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Omegas go into heats but only females can bear children. Scruffing is when an Alpha takes an Omega by the neck to force their submissive instincts.

Alphas bond with Omegas and have strong pheromones, especially where their mate's heat is concerned.

Betas weaken pheromones, can mate with other Betas or as part of a triad with an Alpha/Omega pair.

When an Omega is in the presence of an ideal mate, they go into heat. Alphas give off strong pheromones that send others into a sort of rut when they're dealing with their mate's heat, though this response can be curbed. Betas are the natural choice to run interference with an Alpha whose mate is in heat or an Omega in heat because they naturally weaken pheromones. Alphas who refuse to control themselves are deemed feral, as they tend to give into baser instincts.