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A promise made from simpler days

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A/N thank you to everyone supporting my fics. I hope you enjoy this fanfiction. It is another naruto/the breaker/veritas crossover. This is not a spin off of Of light and darkness. Hope you like my second idea of this crossover.

Naruto's POV

He sat in an unfamiliar forest with moonlight filtering through the tree line. Naruto couldn't help but glance around looking for an enemy. This would be exactly something the villagers would do to him.

The forest felt off. Almost like it wasn't a real forest. Spending as much time as he did in the abandoned training grounds he would know.

He looked up trying to see the sky but all he could see was the moonlight filtering in. The sky was completely blocked by the treeline. Without the stars or any idea how he got here he would not be able to find his way back.

A rumble from behind him made shivers run down his back. That wasn't a human rumble.

Turning slowly he came face to face with a black furry leg. Naruto scrambled back trying to get a better look at the giant creature.

Before the 12 year old was a giant black wolf. It was enormous, larger than most houses. It had ice blue eyes.

Naruto couldn't find it in himself to be afraid of the wolf. If anything the moment his eyes met it's a sense of calm went through him.

It moved closer to him and his legs refused to move. A warm breath blew over the top of him.

Naruto asked without fear, "Who are you? What are you?"

A warm baritone voice rumbled, "I am a watcher. Show me your potential, Child of the Forest."

What? There was no time to ask any questions. Already the world around him began to fade. A wet black nose touched the top of his head and that was the last thing he remembered.

End of dream

He sat up straight in his bed. Immediately he checked his surroundings and gained his feet. His room was still as messy as when he went to bed. Dishes were still in the sink and his door was still locked. His lock had not been messed with and his windows were unhampered with.

It had to be a dream. There was no way a wolf could be that large. Still the feeling of calmness stuck with him. First instincts aside he did not feel afraid of the dream.

The words came back to him. Child of the Forest. What in the world did that mean? The only thing he had been called was that boy and fool. No one but the Hokage and the shop owner of his favorite ramen shop willingly called him his name.

If someone did call him by his name it usually meant he was in trouble. Even his teachers treated him as if he was some kind of freak. Iruka acted like he cared sometimes. When he did Naruto soaked up the attention.

He grew up in an orphanage with the other children who lost their parents in the a Nine Tails Fox attack the age of six he was forced to live by himself because the orphanage he had been in kicked him out.

The Hokage himself would bring a stipend so that Naruto could get food. It wasn't a lot of money but if he bought cheap food he could make it. This was why he only ate out when someone else paid.

Even his clothes were of cheap quality. They were the cheapest thing he could find. He couldn't afford anything other than the orange jumpsuit and some pyjamas.

Orange wasn't a bad color but he had grown tired of it. He just hoped he could pass his graduation exam. Becoming a ninja would turn his life around. He would have more money to survive on.

Sighing he moved towards the kitchen. The room was beginning to lighten as dawn broke. It was early but no reason he couldn't start his day now.

With a sigh he changed from his pyjamas into the orange jumpsuit and his pouch with his ninja tools. Then he grabbed a glass and his milk. Once he drank that he left his apartment carefully locking the door.

Hayate's POV

Exhaustion filled him. His three year long mission was finally over. The village he called home had not changed at all. Not that he really expected it to. Things only changed if something major happened. With the old man still in charge it wasn't likely to happen any time soon.

Making his way to his small house he passed just on the edge of the red light district. A young boy with startling blond hair was locking up a door to an apartment. He couldn't have been older than ten even that was pushing it.

What was a child doing out so early? The red light district was no place for a child even on the edge. Most children were told to actively avoid this area.

After hiding his presence he moved closer to the child. Nothing was particularly interesting about him. That was until he moved so that he could see the boy's face. Brown eyes widened with surprise.

It was Naruto Uzumaki the jailer of the Nine Tailed Fox. What was he doing outside this early in the morning?

Blue eyes suddenly looked up as if sensing his presence. It shouldn't have been possible given the boy's age and the fact he should still only be am academy student. Yet piercing blue eyes pinned him in his hiding spot.

The boy called out, "Who's there?"

Hayate didn't miss the way his hand went to the pouch at his back. Good the boy knew at least how to defend himself.

Letting his presence return to normal he stepped out of the shadows. Uzumaki stepped away from him his hand gripped the kunais in the pouch tightly.

Mistrust was clear in the blue eyes. It wasn't often a child held such suspicion of adults. What could have made the boy this way?

Uzumaki queried again, "Who are you? Why are you following me?"

Hayate answered with a gentle look, "I am Hayatr Gekko a jounin of the village. I saw you near the red light district and thought you were a little young to be here by yourself. Why are you staying so close to this district? Children should not be here by themselves."

"Where else would I stay?" Queried a confused Naruto, "My apartment is here."

His apartment? Why would his apartment be here? There were plenty of other apartments that should house him.

Then his eyes trailed to where he knew a seal lay. That would be a reason why other apartments wouldn't accept him. People still looked down upon Naruto for having the Nine Tailed Fox in him.

It was wrong on many levels for them to hate the boy. It wasn't his fault that the demon was in him. All Uzumaki was, was the jailer.

Uzumaki questioned drawing him from his thoughts, "What do you want from me?"

This child had no trust towards him or any adult. Hayate noticed under the suspicion was cautious hope and loneliness. He realized that Naruto had no one.

That it was the same loneliness he had seen in his own eyes. Unlike Naruto he had a friend who lost everything as well. Yugao Uzuki lost her entire family but they were childhood friends. So in the end they had each other.

Uzumaki had no one. He was all alone in the world with villagers that hated him.

Hayate asked his heart bleeding for the kid, "Want to get something to eat kid? You look like you could use a good meal in you."

There was even more suspicion in the blue eyes. Instead of pushing him away the boy nodded. That was something. He had to wonder what the boys favorite food was. He would find out.