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Emeralds and Rubies

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“You are so cool Bakugou!” Terra said, a giant grin spreading across her face causing her emerald eyes to squeeze shut.

Only 9 years old, she has yet to develop her quirk but that didn’t bother her at all. Lavender, shoulder length hair made her emerald eyes stand out and almost glow in the right conditions. She wore a light blue dress that had daises decorating it and no shoes, it was more comfortable that way. She loved the feel on the earth beneath her bare feet.

Her closest friends were Midoriya and Bakugou, despite the annoyance Bakugou had against the green haired child. She cared for them both, having known them for as long as she could remember, and enjoyed tagging along with them on their little adventures. Bakugou was always the leader and Terra had no problem skipping along beside him to where ever he happened to wander. They all stood along side the river in town, a spot they liked to frequent because no one else was ever out there.

“Duh, idiot!” Bakugou snapped at her, sending her a glare with his ruby eyes. Terra’s grin slowly dropped to a frown and she crossed her arms over her chest. It had been a week of him calling her names and it was starting to get to her. Midoriya watched from slightly behind them, not sure why Bakugous attitude towards her had turned so sour since developing his quirk.

It was apparent that Terra was getting sick of it and he didn’t know how to defuse the situation before it got out of hand.

“You don’t have to be a jerk!” Terra snapped at him, her big green eyes staring right back at Bakugou, unfazed by him. He clenched his fists at his sides, little explosions crackling along his fingers.

“You don’t have to follow me around all the time you nasty girl!” He yelled back.

She glared at him, before clenching her fists at her side as well. “Well, fine! I’m leaving for good anyway! I’ll never have to see your jerk face and stupid quirk again!”

With that, she turned on her heel and stormed off. Little did Bakugou know, she would be moving to America in a few days. She didn’t have the courage to tell them, it was too hard. Plus, with Bakugous nasty attitude lately, she wasn’t sure if he’d even care.

She had begged her parents to stay here in Japan but her mom was offered a better job in the States and they couldn’t afford to turn it down. She had no choice. Her life would be forever different.

“Like I care!!” Bakugou shouted after her, snarling at the back of her head as she walked away.

Midoriya watched her storm away and looked back to Bakugou, frowning. “Kacchan, why were you so mean to Terra?”

“Shut up Deku!” Bakugou turned the opposite way as Terra and stormed away. He liked Terra, she was always nice to him and even made him laugh. She had become his biggest fan the moment he got his quirk and it made his pride swell. He didn’t have an answer as to why he was being rude lately, he couldn’t stop himself.

In his gut, he knew he would regret those words but he couldn’t muster up the courage to turn around and apologize. He was young and stubborn after all.

He’d see her tomorrow anyway. Then everything would be back to normal.





Terra sighed, looking down at the plane ticket in her hand. In 12 hours, she will be back in Japan, close to where she grew up, seeing a dear friend for the first time in well over 10 years. Anxious was an understatement. She left that life behind as a child and returning as an adult felt surreal. Would anyone even recognize her?

She hoped a certain explosive someone wouldn’t. Yet, there was still part of her that wondered about him. How was he, had his attitude gotten worse, how did he look… Shaking her head, she looked out the window, watching the planes taxi around the run way.

There were so many emotions she had long since swallowed down and hardened her heart to.

Now she was 23, her lavender hair cut into a drastic A line style, the dark purple underneath in the back showing just slightly. On the back of her neck, was a black crescent moon tattoo followed by various circles trailing down her spine. She was wearing a black tank top, skinny jeans that had holes in the knees, and black high top converse.

She had made a new life for herself, learned a new language, made new friends, even developed a quirk and became rather powerful with it.

But things change. Life has a way to completely turn upside down and force someone to start all over. And that’s what happened. A few years ago, both her parents were killed in an awful accident, trying to save some innocent people from a villain attack. It shook her to the core at how quickly the tables can turn and she stepped back from hero work, needing the time to emotionally recover and figure out if the hero life really was for her.

Her old friend, Midoriya, happened to reach out to her at such a weird time that she had to take up his offer to work at his agency. He had become Japans number 1 hero after All Mights passing and was looking for strong heroes to help out and work for him.

They had been in contact throughout the years, as much as they could be considering the long distant charges, but it was always nice to hear from him when she did.

When he first offered her the job, she turned it down without a second thought. After talking with him about it for months, she decided to give it a try. If at any point she felt like it just wasn’t for her, she could back out and live a life in Japan again.

So here she was again, relocating to the other side of the world to start her life all over. She knew this is what needed to happen, to help her heal from the loss of her parents, but it didn’t make it any easier.

Sighing, she picked up her carry on bag and headed towards the gate as they announced the plane to be boarded. It was a long flight, one she knew she’d get no sleep on. Once in Japan, Midoriya would pick her up from the airport and take her to her hotel where she can catch up on sleep and adjust to the time difference.

After that, her new job would begin.