but this is not how he imagined they will get together. He imagined it will have it. that's at least how he would do it. he would drown her with his feelings, like she deserves. He told himself that he should keep an eye on him, making sure he doesn't play with her around.

He didn't know Yuki like he did, even if she looks fine on the outside, Todoroki will never know what she's thinking. How she overthinks every interaction with every person. He will probably hurt her without even knowing. She was raw, and not familiar with the shit that people do. That's why Bakugou felt the need to protect her from pricks like Monoma from 1-B or any other trouble-looking bastard that she wasn't interested in. Unfortunately, she was interested in Todoroki.

That fucking prick...asking it like he's asking for homework...what the fuck is wrong with him. What is she even seeing in him?


His thoughts kept running as his hate towards Todoroki grew. Now he became his biggest rival. In and out of class.




"this is my favorite place" Shouto stated as the waited served their food. He decided to take Yuki to a soba restaurant, that in his opinion had the best cold soba. But for a reason, even after his recommendation, Yuki decided to order the soba in hot soup.

"would you like a taste?" he asked and she nodded. Then he passed some of his noodles to a small plate and handed it to her.

"mm yes its actually quite better than the ones I had!" she claimed with a smile. "but to be honest I like my food hot or spicy, or both!" she smiled and sipped her soup.

"mmmm this is the best" she smiled at him warmly when she caught him smiling at her

"I'm glad you accepted my invitation"

"I'm glad you invited me"

They continued eating and talking peacefully, mostly on Shouto's life, since hers wasn't so interesting in her opinion, and at the end of the evening, Shouto drove her to her house.

"so, um..." she blushed, she didn't know how she was supposed to end the date. In the movies they usually end it with a kiss but she didn't know If she was ready for it yet, or if Shouto would want to anyways.

As she struggled with her thoughts, Shouto walked up to her and took her hand in his.

"I had a great time with you, thank you for coming" he gently said.

"I...uh...thank you for everything!" she blushed.

He gently tugged at her hand and leaned towards her, stunning her for a second before she noticed he was only hugging her, and she gladly returned the hug. When they separated, he lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss on it.

"until next time" he said and left her hand

"until next time" she answered and smiled at him as he entered his car. He was driving an expensive white car, a Lexus if she guessed correctly.


She waved as he drove off and only then got in her house, knowing that she will see him again in a few hours in Uni.





"Yuki!!! How was your date????" Mina yelled as soon as Yuki dragged herself through the classroom door.

"OMG MINA SHUT UPPPPPPPPP" she yelled and waved mina to keep quiet since some other students were in class already. She already got the attention of Momo that was shooting daggers her way and she decided to be the bigger man and not yell at her to mind her own business.

"so??? How was it??? why are you tired?? Did you sleep in his place?? Oh my god you naughtyyyyyyy" Mina said, clearly hyper from the new drama.

Bakugou shifted in his place when she said the last few questions but he continued to listen.

"oh my god no nothing happened" Yuki blushed like crazy

"come on its only us here, well and Bakugou but he's practically the gay friend" she urged her.


"I just said you aren't interested in these kinds of things so she shouldn't mind you listening" Mina calmed him down apologetically.

"no, I mean it, nothing happened." Yuki sat down.

"little kiss kiss? Some titty rubs?"

"oh my god mina we hugged. Just. Hugged. Would you shut up about it now?"

"oh how did you feel? Was the date alright?"

"well yeah, it was just like talking to him in school so it wasn't something special" she mumbled and looked down.

"what is it? what's wrong?" Mina who noticed her change of tone asked.

"its just that...he's like a prince you know. Like a fairytale prince"

"well yeah that's Todoroki for you" Mina smiled

"yeah but he's a prince, and I'm an ogre"


"I just feel like he's super elegant and sophisticated and all that and I'm just me. Instead of the princess he should be dating."

"Yuki you're not an're just a girl that isn't from the royal family...its fine that's why he likes you"

"yeah but I can see that when I' looks troubled or like, embarrassed. And when I'm holding myself and acting like a good girl then he likes me more idk. I just feel like I mess up all the time..."

"oi, brat" Bakugou, that couldn't stand this talking anymore, called her "you're not supposed to be a fucking little princess just because he's prince fucking charming."

"yeah you can be a queen!" Mina cheerfully said.

"fuck it." Bakugou waved her to shut up and turned to Yuki. "you're a fucking dragon slayer."

Knowing Bakugou, Yuki knew that was the largest compliment he could give, and it made her feel ten times better. He was right, she shouldn't eat herself up over what she isn't, just work hard and be herself.


I fucking hope for that half fucking bastard that what she said was just her mind's games with her. Or he's gonna get himself killed eventually. And I won't fucking bat an eye.




"gather up young students!" All Might called in his usual cheerful voice. It was hero training time again and the students were happy because he said they will be doing something different.


"but all might we trained together for two months already! We are used to each other!" Uraraka said.

"and that is why you need to experience work with other partners! You will be having new and different partners in your journey towards being heroes, so this is a big part in your training as well!"

"All Might" Yuki said bored "can we go solo? Or choose the same partner?"

"no young Yuki, I have already chosen the pairs. It was all random but I will not agree for switches"

Fine whatever, this is just for this one task. It can't be that bad.

But then the worst happened.

"Young Yuki with young Yaoyorozu. Young Bakugou with Young Asui. Young..."

"no all might you have to switch us up. We CAN'T work together, trust me. It won't end well" Yuki pleaded

"I am sorry Young Yuki but I cannot do that. You will have to set your differences aside and work together.

Differences my ass.

"if she gets killed then tell the police that it wasn't me ok?" Yuki grunted as she walked over to Bakugou.

"just ignore that bitch. Do the job yourself. And stop fucking whining"

"shut up...and I can't, it's a stealth mission and that idiot probably will trip over her huge boobs or something"

"so, what you plan on holding them up for her or something?" Bakugou smirked




"shut up. Need to save my nerves. I have a feeling that she's gonna play on ALL of them"




The mission was simple, sneak into a building and save the hostages without being noticed by sniper, the pro hero that assisted in the mission. All Might will be watching and was ready to stop if anything goes wrong like in the heroes vs villains exercise.

It was supposed to be simple, but Momo decided that it was the best time to unleash her held in rage towards the blooming romance of Yuki and Todoroki.

Yuki was walking around the wall, scanning the area with her eyes. They were still far away from where sniper was and she took the opportunity to try and form a strategy.


Momo was walking behind her, not even looking like she was going to do anything to help.

"Heard Todoroki decided to take YOU on a date" she said in a bitter voice.

Ignore her, focus on the mission.

"can't see why he decided to pick you up" she said, treating you like a stray dog that got picked up off the street.

Three entrances. Two on the back. We need to split and-

"you aren't even on his level. Or close to it."

"do you ever shut up?" Yuki snapped her head back and then turned back to the mission.

"Young Todoroki" All Might called him. "I usually don't do this but," he said and handed him one of the earphones that allowed the teachers to hear what was going inside "I believe you'll want to hear this"

"he shouldn't be with someone like you" she continued teasing "his family is way too rich. And besides his quirk is way too special for someone like you. They will never let him waste his quirk over you"

This broke the calm composure Yuki was trying to keep and in an instant, she projected a gauntlet with a large blade at the end, and pushed Momo to the wall, the knife on her neck, her chin forced up so she wouldn't get cut.

"now you listen here you little shit" Yuki whispered angrily at Momo's frightened face. "leave me the fuck alone. Leave Shouto alone. He is much more than a fucking quirk, and if you don't understand that, then stay the hell back"

"why are they attacking each other??" the students looked confused at the monitoring screen. No one could hear what they were saying besides all might and now Todoroki.

He was actually in shock, that this is how Momo treated Yuki when he wasn't around. She was always very friendly when he was there and he usually scolded Yuki for being harsh on Momo. But now it turned out that Momo was only there for him, obviously jealous in what they had with Yuki. And Yuki, even though he wasn't fine with her threatening people, or using her quirk against others than villains, she was the one protecting him when he wasn't there. He was touched. He felt warm inside, a new feeling which he never had.

Up until now people never cared how he felt about his quirk or his family, only Yuki stopped and listened to it.

Now that I think of it, that is probably why I was interested in her in the first place

"ALL MIGHT!!!! STOP THEM!!!!!!!" Bakugou came yelling at All Might, cutting Shouto's attention. Momo was smiling saying that she doesn't care what happens to Yuki, as long as Todoroki is hers, and Yuki was shaking from controlling her anger.


"yes, yes you're right Young Bakugou"

As all might was saying in the speakers that the two should return immediately or else, they will be punished, Shouto turned to Bakugou.

"how do you know?"

"the fuck you want half bastard"

"how do you know she is going to attack? She acts like that all the time. Why now it's different?"

Bakugou looked at him in disbelief, or disgust. Todoroki couldn't pin point which one, but he turned to walk back, not before throwing at him "you're fucking blind."

That fucking idiot can't read her even if it was written all over her fucking forehead. Shitty idiot.

"go fucking talk to her!!" he yelled back at Todoroki in anger "you're the reason why it happened right?! Then go fucking comfort her or some shit you fucking ignorant assed bastard"

And he stomped back to Kirishima.

"bro? you're ok?"


"IM FUCKING FINE. IM SURROUNDED WITH IDIOTS. One idiot is in love with a fucking robot and the other idiot won't understand basic shit even if it beat him to death and then this idiot is fucking asking if I'm ok YEAH IM FUCKING OK"





Oh god Aizawa is going to scold me so bad...

I can't believe I let that bitch get on my nerves again...

"Yuki" Todoroki walked up to her as she left the arena, Momo walking in silence behind her.

"Hey Shouto what's u-


She stopped when he pulled her to a tight hug, right in front of the envious Momo that looked like she was about to combust.

"thank you for what you said there..." he whispered in her ear

" heard that...?" she blushed like crazy

"just me, don't worry"

"oh...ok...." But you're the reason its so embarrassing. but at least now you know what type of person is Momo.

"hmph!" Momo let out a displeased sound as she left the hugging couple and went to the rest of the class. Yuki smiled.

Get that, bitch. 


Chapter Text

"what's that?" Shouto pointed at the scar on Yuki's stomach, the one she got in training.

"It's nothing, just got injured during training" Yuki shrugged it off.

"did Bakugou do this?" Shouto held her wrist, stopping her from walking away.

Ever since he and Yuki started spending more time together, Todoroki had noticed an increase in Bakugou's hostility towards him. that alone made him raise a brow. He suspected that he might be interested in Yuki as well, but that didn't add up to the fact that he always pushes Yuki to go to Shouto's side, or the way he was telling Todoroki what to do with Yuki sometimes.

On one hand it did help most of the times when Todoroki listened to him, but on the other, Todoroki didn't appreciate him getting in between them. But he was forced to live with it since Yuki seemed fond of the guy, and he did do a great job at keeping her safe from others when Shouto wasn't around.

"it was training." She said in a stern voice. She didn't like the growing tension between the two, and even though she knew Bakugou wasn't going to change his behavior in the next century, surprisingly Shouto was to blame for it just as much.

"if he hurts you, you shouldn't train with him" Shouto replied and let her hand go.

"I got much better in fighting with Bakugou than I did in the hero training" she mumbled and looked aside. It was true. During the hero training she is forced to provide support for Todoroki usually, and barely gets to fight to her full potential. Bakugou usually teases her for it. she didn't mind since she and Shouto were a good team and usually won everything. And it gave her the chance to be closer to him. but some days she wished he allowed her to do more, like she does in training. Bakugou did it best- he pushed her to her limit almost daily, and sometimes when its fit, even farther than that, when he sees that she can take it. she learned a lot in fighting with him, since all her training up until now were against Aizawa, and he had a very different combat style. It was very helpful as well, since both of their fighting styles based on their mental quirk and evasion, and using the enemy weak spots. But with Bakugou she learned how to fight a much stronger opponent.

"I just don't want you to get hurt"

"I know Shouto, but I'm going to get hurt eventually, that's the hero life"

"yes..." he sighed. "will you sit with me on the bus on our way to USJ?"

"yup! I wanted to ask you too" her eyes lightened.

They got on the bus and got comfortable as Aizawa checked everyone was there.

"we were there like 2 weeks ago...why again" Yuki grunted, remembering the mountain peak especially.

"last time was for quirk endurance, now we are going to do rescue missions" he simply answered

"great, more things I won't be good at"

"don't worry, I'll be there with you" he smiled down at her, then he noticed a small change at her hero costume. "is this new?" he asked and pointed to the two bracelets that were up on her forearm, at the top of her usual long sleeves that her hero costume had.

"oh yeah! It was a gift for my birthday! It's really cool!!" she enthusiastically showed him.

"you had your birthday lately? When" he was surprised

"oh, its nothing I usually don't really celebrate besides going to a restaurant with Ai- with dad" she corrected herself.

"anyways, look!" she said and took one of the bracelets off. "remember the thing I did with Kaminari? Absorbing his energy and such?"

Todoroki nodded and looked at the bracelet. It was purple outside, that matched completely to her quirks color, but on the inside, he could see it was metallic with a lot of electronic parts to it.

"so, these bracelets release a small charge of electricity every 30 seconds. It's not enough so I will feel it physically, but during combat it adds up and supercharges my quirk"

"wow, that is actually really impressive" Todoroki looked at her astound.

"yeah! And Baku made it all himself can you believe that? I mean he did build his own gauntlets too but to think he built this without even asking me one question-"

"Bakugou built this?" Todoroki stopped her.

"ahhh yes?" she said quietly

"how did he know when was your birthday?"

"ehhh I don't know actually...he just showed up at my door that day with a gift box to be honest"






"wha- spicy what are you doing here?" Yuki asked yawning. It was 9 am on a weekend and she was still sleepy, since she didn't drink her coffee yet.

"shut up. Aizawa here?" Bakugou asked a bit flushed from the cute scenario. He held a medium paper bag behind the door so she won't see it yet.

"ah, no sorry he's out on a mission but he will come back in like 3 pm"

Bakugou already knew that since he talked to Aizawa himself two days earlier, but he just made sure.

"so, can I go in or you fucking want me to stand here all damn day?"

"oh shit yeah come in" she opened the door fully and walked to the kitchen to grab him something to drink. When she came back, he was sitting on a stool near the counter, a paper bag next to his feet.

"what's that?" she asked and pointed at it, placing a glass with orange juice on the counter for Bakugou.

"that's for later. Now come here" he said and motioned her to come closer.

Intrigued, she complied and was taken aback when he wrapped her in his arms and pulled her close for an embrace. She didn't argue but hugged him back, knowing he was enjoying these rare hugs almost like she does.

"happy birthday brat" he said and squeezed her tighter.

" did you know?" she pulled her head back, still hugging him, but looked at him.

"I know fucking everything" he smirked at her and it made her smile to the bottom of her heart. Since she never did celebrate her birthday, she figured it wasn't worth telling anyone about it. but knowing Bakugou, he probably went to the only person who did know about it-Aizawa. She buried her face in Bakugou's chest and her cheeks started to hurt from how wide her smile was "I can't believe you actually did it. you're the best Katsuki. The fucking best"

He smiled gently at her words and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. He knew he shouldn't. she was dating that half bastard now, but it felt right at that moment, and he needed it to calm himself down a bit.

"alright stop clinging to me ya leech " he said as she started to pull off him. "are you free or your boyfriend is taking you somewhere?" he asked half sarcastically

"he's not my boyfriend. And no, he doesn't know it's my birthday..."

Clueless bastard

"go get dressed we're going out"

"out?" she looked at him confused

"yeah out. I didn't eat a fucking breakfast and looks like you didn't too"

"just us...?" she asked hesitantly and he knew exactly what she was worried about.


"sorry sorry!!! I'll be right back" she laughed and ran upstairs. After a few minutes she came down dressed in an oversized sweater tucked in a mini skirt, and she even put on some mascara.

Fuck she's cute Bakugou shook himself from these thoughts, remembering this isn't and will not be any sort of date.

After they had breakfast in a cozy little café and walked around together, they went back home, talking all the way. They headed up to her room and he took the bag with him.

"here, open it" he gave her the bag and sat on the floor, she sat on her bed. Her room didn't look girly at all, it looked mostly normal. It was tidy besides the pile of books and papers on her desk, probably schoolwork, and she had only two or three posters on her wall, of some shows he recognized since they looked cool to him too.

"what's that?" she asked and picked out the box. Bakugou drove to his parents' house yesterday only to make his mother wrap up the gift he made nicely, with purple ribbons and shit.

"your gift, moron"

"ah shit I didn't know we were doing gifts now" she looked worried

"it's your birthday, you get a fucking gift"

"yeah but yours is like in a month!"


Then she got excited over how pretty they were, Bakugou explained how it worked and how she should use it. he also warned that if something is not right to not dare go to the 'BUNCH OF USELESS BASTARDS' aka the support team, and come to him directly.

And in the middle of all that Yuki jumped down at him with a hug.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRAT?" he said, now laying on the ground since she jumped and hugged him. she was laying on top of him, still hugging.


"I can't say thank you enough Katsuki...It's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me" he blushed at that and hugged her so she won't move and see that. And also, because he was enjoying how small she actually was compared to his broad shoulders and muscular arms.




But now Bakugou was sitting a few rows in front of Yuki and looking at her wrapped in Todoroki's arm, her head resting on his shoulder.

At least she looks happy... he thought bitterly to himself and turned back to watch the road.



"I'm thirteen, a pro hero specializing in Rescue from disaster areas, and I will be assisting you today during the day!" an astronaut looking female introduced herself. She continued to explain the challenges while Aizawa stood beside her, looking somewhere back as black smoke started to appear from the center of the ring.

"those are villains!" Aizawa yelled as more and more figures entered the ring.

He put on his goggles and yelled back "thirteen, watch the students!" as he prepared to jump towards them, he saw Yuki running after him. "Yuki stay here with everyone!"

"you can't beat them all alone!! I can help!!" she yelled at him, desperation in her eyes. He knew just as much as she did that this was too dangerous even for a pro hero.

"I need you to protect the others and yourself! That's the best help you can provide me. Please." He said in clenched teeth.

She wiped an anger tear that escaped her eye and ran towards the students. They already planned on sending Iida out to call for help. As they were speaking a portal looking being appeared in front of them.

"STAY BACK!" Yuki yelled, both to the creature and her class. But of course, Kirishima and Bakugou jumped right at him, trying to punch him, but going straight through him. they jumped back as they saw it was unsuccessful.

Then the portal created a portal behind Todoroki, that sucked him right to it.

"SHOUTO!!" Yuki yelled and ran towards the gate, jumping right after him.

"Yuki..." Bakugou gasped as he saw her go through the gate.

"WHAT DID YOU DO" he yelled, sending an explosion towards the portal guy. He immediately lost all straight thinking he had and all he could see was red.

Without answering, a few more portals opened and soon all the students were sent to other parts of the arena. Alone or with others. And of course, villains were everywhere.

"DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bakugou sent an enormous blast at the five villains that were in the building he was teleported to with Kirishima.

"bro you're going to kill us too!!!" Kirishima yelled as they ran out of the collapsing Building. He knew Bakugou had a short fuse, but he never saw him like this.

"WHERE ARE THE REST??" he yelled as he looked around. They were in the ruins area, in the farthest side from the center.


"where are we even going??? Bro we don't even know what happened!!"


"her?" Kirishima was taken aback but then understood "dude Yuki can handle herself better than us both"

Bakugou clenched his fists, knowing its true. But he couldn't calm his racing thought. He had a feeling something's really bad was about to happen.



"are you ok?" Shouto asked and helped Yuki stand. They got teleported to the landslide area, and four villains were closing on them. But Shouto froze then and threatened him to tell him how are they planning to kill All might. Apparently, they had some sort of a new weapon, but they said that they didn't get details either. The two left the villains there and started running to the center of the ring, where Aizawa went when they last saw him.

But as they got closer, they saw the horrifying scene. The villains were done for, Aizawa managed to take out most of them. But then he came first hand with the new weapon the villains talked about- The Nomu. A huge monster with a bird-like head. It took Aizawa's head in his hand and was now smashing his skull on the floor, a pool of blood quickly forming around him.

"AIZAWA!!!!!!!" Yuki screamed in horror and ran as fast as she could before projecting a board and flew over it to where Aizawa was brutally beaten.

"Yuki, stop!!!" Shouto tried to slide on his ice after her but she was too quick for him.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!" she yelled with tears in her eyes and started sending massive shockwaves, one after the other, towards the Nomu. It seemed to have stopped him because he left Aizawa's head to bleed on the floor. She flew around him, sending shockwaves at the monster, but they didn't seem to hurt him, only irritate him. between hits, the creature flung his hand and hit her, the hit sent her to the floor at the side.

"shit..." she spat the blood that was in her mouth and pulled herself up. She looked around, by now Shouto was almost near the creature, and she saw two more people run their way, looking like Kirishima and Bakugou. Deku and Tsu were a few feet away, threatened by the villain with the hand on his face.

Her head focused back on the task as she saw Shouto reach the place where she was minutes ago. She projected a sword and pointed on the creature. "FREEZE THAT FUCKER!!!" she yelled and created a board to hover around the creature again.

Just like training just like training just like training

Shouto froze half of the creatures and Yuki took the largest momentum she could and sent a massive shockwave with her sword to where the creature was frozen.

As expected, the creature broke down. Ice particles flying in the air as the time passed like in slow motion, until the creature fell. Yuki hovered above him, panting, looking down at him.

Bakugou finally caught up to them and stood next to Todoroki and looked at the creature, Kirishima ran towards Deku and Tsu.

She's fine, she's fine.

Bakugou calmed himself down as he looked at the precious girl hovering over the monster. Panting and bleeding, but fine.

But then the unexpected happened and the creature woke up and quickly regenerated his missing limbs. Shouto, shocked, took a few steps back. Bakugou's eyes widened.

The Nomu quickly stoop up and turned to his new target-Yuki. She hovered back with her board but she wasn't quick enough and the creature swung his arm up and then down, on her. She hit the floor and yelled in pain, her back arching as she hit the pavement. she felt some wetness at the back of her head, blood slowly dripping from the wound in her head. one of her shoulders throbbed in pain dislocated due to the hit. her back and legs hurt but nothing serious happened.

Then the Nomu turned to her completely, clearly focused on beating her like he beat Aizawa.

She is going to die. It's going to kill her. Shouto thought, wide-eyed, shocked at what he was seeing. He couldn't move, he couldn't move even a finger. He was petrified, frozen in his spot, barely able to breathe.

On the other hand, as Bakugou saw Yuki smashed into the ground in a matter of seconds, he didn't even stop to think. "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH HER!!!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!" He yelled and sent huge explosions at the Nomu, one after the other. Nothing mattered, all he could see was the bleeding Yuki that was struggling to pull herself up and the huge creature that was looking like he was going to crush her to death.



No.not her. Don't fucking dare!!!!!!!!!! His mind raced as he kept creating stronger and stronger explosions. He didn't care it hurt. He just needed to save her.

"YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed and shot the massive explosion that he stored in his gauntlet. only That finally got the creature's attention and allowed Yuki to pull herself up from the ground and step aside, not enough strength to fly again. she yelped and pushed her shoulder back in place. she limped and stumbled to get away from the Nomu as fast as possible.

But then the creature turned towards Bakugou and Todoroki. Bakugou's explosions were enough to get his attention but with every step the creature took, it was clear that he wouldn't be able to stop him. the explosions didn't even slow it down as he took the first giant step towards the petrified Todoriki and the fighting Bakugou.

No no no no no no no no

"NO!!!!" Yuki yelled. The adrenaline rushed in her veins and she didn't feel the pain anymore. She walked a few steps closer and started hitting the creature with shockwaves, over and over again. She knew that she was in death's grasp when she was on the ground, so close to it, but she couldn't fly, she needed all of her remaining powers to keep Bakugou and Todoroki safe.

"NO!!!!! YOU UGLY BASTARD!!!! COME HERE!!!!!" She cried out and kept hitting the creature.

Until he finally turned and looked at her.

This is it...

She took a last glance and smiled a small smile at Bakugou that looked at her.


Chapter Text

Was it worry? Fear? She didn't understand his look but she turned to the target and sent a strong shockwave that made the creature completely lose interest in the two and come towards her again. His steps were huge and he caught up to her quickly since she stumbled to walk away.

Just don't touch them...

WHAT IS SHE DOING SHE IS GOING TO GET KILLED Bakugou's stomach flipped as the creature lifted his foot and tried to step on Yuki, probably to crush her to death.

She was too weak physically and all she can do was to project a shield to stop the creature from killing her.

"MOVE DAMN IT!!!!! WHY ARENT YOU MOVING!!!!!!" Bakugou screamed as he blasted the Nomu with as much power as he could, but that was not enough this time. The creature just increased the force he used, making Yuki kneel down, struggling but still managing to hold the creature off. her whole body was shaking but her shield was stronger than ever, fueled by fear and pure survival instinct.

But then an annoyed voice sounded. Shigaraki, the villain with the hand on his face spoke. "Nomu...finish this already" he said with not a hint of emotion.

And then the worst happened.

Nomu, with new orders, pressed as hard as he could on Yuki's shield. she screamed in pain as her head was throbbing and her whole body felt like it's on fire from holding up against such force. her veins felt as if ice was running through them, but her skin felt as if she was burned alive. her vision became blurry but she closed her eyes and pressed forward, fighting the creature and her failing mind.

And then, the shield broke.

purple fragments of glass-like shards hovered midair, before finally fading to nothing.

Yuki lost consciousness and fell down.

This can't's not

Bakugou felt like his heart stopped. he saw the girl's body hit the ground and his heart burned, this was a death sentence. Tears ran down his face as he continued to blast the creature that took the girl's unconscious body and slammed it to the ground. blood started leaking out of her mouth and the side of her now fractured skull. 

he lifted her up again, her body dangled off the side of the creature's massive hand. 


a horrifying sound was sound as Yuki's body hit the floor again, clearly smashing some of her bones.

Bakugou's feet started running towards the creature but Todoroki's hand stopped him. "you'll die too..." he silently whispered. Bakugou knew it was true but all he saw was the girl losing more and more blood with every hit of the pavement. her side was already crimson red, the skin failing after being smashed onto the pavement for the third time.

"YUKI WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!" he kept blasting him as the creature slammed her body a few more times before tossing it aside when he finished with her.

Her body landed a few feet from Bakugou, and he slowly and shakenly walked to her. He fell on his knees as he saw her clearly and crawled to her. He cupped her face in his shaking palm. "Yuki...Don't die on me... you can't can't..." he said gritting his teeth and tears falling from his eyes to her face, that was still beautiful even with the cuts on the cheek and blood sticking the hair to it.




"Y..Yuki..." he huffed and pulled her whole body to his arms, cradling her, hugging her and crying. Her breath and pulse were faint. She was fighting for her life. 

Don't leave me Yuki...please...I love you...don't stop fighting...or I will die with you ...

Bakugou pulled the girl closer to him with shaking hands. he wanted to see her smile again, to hear her ringing laugh again. he wanted her to play with his hair and laugh as he threatened to kill her. he wanted to see her tease him as she won a single round in Morta Kombat against him. he wanted to see her wearing his clothes again, sitting on the couch and talking again, eating the food he made her again. he couldn't lose her. he just couldn't.

Yuki...I swear to you I will protect you better from now on. no matter what. just come back to me...I need you...

as he cried and caressed her cheek with his thumb, he didn't notice All Might and some pro heroes came to the rescue.

"Young Bakugou, please take this young lady to recovery girl. Young Todoroki, please take Aizawa as well. I will handle this from here" All might said as he came in and watched the agonizing guy.

Bakugou adjusted her in his arms and took off, not looking back. He didn't care about the fight that went on there, he didn't care if Todoroki was after him, he didn't care about anything. He ran faster than he even knew he could, reaching recovery girl breathless.

"oh dear place her on the bed!!! We will need surgery!" she looked at the girl who's wounds completely covered the guy's clothes and arms in blood.

"WILL SHE BE OK???" he yelled as recovery girl and her two assistants pushed him out. No one answered him.

He sat on the floor, looking at the door, elbows on his knees.

He looked at his arms, Yuki's blood was spread all over it. he couldn't take the sight of her unconscious body in his arms out of his mind, the tears threatening to escape again. But soon Todoroki came in running and it caused him to hold everything back.

Todoroki came in with Aizawa in his arms, and stole a quick glance at the very troubled Bakugou that stared lifelessly at the wall.

After he gave recovery girl the teacher, he was pushed out of there too.

He looked back and saw Bakugou's gaze was still lifeless and fixed on the same point. His hands covered in blood. Some was on his hair, like he was holding his head in his arms.

Todoroki didn't know what to say to him, and if he should say something. What he saw now was the complete opposite of the Bakugou he knows. This one looked like he was about to die himself.

Todoroki sighed and looked on his arms. They were bloodied too.

He stood up and went to the restroom, and washed himself up. His clothes were still dirty but it was the best he could do. He looked at himself in the mirror. Blank expression and a stiff posture. Is this how I looked? Frozen in place as Yuki and Bakugou were fighting for their lives.

As he walked back, he noticed Kirishima kneeling in front of Bakugou. After Yuki, he was the only one that could actually help him at the moment, so Todoroki sat on a chair in a distance, trying not to disturb them.

" is she..?" Kirishima finally asked. The look on Bakugou's face frightened him. any sign of will to fight, or anger, was wiped clean. He was sitting there, paler than the wall, staring at the clinic door, his face blank but his eyes in agony.

"surgery" he quietly answered. Kirishima nodded but he had to ask what was on his mind.

"will she be ok?"

"I don't know" he said in a shaky voice and he put his head in his hands, clutching some of his hair in his hands, staring at the floor.

Kirishima sat down next to him, looking at the door with him. he already knew that Yuki was important to Bakugou from how he talked about her when she wasn't around, but he never thought it was so deep. He glanced at Bakugou and was truly worried about him. he looked like he would lose his sanity every moment now.

"I couldn't do shit..." he said so quietly that even Kirishima barely heard him.

"Bakugou, you two fought harder than anyone of us. You two saved Aizawa. There wasn't anything more you could do"

"if I was fucking stronger that thing would have attacked me and not her. I would be there and not her."

"you couldn't-"

"I FELT HER DYING IN MY ARMS!!" he snapped at Kirishima and he fought the tears that were already visible.

Kirishima let him regain his composure before saying "this is Yuki we're talking about...she will wake up and just laugh at us that we thought anything could ever happen to her"

This made Bakugou chuckle since he knew it was true. Yuki wasn't the type to stand whining, like he was doing now.

Then the door finally opened and Bakugou shot to his feet. "HOW IS SHE?" he practically yelled at the poor assistant.

"she is out of surgery now, we managed to align the bones that were broken, and recovery girl used her quirk as much as she could to heal her internal injuries. She lost a lot of blood so right now we are infusing her with liquids and medication in order to let recovery girl use her quirk as fast as possible"

"will she be ok?" Bakugou asked in a small voice. This wasn't the news he was hoping for.

"she is more stable now, so her chances of surviving are better. It will take a few hours until we know, it all depends on how well her body will receive the treatment" she looked at Bakugou's eyes fall again, as he was pulled back to his pit of despair. "I suggest you will go and clean up; she will be in the surgery room for the next 3 hours at sorry." She said and closed the door.

Before Bakugou could fall to the floor again Kirishima held his arm and pulled him with him.

"I need to be here" Bakugou tried to protest but his mental state stopped him from putting any resistant against the red-haired guy.

"you want to be all dirty when she wakes up? Come on I have a dorm room here so you can shower and change there"

After the forced shower and a forced meal of rice that Bakugou barely ate, he headed back alone to the clinic. Icyhot was at the building entrance, looking at the approaching Bakugou.

" is she? " Todoroki asked him since he wasn't around when the nurse talked to Bakugou.

"you don't get to fucking ask that" Bakugou snarled in between is teeth.

"I care about –" Todoroki started but was interrupted by Bakugou's raised voice.


"if you fucking cared you would help fight that fucking thing. And maybe she wasn't hurt so bad if you fucking did." He spat at him in disgust and moved past him, wiping a tear that managed to escape.





The clinic door opened. Bakugou was sitting in a chair that he pulled closer to Yuki's bed. He took her hand in his and was mindlessly caressing the back of her hand with his thumb, his mind blank. It's been a day already. The nurses come and go, and give him pitiful looks when they see he was still there. But he couldn't go anywhere else, he couldn't leave her side until he knew she was completely fine, and awake. In his mind, if she knew someone was there, she would be fighting harder to get up.

Recovery girl gave Bakugou a tray of hospital food, after finally being convinced that he wasn't going to leave the room, even not for food or sleep.

"how's she doing?" a raspy voice asked. Bakugou lifted his face to see Aizawa, walking over to the other side of the bed. An infusion in his arm and his whole head was bandaged.

"still sleeping" Bakugou answered and pulled his hand out of hers reluctantly. "aren't you supposed to rest too?"

"well it's hard to sleep when your daughter is in the next room," he said and scanned Yuki's face. "after what she pulled there, I had to see that she was fine for myself"

The images from the fight jumped back to Bakugou's mind and he cringed.

"I should thank you too, I saw how you fought that...thing. And protected her. The nurse said that thanks to you rushing here the operation was a success as well" Aizawa turned to Bakugou. It was only the two of them, so he allowed himself to step out of character for a bit.

"she saved us... she fought that thing off so he wouldn't hurt us...and you too..." Bakugou said. He remembered the look on her face when she managed to get the Nomu's attention. She looked at him with a sad smile, like she knew this was going to get her killed. And she still did it. Bakugou huffed and laid back in his chair.

After a long silence Aizawa spoke. "she was always like that...putting herself in danger to protect others..." he said quietly, reminiscing about the past. "the day I found her; I was after a mission. I walked home, and it was pouring rain. Then I heard some cats meowing from a side ally. I usually try and set up a place for them to escape the rain so I turned there. And then I saw a little 5-year-old girl, hugging a bunch of cats. 6 maybe 7 cats just sat on her lap as she hugged them to warm them up"

A smile crept to Bakugou's lips. "Yuki". 

And Aizawa huffed and smiled too. "yeah. She was holding all the cats she could, and others were sitting close by her. And all of them fit in this small purple bubble that protected them from the rain. As the girl saw me, she stood up in front of the cats and yelled at me to stay back and go away" he laughed as he remembered. "she looked like she was about to cry from fear but she still tried to protect her cat friends. And when I got closer the fear took over her and she started sending shockwaves my way. I had to erase her quirk just to talk to her, that tiny witch" he smiled.

"and you took her in" Bakugou continued him.

"yeah, well at first I wanted to figure out what is that quirk. But then, you know, I just couldn't let go"

"yeah..I know.." Bakugou said quietly and looked at Yuki. he couldn't deny that Yuki's character was irresistible. her fiery mind and cheerful smile, with that smug attitude, and that kind heart she tried to conceal, made her liked by almost everyone she met.

Aizawa watched him for a minute and then got up.

"I should probably head back to my room."


As he passed by Bakugou he placed a hand on his shoulder. "I don't usually do this, but I'm glad she found someone like you," he said and walked away.





Bright light interrupted Yuki's sleep. She tried to move her head but the light won't stop. So, she opened her eyes.

She looked around her. She was in recovery girl's clinic. She looked to the right and there was Bakugou, sleeping in a chair, covered by a hospital blanket. She smiled at his sleeping form and she shifted in bed, straightening herself up to sit.

But the shifting probably woke Bakugou since his eyes were shot open and he looked at Yuki with a weird look that she didn't quite comprehend.

Then rise, sat on the bed next to her and pulled her to a long hug.

"heyyyy" Yuki cheerfully said as she hugged him back "missed me?"

"you fucking idiot," Bakugou said and buried his face in her neck and pulled her closer, but gently, so he won't accidentally hurt her. her warmth engulfed him and he let out a shaking sigh.

I thought I lost you Bakugou contemplated if he should tell her that and confess now, but he knew it was probably his emotions getting the best of him, and this wasn't the right time.

"oh you woke up!" recovery girl came in and caused Bakugou to gently put Yuki back down. "how are you feeling?"

"like I slept a whole day and my head hurts"

"well, you slept three days" recovery girl said "this young man here didn't leave your side. Slept here, barely ate, I thought I will need to sedate him and ask someone to take him to his home"

Bakugou tsked at how much the old hag revealed but he looked over at Yuki. She was now smiling to him, the warm smile he loved so much.

After that recovery girl did some tests on Yuki and left them again. Bakugou took the opportunity to sit down next to her again. He caressed her arm and then cupped her cheek. She was finally warm again, and it calmed his heart that has been tossing and turning those past few days.

"Spicy...what's wrong..." she asked and placed her hand on his.

He contemplated for a moment and sighed. "I never thought I'd see you break,Yuki." he said, a shiver moving down his spine from the thought.

"hey," she said and lifted her arm to cup his cheek "I'm here, I'm fine, you can't get rid of me that easily" she smiled and it made Bakugou pull her for another embrace.

If you only knew how much it tore me apart...seeing you like this...waiting for you to come back to wouldn't joke about it...

"oh," Shouto said as he walked in. the two were hugging, way to warmly in his opinion, but he let it slide since he knew how Bakugou was during the wait.

Bakugou pulled away from her and got up. Even though icyhot ruined their moment he was just happy to have Yuki back alive and well. nothing else mattered.

"oi brat," he said with a smile "if you ever pull that shit again, I will kill you myself. got that?"

She laughed as he ruffled her hair and put his hands in his pockets, walking over to the door.

"you're staying?" he coldly asked Todoroki.


"I need to go shower and shit. maybe eat something. I'll be back later today"

"Take your time"

And so Bakugou left unwillingly, letting the two catch up.

Todoroki visited every day since she got here, leaving flowers and leaving. He asked that Bakugou will call him if there's a change but Bakugou never answered him. he was unworthy.

"I'm sorry" Shouto placed his head on Yuki's hand.

"Hey what's that all of a sudden"

"I froze...and I couldn't help all...I couldn't do anything. This never happened to me before.."

"it's fine, only me and Baku are dumb enough to go and fight a huge ass monster" she smiled. When he didn't respond she repeated herself "it's fine, really"

"Bakugou doesn't think that way" Shouto blankly stated. From the sentence Bakugou spat at him, and the way he just ignored his existence he knew that Bakugou hated him.

Yuki smiled and patted the guy's head "Bakugou is my best friend...he was just worried...he will get over it, don't worry. I'm not mad and I'm glad you were safe"

But Todoroki started to suspect it was more than just that.


Chapter Text

"spicy, you know, you don't have to waste your time here every day" Yuki said and raised her eyes to Bakugou, who was doing his homework at the chair next to her. She had been in the clinic for the last two days since she woke up. School already started so Bakugou was forced to come visit only after the day ended. But he did more than that, he came in during long breaks and after school he stayed there till late hours, until she begged him to go get some sleep.

He raised his head from the papers and glared at her. "don't say stupid shit"

"I mean it." she glared back and he sighed at his stubborn brat and put the papers aside.

"if you want me to stop coming then get the hell out of here already"

"recovery girl said I can leave soon, she just needs to make sure my bones are aligned and there isn't any problem that they didn't notice" Yuki informed him and started playing with her quirk, projecting spirals that swirled around.

"stop using your quirk idiot. She said you overused it" Bakugou grunted.

"Yeah well I'm fine now and I feel like I'm rotting here waiting for nothing. I want to train" she stopped playing with her quirk and laid back in bed.

Bakugou sighed. "I'm not training with you until she says you're allowed to" he claimed. He intended to keep his promise he made in his head that horrible day.

Yuki...I swear to you I will protect you better from now on. no matter what. just come back to me...I need you...

he wasn't going to be the one hurting her first thing after she got back. He knew his training was intense and she wouldn't be able to stand them at her current state. She was paler than before. Nevertheless, she was feisty as usual.

"who says I want to train with you hmmm? Maybe Shouto will train me" she teased, but her words cut deep and he looked away. She picked it up right away, as she usually does, and regretted immediately. "hey I was just know I can't replace you"

"mmhm," he hummed and picked up his papers again and started writing again.

"spicy...I'm sorry..." she said and sat up, looking at him. seeing he didn't respond she decided to make him and tried to stand up. She already stood and walked a few steps for the testing, but recovery girl barely allowed her to do it more.

Bakugou panicked and shot up, pulling her by her waist to lean on him, and she placed her head on his chest and wrapped his body in her arms. He sighed annoyed but returned the hug.

"I'm stupid" she raised her face and looked in his red eyes that weren't angry anymore.

He chuckled and returned "no shit" as she smiled at him. he raised his palm to cup her cheek, and she leaned into his warm touch, enjoying the intimacy only she had with him.

And then an urge rose in Bakugou, the urge to lean those few inches and finally feel those lips he had been longing for. Unconsciously, his thumb moved and traced her plump lower lip. It was warm and soft, and slightly parted as Yuki was now fully aware of the growing sexual tension between them. Her breath was becoming ragged and her body felt too hot to be in.

His red gaze traced her lips along with his thumb, and then moved to her neck and collarbones. It was so close he could just lean in and suck on the delicate skin, and mark her his. His thumb moved agonizingly slow and traced down her neck and then the length of her collarbone. Her breath was so heavy with need, that he finally noticed how flustered she was. Breathing heavily, her cheeks rosy and some of the blush appeared on her nose as well. Her eyelids fluttering, as she was enjoying the touch and was hazy by the tension level that was too much.

Bakugou looked at her eyes now, so black he felt like she looked into his soul. He moved his thumb again, now to trace her jawline. he felt her knees weaken and he pulled her even closer. Her hands now on his chest. He wanted to stay in that position forever, see her get so flustered over him, finally feeling what he was feeling deep inside. But now wasn't the time or place. He needed to get icyhot out of the picture first. It was too easy, taking Yuki now, when he wasn't around. But he wasn't that type of guy. Yuki needed to see him and only him. only then he will take her and ravage on her forever.

"you're beautiful" he half-whispered to her and snapped her out of the haze she was in.

"Katsuki..." she whispered back and he told himself that he wanted to hear this every day till his death.

He smiled softly at her and pulled her head down to place a kiss on her forehead, and then gently placed her down to the bed.

She blinked at the retracting warmth and laid back in bed in silence as he sat down and continued to work on his homework. What was I the only one who felt that...did I just imagine things between us...

She drank a glass of water to calm herself down back to normal. She shrugged the event off, dismissing it as just a fabric of her imagination.




"going to see Yuki again?" Kirishima asked as Bakugou sat down with his food tray. This already happened in the past few days, he would come sit with them and eat his food as fast as he could, before leaving to visit Yuki.

"yeah" he stated and sat down. There was no point for him to hide this from Kirishima, after he supported him during the surgery.

Kirishima nodded and looked around waiting for Mina and Denki to sit with them too. But then a commotion caught his ears and he looked to where the noise came from.

"Yuki!!! You're back!!" Uraraka called and waved to the girl that walked in in her uniform. Yuki smiled and waved back generally to everyone that called to her. And then a large figure came and blocked her path.

"Why are you here," he asked with a soft face, actually glad to see her in her normal state.

"welllllll" she smiled and cooed her head to the side "I figured that I will save you the walk and come here myself".

He chuckled and took her backpack off her.

"Baku I'm fine! recovery girl said that I'm clear to go. I can carry my own things" she protested and Bakugou only threw a "shut up and go get food" at her before sitting back at his table, smirking to himself. Kirishima looked at the guy and smiled. "when are you gonna tell her?"

That alone made Bakugou's face to turn serious. "not a fucking word." And Kirishima chuckled but shut up about it.

Yuki came back from getting food with no other than Todoroki.

Bakugou immediately tensed up in irritation. Ever since the incident he only saw how much of shit he was. He didn't even come to visit her since she woke up, and now he was all over her, only when it suits him.

"tch." He let out as Todoroki sat down and Yuki patted Bakugou's back to calm him down. She wasn't stupid, she knew Bakugou will hate Todoroki even more after what happened, and she mentally prepared for that. Todoroki looked at the interaction and clenched his jaw. He didn't like how close they've become.

"so, what did I miss" she started talking with the group.

"booooring classes, and lots of them" Kirishima complained. Ever since the USJ incident, the principal ordered to review with the students the law and ethics of the hero work.

"We chose hero names!" Mina enthusiastically claimed.

"whaaaaaat what did you choose?"

"I'm Red Riot!" Kirishima pointed with his thumb at his chest with pride.

"so manly" Yuki smiled.

"King Explosion Murder!" Bakugou stated with a smirk.

"you're kidding" Yuki held a hand to her mouth, holding herself from laughing.

" THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING UP" and it triggered her rolling laugh.




"good to see nothing changed " Kirishima smiled at the usual interaction of the two.

"anyways" Shouto finally joined the conversation. "the sports festival is coming soon. Will you be able to join?" he asked.

"she just fucking got out" Bakugou said in a low and intimidating voice. His eyes exchanged death glares with Todoroki's.

"I'm fine yeah. I just need to train and then I'm ready to beat ya'll" she smiled

"in your fucking dreams" Bakugou smirked at her. That's the Yuki he liked. Challenging, feisty, and unstoppable.

"you should come and train with me then," Todoroki said, knowing well that she had been training with Bakugou up until now. But with the growing intimacy between the two, he wanted Yuki to stop hanging around him this much. He was a bad influence on her anyways.

Bakugou, knowing damn well what he was trying to do, straightened in his chair and placed his chopsticks down. His eyes burning in rage, looking into Todoroki's cold ones. He barely held himself from chocking the bastard, just for Yuki's sake.

"oh, thanks Shouto" she said apologetically "but I already train with Bakugou after school...sorry..."

"shouldn't you try training with others then? try different styles?" he pressed on her and saw her stumbling with her words. Bakugou that sat by her, on the other hand, didn't.

"and what style would that be? 'Sit quietly as I do everything'? Or maybe 'stay weak so I can feel strong'?" Bakugou spat at him and clenched his fists.

Todoroki's eyes narrowed at his words and Yuki gasped. Immediately she and Kirishima tried to calm the spirits, but Todoroki got them to it. "I do EVERYTHING so she won't get hurt."

Bakugou rose to his feet in anger "and how's that working out for you, cold feet fucker??? Huh??"

"STOP FIGHTING FOR FUCKS SAKE!!" Yuki stood up and got the attention of the two. "Bakugou, we talked about this already," she said with a meaningful look he understood. She already said it before. You know I can't replace you.

"and Shouto, I practice with Aizawa on weekends, but I can spare time afterward to practice with you. Now can we please eat peacefully?"

The two sat down and continued to eat silently, not before sending daggers each other's way.

What's gotten into Shouto lately... Yuki thought. Before, he wouldn't even try to make time and be with her, but lately, he has been really possessive. He never even brought up the idea of training together, probably because he thought she wasn't his match, so he never needed her.

Unknowingly to her, Todoroki only suggested the training in an attempt to get her away from Bakugou. He was fond of Yuki since she always encouraged and cared for him, and when they were alone, she was indeed a cute girl. He was having a nice time with her up until he noticed that Bakugou's feelings started to slip out. he was too close to her for it to only be a platonic relationship, and now, the little fun he had with Yuki turned into a competition.


Chapter Text

"shit…" Yuki muttered under her breath as the pressure hit her. It was the day of the sports festival. She stood right by Todoroki, waiting for her class to finally walk forwards and enter the arena, but she could already hear the crowd screams. Todoroki didn't seem to notice the anxious girl so she silently sneaked away to crouch by the wall, away from everyone.

I can't let myself get panicked before I even started. I don’t know what's going to be there, but I can do it. you can do it Yuki, just breathe. Breathe dammit.

"oi," Bakugou kneeled in front of her and placed his palms on her knees.

She raised her face to meet his and her breath balanced the longer she looked in his crimson eyes.

"dragon slayer" she whispered at him.

"dragon slayer." He smirked back.

Ever since Bakugou encouraged her she decided to not let her anxiety get to her. For Aizawa, for Bakugou, and for herself. She was going to be the best.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, and after a long second opened them, determined and sure of her capabilities. She trained longer and harder than anyone. She will triumph.

Bakugou nodded to her as he saw she went back to normal, and she nodded back. This was why he was her best friend; he always knew how to help her.

She got up and sent a last glance at Bakugou who walked back to his place in line, and then she walked back to hers.

"first up are class 1-A of the hero course!!"




Shouto's demeanor changed as soon as Endeavor walked in the crowd. He was a hard man to miss, and Shouto became cold and distant after that.

Whatever, this is not the time to be friends. Everyone for themselves. Yuki thought to herself as she warmed up and stretched. The first mission was an obstacle race. Knowing the UA, she already figured out it might be similar to the one they passed during hero training.

Even though the race objective was to finish before anyone else, she knew that what she did DURING the race was important too. Aizawa already told the class that many hero agencies will be watching, which means she needs to showcase her quirk and abilities as much as possible. Her case was special. Since many pro heroes knew that Aizawa had adopted and trained her, many eyes will be on her. She needed to show everyone that Aizawa did a great job raising her.


She approached the track entrance with the rest of the first years. Some were anxious, some were overly confident.

Shinsou. She spotted the purple-haired guy that came to train with Aizawa every once and awhile. He locked eyes with her and then continued looking forward. She then traced Bakugou's muscular figure. He looked straight forward, determined to win this. And then…Shouto. He stood still, cold-hearted and his feet flat on the ground as the countdown started.

He's planning to do that trick again Yuki analyzed and already projected a board in front of her.




As Yuki predicted, Shouto froze the floor and only the ones that remembered managed to escape. Yuki was among them. She flew by him as fast as she could, reaching the first obstacle- a robotic army that towered high above her.

Ok. Kill one, show them what you got, and move on.

She projected her sword and reputedly hit one of the robots with shockwaves and the sword itself. Of course, with the intense daily training she had been going through, the robot budged easily. But by the time she took him down, Todoroki passed her, freezing another robot in his path, not stopping to look back at the robot that collapsed at the others that tried to pass it.

"DIEEE" Bakugou yelled and blasted the robot away, now racing with Yuki that was second after Todoroki.


The rope labyrinth held Todoroki back enough so the flying Bakugou and Yuki managed to almost catch up to him.  

He decided to make his ice larger, giving him more momentum and interrupting the flight of the two with its size.

Bakugou, on one hand, didn't budge and started running after him, propelling himself with his quirk closer to the ground; but the cold got to Yuki and her speed slowed down. They were now over a landmine are and she couldn’t let herself fall from the sky when her quirk will become too hard to use, so she reluctantly jumped to the ground and started running by foot after the two.

Eventually, Yuki got fourth place. Midoriya somehow managed to fly over the three of them and score the first place, something that made Bakugou extremely angry.

Yuki laughed at the raging guy and decided to leave him alone for now. Then she turned to Shouto and he looked colder than usual, so she decided to let him be too.

"you look lost" a taunting voice came behind her. She knew who that voice was and turned without a word. And raised her brows at the purple-haired guy.

He sighed and rolled his eyes "no quirk. You know Aizawa will kill me if I brainwash you"

"Just making sure" she smiled a toothy smile and hugged him.

"so ninth huh? I'm proud of you!!" she said and let him go.

"Yeah well I'm surprised you only got forth. Thought you'll be at the finish line laughing at all of us for making you wait" Shinsou scratched his neck.

"well, you know, ice and cold aren't really my thing" she shrugged and then she remembered. Todoroki knew of this.




Even after being discouraged from her weaknesses used against her, she let it slide and was happy when it was announced that the next round will be a cavalry race. Now she could team up with Shouto again.

As everyone looked around, she looked for Shouto that was nowhere to be found. And then she caught a glimpse of red and white hair, standing with two people at the side.

He waited for me. She smiled and ran to the group.

"hey Shouto!" she called and he turned around and looked her in the eyes, and answered in a cold voice. "hey."

Nevertheless, she didn’t let it get to her.

"so, do you need another member?" she said with a smile, already knowing the answer.

But his answer wasn't the one she expected.

"Actually, we're full" he said and clenched his jaw.

"but…" she let out before a certain black-haired girl in a ponytail came to her view. Momo was wearing a crop top and PE pants.

"you heard him" she smirked evilly and placed her elbow on his shoulder, leaning in.

At that, Yuki's heart squeezed in her chest and she wasn't able to breathe.

She looked at Shouto in confused puppy eyes and he looked away. Not once trying to pry the girl off him.

"OI BRAT!!!" Bakugou that stood with Kirishima and saw everything, called her. "YOU'RE COMING OR WHAT?"

he hated Todoroki in every inch of his body at that moment. Feeling Yuki's hurt as it was his own. He knew, unfortunately, that Yuki will run off to group up with Todoroki. But now the bastard was emotionless than usual. He didn't even flinch when Yuki turned in anger and walk over to them. He could see how betrayed she was, the guy she liked choosing the snob bitch over her. After they started to date. Only a Bastard would do this.

She stomped over to the two, her head low.

"hey Yuk-" Kirishima started comforting her but stopped in fear as she raised her eyes. They were even blacker than usual, pure hate written all over them. She looked at Bakugou and said in a low voice. "I don’t care what, we are taking them down."

A devilish smirk decorated Bakugou's face as his girl's deadly intentions were projecting to the other members, motivating them to push to win, plus ultra.


Their strategy was simple. Kirishima was in the front since he was the only one who could take Bakugou's explosions. Mina and Yuki were at his sides. Mina used her acid for protection and movement. Bakugou used his quirk to fly over at other teams and snatch their headbands before jumping back. Yuki used her quirk to hold Bakugou and guide him back to his place without touching the ground.


After fighting with team Monoma that decided it was a good idea to take Bakugou's headband, resulting in them losing all of their headbands, Bakugou's team turned to the main target. Todoroki.

By now he already managed to take Midoriya's headband, now placed first with the one million points. This had made everything much easier, now Deku was not interesting Bakugou anymore, he had the rest of the time to burn Todoroki to ash.

Metaphorically of course.

A huge explosion was sent at Todoroki and he barely dodged it with ice wall he created the last second. He turned to look back at Midoriya as a raging Bakugou was sent flying over the wall, surprising him enough that he managed to grab the first two headbands that were on his neck. Todoroki blinked and raised his arm to freeze Bakugou, but Bakugou blasted his arm and he yelled in pain as Bakugou jumped and was caught by a purple ring around his waist.  Todoroki narrowed his eyes at Yuki that was staring back at him with the same determination.

"fuck! It's not the million one!" Bakugou yelled and put the bands on his neck.

"We changed the order of the bands" Momo said in an arrogant voice.

"Mina, we need to circle around them. Baku" Yuki called and pulled him with a pull on his shirt down to her, and whispered in his ear.

"A STRATEGY MEETING??? 30 SECONDS BEFORE THE END???" Present mic narrated as Bakugou nodded to Yuki with a straight face and turned to Todoroki. They were going to beat him.

The group started circling Todoroki's group as his group tried to catch some distance, but as they leaned on Iida to get them away from the hungry shark, Yuki decided to activate one of the aces in her sleeve.

"PERFECT CUBE!" she yelled and held two fingers in front of her nose. Immediately four purple walls and a ceiling appeared around the two teams.

Perfect cube was a technique she was still developing, a move destined to capture villains and contain their quirks and attacks inside the cube.

Todoroki gritted his teeth, not anticipating the move. Yuki decided to try a few new moves a few weeks ago, with Aizawa and Shinsou. She didn't tell any one since it wasn't that strong yet, but it earned them enough time for Bakugou to launch at Todoroki again, sending some explosions at Momo, to Yuki's pleasure.

Todoroki fought with Bakugou, not letting him get closer to his neck and the now visible 1 million band. They fought as the ending countdown started.









Bakugou jumped back with a smirk to Todoroki's confusion, he didn't even manage to get any band off him.


As if it was a sort of...




A purple ring that held a band floated towards Bakugou as he quickly placed his hand in the 1 million point band.



"Yuki's and Bakugou's impeccable teamwork is the one that made them turn the tides. Yuki's move 'perfect cube' trapped their target in place to give Bakugou an opening to attack them and distract from them the fact that Yuki stopped cubing them and was focused on grabbing the band from afar with her quirk-something that is very hard to do when the target is moving"






"that’s what I'm fucking talking about!!!!" Bakugou wrapped his arm around Yuki's shoulder and used his other hand to ruffle her hair. "shit Yuki when did you learn to do the cube thing?"

"Shinsou gave me the idea and I just tried it till I made it" she smiled devilishly, elated with their win.

"who the fuck is Shinsou?"


"Yuki. May I speak to you?" Todoroki came towards the two and barely hid his displeasure from Bakugou's arm around the girl.

"what for?" she asked coldly and glared at him, crossing her arms. she and Bakugou had the same look now and Todoroki didn't like it one bit.

"I'm sorry. I have a reason for what I did. Will you please listen to me?" he asked and looked her in the eye as she shuffled in place, contemplating, and then nodding to him.

She released herself from Bakugou's hold and went after Todoroki. Leaving the ashen blond to look after them. hope she won't do anything stupid.




Yuki walked after Todoroki and reached a remote place in the perimeter, a park with a sort of tunnel next to it. surprisingly enough, Midoriya was standing in the tunnel, waiting.

"what's this" Yuki coldly asked as the two joined Midoriya.

"This matter concerns the two of you…" Todoroki sighed.

He started explaining to the two, about his childhood. Yuki already knew that his childhood wasn't a happy one, but now she got a full explanation of it.

His father and mother got married for their quirks and not for love. After three tries they eventually made what endeavor wanted- a child with both of the quirks. Shouto.

He always practiced to be a hero ever since he remembered himself, pushed forwards by his father to become what he couldn't, the number one hero. To suppress all might.

But his father wasn't satisfied with that. His angry character became too much for his mother to endure, and after years of fighting and yelling, she fell into depression.

The peak hit when she poured boiling water over Shouto's left side of the face, claiming he looked just like his father, and it was horrible to look at.

At that, Yuki's tears began flowing down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them as he smiled at her sadly. She couldn’t imagine how much it hurt, growing up this way. Treated this way. It was no wonder Todoroki locked himself up.

"that's why I wanted to tell this to the both of you. Midoriya, I noticed you and all might are close. I won't pry but know this. I am going to deny my father completely and win this festival without using my left side."

Midoriya gulped loudly and nodded, before walking away.

Todoroki looked at him walk away before turning to Yuki. She was now staring at her feet, punishing herself internally for being so harsh on him.

"Yuki…would you join me?" he asked and stretched his hand out to her.

She nodded with a small smile and took his hand. The two walked into the park and finally sat down on a large rock. Todoroki wanted this conversation to be completely different, intimate.

Bakugou who eavesdropped for his conversation with Midoriya couldn't walk farther after them and cursed in his heart before heading back.

"I didn't mean to hurt you" Todoroki started and kept Yuki's hand in his. "you have to understand…you are one of the strongest opponents in this festival. I didn't want to get to fight you later on, it will only make it harder for me to do what I promised to myself…"

"Yeah…I get it…it's just that Momo…" Yuki started and then shut up. Todoroki wasn't the one to tell him about her insecurities.

"she was the one with the quirk I needed. Nothing more." He assured her with a squeeze of her hand.

She smiled and sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder, looking at the beautiful scenery.

Without her noticing, Todoroki scooted closer to her and now their bodies were touching as well. She raised her head slowly and looked at the guy's features.

He was everything a girl can dream of. A chiseled jawline and soft looking lips. His dual-colored hair gently resting on his forehead, casting a slight shadow over his features, that only made him look more alluring. His eyes though were the thing no girl could ever resist, both his cobalt blue one and his dark grey one, gave her a piercing gaze that she couldn’t escape.

He leaned in closer, slowly closing the gap between them, finally owning her.

She closed her eyes as it came down to the last few inches between them. She could already feel his breath gently blowing a strand of hair that rested on her face.

But then, as her eyes were closed and she wanted to lean in the rest of the distance, a pair of red eyes entered her mind. Those same red eyes that looked at her in the clinic, that held her so gently and passionately, not like the firm grip of Todoroki on her back and hand.

She pulled away, grinding her teeth, as Todoroki noticed and pulled back. He looked at her puzzled, as he thought everything was going well.

"Sorry, it's just…it's my first kiss and well…I'm not really in the right mind to it…I think we should wait till the festival is over..." she came up with an excuse. The last thing she could say to Todoroki was that she felt guilty over her best friend that isn't even looking at her that way.

"I understand. You're right, we shouldn't push it" he said and smiled at her, even if he was disappointed deep down. "shall we head back?" he rose and still held her hand.

If she wasn't going to kiss him, he will at least make it look like she did.

As they walked back hand in hand, they got the jealous look of Momo and earned a glare by Bakugou. He was no fool, he knew that there's no real reason for the two of them to go to the park except being alone. Just the two of them.

Images of his love kissing the other man flooded his mind and he immediately pushed it aside. The next stage was about to begin. The duels.




"GO SHINSOU!!!!!" Yuki yelled and jumped up and down in her orange mini skirt and crop top.

"Why are you fucking wearing this" Bakugou who used all of his will to hide his blush spat at her.

"well, Mineta and our good old friend Denki decided to prank the girls. But I think it kinda suits me, don’t you?" she smiled and turned.

The culprit, Kaminari, was sitting next to Kirishima one row above them and put on thumbs up with a smug look on his face.

"that’s not manly dude!" Kirishima scolded him and hit his head for the fifth time.

Eventually, Shinsou lost to Deku, and the next round was Shouto against Sero. It was won in a knockout.

Shouto had clearly stepped back to his cold demeanor, after a quick word exchange with endeavor.


"Yuki against Momo!" the next round was announced.

"KICK THAT BITCH'S ASS" Bakugou yelled to her as she walked to the ring and giggled at his behaviors. Bakugou Katsuki cheering for others. This was a sight to see.

Todoroki on the other hand, stayed silent, only watching as Yuki raised her chin and looked down at Momo. Momo said something to her that only the two could hear, but he could already tell it wasn't good.

Yuki's eyes turned deadly, and her mouth clearly said "Die." Before the buzzer started.

If anyone blinked he had missed it.

Yuki swung her hand across her body, sending a massive 360 degrees shockwave, faster than the speed of light, and much stronger than the ones she used up until now.

Momo didn't stand a chance.

Even the audience in the last rows felt the shockwave that she sent as it made some skirts fly up, and coats to flutter open. The first few rows had a railing that they held to in order not to fly backward as some did.

Momo was in the blink of an eye, hit by the wall on the edge of the arena. Way beyond the ring borders.

And Yuki looked as if she didn't move a muscle.

After a second of shock, the audience cheered hysterically as Yuki was announced winner.

"YUKI WON BY A KNOCKOUT!!! IS THAT A NEW PROMISING STUDENT FROM THE CREATOR OF CLASS 1-A???? I HEARD SHE HAD A GREAT TRAINER DIDN’T SHE ERASERHEAD??" Present mic yelled. Whoever thought giving him a microphone was a good idea needs to get locked up.

"ahm" she heard Aizawa's voice in the microphone and turned to look at the Control room, where he was sitting. "Yuki is one of the students that put up hard work in silence. She isn't a new promising student; she was a promising student from the start. With a well-round quirk and strict discipline, she is one of the biggest challenges for anyone in this festival. Good job Yuki" he almost whispered the last part but she knew this was his way of telling her he's proud of her.

"oi brat, keep it up" Bakugou smirked as he walked past her. It was now his match against Uraraka. The class cheered for Uraraka, all except for Yuki that cheered Bakugou, and the rest of his friends, that didn't cheer anyone.

It was…brutal.

But fair.

Uraraka gave everything she could to try and win, but it all came down to that that Bakugou was the stronger and more skilled fighter

She eventually collapsed, after using up all of her strength to trick Bakugou. But he was quick to catch on her plan and deny her from using her quirk on him.

Everyone was shocked as Uraraka was carried to recovery girl's office and Bakugou sat down with the rest.

"That wasn't very manly…" Kirishima let out and the rest nodded.

"fuck manly. You fight with what you have and the best one wins" Yuki scolded him and sat down next to Bakugou, telling him that he was great.

"How could you do this to a frail girl?" Mineta, who didn't pick up the fact that they finished talking about it, exclaimed.

"what part of her was frail" Bakugou muttered and crossed his arms.

At that, Yuki's heart twisted a bit.

Until now Bakugou never talked like that on others but her. He always said they were annoying and extras. But now…

Does he have feelings for her? Well, she is really cute…cuter than me. I see what he sees…and she did give up a fight, till the end. Bakugou likes that…

No, I can't let that get to me, so what if he likes someone else…

Eventually, he will have someone…I'm just one of the boys for him…a weak one of the boys…

"what's wrong with you?" his voice took her back from her insecure thoughts.

"n..nothing," she said and got up. "I'll be back in a sec," she said and walked away, slowly, so Bakugou won't pick up that something was wrong and come pressing on her like he usually does.


Breathe. You have Shouto head over heels for you. So what if your best friend likes someone. You should be happy for him. yeah like he's happy for you. In his own twisted way. Yeah. We don't want Bakugou, we want Shouto. Right? Right. Ok, let's do this shit.

She washed her face after her inner pep talk and stepped outside, only to be met by the problem.

"mind telling me what the fuck is going on?" Bakugou leaned on the wall in front of the door, one foot on the wall and his hands in his pockets, as usual. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight. He looked like the sexy bad boy that the movies usually portrayed, his good looks not helping. She blinked the thought away and try to shrug his question off.

"what would you do if it was someone else walking out of here and seeing you stalking her?" Yuki giggled and it brought some peace to him. as long as she's laughing everything's ok.

"I would tell her to drag your late ass over here or she'd get blasted" he answered as the two started walking back side to side.

"Bakugou!" a ringing voice called the guy and Uraraka ran up to him. "I just wanted to say, thanks for not holding back on me. I really appreciate it" she started praising him and Yuki looked to see Bakugou's face. He didn't show any emotion, but on the other hand, he wasn't irritated either.

Maybe I was right…well, Bakugou will be happy with her, she will encourage him all the time and boost his ego…and she's pretty and cute…just what Bakugou needs…

 even after telling herself she would be happy for him, her heart still twisted with every kind word Uraraka threw at Bakugou. Unconsciously, Yuki started to shift her weight from side to side, looking on the floor up ahead.

So that’s the fucking problem. Stupid brat.

"oi round face." He stopped her and said in an angry tone that surprised both Yuki and Uraraka.  "don't think we're fucking friends. We just fought a duel and I fucking won. So get over it." he said with a mean look and raffled Yuki's hair to prove his point.

"let's go brat"

"y..yeah," she said, trying to hold her smile from forming before Uraraka left their sight. She liked Uraraka but knowing that Bakugou wasn't going to have anything with her felt too good.

He smirked as he saw his brat trying to hold her smile. He didn't care being the bad guy as long as she's happy. He'd flip all the girls on the planet off if that would make her feel good. 


Then, the second level duel stage started.

After a long and painful to watch fight, where Shouto finally turned to use his left side, he won against Midoriya.

Then, Bakugou won against Kirishima, pushing the red-haired to his quirk limit.

"Yuki vs Iida!"

The crowd was already roaring, excited to see their favorite fighter in action again.

Yuki walked and waved to the crowd, a confident look on her face. Only Bakugou knew how to shut her thoughts up like that. Make her the badass she always wanted to be.

"I am very sorry in advance for touching you!!" Iida yelled and bowed.

I already knew you were going to try and push me out of limits, but handing your strategy over to me? Really? You're too nice Iida.

As Iida activated his quirk and launched forward, Yuki activated hers and flew over him, making him miss her.

"DOES HE EVEN HAVE A CHANCE???" Present Mic yelled as Yuki gestured with her hand towards Iida, that stood in place to rethink.

"I'm sorry," she said before creating four purple rings on his limbs and dragging him to the edge with her quirk.

"YUKI WON AGAIN!!!!!" the crowd cheered as she smiled.

Then she looked up to see the third-round placements.


Bakugou vs Tokoyami

Yuki vs Todoroki.


Chapter Text

'I'm going to deny my father completely by winning the sport festival without using my left side'

'for all that he's done to my family'

'I didn't want to fight you later on, it will only make it harder to reach my goal'

Shouto's words played over and over in Yuki's mind as she was barely able to watch Bakugou's duel with Tokoyami. He was winning, it was obvious, this is Bakugou we're talking about. But her mind was elsewhere, trapped between Shouto's story and memories of his cold behavior, that was now fully understandable.

After all this time being partners, I'm forced to fight him.

And after everything he told me, after we almost kissed, how can I fight him…hurt him…knowing that he won't look at me the same. Not even if he tried to.

But everyone gave their all at this festival. Losing on purpose will just be disrespectful to them. When I'm supposed to win.

I know I can and will win if we fought, I just have to finish him quickly before he manages to freeze the area. I can just lift him off the ground and stop him from activating his quirk, like I did to Iida. But…I don’t really want to…

He probably won't fight full force either, after today. He cares about me too much to hurt me, he said it already a few times…

"BAKUGOU WON AND MAKES IT TO THE FINAL!!!" Present Mic yelled as Bakugou stood up from Tokoyami and smirked. Now all that's left was Beating Yuki after she'd send the icyhot bastard to the emergency.


Bakugou smirked at her as he passed her by the gate, but she didn't look like she even saw him, drowning in her thoughts.

She's probably anxious again…or planning a strategy to win. Whatever, this brat is stronger than the other idiot. At least in the first few minutes. She's gonna kick ass. Bakugou smirked proudly as he remembered how intimidating she actually looks when unleashing her strength more than she usually does. He leaned on the railing, too excited to sit down.

Yuki stepped to her place at the arena, Todoroki walked up to his in front of hers, his eyes showing no emotion, unlike Yuki's.

She closed her eyes, the thoughts still tormenting her. But it looked like she was preparing a huge attack in her head, so the crowd started roaring in anticipation.

What to do

What to do

What to do

Think Yuki what the fuck are you going to do





Yuki didn't open her eyes.


Todoroki, knowing Yuki might try to knock him out, already moved his feet and created the largest iceberg he could, forming in milliseconds closer and closer to Yuki.

But then he stopped as her voice rang through the ring.

"I surrender!" she claimed, finally opened her eyes and looking at the confused…everyone.

The crowd was struck with silence as the shock hit them, Todoroki dropped his hands, barely able to understand what was going on. Bakugou almost fell off the rail as his eyes widened at the girl's decision. Even midnight took a second to declare Todoroki as winner.

After she did, Yuki sighed deeply and relaxed her tense shoulders, before walking over slowly to the still shocked Todoroki. She raised her hands and wrapped them around him, hugging him closely as the crowd watched the two.

"Finish what you need to do Shouto, I believe in you" she whispered in his ear and it triggered him hugging her back, holding her close, thanking her internally for what she just done for him.

Yuki thought he wasn't going to attack her, so the giant attack he sent her way didn't even register in her mind as that big. She thought he was holding back, like the hopeless romantic she was, thought that he COULD'NT hurt her. But the truth was, Todoroki intended to attack her with all of what he got, he just didn't get to it, since she surrendered.

She pulled back and smiled at him before walking towards the area where her shocked class was sitting.

well, at least I did the right thing…

she thought as a firm hand grabbed her forearm and pulled her to the side. When they reached there, his other arm grabbed her other one, and he shook her and yelled to her face, anger and confusion smeared all over his face.


"Baku I-" she started with an apologetic smile. She Knew Bakugou will be mad, but not that mad.

He stopped shaking her but his firm grip on her arms continued. His teeth grinding against each other as his stare started to scare even her.

"what did that fucker tell you to make you surrender." He asked in a low raging voice.

"he didn't…" she gulped down, for the first time ever seeing Bakugou this pissed at her.

"THEN WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" he shook her again, as if he was trying to shake out the logic she used.

"we can't fight each other!!!" she yelled back, taking him aback as confusion took over the anger and he looked at her waiting for farther explanation. "look, this thing is more important to him than it is to me ok? And I don’t wanna blow it for him just because he doesn't want to hurt me!"

Bakugou looked at her for a second, not believing what he was hearing.

"are you fucking blind…" he let out.

"w..what..?" she looked at him confused.

He then gritted his teeth and pulled her with one arm back to where she came from, and yanked her in front of him.

"DOESN'T WANT TO FUCKING HURT YOU??? THEN WHAT'S THIS?!" Bakugou yelled at her and pointed at the huge iceberg that was inches away from where she once stood. Now looking at it clearly, it was enormous, knowing Todoroki, if she waited half a second, she would be stuck in an iceberg that covered the whole arena, like Sero.

Just then Bakugou finally left her arm, yanking his away from her in anger and looking at her, rage and disappointment filling his heart. After all the training they had done, after all of their talks that they should aim to be the best. After imagining them standing one next to the other on the podium, after an amazing fight.

"can't fight each other?" he snarled; his disagreement evident. "he didn't even think of holding back on you. He planned to send you to the fucking ice age" He spat the words at her as pain showed on her face, finally realizing the reality as it was.

"but he said.." She started and was stopped by him.

"and you believed him?! this bastard's fucking word?? for that you threw it all away?! For a stupid boyfriend??" Bakugou said the last words in pain. He knew this would hurt her, but she will be hurt eventually if she will keep on believing everything people tell her.

People weren't shit. Guys especially. They would use her naïve self and toss her aside at the first chance they got. Using her just to reach their goals, like the half bastard did.

Do everything to protect her huh? That fucking bastard. Promising things he knows he won't do. I'll fucking kill him.

Bakugou's anger rose and he decided it was best to direct it towards the actual problem.

He turned around and started stomping to the direction of the dressing rooms as Yuki's broken voice called after him. silent tears ran down her face as she watched the betrayed guy walk away. She knew he had expected more than her, and that he was right. She did just toss everything aside for some words she took way to close to her heart.

"Bakugou wait please! I'm sorry!!!" she called and started running after him.

He stopped and only turned his face to the side, giving her the side eye as he yelled back at her. "don't fucking follow me Yuki. I don't want to fucking see you." He said and continued walking on, not even a glance at the girl who held her arm on her chest, in an attempt to stop the twisting of her heart and the flow of tears from her eyes.




The door was kicked open violently. Todoroki sat there contemplating what happened, as Bakugou looked at him raging.

"you fucking bastard." He snarled between his teeth and closed the door behind him, making sure no one will accidently hear their conversation.

"may I help you?" Todoroki asked sarcastically and turned to face the raging guy.

"you ARE GONNA FUCKING REGRET THIS ICYHOT!!!" Bakugou yelled and smacked the table in front of Todoroki.

"I didn't know she was going to surrender" Todoroki answering calmly, knowing Yuki was Bakugou's soft spot.


"I DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS GOING TO SURRENDER" Todoroki repeated louder, standing up against Bakugou.

"SHE THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO KEEP YOUR SHITTY WORD, YOU BASTARD!!" Bakugou yelled in his face and Todoroki frowned in confusion.

"she thought," Bakugou continued in a low and hateful voice "that you won't hurt her. But it's all words for you isn't it? and she's just another girl for you, isn't she?" he raised his chin at the last sentence, scowling at the guy in front of him, that didn't even try to say anything against it.

Bakugou hated it. for him, this girl was the whole universe. Knowing each other like the palm of their hands, she was the closest thing anyone ever was to him. he didn't mind being forced into the friendzone for as long as she's happy. But people like the guy in front o him pissed him off. He knew he couldn’t possibly care enough about her; not like she deserves. She was one of the girls for Todoroki, but for Bakugou she was the only one.

"so know this." Bakugou looked him in the eyes with a deadly look "I don't give a fuck about your feelings or your family crap. You're going to use your flames on me, and don't fucking dare to hold back." He said and turned to the door before turning again to him. "I'm going to crush you and win this festival. For her." He said and left the room, leaving Todoroki with the blunt war declare.





For Yuki.

Bakugou glared at the bastard that looked unfazed by the recent events.

He was going to perish him.

"START!!!!" Present Mic yelled and immediately Todoroki sent a wall of ice towards Bakugou.

"damn it!!!!!!!" Bakugou yelled, displeased that the bastard resorted to use his ice instead of flames again. Fueled by his rage he blasted the ice away, little by little, making a way for himself to jump at Todoroki.

"are you underestimating me? IDIOT!!!" Bakugou maneuvered himself and dodged Todoroki's attack as he caught him and sent him flying to the arena bounds.

Using his ice Todoroki barely escapes getting kicked out.

Once again, Bakugou jumped at him, catching his right arm, trying to force him into using his left quirk. But Todoroki only pushed Bakugou away.

Bakugou rage increased by the second, creating explosions between his hands. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!"

He yelled and used his explosions to propel himself towards Todoroki, that finally activated his flames.

"Howitzer…" Bakugou started forming his special attack "IMPACT!!!!"

But on the last second, Todoroki retracted his flames, accepting what's to come.

A huge blast, combining Bakugou's rotational force and his explosions, hit Todoroki. And after the smoke cleared out, his unconscious body was laying on the ice, outside of bounds.

"to win like this…" Bakugou stumbled to Todoroki's body and shook it violently. "NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!" he kept screaming at his body as pink fog filled the air. As he inhaled it, he immediately started feeling sleepy, courtesy of Midnight's quirk.

As he fell deeper and deeper into his forced slumber, his eyes caught Yuki's figure in the entrance, eyes puffy and red from crying and her hands covering her mouth.…

Was his last thought before losing conscious.



"what the heck?" Kaminari exclaimed as the winner podium rose and there stood the three winners. None of them look like they won the biggest event of the year.

Third place, Yuki Aizawa. Her eyes puffy from crying and her head hanged low.

Second place, Shouto Todoroki. His gaze fixed on the ground, stuck in his own thoughts.

And first place, Katsuki Bakugou. He didn't stop yelling and raging ever since he woke up, so they restrained him in order to even put him on the pedestal.

And with that, the eventful sports festival was over.

The students changed to their uniforms and were instructed to come to their classroom for some finishing words.

The class was quieter than usual, waiting for Aizawa. the rest of the class exchanged looks and whispered between themselves, trying not to disturb the two winners that sat down and looked at the medal All Might gave them.

Todoroki still had it hanging around his neck. Thinking to himself what was he going to do. He wanted to talk to Midoriya, ask him what it was all about. Why he forfeits his chance in the festival just to force him to do what he promised he wouldn't. and on the other hand, Yuki, who didn't even try to fight him, just because he said he wouldn't fight her...

A few rows in the front, Bakugou sat silently. His rage now chilled and he looked annoyed at the gold medal that was on his desk.

"tch." He let out and took the medal and shoved it deep in his pocket.

He looked to his side. A far too familiar backpack was on the desk next to his. Indicating Yuki was already there and went out since no one saw her after her match with Todoroki.

No one but Bakugou.

He remembered the hazy image of her looking at the match from the entrance.

"dammit" he let out and held his head in his hands, supported on the desk with his elbows.

I shouldn't have yelled at her…she was hurt by that bastard already twice today and then this…fuck…

"class" Aizawa entered the door, causing the students to stop their talking and sit down.

Where is she…

Just on que, Yuki walked in the classroom, a blank look on her face. She gulped down and quietly said "sorry I'm late" before quickly sitting down at the desk where she threw her backpack to when she ran there to calm herself down.

Great Yuki, you picked a perfect spot. Right by the guy that hates you. Great job, really.

She thought bitterly to herself, ignoring the stare of the guy next to her. She didn't have the mental strength to even talk back to him.


Did I do this? Bakugou frowned at the dead look on the girl's face. She looks so fucking hurt…fuck…

He traced her figure again. To anyone else, she would seem the same.

But he noticed that she hunched a bit lower, that she unconsciously tried to hide her face behind her hair, that she stared at Aizawa as he spoke and played with her fingers. She wasn't fine. She looked like a fresh wound that it's bleeding barely stopped.

"again, thank you for your work today. Dismissed." Aizawa said and left the class immediately.

Yuki tried to pack her things as fast as possible to escape the room as well but a low voice froze her.


She looked to her left and there was Bakugou, leaning back on his desk, looking at her.

She gulped down and faked a smile, then turned to continue pack her things while saying the one thing she thought won't make her cry all over again. "hey, congrats on winning Bakugou, you were really good" she said in a voice that was smaller than she intended and finally closed her backpack.


She was about to leave, but Bakugou knew now that his words were the thing that hurt her that much. No wonder…I told her I don’t want to see her a fucking idiot… his heartbeat became faster from the thought about actually losing her over something that stupid like momentary rage that wasn't even directed at her.  he didn’t care anymore if the class is there, or anyone in that matter.

"Yuki." He said softly. A thing that caught at least some ears. No one ever heard Bakugou when he wasn't yelling or muttering.

"yeah?" she said in a high tone without looking at him, placing her backpack on her back.

He caught her hand before she could walk away and held it gently, and it was enough for her to stop and look at the floor, trying to gulp and force down the tears that came again to her eyes.

"come here…" he tugged gently on her hand and stood up. She let him guide her to his chest, one of his hands held the back of her head embracing her, and the other on her lower back pulling her close to him. she slowly melted to his touch and wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face in his chest.

The uncharacteristic affection display by no other than Bakugou, made some jaws fall. Kirishima smiled and pulled his friends out, trying to give the two as much space as possible in those circumstances.

Bakugou's scent filled Yuki's nose and it made her shaking stop, relaxing. No more tears managed to escape and she finally calmed down, hugging the friend she thought she lost.

His hand on her head slowly stroke the back of her head, relaxing her farther. He sometimes forgot that this girl is as raw as a person can be, still not hurt by the world, she took everything to her heart, hurting too much over it. he sighed and lowered his head and brought his lips to her ear.

"I'm sorry…" he said gently and Yuki hugged him even tighter before he cupped her cheek and made her look at him. her eyes were glistening but she looked better.

"stop crying brat…" he said softly and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

At that point, Midoriya that was in shock from the gentle Kacchan had pushed almost everyone out of the class. Kacchan? But he never apologizes…and never shows public affection as long as I can remember…what happened

Todoroki reluctantly was pushed outside of class but as soon as the others were away, he went back to the door and looked inside. The two were still hugging, but he was furious. Was that Bakugou's way of revenging the fact that he didn't comply to his demand?

But it wasn't

Known only by Bakugou himself, he just wanted to make things right with Yuki. And never see her hurt again. Not by him, or anyone.

"I'm…sorry…for being stupid…" she mumbled finally.

"don't…" he said and pushed her head back to his chest. "I just wanted you to be the best..." he admitted. The reason why he was so angry, besides the jealousy, was that she could have won easily, against the both of them. But the jerk made her hold herself back, what he usually did in training, now in a real fight.

"Yuki…" Bakugou pulled his arm from her and she lift her face to watch his. He then pulled the medal out of his pocket.

"Take this" he said and pulled the medal over her head, his hands still on it. looking at her closely.

"It's yours Baku, I have one too" she slightly smiled at the kind gesture.

"I'd rather come second to you than win like this. With the second and third place not even trying their hardest. you should have been the one to take it, so take it. and promise you won't do that shit again. Not for him, not for me, anyone. Be the fucking best you can be" he said, looking deeply in her eyes as a tear escaped her right eye and he wiped it with his thumb. A dual hair in the doorway caught his attention but he didn't care.

"ok…I won't…it feels shitty anyways…" she promised in her way, and wiped another tear with her sleeve.

I don't want to fucking see you Bakugou's own words stung his heart and he looked at the girl, contemplating what to say that will make it better.

"Yuki…" he started and pulled her back in his embrace. They hugged there for one more minute before he pulled her face up to him to look in his eyes, and see his sincerity. "you know I can't let you go right…?"

She smiled her angelic smile and Bakugou's heart beat like crazy in his chest.

Todoroki that saw the situation worsen, slowly opened the door, looking at Bakugou with a warning in his eyes.

Don't you dare. She's mine.

Bakugou returned the glare and lowered his lips to Yuki's head, leaving a long and meaningful kiss on her forehead, all while locking eyes with Todoroki.

Fucking watch me.

Todoroki stormed out, flames flickering from his eye before he contained himself.

This was war.


Chapter Text

After that, Yuki thought everything will go back to normal.

Unfortunately, Todoroki's patience had worn off, and he wasn't going to sit quietly anymore.



"hey handso- wait woah Shouto what are you doing" Yuki was interrupted by Shouto's arm that wrapped around her waist. "let's sit there" he started pushing her to the table where Iida, Midoriya, Tsu and Uraraka sat at the cafeteria.

"but Bakug-" she started to object and he took her food tray and placed it in front of him at the table. Yuki reluctantly walked to the table, and glanced at Bakugou that looked at her confused. She lowered her head a bit and he understood immediately that the bastard was the one to drag her there. He sent a death glare to Todoroki that turned to see what Yuki was looking at, and Todoroki returned the glare before telling Yuki to start eating. She turned to her plate and started eating slowly, listening to the conversation that the five were having.

At first, they talked about class and she didn't feel comfortable enough to contribute to the conversation, so she just kept playing with the food on her plate. This was by far the most boring lunch that she had until now.  Usually she would sit with the little squad and tease Bakugou, or laugh at Kaminari's stupid stories, or just joke around with Mina, but here, she felt out of place. Then a certain name caught her ears.

"so Midoriya, what are you doing other than studying on heroes" Todoroki stroke a conversation.

"mostly that, and avoid Kacchan ha ha…" the last part didn't sound like a joke and the others caught up to it.

"yes, Bakugou does seem to hate you more than the rest, ribbit" Tsu responded.

"ha ha it's not like that…it's just that we're childhood friends.." Midoriya started explaining before being interrupted by Iida and Todoroki.


"yes, I wouldn't call someone who treats you like that a friend" Todoroki nodded.

Yuki now closely listened to the conversation without raising her head, so they won't remember she was also there. Bakugou's name being brought up immediately made her tense up.

"but it's Bakugou we're talking about, he is always like that" Uraraka started and Yuki was momentarily glad that someone didn't hate her friend.

"True, he is quite rude to everyone" Iida continued and Todoroki nodded.

"and mean." Uraraka continued and made Yuki disappointed in her. "even to his friends, I don’t understand why they want to be around hm".

Finally done with hearing the group talking behind the back about her friend, she finally snapped. "you don't know shit about Bakugou." She said in a low voice that sent shivers down the spines of the four, but only made Todoroki clench his jaw, mad that she cared about Bakugou that much to start a fight.

Yuki turned to Uraraka and looked her dead in the eye "he's more caring than one of you gossip girls will ever know. Especially to his friends."

"and you," she turned to look at Deku that gulped in fear. He knew that she won't actually try and hit him, but she was just as intimidating as Kacchan. "you keep complaining about him but do you ever think about him? you keep saying you're childhood friends, and still you didn't even tell him about your quirk. You told everyone in this fucking table, but not to your only childhood friend. What a great friend you are." She venomously said in narrow eyes that made Deku look aside, shamefully knowing she was right.

"now if you excuse me, I'm off sitting with my rude friends." She said and got up, taking her tray with her and quickly walking towards the Bakusquad. But she didn't even manage to walk five steps before a firm and slightly painful grip caught her arm.

"Shouto let go."

"no. you're going to stop embarrassing me and yourself, and you're going to sit back with MY friends"

"that's not a way to treat a lady" a tired voice came behind Shouto, and without looking at who that was, Shouto answered, fueled by anger.

"that's none of your business"

With that, Shouto's eyes suddenly turned blank, as he was caught in the quirk of Shinsou, that just entered the cafeteria and watched the guy treat Yuki wrong, and immediately his brotherly protective side acted. They weren't biological brother and sister, but more mentally. Since Aizawa took them both under his wing, and they spent a lot of time together at the Aizawa household, training, having dinner together, and just having fun, Yuki felt like the little sister he never had.

"let go of her" Todoroki immediately dropped his hand that was strongly gripping Yuki's arm that turned a bit red from the cold and the pressure.

"now apologize."

"I'm sorry, Yuki"

"good. Now go back and have lunch with your friends"

Todoroki robotically walked away and sat back down in his table.

Yuki sighed and looked at Shinsou. "thanks Shinsou…" she smiled.

"you're ok?" he looked at her arm that almost returned to its natural color.

"yeah, yeah, he just took me by surprise…never mind." She shrugged it off and smiled vividly, like only Yuki could do. "I never see you during lunch!"

"yeah I usually just eat and go back to class" he smiled and scratched his neck.

"what?! That's not fun at all! Come sit with us!!" she said and motioned with her head to the Bakusquad table that was looking on whatever was happening.

"no, it's fine, I-"

"pleaaaaseeeeeeeee just for today!!! And if you'll like it then every day!" she cheerfully said and he smiled, knowing that she won't take no for an answer.




That's the guy that had the brainwashing quirk against Deku at the festival. Bakugou observed the conversation between the two. He had to admit, the purple haired version of Aizawa was one of the few guys that DIDN'T look at Yuki like they were trying to get into her panties. And he dealt with this bitch ass icyhot nicely, so he's not so bad.

"sorry I'm late got caught up in traffic" Yuki sarcastically said as she took her usual spot next to Bakugou, Shinsou now sitting to her other side. "that's Shinsou he's shy so don't scare him to death"

"I'm not shy" he looked at her with a done look on his face.

"he's just an introvert ok and we adopted him now, it's official" she smiled at him as he rolled his eyes at her.

That brat will annoy him to death eventually. Bakugou chuckled, feeling better with the presence once again at his side.

"soooooooooo" Kirishima started, "how do you guys know each other"

Shinsou looked down at Yuki by his side and she nodded "they know it's ok", and only then he responded. "Aizawa is training the both of us"

"yes! Big Bro here is gonna transfer to the hero course really soon! Oooo I hope you replace Mineta~" Yuki started cheering and he chuckled, embarrassed by the praise.

"I…just train for now…"

"WAIT WAIT WAIT, BIG BRO?!?!" Kaminari almost yelled in shock at the mere nickname, but Yuki decided to prank him further.

"yeah, can't you see the resemblance?" she leaned closer to Shinsou that just sat there, let her have her way.

"I guess…I mean you two are really zombie pale so.." Kaminari slowly said and was interrupted by a napkin hitting his face.

"WHAT THE FUCK DENKI IT WAS A JOKE IM NOT THAT PALE" she yelled at the guy that waved in front of his face in apology.

Bakugou laughed and decided to tease her as well, it was too fun not to. "yeah you are. The only one paler that you is that invisible girl"

"SHUT UP YOU JERK YOU'RE THE ONE TO TALK, EVEN YOUR HAIR IS PALE!!" she punched his arm and he just laughed at her.

Shinsou laughed.

It was one of those rare times in which he actually laughed. From his stomach.

Maybe it's not so bad…

"hey Yuki, what was that thing with Todoroki back there?" Mina got the girl's attention.

Yuki's smile was wiped clean and an irritated look hovered on her face for a second. "don't know. It wasn't like him at all."

Bakugou tensed up, knowing that he might have pushed Todoroki's buttons to the point where he will be angry, but he didn't expect his anger to be directed at Yuki herself.

"oh yeah…should I release him?" Shinsou turned to the girl.

"WHAT you're still brainwashing him?!" her eyes widened.

"yes, he would be charging here if I wouldn't" he frankly answered.

"let him fucking try" Bakugou said in a low voice that surprised everyone.

"uhh, yeah Shinsou" Yuki nodded to him and he released his quirk.

Immediately Todoroki stood up and walked their way, clearly pissed off, his jaw and fists clenched, and an ice cold look on his eyes.

"Shinsou was just worried that’s all" she stood up and raised her hands to calm Shouto down.

"get.up. I don't want you sitting with him." Todoroki said in an intimidating voice and motioned at Bakugou.

Those words sparked Bakugou's rage as well and he stood up, glaring at Todoroki on eye level. "she can sit where ever the fuck she wants." He gritted his teeth.

"she's MY GIRLFRIEND, so she will be sitting with ME" he emphasized his words, knowing it will hurt Bakugou, just like he planned.

And it did, hearing it made Bakugou's heart ache, but instead of dwelling on it, it just made him angrier. "she's your girlfriend. NOT YOUR FUCKING PET!!" He was practically yelling at Todoroki now, holding himself from pulling the bastard by his collar and beating him to death.

Yuki, that could barely slide in a word used Shouto's momentary shock to talk to him.

"Shouto, listen. We can talk and hangout in class and after that ok? I'm not comfortable sitting there, you know I don’t belong there.." she said in a soft voice that relaxed both Bakugou and Todoroki. Bakugou sat down and Shouto relaxed before saying in a small voice "you're right, I'm sorry I overreacted".

"it's ok, I'm glad you found yourself more friends!" she smiled and he smiled shyly and turned back to his table.

Yuki sat down and sighed loudly before continuing eating.

"so…girlfriend?" Shinsou finally broke the silence. She never told him she was dating someone, and he assumed if she was it was the angry guy that sat next to her.

"I don't know what he's thinking…" Yuki sighed and nodded her head.

"but you did go on a few dates already" Mina said, looking at the overwhelmed girl.

"yeah but…idk…it's just weird" she said and played with the food on her plate. No one pressed further. Kaminari, Kirishima and Mina knew better than to try and pry off feelings out of Yuki. Shinsou decided to let her tell him in her own pace. And Bakugou…was too hurt to want to continue this conversation. Knowing that every word that she'll say will cut deeper and deeper into his heart.




"can you like, move" Yuki said irritated at Momo that dared to sit at her table, flirting with Todoroki, that according to him, was Yuki's boyfriend. A few hours have passed since the lunch break incident and the spirits had calmed down. In Todoroki's pleasure, Bakugou seemed to back off a bit from Yuki, becoming more distant and lost in thought.

Yuki went to the restroom for ONE MINUTE and when she returned, Momo was already all over her desk, sitting seductively, pushing her boobs up and complimenting Todoroki over and over again. Yuki, being affected by the fight, and Bakugou's sudden mood shift, was more than irritated at that point, and she used all of her will power to actually talk to Momo and not push her face down to the floor.

The girl, being the bitch that she is, had made the mistake of starting a fight.

At first, she just looked at Yuki up and down with an arrogant look, huffing and turning back to Todoroki that looked at the situation confused.

"I said, MOVE" Yuki smacked the desk, causing Momo to jump up to her feet in surprise. Luckily, the class was almost empty, except for the three of them and Kaminari. Bakugou was talking to Kirishima in the hall and left him there alone to sleep.

"how dare you talk to me like that?!" she yelled at the pissed girl, already planning to hit her where it hurts.

"you are sitting at MY desk talking with MY friend. Piss off." Yuki glared at her.

The commotion made Bakugou and Kirishima open the door and look at what was going on, just in time to see Momo in her full snake form.

"do you really think someone like him will ever want someone like YOU?" she let out with a disgusted tone. Yuki looked at Todoroki, but he didn't even answer that, just watched. So Momo smirked and continued. "look at you."

By now Yuki was already shaking in anger, not even answering back to keep her from losing it.

"who would want you? Even your own parents didn't want you!!" Momo yelled at her face and laughed at Yuki.

And then, she broke.

A shockwave sent Momo flying, hitting the wall at the back of the class.

Yuki's tears came rolling down her face. Her fists clenched, stopping herself from doing more.

Bakugou pushed Kirishima to get in class before the situation escalated, but Momo beat him to it. she created a pole and a shield and smiled evilly.

"see? I knew that you were just a villain playing hero. I'm sure your parents saw it too." She kept pushing and Yuki raised her head.

Tears were decorating her cheeks but they didn't flow anymore. She had a deadly look on her face, and her entire aura changed. Was it her aura or the actually energy flow? Bakugou couldn't pinpoint which one, but he didn't care either. Seeing Yuki like this strike fear even in him. her eyes had a look that he never seen before. And they weren't exactly black anymore. A hint of purple decorated them. So faint he thought he imagined it.

His mind focused back as Momo ran forwards Yuki, intending to fight her, stupidly.

Yuki snarled and with a swing of her hand, created in an instant a pole in her hand, and hitting Momo with it.

Momo raised her shield and after only one hit, it broke.

And still, she smirked evilly at Yuki, knowing that no matter what, she achieved her goal. Yuki violated the school rules and attacked a fellow student. Now their fight is merely "self-defense" from Momo's side.

Seeing her smirk, another stream of tears fell on Yuki's cheeks, and she couldn't take it anymore. She swung her pole at Momo, hitting her straight in the guts. Yuki was so mad she concentrated a shockwave at the end of the pole, that released when it hit her, sending her flying out of the window, breaking it on the way, right to the center of the large lawn.

"YUKI STOP!!!" Bakugou yelled at her but it was too late since she jumped off the window of the second floor, flying over to Momo that somehow stumbled and stood up.

"SHIT!!!!! CALL AIZAWA!!" He yelled at Kirishima before running down the stairs, right after Todoroki.



"HAHAHAHA LOOK AT YOU! WERE YOU RAISED BY VILLAINS?? THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL EVER ACCEPT YOU!!!" Momo kept pushing, even though she was hurt, she enjoyed the look of her mentally broken nemesis.

"SHUT UP!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!!" Yuki yelled with tears streaming down her face. She was hovering over the girl and threw her hands left and right in anger, sending shockwaves at the girl that managed to make another shield and hide under it.



Shouto reached finally the lawn and started sliding on his ice closer to them.

I have to stop her; she's going to kill her. I have to-

A large blast pushed him off his ice and sent him rolling on the grass.

"what are you doing!!!!! I need to stop her!!!!" he jumped to his feet and started running by foot, but Bakugou stopped him again with a blast.


He knew that Yuki hated the bitch, rightfully so. But he also knew that the bastard is the one that made it happen. He saw it, how again he just stood by and let the bitch make Yuki jealous, and didn't say a word when she said things that no one should be hearing, especially Yuki. And now he was going to protect her, instead of standing by Yuki's side like a real boyfriend would have done. Like he would have done.

"DON'T PISS HER OFF EVEN MORE, JUST DON’T DO FUCKING ANYTHING, LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!!!" He yelled at the shocked guy that eventually nodded and stood there, head low, watching the scene unfold.


The shield, as strong as Momo made it, finally broke, and Momo was unconscious by now, but Yuki was too blinded with rage, hate and pain, to stop herself. She didn't even hear Bakugou that screamed his lungs out at her to stop.

She flew up and the tears scattered on her face. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" she cried again and raised both her arms to create the finishing blow.

"VECTOR ARROW!!!!" She yelled and a huge and pointy arrow with no tail appeared above her. (looks like this > )

"DIE!!!!!" she yelled and flew down towards the girl, the arrow gaining momentum after her.

She could barely see anything, blinded by her tears, as she felt herself suddenly lose her grip on both the vector arrow and her hover board. She fell from the sky, realizing Aizawa had erased her quirk, and it took only a second for him to capture her in his scarf. that alone, making her blood boil again.

"LET ME GO!!!!! LET!!! ME!!!! GO!!!!" she fought back with all she had but Aizawa didn't budge.

"CALM DOWN!!!" He yelled. she was a hot head but never to the point of hurting anyone, so this behavior was new to him. surely something happened, but he had to fulfil his duty as a hero and a teacher first, and protect the student that was laying unconscious on the ground, surrounded by scorched land from Yuki's attacks.

Cementus came running and picked her up, taking her to recovery girl's office immediately.

"NO!!!!! I'M NOT FINISHED WITH HER!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!!!!" she yelled and squirmed in Aizawa's scarf. he was now reaching his limit and eventually blinked.

Using the opportunity, Yuki projected shockwaves from her body, a thing that she usually doesn't do since it drains her energy. This made her escape the scarf, and fly down.

As she fell, she saw Bakugou's figure, looking at her wide eyed from the ground.

You monster…

Her mind spoke to her and she stopped using her quirk, for enough time for Aizawa to capture her again. But this time she barely fought back; her anger now switched to pain. She stopped screaming and kicking and just sobbed silently, Momo's words and her own thoughts whispering in her ears.

Aizawa looked at the girl and undid his quirk, his hair falling back down. She wasn't putting no fight anymore, just crying. He wanted to take her in for a hug, tell her it was going to be ok. Make his little girl cheerful like she usually is. But he knew he couldn’t. if he did that, no one would listen to him when he tried convincing the principal to let her stay in school. A slight chance, but it's all that he had. So, he had to give her to the only one he knew might be able to help.

Bakugou stepped closer and closer to the crying Yuki, holding her as Aizawa's scarf slowly unwrapped from her.

"I'd have to ask you to leave the campus perimeter" Aizawa turned and reluctantly said. "everyone else, back in class, there's nothing to see here!" he yelled at the curious students that were gathering at the building's entrance.


As everyone left, including Todoroki, Bakugou held Yuki up by her arms. Her knees too weak to stand on her own, not in her mental state anyways. As they were completely alone Yuki looked up and took a glance in his eyes.

All he sees is a villain in front of him…

Her invasive thoughts once again tormenting her. She raised her arms to cover her sobbing face of him and it became harder for him to hold her up, so he gently let her kneel down, and crouched in front of her, pulling her to his chest and embracing her deeply.

She sobbed gently into his chest and he sighed. When will you stop getting hurt Yuki…god…

He pulled her closer and petted her head, relaxing her.

"shh…" he gently whispered to her as her sobbing increased due to her thoughts coming for her again. "I got you…" he said and kissed the top of her head.

"Kats..uki…It hurts…" she said gently between sobs, her hand clenching firmly her shirt over her chest. His heart twisted and he pulled her even closer, their bodies now completely touching, his chin on her head now. And closed his eyes. If he could engulf her completely with himself, he would have. Make her feel better, protected, and stop her hurting.

He closed his eyes and stroke her back gently. "I know Yuki…I'm here…".

They sat there hugging in silence, only the whistle of the wind and Yuki's gentle sobs filling the air.

She gradually relaxed, focusing on Bakugou's touch and the slow strokes on her back. Her thoughts died out eventually, and she was left with a dead feeling inside, but Bakugou's kisses on the top of her head made even that better.

She eventually pulled back from his chest, when she felt ready, and snaked her arms around his neck, hugging him.

He chuckled at her actions and hugged her back firmly, so she won't feel alone anymore. He pulled back after a few minutes and cupped her cheek with the one hand he took off her back.

"wanna go to my place?" he asked her gently, looking in her broken eyes.

Black. I probably imagined things earlier.

She nodded with a small smile and pulled back from him.

"stay here, ok? I'll go get our things" he asked, holding her hands, as they both got up.

She nodded again and he pulled her for a last embrace. She was so broken, all the anger that was in her an hour earlier now completely gone without a trace. She nodded again and let his hands go, straightening her clothes as much as possible.





"the usual approach to these kinds of problems is…" Aizawa was in the middle of class as Bakugou opened the door and quickly stomped and took his and Yuki's backpack.

"Bakugou." Aizawa called to him.

"I'm leaving." He said without looking at him. he scanned the class before leaving, almost everyone was there. Only Yuki, Momo and Todoroki were missing.

As he left out the door a scarf wrapped around his arm and gently tugged him to face backwards.

"what happened there?" Aizawa asked lowly. The class door was closed but if they are to shout, everyone will probably hear it.

"that bitch kept pushing her fucking buttons. Saying no one will want her like her parents didn’t, and that she should join the villains and all that type of bullshit. She always pushes her buttons. And no one ever does shit about it. but now when Yuki finally breaks, you're expelling her. That’s fucking heroic of you." He spat in a low voice.

"shit." Aizawa muttered and let go of Bakugou. "I will talk to the principal." He said and Bakugou looked at the floor and nodded before leaving quickly.





Todoroki looked at her, she was sitting on the grass, head resting on her knees, as she played with the grass in her fingers.

Should I talk to her…? She's hurt but…

His thoughts stopped as Bakugou voice came from behind him, warning.

 "don't you fucking dare to talk to her. You've hurt her enough and I'm done with your shit. Overly protective when she's with her fucking friends but when you need to step up and do something against bitches like her then you turn to a mute. Get the fuck out of here." He hissed at him and walked outside with two bags on his back.


Chapter Text

"hey…ready to go?" Bakugou asked gently and helped her stand up. She smiled gently at him and the two left the school gate, walking silently to Bakugou's apartment.

Usually the two would talk all the way to Bakugou's place and laugh, but now Bakugou let her walk quietly, knowing she needed time to collect her thoughts after the recent events. Actually, he did too.

He didn't know what to do or say to make her go back to her usual self. Usually it will just come to him, but now nothing came out, no matter how hard he thought. There wasn't anything he could do or say now. All he could offer was his warm hug and a listening ear, but he wasn't sure if Yuki will open up to him this time.

After a short walk they reached his apartment and she sat down at the counter, the closest seat to the entrance.

"you want to change?" he asked and she nodded, her thoughts still racing.

He went to the Bedroom and took out one of his hoodies and a pair of old pants that didn't fit him anymore, it was Yuki's favorite outfit whenever she hung out at his place late at the evening.

He handed her the clothes but pulled back as she reached to take it. "you know brat, someone here told me that you shouldn't sulk so much."

She chuckled at the reference of her previous words and swiftly stole the clothes from his hands, feeling lightly better.

At least he doesn't hate me

I wish I could hide here forever

She thought as she put on the baggy clothes and inhaled. It was weird but Bakugou's scent always made her relax. She sat down on the bed and stared at the floor.



Was I going to kill her…?

She thought about what happened. She could actually feel it, her hate and pain flowing in her veins, fueling the actions she could barely control. It sometimes happened, that she stopped thinking straight and acted according to her feelings, but never to this degree. Yes, she sometimes broke things or ran until her feet collapsed, but she never hurt anyone. Not until now.

'I knew that you're a villain playing hero'

Was I? everyone has their own reason for becoming a hero, some want the money, some the fame…but I never had a reason of my own…I just did it because I was good at it…

"oi," Bakugou leaned on the doorframe with his arms crossed "don't do that".

"what..?" Yuki looked up at him in confusion. She wasn't doing anything.

He sighed and walked to her, sitting on the bed by her side, and he grabbed her fingers that fiddled with each other. "that…stop overthinking." He said and pulled her hands to his mouth, placing a gentle kiss on them.

The gesture warmed Yuki's heart and she blushed. When did Katsuki become so loving…

"hey Baku…why do you want to be a hero?"

He raised a brow at her but answered nevertheless "to be the best"

"yeah but, you can be the best in something else, why a hero?"

"because I'm fucking good at it"

She sighed "is that a legit reason to be a hero?"

"Just say what's on your mind, brat" he said and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"can I be a hero?" she opened up her deep thoughts to Bakugou. "I mean, I don't have a real reason to. I was just raised into it…"

"so what? You were raised to it because Aizawa saw your potential. And now you're on your way to be one of the best fucking heroes there ever was" he said and tugged on her to cheer her up.

"heroes don't do what I did…" she let out.

"listen, I'm not saying it wasn't a stupid move, but that bitch had it coming. And I told Aizawa, he said he'll talk to the principal…so stop worrying or I'll beat your ass till you're smiling again."

She laughed at his words surprisingly. "I don’t think it works that way Baku"

"you're smiling aren’t you? So shut up and get the fuck up. You're making dinner."

"what why me??" she ran after him.

"you keep saying you can cook better than me, so fucking show it brat" he smirked and flicked her forehead.

"you know what, it's on!" she pulled her sleeves up and smirked back.





"I admit, this shit doesn't taste like shit." Bakugou leaned in over his plate of spaghetti Bolognese.

"is that 'it's tasty' in Bakugou language?" Yuki leaned on her elbows and smiled at Bakugou.

Fucking adorable little brat.

"yeah yeah whatever, maybe I'll let you cook from now on, gonna save me a bunch of time instead of taking care of your hungry ass"

"you know what" Yuki smiled to him "I don't mind".

He raised an eyebrow at her, clearly not buying it.

She giggled "well obviously not all the time, but when you're tired or something."

"since when are you offering to do anything ya lazy brat?"


"you're welcome" he smirked and she huffed at him, burying her blushing face in pasta.

Did I really just say that? Jesus he probably thinks I'm a weirdo or something

Well whatever, It's Bakugou. He KNOWS I'm a weirdo.




After eating, studying together and mostly chatting and joking, and playing on the Xbox, Yuki finally noticed that time flew. Being with Bakugou made her forget all about today, and she sighed in despair as she realized it was soon her time to go home, and face the scolding Aizawa.

As reading her mind, Bakugou scooted closer to her on the couch and pulled her to a hug. He gently stroked her back as he spoke. "Aizawa knows that you're a good student, and that she pushed you daily until you broke, it's going to be ok"

"Yeah, I know…I just really don't wanna go. I had so much fun with you…"

His heart warmed at her little confession and he decided to make a move finally. He pulled back and looked her in her sad eyes.

"if you want you can stay over, anytime you want" he finally suggested. Perhaps it wasn't the smartest move, since his feelings to her had grown too bold, but he didn't want to let her go like this as well.

"nah," she smiled and avoided his gaze, praying that he won't try to read her for just this once. "I already bothered you enough, and you need to go to school tomorrow and-"

"are you really going to make me say this brat? I fucking like it when you're here. So stop making excuses. Besides it's already late and I don’t feel like walking you home, so you're staying." He said and smirked at her blinking self.

Her shock was interrupted as her phone rang, Aizawa's name on screen.


"thank god, I thought you'll go home after school and you weren't here"

"sorry…I'm at Bakugou's.."

"ok. When are you coming back? I need to speak with you"

I really don’t want to…

I just…

"i…um…I'm staying here for the night…ok…?"



" yeah, it's fine. It's late already anyways…."


"I guess I'll just tell you now, we talked with the principal about the …circumstances that led you to what happened today. He understood and Momo will be scolded for bullying, and you are to come back to school, as from tomorrow."

"w..what…I'm not expelled…?" Yuki couldn’t believe it.

"no kiddo. Your dad still has his charms. But don't pull that thing again."

"I won't I won't oh my god thank you!" she nearly cried of joy.

"yeah yeah, well don't let me hold you, have fun at Bakugou's. I expect you both to be on time and refreshed in tomorrow's morning class" he said and Yuki smiled at his hidden threat.

"alright, see you tomorrow, good night and eat a normal dinner please!"

"night kid"


Yuki sat in silence for a second as Bakugou looked at her.

She inhaled and then let out a screech "EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" she let out and fell on Bakugou's stomach.

"OI WHAT THE FUCK" he was caught surprised "stupid brat, told you everything's going to be ok"







"why are you so fucking stubborn…" Bakugou wiped his face in despair.

"I'm the guest so I'm the one to sleep on the floor, that’s basic!" she said, for the fifth time already.

"I'm not letting you sleep on the floor!" he yelled at her

"why not?!"


"that’s not a fucking answer!!!!!!!"

"you know what, fuck this." He said and came closer, taking her waist from both sides in his arms and lifting her. she was too shocked to squirm away and he quickly walked over and threw her on the bed, crawling on top of her and holding her back from rising again.

"listen here you little brat" he said in a low voice that made Yuki's heart skip a beat. The way he was on top of her, arms at both sides of her head, red gaze piercing her soul, and his almost growling voice feeling like it will violate her, in a good way, all of these making her blush and try to hide the fact that her breath quickened and temperature jumped up a few degrees in a second.

But of course, he noticed, and smirked to himself, before continuing in the same low tone, now leaning closer to her ear, making her heart skip a few beats. "my house, my rules. That means that you need to do exactly what I'm telling you" he smirked and moved to look at her red face. Bakugou's mind went dark with lust as he saw her that close, that flustered, beneath him. her breath was shallow and she looked so…alluring. In a way she looked so pure and innocent, and that alone made Bakugou want to take her here and now. it took all of his will not to move his hand to her chin, parting her lips and attacking them with his lips and tongue…suck on that neck and leave his love marks…or to squeeze on those thighs he keeps stealing glimpses at, or those round boobs that could fit right into his palm…hear her moan his name in that soft voice of hers…or scream in pleasure…


"B..Bakugou.." she stuttered and placed her hands on his chest, but didn't push him away. "stop teasing…" she let out, internally hoping that he would either get off her or do something finally, hopefully the latter.

But Bakugou intended to stick to his plan, and make her his only after she realizes he's the only one for her. he chuckled darkly "why…? Is there something wrong…?" he almost whispered and smirked at her. she could barely look at him now, and she closed her eyes and sighed, trying not to think those needy thoughts that crossed her head.

He chuckled again and pulled back a little, satisfied with his influence on her, knowing that this madness, this pull towards her, is not one sided.

She opened her eyes again as he spoke again "you're gonna sleep on this bed and you're gonna enjoy it. and I will sleep on the floor, like the fucking gentleman I am."

At that, he started to pull back as her hand suddenly caught his shirt and pulled him back to her.

He thinks he's the only one that can play?

He slowly leaned down into her demand, and stopped when she did, an inch from her lips, their noses basically touching at this point, and Bakugou's mind and heart racing.

Shit. Should I just kiss her? What about that half bastard? Fuck that half bastard she's mine, but fuck now's not the time. Shit. Fuck.

" Is there something wrong…?" she smirked at him, returning the favor.

"shitty fucking brat" he huffed and shot up off her, leaving her to giggle over his red cheeks.

"hey Katsuki"

"what the fuck do you want" he shot her down, still not looking at her.

"like…the bed is kinda big. We can both sleep here"


"why not? Scared?"

"like hell WHY WOULD I BE SCARED STUPID BRAT" he yelled at her and then continued in a regular voice "your boyfriend won't like it"

"he's not my boyfriend" she rolled her eyes at him.

"thought he said you're his girlfriend?" Bakugou raised his brow.

"and I said I don’t know what he's thinking. I mean we really aren't together"

Bakugou sat on the chair and looked at her, more interested now. Was Todoroki just saying it to get on his nerves?  "you're going on fucking dates and shit"

"yeah but we…ugh never mind."


"we didn't DO anything, and our dates are even less intimate than this fucking friendly sleepover" she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"thought you fucked already" Bakugou bluntly said what was on his mind.

"WHAT?!?! OH MY GOD DID MINA SEND YOU?! NO!!! WE DIDN'T EVEN KISS!! JESUS!!" she yelled and buried her face in her palms.

"I mean he tried to kiss me…" she said in a small voice. If they're already talking about this she should just spill everything.


"but I got freaked out. I don’t know…just wasn't ready. I mean I did want to have a first boyfriend and see what it's all about…but this shit is just too much for me, other girls and fighting and all of it…it's not what I imagined it will be"

"cause it's not. That half bastard just doesn't treat you right."

"how your relationship was?" she leant on the bed but kept looking at him.

"what? I'm not…I didn't have a girlfriend. It's just extra weight." He huffed and looked aside. It never bothered him even though Kaminari teased him once or twice about it. so what, he never had a girlfriend. Big fucking deal. It's not like there was someone that was worth it, until now.

"well yeah I guess you're the one-night stands type more…" she murmured.


"well uuuhhhhh…. She looked aside embarrassed, "cause like, um, you're hot. I'm sure all the girls were drooling over you in high school"

He looked at her but she refused to make eye contact. "bunch of extras." Unlike you.

"oh" she nodded and then scooted back to the side of the bed that was close to the wall. "anyways, it's getting late, we should probably sleep already"

"y..yeah…" he replied, flicking the light switch off and then thinking for a few seconds before slowly walking over and joining Yuki on the bed, laying on the other side. She was right, there was plenty of room for the both of them to sleep comfortably with a safe distance between them.

"thanks for today Katsuki…" she covered herself and smiled at him gently "good night" she whispered.

"good night brat" he said in a quiet voice and turned his back on her, preparing to fall asleep as well.




Chapter Text

Bakugou was sure he will die that night.

He kept his eyes closed and his back turned to the sleeping beauty next to him, but he listened to her soft breaths as they became deeper and deeper, indicating she fell into deep sleep. Only then he allowed himself to turn to her, and that was his mistake.

His heart felt like it was stretched to three times its size when he finally laid his gaze upon her, the moonlight illuminating softly her features in the darkness of his room.

Her soft hair falling gently from her pillow to the mattress beside him,

Her hands laying in front of her face as she slept on her side, facing him.

The covers covering her slim body from her belly down, and his sweater covering the rest of his view.

Her eyelids flattering gently as she slowly faded into the dreamworld.

Her lips gently parted, her breaths gently felt on his face.

And in that moment, he caught himself, leaning to her face, looking closely at every feature he could lay his eyes on.

he pulled himself back, laying back on his pillow, facing her.

Although his mind yelled at him that here she was, in front of him to take, to kiss, to claim, he stopped his hungry thoughts. If he allowed them to run to far, he might actually do something he'd regret, like kissing her sleeping self.

And what kind of man would that make him. he waited all this time, suppressing his deep needs so he could do this right, he wasn't going to ruin it all with an unwanted first kiss. He wanted it all to be done with consent. Even beyond that, he wanted her to be begging for it with her eyes before he would give in. his little payback of all the time she wasted with others.

They didn't even kiss…so that bastard just lied so I would back off…like hell I would…

He began thinking, turning on his back and staring at the ceiling, sleep was nowhere in sight.

If she would just wait a bit longer…than I will be her first kiss, her first love, her first sex, her first…everything…

Not that he minded that, he would have wanted Yuki the same even if she would have hundreds in her past, he would just make sure to fuck her so good that she'll only remember him. oh, how he wanted it, how he dreamed about it, finally being able to have her and salvage every piece of her, physically and mentally. But he had to stop himself, these kinds of thoughts were fine when he laid in this bed all alone at night, but now she was right there beside him, making him go all sorts of crazy.

That girl he at first thought to be just another one of the crowd turned out to be his biggest supporter, best friend, and the one thing he could never afford to lose.




Yuki hazily woken up from her sleep, slowly slipping into consciousness. At first, she smelled a familiar favorite smell. Smokey but pleasant, sweet with a hint of salty. The smell of loving arms and rolling laughs. Bakugou…

She smiled sleepily and hugged the covers tighter, filling her nose with the smell, some sizzling heard in the background but she didn’t pay attention to it. she slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times before realizing she wasn't in her bed, but in Bakugou's.

She shot up only to remember a second after that she decided to have a sleepover at his place. Then she sniffed the air, besides from his natural scent there was a hint of his soap's smell and mostly the smell of a delicious meal cooking.

"boy, your wife is going to be a happy one" she sat down at the counter, a sleepy smile on her lips.

Yes, you will.

"morning brat" he let out huskily, his words heavy with tiredness.

"shit did you even sleep? Did I bother you? You should have told me I would have-"

"no" he stopped her. What could he say to her? 'no, I didn't sleep because I was busy looking at your fucking stunning face and thinking about how much I want you'?

More like I didn't sleep because I'm fucking pathetic, getting worked up all night over a girl.

But she's my girl…

"eat up, I'm fine, you're just snoring and I couldn’t sleep"

"WHAt no I don’t!!! I checked!!!" she forgot completely of the rest of it.

"you checked?" Bakugou chuckled as he sat down in front of her to eat his omurice as well.

"I was curious…so I recorded myself sleeping. AND THERE WAS NO SNORING!"

"fine fine I just woke up a lot whatever the reason is, I don’t fucking care. eat or we'll be late"

"wait what, what time is it?" Yuki asked in slight panic, she knew that being late a day after her almost expel, and coming late with Bakugou, will just attract looks she wanted to avoid.

He didn’t answer but kept chewing, and she stood up, her plate almost finished, and looked at the time on the TV.

"SHIT WE'RE GONNA BE LATE WE'RE GONNA BE SO LATE WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?!!?!?" she cried and ran to the bedroom to change back into her uniform. Conveniently, Bakugou was already dressed in his.

You looked too cute sleeping

After brushing her teeth and hair in lightning speed and running to the living room with her backpack on, she checked her phone for the time again.

"shit we missed the bus and the next one is in 20 minutes and by foot-" she started rambling as Bakugou looked at the way-too-energetic-for-this-hour girl with an indifferent look.

"do you ever shut up" he let out, drinking his coffee. "I'm driving us there"




His black mustang parked the College parking in no time, thanks to his tendency to drive a bit faster than allowed. Not that Yuki mind, it was actually refreshing and quite fun, having Bakugou watch her reaction and pretend that it didn't raise some butterflies in her guts.

"Thanks, Bakugou, for everything" she smiled at him.

She's going to kill me. I'm fucking.die.

"stop saying stupid shit brat and get your ass out" he rolled his eyes at her and she smiled at his way of saying 'you're welcome'.

"hey Baku- YUKI??" Kaminari that drove Mina and Jirou to the college exclaimed in shock. Bakugou usually showed up driving in his car alone, which means that there's something there!

"I gave her a fucking ride dunce face, get the fuck over it" Bakugou muttered and walked away with his hands in his pockets. Yuki soon caught up to him after saying hi to the three, and the two kept talking until they reached the class, walking in closely together; Bakugou being the gentleman he is, he let Yuki walk ahead of him, a thing he NEVER does.


"who even let YOU in here again?" a far too familiar arrogant voice was directed at Yuki.

Momo sat by her desk, her arm still in bandages and by her desk there was a pair of crutches, her leg also bandaged lightly. A broken arm, two broken ribs, and a sprained ankle. That was what the girl did to her. And after that, she still showed up in class.

Yuki gave her a glare but decided to keep gong silently to her desk. To her old desk maybe, to avoid more Momo incidents.

On the other hand, Bakugou looked at the ponytail girl with disgust and hate before saying in the most intimidating tone he managed "didn't you learn not to poke your fucking nose in other's business? Or you need your ass kicked by me too?" he stopped and looked at the shocked girl that was struck by fear, wondering if she should even continue her pressing. She was already badly injured by Yuki, and she had no doubt Bakugou with his reputation will burn her to ash with his tone. So she did the smart thing, and shut up.

Bakugou glared at her one last time before walking to his desk, next to a desk where Yuki sat down on. "thanks Baku, I owe you one" Yuki smiled at him gently as he sat down in his place.

"shut up" he grunted and took out his earphones. The lack of sleep making him edgy and he could already feel the three idiots coming closer to annoy the shit of him.

"Love you too" Yuki let out and gracefully jumped off the desk to walk over to Shouto, who was silently watching their interaction.

Nothing passed his sight, he already saw the two leaving Bakugou's car together when they arrived, and now he didn't miss Bakugou's sudden flush at her joke.

Was it a joke? Perhaps she sees in him more than a friend, perhaps she just lies to herself that she isn't. one way or another, this isn't acceptable, she belongs to me, and should have eyes for me only. And be around me more than she is with that so-called friend of hers.


He didn't let anything slip away at the week that passed by, noticing Bakugou's every movement around her. Noticing his subtle hints at her, his little movements, the special treatment she gets.

Does he think I'm a fool? That I wouldn’t notice? This wasn’t the behavior of a normal concerned friend. He just wants to win her from me. Steal her so he could prove he's better.

But as Todoroki's jealousy and anger levels rose every day, so did the time he had spent with Yuki. He asked her to be around him more and more, visiting the park or a café after the day was over, and so on. Without Bakugou's knowing, he had turned the tables on their little game and was now on the upper hand, or so he thought.

'Bakugou and I once went to this place and the waitress just kept asking him questions until he threatened to blow the whole place'

'yeah I walk here often with Bakugou for practice'

'sorry I can't today, I'm training with Bakugou'

And her constant talking didn't stop there. Whenever he let her go for more than a second, she would just run right back and talk to Bakugou, laughing with him in a way she wasn’t laughing with Todoroki, joking and fooling around.

And he thinks I don't notice? that he avoids my look? Like he won in anything? Like he did something there. Maybe they did have something that they were hiding. They are quite close and don’t fear the touch of each other. Maybe that day…was the time when…

Todoroki's veins filled with anger. The thought of Bakugou and his cocky behaviors, taking away what belonged to him, claiming her as if she was his, it was too much for him to conceal. So he decided to put an end to this silent war. He decided to confront the problem.




"wait" Todoroki ordered as he walked after Bakugou to the parking lot.

"what do you want half and half bastard?" Bakugou stopped and glared at the cold but hateful guy.

"is there anything between you and Yuki?" Todoroki got straight to the point, and it took Bakugou by surprise.

"the fuck is that supposed to mean?" his whole posture became more aggressive than usual. He knew exactly what he meant.

"you don’t seem pleased with our relationship" Todoroki pushed him further. He noticed how Bakugou is watching the two like a hawk for the past month, and it began to tick his nerves. He didn't want his hands on her neither his eyes.

Surprisingly, Bakugou chuckled, and answered with a venomous voice "is that what you call a fucking relationship?"

"how else would you call it" Todoroki answered in a low voice, aware of the threat. Luckily the parking lot was empty, so if a fight will occur no one else would be harmed, or try and stop them.

"I don’t know maybe manipulation" Bakugou lowly spat at him.

"excuse me?" Todoroki raised his tone at the blunt words.

"I don’t owe you any explanation. I'm outta here." Bakugou turned to walk back to his car again. He wasn’t the type to give up a fight, but this time he would make an exception, last time the two fought Yuki was dragged into this, he didn't want that happening again.

"so, you do like her?" Todoroki yelled at his back, demanding to be heard. This question was the one that Bakugou couldn't ignore. Did he like her? He loved her, he adored her, she was his air at that point, but he won't tell the icyhot bastard that.

"YEAH SHE'S MY FUCKING FRIEND" Bakugou turned and raised his voice back at him.

"she keeps talking about you when she's with me. I don't like all." Todoroki half admitted half threatened. Bakugou smirked at that sentence and sent Todoroki the most hateful look he could come up with.

"well maybe if you were actually good for her she wouldn't be" he said, making sure to pronounce every word correctly, so there will be no room for interpretation.

"and you are good enough?" Todoroki narrowed his eyes.

This made Bakugou's blood boil. This fucking little shit really just asked me that???????

"no, but AT LEAST I DON’T USE HER FOR MY OWN GOALS. Do u even care about her like she cares about u?? from the start you never allowed her to be the center of anything- she always supported you and helped YOU to become stronger and for you to win every time. Do you have any idea of how strong she really is?! And she barely gets to show it since you're holding her back all the time! And when u don’t need her, you fucking toss her to the side like in the sports festival. Not to mention you don’t give a single fuck about her feelings cause if you did, you wouldn't be talking to that Momo bitch when you know how she tries to hurt Yuki constantly and make her jealous."

After hearing his short rant, Todoroki stayed silent, replaying the words in his head, the criticism cutting him like daggers.

"relationship my ass" Bakugou turned and walked away, finally reaching his car and driving home, heart still full of hate towards the guy, that managed to aggravate him with only one question.

Was he good enough for Yuki? His cocky side grinned yes, saying he is all she'll ever need, but his soft side that was slowly unfolding because of the girl hummed in response 'not worthy, but better than the rest'.

Chapter Text

"come on, Shouto…what's gotten into you?" Yuki pleaded as the guy walked by her, unphased by the girl that struggled under his arm.

For the past week Shouto had changed even further, making Yuki wonder what was happening behind her back that made the usually calm and cool friend change his entire behavior. At first, she thought it had something to do with the Momo incident, but it didn't make no sense to her since he was never hostile towards her. Only towards anyone that talked to her. And it didn't stop at that. Shouto was no longer the delicate and gentle prince he was when they first started dating, he became much less talkative, if that's even possible, and for her surprise, much bolder with his touches.

If before he was blushing at a sudden graze of their hand, now he took a 180 turn and was touching her in every chance he got. She didn't push him away since after all, she also hugged her other friends, and she didn't mind him puling her by the hand after him, or placing his arm on her shoulder. This was harmless and it made him feel better, so she happily complied.

But she didn't like the menacing aura that surrounded him as she talked to her friends.

He and Bakugou took their rivalry to the next level apparently, and were throwing insults at one another every chance they got, and eventually avoiding each other completely, after trying to convince the girl to go with one or the other for whatever cause. Bakugou was on edge every time he saw Shouto's hand touching her skin, and Shouto's face darkened every time he saw her near Bakugou, yet alone teasing him, or even worse letting him touch her. Even a harmless ruffle of hair wasn't fine now, and Yuki slowly crumbled under the toxic tension that constantly surrounded her.

She understood somehow that Shouto will be reluctant towards being around Bakugou, but he had this slight aura even when she talked to Kirishima, or even Shinsou. He was simply jealous around everyone that was around her and she wouldn't be surprised if he will also get mad at Aizawa at some point at this rate. He was getting out of hand and she had no idea what to do.

As soon as the bell rang, she got up but got caged by Shouto's arm that connected with her shoulders, and he smiled down at her surprise, and even wider when he heard a "tch." Coming from Bakugou that passed him and sent him a death glare before leaving for lunch.

Fucking bastard doing this in front of my fucking eyes like he wants to test my fucking patience. If Yuki wasn't there, I would have ripped that stupid smirk right out of his fucking face FUCK SHIT FUCK!!!!

Bakugou kicked a rock that was on his way and sent it flying in his boiling anger.

Just fucking chill. Stupid brat will be right beside me at lunch. So he's just fucking teasing knowing he can't have her.




"I hope you'll be joining me this lunch" Shouto glanced at the girl next to him.

"Shouto we talked about this…I wanna sit with my friends…that used to be yours…" she mumbled the last part.

"they weren't and are not my friends. I was simply there for you."

"and won't you be there again for me?" she hopefully tried.

"no, things have changed. I'd prefer you stay at my side rather than with them."

"but they're my friends I can't just fucking forget them" she chuckled at the absurdness of his hints.

"and I am your boyfriend." He coldly said and blinked a few times when the girl stopped and released herself from his grip. The hall was empty now, so it was the perfect timing to discuss what was on her mind lately.

"Shouto…but we didn't kiss or anything, and you just decided that on your own and it just came out as a surprise and.." she trailed off, her words jumbling in her brain as she tried to form an explanation for what she was feeling. What was she feeling? Pressured? Confused? All of the recent events and Shouto's rapid change in behavior as well as Bakugou's was just getting to her, and she didn't know how to handle everything, or even how to approach it.

"does it matter?" he coldly asked.

"of course, it matters! This should be a couple thing; we should BOTH know what is happening"

"don't you want to be my girlfriend?" he questioned with a hint of darkness in his tone.

"I don’t know… maybe? It's just happening so fast and-"

"It's been three months already." He cut her off.

Her mouth opened as she looked for words to justify herself. Three months seems a lot but she was so busy in her studies and training and her own personal problems to even think if she even wanted a relationship. She was happy the way it was two months ago, being friends with everyone, no jealousy, no hidden messages and reading between the lines, no fighting.

"and all that happened in this time span," he continued as he saw her stuttering self. "is that you've grown much closer to Bakugou." He said venomously. His bottled-up anger finally seeping through the cracks. "and how's that supposed to make me feel? Watching you entertaining and touching others, hanging out with them, SLEEPING AT THEIR HOUSE-"

"THEY'RE MY FRIENDS!!" Yuki yelled back stopping the guy from letting himself drown in his rage completely.

"so what. Am. I." he seeped through his teeth.

"I…I don't know-!" Yuki started to panic

"do you want to be my girlfriend or not? Yes or no? it's a simple question ,Yuki."

"I don't know! I ne..need to think about it…" she trailed off afraid to upset the guy but also not willing to start a relationship like THIS.

"think about it while you go and play around with HIM?" Shouto sneered. "fine, have it your way." He said and turned, leaving the panicking girl to figure out what just happened.




"stupid brat, I've been calling you six times already" Bakugou spat as Yuki sat next to him in silence. He was already half through his meal and the table was empty besides him. Kaminari and Kirishima left to do something before PE, Mina leaving since she felt awkward to sit alone with Bakugou, and Shinsou not sitting with them since he didn't feel comfortable with them without Yuki yet.

"yeah…sorry…" she mumbled an uncharacteristic apology and started play with the food on her plate. She could FEEL Shouto's eyes glaring at her ever since she walked into the cafeteria but she didn't dare look his way, afraid she'll get a full-blown panic attack.

"oi, what happened?" Bakugou placed down his chopsticks and turned to look at the girl that tried to avoid his gaze.


"nice fucking try. Now spill or I'll beat it out of you."

"really…. it's nothing…"

"then why aren't you looking at me?" he questioned and watch her take a deep breath and turn her face to him, putting on a small fake smile that he clearly saw through as her eyes took a few moments to interlock with his. And when they did, they seemed…perplexed. No, more panicked. As they looked at him. but the panic wasn't directed at him, but rather internal one she tried to conceal. As if she could conceal it from the one who knew her best.

"come here…" he pulled her gently at first but she was reluctant, so he placed one palm at the side of her neck the way he knew she loved, and instantly she melted into his touch. He pulled her closer and hugged tighter as her face buried deeper in his chest, calming down slowly. He stroked her back, not giving a fuck about the nosey gazes of the extras in the cafeteria. He didn't mind looking soft for this girl only; the rest should have figured by now that he'll blow everything up but this one.

"sorry…" she mumbled to his chest and sighed as she relaxed further. "just had a stupid fight with Shouto…"

"the fuck he wanted this time?" he slowly stroked her back, feeling her breath easing at his gentle care.

"the usual…don't mind it…" she sighed and he decided not to push further, but instead raising his red ice to burn into blue and grey ones that were sending daggers at him for a long time now. Not leaving the stare battle, Bakugou simply pulling the girl closer to him and narrowed his eyes against the male, making Todoroki to clench his jaw and fists.

He's fucking doing it again. He's making her sad for his own little petty reasons. For fucks sake, when will she fucking learn….






"Hold on there, Young students" All Might smiled in all his glory to the class that was ready to get up and get their costumes.

"the support team is in the locker room right now so we need to wait for a few more minutes!" he enthusiastically said, a thing that didn't suit the situation at all.

"so, in the meantime I will explain the training for today!

It is!

Duels!" he smiled proudly.

"but Mr. All might, we already dueled many times before, alone or 2 vs 2" Iida commented.

"but this time! You are dueling your partners! This will signify the end of your era together since you will be switching up your teams afterwards!"

The whole class started a commotion about this new challenge, some already figuring out what the real intention behind it was.



Your partners….

Yuki's breath hitched as she figured out, she needs to fight against Shouto. The still-mad-at-her-Shouto. But as she glanced back, she saw him nodding to her, in a much calmer state.

Maybe he cooled off…

Wait but if I'm against him…

"as you well remember, your partners are the ones you told your weaknesses and drawback to! So, in fact, you will be fighting as your weaknesses will be fully exploited!" he simply smiled as ALL of the students looked at him in terror.

Shit he's basically one big weakness shit shit shit

As she turned back again, she no longer saw Shouto, neither Bakugou, neither half of the class. She didn't even notice All Might told them to go change into their PE clothes and she quickly stood up, following.





"wait." A cold voice sound in the empty locker room. Bakugou was just closing his locker and turned around to see who was talking. Unfortunately, it was his least favorite person.

"the fuck you want now, you inconsiderate half and-"

"did you do something with her?" the guy glared at Bakugou and cut him off. This theater was getting on his nerves and he needed straight answers, and needed them now. He didn't understand why after he TOLD Yuki he wanted her to be with him, after he PUSHED her to it, she still stuck with her own reasoning and went straight up to Bakugou's hands, as if he wasn't jealous enough already. And since she won't give him answers, he decided to go to the person that will be honest about it, or his anger will give away their secret.

"what" Bakugou frowned in confusion.

"ARE YOU FUCKING HER?" Todoroki lost the little bit of composure he had left and fell into shaking rage and foul language, almost shouting his words.

Bakugou's face instantly reddened of the question, both of embarrassment and rage.

"NO." he clearly answered the painful truth, hoping it will take the bastard off his back. He didn't have the time nor nerves for an interrogation, especially one that reminded him of his unfulfilled needs.

"don't lie to me." Todoroki's voice was sharp as a knife.

"I don't need to lie to you." Bakugou returned in the same manner, holding himself from jumping at his throat.

"you two are being too close. Hanging out too much. And you expect me to believe NOTHING had happened between the two of you?" Todoroki again questioned, not buying one word.

Bakugou contemplated if he should beat 'nothing happened' into the bastard's head but then a more hurtful solution came up.

"scared she might realize you ain't shit Icyhot?" he smirked and spat his words at the most disrespectful way possible. If he wanted to mess with him, he should learn not to.

And he was beyond ecstatic when his words managed to anger the guy so much that he practically stormed out without a word. He smirked to himself until a realization dawned upon him.

Yuki was up against him next.

He fucked up.





"Yuki be careful" Bakugou told the girl before it was her turn to pace to the arena.

"what are you talking about? It's just training" the girl said, oblivious to the warning glares Todoroki and Bakugou were exchanging. on one hand Bakugou wanted to pin the girl in place and not let her go up against the mentally unstable freak that she was supposed to fight. The freak that he stupidity agitated. But on the other hand, he wasn't sure if Todoroki would hurt her. His anger was towards him, not her. But he wouldn't risk it, he would be on guard at all times. Ready to protect her at the slightest of signs.

"just be careful" he said again, placing his hand on her lower back to convey his intentions only to be faced with a confused look that she soon got rid of to face Todoroki.

The unseeingly but completely blind with rage Todoroki.

At this point, he had beyond enough.

He will have this girl.

He will take away what Bakugou wants most.

He will take it away and show him that he is the true winner.

He doesn't care what he had to do in order to get that.

He is going to be the number one hero, showing his father and the rest of the world that he is the best.

And this starts with making



Through the thing he loves most.





All might started his countdown for the duel and Bakugou could practically see Todoroki's muscles already moving on their own, fueling with rage and ready to freeze or burn the unsuspecting girl down. Bakugou looked closely and he already saw he activated his quirk.

He's not going to wait till countdown

The realization hit him as his body started moving towards the girl he had to protect from his mistakes.


All Might barely managed to count when a surge of ice passed through the arena.

Everything happened so fast Yuki didn't even get to see it.

On one moment she looked at Todoroki that launched an early attack at her, and on the other she was standing behind an ice statue.

Besides it wasn't an ice statue.

It was Bakugou that predicted the attack and jumped in front of her, taking it all himself.

He was completely covered beside a small opening at the top that the ice didn't get to. An opening big enough for his face to be breathing through it.

But everything else was ice. Head to toe.

She shook herself as suddenly all the rage came to her at the realization.

Shouto almost hurt me

Shouto buried my best friend in ice

Because he jumped in front of me to protect me.

From Shouto.

"SHOUTO WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!!?" she finally yelled at the guy that blinked to see his actions. He hasn't calmed down, not a bit. But the shock made him stop his actions to look at what happened.

"stupid brat I told you to be careful!!!"

"Baku oh my god I'm so sorry I-"

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT PRICK YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER!!!!!!" Bakugou yelled from the top of his lungs at Todoroki.

And only then it hit her.

He is much taller than me

I would have been buried in ice



Being shaken out of his shocked trance, seeing Yuki all worried over how to get his nemesis out of the ice, instead of BEING WORRIED ABOUT HIM

Made Shouto not want to release Bakugou.

If he was so great, then let him handle it himself.

"Shouto please free him!" Yuki pleaded and it shot his nerves again to another level. And he simply stomped out of the area, walking away from the class.

He had no doubt now that the two had some sort of relationship between them, if there wasn't Bakugou wouldn't have just jumped in front of her and take the hit. This was too caring of him for just friends. No, Bakugou loved Yuki. And it made him insanely mad.


"SHOUTO!" Yuki yelled at him as she panicky looked at Bakugou. She wanted to know what it was all about, but she couldn't leave Bakugou. Not until she heard an explosion and a large block of ice fell down, revealing Bakugou's left arm. Then he used his arm to create small explosions and melt the ice slowly.

"go" he shortly said.


"go after him. I'm fine"

"no, I-"

"Yuki go and sort this shit out. now." he commended.

And with a hesitant look she ran after the dual haired guy.

Bakugou didn't want to push her to talk to him, part of him wishing that she'll just try and forget the guy after this, but he knew Yuki wasn't the type to do that. So, he sent her away, letting her finally wrap up whatever was going on between them without interfering.




"Shouto wait please!" he heard her panting call from behind him.

He turned and narrowed his eyes at her, already feeling the hate he felt towards Bakugou now building against her.

"what is Bakugou to you?"

"what..?" she blinked at the sudden question.

Tired of people playing dumb in front of him, Shouto grind his teeth,


"he's my best friend!" she answered immediately, frightened by his dark aura.


"and what?!" she almost yelled in confusion. What did he want to hear? That she might have feelings towards him but on the other hand she's not sure if it's normal and maybe that's how being close friends feels?

"fine. Have it your way." Todoroki sneered and turned to walk away.

Afraid she'll lose him to his rage she desperately called after him.

"Shouto what do you want??"

"stop talking to him." he answered in a cool and quiet voice, that she wasn't sure if she heard him correctly.

"w..what..?" her breath hitched as he turned back to her.

"if you want this, you want us, to be together…then stop seeing him. stop talking to him. stop any type of contact with him. be with me and me only." He answered, in a gentler tone, trying to urge her to do the right decision without intimidating her.

"you can't ask me that…" she stuttered as her heart pumped heavily in her chest. She couldn't lose Bakugou, she wouldn't. even thinking about days without his jokes, his constant nagging, his support and rough care….she couldn't. it was too much and tears started to form in her eyes realizing Shouto won't settle even with being together and letting her have friends. He was beyond that was either him or Bakugou.

"I am asking you. I will give you as much time as you want if you fulfil this one condition. This is my only condition for being a couple with you"

"no…" she wiped the tears flowing from her eyes with her sleeve. "so I won't do it…"

Shouto's fists clenched at her answer, and his anger returned to him.

"so you choose him."

"if you force me to choose then yes, I choose the one that doesn't force me into it!" she yelled, for once, standing up for herself in front of the guy. Their 'relationship' was always controlling on his side and submissive on hers, but being with Bakugou and her friends made her realize that this wasn't right, that she is strong, raising her confidence and appreciation towards herself. That's why she couldn't let Bakugou go. Because even if it was strictly platonic, even if they will be just friends forever, he is the one that always has her back, that is always ready to stand by her and protect her, always slaps her back to reality, and always reminding her her worth.

"good bye then." He gulped his betrayal down and walked away, leaving the crying girl to watch his back getting smaller and smaller as he left her to eat what she had cooked.



Chapter Text

"give me that" Yuki told Kaminari that was holding a hair dryer and slowly melted the ice on Bakugou's leg while Bakugou was using small explosions to melt it on the other one.

Without looking at him she distracted herself from the recent event by focusing fully on getting Bakugou out of the ice. But he didn't buy her show, yet after looking at her longly and receiving no response, he let it go. He knew Yuki better than this, she will probably tell him when they're alone. But by the looks of it, talking to the bastard didn't go too well.


"oi!" Bakugou called after her the moment she darted away from him but she didn't even turn, only walking faster in hope of getting to a remote place and some peace and quiet to calm her thoughts that were so tangled up by now that she didn't even understand what they were saying, only that it was BAD.

Unfortunately, Bakugou wasn't the type you should ignore and run from, and he darted right after her and grabbed her arm to stop her. He had to know what exactly happened. She looked sad and hurt to him on one hand and on the other she looked pissed. Really pissed. What exactly that half bastard told her?

"Baku can we please not do it now?" she said without looking at him. this was possibly the one time that she didn't want to see Bakugou as well, since he was part of the problem, and the main center of her storming thoughts.

She could comprehend very little from what exactly her mind was telling her, but among it there was one thing that hurt most. Do I love Bakugou? And does he even want me back?

And most of her mind was yelling at her, yes, you love him. but he doesn't, and never will.

"follow me" he let go of her hand but made sure she walked after him and didn't run off in her almost unstable mental state.

The two walked up the stairs and then climbed up a few ladders till they reached the roof. It wasn't very high, being only a five-story building, but it was high enough to be secluded from the noise downstairs and any prying eye.

"so, what happened?" he turned to her and finally asked. She was leaning on the wall and looking at the horizon, her jaw was clenched and her breath shallow, all from forcing herself to calm down.

"we're done" she quickly answered, trying to shorten this conversation as much as possible.

"why? What did that fucker say?" Bakugou looked at the girl that still insisted on avoiding his look.

"does it matter?" she shot him down. She had no intention in this lifetime or the next to tell Bakugou what Todoroki told her, or most importantly what he asked her. Aching deep inside, she knew that if she did tell Bakugou about that, he will probably never look at her the same, or joke with her the same. Hell, this is Bakugou we're talking about. He might actually just spit the 'I never looked at you that way' crap straight to her face, as if she needed more things to sulk about.

But Bakugou wasn't pleased with her answer, and more so, about the fact that she never once looked at him since she got back. His mind started to evaluate what could Todoroki possibly say to her that made her act that way. The first thought was that he told her something about him, maybe a made-up lie, but there was always the possibility that he just straight up told her that Bakugou wanted her more than a friend. But if that was the case, why does she hide it from him? why is she avoiding him? he thought the feeling between them was mutual and that the only thing standing between them was that bastard; but seeing how she acts now, anxiety crept to him, and the thought of her rejecting him and backing away from their friendship because of that tormented him. he had to know, and he had to know now.

"Yuki…" he said in a low vice and walked up to her, placing a hand near her head and using the other to turn her chin gently towards him. "what happened there?"

Being so close to her now made him see her trembling lip and her constant gulping. He leaned closer to her and tilted his head until her connected with his red eyes.

"I don’t want to talk about it.." she almost whispered, Bakugou being in her close proximity after realizing she might actually be falling for him made her breath hitch more than it did and the last thing she wanted to do in this situation was talk.

Without a word he stayed there, a few inches from her face, staring at her deeply, while his thumb started to caress her jaw and eventually her cheek. When it moved to her neck she practically melted into the touch and he smiled gently at her, happy that he was the only one that knew her sweet spots. But as she opened her eyes again to look at him, she immediately blushed and tried to look aside, but her face was stopped by Bakugou's palm that moved to cup her cheek. He half smirked as he lowered his forehead to hers, the most intimate thing he allowed himself to do with her for now, but for once, she was reluctant.

She looked down as she raised her hands and placed them on Bakugou's muscular chest. It was torment to her, thinking that all of this, all of his so-called advances, all of their moments together, they weren't real, they were just a game to him, and she foolishly got tricked into falling for him, and messing up her life even further. But the pain inside her made her understand what she needed to do now. She was in the UA to study, and become a hero, and that's what she should be focused on. The more she will distract herself with studying and training, the better she will feel. And maybe someday she could forget about her pathetic feelings.

"Bakugou, stop" she said and pushed him harshly back, taking him by surprise.

"what?" he almost mumbled, looking at her wide eyed.

"this whole act…just…stop. I can't deal with it anymore…" she averted her gaze and let out the painful words that were actually hurting Bakugou more than she knew.

Act? is everything between us is an act? a fucking GAME?

"what are you fucking talking about Yuki?!" he couldn't contain himself and raised his voice.

"just…forget it. I had a long day and I want to be alone; I'll see you later ok?" she said quietly and left Bakugou to stand there with his thoughts.




The next few days weren't better either.

It seemed like Yuki had bottled up all of her emotions and became mostly a robot. The lively spark that she had was now gone and she barely made jokes or teased Bakugou anymore, a thing that concerned him. the only times he saw her show any type of emotion whatsoever was when she was looking at Todoroki, and it tore Bakugou's heart apart, knowing that even after dumping her, he still had an effect on her. He still was in the picture. Haunting them. Taunting. But nevertheless, he prepared for it. of course, he would have liked it better if things would have gone by his plan and she would have gradually lose feelings towards the bastard and gain them towards him, rather than cutting it off abruptly with a fight. But still, he knew that getting Todoroki out of the equation will involve some sadness from her side, it was inevitable. And he intended to be there for her until she got better, and be her shoulder to lean on.

But this wasn't what he expected. Instead of turning to him she just shut off completely. No matter how hard he tried to get her to talk to him, or at least hug her to make her feel better, it seemed that every day she slipped away from his grasp, and become more and more distant. Not only to him but to everyone. she refused coming to his apartment or going out like they usually did, and in the one time he got pissed and practically dragged her with him, it wasn't the same. Yes, they were laughing, eating and joking together. But something was missing. As if the chemistry that they usually had got shattered that day on the roof.

He still couldn't figure out what she meant by act. to him, he tried his best to show her his emotions, to show her he cares, and will forever care about her. This was no act. but the thought of maybe it meant nothing to her haunted his sleep and he tried his hardest to not think about it, not until she'll want to talk.

But things never got better.

Yes, she showed less emotion when she locked eyes with Todoroki, but was it a good thing in the current circumstances? It was practically the one thing that showed she wasn't an android. Almost two weeks passed and her behavior continued. Bakugou tried to send others to talk to her, in thought that at least she'll talk to anyone even if it wasn't him, but neither Mina, Jirou, Denki nor Kirishima managed to bring out anything out of her. heck, he even thought turning to Deku and Round Face for help, knowing that they were good in this feeling stuff, but the event that day stopped him from doing so.

Yuki and Bakugou sat and chatted nonchalantly with Kirishima as the classroom door opened and there walked Todoroki, holding hands with no other than Momo that had a huge grin on her face. Even from the side of his eye Bakugou could see Yuki tense up and then turn and continued reading the book she was reading before he came. But he knew her, and her eyes couldn't lie to him. she was hurt, even if she doesn't show it.

He stayed by her the whole day and fortunately so, since he was sure she will break down any second as the day went by. From seeing the new couple walking hugged everywhere, like Shouto used to hug her, or from them sitting together and Momo was smearing herself all over him, and to the pinnacle of the day when Yuki and Bakugou passed the two kissing in the hallway. It was as all the bad luck had turned to Yuki that day, or that the two were doing it on purpose.

By the end of the day Yuki was so mentally exhausted from holding herself together and pretending that she was fine, she practically darted out of the classroom the moment the last bell rung. Bakugou didn't even managed to pack his things before she was gone from his sights. He cursed internally and walked down the hallway and eventually out of the campus, looking around to maybe spot her, but he didn't. he raised her phone and dialed her number but she didn't answer. Not once, not twice, not the fifth time.

Stupid brat probably left it on silent again.

She usually did it when she felt overwhelmed, at first, he got mad thinking that it was just a lame excuse to not talk to him, but then he saw that she actually got stressed from the constant notifications and he sometimes even turned them off himself.

He walked slowly towards his apartment. It was a 20-minute walk from the campus but for the past few days he felt he needed the fresh air. Seeing Yuki, the love of his life, turning to someone that barely wants anything to do with him, all due to the bastard breaking her heart…it was hard on him. it was even harder for him knowing that she still cares about the bastard. If she didn't, she wouldn't have gotten so stressed from learning he moved on to the bitch.

Fuck. If only she would have just let me make it all better instead of being a stubborn brat…she would have been happy by now. Fuck.

He was already close to breakage point himself. All of his advances towards her were turned down and she wasn't affectionate towards him anymore, and even pulled away from his usual hair ruffles and touches. And he missed her touch. He missed her laugh. He missed her angelic voice that had pure emotion in it. he missed training with her or being close like they used to. He just missed his Yuki and he was on edge, the thought of him losing her forever stopped him from getting a good night sleep or even being alone without almost going insane. He needed his Yuki back, she was his life, his light, his sanity, and he felt like he's being torn to shreds daily by the vessel that used to hold her and the cold treatment.

As he continued walking, he recognized a small figure with a brown hair waving in the slight breeze the evening brought. Finally, he found her.

She was sitting on the grass in a small park, looking at the distance where two dogs were chasing each other's. The scenery was peaceful but her aura was troubled. Anyone could see it from miles away, and as Bakugou walked closer to her and leaned on a tree a few feet from her he also got a glimpse of her shining eyes and a trace of tears decorating her cheeks. And it killed him. after everything he was trying to do, after staying by her side no matter what she threw at him and how he felt inside, after tolerating the degradation of their relationship to ash, it tore him see her cry over another. It maybe was selfish, but at this point his heart was as swallowed from pain as hers was, if not even more, and he couldn't take it anymore.

"when are you going to stop mopping over him, Yuki?" he asked her with the calmest voice he managed to let out.

"I'm not mopping" she answered without looking at him even.

"then what are you doing here, sitting on the grass and crying?"

"I just want to be alone…"  she sighed, they had this conversation for a few times already, Bakugou trying to press her and she avoiding him, trying to bury or kill the feelings she had towards him, knowing that if she'll succumb to his whims and actually revealed her thoughts like she used to, she won't be able to get up from it.

"you need to talk to me." He said in a stern voice, he had enough of it. he needed to know what was going with her already. He had to fix it.

"I don’t want to talk" she quietly answered. Bakugou was the only person she could actually share her feelings to, but now he was the only one she couldn't.

And Bakugou couldn't do this anymore.

He felt as he was about to break from the thing he will do, but he knew that he will break either way.

He pushed down his tears, and took a deep breath.

If she doesn't want me anymore…if she never will again…I can't keep pushing myself on her…if she doesn't want me here…then maybe I should just…give up…

"you want me to go?" he asked in an almost shaky voice, afraid of hearing the conformation to what his mind was telling me.

"yeah…" she sighed, her mind aching at the thought of Bakugou leaving her like this, but she had to…being close to him now will only bring heartache on her, and ruin their platonic friendship she stupidly mistook for something more.

Bakugou's lip started quivering and he turned to walk away before he might actually burst in tears. But his emotion got the best of him and he couldn't stop himself from shooting back at her

"you know, I really fucking cared about you.." but as he saw her looking down instead of him, and he regretted his words…it's not like she cared anymore. "you know what, fuck it…" he said and stomped back to the street and towards his house, leaving Yuki to sit alone, a new batch of tears forming.

She didn't dare look back, knowing that to see Bakugou walking away from her will be like a death sentence. She loved him, she loved him with all her heart. And it killed her, knowing that she will forever be one of his friends, knowing that one day she'll be left alone by him too, knowing that if she kept close, she one day will have to watch him kiss another girl, smothering her with the affection she was longing for.

The little show Todoroki and Momo showed today got her a taste of what it will feel like, a small and bitter taste. Throughout the whole day seeing them together, knowing this could have been her if she wasn't dumb enough to fall in love with no other but her best friend.

And now, she had to push him away as well.


Chapter Text

Sometimes, the school holidays come just in time.

After that day, there was the weekend. And after the weekend, a week off of school.

At first, Yuki blessed Nezu the principle with all her heart, since the recent events and pretending she was fine when she wasn't, took a toll on her, and a week long break was just what she needed to regain her mental strength.

Or so she thought.

Does a break matter if you can't even sleep?

Bakugou's words, and more importantly, her words and acts towards Bakugou haunted her sleep. She knew it was wrong of her to push him away without any explanation, especially when he still stood by her and tried to comfort her, tried to help, even when she was a complete bitch to him. and then he got fed up. Yuki was sure this was the beginning of the end, him giving up on her and forgetting about her while she tries to bury down her useless and pathetic feelings. And she felt like total shit. If she just would have sucked it up and went to talk to him, tell him why exactly she's distant, then he wouldn't have gotten hurt. But no, she was just a scared little girl, afraid of hearing his rejection first hand and proving that there was nothing there from the start. So, she resorted to hiding and running away, in hope that he will leave her alone one day. And now, he did. And she felt torn apart.

It was nothing official, there wasn't any big scene, a big fight you'll expect from Katsuki Bakugou and the second place hot headed Yuki, but his last words to her, felt like a goodbye.

'I fucking cared about you'

Cared…yes, he did care about her. that was possibly the thing that got her hooked on him from the start, his rough exterior, feisty attitude, and loving soul. She must admit, she loved feeling like she was the queen of the world with him, being the only one he considered as equal… But nothing lasts forever.

Her self-loathing continued from the moment Bakugou left her to cry in the park, and up until now, two days into the break. Usually he would call her a few times a day if they weren't hanging out that day, and they would be constantly texting besides that, telling each other how the day goes by or just sending stupid shit, and sometimes just talk in the group chat with the Bakusquad. Even after pushing him away he still made sure to call her once a day on weekends and ask if she was alright, and they still texted sometimes. She could hear his disappointed tone even through her texts, but nevertheless he still did it, he still tried, because he cared.

But now? There was no sign of him. she would have thought something happened to him unless she saw him sending a few messages in the group chat. Other than that, he didn't call, he didn't text her once, and the guilt trip she was experiencing just got worse. She couldn't help but think that to make Bakugou like this she might have hurt him really bad, and his cold messages in the GC proved her that she might be right. And it hurt, because it wasn't supposed to be this way. She was the only one that should be suffering, not him. the thought of putting him through what she experienced for the last weeks scared her and she decided to finally take the initiative.

YUKI: hey…we didn't talk for a while…how are you?

She pressed send and almost threw the phone at the floor when the "seen" sign showed.

But after a minute, and then two, and then five…he didn't answer. Even after an hour her phone still didn't buzz in response. Usually he would have answered in a second, so it was clear to her that he was mad at her. very mad. Too mad to even tell her what he thought, and that was bad.

She picked up her phone and pressed his icon and the dial button, her heart squeezing at the sight of his profile picture that showed him smirking straight at the camera. How she missed his smirk… she missed everything about him, even their constant swearing exchanges that usually ended up in him pinning her down and her laughing too much to resist.

"you reached the voicemail of number-" Yuki hung up before the rest of the message was sound, and she sighed in sorrow. Did he ignore her call or was he just not available?

I wonder what he's doing…

He's not visiting his parents since he told Kirishima that he can come over if he wants…

Yuki laid back in bed, thinking of how she used to be the one he would call and invite over, she was always the first one he thought about…and now it's all ruined. But too late to do anything anymore.

After listening to the voicemail for three more times she gave up and decided to text him.

YUKI: listen…I know I acted like a bitch and you don't deserve it one bit…I'm sorry. I really am. Can we talk about it?

Sent. Seen. Ignored.

Yuki, who thought no more tears could come out of her, was proved wrong when she knelt down in her room and cried her eyes out, clenching her shirt over her chest, dying internally by the heartache she felt.




MY BRAT: I'm sorry Bakugou, I really am…I know I don't deserve it but I just want to talk…Please

After three more calls from her that made him throw his phone on the wall and almost break the device that was barely saved by the thick cover that was made just for reckless and relentless guys like him, he finally took the phone in his hands and read her message.

She was calling and texting him since yesterday, as if he wasn't feeling shitty enough. he didn't know heartbreak was THAT bad, he always thought it was something exaggerated in movies. But no. he felt like he was falling apart. He felt like he couldn't breath anymore, taking shallow breaths all the time that didn’t allow him to even fill half of his lungs and made his already hazy-with-pain head even hazier.

He tried to focus on other things, he really did. But when he trained, he thought of her, when he cooked, he thought of her, when he watched movies, he thought of her. heck he could barely even look at his closet without images of her in his clothes popped into his mind.

He felt punished. Like this was the price for all of the joy he felt ever since she stomped into his life with a cheeky attitude and a magnetic character.

He didn't want to let go. He didn't want to ignore her. all he wanted was to hear her voice again, but unfortunately, he knew this won't be HER voice. He knew that after talking to her he would feel worse than before. So he decided not to. He decided to end his suffering. If she's no longer Yuki because of him, if she acts all cold because something he did, or because she didn't feel this way back, it was the time to let her go, even though the thought was too painful for him to bear. He decided to take this school break as a rehab time…and when he got back to UA and won't be able to avoid her any further, he will calmly tell her that they should part ways. Tell her that there's no hard feelings between them, tell her that they should just forget it all.

And pretend as if he ever could.

He didn't know when e became so infatuated with her, but at the course of the last six months he became dependent on her. he completely and utterly fell in love with her. and he now felt like his everything was ripped away from him, as well as his heart.

Another call from Yuki. And he stood there looking at his phone and the profile pic he set to her. it was a pic of them together, sweaty and smiling after training, hugging closely. And at this moment, he hated this picture. Envying the Bakugou in the picture that he still had her, and will have forever, when he himself couldn't even touch her one last time. He declined the call, not caring anymore how it looks. She probably figured by now that he didn't want to talk. He turned off his phone and went back to the sofa to watch some more shitty action movies, everything as long as there's no romance in it.

He wanted to wait, to take his time, rephrase what was spiraling in his mind, and only then at the end of the week he will talk to her and part ways. Unfortunately, Yuki didn't go according to his plans.

A knock on the door startled him and he got up, pissed at whoever is daring to disrupt his self-pity spiral, only to open the door to a puffed-eyed brown-haired girl, that looked worse than he did. His initial instinct was to pull her to him and ask her what happened, and embrace her until it was better, but he stopped himself. She won't allow it anyways, and now he won't allow it himself. Maybe she was right, maybe leaving each other's lives was the only option now.


Yuki, that got there purely on an impulse, was now struck by the realization that Bakugou was standing right in front of her, and she lost all of her words. She wanted to tell him she's sorry, she wanted to confess to him that it's all because of her stupid fantasies. She wanted to end this the right way, but she couldn't, being struck numb by the person in front of her that pierced her with his red eyes.

"why are you here, Yuki?" he finally spoke instead.

"I..I wanted to apologize…"

"It's fine" he said and averted his gaze. It was most definitely not fine. Not only his cold demeanor but also the fact that they were standing in the doorway and he didn't want her in.

"…I acted like a bitch and you-"

"if that's what you're here for, then don't sweat it, we're fine." He said sternly.

Yuki opened her mouth to protest but she knew there was nothing to protest at. Even with Bakugou being like this, he wouldn't lie. There was a short silence between them that was only filled with the cold autumn breeze that sent a shiver down her spine.

"you didn't answer my calls…and messages…" she spoke in a quiet voice that made Bakugou hate himself at that moment. What did he expect to happen? That she will stay on hold until he feels like talking to her? fucking bullshit.

"I wanted to be alone too." He shortly answered and tried his best not to look at her. but she noticed it and immediately her caring side came out in expense of the cold one she tried to pull over her.

"what's wrong?" she tilted her head to look in his eyes.

The one time her eyes were finally looking black and lively like they used to, from all times had to be now. Fucking great. As if you don't know what's wrong…

"never mind." He turned her down, knowing that if he'll let down his guard even one mm she will find her way to is heart, and at this state he would probably just burst out crying and begging her to stop this nonsense. So he couldn't do it. he couldn't open up. He had to go back to bottling it all up, although this skill was somewhat rusty after not using it for a long time.

"Katsuki, please, what happened?" she pushed again, knowing he will probably budge when showed a bit of tenderness. But he wouldn't, not this time.

"can you go?" he asked in the meanest tone he could possibly let out towards her without looking at her face that was shocked. She really did push him this far.

"Katsuki…why do you want me to leave so badly?" she asked in the gentle voice he adored and her fluttering touch on his arm was more than enough to make him burst. Tears were dwelling in his eyes but instead of crying he let them out in the only other way he knew, by anger.

"BECAUSE YOU'RE THE FUCKING PROBLEM!!" he snapped and pulled his hand from her touch. And once he snapped there was no going back for him. "All of this fucking time!! WASTED!! On that fucking Icy hot bastard!! And I didn't say a word. Even not after you realized he was just playing you and using you!! And still!!!! After fucking being there all the fucking time, after doing what's good for YOU !! after caring for your fucking sorry ass!! Still.." his yelling reduced to painfully quiet whispers as his voice and heart broke in front of her "you never even considered me…no matter what I did…it was just him…all along…" his last words were only a whisper and Yuki's tears were flowing freely now down her face, leaving their trail to be cooled by the chilly weather.

"but it doesn't matter.." Bakugou finally spoke again in a more collected tone, after letting his inner struggles finally out "I'll get over it. I just need to be alone, and away from you…" he said these last words with pain and regret in his voice, but that was what's needed to be done.

"no, Kats-"

"Yuki. I can't fucking deal with this shit anymore. It hurts like a fucking bitch and I can't anymore, so please just leave me alone" he said and closed the door before immediately falling on his knees. Did he really do it? did he just tell the love of his life to leave him alone? As if he could feel alive without her. as if he could feel anything at all. He kneeled and cried silently as he heard her sobs and her quiet footsteps finally leaving his doorstep.

That's it.

She's gone.

She's really gone.

Chapter Text

Everyone knew something was up from the moment Bakugou entered the classroom at the first day after the break ended.

Yuki's behavior has been odd for the past few weeks so no one paid any more attention to it when she asked Jirou to switch seats with her, and no one noticed that she was 'deader' than usual, since she masked it so well.

What they did notice was Bakugou that didn't have his usual grumpy appearance, and he was surprisingly quiet. When he sat down, he stole a glance at the seat next to him and then noticing Yuki sat in the other side of class, visibly avoiding his gaze. Even though disappointment washed over him and also a wave of sadness, he did what he practiced these past few days, and swallowed it up. It's over. Just fucking let it go.

He pulled out his earphones from his backpack and turned the music to the highest volume and melted into his chair. He tried to come just in time in order to avoid useless talking that might give up his act, but he still had a few minutes spare and he decided to make sure no one will get near him.

Unfortunately, his friends are idiots that get no hints.

"yo Bakubro, what's up with you and Yuki?" Kirishima and Denki surrounded his desk and asked quietly and worryingly.

"yeah I doubt she switched places with me just to be next to Kaminari" Jirou added.

"hey!!! What if she secretly likes me?!" Denki swooshed his hair back in order to look more appealing, but with no success.

As if she would look at someone like Kaminari…shit…they're making me think of her again…

"nothing. Let it go." He said and looked them dead in the eye, and for once, they did understand the clue- 'don't talk about it. not now. not ever.'




Ignoring each other proved easier than expected during class, all thanks to Yuki's small seat change. She knew that for her, as long as she kept him out of her sight and her thoughts, she might be able to look partially normal and not fall apart, at uni at least. She channeled all of her Mind's energy into focusing on the boring classes and taking notes, and nothing else. Completely nothing else. The quirk suppressors helped in that matter since they partially worked as anti-depressants. her quirk was strong, and a mental one, so even with the best control and discipline, eventually signs of her inner struggles showed up. During the break, in the brief times Aizawa wasn't out on missions, he noticed the air around her. it was like a scene from a sci-fi movie, her gaze was fixated on a point in blank space but her hair and clothes moved on their own, like the slightest breeze twirled around them. Although, it wasn't a breeze, it was energy. Energy emitted and absorbed by Yuki herself and that energy moved around her body gently like the matter around a black hole. It was mesmerizing, but at the same time, frightening. If her normal state allows her to influence energy without notice, people might be hurt if she gets worse. After Aizawa gently called to her, the motion stopped and her hair was dropped on her shoulders. Usually she needed a meditative state in order to emit or borrow energy from the surroundings, but now, purely her thoughts fueled this action, proving she was getting stronger. After a short explanation of 'I had a fight with Bakugou and I don't want to talk about it', Aizawa brought up the idea of quirk suppressor for the time being. It wasn't necessary, seeing that even in this state she didn't let her quirk do any damage to the surroundings, however it was a precaution. A temporary measure for a week, until she will feel better. She was being excused from the hero training for the whole week, on Aizawa's order.




Bakugou sat there and looked at the board numbly. He lost his focus when Present Mic asked Yuki if she wanted to answer his question, like she usually did, and hearing her small voice declining gently made him lose track of what was going on.

Damn it, focus dammit!!!

His mind screamed at him but as he forcibly tried to focus back on the lecture, it was already lunch time.  Disappointed in himself for tripping like that over something so trivial, he wore back his scowl and dug his hands in his pockets, turning off his emotions for as long as he could. He didn't know what will happen next. Usually Yuki would just sit with them, but will she even want to after how he treated her?

The same thought passed through Yuki's head as she packed her things slowly, making sure that Bakugou and the rest of the gang are out of the class before dropping the act. as if she could sit with them and not hate her entire being for messing up something so beautiful. she wasn't going to have lunch today, perhaps the whole week or until she figured something out. She wasn't hungry anyways. For the past weeks she ate to survive and when Aizawa was home to eat with her, and that's it. it didn’t matter anyways to her.

But to him it did.

"hey where's Yuki?" Mina sat down at their usual table and noticing the empty spot next to Bakugou that no one dared to sit in.

"they had a fight" Denki tried to whisper in her ear but he was too loud and dumb for it. Bakugou glared daggers at him and continued eating his food fuming to himself. He fumed because it was true, and he fumed because he didn't know where the fuck she was. He scanned the whole cafeteria. Twice. She was definitely not there. Which means she's neglecting herself again, like the stupid brat she was. He didn't want to care, he really didn't. he wanted to let her go, let her ride her guilt train and get over it eventually. But he couldn't. it was too deep inside of him now.

He finished his food and got up, not waiting for the rest to even start their meal. He didn't want to hear their stupid opinions and questioning anyways. But shitty hair, being the shitty hair he is, got up right after him and walked with him outside. Bakugou stopped to breathe some fresh air and ignored the merciful look Kirishima was throwing him.

"what." He finally asked annoyed.

"how do you feel?" Kirishima simply inquired.

"like a fucking shit that told her he didn't want anything to do with her anymore" his answer was short but held all the information Kirishima will try to pry out of him.

"but you don't mean it…" Kirishima tried to analyze his friend. He knew, well…everyone knew, Yuki was the most important person to Bakugou. He already saw him when he thought he lost her, after the USJ incident, so hearing him say he initiated the 'breakup' was something un-comprehendible to him.

But Bakugou didn’t answer, only his heart yelling the obvious and painful truth.

Of course I fucking don't





The two walked back to class, 15 minutes earlier than they should, but Bakugou stopped as he passed the class window, and Kirishima halted right after him.

Bakugou looked inside the class where a certain girl laid her head on her desk, trying to get some rest before the rest returned. Her books were still on her desk, which means she didn't even get up since the last lesson.

"let's go shitty hair" Bakugou said in a low voice and Kirishima followed him, confused.



"what an appetite! That's manly!" Kirishima cheered when Bakugou bought a sandwich from the mini-convenience store that the campus had, along with a bottle of juice.

The two walked back to the hallway and as they approached the class Bakugou handed Kirishima the paper bag. Kirishima in his turn took it with an utter look of confusion.

"give it to Yuki. Don't tell her it's from me. And make sure she fucking eats it" Bakugou shortly answered and walked into class, wearing back his signature frown, and heading to his desk without turning to look at the brown head that lifted itself from the desk I front of it. he put on his earphones back into his ears but he didn't start the music, not until he heard shitty hair talking to her and making her take the bag.

Why do you keep making me take care of you…you stupid brat…

But he knew why. He knew it's because he loved her. and because he promised to himself and her, that he will always protect her. could he even fulfil it now? He didn't know, but a part of him felt slightly relieved as he saw her eating her sandwich in the reflection of the whiteboard. maybe he could never truly get over her…so what…




"Yuki! I didn't see you at lunch today!" Kirishima walked over to her like the big ass sunshine he was.

"yeah…" she stole a glance and saw that Bakugou was not even paying attention, but rather listening to music, and continued her conversation "I wasn't really hungry…"

"still you need to eat! Here, take this!" he handed her the paper bag.

"Kiri you really didn't need to-" she tried to protest without sounding ungrateful. She didn't need Kiri hating on her too now.

"you can't study with an empty stomach! And we have hero training today!! You have to get something before then!" he raised his thumbs and she accepted her defeat.

"I'm not participating in hero training…but thanks, I will eat it. thanks for...caring…and means a lot" she said and she could swear she saw a trace of sadness and guilt in his eyes for a brief moment.

The truth was, he was contemplating rather he should just tell her it was Bakugou. It didn't feel manly at all to take the credit for something he didn't do, or even think of. Bakugou should be the one being praised and thanked over his generosity. Especially when Kirishima knew he wouldn't do it for anyone else.

"wait what, why not??" he then processed what she had said.

"quirk problems…don't worry about it" she said and it looked like she didn't want to talk about it no further, so he just nodded and let her eat in peace. As he got to his place, he caught Bakugou watching from the side of his eye and smiled an invisible smile when he tried to pretend like he didn't.

You truly love her, don't you?

His bittersweet thought came to mind and he took out his phone to play with it. it wasn't his place to intervene, and seeing that the two still cared for each other was the sign he needed to back off. They will figure it out themselves eventually.


On the other side of class Yuki ate her sandwich in silence and enjoyed every bite. She didn't know she was starving until she took the first bite and she secretly thanked Kirishima over and over again in her heart for his consideration. Although something didn't add up and only at the end of her meal, she realized this was her favorite sandwich, and the juice was the same juice she used to drink when she felt down.

How did Kiri know? Or is it just a coincidence…

But the faint smell of burnt sugar that hit her sensitive nose made her rethink again. As she drank, she looked at him, he looked so unphased and distant, like in the day she met him, just much less loud. He really looked like he didn't care anymore, and after what he said, it's hard not to think it's the truth.

My mind is tricking me again…

She sighed, and placed the bottle down. It was lecture time again and as the teacher walked in, she focused back on her task.

Just 4 more hours to go.




The days went by quickly for her, as she focused mostly at studying; with no PE or hero training, a few days went by just fine. She cried less and less, so in her opinion, she was better than ever. In order to not bankrupt Kirishima or Bakugou, she saved him the act of buying her food every day and came to the Cafeteria at lunch, although she sat on her own table, not wanting to impose on Bakugou and the rest.

At first, idiots like Mineta or Monoma tried to sit with her/hit on her, much to Bakugou's silent dismay, but she was quite intimidating , now more than ever, and they excused themselves and never returned, so she spent the next few lunches alone.

At least she eats… Bakugou thought. Not that this was any better, he felt guilty for making her sit alone like this only because they sat with him. he was glad for the one time that Shinsou came to lunch at the same hour and sat with her.

"so…why are you here and not with them?" the purple haired guy asked her.

"can't really say I'm wanted there" she shrugged.

"that's why blondie has been staring at you since you sat down?" he amusingly answered.

"probably planning how to kill me"

"oh, I should ask for some advice then" he made her chuckle.

When was the last time she laughed? It's been weeks already. This was a nice relief and she cherished Shinsou and his nonchalant way to care for her.

"why aren't you training with us anymore?" he stuck a for filled with food to his mouth.

"surprised Aizawa didn't tell you" she said and dug in her bag and took out an orange pill box and handed it to him.

"quirk suppressors? Why the hell do you need that for?" he looked at her puzzled. She had one hell of quirk power but she also knew exactly how to use it, due to her very long training.

"say that louder, won't you?" she hissed sarcastically and looked around making sure no one heard it. "poor mental state, poor quirk control…you know how it's like"

"and still you don't talk to me and act like everything's fine." He drilled his purple gaze into her eyes.

"nothing much to say"

"do you want me to activate my quirk and force you to tell me or are you going to do this yourself?" he threatened, and for once she knew he was serious.

"I've been a bitch and Bakugou hates me, rightfully so. I told you there's not much to say, I fucked up" she shrugged and put a sad smile on her face, it was the best way she found to deal with this talk without risking tears spilled.

"and you don't apologize because…?" Shinsou raised an eyebrow and looked almost done with her shit.

"sorry can't fix it…trust me." She sighed and Shinsou let it go, she really didn't look in the right mental state to talk about it for now.




The orange pill box continued haunting Bakugou. What was it? was it antidepressants? For how long has she been taking them? Did she start because of him? and if not, how come he never noticed it?

He wanted to ask the mind controller about it, but he never got the chance since general studies had a completely different schedule than the hero course. his thoughts kept racing, and his heart kept twitching every time he saw her sit alone at lunch. She didn't deserve it, not because of him. her place was there with him, and if not with him then surrounded by friends. He got the dull end of the blade since nothing barely changed besides her not being more than a classmate. But for her…he couldn't stop thinking how shitty it must feel, losing all your friends, your quirk, your mental stability, everything. And still she acted as if nothing could hurt her, like always. perhaps it was true. Perhaps he hurt her so badly that nothing that could ever happen will be compared to this. Perhaps he really broke her forever.

DAMN IT!!!!!

"you three." He raised his red eyes to look at the trio that tried to sit down at their usual place, and Kirishima, Mina and Denki visibly gulped and stopped in their track. This was a different kind of angry Bakugou, the kind that might actually kill as a warning.

"go and sit with Yuki, you're her friends too for fucks sake" his tone sounded like yelling but his voice was low, probably so she wouldn't hear it.

"but you-" Kirishima tried to ask about him but he just stopped him with a typical "don't fucking care".




"GIRLLLLL we haven't talked in agesssssssss" Mina's voice sounded through the cafeteria and Yuki's chuckle eased Bakugou's heart. For once he did the right choice.

But that didn't last long, since Yuki basically yelled at them the next day to go back to Bakugou and they reluctantly sat down at the table in silence. Yuki continued eating with her usual neutral expression and when she finished, she got up and went back to class, just like she did in the past week, and Bakugou couldn't help but worry. To what extent she's going to be like this? It was one thing to push him away but her friends didn't do anything wrong. The only person she talked to was Shinsou and this also was short termed since he wasn't the talkative type. And according to Denki, Shinsou said she didn't tell him anything either.

What the fuck are you doing Yuki… His worry once again took over his as she walked back in class. Her eyes and nose rosy. Nobody could notice it but he did, like always. He wasn’t a fool, he knew that she was crying and it took all of his force not to reach out to her, not to pull her in his arms, even talking to her seemed dangerous at this point. He did this much damage only by existing, who knows what talking to her will do to him. so, he settled with just looking, scanning her, and when she finally caught his gaze, he gave her a meaningful look, showing that he still cared. But she clenched her jaw and packed her things, leaving the lecture before it begun. And Bakugou honestly thought of doing the same. How did it come to this? That she can't even look at him anymore? How did it happen?

He was starting to think there was no fix to it. his pain never eased, it was just better concealed, and she didn't seem to get any better either. So now he had to rethink his way of action. What was he going to do?




"maybe go talk to her already?! This SUCKS!" Denki tried to be the first to initiate the "intervention" that the squad secretly talked about.

"I can't talk to her" Bakugou answered shortly. As if his thoughts weren't already difficult to comprehend, now the idiots had to intervene.

"bro you guys need to talk, at least sort whatever is going on between you two out. this isn't normal!" Kirishima continued.

"I can't-"

"can't or don’t wanna?" Mina added.

"I FUCKING told her that I don't want to see her again. What am I supposed to fucking say? Hey I lied?" Bakugou started yelling but lowered his voice immediately

"or just say that you didn't mean it! It's Yuki! She'll forgive you!" Kirishima nudged him. Bakugou's heart clenched, knowing it's the truth. Even in this state, Yuki still had a forgiving heart deep within her, especially towards her friends. She would have taken him back, but it wouldn't be the same anymore. Not after what he told her, not after being away for so long. And even if it did…he wasn't sure he deserved it.

"no. just no." he scoffed and turned back to his plate, but got interrupted by Denki sitting down next to him and putting a hand on his shoulder.  this talk made Bakugou lose sight of what was happening right before him, until Denki averted his attention back to Yuki's table, where no other than Todoroki himself decided to sit.

"if you don't talk to her you're gonna lose her to someone else"





"wrong table I presume" Yuki let out in a venomous tone without looking at the dual haired guy that placed his tray in front of hers.

"not at all" he said in his usual cold tone and his gazing on her was rewarded with a death stare.

"what happened to your bitch ass girlfriend?" she ate quickly, trying to get enough food in her stomach before she'll dart out of there. Todoroki was the second last person she didn't want to deal with right now, and stupid Momo was the third.

"never had one. And if you refer to Momo it was a consensual experiment" he stated. He wanted to show Yuki what she was missing, and apparently it worked better than expected, even getting rid of Bakugou in the process. Now she was alone and fragile, her voice barely over a whisper, and she was beautifully wrecked. And now he had come to pick up her pieces, since she was now there for the taking. Even her will to fight was almost gone, so he was certain that he WILL eventually have her.

She didn't respond to his last statement, since she didn't really care. all she cared about was getting out of there before the conversation will come to a place that would actually hurt her.

And it did.

"so, you did it after all" he looked her in the eyes and smiled gently.

A part of her was telling her to play it dumb and ask did what, but she knew what he was referring to. As if the broken friendship with Bakugou was something to congratulate. If anything, it was something to mourn. and she did. She mourned daily rather she liked it or not, since without Bakugou, she didn't feel herself anymore, the thing she knew would happen if she had accepted Todoroki's offer that day. And now he dares to claim it was for him, as if she could ever choose anyone over Bakugou, especially the cold-hearted manipulative bastard that sat in front of her.

"I didn't do it for you. And never will. Now leave me the fuck alone." She said harshly and got up, but a cold hand that grasped painfully on her arm stopped her. she turned to send a deadly glare at Todoroki that was way-too-close to her and was holding her firmly. Without her quirk she couldn't escape his grasp, she knew it, so she tried her best to intimidate him.

"LET GO OF ME!!" she yelled and tried to jerk her hand away and step further from him but to no avail.

"you should reconsider." He said coldly and an intimidating aura surrounded him. he was displeased that she'd rather stay alone than come to his arms, and to be honest, it made him a bit rash.

He pulled her closer to him and tightened his already painful grasp on her arm without noticing. The others noticed the little drama unfolding but they knew better than to intervene, this was Shouto Todoroki, one of the strongest students around- picking up a fight when he looked raging was something they didn't dare doing.

"SHOUTO LET ME GO!!" she yelled and tried to resist him the best she could before a familiar hand placed itself over Todoroki's one and she could hear the crackling of a warning explosions.

"Hands off, icyhot." Bakugou look could have killed anyone at this point and Kirishima's presence that send scolding looks at Todoroki didn't help him either, so he regained his composure and let go of her, yanking her arm back in the process, before he left the Cafeteria.

This scene was already enough to send Yuki back in a spiral of hate and tears, but the thing that completely broke her was the aftermath.

Bakugou stepped closely and looked at her until she raised her eyes to him, black ones connecting to red ones, in a way they hadn't for a very long time. She will surely cry over the scene later that night, but now she was too mesmerized by Bakugou's presence near her to even shed a single tear. He looked in her eyes for a few long seconds, savoring the look he missed so much, before asking her in the gentlest way he possibly could "are you ok?"

What was she supposed to answer to that? Her mind was a shitshow and her heart a wreck, she can't use her quirk and her neglected body wasn't very strong either. She was like a fallen leaf, waiting to be crushed for the fun of it. but he probably asked about what happened, so she should keep it at that.

"yeah.." she managed to let out.

His gaze trailed to where Todoroki's arm held her, the pale skin turned red as expected and he mindlessly raised his hand and traced it with his finger, enticed by the smooth skin that was so close for him to touch for the first time in a month. But her words took him out of his trance and he quickly pulled his hand back into his pocket, afraid he'll do even more things he'd regret, thoughts about cupping her cheek or pulling her for an embrace or even a kiss crossed his mind and he pushed them aside. Not this. Not now. He was doing so great. It's not possible that a single touch will ruin everything he worked hard to bury within himself.

"thanks, Baku…" she told him quietly and his nickname sounded like music to his ears, to the point that he couldn't be there anymore without falling for her all over again.




"thanks, Baku…" Yuki quietly said and looked down, holding herself from looking at him. his touch on her arm left pleasurable currents where there was formally nothing but pain inflicted by Todoroki. Those same currents now turning into heat running up and down her body, making her cheeks blush. Oh, how she missed his voice, and his touch…if she could she would probably had jumped and hugged him for a straight 3-hour session by now. But she couldn't, so she resorted to saying his nickname, that was the only thing she could do right now.

"yeah…" he buried his hands in his pockets and walked away, not once looking back, Kirishima following him by his side.

And then it happened, the moment she was afraid of.

She watched Bakugou walk away.

She watched his back as it disappeared, and when it did, the last bit of composure she had, broke.

Chapter Text

'I didn't see her at the bus today'

'I heard she had a fight with Todoroki'

'I thought he left her for Momo!'

'I guess he wants her back now'

'I wonder if she's ok, she never misses school'

The classroom voices clouded Bakugou's mind that was already overflowing with all sorts of emotions, from guilt to rage, he felt it all. It was weird being in class and studying without her presence, even if they haven't talked in a while, he still felt her absence.

He had no doubt that either her conversation with Todoroki yesterday, or Bakugou's little slip, or both, will make her feel uneasy at the very least. But this was Yuki, she took her education surprisingly seriously, just like him; she never missed school, at the very most skipping a class when she felt really bad, but she made sure to catch up with it the same day. And now, she wasn't in school. And the rumor spreaders were thriving on it, talking all about her so-called romance with Todoroki as if it was some sort of reality show. No wonder she isolated herself.



The second day she was missing, the rumors kept running freely, now involving Bakugou the ex-bestfriend who cut any contact with her. well, it wasn't wrong, but the problem was they all portrayed Yuki as if she was some sort of a hopeless romantic or a whiny bitch or just a damsel in distress. And it got on Bakugou's nerves, knowing she was much more than a shallow character in the K-drama they tried to come up with. And since he was already pissed from yesterday, he threatened the life of everyone he heard saying the Yu- in Yuki, he even landed a few shallow fists, getting the point through, but not enough to relieve his stress.

He sat there in class as Aizawa walked in and he was for once grateful that shitty Deku was there.

"Mr. Aizawa, do you know where Yuki is? She's been gone for two days already and we're all worried…"

He worded it quite nicely, ever since Yuki's infamous fight with Momo, everyone knew Aizawa was her father, but no one dared saying it directly. Bakugou's shoulders tensed when Deku questioned Yuki's disappearance and his eyes shot to Aizawa's face, as if he tried to read his mind and the truth.

"Yuki isn't feeling well and she's resting at home until she gets better, she told me to tell you to not worry about her and that she'll be back as soon as her flu passes" he said monotonely and glanced for a millisecond at Bakugou who was staring at him, before returning to class.

'she told me to tell you' was the think that gave Aizawa away to Bakugou. He didn't lie, Yuki wasn't feeling well, and she did tell him to tell the class, or maybe Bakugou, that. But she didn't actually have the flu, she just couldn't face going to class anymore.

"I'm worried! Yuki never gets sick" Mina exhaled

"I texted her…she said she just needs to rest, don't worry" Kirishima whispered back to her and made Bakugou a little jealous from the thought of her texting Kirishima rather than him.

Stupid brat…where are you…




On the fourth day, the rumors nearly stopped. Perhaps it wasn't that juicy anymore, perhaps Bakugou's threats got to them, perhaps everyone already knew or didn't care enough about Yuki to talk about it anymore, either way, the class acted normally again. All except Bakugou. He couldn't stop thinking about Yuki. You'd think that once she was out of is sights it will make it easier for him to let her go, easing into normal social life, not having to stop himself from staring at her too much. But it was quite the opposite. Now that she's gone, he couldn't focus on anything else but her, replaying all of their conversations in his head, especially the last day he saw her. he was dying to know what Todoroki had told her that day, if it was him that broke her endless patience or if it was himself. He wanted to go and see her, show up in her doorstep and demand that she'll talk to him, get it out, get better. But this won't work. At this point he barely knew if she'd open the damn door, but his mind and the unknown, was killing him. he had to do SOMETHING or he would go mad every second now. So, he did the one thing he thought won't hurt anybody.

"can I talk to you after class?" Bakugou said in a low voice to Aizawa when he got to class.



"you wanted to talk, Bakugou" Aizawa sat on his desk as the last student left class to go to lunch.

"how is she?" he asked, not going around it.

Aizawa sighed, knowing already the conversation will be about that, but still not ready for it. the truth was Yuki was a mess, he didn't go on missions for the past week because he was worried, she might do something to herself, other than barely eating or leaving her bed. He had to force her to take her meds and have a decent meal with him, using her kind heart and threatening to not eat unless she does. But other than that, he couldn't do anything. She didn't want to talk long, or do anything, and he couldn't help but think that this might have been avoided if he had her go to kinder garden and school with the rest of the kids. But he knew from the little information he gathered she could stop all of this pain and suffering if she got up and did the thing she didn't want to, and then it will be all over. but she was too stubborn to even listen to it.

"could be better"

"it's that bad…?" Bakugou huffed, picking up on Aizawa's undertone.

"I just wait until it will be finally over…you should do the same" Aizawa said and got up from his desk, knowing that this conversation won't lead to anywhere good.

"I never wanted to hurt her…" Bakugou gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, thinking that Aizawa leaves out of disgust on what he did to his precious daughter. Perhaps it was what he actually feeling about himself. He hated himself. The great Bakugou Katsuki hating himself. Who knew he could ever feel this shitty?

Little did he know that Aizawa never blamed him. on the contrary, Aizawa was certain that Bakugou was the one who kept Yuki sane, knowing he watched over her and cared more than anyone else. And he knew that other than Todoroki's fault at aggravating her, the fault on Yuki's state was laying entirely at Yuki's stubbornness.

"you didn't hurt her…right now she's doing it to herself" Aizawa said and left Bakugou alone in the classroom, thinking about his words. He thought hearing that it wasn't his fault will help him ease his emotions, but the only thing it did was turn some of the guilt to pure anger.





The next day, Bakugou's anger didn't burn out. in fact, it only got fueled. It seems that everyone just got used to Yuki not being around, she would have been missed more if she was her cheerful self, but she wasn't anymore. And the person responsible for those two things spent the day with ponybitch smiling as if there wasn't a girl crying at home over what he did.

And Bakugou was done.

He had to know what Todoroki told her in lunch.

And he had to know what Todoroki told her in that cursed day.

And since he didn't tell him, Bakugou was going to make him pay for all that he's done.

"I'm home" Aizawa untangled his scarf from his neck and smiled a faint smile when he saw his not so little kid sitting on the couch, watching TV silently.

"hey, you had a mission today? " she asked, since he got back later than usual today.

Aizawa sat down in a kitchen chair and sighed before wording out correctly what had happened.

"Bakugou had a fight with Todoroki"

Yuki's head immediately turned and her eyes widened with shock. How? What? Why?

"oh my god is he-"

"Bakugou's fine, a few bruises and scratches only. He was so mad with anger that Todoroki could barely land a hit on him. and Todoroki is fine as well, he got treated for his burns by recovery girl and his arm is bandaged for a few days, his face will lose it's swelling eventually. Bakugou got him good."

Yuki lowered her gaze, knowing it must have been something to do with what happened, but she can't imagine Bakugou doing something like this. Yes, he was hot headed, but he always stayed out of trouble, not wanting it to affect his record or progress. But now, attacking Todoroki? Beating him up? Bakugou never fights unless he's attacked first. And if Aizawa is the one that separated them…

"is he going to get expelled?" this would mean a death sentence to Bakugou's career.

"I caught them outside of campus grounds"

Outside of campus grounds, where you aren’t even allowed to use your quirk. Fighting using it will send you straight to jail with the rest of the villains, and since they're not minors anymore, nobody will take it easier on him.

"I stopped it before something serious happened. And no, I'm not reporting to the police" he said, reading her worried expression.

"really?" her eyes lit with relief but then got clouded again by confusion on why exactly a teacher and a pro hero is not reporting a crime to the police, involving his students.

"Yuki, this thing you have going on there, is killing him. you can already tell that in his right mind he won't be attacking students just because, and yet alone punching them with tears in is eyes. You need to talk to him, whether you like it or not."

Bakugou was her on her mind every second for the past week, or maybe month. She didn't go to uni because she couldn’t bare to look at him, knowing that if she did, she will cry like a baby all over again. Hell, she was crying from the thought of looking at him, from the distant memory of him calling her brat or even better, her name, gently, when there's no one around. His touch sent her into a spiral of desperation and realization how much she NEEDED him, and the pain that came with it.

She knew Aizawa was right, this could not go on. She could not hide there forever, wilting away. But with the knowledge that Bakugou has been affected by it as well, and in a way that could ruin his entire life, came the realization that something must be done.

She had to talk to him, she had to face him.

The last time they truly spoke, that day at his doorstep, he said things to her that she'll never forget. He confessed, in his own way.

He confessed that he loved her, and he confessed that he was done with it.

A moment of joy followed by weeks of darkness.

But she had to tell him how she felt for all this time, she had to tell him that she thought he didn't want her back and that's why she fucked up that badly. She had to tell him he was always the one for her, and Todoroki could go fuck himself. And pray to every god possible that maybe, just maybe, his feelings towards here weren't dead by now.






The usual family loud dinner got louder this time, since Mitsuki, Bakugou's mother, was yelling at her son that she didn't believe for a second that he got the scratches on his arms and the bruise on his jaw from slipping on a puddle. And Bakugou was in too much agony to even respond to her constant yelling. After the anger he accumulated got punched and blasted at Todoroki, all that was left inside him was emptiness. His chest felt hollow and all he wanted to do was to claw out everything else, shred his body apart as well, and turn into nothingness. His mother, realizing her scolding is wasted on deaf ears, stopped her yelling and just looked at him as he ate his curry quietly. This was his favorite dish, yet he barely chewed on it, and her usually loud son was awfully quiet, as if someone he loved died.


It was raining the whole day and Bakugou silently blessed himself over the decision to take his car instead of going to his parents' house by bus. He parked at the end of the street since this was the only parking spot around, and sat there quietly. It was already around noon and the pounding rain didn't stop for a second throughout the whole day, ironically reflecting his feelings. He sighed over his sudden burst of uncharacteristic sentiment and opened his umbrella and started his march towards his apartment.

Only when he was near his neighbor's house, he noticed something was different. Sitting at his doorstep, curled into herself, hugging her knees and resting her head on them, was a brown-haired girl.

What the…

She was soaking wet, as if she sat there for the whole day, and shivering slightly every time the wind blew. She didn't even wear proper clothes, just a thin long-sleeved shirt, a skirt, and boots. As if she ran out of her house in a rush just to come sit here in the bloody rain.

"what are you doing here Yuki?" he stopped a few feet in front of her and only when she heard his voice, she raised her head, noticing he's there. Her eyes were red and puffy, and he wasn't sure if it was the cold or the crying. But her black eyes looked at him with an expression he couldn’t understand for once, and he was all sorts of things- intrigued why she's here, worried for her, breaking because of everything flowing back to him, he just wanted his emotions to stop.

Yuki stood up shakenly, her knees threatening to buckle beneath her from the long sitting. She left at 9 am, forcing herself to not look back, and ran all the way to Bakugou's apartment, knocking on the door and only then realizing she doesn't know what to say. Luckily, he was out, so she sat down to think. And once she did, she never got up. Not only that, but she curled up as the rain started and let it sooth her aching heart, and now when finally Bakugou was there, she still didn't know what to say to him.

So, she said what she was feeling, for the first time in forever.

"I..I miss you.." her voice was shaking and even while standing she felt so small and frail in comparison to Bakugou.

Her words made him lose all air in his lungs and he looked aside, afraid that she’ll catch up to his true thoughts if he made eye contact. "I miss you too, but-"

"you need space, I know, but I…let me say what I have to say and you won't hear from me ever again" she cut him off and mumbled her words as she was contemplating if she could actually live with herself if the last part ever happened.

He looked at her in silence for a while and then sighed, surrendering to the voice in his head that yelled at him to take care of her before she'll get hypothermia.

"stubborn brat…" he muttered and moved past her to unlock the door. "get in before you'll get sick" she ordered her and looked at her as she blinked out of her trance state. She was standing there, her mind barely working, and she didn't even notice that her body was automatically leaning towards Bakugou's body warmth. luckily, he snapped her out of this just in time.

She stumbled into his distantly familiar place, standing at the entrance, trying to force her mind to come up with something to say. But Bakugou didn't look even interested in what she had to say at the moment, he was taking off his coat, boots and walking over to the bedroom before returning in regular clothes and looking at her and trying to figure out why she was just standing there, pale as the wall, dripping water on his floor, and still shivering.

"go take a warm shower. I left clothes and a new towel in the bathroom." His voice was cold as he tried to distant himself, contrary to his overwhelming worry for her that filled him, and his words.




Yuki couldn't help but let a few tears escape as she showered.

What was she doing? What was happening? Why can't she just talk to him and be done with it?

The familiar scent of his favorite shampoo filled her nostrils and soothed her. even if he doesn't love her back anymore, he still cares. She knew it. otherwise he wouldn't have done all this, and watching over her, even when he pretended he didn't. Bakugou was truly the best thing humanity had to offer.



Bakugou glanced at her, once again dressed in his clothes the way he loved, a towel wrapped around her hair, and her cheeks and nose pink from the steam, his heart jumped a bit.

He was luckily just finishing making her soup and he was glad he could avoid her by the excuse that he ate already.

Excuses, how lame of him.

But what else was there to say? All he wanted to do was hug her close and never let go, but he will never allow himself to do it to her.

"here, eat" he placed the steaming bowl on the counter in front of where she sat on a stool. Since his work there was finished, he turned to leave, rather quickly, to sit on the sofa, but a delicate hand that tried her hardest to grip on his hand stopped him in his tracks.

"Yuki don't-" he started objecting, fearing of the dreaded conversation as much as she is. But his objection made her feel even more desperate and all that she bottled up was now bubbling to the surface and she just let out the first thing that came into her mind.

"I did consider you!!" she yelled as much as she could (which was not much) "from the start!!! I just.." her confidence was vanishing quickly as she felt Bakugou's surprised gaze fall on her "..I never thought you were interested in girls…or anything like that…you were always so focused on being the best hero that I never thought I had a chance…" she finally confessed and stared at the ground as Bakugou's whole body turned to face hers. She thought that if she will look him in his crimson eyes she might combust.

"I wasn't into girls…" Bakugou said in a low and raspy voice, filled with emotion, "just into you…but you were looking at that half bastard…" he looked at her with sad eyes, even though he just heard her say she was interested in him, it still felt bitter.

"and I chose you..." she mumbled under her breath and Bakugou heard it and waited for a further explanation.

She sighed and complied, "that day…Todoroki made me choose, between being with him, or continue being your friend…and I chose you…"

Unnoticed by her, Bakugou's breath hitched and his pupils dilated in a mere second. Was it all that it takes? Her telling him that she prefers him over anybody? Her finally realizing that he was the one for her?

No, he had to hear one more thing to calm his burning soul.

"why?" his voice was raspier than before and his temperature was slowly rising. Is this the moment he's been waiting for?

"I couldn't lose you, Baku…" she noticed the gradual shift in the atmosphere and her breath became heavier and heavier.

"Yuki…why…?" he took a step towards her and placed his hands on the counter, on either side of her, trapping her in, forcing her gaze lo lock with his alluring one.

"b..because..!" she flushed, looking bashful.

"Yuki…" he pushed her again with his tone to say those sweet words he craved to hear for so long, and at the same time he leaned forward closer to her face, watching her every minor reaction, engraving this moment in his mind forever.

"because…I like you..." she said, red faced but completely hypnotized by Bakugou that was inches from her, staring her down so painfully pleasurably.

"like?" the word sounded like a groan, tangled with real meaning and the lust only Yuki could ever spark and fulfil.

"Katsuki…" she breathed his name as he leaned even closer, noses touching, and placed his left hand on the conjunction between her jaw to her neck, the place she loved so bad.

"say it," he breathed back, holding himself back by a thread, only waiting for her to say it and set him free.

"I love you, Katsuki" she whispered with a smile and his lips


Crashed hers.

After an eternity of suffering came the salvation.

and Bakugou thought he died and went to heaven, now kissing an angel. Her lips felt so soft, even softer than he thought, and her mouth, her sweet mouth, that let out whimpers every now and then as he pulled her deeper and deeper into the kiss, eventually slipping his tongue into her mouth and entangling with hers, his hand on her jaw pulling her more and more to him. he couldn't let her go, and when she finally broke the kiss and reminded him that he too needs to breathe, he just moved the soup bowl aside and in a swift motion lifted her up by her waist and sat her down on the counter, positioning himself between her legs and kissing her again, now finally getting what he wanted, one hand on her back pushed her body against his, and one tangled in her hair, pulling her for another deep and intoxicating kiss. He felt for the first time in a while that he was finally breathing again. Their kiss became sloppier and sloppier as Yuki gasped for air, and Bakugou that cared more about making out for the lost time rather than breathing, turned to placing his sloppy wet kisses all over her jaw. And then he dared and traveled lower, starting from the back of her ear to the length of her neck, she was addicting and he couldn't stop tasting her. moreover the little moans she made as his kisses on her neck became hotter and hotter, adding suction and nibbling, and the way her thighs pressed on the sides of his body made him lose his mind and he continued kissing and sucking down her neck, only gaining back his control over himself when he reached the low collar of her shirt. He then stopped, not wanting to push this far, and rested his forehead over her chest, right under her collarbone, and catching his breath.

"it's ok Katsuki…" she breathed to him, figuring out he stopped himself when he didn't want to because of her.

"no…not today…it's too soon…I just got carried away…" he breathed out and raised his head to look at her. her black eyes were full of life and her hands were on his chest and her lips were red and wet from their saliva and her hair was messy from the kiss and she was just so breathtakingly beautiful, and finally, his.

The realization hit him as she pecked his mouth again and he lowered his head, his emotions surfing up.

"Katsuki? What's wrong..?" she worryingly asked as she saw tears falling down to her thighs.

"I just…missed you…so fucking much…" he chuckled and wiped his tears with his sleeve and hugged his beloved tightly, like he wished to do all this time. He embraced her and in the middle of it all he made her promise. "don't fucking leave like that again, Yuki…I need you in this shitty life…I love you…"

"I'm here now, forever. I promise"

Chapter Text


"no" Bakugou humphed into Yuki's neck and tightened his hug around her waist. He nuzzled her while she was sitting on his lap, straddling him on the sofa, and hugging his neck and patting his hair.

"come on Baku, it's getting late...Aizawa will worry…" she chuckled.



After their heated kissing session, they TRIED to move to the living room and watch a movie. But 10 minutes in, and the movie wasn't that interesting anymore. Bakugou's arm was hugging her shoulder from the start, since he wouldn't let her go after all this time longing to touch her, but as the movie progressed his gaze fell on her face more often and he smiled softly each time, a thing she could not let go unnoticed.

"what?" she chuckled softly as he pulled her closer to him, and pecked her forehead gently.

Forgetting about what she was even doing, she straddled him in order to force him to say what's on his mind. Automatically one of his hands placed itself on the curve of her waist and the other tangled itself in her hair and pulled her head to his, catching her lips again for another dose. She was intoxicating to him and all he wanted was to feel her, kiss her, be with her without interruption from the outer world. Without responsibilities and duties. That was obviously Impossible, and he knew that once he will get over his initial lust and greed, he will be able to let her go. But he missed her oh so much. He fantasized on this for far too long, and every kiss he sucked off her lips slowly by slowly picked him up from the wreck he became without her, and it went both ways.

Just being with Bakugou again eased her heart, but this? This was beyond anything she believed she deserved. His lustful but gentle touch that turned into a demanding one once he lost himself in the kiss was setting her on fire each and every time, and she was more than happy to give herself up to him to do whatever he wanted. But he was too considering to do that, no matter how those warm thighs that sat on him drove him mad. This was already pure bliss to them both, their first kiss, the confession them both were longing to get out for so long.

"fuck..Katsuki…I love you…" she breathed as the passionate kiss broke and left the two panting again with lust for each other, trying to relax their heart from jumping out of their chest from happiness.

His palm placed itself on the side of her jaw once again, his thumb caressing her cheek, and his forehead connecting to hers gently. "you're finally mine, aren't you…" he whispered so gently, Yuki never heard him like that. No one ever did. This was Bakugou that in this pure single moment, felt like he got everything he ever wanted. Of course, it was in a moment of haze, since he does still need to be the number one hero, but now he felt like everything will get better, with the love of his life by his side.

"I'm yours…I'm sorry that it took so long…and I'm sorry for everything…I should have talked to you sooner and not-"

"brat. Shut up already" his calm and quiet voice stopped her mumbling and endless apologies that were to come, and with another kiss, gentle and loving one, he was sent to heaven and back.



"stay…" Bakugou whispered into her neck. he sounded so emotional, that she couldn't say no to him, even if she wanted to. But the truth was, she could use some more time with him, make it up for the horrible weeks that happened to the both of them. Bakugou could let her go and just come and get her tomorrow morning, but it felt too abrupt to him, and he just wanted to fall asleep tonight hugging Yuki, plant gentle kisses all over her face and stroke her side until he will fall asleep as well, engulfed by her warmth reminding him his wish finally came true. All he needed was a few days with her, to calm his unending love that erupted from him after a year of simmering, just enough so he could function without thinking of her every damn second, enough to let him focus.




The two spent the weekend together, repairing their relationship, which didn't take long actually. It was if after the initial shock the two just went back to their usual humor, teasing, and just hanging out regularly like they used to do after school daily.

Bakugou made her explain eventually what happened with Todoroki and he internally was glad he beat his ass up after Yuki explained what he did. Manipulating her, threatening, setting ultimatums, going as far as to fake a relationship just to make her feel bad, and then come and try to claim her? lay his hand on her? Bakugou almost regretted he didn't kill the bastard or at least broke his pretty face, but fortunately Yuki was there to calm him down. How could he be mad when an angel sat next to him, interlacing her fingers with his hand and with her other hand stroking the same muscular arm.


Obviously, the next question on his mind was about the orange pill box he saw her showed Shinsou. Reluctantly, after pleading him to not get angry, she told him those were quirk suppressors and those were the reason she was missing from hero training. Obviously, he got angry. After explaining him that the dangers of letting her quirk be far outweighed the dangers of the pills, he calmed down, and listen to her explanation on the mechanism of her quirk, a thing she studied for years.

Her quirk allowed her to sense energy, as well as manipulate it to her will.

Most of the time, she just projects her own mental energy to use as shields or weapons, and pulled it back afterwards, unless the shield breaks. After years of training she is allowed to do so easily, without batting an eye. When she's using her weapons, her sword mostly, she gathers the kinetic energy as she swings the 'blade' and releases it in a form of a shockwave. The same case when she swings her hands, but its less effective.

When she projects shockwaves out of her own body, she uses her own energy, which is why she barely uses this technique, since it brings her to her quirk limit fairly soon.

As he already knew, heat and electricity enhance her quirk ability if she manages to absorb it, and cold weakens it.

But since it is a mental quirk, her mental state heavily influences it. usually it wasn't a problem since her emotions were barely showing during training, besides from being pumped up now and then, energizing herself. However, the latest emotional roller coaster that she's been through apparently made her quirk less reliable, and she was scared she might have hurt someone with it. her ability to manipulate the energy around her greatly increased, even subconsciously emitting and absorbing energy, sensing and sucking it off without needing a direct touch. A momentary slip, lose of focus, could lead to her quirk acting up on its own in order to protect her, and even hurting someone that was too close. And she couldn't let it happen, so until she felt like herself again, she decided to take the quirk suppressors.

"so, do you feel like yourself yet?" Bakugou asked, trying not to sound too aggressive. even though he knew Yuki won't get offended, he also knew that this was his fault. Knowing that she loved him came with the realization that it wasn't icyhot she was mopping over, it was him. he was just too…him…to notice. How fucking typical.

"even better" she smiled her adorable smile to him and his unconscious frown disappeared.

"good cause we're going to train again and I'm not taking it easy on you just because you don't have your quirk" he said and bit her ear playfully.

"ouch! As if I need a quirk to beat your ass, Spicy"




Eventually Yuki got back home, just in time for dinner, homework, and getting ready for another school week that starts tomorrow.

Her quirk slowly came back to her after two days of not taking a pill and Aizawa was surprisingly happy to hear about that, and even happier when he saw that she came back to be her cheerful self. He even stopped himself from the obvious "I told you so" he wanted to slap her with when she came smiling through the door, after exiting a certain black mustang.



Incoming call: KATSUKI

"hey, what's up? Something wrong?" you questioned as you got to bed.

"shitty brat why is there supposed to be something wrong for me to call you!" he yelled on the other side

"if you shout any louder there will definitely be something wrong" Yuki raised her brow.

"I used to call you all the time…" he mumbled quietly this time.

"yeah, I kinda missed that…a lot" she chuckled and turned to her side.

"you're coming tomorrow, right?"

"yeah, don't worry Baku"

"you're too weeks late, I already do." He said sincerely. "fuck I miss you…"

"I'll see you tomorrow, I promise. And after school for training. And…I miss you too…thanks for putting up with all my shit Katsuki…you're the best…"

"damn right I am" she could hear his smirk through the phone. "now go to sleep brat, good night"

Like nothing changed

"good night Baku, see you tomorrow"




"Yuki!!" as Yuki entered the class a cheerful Uraraka greeted her at the entrance, followed by Midoriya.

"Yuki-chan! How are you feeling? Mr. Aizawa said you were sick for the whole week, and you weren't on hero training and you looked so different we all were so worried an-"

"Deku. DEKU. Thanks for worrying, really, but I'm ok now I guess. Had to take some time off, that's all"

"you look much better already! Are you coming to hero training today? We're choosing new partners for training today!" Uraraka beamed. They weren't particularly friends since she was hanging out with Bakugou and the rest of his group, but she admired Yuki from afar for her strong personality and combat style, and she was glad it looked like she got back to normal.

"Yuki-chan, can I ask you something?" Deku asked and she nodded to him with a smile. He was shy and nerdy like before, but when he's not mumbling or crying, he wasn't as bad as Bakugou portrayed him.

"is Kacchan-" he started asking but his face looked mortified one second after and his eyes fixated on Bakugou that came and wanted to pass through the entrance the three were blocking, and he looked PISSED. Deku immediately jumped back in fear, standing next to the nearest wall. And Uraraka that saw the deadly look Bakugou sent them gulped loudly and quickly walked back as well, trying to signal Yuki to move as well before she'll be blown up to shreds but Yuki, that was with her back to the fuming guy, only looked at the two frightened mice with confusion.

Bakugou took a step forwards and both Deku and Uraraka thought this was the end of Yuki, but instead of blowing her up/kicking her/ shoving her roughly out of the way, he took a hand out of his pocket and placed it on her waist, leaned closer, and kissed her shoulder gently. "morning, Yuki"

"oh sorry, morning Baku" she smiled and moved so he could pass through. He nodded to her and passed by the two scared mice and sent a deadly glare to Deku, scaring him to death, before walking to his seat.

"I thought we were going to die" Uraraka breathed out as the two shakenly smiled to Yuki and walked back to their seats.



Yuki sat on Bakugou's desk and talked to him as Kirishima, Mina and Denki walked into class.

"OHMYGOD YUKIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" Mina screamed as she saw her and she hugged her before making way for Kirishima's bone-breaking manly hug. "we missed you so much!!!" he claimed as he hugged her small figure, lifted her off the ground and swayed her from side to side with happiness.

"put her down already shitty-hair" Bakugou laid back in his chair and scoffed. He didn't mind shitty hair's hands on her, but if he swayed her any further her skirt will rise too much and perverts like Mineta or Denki might get a look of her undies. And then he will have to sit in jail for murder and that wasn't in his plans.

"sorry I was just worried about you!! But I guess Bakubro here finally fixed things up" he raised both his thumbs.

"uhhhh…yeah. I mean I was at fault but he fixed it…sorry about the whole fiesta" Yuki scratched her head and smiled apologetically.

"HEY! Don’t I get a hug??" Denki stopped her to whine but before she could even smile back the crackling sounds of Bakugou's warning explosions sounded and he smirked evilly to Denki. "come here I'll hug you".

"rude." Yuki chuckled and hugged Denki that wasn't very pleased with the idea at the moment, since his gaze was fixated on Bakugou's intimidating look.

And then she left him and sat on Bakugou's lap and wrapped her hands around his neck, surprising him.


"YOU GET A HUG TOO YOU HUMAN BOMB" she yelled back at him and tightened her grip.

And it was nice, more than nice, so he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer, muttering his usual "stupid brat" that indicated he was embarrassed.

"GROUP HUG!!" Kirishima yelled and ruined their moment a second before he hugged Bakugou, Mina hugged Yuki, and Denki hugged the bungle of bodies that muffled Bakugou's yelling from below them.




"FINALLY!!! The gang is back together!" Mina smiled as she sat to the lunch table where everyone sat in the usual order. Yuki, Bakugou and on the other side Kirishima, Kaminari and Mina. Jirou and Sero were still picking up food but soon they'll join too.

"yeah! Everything is finally back to normal" Kirishima smiled as Bakugou was giving Yuki his soft look as she smiled to him. yup, they're finally back.

"so, Yuki, did you solve your quirk problem?" Kirishima asked.

"I guess" she said and projected a sphere in front of her before fading it to nothing. "it's not strong as it used to be yet, but in a few days, it will go back to normal."

"that's good I guess, maybe we'll have a shot of beating you on hero training today"

"ha! You wish! "



They finished their meal and Kirishima, Bakugou and Yuki walked back to class. Yuki sat as usual on Bakugou's desk and Bakugou was in his sit, talking to Kirishima that was sitting in Yuki's desk. But as they talked, Bakugou wrapped his hands around her and rested his head on her thighs and closed his eyes. he didn't give a shit on what people thought or letting the world know that they were together. Well, he did care about that, since he wanted to shout it on every guy that eyed her and from every rooftop, but who has time for that.

"THIGHS!!!!!!!" Mineta screamed the second he walked through the door and saw the two. "IT'S NOT FAIR I WANT TO TOUCH YUKI-SAMA'S MEATY THIGHS TOOOOOOOOOOOO" he screamed before being faced with a small explosion that grazed him and got his head out of the gutter.


"GIRLFRIEND?!?! Bakugou you TRAITOR!!!!!!!" Denki whined "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A FOREVER ALONE LIKE US!!!!!!" he and Mineta cried dramatically.

"well that's one way to tell everyone…" Yuki chuckled as Bakugou laid his head back on her lap.

"we had a bet on how long it will take you guys" Kirishima winked and laughed at her blushing face. "I owe Mina 20$" he sighed.





Girlfriend? He should hear about this…