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Yuki's Story

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U.A. -the hero best academy in the country. 
Since "hero" became a prestige job, and supernatural abilities-quirks- became a regular thing, many people set their mind on getting to this private college, and becoming the best hero possible. But when the light becomes brighter, the shadow becomes darker, and so with the rise of many new heros , the villain community will soon too make their move. 
There were only two ways to get accepted to UA- 
Through reccomendations from a pro hero, 
Or by getting a high score in the hero asassment test which everyone took on the final week of highschool. If you have passed that, you were summoned to a practical test with the rest of the candidates. 
Based on your score in assult and rescue , its decided whether you're assigned to the hero course, general studies, or rejected. 
And so 21 lucky students got assigned to class 1-A of the hero course, and began their way to becoming heros.




"im shouta aizawa, your teacher in the hero course. Get dressed in your PE clothes and go to the running course, I'll be waiting there" a tired , black haired man told the class.





"Katsuki Bakugou, best score in the practical exam, assult only" aizawa turned to an angry looking guy, with spiky blond hair and red eyes.


bakugou entrance exam


He threw a baseball ball to him. "throw that ball as far as you can". 
He threw the ball relatively far, yet Aizawa's face remained indifferent. 
"in the UA we are training you all to become heros and using your quirks, so if you are in the college perimeter, you are allowed to use your quirk, unless it is directed against a student or a teacher" 
He threw another ball to bakugou "try again using your quirk" 
The boy smiled devily and prepared to throw 
"DIE!!!" the boy yelled and created an explosion that sent the ball to an astonishing distance of 705 meters.


bakugou quirk



The guy looked pleased with himself and aizawa nodded in agreement. 
"today we'll be doing fitness test using your quirks, do your best. The one who gets the lowest score gets expelled" Aizawa said emotionlessly.




"good job Uraraka. Kota you're up next" aizawa instructed. 
"good morning Senseiiiiiiiiii" a young woman lazily walked towards the group, stretching her arms as if she just woke up. She was wearing the PE uniform but chose to wear the cropped version of the top, which accentuated her toned waist. Her straight brown hair flicked at the wind and her black eyes scanned the class at the same time they were scanning her. 
"you're late." Aizawa looked disappointed but mostly angry. 
" won't happen again" she apologeticly smiled. 
Aizawa sighed and turned his gaze back towards the class. 
"what are we doing today?" she asked cheerfully 
"fitness tests to determine the strength of your quirks. You're up next." 
"but you already know my qui-" 
Aizawa cut her by throwing a ball at her and monotnely said "throwing ball test. Show us what you can do Yuki"


yuki quirk


"with pleasure" Yuki smirked. 
She looked at the ball for a few seconds and it started levitating, a purple hue added to its color. 
With a wave of her arm the ball was sent flying fast, until her quirk had no influence any longer and it fell to the ground. 
"WOW!!! LOOK SHE PASSED BAKUGOU! SHE'S STRAIGHT AFTER URARAKA!!" a red haired guy named Kirishima yelled back to the class after looking at the score board. 
"Tch." Bakugou crossed his arms angrily. another idiot with a lame ass quirk.


yuki telekinesis


He looked at her while the guy with the red hair and shitty haircut with hardening quirk talked to her,there was nothing special about her. Just another girl that he needed to beat.

Meanwhile Yuki was getting to know the class- after getting to know kirishima, he introduced her to Kaminari- a blonde with an electricity quirk, and mina- a pink and cute girl with acid quirk. 
Even while talking to the class she kept an eye out for the other's quirks. 
It seems like the strongest ones here are Todoroki- ice quirk, Bakugou- kaboom guy, and Deku-physical strength.
so those are the ones I need to keep an eye on if I want to be the best here. The other members of the class have interesting quirks but I will be able to take them out 1 on 1 .
I practiced for this after all. 
The rest of the tests showed the true potency of some of the quirks, like Lida's engine quirk and Asui's frog quirk. 
Yuki didn't stand out but rather did the other tests without using her quirk, knowing that thanks to her first score she won't be in danger. 
After the tests were done Yuki's thoughts turned out correctly, since the first and second places were Bakugou and Todoroki.

"Yuki" aizawa called her. She followed him a few steps farther than the class, so no one could hear the conversation. Aizawa was always secretive like that. 
"you haven't used your quirk today" 
"yes...I figured I should keep my cards to myself for now, like you told me"

"I see...did it work?"

"in a way, now I know what to expect from everyone in a fight"

"all right. Good job then. But from tomorrow's training I want you to use it, you came here to practice "

"I will, thanks Shou- I mean Sensei!"

" go back to class" 
Aizawa looked as she ran back to the group. 
He was worries , since it would be her first time getting in a real classroom, and meeting people. He thought she got cold feet when she didn't show up in the morning, but he sneaked a sigh of relief when it turned out she just overslept. Sometimes youre just too similar with me Yuki.