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Send The Pain Below

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“Well, now that’s just bizarre, there’s no way its healed already.” Amaya, your friend sputtered. “I know I had a cut there, it was pretty cool, I wanted to show it off. Man, I must’ve dreamt it, although it would have made a really cool scar though.” She huffed, and you couldn’t help but chuckle at her, which earned a glare. She punched your shoulder, nudging you into a herd of groupies.

“Watch it! Oh, it’s you. Have you seen Jotaro lately?” You shook your head, annoyed that these girls thought you knew so much just because you walked in the same direction as their idol. “Awww, that must mean the rumors true, he really is in jail, isn’t he?” You shrugged, and the girl huffed, turning back to the group. Amaya was grimacing when you turned back to her. “Sorry. I know how much they annoy you. I wasn’t paying attention like I should’ve.”

Amaya was fairly large for a Japanese girl, she was 5’5 and 150 lbs, and well built. She was still smaller than you, but she still could get a good punch in, and she had a tendency to not hold back. You rolled your eyes, “It’s whatever. They’d bother me sooner or later anyways.” Amaya sighed, she hated making you uncomfortable, you didn’t handle it well. You both continued onto class, passing the nurses office, who waved at you, smiling warmly. You waved with two fingers, and continued listening to Amaya’s dramatic retelling of how she got the cut in her dream.

In reality, she had actually cut herself, but you had used your guardian spirit, who you’ve taken to calling Chevelle, to heal her. When the spirit first showed up, she was menacing, her masked face further covered by a hood, but you learned shortly after that she was quite flippant. After a while, she began doing her own things, never saying much, but when she did, always in a quiet ethereal whisper. She liked to float around the classroom, trailing its cloak across your classmates faces, making them swipe at their faces, or messing with different things, from bags and books to and the teacher’s chalk.

No one else noticed Chevelle, which cemented your idea that she was your guardian spirit. She was currently floating above you, her cloak flowing freely in a non-existent breeze. As the school day passed, she would get bored and sleep curled on someone’s desk. She was very tall and slender, with inhuman proportions, with white, gold and black armor covering her. There was detailing across her, in a bright glowing blue, which occasionally clustered into sections of intricate scroll work. She also carried a sword with a very intricate and ornate handle, but she had never unsheathed it, so you had no idea how it looked.

Amaya snapped her fingers in your face. You snapped your attention away from the spirit sleeping on some poor girls’ jacket. She had no idea how cold it was going to be when she picked it up. “You’ve been spaced out all day, did you even take any notes?” You had a habit of falling asleep with your eyes open, which was how you got away with sleeping in class. Amaya peered at the empty page in your notebook, and sneered at you. “You were asleep, again, weren’t you? Good grief, girl, you’d never pass without me." She handed you her notebook, her neat handwriting covering the pages. “You used some Kanji that I’ve not learned.”

She smacked her hand on the desk, “Consider it your Japanese homework, since you gave me that packet of English nonsense.” You rolled your eyes as you collected your belongings from the desk, Chevelle stretching and feigning a yawn, which was just her covering her mask with her hand. Your day had been like any other, nothing special, just another repeat of the day before. And then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

On your way home, you spotted Jotaro, in his normal attire, but accompanied by an older gentleman who seemed very familiar. Before you could think about it too much, you arrived at your own house and shoved the matter away to get ready to greet whatever awaited you behind the door today.

Your foster mother, Nina, wasn’t a horrible woman, no, she was just weak and complacent when it came to father-in-law. When her husband died, she sent you off to live with a close family friend while helping his father move in. He was a chronic drunk, mean and bitter, and it only got worse when his son died. At the time he was in a nursing home, but started getting violent, which got him kicked out. Of course, that left him in Nina’s care. That was 12 years ago, and you had lived with her family friend for most of that time.

Chevelle came to you when you were young, when you were sheltering a younger child from the blows of that horrid man’s belt. Ever since then, you’ve never hesitated to protect the children that came and went in the foster home, as well as Nina. She felt such guilt about her husband’s death, even though she couldn’t have done anything, but his father used that guilt like a leash. Thankfully, he stopped his physical assaults when you had scared him shitless, but you were still cautious."

As you opened the door, you heard crying, and panic sprouted in your heart. It was quickly quelled when you saw that it was tears over a broken toy. Sighing, you entered while announcing your arrival, quickly getting swarmed by 4 toddlers, the youngest one brandishing the toy. “Neechan! It broke Neechan!” you scooped him up as you patted his older brothers head. “Katashi, it’s an old toy, it was going to happen eventually. You remember what I said?”

His little brown eyes stared up into yours, and you could see the gears turning as he tried to remember.  His eyes widened with excitement, “When this one broke you would let me play with the new one!” You nodded and he cheered as you gently put him down. His older brother, Hideko, already knew were the replacement toy was, so they were off to get it, leaving you with the quiet twins Daichi and Asumi, who were both 6. When you first met them, you knew they had seen horrid things at a young age, but they seemed to be getting better, attaching heavily to you.

You knelt down to them, brandishing an English Crossword for Daichi and an English word-search for Asumi. You got gentle hugs from both of them before they disappeared into their rooms. They had odd tastes for children their age, but they were still children. The old man was passed out on the couch, the smell of booze clinging to him like flies on shit. Nina was in the kitchen, busy with dinner. You went tot your room and flopped unto your bed. You stared a picture on your desk, the glint of your light smothering the faces in the frame.

You felt yourself drifting off, but did nothing to change it. You thought about the older gentleman with Jotaro and tried recalling why he seemed so familiar. Nothing came to mind, and as you started falling into a lull of sleep, Chevelle turned off your light and covered you in your blankets. You could feel as she sat cuddled next you, to keep watch through the night.

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You awoke to something hitting you on your head. Chevelle wasn’t next to you, and her place was your alarm clock, beeping rapidly. You blinked the grogginess from your eyes, and processed what might have happened. “Really…” You heard Chevelle whisper and it finally clicked. “Oh shit. I’m gonna be late.” Chevelle threw her hands up before disappearing, leaving you to your early morning panic. “At least I’m already dressed,” you hit your hand to your forehead, “I wore this one yesterday! Fuck!” Shoving a spare uniform into your bag, you bolted down the stairs and out the door, waving good bye to Asumi as you passed. As you ran, your stomach growled, and it occurred to you had neither breakfast or dinner last night. “Ah, fuck.” As you ran you scavenged in your bag for a snack bar that you had secreted away a couple days ago. Just as you rounded a corner, you grabbed it from the bottom of your bag, but ran face first into Jotaro Kujo’s back. He turned and shot a glare at you, but it softened when he realized how disheveled you were. “Sorry, just trying to grab my breakfast.” You gave a nervous grin, shuffling to your feet as your heart dropped. The bar had been crushed underneath you, crumbs scattering in the breeze. “Damn it.”

You dusted yourself off, and noticed that Jotaro was still standing next to you. When you looked back up at him, he was still staring at you. His groupies were on the other side of the street, glaring at you. You looked down at your uniform. It was dirty, but it was okay. “Your skirt tore.” Jotaro’s voice was quiet, as if to spare your dignity, but you were already beet red with embarrassment. “Well fuck. I’m late, hungry and look like a cheap whore.” You saw Jotaro’s eyebrow raise slightly just before he turned away from you.

You grabbed the spare skirt from your bag, and dejectedly looked for the closest place where you could go change. “You’re not late, yet.” Jotaro mumbled, before standing in front of you. “Here. Just be quick.” He dropped his overly large jacket onto you, and you realized what he meant. His jacket was incredibly warm, and it smelled like a mustier version of him. He really never did take it off. You could hear his fangirls swooning over him as you changed. You could also practically hear his anger growing.  You slid the jacket over your head, messing up your hair in the process.

You were careful not to let it touch the ground, and he grabbed it back quickly. “Thank you. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” You shoved your torn skirt into your bag as Jotaro walked away, not caring about the glares and yelling from the girls across the street. Apparently, he did though, as he yelled at them to shut the hell up, only earning more swooning. You were left behind, which was fine, and continued on behind them. It just shortly after though you heard horrified gasping and a couple yelps.

You hurried down the stairs where the commotion was, to find a pink haired boy staring over Jotaro. He was odd, but you figured he was from outside of this area. Jotaro didn’t seem on-guard either and even accepted a handkerchief from him. You followed them silently as you came up to the school, but that’s where you separated. Your goal was the nurse’s office before class, as she always had snacks for you there.

When you got there, two delinquents were complaining about how “horrible” they felt, and that they needed out of class. The nurse rolled her eyes, ignoring them as she greeted you. “Ah, let me guess… you need breakfast?” You nodded, “How’d you know?” she pointed to her head, and you realized your hair was still messed up from Jotaro’s jacket. You quickly scrambled to fix it, and found something stuck in your hair. “Uh, can I get some help?”

She came over and you heard scissors snipping at your hair, and when the thing was free, the nurse handed you a gold button. “Oh. Did you really have to cut my hair though?’ She shrugged. “We’ll never know.” You huffed, but as you did so, you heard the door open.

To your surprise, Jotaro was standing there, eyeing you. “What?” You frowned, “Don’t what me, you’re the one staring.” “Tch.” He sat down as the nurse looked at his leg, and you couldn’t help but notice the large gash. “I fell down some stairs.” The nurse said something about how Jotaro doesn’t ever get injured in fights, so she believed him, but you were too focused to care. Chevelle was hovering over the nurse, which wasn’t the problem. The problem was Jotaro, staring directly at her. You moved Chevelle, back and towards the delinquents, and he continued to follow her. There was no way it was coincidence.

However, the nurse said something about cutting his pants, which drew his attention away for you to call Chevelle back unnoticed. You relaxed; you were over-thinking things. Maybe her cloak had caught something and dragged it along, or maybe she hit something. It could’ve been anything. You had peen staring off too long thinking when Jotaro flicked your forehead. “If you don’t move, I’ll strip in front of you.”

You frowned, “What?” He removed his other hand from his pocket and began unbuckling his multi-color belts. You stuttered and shot up from your chair, the button from earlier clattering to the floor. “Tch. You stole that? Really?” You went to shoot him a glare, but immediately snapped back around as you got a glance of his boxers. “It got stuck in my hair, I was trying to clean it before I got it back to you, dickhead.”

Before he responded, you felt a shiver crawl down your spine as one of the delinquents yelled. “Hey, t-that’s not a t-thermometer!!” You turned around, watching as the nurse was swinging a pen around violently, sending ink everywhere. “A pen? Just how stupid can you be?” She suddenly brought it down violently, just behind the curtain and out of your field of view. One of them screamed and a spurt of blood fell to the floor, while the other one sprinted out of the office, screaming. Jotaro was staring as well, a handkerchief crumpled in his hand.  

The other one scrambled to leave, tripping over himself in the process. The nurse turned to Jotaro, joints moving in jagged rough movements, almost inhumanely. “Hey, JoJo…” she was slurring, foam coming out her mouth, and her eyes rolled back into her head. You took a step back, and noticed a green and white snake tail flicking around her leg. It was brief, but there long enough for you to know for certain something unnatural was happening.

She stumbled forwards, her body moving sickeningly towards Jotaro, “Does this look like a pen to you?!” She was dripping froth from her mouth as she lurched suddenly, shoving the pen into Jotaro’s face. It would have been in his eye, if he hadn’t caught her wrist. However, for man with such strength, he seemed to have trouble keeping her at bay. Jotaro seemed to have forgotten about you and began speaking to himself, “This isn’t the strength of a woman… is this a stand? Noriaki Kakyoin! Was it you who cut me earlier?”

Neither you or Jotaro were expecting an answer, so when one came from the window you both jolted. “Precisely.” The man from before, with the pink hair was perched on the windowsill, a puppet in his hands. “Short time no see. My stand has possessed that nurse and is controlling her,” he started wiggling the puppet around violently, the movements matching the nurse’s earlier ones, “Attacking it will mean hurting her, JoJo.”

Jotaro turned back to the nurse, but not before cursing the man. “I am Noriaki Kakyoin, my stands name is Hierophant Green. I may be human, but my loyalty is to him, so,” He snapped the puppets hand towards Jotaro, “I will kill you.” The nurse started screeching, launching herself more at Jotaro, who used his newfound leverage to dislodge the pen from his face. He then snatched the woman closer to him, forcefully kissing her, when a purple spirit seeming dislodged itself from him, a green snake in its mouth.

The purple being floated, revealing more of what was in its mouth, and you realized it was the snake thing you had seen before, and was actually humanoid looking. “I won’t hurt her then,” Jotaro said, almost pridefully, and you realized that these spirits were like your Chevelle. “I see. Now that I’ve dragged it out, I see its just a shitty stand that can’t do anything but hide in people.” Jotaro’s spirit lifted into the air violently, and then snatched the green snake’s face in a split second. You could hear a horrid squishing sound as Kakyoin winced. “You’ll regret that.” Kakyoin said darkly from the windowsill. You watched as liquid started trickling out of Hierophant Green’s hands, while the two exchanged banter.

Suddenly, gemstones spurted forth from the liquid, launching Jotaro and his Spirit backwards. They crashed into a wall, shattering it, leaving Jotaro on the floor, surrounded by debris. Kakyoin eyed you, but turned to Jotaro, “What do you think of my emerald splash? It pierced your stands chest, which means that your insides are a mess. And that nurse…” Jotaro grunted as the nurse spurted blood from different orifices. “I’m sure I…”

He wobbled slightly as he stood over the nurse, Kakyoin chuckling creepily. Jotaro’s eyes snapped to you, “Watch out!” You didn’t move an inch, as you knew exactly what he was warning you about. Hierophant Green had slithered over to you, reaching out for your legs. You tilted your head, shooting it a nasty glare. For a split second, it looked shocked, but it was hard to tell as Chevelle pummeled a fist into its face with enough force to shatter the concrete below it.

“What?” Kakyoin shouted, his face bloody from Chevelle’s punch. Chevelle held the “stand” firmly by thr throat as you kicked Kakyoin in the nuts. “Fuckin, perv.” He staggered backwards, coughing, and you sent his stand flying across the room. “You have a stand?” Kakyoin grunted at you, but was grabbed by Jotaro’s spirit by the time you had turned around.

Seeing as he had the situation under control, you cradled the nurses head, listening to her breathing. It was shallow, but still there. Chevelle materialized above her, staring intently. You gently shook her as the Jotaro was yelling something, and she blinked lazily. “Just rest. You got hurt pretty bad, ill take care of you.” Chevelle placed a hand on her forehead, a light blue glow emitting from her hand. With the amount of damage and blood she had lost, it would take a few minutes, but you would be able heal her.

Suddenly, a burst of air hit you, and you jolted to see that Jotaro had finished his yelling by punctuating it through a damn near super-sonic punch. Kakyoin collapsed unconscious, and Jotaro collected him on his shoulder. He turned to you, “Come on.” You looked at him incredulously, still healing the nurse. “She’ll be fine. Come on, I don’t have time to knock you out too.”

You heard yelling from the hall, and you decided that it would be best if you weren’t there when they found her. You nodded, and joined Jotaro as he climbed out the window. “Took your damn time.” You ignored him as you handed him his button. “You talk too much.” He pocketed it, and squinted at you. “Tch.”

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You arrived at Jotaro’s house, a rather expansive plot, and Jotaro left you in a stone garden. You stood there for a while, but then were greeted by his mother, who chuckled at your confusion. She then invited you for tea, and the two of you talked for a while until Jotaro walked in. “So, this is where you ran off to. The old man is looking for you.” You just stared at him while his mother joyfully got up and grabbed another cup. “Jotaro, join us, we were just talking a-,” He snapped at her, “Weren’t you listening, bitch? The old man wants to see her.” Holy just smiled quietly, and he turned back to you. You hid your expression from him, seething at his harsh words. Before you knew it, you were holding his throat in your hands, Chevelle holding his Spirit back for you. Holy started freaking out, but you gave her a gentle smile.

As you shoved Jotaro out of the doorway, he got loose, and tried to hit you with his spirit, but you were quicker. You shoved a fist into his face, knocking him off the ledge into the garden below. He was off balance enough that you knocked him to the ground and you pinned him there by digging your nails into his throat once again. His flesh gave away as blood beaded at your fingertips. “You ungrateful fuck. A woman as that is undeserving of a shithead like you. I will protect her. You even fucking think calling her that name again and I will fucking end you. Do you fucking understand?” 

Jotaro’s expression was hidden by his hat, and as your rage subsided, you realized you had started crying. Tears had fallen on his face, and above the both of you, Chevelle was freaking out, desperately trying to get you to calm down. You stood, silently wiping your face, leaving a blood streak on accident. You became aware of three more people watching you in addition to Holy. Chevelle started to heal Jotaro when you grabbed her arm. “He doesn’t deserve it.”

She pulled it back, and continued healing him, and you began walking away towards the exit. The rocks under your feet were sharp, but you didn’t feel the pain. Chevelle would yell at you later. “Oi!” You didn’t turn to the voice, but instead slumped to the ground, crying. Chevelle enveloped you in an embrace as you sobbed, hidden memories trying to fight their way to the surface. Another hand touched your shoulder, and you withdrew quickly, only to find Holy, with Jotaro behind her. “You’re safe here. I’ll keep you safe.”  Her motherly warmth only made you bawl more.

You must have fallen asleep in Holy’s lap, because you woke up in Jotaro’s arms. At first, you were scared, but Holy was right next you, walking alongside him. You looked at Jotaro’s neck, the dried blood still there, although the wounds were gone. “I’m sorry.” You mumbled, if he heard you, he didn’t acknowledge it. He had every right to pissed at you. “You can put me down, I can walk.” He glanced down at you. “Not with those bloody feet. You’d make a mess.”

When he mentioned this, you felt the soles of your feet stinging. “Oh.” He was carrying you gently, bridal style, and for a moment you were embarrassed about being so close to him. “Don’t do it again, and we’ll be fine.” He said this quietly, and it took you a minute to realize that he was talking about your apology. “I’m sorry.” He glared at you. “Stop apologizing, its annoying.” You sat silently, not quite sure of everything you said or did in your blind rage.

Jotaro came to a stop in the doorway of a large bathroom, his mother running warm water. “You can’t heal yourself, can you?” You shook your head, and he sucked his teeth at you. “Idiot.” You said nothing, and he ducked to fit into the bathroom. “I’m going to use Star Platinum to help get you undressed.” You turned red, “No, its fine, I can do it.” He handed you to his spirit, Star Platinum, who looked at you warmly, unlike the stern face it he had earlier. “You have rocks in your feet. You don’t need to be standing on them.”

Star Platinum shifted, suddenly dropping your lower half, leaving you dangling in the air like a child. Jotaro was turned around, and you figured this was what he meant by “helping”. Chevelle started wiggling, doing nothing to help you. “Are you serious, I need your help getting undressed, and you’re dancing. You’re a prick.” Jotaro turned confused, to see Chevelle sitting in the bath tub Holy was filling. Holy laughed, and Jotaro sighed, “Good grief.” He suddenly grabbed your legs, pulling down your skirt, turning you bright red. He didn’t care, as he began shifting your shirt upwards.

“You’ll just have to get new underwear.” He said this as Star Platinum turned and gently placed you in the tub. Star Platinum gave a gentle smile as he lingered for just a second. “I’m sorry.” Jotaro huffed, and was about to say something when you quickly interjected. “I was apologizing to your spirit, Star Platinum. I attacked him, too.” Jotaro said nothing as he left, but Star Platinum stayed longer than he did. He stayed at the side of the tub as Holy gently poured warm water across your back. You closed your eyes for brief second and he was gone when you opened them.

During your bath, Holy explained that Jotaro had figured out he had triggered some kind of PTSD response in you. When you said something about protecting her, he knew something was wrong. “Whatever may have happened to you in your childhood, I want you to know your safe here, and your welcome anytime. And just to make you feel better, I can tell that he forgives you. He said he knew where your mind went.”

Holy bandaged your feet, but they still stung when you stood, she let you borrow some of her old clothes, and was setting you up in a room. Apparently, Jotaro had gone to your house to tell them you were spending the night at his.

When you entered the room, 4 men were gathered to the side talking, two of which were Kakyoin and Jotaro. The other two you didn’t recognize, save for the elder gentleman who still seemed extremely familiar. Your entrance had gone unnoticed until Holy entered from the closet, holding a bundle of blankets. “I’m just getting your futon, don’t mind me.”

“I haven’t actually laid in one before, we live like Americans in our house.” She chuckled as the older man yelled, “I’m not the only one!” The group got up, and the older gentleman came forward first, extending his hand, “Pleasure to meet you. I’m Joseph Joestar, and this…”

Before he could turn to introduce the man behind him, you grasped his hand, pulling off his glove. The metal hand underneath turned upward. “So, it is true. I never thought I’d ever actually meet you. Huh.”  

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Joseph was beyond confused at your statement. “You fought along Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli against a man named Kars, yes?” Bringing your hand up, you demonstrated your skill in Hamon by stiffening the cloth of Joseph’s glove. “He had a daughter; he probably didn’t know. His daughter eventually found out what happened when she investigated Lisa Lisa, who trained her as she trained her father.

My mother was becoming friends with her at that time, and instead of taking care of me herself, she sent me to a foster home, the house I’m at now. Caesar’s daughter later found out, and offered to take care of me, and when Nina’s husband died, she took her up on the offer.” Joseph’s jaw dropped, but he said nothing at first. “It’s been so long since I heard that name. Caesar would be absolutely furious to learn he had a daughter he didn’t know about. He was a family-focused man. A good man.”

You shrugged, “It’s fairly complicated, and it doesn’t help I don’t know my birth mother’s name.” Jotaro sighed, “You can reminisce later, lets get on with it.” He gestured to the man clad in robes behind Joseph, “That’s Avdol, he wants to talk to you about your Stand.”

“Is that what they’re called? I’ve been calling her a Spirit this whole time.” You shrugged and turned to Avdol. “What do you want to know?”

“First, your Stands name. Second, do you know what card it represents?”

“Well I call her Chevelle, and as for the card thing.... I have no idea what your talking about.”

Avdol hummed, “I see, would you mind picking a card out of this deck?” he brandished a bunch of large blue cards, and spread them in his hands. You grabbed one, and flipped it, “Six of Swords.” Avdol frowned, “How did you do that?”

You shrugged, “Do what, I just picked a card? I don’t understand Tarot, so you can have this back.” He looked confused as you handed him the card back, and looked to Holy. “Is this where I’ll be sleeping?” She nodded, and you turned back to the man. “Can I go to sleep? It been a long day after Kakyoin fucked shit up this morning.”

Kakyoin sheepishly rubbed the bandage on his head. “I’m sorry for that. I wasn’t under my own control.” You sighed, “If you tell me you were under someone’s mind control, that’ll be the icing on the cake.” He eyed the floor, “You’re not wrong. I had flesh bud implanted in my head controlling my thoughts.” You visibly shivered. “Eugh. Yuck.”

Holy gently placed a hand on his shoulder, ushering him to the door. “She said she wanted to sleep, so you guys get out, there’s more time for talk tomorrow.” The men filed out, and Holy gave you a warm smile as she slid the door shut. As you snuggled into the futon, you felt as if you were at home. Chevelle cuddled you as always, and you fell asleep quickly.


When you woke up it was still very early, so when you were joined outside by Jotaro, you were briefly startled. He was still waking up; you could tell by the lack of coat and hat. You had been sitting on the ledge over a small garden, complete with a pond and a small burbling fountain. He sat next to you, and you handed him a cup of tea. He grunted his appreciation. “I snuck into the kitchen and brewed it earlier.” He said nothing and the two of you sat in silence. “Thank you.” He stayed silent, but peered at you.

“For not beating the shit out of me yesterday. I know you could have,” you gave a light chuckle, “you probably should have.” He took a sip of his tea, staring off towards the rising sun. “It wasn’t the first time.”  You glanced at him, but he didn’t immediately explain. “What do you mean?” He placed his cup next to him, laying back. “I’ve had to hold you back before. Sometimes when you fall asleep, you’ll wake up screaming, hitting anyone who gets close to you.” You couldn’t hide the embarrassment and disbelief from your face.

“Your friend Amaya told me that you've had a shitty life, and sometimes it haunts you. It only happens once every few months; you'll wake up in a fit in the middle of class. No one wants to tell you, because they know I’d beat them senseless.” You turned away from him, not sure how to deal with your feelings. It was extremely out-of-character for him, but then again, you didn’t really know him. “You pack a mean punch. For a woman.” You scoffed, but said nothing as you poured more tea for you both.

“You should heal the bruise you gave me last week.” You blinked a him, “Tch. Your pretty fucking slow aren’t you. You punched the shit out of my shoulder before I dragged you out of the room.” When you thought back on it, your fist did hurt for a while for no reason last week. “What kind of shit am I doing when I’m asleep? Next thing is your gonna tell me I decked a teacher.” Jotaro sat up, looking at you, “You really don’t remember anything? Cause I know for a fact you’ve hit a couple teachers.” You sat quietly, thinking to yourself, not quite sure what to believe. “Ask Amaya if you don’t believe me.”

He got up, leaving you there to ponder by yourself. There were several questions going through your head, but the main question was, “Why?” Why did he take it upon himself to protect others from you? How many times had he done it, how come you didn’t know that about him; about yourself? Before you could get too in depth into your thoughts, clothes were dropped unto your head. “I grabbed a uniform and your bag from your house. If you don’t get up, you’ll be late.”

Jotaro was already walking away by the time you looked towards him, his signature coat and hat donned. You quickly got dressed, returned the tea set to the kitchen, meeting Holy along the way. She gave you a warm smile, and you felt guilty about not staying and talking.  On your way to the main entrance, you took a wrong turn and ended up running into Joseph, who was looking for Holy. “I saw her in the kitchen, good luck finding that. I’m lost myself.” He chuckled, and you continued down the path, hoping that eventually you’d get to the exit.

You ended up coming full circle, ending up back at the kitchen, however, Joseph and Jotaro were blocking the doorway. You couldn’t see past the tall men, but their clenched fists indicated something was wrong. Suddenly, Joseph slammed Jotaro into the wall, yelling. Jotaro just let it happen, allowing the man to vent. You weren’t listening to him as you ran to Avdol, who was cradling an unconscious Holy. Chevelle materialized but shook her head, unless she was awake, there was nothing she could do.

Regardless, you took control, and tried healing her, biting your tongue at the resulting pain. Chevelle rejected violently, sending you backwards. You both knew that healing someone who was unconscious was deadly to you. Avdol simply watched as you crawled back to Holy, noticing the vine crawling from behind her back. “It won’t let me heal her.” Using Chevelle, you grabbed a vine, and spoke to it. “You won’t have her, even if it kills me.”

Jotaro grabbed Joseph’s wrist. “How do we fix this?” Joseph looked from Holy to you, “The only option is that we find DIO, we find and kill him to lift the curse.” The two men got out of the way as Avdol carried Holy out of the kitchen, and you stayed behind to clean the mess that they had made, lost deep in your thoughts.

Eventually you found them clustered around Holy, Star Platinum hovered over Jotaro’s shoulder. Avdol nodded to you as he left, holding a memo book. “I’ll be in the library if you need me.” You had no idea where the library was, so you just nodded. Star Platinum looked to you as you walked in, his stern face softening to a kinder one. That was until Jotaro noticed you, which at that point, he disappeared. Before Jotaro said anything, Holy groaned, drawing his attention.

Joseph immediately turned into a worrywart, brushing his daughter’s teeth, feeding and bathing her. She cut his over-fawning short by asking him to change his underwear too. You had sat behind her with Chevelle, healing her, silently watching as the thorny vine lapped at her shoulders. It resisted you, making it somewhat of a mental workout. Holy didn’t seem to notice at first, but then she suddenly turned to you, “Don’t exhaust yourself dear, it’s just a silly fever.” She was about to get up, asking about dinner when Jotaro started yelling. He quickly corrected himself, eyeing you. You gently placed a hand on Holy’s shoulder. “He’s right you need to rest.”

She gave soft laugh, “Maybe I should be sick more often.” Her thinly veiled effort to deflect only made your heart hurt. As she laid back down, her body went slack, returning to her previous state. “She knows.” You had whispered it, but Joseph responded. “Yeah. The way she acted confirms it. She was trying to hide it.”

“Mr. Joestar! I found it!” Avdol came in running, holding an encyclopedia, page open to a bunch of flies.” Avdol went on to explain that they only lived in a certain are of Egypt, and that was how they would find DIO. As the various men discussed their plan action, you placed a hand on Holy’s forehead. “I’m coming.” Joseph had almost said something in protest, but Jotaro stepped in for you. “I’ll go with you when you tell your family.” You nodded, figuring there was a reason for him to want to come over. Joseph’s expression was hidden as he spoke. “Go now, while I get everything arranged.”

Chapter Text

At first the toddlers in the house were happy that you were home, but quickly became afraid of Jotaro. Katashi damn near cried at the sight of him, so had to think on your feet. The end result was the children sticking to him like glue. They didn’t want to touch him still, which was great news, but their constant peering was annoying in itself. You had left Jotaro in the entrance to your house as went to speak to Nina in the kitchen, but when you returned, he had made himself at home on the couch.

The old man came out of the kitchen, and decided to yell at him for sitting in “his spot”. You hadn’t had the chance to turn around by the time Jotaro had him in his grasp. “Oi, is that how your supposed to treat guests in your house?” Nina came out from the kitchen, fretting wildly. Jotaro dropped the old man, “Pathetic.”

He turned away from him, and you jumped in between him and the belt that was coming down on him. “Goddamn delinquent, coming into my house, trying to scare me. And you! You brought him here. You filthy fucking whore!” You took the blows from the belt, but they stopped suddenly, and the old man screamed.

Jotaro had caught the belt, and the glare that came from him was piercing and full of hatred. Using Star Platinum, he gently moved you out of his way. He grabbed the old man by the neck and lifted him, throwing the belt away. You could see his hand tightening as he spoke.

“If anyone in this house has so much as a bruise, I will kill you.” The tone in his voice was cold and calm, and you could feel that the threat was not a hollow one. “Disgusting.” Jotaro let go, sending the old man downwards and briskly walked away from him. Nina quickly went to his aide, and the smell that came wafting over indicated that the old man had shit his pants.

You left Nina downstairs, meeting the kids upstairs, Jotaro behind you. They hadn’t seen the events downstairs unfold, and you hoped they wouldn’t find out either. Once again, they clung to you, watching Jotaro from behind your legs. When you came to your room, you peeled them off of you, much to their dismay. They stayed in your doorway, knowing they were only allowed if you let them come in. Jotaro parted his way through them, mumbling something. “What did you tell them for them to stare at me like that?” You couldn’t help but laugh when you turned to the group of faces in the doorway that were staring him down intensely.

“I told them that you were possessed by a spirit that made you mean looking. If the spirit deems them worthy, you’ll smile and grant them good luck. They’re hoping to see you smile.” He sucked his teeth. You packed your belongings in a suitcase, actual clothes and not a school uniform.

Unlike Jotaro, you wore different outfits. The most he changed was his tank top. While you packing the clothes down, you heard a bunch of giggles and as well as an excited yelp from Katashi. You looked over, making sure they were okay, but they had disappeared. You looked at Jotaro who shrugged, “I got tired of them staring.” It took you too long to realize that it meant he had smiled at them. You wondered what it looked like. “I’m good here, if you want to head back.” Jotaro carried your suit case as you said goodbye to the kids and Nina, the old man in the kitchen ignoring you.

Your walk back home was uneventful, other than the fact Jotaro insisted on carrying your case. When you arrived back at his house, several black cars had pulled up, several men working to unload equipment from the vehicles. Joseph spoke up, “They’re from the Speedwagon Foundation, we can trust them.”

You knew of the Speedwagon foundation, and Caesar’s daughter had taught you that it was founded to aid the Joestar family in their endeavors. It only made since for them to be there. As they unpacked their vehicles, Avdol and Kayoin were packing another. Jotaro tossed them your case, and you climbed into the vehicle as they finished loading up.

You dug out the band from you case, a gift to Joseph, and idly fondled the fabric. The men were loud as they poured into the vehicle, debating the best way to get to the airport. You ended up squished against the door, before you decided to squirm your way into the middle by climbing over Jotaro. Kakyoin was on the other side, who was far better to be squished against than the door.

On the way to the airport, you handed Joseph the headband. “I’d think he’d want you to have it.” He was silent as he took it from you, and you could tell he was trying very hard to not to show his emotions. “Thank you.” He folded it gently, placing it in his chest pocket and the car remained silent for a while.

Until Kakyoin nudged you. “What are you doing?” You looked at him incredulously, until he jutted his finger towards the back of the car. Chevelle was sprawled across the back over the luggage and fondling Kakyoin’s hair.

“I’m not doing that. She is, she does her own thing until I need her.” He stare blankly at you, “Can you make her stop?” You shook your head, “I can ask, but since she’s bothering you, I’d just ask her yourself.” He frowned, unsure what to do as Chevelle oozed smugness, knowing that he was to embarrassed to ask her.

“Play…” She whispered at him, and Kakyoin damn near jumped. “She talks? What’s else can she do?” You gestured to her, and Hierophant Green, who was creating an emerald. “Apparently, she can draw out your stand, too.” Kakyoin huffed, and faced forwards once again, ignoring the two behind his head.

Chapter Text

You were exhausted by the time you got on the airplane, that you didn’t bother with stowing your luggage. You just left it on the floor, tucked between your legs so that you could sleep while knowing it was safe. Before even boarding the plane, you took a sleep aid so you could sleep through the flight. You had just started falling into a deep sleep when Jotaro shook you. “There’s an enemy stand on the plane, get up.”

You got up, thinking you’d be some kind of help, but in reality, there wasn’t much you could do. The enemy stand turned out to be a bug, moving far quicker than you could keep track of. You were already sluggHowever, before you even needed to worry about it, Kakyoin had already ambushed the thing, tearing it into pieces. Jotaro turned to you, bleeding from his hand and his mouth.

Chevelle took to healing him and Kakyoin, as you stood next to the group, unaware of the fact they had a dead man in the seat in front of them. You yawned, and nearly fell over. You would’ve if Jotaro hadn’t caught you. Before you could apologize, Joseph gasped, “it is tilting…” He left the group, headed towards the cockpit. The flight attendants swooned over Jotaro and Kakyoin, who were complete opposites in their behavior.

Their swooning was short lived, as the dead pilots sprawled across the cockpit were in horrifying condition. As you went to take a step forwards, a bloody hand grabbed at your shoulder. You dodged it, turning to see an old man spurting blood and trying to speak with a fucked-up tongue. You grimaced, as he shouted nonsense about never finding “Lord DIO”, he was also spewing blood everywhere.

“Quit being gross, you old fuck.” If he hadn’t said DIO’s name, you might’ve healed him. “I really need to pay attention more.” The man fell over, dead, and the two flight attendants gasped. “Good, you didn’t scream, that would’ve been annoying.” Jotaro huffed from his spot in the co-pilot’s seat. He gave them instructions, but you weren’t paying attention again.

 “Didn’t you just say something about paying attention?” Jotaro barked at you. You shrugged, “I took a sleep medicine when we got on, its hard to focus right now.” Kakyoin gently escorted you to a chair, and after he handed you your suitcase, you fell into a deep sleep.

You woke up on Jotaro’s shoulder, wearing a life vest. You blinked a couple times, listening to what sounded like waves and helicopters, but looking at the inside of the plane. At first you thought you were hallucinating, but then you overheard Joseph mutter, “I can’t believe she slept through a plane crash. I wake up if a mouse farts in Antarctica, but she can sleep through a plane crash?” Kakyoin spoke on your behalf, “She did say she took something.”

Jotaro shifted, transferring you from a fireman’s carry, to bridal style yet again. You faked sleeping as best you could, it was embarrassing enough to sleep through a crash without being caught for listening in on their conversations. You were still pretty groggy and Jotaro’s warmth made you even sleepier, but you only fell partially asleep, still listening to your surroundings.

Chevelle was apparently harassing Jotaro, probably trying to cuddle you while you were in his arms, she always watched over you while you slept. In your semi-sleep state, you tried to roll over in Jotaro’s arms, which ended up with you snuggling your face against his jacket. He didn’t do anything but sigh. “Good grief. Just don’t drool on me.”

Time seemingly blurred as he held you; you must’ve been more asleep than you thought because when you finally woke up, you were in a city. You looked up to see Jotaro, who eyes were hooded underneath the brim of his hat. He gently placed you down, and Kakyoin greeted you. “You slept for a long time, and pretty hard too. Our plane crashed, but you slept through it, as well as our rescue.” You rubbed your eyes, “I thought I dreamt that.”

He filled you in on all that happened, and where your group was at now. Apparently while you slept, Chevelle kept pulling out everyone’s stands and trying to “play with them”. Avdol was keen on getting you do it while awake, having you practice on him.

“When you pulled a Minor Arcana from my cards, I was intrigued. I do not carry the two Arcana together, so when you pulled the Six of Swords, I knew it must’ve been fate speaking. You are not of the Major Arcana, but you have a powerful stand all the same. It would be wise to figure out your abilities.”

You didn’t know enough about Tarot cards and paranormal things to argue with him, especially since the rest of the group respected him highly. You focused on Chevelle, and began seeing things through her eyes, and saw the different auras of each man. You reached out to touch the nearest one, Kakyoin, and witnessed it split in two at your, no, Chevelle’s touch. You relaxed, returning to your own senses, and saw that you had brought out Hierophant successfully. “It’ll take some practice. But I think I get the gist of it.”

Avdol smiled, truly happy for you, and Kakyoin clasped a hand on your shoulder. “Learning new things with your Stand is hard thing. Congrats. How about we celebrate with lunch?” Joseph, who had been on the phone but a moment prior, perked up at this. “Perfect! We’ll go to my friend’s restaurant!” Jotaro sighed his signature line, only to be talked over by his grandfather.

At the restaurant, you stared into the menu, unable to read it. You sat between Joseph and Jotaro, the former one reading off the menu for the group. “Just pick something for me.” Jotaro and Kakyoin agreed with your statement, when a gentleman with weirdly fashioned hair came over. “Excuse me, I’m a tourist here from France, and I’m having a hard time reading this kanji, can you help?” You ignored the resulting conversation, summoning Chevelle in secret underneath the table.

She couldn’t see auras through different materials, but she could see enough of his legs for you to tell he had a strong aura. He sat down as Chevelle touched his aura, it gave you a cold sensation. It split into two, meaning he had his own stand. However, when you returned to your own senses, none of the group noticed the armored being behind him. It was hazy, as if it was see-through. “Vous êtes de France? J'ai pris un petit cours à l'école.” The man perked up at hearing his native language, ignoring the comments upon the food. “Je dois dire que vous avez un intéressant ... Stand.”      (Translation in end-note)

The tension in the group was palpable. The men on guard form hearing you say “stand”, and the other realizing he’d been discovered. “Oh, my. I was hoping to reveal that surprise. Ah well, play time is over.” The armor moved, slashing the table, a thin rapier revealing itself from the haze. Avdol summoned his Magician’s Red, sending a blaze towards the man, but the rapier moved too quickly. It seemingly cut the flames, whipping them away into nothingness.

“Muhammad Avdol, it seems you wish to die first. Very well. I, Jean Pierre Polnareff, will kill you with my stand, Silver Chariot, before that flame burns to 12.” You followed his blade to where he was pointing, a clock carved in flames on the table. “That’s pretty impressive.” Polnareff turned to you, “Merci, ma chérie.” You wanted to deck him, but Avdol put his hand in your way, and Jotaro also held you back.

Polnareff offered to take the fight outside, away from civilians, which lead to the group gathering in a park. As they all bantered, something piqued your interest. This man seemingly had some sense of honor, and yet he was fighting your group. And the way he was so unnaturally cold when you touched his aura, you couldn’t help but wonder…

You grabbed Kakyoin’s arm, pulling his attention away from the fight much to his dismay. “When you had that bud, in your head. What did it feel like? Was it a cold sensation? Maybe foggy?” Kakyoin frowned, rubbing his face. “If I had to describe it, yes, although at the time, I was content with that feeling. Why?” You shook your head, “it’s hard to describe, but his aura was freezing, and before he revealed his Stand, it was hazy, you guys didn’t even notice it.”

The clatter of metal drew your attention away from your thoughts and towards the ongoing fight, you had an idea. Silver Chariot speed increased tenfold, seemingly duplicating itself behind Polnareff. It didn’t mater too you, as you were focused on Polnareff specifically. Using Chevelle, you peered into his aura, focusing on his forehead specifically. As you became more focused, the colder you got. By the time you found what you were looking for, you were shivering.

In the middle of his forehead, just as his hairline began, there was a single dot. It looked like a black hole in the middle of Polnareff’s light blue aura. It had to be a flesh bud, just like what Kakyoin had. As you withdrew from Chevelle to say something, you sharply inhaled from the shock of how cold you really were. You’d discuss the effects of inspecting someone’s aura later with Avdol, but right then you need to let someone know what you discovered. “J-Jo..” You choked on your words; you were shivering too violently to speak. Just how cold did you get?

Rather than deal with fighting your body, you had Chevelle reach out towards the group of men. Jotaro noticed her first, and she pointed to you just as you collapsed. You stared into the sun, its warmth was barely perceptible, but it felt good nonetheless. You trusted that eventually the group of oblivious men would eventually find you, and you were relieved when Jotaro peered at you. He went to grab you, and withdrew slightly at how cold you were.

He sighed, “What a pain…” You couldn’t do anything except shiver at him, but you brought Chevelle over to him. She rested herself gently on his shoulder, much to his disgust, and she quietly whispered what you mouthed. “He… has a flesh blood…” It was jarred and slurred, it was the first time you spoke through her, but it got your message through. However, Chevelle had her own message, whispering her own something as you laid on the concrete.

Jotaro took off his jacket, placing it on you as he picked you up. He held you close to him, his warmth penetrating the cold sheet that enveloped your skin. You figured that he must’ve liked carrying you, as he once again scooped you into his arms fully, draping his jacket completely over you, save for your face. As you continued to shiver, he warned Joseph of the flesh bud, who didn’t even register you in his grandson’s arms.

As Polnareff laid burning, Joseph called out to Avdol about the flesh bud, who then immediately extinguished the flames. Upon inspection, they found the flesh bud, and Avdol looked at Joseph for an explanation. Joseph then pointed a finger to Jotaro, who responded by what looked like a shrug. It took Avdol a second to realize he was holding something, and eventually focused on you face, peering intently at the man. He immediately ran over, pulling the jacket off slightly to inspect you.

“She’s freezing, what happened?” Jotaro actually shrugged, shifting you in his arms. You couldn’t complain though, your shivering had just started to settle enough that your teeth were no longer clattering. “I’ll have Magicians Red hold her, and use his heat to warm her. Jotaro shook his head. “No, this is fine.” Kakyoin interjected at this as well, “You can’t heat up someone who’s that cold too quickly, it’ll cause damage.

You peered over the jacket to watch as Star Platinum pulled the bud from Polnareff’s brain. Chevelle immediately went to heal him, but he wasn’t conscious. Kakyoin laughed, “Hah! You aren’t special!” You laughed inwardly, fully aware that he had been butthurt you hadn’t healed him after his bud-removal. Chevelle tried to apologize on your behalf by draping herself across his shoulders, but he only scoffed.

When you returned your attention back to Jotaro, he was staring at you. His firm gaze didn’t waver as your eyes made contact, and you felt small in his arms. He said nothing, and thought you felt a small burning in your cheeks. It was hard to tell though, considering you felt you were still inside of a freezer. Before either of you broke eye contact, Joseph exclaimed. “The boat will be at the dock soon. We need to go!”

They turned to go, but you struggled, much to Jotaro’s distaste. You ended up at an odd angle, almost dangling your head so that you could see Polnareff. Chevelle was sitting next to him, and brought out his stand. The distance was growing between you, but its eyes looked sad as you left. Before you withdrew Chevelle, you had her whisper to it the group’s destination. Hopefully, Polnareff would get there in time.

Chapter Text

Polnareff greeted you at the docks, amongst the shipping containers, ecstatic to see you and declared he was coming with, in order to find his sisters killer. He immediately took to flirting with you, switching between French and English, trying to get some reaction out of you. By the time you had reached the docks you were warm enough that Jotaro let you walk on your own, but when Polnareff started badgering you, he still stuck close.

“Je ne connais pas beaucoup de français. Juste assez pour survivre dans de courtes... conversations.* Besides, I’m probably saying the wrong connotations anyways.” Polnareff didn’t seem to care, but he did start using English mainly instead of French. On the boat, he tried to stick close to you but he backed off when Jotaro glared at him on your behalf. For a good portion of the trip, Kakyoin and you shared trivia between each other, until yelling started from the entrance to below deck.

“I thought there wouldn’t be anyone else on the boat except crew.” Kakyoin shrugged, and you both watched as the sailor held a struggling kid. The two were arguing as Joseph asked about what was going on, and as the sailor explained that the kid was a stowaway, the kid bit him and jumped off. You watched as they swam off, apparently a strong swimmer. It was fine until the sailor paled horridly. “Sharks gather in these waters...”

Just as he said this, a shadow darkened the shimmer of the waves, and a fin breached the surface. “You’ve got to be shitting me.” Just as the kid screeched, you watched as Star Platinum burst up from the water, and you noticed Jotaro casually swimming up behind the kid. Star Platinum launched the shark a good while away from them, but didn’t kill it. However, a cloud of blood formed where it had landed, and two halves of it surfaced.

From the blood trailing behind it, you could track something was headed towards Jotaro, faster than he could swim. He had the kid in tow, slowing him down further. Just as the thing came close, Hierophant Green swept them from the water. The kid, a young girl, stared at the group of men, brandishing a knife.

Avdol looked to you, and you shook your head, her aura was strong, but it was normal. It wasn’t truly remarkable, it was unique to her, but in no other way. When Chevelle touched it, it didn’t split, nor did feel like anything abnormal. The sailor next to her felt the same way, like touching warm clay. The group relaxed somewhat, and Jotaro lit a cigarette as they debated who the stand user could be.

“Ah. There’s our stowaway.” A large man grabbed the girl’s arm, causing her to cry out in pain. “I’m pretty hard on stowaways, and I can’t go easy on you, or we’ll just keep getting more.” He spoke over her cries, tightening his grip on her, causing her to shriek. He almost seemed to revel in it. Your body moved before you thought, sending a punch into the man’s gut.

Joseph grabbed you away, apologizing fiercely to the man, who turned out to be the captain. He explained you explained that you didn’t take well to his rough handling of the girl, and handed you off to Kakyoin. The Captain uncurled and feigned a laugh, “You don’t captain a ship without earning a few punched every now and then.” He deadpanned and stared at you, and you returned his look with a harsh glare. “Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Kakyoin turned you away from him as he and Joseph continued to talk, trying to distract you. However, he failed, and you snapped back around, launching Chevelle onto the man from behind. He dodged and gave you glare as you smugly accepted his defeat. Your pride was short lived, as his Stand launched itself from the water, snatching the girl in the process.

“I had planned –“ He got cut off by a curt punch to the chin. While he had been focused on Chevelle, Star Platinum had gotten close enough to hit him. He released a rush of blows, yelling a battle cry of “Ora” for every punch thrown. As the “Captain” fell of the ship, Star Platinum grabbed the girl’s arm, freeing her.

The men celebrated, but only temporarily as Jotaro started struggling to pull himself up. You peered over the edge and saw barnacles growing over Star Platinum’s arm. Jotaro seemed mostly stoic, only slightly grimacing as small cuts spurted from his hand. His Stand however, seemed absolutely disgusted by it. You reached your hand out to Jotaro, but a split second to late. He fell overboard, sending the girl upwards at the last second into Hierophant Green’s outstretched hand.

Kakyoin had meant it for both of them, but it seemed Jotaro decided he was going through with the underwater fight. Unable to peer through the shine of the water, you tried using Chevelle. You could see Jotaro’s aura, it was unique that every time you looked at it, you felt the sensation of security. There were several small, unremarkable auras, which you assumed were fish, and another larger one.

Before you could inspect the Captain’s Aura further, a cloud seemingly formed in the water. At first it was a cluster of dots, but quickly turned into an impenetrable mass. The thing that threw you off was it was the same aura as the Captain’s. The cloud became blinding, so you released Chevelle, just in time to warn the others. They had thought about trying to jump in and help, but Chevelle stopped their Stands before they made contact with the water.

“His Stand has done something with the water, it’s like a blanket made of it in there. I can’t see through it.” Ignoring your warning, Kakyoin placed Hierophant’s finger in the water, earning several sharp cuts. On retrieving his Stand, several scales where stuck to its hand. “I told you.” He huffed, more upset he couldn’t help than at you. Chevelle healed him as you joined them in scanning the water. It was chaotic, a thrashing whirlpool, but you had no other choice but to hope you’d see something.

“There, I saw him! He was limp though; I don’t know what condition he’s in.” Shortly after Polnareff said this, the whirlpool stopped, and a second later, Jotaro surfaced, saying nothing as he swam back to the ship. Once he was aboard, he coaxed Avdol into gloating on his behalf, and Polnareff joined in with a large goofy grin.

Chapter Text

Just as you went over to heal Jotaro, an explosion shattered the deck, sending everyone into a frenzy. The sailors kept their cool as they frenzied, shouting instructions and getting everyone aboard the lifeboats. Due to the amount of people, the two boats were cramped, 8 of the ten sailors on one boat, and the rest on your boat. You sat squished between boards, the young girl, Anne, sitting in your lap, Jotaro and Joseph to your sides and Kakyoin in front of you. “Ugh” You wiggled your legs, hitting your feet against the others, ignoring their complaints.

You sprawled your arms on the side of the point, and hung your head backwards. Anne and Joseph talked idly, and you couldn’t bring yourself to listen any longer. Suddenly, you got water on your face and crawling atop of you, yelling and pointing at something. You groaned, her foot was digging into your stomach, and her knee into your ribcage.

Jotaro shoved her off of you, knocking her back onto Kakyoin who caught her gently. After wiping your face, you turned to see what the commotion was about. A large boat, some kind of cargo ship, had silently appeared just shy of the lifeboats. It lowered its ramp, but no one showed up, sending a chill down your spine. You weren’t the only one who noticed this, the men sharing a silent agreement amongst themselves.

The sailors boarded first, and then your group. You were the last one up, as you were bogged down by Anne, who had refused to get up. Jotaro extended her a hand, but she scoffed at him and hopped onto the platform, sending the boat careening backwards. “Good grief...” Using Chevelle, and Jotaro using Star Platinum, you roped yourself to the ramp. Star Platinum then offered you hand from the boat, which you accepted.

The two of you climbed up the stairs to join the others, finding the sailors on the main deck. One of the sailors indicated that some went with the others to investigate the ship, not realizing that they had left you and Jotaro behind. He said nothing as he lit his cigarette, leaning up against the railing. You sat down, resting your back against the same railing, watching the sailors mutter amongst themselves.

As you waited, Chevelle appeared, worried about something. She tapped the deck, and you couldn’t quite figure out what she wanted. She gave you here vision, and you looked around, seeing Jotaro’s aura and the group of sailors. You studied the floor, and an unknown sensation came over you. When you reached out the touch it, it felt like you were touching an aura, but a ship couldn’t have an aura could it?

You’ve heard of the belief that when something is used by many people, it develops its own spirit, but did that really happen? You had been pondering too long, as Jotaro nudged you. Your own sense dulled when you joined with Chevelle, the only reason you noticed the nudge was the sensation of his aura touching you.

“Your shivering again. Did you figure something out?” You stood and scratched your head, “This ship has an aura of its own. It feels sharp, strong, unyielding, yet I can’t figure out why its there. Sorry, Jotaro, I guess I’m useless right now…” You rubbed your hands together, but the breeze coming off of the ocean was strong, keeping you cold.

 “Something is better than nothing.” You realized that was his attempt at trying to make you feel better. You looked at him, and gave him a small smile. For a split second, his harsh gaze was softened, and you would’ve liked to see more of it, but he grabbed the brim of his hat and hid expression in the shadows. “Good grief. Just call me Jojo, like everyone else.”

You tried to peek around his hand, but got nothing except the feeling that he was watching you. You smiled again, “Okay, I’ll work on it Jotaro.” At this he turned his face away from you, returning his speech to his native Japanese. “Yare Yare...”

You couldn’t help but laugh, at which he raised an eyebrow at you. “You know I can speak a decent amount of Japanese, right? Besides, it doesn’t matter what language you say it in, I’ll always recognize that ‘good grief’ of yours.” His gaze returned to normal, “Tch. Now who’s talking too much.” You scoffed at that, but still smirked at him nonetheless. This time he continued to look at you, his face partially hidden by his jacket.

The conversation and banter might have continued, but Joseph came out, yelling to watch out. You turned too late to see what happened, but saw the result of it. A sailor was hanging by the hook of a crane, his blood dripping down to the deck below. Chevelle immediately went to go heal him, but by the way the hook was jutting out of his mouth, you knew he was already dead. Anne screamed, Jotaro shielded her eye, complaining that it was no way to welcome a young girl.

Jotaro looked to the others, telling them what you had told him about the ship. None of them had any ideas, and with sudden attack, things were even more confusing. It was obviously a Stand, but no one had seen anything, nor did Kakyoin’s Hierophant find anything. The ship, save for apparently an orangutan up behind the bridge, was empty.

It was then decided by Joseph that the crew, and Anne, would stay inside the vessel until further notice. Something itched you the wrong way so you asked to accompany them, just in case something was to happen inside the ship. Anne followed behind you, but lingered outside the door, eyeing the cluster of men. Joseph must have felt her staring, and approached her. He gave her a gentle look as he kneeled down to her level.

“I have just one bit of truth for you. We’re on your side.” This was enough to comfort her, and she ran inside to catch up with the men ahead of you. The sailors had already tucked themselves away messing with a radio, and Anne was taking a shower. You wandered through the halls, using Chevelle to try and see something, but all you saw was the ship’s aura, something about it making your skin crawl. You came across a room with an empty cage, and you studied it for a second when Jotaro walked in.

“Have you seen a monkey around?” He shook his head, and as you were about to ask another question, you heard what sounded like a muffled groan. As you popped your head through the door back into the hallway, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Except it was too quiet, the sailors were just down the hall, and yet you couldn’t hear them. Jotaro looked into the hall from behind you, and when you took off, he followed calmly. The door to the radio room that the sailors had been in had blood spattered everywhere, and a single severed hand laid in the middle of the floor.

There was too much blood everywhere for it to have been just one sailor, and you hoped that they were still alive enough for you to heal them. As you opened the door, you almost relaxed as you spotted a sailor sitting in a chair. A shiver crawled through your body as you realized, the sailors hadn’t left the room. They were all still there, body parts piled across each other, a decapitated head with horror painted on its face was at the top of it all.

It took you a second too long to remember Anne, who screamed from down the hall. As you ran there you heard Jotaro yelling something about a lock. Just before you turned into the room, a pipe came out of nowhere and tripped you. As soon as you hit the floor, several more appeared and tied you down. You tried fighting it, but the metal was stronger than you.

Chevelle tried to help you, but her efforts were futile as she ended up pinned to the wall. You called for help but got no reply. You heard the sounds of a fight, different sounds reverberating down the empty corridor. Suddenly, a monkey appeared, seemingly shifting through the wall. It eyed you, and a disgusting grin appeared on its face. It stepped on you as it walked away, crushing your arm, content thinking it had already won.

You tried wiggling to get loose, which almost worked save for the fact more pipes came out of the walls, anchoring you further. The monkey passed by again, wearing a captain’s shirt and hat, carrying a book. It came over and shoved your face into the floor, breaking your nose. It may have done more, but something happened to the floor. It became soft, like a pillow, and conformed to your face as the ape continued to beat on you.

When it was content with its assault, it walked away, leaving you in the pipes. However, the pipes were soft, and you easily slipped out of them. You didn’t understand why, but your main goal was finding Jotaro and Anne, who was likely with him. You went into the showers, and found a path of debris to follow. You saw movement past the next bulkhead, and you hoped it was Jotaro.

You were relieved to see that it was indeed Jotaro and Anne, but the movement hadn’t been from them. The ship was distorting, almost like it was melting, and beginning to collapse in some areas. You coughed, choking on the blood running down your throat. You couldn’t breath through your nose, and the although the blood flow was slowing it was still enough to choke your breathing.

You weren’t going to be able to run, so you started walking back to the deck, but as Jotaro ran past you, he snatched your arm. It wasn’t a smooth transition, at first your being dragged behind him, but then he swung you around in front of him, carrying you yet again. His breathing was heavy, so you used what little Hamon you could conjure to try to aid his body. It worked, as his breathing changed, as his movements became smoother.

You were shocked to find that it was already sundown, and by the time the life boats got away from the shrinking freighter, it was night already. You healed the others, all of them had sustained crush injuries from being enveloped by the ship. However, you were left with your broken nose and sore arm. “I need someone to so something kind of gross.” You said this to no one in particular, so you got everyone’s attention. “I need someone to push my nose back to the right spot.” Anne and Joseph recoiled, and Avdol looked confused. “So, y’know, I can breathe. I can’t do it myself because I’ll chicken out before I touch it.”

Kakyoin looked sick at the idea, so that left it between Jotaro and Avdol, although Avdol seemed to hesitant to do it quickly. “Yare yare… Come here.” You turned to Jotaro, who was already facing your direction. “Ooooh this is gonna hurt like a bitch.” You inhaled, and waited for the pain that was sure to come.

Jotaro’s hands on your face were gentle, but the moment passed quickly. Using his thumbs, he shoved your nose back into place, a gross wet pop indicating it was back. You quickly lurched yourself over the side of the boat, vomiting from the resulting gush of blood and mucus. As you finished, you focused your breathing, aiming to bypass any more vomiting. Using your Hamon, you focused on your nose, the feeling similar to electricity fixing what it could.

Your arm was next, but because it was mostly tissue damage, there wasn’t much that could be done. the swelling dissipated into bruises, and you’d have to wait until tomorrow for them to heal. “I thought you couldn’t heal yourself.” You damn near fell out of the boat; you’d been completely focused on your Hamon.

“I can’t. Chevelle can’t heal me, and neither can my Hamon. It just speeds up my bodies natural processes. Say for example, a minor cut would appear to be healed in minutes, however, a broken nose will take about a day. It also helps with sore muscles, infections, things like that.”  You hadn’t realized Jotaro had grabbed your waist, holding you to the boat. “If you aren’t careful, you’ll capsize the boat. My cigarettes are wet enough as is.” He released you, and you sheepishly sunk back to your spot between the seats.

You and Joseph sat discussing the differences in your Hamon types, before an idea occurred to you. “Jotaro, hand me your cigarettes.” He looked at you, his normal look having a hint of curiosity to it. “You don’t smoke.” He handed you the soggy carton, watching you as if you were holding his life in your hands. You took the cigarettes from the carton, piling them in your hand, careful not to squish them in their fragile state.

You turned to Joseph, who caught on to your idea. He placed his hand on top of the pile and the two of you input your Hamon into the cigarettes. It caused the water to forcefully leave, splattering on Jotaro and Kakyoin, but it had worked, and his cigarettes were dry.

 Joseph laughed triumphantly, and you handed Jotaro the pile of cigarettes, minus the carton. Just before he put them away, you snagged one of the top. You placed it delicately in your lips, and he watched as you sparked your Hamon at your fingertips to light it. You took a slow drag, the nicotine burning slightly, and you silently thanked that he didn’t smoke heavier ones or you wouldn’t have been able to pull of your stunt.

Carefully, you puffed out a smoke ring directly into Jotaro’s face. He tried to look at you through it, but ended up having to look away for a second. “Tch.” He went to grab a cigarette from his pocket, but you handed him yours. “I’m good, I think I’m going to get some sleep.”

He scoffed at you, but took the cigarette nonetheless. You settled in an odd manner, legs tucked under the wooden planks that served as seats, but had your torso leaning up against Joseph’s legs. You wiggled slightly, jamming a leg into Jotaro’s. “Woops.” Rather than go back to your previous position, you simple shoved your leg under his, earning a grunt. He didn’t move though, and you fell asleep in that position.

Chapter Text

At some point, another cargo ship picked your group up, dropping you off at a port in Singapore. It was decided then you would stay at a hotel until Joseph figured out another way to Egypt. Joseph waved you over after he finished at the booking desk. “They didn’t have many rooms, so you have to bunk with one of us.” You said that’d you bunk with Anne, but he said it was a horrible idea just in case you guys got attacked. “I guess Jotaro. He doesn’t seem the type to be weird about sharing a room with a girl.”

He agreed, and explained the rooms were on all different floors, Kakyoin and Polnareff got off first, then Avdol, Joseph and Anne, although she split off from them. That left Jotaro and you. The two of you were on the 14th floor, and the view the room had was spectacular. “It’s beautiful here. Did you see the dolphins when we came in?” Jotaro grunted at you, he had already sprawled across the bed nearest the door, hat covering his face.

You yawned at the idea of sleep, but wanted to shower first. Chevelle laid on the bed for you, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. Your suitcase was water logged, but the clothes inside were still dry. You pulled a pair of clothes, nothing spectacular, a baggy tank-top and a pair of sweatshirts, and you realized that Jotaro had nothing to change into at the moment. “I have a pair of clothes for you, if you want to shower.”

Jotaro’s blue eyes lulled open and looked at you. “While you’re in the shower, I can put your uniform in the wash, or take it to the dry cleaners.” He seemed to like the idea and got up, immediately shedding his clothes. You couldn’t help but blush at his brashness, although that wasn’t the only thing you were blushing about.

He was extremely well built, almost as ripped as Star Platinum. Star Platinum had the unfair advantage of being, well, huge. You shoved the thoughts away, and turned to see Jotaro, fully nude. You immediately turned away, balling the tank-top and shorts and jutting you hand out in his general direction. “I-I don’t have any underwear for you, so you might keep those, even though they’re dirty.”

He grabbed your hand, and you looked up to see him peering at you. His eyes studied your face, “This is fine. As for my uniform, everything except the gakuran can be washed. It and the hat have to be dry cleaned.” With that, he placed his hat on your head, and walked away, leaving you completely frazzled. You collected his uniform, forgetting that the hat was on your head. As you went down to the main floor, Kakyoin got on the elevator with you. He chuckled at you, making red return to your cheeks once more.

“Hey uh. What’s a Gakuran?” He picked up the jacket from the pile, “This is. Normally it’s buttoned up, like mine.” You watched as he referenced himself, and it occurred to you that the fabric was cut the same style, the only differences being Jotaro’s modifications and the color. “Huh. Thanks.” The two of you parted ways at the lobby, Kakyoin gently reminding you of the hat on your head. You dropped off all of his clothes at the in-house dry cleaner, thinking it would be better that way ; seeing as he was picky about his pants anyways.

He was still in the shower when you got back, and Chevelle took it upon herself to flop across the bed. You joined her, staring off into the windows, although she was staring in the opposite direction. When you turned around you saw that she was looking at Star Platinum.

He was studying the room, before focusing on you. He gave you a gentle smile, his hair still flowing freely in a non-existent wind. You got up, approaching him, and he simply watched you. “Why are you out?” He pointed to Chevelle, who then rolled off the bed inelegantly to avoid your glare. When you turned back to him, he was close, in your face, studying it. He gently touched a hand to your face, and you were surprised at how soft and warm it was.

You didn’t quite know what to do as your heart started pounding, you touched his chest, forgetting that Jotaro could feel everything. You traced the strips down his body, until you reached his waist. You became acutely aware of the fact he was only wearing a loin cloth. Star Platinum realized this and smiled, letting your hands travel back up across him with no complaints.

Your hands went to his face, and he leaned into it, and it made your heart melt. While one hand cradled his face, the other went to run your fingers through his hair. His eyes opened, looking at you, before wrapping an arm around your waist and lifting you to his height. He surprised you even further, delving in to kiss you. At first your surprise made you hesitate, but it quickly dissipated and you fell into a deep kiss with him.

You don’t know how long it lasted, but when you came up for air, it felt like you hadn’t breathed for years. While you regained your breath Star Platinum kissed your neck, deeply but also tenderly, and you let out amount a small gasp. This was exactly what the Stand wanted; he backed off to look at you as shook his head and let out a deep, ethereal whisper, “Ora…”

Although it wasn’t anything in specific, you could tell that he wanted more. He had unintentionally given you leverage of the situation when he backed off. You took it instantly, kissing at his neck, clustering long kisses up and down his neck. He let out another whisper, and it sounded vaguely of a warning. You ignored it, kissing along his jawline.

Suddenly, he dropped you onto the bed and pinned your arms above your head. You let a moan, much to your own surprise, and Star Platinum looked at you with a lustful hunger in his eyes. However, instead of following through with it, he disappeared, leaving you on the bed, alone and wanting.

You quickly figured why though, as Jotaro came out of the bathroom, towel on his head and shirt in his hand. Thankfully he was wearing shorts, but you still see enough to make you flustered. He finished towel drying his hair and he eyed you. There was something familiar to look in his eyes, but you couldn’t place it. “What were you doing?” You stuttered, “I took your clothes to the dry cleaners and I – “

“I meant just now.”

“Huh? O-oh nothing. Sorry…” You were flustered, and you knew he realized it too.

“Tch. Get off my bed.”

“Oh, yeah. I think, I think I’m going to go shower now.” You scrambled around him, forgetting your change of clothes in your suitcase.

You got into the bathroom and undressed, thinking about Star Platinum’s actions. Just thinking about it got you blushing again. You quickly turned on the shower and got in, hoping to forget about it for a while. Except as you got in, the purple Stand was in the shower waiting for you. He still had that lustful look in his eyes, and you could tell he was waiting for your permission.

You didn’t give it to him immediately, rinsing yourself, refreshing in the warm water. You watched him as you did so, and saw that he was studying your naked body. You blushed, not sure if you could blush anymore, but didn’t give in just yet. You closed your eyes as you let the water fall down your face, taking comfort in knowing he wouldn’t touch you without your permission.

When you wiped your face, you peered at Star Platinum playfully, and he rolled his eyes. Yeah… he was definitely Jotaro’s. You grabbed his hand, placing it on your waist, pulling him into a kiss. His hands explored your body gently. He grabbed your waist again, lifting you, and since you were expecting it this time, you wrapped your legs around his torso. He kissed at your neck again, this time travelling lower, across your chest, nearing your breasts, but never actually touching them.

You took his free hand and placed on your breast and he held it without doing anything. You huffed, and he finally squeezed it. It was gentle, kneading it, and the simple pleasure of it made you gasp. “If you put me down you can use both hands.” He smirked at that, and let you down as he fondled both of your breasts. You watched him, he seemed to be enjoying how soft they were and how you were reacting to him.

You pulled yourself closer to him, and he slid his hands around your back, pulling you closer. You kissed his neck again, less in control this time, completely enthralled by your lust. He moaned, his “ora” a low, gravelly tone that made you shiver. You jumped as the door slammed open, Jotaro breathing heavy and staring you down. The look in his eyes was the same one Star Platinum had, but you were to embarrassed earlier to notice it.

“God dammit, woman.” He came into the shower with you, taking the place of Star Platinum. He turned the water off, staring down at you, studying your body. He placed a hand around your waist, drawing you closer to him. He pulled you into a kiss, rough and deep. He didn’t break away as he picked you up, using the wall to support you so he could use both hands to explore your body. He finally broke away, kissing down your neck, until he reached the bottom, where he bit you, softly.

You let out a whimper, and he groaned, pressing himself closer. “You think that you can just fuck my Stand without my knowing?” You stuttered, suddenly realizing that he had felt everything you were doing to Star Platinum. “We didn’t, I just, I – “

 “Jotaro! Are you there?” It was Avdol’s voice.

“Fuck.” Jotaro pulled away from you, handing you a towel. You might’ve complained about being naked, but you realized just how excited he was. You wrapped yourself in a towel, and went to the door. “Hey sorry, I was about to shower. What’s up?”  Avdol turned away as soon as he saw you in your towel and you were grateful the he didn’t notice how flustered you were.

“Polnareff said he was attacked by an enemy Stand user, and when neither of you answered the phone, I came to check on you.” You mulled it over in your head, “It must’ve been when I dropped Jotaro’s uniform at the dry cleaners, because he was showering then and wouldn’t have noticed.” Avdol still refused to look at you, but he nodded and went to leave. “We are meeting in our room. Head down there when you get dressed.

You sighed after you closed the door, closing your eyes as you relaxed for a second. When you opened them, Jotaro was in front of you. “The phone rang while you were in the shower. So, your story is a little off.” You blinked at him, “Why didn’t you answer it?” He grabbed your waist and pulled you into a kiss. “I was distracted.”

You ran your hand through his hair. He waited for you to get your fill. As cold and bitchy as he was, he still had a soft side. He put on the tank top that you handed him; it was smaller than his normal shirts so where it was baggy on you, it was snug on him. You were keenly aware of him watching you as you got back into the shower, and when you turned around to look at him, he looked away.

While you were in the shower, someone from the hotel dropped off his uniform. He was getting dressed when you came out, his jacket and hat still wrapped in plastic. You grabbed his hat, unwrapping it and placing it on your head. He sighed as he looked at you, resting his hand on your shoulders. “Yare yare… you’re getting it wet.” He went to grab it from you, but you ducked away, a smirk on your face.

He opened his mouth to say something, but instead he turned away from you and started unwrapping his jacket. You huffed, upset he wouldn’t play your little game, but a small part of you knew that you didn’t have time to mess around. Much to his surprise, you grabbed Jotaro’s waist from his side. He didn’t do anything at first, except for look at you.

He then turned slightly, which put you in front of him, and put his arms around you. You moved one of your hands and removed his hat from your head. “It’s not too wet.” With that, you plopped it lazily on his head and he let go of you to fix it. As you were getting dressed, you noticed that he was still wearing the tank top you had given him. You smiled to yourself, he really was just a big softie, even if it was only for you.

The two of you headed to Joseph and Avdol’s room in relative silence, the only thing different in how he acted was that he tried to touch you as much as he could without being obvious. In the elevator he rested a hand on the small of your back, and you couldn’t help giggling a little bit. Before he could ask anything, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  He squinted at you, but said nothing.

Chapter Text

Joseph opened the door, mocking you for taking your time. You interrupted him when you noticed Polnareff wasn’t there, yet Kakyoin was. “You check on us for missing a phone call, but don’t check on him even though he was the one who got attacked?!” You immediately turned around and left, hurrying towards the elevator. Its door opened, Polanreff limping out of it. “Good grief, those idiots…” You sent Chevelle ahead of you to heal him. And he gave you a grateful nod, still out of breath.

He discussed everything that happened, including the unimportant details. You suggested that Anne should leave the hotel, just in case they attacked again. The enemy certainly knew she had been accompanying you; Polnareff’s attacker had mentioned her. As you left, Polnareff was arrested, suspected of murder, but Joseph assured that all would be handled by the Speedwagon Foundation by the time you had gotten back.

You were joined by Jotaro and Kakyoin as you collected Anne, and the four of you went down to the walk along the beach. Anne was flagged down by a vendor, who tried to sell her chilled coconut juice. Jotaro offered to by you one, and you shook your head. “I’ll just get ice cream. I don’t want to risk getting the laxative effects of coconut water.” Jotaro heeded your advice, but still ordered two for Anne and Kakyoin.

As Kakyoin went to place his wallet back, a slimy runt of a thief snatched it, yelling “I’ll take that.” He had an impressive distance, but Kakyoin shot Hierophant Green out and snatched his ankles tripping him. Kakyoin stood over him, saying something, the only thing you heard was “You little shit.” This got Jotaro and Anne’s attention as well and they turned in time to see Kakyoin shove his knee into the thief’s face.

“You’re worth about as much as a sewer cockroach’s dick.” He held the man by his hair, swinging him around and posturing him on his shoulders. “The idea that you though you could steal my wallet with the same filthy fingers you wipe your ass with! I can’t let you get away with that, now can I?” As he spoke, he repeatedly squeezed snapping and popping the man’s back, blood gushing violently out of his mouth every time.

“Oi, Kakyoin! What are you doing? He’s going to die.” Jotaro yelled from behind you, but Kakyoin wasn’t listening. Jotaro walked up behind him, and shoved him, causing him to drop the would-be thief. Chevelle went to heal him, fixing his spine, but leaving his broken nose. He crawled away as Kakyoin spoke to Jotaro, saying that he was just annoyed.

“Seemed to me you were enjoying yourself.” Kakyoin glared at him, but the tension was interrupted by children excited to see a group of rhinoceros beetles on a tree. Kakyoin watched them, and Jotaro turned and started to leave. You joined him, “The old man wants to take the train to India, so were headed to the cable cars to reserve tickets at Singapore station.”

You turned back to see Anne staring at Kakyoin, a disgusted and horrified look on her face. Kakyoin was chewing something, but you didn’t see what, however you did notice the beetles that were on the tree where gone. Anne ran past you, latching onto Jotaro’s arm, but you stayed looking at Kakyoin.

He returned your stare, but failed to realize you weren’t staring at him. You were focused on his aura, not only was it a different color, but it’s usually warm clay-like feeling was replaced by a cold jelly. You were snapped out of it by Jotaro, who had turned back around to get you. He noticed your shivering, giving you a nod, indicating he knew what it meant.

Kakyoin was silent on the way to the cable cars, and only decided to say something as Jotaro leaned on the railing while waiting for the next car. “Hey, Jotaro, are you going to eat that cherry? If not, I’ll take it. I’m starving…” He snatched the cherry off of the ice cream cone Jotaro was holding, and shoved Jotaro off the edge over the railing. “Jojo!” Anne held his hand as he held on to the railing, and you grabbed to the other one to help pull him up.

“I’m kidding, Jotaro.” He jumped over the railing smoothly, glaring at Kakyoin. Kakyoin popped the cherry in his mouth, repeating “Rero, rero, rero…” as he bounced on his tongue. He got increasing faster, until it slipped out of his mouth and bounced on the ground. “What’s wrong Jojo? You’ve got that stupid looking glare on your face again.” He bent down and picked up the cherry, popping it in his mouth.

“Oi, Kakyoin. The car’s here. I told you to get on. Here, I’ve got a ticket for you right here,” He raised his fist. “Take and get lost, now that you’ve gotten yourself possessed.” He punctuated his statement by punching Kakyoin, who’s jaw split from his face, hanging from putty like strings. He flew backward from the sheer force, into the cable car. He landed awkwardly, and laughed. His jaw dangled as he spoke, and the voice was distorted as well.

“That’s not right. ‘Possessed’ isn’t quite right.” He started bouncing the cherry on his tongue, once again repeating “rero” over and over again.  He stood and finally ate the cherry, seemingly growing in the process. “That’s not Kakyoin” Jotaro was seemingly shaken by this, but quickly regained his stern look as the not-Kakyoin spoke. “Haven’t you noticed my body has been getting bigger?” He knocked on the top of the cable car to prove his statement. “Who are you?”

Just a Jotaro asked this, the cable car door closed, locking him inside. You grabbed onto the bars above it, busting a window to get in. Anne called after you, but you were focused on the enemy. “My stand combines any flesh I consume, so I am a Stand that other people can see and even touch. I am Yellow Temperance, of the Temperance card.” Suddenly Kakyoin’s face split and melted away, turning into a yellow jelly looking substance. A man’s face was revealed and he posed, proudly showcasing his face. “This is my true, handsome face!”

“Hmph. It just looks punch-able to me.” Your comment earned a glare, and a tendril of jelly shot out at your face. You dodged at the last second, and it grabbed your wrist instead. “There’s a bit of me where on your finger from when you punched me Jotaro.” Jotaro lifted his hand to see that there was indeed a bit of jelly stuck to his finger. As he raised his hand to touch it, the man interrupted him. “I’ll warn you. If you touch it with that hand, it’ll just spread to there too. Do me a favor, pick your nose with that left hand.”

Jotaro looked at you, the glob of piss-colored jelly still latched to your wrist. Before you could tell him anything, he grabbed you and jumped out of the cable car. Using Star Platinum, he grabbed onto the ledge of one of the support beams and threw you up. He climbed up after you, glaring at you as he caught his breath. “Maybe you thought you could get away, but unless you cut off your hand, there’s nothing you can do. My stand has no weakness.” The man called after you. He laughed as the cable car continued on.

You turned to Jotaro and grabbed his hand, where the Jelly was, and looked him dead in the eye. “This is going to hurt.” You ripped it off of him, peeling a good layer of skin off, and immediately used Chevelle to heal him. “What the fuck?” He asked this, watching as the blob attached itself to your hand instead. “What the fuck?” You shrugged at him. “I don’t know why, but it’s not hurting me. It’s just sitting there, here, watch this.”

You grabbed the mass of jelly on your wrist, and although it stuck to your hand, it peeled off your arm flawlessly. Jotaro watched without an expression on his face, not knowing why it wasn’t trying to eat you either. “We need to get back to the ground. I’m going to throw you at the next cable car, and then ill jump on after you.” You nodded, covering the jelly on your hand with the other, making sure none of it would accidently touch him.

Star Platinum picked you up with ease and tossed you as if you were lighter than air. You used the Jelly to latch onto the car, it essentially working as a suction cup. You tried to get the door open, but before you could, Jotaro landed next to you and used Star Platinum to remove the door. He swung in, offering you a hand into the car. An older, heavyset woman in a gaudy dress commented about your entrance.

“Hey kid, let me borrow this. I’ll get you a new one on the ground.” Jotaro took the kid’s ice pop, and turned to your hand. He went to see if he could freeze it off, but as he came close, your hand shot into the air. “I didn’t do that. It did.” Jotaro looked at you confused, but you had no answer for him, so you shrugged. “Hey, you! Fire and Ice wont work.” The lady yelled as she blew her nose. Her legs started melting, turning into the yellow Jelly.  “I told you. It doesn’t have any weaknesses. You little shit!” Her legs melted onto a dog that you hadn’t noticed, who whimpered from the pain the Jelly was causing.

Your body moved before your brain, snatching the dog from the puddle, healing with Chevelle as its skin tore away. You handed the fully healed dog to the kid, who was crying while trying to wake his father. His father woke up and yelled at the growing puddle, tucking his legs up and away from it.

You now had Jelly smeared across your chest, and the lady let a cackle. “Why, you’re just doing my job for me! Are you just stupid?” Jotaro scoffed at this, “I don’t know how you got here before us, and I don’t care. You must be stupid to not realize that she isn’t affected by your piss jelly.” The lady’s face swelled, melting like Kakyoin’s had. “Why you… I’m here to finish you of, Jotaro!”

Spikes of jelly swelled towards Jotaro, and you blocked what you could. The rest that made through to him was too much to try and peel off, so you had Chevelle continuously heal him. You knew that Jotaro had some kind of plan by the look in his eye; so you tried not to worry too much. “You can’t win, and you can’t get away. There’s nothing left for you to do. I’ll eat you up. Do you understand?”

Jotaro sighed, looking at his hand, “Good grief. This thing really doesn’t have any weaknesses, it could be the most powerful thing. How terrifying, However the Kujo, no... the Joestar family has its own philosophy when it comes to fighting. I still have just one strategy left.” You knew exactly what he was referencing, and decided you would do the same. “Hey, Piss-boy. I’ll see you later.” He glared at you as you turned and stepped out of the cable car. The water below you glimmering was glimmering in the sunlight, it's vastness daunting.

You brought your feet down before you, tucking your elbows, the air rushing past your ears was deafening; and then suddenly, it wasn’t. The impact stung, but you surfaced with no problems, just in time to get hit by the resulting splash of the two men impacting. They took a second to resurface, but they did, jelly guy coming up first. He was gasping for breath, and Jotaro took advantage of his lapse. “You had to open your stand so that you could breath. No matter how invincible that thing may be, if I kill the user, the Stand will die, too. Do you understand?”

Star Platinum held the man in a full nelson as Jotaro spoke. “You sure said all the shit you wanted to back there. I’m the type that takes such things to heart.” He swiftly punched the man as Star Platinum held him still. However, Jotaro then elbowed him, knocking him out of Star Platinum’s grip.

The man tried to yield, explaining that DIO had bought his serviced, but he didn’t plan on dying for him. He withdrew his Stand, the globs on you also retreating back to him. “How about you talk? Tell me about the Stand users planning to attack us.” The man stuttered, “That’s the one thing I can’t say, I have some pride…” Jotaro raised a fist, and the man suddenly remembered, “Death, Empress, the Hanged Man and the Emperor are the four coming after you. I don’t know their powers; we don’t show each other our Stands.”

Jotaro showcased his fist, and the man panicked. “Really, all I know is there’s some old witch who tells DIO about the Stands. Her son Centerfold, is one of the four, his card is the Hanged Man. He’s the one that killed Polnareff’s sister, right? I’ve heard a rumor about his power’s; a mirror, apparently, he uses mirrors. I haven’t seen it. But Polnareff doesn’t stand a chance.” While he spoke, he waded his way to the board walk. He propped himself up as his expression changed.

“Hey Jotaro, it looks like the goddess of fortune is on my side still. You see that drain? Take a good look at it… It’s got a lot of crayfish around it.” As Jotaro turned to look, the yellow jelly burst out of it, sucking back in and crushing Jotaro against the wall. The man let out a proud laugh, having forgotten about you. Chevelle appeared behind him, punching the back of his head with merciless force. He wobbled for a second, before looking at Chevelle who was floating over you. “You disgusting little bitch, I’ll – “

Jotaro interrupted him, using Star Platinum to send an intense wave of water through the pipe, launching the man into the air. He landed in the ocean, Jotaro standing behind him. As Jotaro held the man by his hair, he tried pleading again, saying that he was kidding and other things of that like.

 Jotaro wasn’t listening anything he was saying, finally saying something at the end of his blubbering. “I have nothing more to say to you. You’re too pathetic… to talk anymore.” With that, he sent a rush of blows into the man’s face. This time Jotaro held the man still as Star Platinum punched him repeatedly.

After you healed Jotaro, he immediately snatched your hand. “You need to be more careful.” You pulled your hand back, and rubbed at where he had grabbed you. He noticed this, and hid his expression underneath the shadows of his hat. “Sorry, I was just trying to help…”

He wasn’t looking at you as you spoke, which made you more nervous. “What if affected you? What if he had figured it out, or was doing it on purpose?” His voice was cold, which made you recoil from him. “I knew I’d be okay. I know it’s probably naïve, but when your around, I always know we’ll be okay; and you always take the time to make sure I’m okay... No matter your situation, your aura always stays the same, it’s warm, comfortable and it makes me feel safe,” you mulled over your words, trying to lighten the mood. “Besides, even in the times when I’m not okay, you carry me until I am, so it’s a win-win either way”

Jotaro finally relaxed, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” It took you a minute to realize what he was talking about. “Oh! No, it’d been fine any other time, but my fist really hurts from that punch. Chevelle hit him wrong and it – “

He grabbed your hand again, gently this time, using it to pull you closer to him. He the quickly swept you up, holding you again. “Does this make you feel safe?” You nodded, somewhat speechless. He always had a way of surprising you.




Chapter Text

You headed out, Jotaro following you, and the two of you ended up at a section of the beach just below a small pier. Chevelle lulled Star Platinum our when you weren’t looking, and the two helped you find sea shells while Jotaro stood inspecting a little yellow starfish.  You had a handful of shells after a few minutes, and Jotaro shook his head at you. You picked two that you especially liked, and put the rest in a pile in the sand. Someone else would enjoy your collection.

As you started walking along the pier, you noticed something in the water. You waded into the water, not really worried about getting wet or dirty since you hadn’t changed or showered since earlier. The water was to your knees, the waves distorting the image.

Jotaro called out to you as you squatted over it.  “What did you find now?” You placed the two shells in your pocket as you scooped the creature up. You turned around, showing Jotaro an absurdly large starfish with an equally large grin on your face.

For a split second, it looked like he was going to laugh, but instead, you got a small smirk from him. You were happy with it either way. He took the starfish out of your hands, placing it back in the water gently. He stood there, watching it as it “swam” away.

You would’ve watched it, but Chevelle had floated over to you, holding something in her hand. It was flat, white and round. It had a couple of holes in it, and a line shaped like a star in the middle of it. Before Jotaro could notice it, you put it in your pocket. You thanked Chevelle by lightly caressing her face.

The two of you walked the beach as the sun set, sending a variety of colors across the sky. It was beautiful, mesmerizing you in your spot. You stood there, watching as stars slowly twinkled into existence. You would’ve stayed there longer if Jotaro hadn’t grabbed your attention, offering to pick up food on the way back to the hotel. You stopped at a street vendor; some kind of Asian chicken served in a sandwich. It was delicious, and you couldn’t help but laugh as Jotaro awkwardly ate with his hands. “Sorry.”

When you finally got back to the hotel you were exhausted, the heavy feeling of sleep hitting you as you walked in the door. You had thought about taking another shower, but right now, you were too tired. You went to take off your clothes and heard the shells in your pocket. “Oh, Jojo! Here!” You handed him one of the shells, and then made him close his eyes. “I’m not quite sure what this is, but Chevelle and I thought you’d like it.”

He opened his eyes to see the flat white disk, which now looked small in his large hand. “It’s a sand dollar.” Chevelle came over and hung on his arm, staring at him. “She wants to know if you like it.” Jotaro ignored your comment, studying the sand dollar.

“You two are a package deal, aren’t you?” You nodded, and he turned to Chevelle. “Thank you.” Chevelle danced off giddily, proud he liked her gift. You then brandished a shell, handing him the more colorful of the two. He took it silently, as if he were accepting a gift from a child, and looked at you for an explanation. You shrugged, not giving him a satisfactory answer as you placed yours in your suitcase.

Chevelle was waiting on the bed, tapping the space beside her expectantly. You rolled your eyes; you didn’t cuddle with her often anymore and she was easily bribed with the offer. You dusted yourself off, some sand had stuck to your legs. “If you aren’t going to shower, then I will.”

“I’ll shower in the morning.” You crawled into your bed, Chevelle wrapping herself around you as you got settled. Jotaro raised an eyebrow, “What? She likes to be big spoon. It’s been that way since I was young.” He shook his head and started getting undressed, hat coming off first. Chevelle snatched it quickly, before you had realized she’d moved. She put it on you, and you giggled. It alerted Jotaro, who had been taking his shirt off, and he glared at you.

He came to the bedside and leaned over you, only to have Chevelle get in his face. “Oh damn... Cockblocked by a Stand. That’s rough…” You laughed at your own remark but it was quickly interrupted. Star Platinum appeared, pinning Chevelle down through you, thus also pinning you down. Jotaro gave you a dirty look, leaning down further and stealing a kiss.

He released you and Chevelle, who had gotten just as excited as you, and returned to undressing. You watched the show that was him, suddenly realizing he never took back his hat. You smiled to yourself and snuggled next to Chevelle, letting sleep envelop you.

"You disgusting little bitch..."

You woke up suddenly, hot, squished and breathing hard as the words faded from your mind. It felt like you had run a marathon, but you were still in the hotel room. It was dark, Chevelle’s glowing lines and a dim clock, reading 1:00, were the only things lighting the room. You sat up, the squishing feeling letting you go as you did. “Are you back?” Jotaro’s deep voice, harshened by sleepiness, made you jump. “I’ll take that as a yes.” It sounded like he was close to you, so you put your hand out, hitting flesh. “That’s my chest.” He couldn’t see it but your faced turned red, “Sorry. I didn’t know you were right there.”

He grunted and you heard him shifting, and a lamp turned on. He was laying next you, on the opposite side of Chevelle, and Star Platinum laid in your lap. “What happened?” You went to run your hand through your hair, suddenly remembering Jotaro’s hat. You turned around, expecting to find it on the pillows, but instead found Chevelle wearing it. “She woke me up. you must’ve had one of your nightmares. You were thrashing around, mumbling things from that guy earlier or just gibberish. I went to hold you like how I normally do, but you hit me pretty good, so I had Star Platinum grab you. You wouldn’t settle down unless he laid on you, which meant I couldn’t leave either. But, now that your back to your senses…” He started getting out of the bed, but you placed a hand on his leg. “No, its okay. I-I’d like you to stay.”

You turned to Star Platinum, hiding your embarrassment from Jotaro. “Thanks Star.” The Stand smiled gently as he laid on your legs. You idly took a strand of his ever-flowing hair and started braiding it and he seemingly appreciated it. His brightly colored eyes started drifting as he fought off sleep. You patted his head gently before turning to see Jotaro, asleep next you.

You reached over him to turn off the lamp, trying not to disturb him. As you laid back down, Star Platinum remained on your lap, asleep, and Chevelle once again cuddled up next to you. Jotaro mumbled something, and sleepily draped a hand across your waist, pulling you closer to him. Chevelle huffed and scooted closer, not to be outdone by the man she set you up with. You whispered to her, “You know this is your fault, right?” She nuzzled her mask into your neck, not giving you an answer.  

Chapter Text

You had gotten in the shower before Jotaro woke up, and you were surprised to see that he was still asleep when you came back out. He gently caressed his face, trailing your fingers into his dark hair trying to wake him up nicely. He woke somewhat startled, but relaxed as he stretched and rolled over to greet you.

He looked you up and down before wiping the sleep from his eyes. “You should’ve woken me up without the towel.” You huffed, and snatched pillow to throw at him. He caught it. of course, and set it to the side, getting up to greet you properly. At some point during the night, he had taken his shirt off, as it was on the nightstand. You couldn’t help yourself as you looked at his chest, reaching out to touch him.

“We can still fix that.” You looked at him in confusion, but it was quickly replaced with shyness as he grabbed your towel and pulled. It fell to the floor with no resistance, leaving you naked in front of him. He guided you to the bed behind you, once again posturing himself above you, thoroughly enjoying how flustered he made you.

You reached a hand up and touched his face, guiding it down to yours, kissing him. You placed your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you. He groaned, breaking the kiss as he sat up. He spread your legs, teasing you by gliding a finger across your lips. It was cold against your heat, making you gasp. He reveled in this, but didn’t tease you any further.

He lowered himself, using his tongue to part your lips, quickly finding your clit and focusing on it. You moaned and he peered up at you, loving how you looked. You went to run your hand through his hair but got interrupted by Star Platinum. The Stand grabbed your wrists, pinning them above you as with one hand. With the other he started kneading your breast, while gently teasing and biting on the one closer to him.

You were writhing in pleasure, which annoyed Jotaro. He grabbed your hips and glared at you, “Stay still.” You nodded, his commanding voice turning you on even more. You were panting, trying hard not moan, but he was trying just as hard to make you. “Oh, fuck, Jotaro!”

He groaned against your clit, the vibration making you quiver. You were putty in his hands, or rather mouth. You had called his name without thinking but it seemed he enjoyed it. He stopped eating you out, wiping your mess off his face, and postured over you again.

Star Platinum stopped as well but still kept you pinned. You laid under Jotaro, breathing heavily, trying to regain some focus. “You called, yes?” Jotaro’s voice was deep, weighted with lust and desire.

“Did you want something?” He tilted his head slightly at you, reaching one hand down to your inner thighs, dancing across the delicate skin, teasing you. “Please…” He dipped a finger into you, sliding into your entrance with ease. He slowly fucked you with his fingers, occasionally stopping to tease your entrance. As he did this, Star Platinum started kissing up and down your neck, erratic and desperate.

You whimpered, still trying not to moan, but failed as Jotaro squeezed your breast with his free hand. He quickened his pace, sliding another finger into, and you gasped at the sudden addition, “You’re so damn tight. I can’t wait to fuck you.” The sound of his voice as he said those words made a shiver travel down your spine, causing you to moan and refocus on Jotaro. He pulled his fingers out of you, letting Star Platinum lick your fluids from them.

Jotaro stood, Star Platinum taking his place over you, a noticeable bulge under his loin cloth. “You don’t mean…” Star moved the cloth to reveal a large erect cock, waiting at your entrance. “That’s huge!” Jotaro peered down at you, an eyebrow raised "Thanks, but flattery won't get you any favors." He nodded towards Star Platinum, "He's much gentler than me. So, he’s going to start you out for me.”

Star Platinum released your hands, grabbing your waist and pulling you onto his lap. He pushed the tip of his dick into you, just enough to make you whimper, but waited there until he got your permission. You nodded, and pressed into you slowly, carefully watching you for any signs of pain. You bit your lip at the increasing pressure, but with how gentle he was being it wasn't from pain, but rather how it felt as you stretched to fit him. You moaned, and Star let out a breathy “Ora” as he put himself inside you.

Jotaro, who was standing off to the side, closed his eyes and sighed as he felt his Stand’s pleasure as his own. You grabbed at him, pulling his waist band to bring him closer to you. He complied, and you palmed the shorts he was wearing, making him inhale sharply. You rubbed him through the shorts, and his breathing shifted heavily.

Star finally started moving, starting with a slow pace, allowing you to get used to his size. He was very smooth and precise even though his “breathing” was erratic. “Ora…” You were biting your lip still trying not to moan when Star buried himself inside you. Your resulting gasp shifted to a moan as Jotaro spoke. “You feel so fucking good.”

You pulled him down to you, kissing him deeply, tasting yourself on his lips. You stayed like that for a second, before Star started fucking you quickly, setting a brutal pace. You moaned into Jotaro’s mouth, feeling his cock twitch as you did. “J-Jotaro, oh, please fuck me…”

He pulled away from your kiss, a prideful smirk across his face. He moved away from you as he got off the bed, but before he could take over for Star Platinum, someone knocked on the door. “Go away.” Jotaro damn near growled his command, obviously upset about the interruption.The knock repeated and someone yelled in the hallway.

He got up, leaving Star Platinum in you as he walked to the door. Star covered your mouth, and started fucking you as Jotaro disappeared behind the wall. He was trying to fuck you as much as he could with what little time he had. “What do you want Polnareff?” His voice was harsh and demanding, trying to get the man to leave.

Star pulled out as he lifted you and placed you under the sheets, kissing you gently the entire time. You heard the door open, and Polnareff’s voice became louder as he came into the room. You pretended to be asleep, hoping to avoid suspicion. Chevelle cuddled you as well, and as Polnareff spotted you, he lowered his voice.

“Oh. She’s still asleep. You should’ve just said so.” You winced inwardly as you remembered your clothes piled on the floor. Polnareff was silent for a second, so you cracked your eye open just slightly enough to see him. He was pointing to the pile of clothes, bright red and his mouth agape. “Is she? Is she really, you know?”  

Jotaro sighed, “Yare Yare… She fell asleep in the shower last night, so I carried her to bed.” Polnareff’’s eyes widened, “D-Did you see anything?” Jotaro looked as if he was going to slap the man. “No, I used Star Platinum.” You rolled your eyes, knowing the truth, but either way, the French man was such a fucking pervert.

“Well we're going to breakfast, and I got inpatient waiting for you guys, so I came to wake you up… but…” He trailed off, nodding his head at you. “That’s easy enough.” Jotaro walked over to you, placing a hand on your shoulder and shook you gently. “Wake up.” You groaned and rolled away from him, accidentally revealing a leg from under the sheets. “Polnareff, quit staring. Your eyes will pop out.” You snapped up at this, snatching the sheets and covering yourself like an exposed nun.

Polnareff huffed, turning away, “I’ll be waiting out in the hall for you two, so hurry up.” He strutted out, still red as a cherry. When you heard the door close, you relaxed, only to have Jotaro pin you down again. “You're booking with me at the next hotel.” He was demanding, wanting you, but knowing he couldn’t have you. At least not right then.

“You don’t have the best of luck, do you?” He pulled away from you, “Not always, but things always work out the way I want in the end.” The way he looked at you as he spoke thrilled you. It was a deep, desiring look, and his added glare made it fiercer. “Get dressed. Unless you want Polnareff staring you down again.”

When you went out into the hall to greet Polnareff, he wouldn’t look at you, although he kept jeering at Jotaro once you got to breakfast. “I wonder what it’d be like to have a huge stand that can’t see without you.” Jotaro shook his head and sighed and the other men at the table became confused. You piped up, annoyed. “Yeah, imagine having a Stand that can’t see without you.” Polnareff snapped his attention to you. “What’s it like to have a Stand that cuddles you?”

You laughed, “Quite nice actually. She’s very comfy.” Polnareff huffed, annoyed that he hadn’t embarrassed you. Joseph finally spoke up, “I don’t know what happened, but you guys should be happy that you have a stand that can see.”

On the train, the group dynamic went back to normal, save for the fact that Anne had stayed back in Singapore. “It’s kinda lonely without her, isn’t it, Jojo?” He didn’t respond, simply giving a look similar to a smirk. “But, talk about creepy… A stand that had perfectly disguised itself as me.” Kakyoin looked disturbed by this.

 “Apparently, it had already transformed when we had left the hotel.” It seemed like Jotaro was trying to comfort his friend with that, but it did nothing. “Jojo, are you going to eat that cherry? I don’t mean to be greedy, but they are my favorite.” Jotaro gave him a slight nod and Kakyoin thanked him as he happily popped the cherry into his mouth. You were disturbed as he started bouncing on his tongue, repeating, “rero” with every bounce. Jotaro grimaced too, ready to punch Kakyoin at any moment, but the pink-haired man stopped himself excitedly pointing to the window. “Jojo! Look! Flamingos in flight.” Jotaro relaxed, resting his face on his hand. “Yare yare…”

Kakyoin turned to you trying to make sure you had seen the birds, but looked concerned as you stared at him. “Are you okay?” You gave him a small smile, “I’ve seen some things, especially on this trip, but it was horrid watching the guy do that with his jaw like that. He still looked like you after all.” Kakyoin nearly panicked, apologizing repeatedly.

You reassured him that it was okay, but he took it very personally. “I’ll try not to do it anymore, its just a habit to do sometimes. It was an old trick I learned as a kid, but I’ll try my best not to do it anymore.” He seemed very upset that he had concerned you, something that assured you that this was actually Kakyoin. “It’s fine, Kak.”

He stopped at the nickname, blinking at you. “Did you just call me ‘Kak’?” You were about to apologize when he sighed happily. “I’ve never had a friend give me a nickname before, but how would you say it Japanese?” You shrugged, not thinking that far ahead, but he was happy nonetheless.

Chapter Text

The ride to India was uneventful, save for a couple rude people and would-be thieves. You had no problems or surprise attacks when you switched transportations, and the boat you had boarded was mostly empty. Joseph and Polnareff were worried about what India was like, asking Avdol for his opinion. He laughed them off, saying that he liked the country and that it had a simple people.

However, when he opened the door, the assault on your ears was nearly palpable. There was an immense amount of noise, horns blaring, people swarming the docks and yelling, demanding tips and offering real and bogus services. Avdol was smiling as the men were surrounded, each one surround by people yelling over the next.

You grabbed your suitcase tightly; glad you had removed everything from your pockets. You noticed a hand in Kakyoin’s pocket, and his wallet was passed from hand to hand as people snatched it from each other. You used Chevelle to snatch Kakyoin’s wallet back from the crowd of hands, tucking it in your shirt so that it wouldn’t be taken again.

Polnareff yelled about stepping in cow shit, while kids heckled Jotaro, pulling his on his jacket’s chain and demanding money. You had a group of men ogling you, offering to take you to hotels, bars, and other places. You retreated to the center of the group, hoping that the circle of overly buff and tall men would help with the over-feeling hands.

You yelped as a hand reached through them and grabbed your ass, which earned Jotaro’s attention. He grabbed the hand, crushing it, the force of which turned his knuckled white. The man it belonged to yelled, falling down cradling it and got trampled by the swarm of people.

When the group finally thinned enough, the group went to a restaurant at Avdol’s recommendation, the quiet atmosphere welcomed. “Here, try this. It’s chai.” Joseph sipped the cupped, a pleased lookm on his face as he sighed and drank more. “Finally, some peace.” Avdol sighed, “It’s just a matter of getting used to it. Once you do, you’ll see how wonderful this country is.”

“I like this place. It’s pretty great.” You were surprised about the comment from Jotaro, but before you could say anything Joseph’s jaw dropped as he spoke. “Seriously, Jotaro? You really mean that?” Jotaro said nothing and Polnareff sighed, having finished his chai. “Talk about a culture shock… I’ll like it once I get used to it, huh?” He grabbed his bag and got up, “Well they do say that people adapt to their surroundings.” He looked to the waiter, “Where’s the john?”

He was about to walk off as Jospeh called out to him, “What about your order?” Polnareff smiled, I leave it to you, it’d better be something amazing. Gorgeous, splendid food that suits a Frenchman like me.” Joseph rolled his eyes as Polnareff walked away. “What does that mean?” Kakyoin, who had been staring at the menu, piped up. “It means we can get him anything. Let’s see…”

“Let’s get him a plate of cow shit.” Joseph nearly spat out his tea and Kakyoin had a hard time keeping a straight face as he ordered in Polnareff’s food. It was a little while before the food came out, but it looked and smelled delicious. However, as you tried to take a bite, Polnareff came running out of the hallway, yelling “Stand.”

The restaurant turned to look at him as he frantically looked from person to person. Unsatisfied with what he found, he ran outside the restaurant, causing the rest of the group to follow. You sighed, sitting at the table alone, the waiter looking at you confused. “I’ll be back. Also, this looks amazing.”

When you went outside, finding Avdol and Polnareff fighting, a ring of people watching. “A coward like you could never understand how I feel!” Avdol was shaking from rage, yet a sadness seeped from him. You, however, were purely angry as you listened to the bullshit Polnareff was shouting. Avdol raised a fist to hit the man, but Joseph grabbed it and consoled him.

No one was able to step in and stop you in time. “You fucking shithead.” You landed a punch on his jaw, sending a stinging pain up your hand, but you didn’t stop. You filled your fist with Hamon and lunged at him, knocking him to the ground. By the time someone grabbed you, you had already landed two Hamon filled blows, bloodying the Frenchman.

You were angry, thrashing against your captive as Polnareff stood up. “How dare you claim such fucking bullshit? Vous êtes une honte pour votre famille, for the sister you claim this is for!” Anger filled Polnareff’s eyes and he summoned Silver Chariot, threatening you. He hesitated, and you yelled at him. “Do it, you fucking coward…fucking do it! We’ll see how alone you really are.”

His hesitation passed, and he tried to run you through, but failing as Chevelle had already changed your aura. Silver Chariot stood, shaking, unable to strike you as you glared at Polnareff. His aura was hot, angry and hating, yet he was saddened. You watched as Silver Chariot tried to swing at you again, his eyes filled with despair. You scoffed, “You’re a selfish man Polnareff, too prideful for you own good... I hope you learn your lesson.”

With that, you relaxed, dangling in the arms of your captor, recalling Chevelle. You felt Silver Chariot’s blade run across your shoulder, feeling both the Stand’s and Polnareff’s emotions flow through you as the blade connected. It stopped suddenly, and you saw that it was held by Star Platinum, who then used the leverage to bend the blade and shove the Stand back towards its user. “Go. Now, Polnareff.” Joseph told him, and Polnareff turned, calmly walking away as if nothing had happened.

“You didn’t need to do that.” The voice behind you was Jotaro’s but you didn’t really listen as tears flowed from your eyes. He released you, and you collapsed onto the ground, the horrid feeling that emanated from your cut paralyzing you. Avdol came to you, brandishing a bandage and gently wrapping the cut.

You whispered to him, “He’s sad, can you feel it? He can’t admit it, but he doesn’t want to lose his friends. That fear, its so deep in him, he can’t even realize it.” You rested your head on Avdol’s shoulder as you nearly sobbed. “He’s scared.” Avdol consoled you, guiding you back into the restaurant away from the watching eyes of the crowd. “I know. He’s too proud to say it, but that’s the reason he wants to go alone. Let’s wait until tonight, we’ll see if he comes back.”

You ended up having to use Chevelle to remove the “aura” of the cut. It was the light blue of Polnareff’s, but its sadness was reminiscent of his Stand. Chevelle ended up holding the energy, as if she didn't know what to do with it. She kneaded it like dough, wrapping it around her wrist, and it turned into a bracelet.

You spent most of the time at the restaurant zoned out, barely eating, unable to even pretend you were hungry. “What does Chevelle’s sword do?” The question drew your attention to the conversation, Kakyoin staring at you. “I don’t know. She doesn’t use it.”

“Oh.” He looked at Jotaro, who was Staring at Chevelle. She sat in Polnareff’s spot, “eating” with imaginary utensils. “What’s she doing?” You shrugged, “I don’t know, looks like she’s eating. Probably wants me to eat.” She pointed to you as you said that but you ignored her, mulling about your plate. Avdol leaned to you, “Are you okay?” You sighed heavily, “I said something I shouldn’t have.”

He placed a hand on your back, “We all have said somethings we’ve regretted,” He turned to the table, “haven’t we?” You watched as the table collectively nodded their heads, but before anyone could say anything, the bracelet on Chevelle’s arm shook and took off. You looked at her confused but she continued “eating” as if nothing had happened.

“Chevelle, what did you do?” She shrugged and you rolled your eyes. “For fucks sake.” You stood, startling your group. “I’m headed to the hotel.” You left, leaving Chevelle. Eventually you’d get too far away from her and she'd just snap back to you, but in the meantime, she stayed at the table.

It had started raining as you reached the hotel and you were glad that the world didn’t decide to add to your problems. You sat in the lobby for a while, enjoying the quiet ambiance of it. It allowed for some time to think, except you were interrupted when a man sat down next you. “I have to thank you.” You looked at him, a relatively plain business man, complete with a bland looking suit.

“I think you’ve got the wrong person.”

“No. Without you, I would’ve never had the chance to meet Lord DIO.”

Chapter Text

The name sent a shiver up your spine, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well you see, when they found out that there was another Stand user, not of the Major Arcana, they set out to find more. They found me, and couple others, offering us millions if we kill you. So, you see I have to thank you for helping make me a millionaire.” The man’s mouth turned into a sinister grin, and you saw a skeletal hand appear on his shoulder.

“We don’t have to involve civilians, come with me quietly. Otherwise, I’ll kill them all.” You followed his stare to a mother and child, a toddler younger than Katashi. “Fine.”

As the man lead you down the hall, you peered into his aura, the same freezing sensation coming from him that came from Polnareff when you first met him. Chevelle touched his aura, separating the Stand from the man. It was a skeleton, dressed in a suit and a black Panama style hat. It looked like an old western mobster from the movies.

The man paused, opening a door revealing an empty meeting room. You stepped inside waiting for the man to begin.  “My Stand, Five Finger Death Punch, only has to touch you twice to ensure your death.” You sucked your teeth at him, “That sure sucks.” He laughed, revealing his Stand, not surprising you in the least. “Five Finger Death Punch, Wrong Side of Heaven!”

The Stand set itself ablaze, which made you raise your eyebrows. “Impressive light show. Now let’s see you hit me.” The man laughed, before abruptly cutting it off, “I’ll kill you.” He launched his Stand at you, its hand out reached, but you didn’t move. The Stand lunged at you but stopped suddenly, just before it touched you. The man gasped, looking for what stopped it but seeing nothing.

“When I said that sucks earlier, I meant it sucks for you. You see, your Stand can’t touch me, it can’t even look at me if I will it. Now, do me a favor and hold still.” Chevelle grabbed the man by the neck and he started panicking as you approached him. You parted his hair to see that there indeed was a flesh bud implanted in his brain.

You stepped back from him, leaving Chevelle to hold him. “Do me a favor and just sleep until the rest of them get here.”  You were going to have Chevelle choke him out, but instead she grabbed the handle of her sword, and the man fell asleep. “What did you do?”

She imposed her vision upon you, and you saw that a large part of the man’s energy was now irradiating an exhausted feeling. Just looking at it made you feel tired. “So, what, you can manipulate people’s energy now?”

She nodded, and pulled out her sword. You had expected a blade to have been there, but there wasn’t. It was just a hilt, and yet, when you reached out to grab it, she pulled it away as if it would hurt you. Using her vision, you saw that there was indeed a blade there. It glowed brightly, almost blindingly so.

“Huh. What’s it do?” She quickly and elegantly swung the blade across your hand, which, using her vison, you saw had actually cut off some of your own aura. It stung, but it wasn’t incredibly painful. Chevelle then sheathed her sword, and scooped up the energy that she had separated. She molded it, changing it into a bracelet on her arm. She then popped it off, reformed it, changed its energy and returned it to you. It felt like an electric shock when it reattached; the energy that she had had changed it to was “content.”

You noticed that you were indeed content, and you couldn’t help but look at your hand wondering what else could be done. “So, what was the deal with Polnareff?” She leaned and whispered to you, “Out of range…” You would’ve slapped her if it wasn’t for the fact that it would just end up hurting you. “Really? That was it? You were a pain in my ass for something so simple?” You sighed heavily, “Wait here and keep him asleep, I’m going to wait in the lobby.”

You got lucky; as you left the hallway, Jotaro was walking into the lobby. You ran over to him, saying nothing as you escorted him to the meeting room with the unconscious man. “He’s a stand user with a flesh bud.”

Jotaro sighed, using Star Platinum to roll the man over and pulled out the bud easily. Chevelle then released him from his sleep and he woke up yelling. “Please don’t kill me I’m just a banker! I’m just trying to pay for my kids’ school…” He continued rambling on and on, he and his Stand bowing repeatedly. “Just tell me what you know, we’ll call it even.”

He complied, telling you that DIO sought out more Stand users since he had found out about you. At first, he hadn’t thought it was worth pursuing the non-tarot cards, but when reports of you came in, he changed his mind. He thought he might find a Stand user useful to him, if even only as cannon fodder. DIO apparently found a handful of these Stand users, implanted them, and sent them after you. He then told you and Jotaro all the information he had on the group, which was limited.

He warned that there may be more, but DIO didn’t trust them enough to tell them anything other than the basics. When he finally ran out of things to ramble off, he took off running, grateful to be given another chance.

The two of you went out to the lobby, greeted by Avdol, Kakyoin and Joseph. You explained everything that went on, including Chevelle’s aura manipulation. “That explains how she heals. She uses the body’s own spiritual energy, which is sealed when one is unconscious.” Avdol was proud of his deduction, but it led to your own discovery. “Which causes her to use mine which leads to a painful death on my part. I wonder why?.” He nodded, agreeing with your grim statement as he spoke. "Every aura is unique to each person; perhaps trying to force yours upon another leads to a conflict between the two." You shrugged, "Could be."

“Solution: Don’t get knocked unconscious.” Kakyoin’s cheerful voice was a different yet welcome change to the conversation. “I’m going to sleep. Wake me for dinner.” Joseph grabbed your shoulder, “Considering that they’re sending more after us, we need to be careful. This means no travelling alone,” He turned to you, an apologetic look on his face, “no booking alone.” 

You nodded, “I understand.” You had already guessed that you weren’t going to be alone in your hotel room, but now it wasn’t going to be suspicious for you to have company. “I’ll room with her.” Jotaro volunteered himself, looking to you for your approval. “I’m okay with that, besides, he is the one that handles my night terrors.”

When you got to the room, you flopped dramatically on the bed, landing face first into the pillows. You didn’t move, not caring about the pillows that were slowing your breathing. Something nudged your leg, and you turned, eyes wide as you inhaled dramatically. “Can’t you see I’m trying to become one with the mattress?” Your remark was met with a glare, Jotaro not reacting in the slightest to your somewhat bizarre behavior.

“You’re being dramatic.”

“That’s the point.”


You rolled yourself over, stretched out over the bed like a starfish. “I really fucked up today.  That idiot better not die until I get set some shit straight.” Jotaro sat on the second bed, lighting a cigarette. Chevelle snatched it from him, pointing at the smoke alarm on the ceiling. “He’ll come back. You can talk to him then.” Jotaro’s voice was calming, and you realized he had said this in an attempt to comfort you.

You turned your head to look at him, noticing Chevelle wrestling with Star Platinum on the bed behind him. It was quite obvious they were playing as Chevelle had Star in a chokehold. “Dumbass.” Jotaro must have thought you were talking to him as he grimaced at you. “My Stand is a dumbass. Not you, look.”

He turned to see Chevelle get flipped, tumbling to the floor, Star raising his arms in mock victory. “And the Stand left standing is… Star Platinum! Holy shit, and to think that Chevelle had been so close to winning! What an incredible twist!” Jotaro rolled his eyes at your announcer voice, but Star Platinum was smiling gleefully.

“You know, he’s only really like this when your around.” Jotaro’s face was hidden in the shadows of his hat as he spoke. “Did you do something to him?” You shrugged, shaking your head. “From what I can see using Chevelle, his aura is the same as yours, so…” You tapped a hand to your chin as you thought. “Maybe your just comfortable around me?” You turned to look at him, but his reaction was still hidden.

“You’re a hard person to read, Jotaro Kujo.” He said nothing to this, and you cozied up to a pillow, Chevelle curling next to you. “Wake me up for dinner, will you?”

Chapter Text

You woke, being shook violently, to Jotaro snatching you before you could fully process anything. “Avdol’s been shot. Come on!” The words cleared your mind instantly, and you took off running. Jotaro followed you, but slowed at the elevator but you didn’t. Instead, you took off for the stairs jumping down them rapidly. Jotaro followed you, jumping full flights to catch up.

Jotaro led you through alleyways, roads, and eventually to where Avdol laid at Joseph’s feet. There was scattered glass everywhere, but you didn’t see any other threats at that moment. You skidded to halt, dropping to your knees as you cradled Avdol’s head.

He was unconscious, but breathing shallowly. You peered at the wound on his head, ignoring the two men staring at you. It was bleeding, sure, but it wasn’t a hole. “You said he was shot. There’s no bullet here, there’s not even a bullet hole. I can’t heal him with Chevelle, but I’ll do what I can with my Hamon. I trust you guys to keep me safe and uninterrupted. “

Before either of them could argue, you poured your concentration into breathing, drowning out everything else. Once it was steady enough, you sent it through Avdol’s body, hoping to sense and seek out any other problems. Most of your Hamon was used stabilizing the odd wound on his forehead.

When it finally stopped bleeding, you released your concentration, snapping back to your surroundings. You realized that you were now in the back of a vehicle, Joseph and Jotaro on either side of you. “He’s stable.” Joseph looked at you, pride in his eyes. “Lisa Lisa and Caesar would be proud of that technique.”

You noticed that he was holding the headband that you had given tightly in his fist. “I don’t think so, my Hamon isn’t the kind you climb oil covered pillars or fight ultimate lifeforms with.” He laughed, clasping a hand on your back roughly, knocking the remaining air out of your lungs. “It’s a wonderful gift you have.”

You went to stand up, but your body had other ideas. You fell forward, your vision lapsing into darkness for a split second. The two Joestars caught you, and you turned red as you realized your blunder. In your concentration, you had used up the Hamon in your body, naturally exhausting you. However, you normally recover in the seconds after, but Joseph had interrupted that when he had clasped a hand on your back. The end result was you being held in Jotaro’s arms with a headache and severe dizziness.

You spent the rest of the ride disoriented, the bumps in the road adding to your discomfort. When you got to your destination, the hospital, you sat on the ground. You sat there as the men rushed Avdol into the building, getting your breathing under control. “You okay?”

Jotaro’s voice startled you, interrupting your ritual, but the pounding in your head had faded, so you figured it was okay for now. “Joseph interrupted my recovery, and well, I guess you can just say I forgot to breathe.” He helped you off the ground, guiding you to a nearby bench. “Hm.” You chuckled nervously aware how stupid that might sound to someone with no experience with Hamon.

“Could you teach me it?” You turned to him, somewhat shocked that he’d asked. “I’m not the one you should ask really. Your grandfather has the combat-oriented Hamon, not me.” He wasn’t even looking at you as you continued to ramble, “I mean sure, I could use it for combat but its far less efficient…” You petered off as he turned to you. “I’m not asking for your opinion; I’m asking if you can teach me.”

You couldn’t place the look in his eyes, although it sent a sad feeling through you. “It’d have to be after we save your mother, but yes, I think I could teach you.” He said nothing, simply staring at you. The feeling that he gave off was different, but you still weren’t able to place it. “Why didn’t you wake me up for dinner like I asked?” Jotaro shrugged, “You needed the sleep. I had planned to bring food to you later.” You looked to the sky, “Things don’t go as planned with us, do they?” He didn’t respond, and the two of you sat in a comfortable silence as you waited for Joseph.

“We aren’t telling Polnareff that Avdol survived.” Joseph’s declaration shocked you, but it made sense considering the man had a big mouth. “Okay.” He seemed shocked that he didn’t have to explain why to you, but accepted your answer nonetheless. The three of you went off from there trying to find Polnareff and Kakyoin.

You were surprised to run into them near the area where you had found Avdol. Jotaro had intercepted the man they were chasing with a punch, who was now crawling away, scared for his life. Kakyoin explained that Avdol had been stabbed in the back by the man they had already defeated, but Hol Horse was the one who had shot him. Just as Polnareff summoned his Stand, a woman tackled him, yelling at Hol Horse to run away.

The group was astounded by her, and you noticed Hol Horse had made his way over to a horse, just as Polnareff yelled to not let him get away. “Too late.” Jotaro said, Polnareff looking at him in confusion, but quickly realizing what he meant.

The weird cowboy took off, claiming he was running away because he loved the woman currently holding Polnareff. The Frenchman tried to go after him, dragging the woman and scuffing her elbows. Joseph stopped him, saying it was pointless as he wrapped the woman’s elbows.  

Polnareff scowled at the woman, before turning and giving a speech on how the group should stay together, suggesting that no one go off on their own. Joseph’s jaw dropped at the man’s stupidity, but the rest of the group realized that this was him trying to make amends by reciting Avdol’s wisdom. It was a poor effort, but an effort regardless.

On the bus ride to the Varanasi, you tried to apologize to Polnareff, but he shrugged you off. He continued to ignore you, lecturing the poor woman that had helped Hol Horse escape. Something was off about her, the way she stared off with such empty eyes concerned you. However, her aura was mostly normal, save for the fact that was soft. It didn’t offer the resistance of clay like the others did, it it was too mushy.

When you got off the bus, you tried to offer her some solace away from Polnareff but she said nothing as she stared at you. You backed off, leaving her and finding that the group of men had separated. You followed Jotaro and Kakyoin, which left Polnareff and Joseph with the weird woman.

You soon realized the two men you were accompanying had wandered off without a destination in mind. “How about food?” Kakyoin nodded and Jotaro simply shrugged. You eventually found a decent little place with large open windows facing the street. You asked to be seated near them, so you could watch the passersby.

You apologized to the waiter while asking for utensils, as the Kakyoin were seemingly upset by eating with his fingers. The waiter laughed, saying it was a quite a common request. Jotaro frowned at you but Kakyoin thanked you as he had been nervous to ask. “Jotaro I know you’ll eat as messily as you need to, but I simply asked for two sets so Kakyoin wouldn’t be alone.”

He raised an eyebrow at you and it took you a minute to realize why. Leave it to him to point out accidental flirts. You rolled your eyes, you knew you were aware you were blushing, but you ignored it. You were saved by the waiter, who then took your order. You then left them at the table to wash your hands.

When the food you ordered came by you realized just how hungry you were. Kakyoin still had half of his plate left by the time you had finished yours. “Would you like some of mine?” He offered but you shook your head. “I don’t even know if I’ll like it.”

He picked up a piece of meat off his plat and reached over to you. You gently took the fork he was offering with your clean hand, biting the meat so not to contaminate the fork. It must’ve looked weird, because he started laughing. “It’s okay! I’m not afraid of some germs from you.”

You relaxed, giving up on trying to get the meat without touching the fork. It was delicious, a wonderful mix of spices giving it a perfectly balanced flavor. “Oh damn, that’s good.” You hadn’t noticed that he had scooted closer to you, shifting to move some of the meat to your plate. You thanked him over and over before tearing into the meat, making sure to savor every bite.

However, your food induced glee was short lived when you noticed Kakyoin’s arm around the back of your chair. You looked up to find Jotaro glaring at him harshly, yet the cherry-themed man didn’t acknowledge it. Instead, he turned and whispered to you. “I’m only doing this to get him annoyed.” You blushed, realizing that he was at least somewhat aware of you and Jotaro’s ‘relationship’.

Jotaro’s stare was cold, but not angry, as he glared at Kakyoin. “Oh, Kak. I forgot!” You reached into your shirt, to the surprise of both men. “Your wallet.” You went to hand it to him, but stopped, “It’s been in my shirt off and on since we got to India, so it’s a probably a little, uh… well, sweaty.” He smiled, “That’s okay. Thanks for keeping it safe for me.” He took it from you, not phased by its warmth, as he put it in his pocket. “I’ll make sure not to lose it this time.” He patted your head, and Jotaro stood up. He was annoyed, you could feel it. Kakyoin stopped, not pressing his luck, and offered to pay now that he had his wallet again. Jotaro shook his head and briskly walked off to find the waiter. “Well, let’s see what happens next, shall we?”

Chapter Text

Kakyoin had found a bazaar filled with different crafts, and you found yourself drawn to a booth with ornate tapestries, scarves, and other clothing. The lady who worked there was currently working on a cut of fabric, weaving together a gorgeous pattern of black, white and gold, with blue details. At first you thought it was a coincidence, but she looked at you as if she knew who you were. “Your friend said you’d be here! I normally don’t start working before I get paid fully, but I thought the colors were very beautiful together, so I couldn’t help myself.” She stopped working, approaching the counter where you were at.

You froze in place as a large hand draped around your waist. “Here you go ma’am. I told she’d love to see your work.” You didn’t recognize the voice, but you didn’t turn to look either, instead watching as the woman counted the money she was given. She placed it in a safe, and went back to work on her project. “I’m just guessing here, but something tells me I’m going to kill you before she even finishes that.”

The voice made your skin crawl, and you found yourself unable to move, tied in place by unseen strings. “You made a mistake.” The man removed his hand from you, but then laughed to himself. “Not really, even if I don’t kill you now, you haven’t seen me. I can get away, easily. You’re my puppet now, darling.”

The man’s breath stunk like rancid eggs, but even so you laughed. “I don’t need to see you, not when my Stand can do so for me.” Chevelle was sitting above you on the roof of the small booth, swinging her legs. She suddenly kicked forward, and you felt a solid hit against the man. The strings on you tightened but were unable to do anything more than that. “I, what?! You should be in pieces!”

The man on the ground was unsightly, with overly large wide-set eyes, a wide flat nose and a large mouth. The overall structure of his face made him look vaguely insect like, his now broken nose was doing nothing to help it. “Your mistake was when you touched me. You underestimated me and my abilities, which earned you that broken nose.”

He scrambled at the ground, trying to run away, but ended up running into Jotaro and Kakyoin. Jotaro kicked him, and while it looked like he was aiming for the man’s chest, the man slipped at the last moment. The kick ended up in the guy's face, and he collapsed to the ground. He twitched briefly and a puddle formed underneath him.

Kakyoin flipped him over, and the man laid there, drooling copiously. “I think you lobotomized him.” Jotaro stared at you, “Then heal him.” You shrugged, “I can’t, it’s like he’s unconscious, there’s no aura to there to heal him. It’s like he’s empty.” Kakyoin nudged the man, who then pissed himself, “Yeah, I think he’s gone. I’ll call an ambulance.”

You returned your attention to the lady in the booth who hadn’t noticed anything as she worked. The cloth was almost finished, she was working on the final seam. When she handed the finished fabric to you, you were amazed by how smooth and soft it was, as well as mesmerized by the intricate patterns. “You wear it like this,” She gently wrapped the fabric around your head, and it draped down around one shoulder, similar to the saris that you had seen other women wearing. “You made this so quickly! I’m so amazed, that’s damn incredible.” She waved her hand dismissing your compliments.

“It took a few hours, although my experience and the simple design helped it go much faster.” She grabbed one of the bright fabrics hanging from the ceiling, “You see these patterns? These can take days if you do them do alone and by hand.” You reached to touch the fabric, but stopped just shy, “This is so beautiful, I can’t find the words to tell you how gorgeous this is.” She smiled, and blushed slightly, thanking you before she returned to her loom.

You would’ve watched her work with the large contraption for hours if Kakyoin hadn’t come over.

“He paid a decent amount of money for that, that’s silk and made on a handloom.” You felt somewhat bad for the man, who was being loaded into an ambulance. “Don’t feel too bad. He didn’t have a flesh bud. He really did want to kill you for the money.” Your guilt disappeared quickly, “Well, I guess that means I don’t have to pay him back.” Kakyoin smirked, grabbing your waist and leading you to where Jotaro was standing.

He noticed Kakyoin’s hand and stared at him, his eyes cold and piercing. “Is everything okay, Jojo?” Jotaro turned away, hiding his expression with his hat, “Tch.” Kakyoin removed his hand from you, noticing an elephant with large intricate decorations on it. He was giddy as he watched it, flagging you and Jotaro to come over and look.

The large creature dwarfed the surrounding people, covered in a large cloth with intricately detailed flowers made of bright colors. Its tusks were long, but blunted, a decorative covering it. It had several floral patterns painted over it, culminating to a mass on the elephant’s face. A large plume of real flowers sat above it, which seemed small to the sheer size of the elephant’s head.

All in all, it was a beautiful sight, but a sadness crept over you regardless. “I wish Avdol where here to see this.” Jotaro brandished a notepad and pencil and handed them to Star Platinum. The stand was hovering just above him, so unless a bystander was right next to him, it looked as if he were holding it.

Star platinum sketched the elephant so quickly that you had blinked and he had finished it. “What?” Jotaro was staring at you. “You can give it to him later.” He ripped the paper from the notepad, handing it to you. You looked at the paper in your hands, the detail of the sketch so intricate and precise that you could see the details of the elephant’s blanket. Without thinking, you hugged Jotaro, to which at first, he didn’t react, but then quietly accepted it.

However, when Kakyoin turned to look, he hugged you back while making direct eye contact with him. You released him, blushing and apologizing, but he didn’t respond, still staring at Kakyoin. You withdrew, pretending not to notice as you asked a nearby man the best way to get to the Ganges river. You tried to signal to Kakyoin that he needed to stop, but he was oblivious.

You walked just ahead of the two, Jotaro being pissy and Kakyoin excited by everything he could see. The river was busy, the staircases leading to the water's edge packed with people. You were content sitting at the top of a brick outcropping the two men sitting to your sides. Kakyoin tried getting closer to you, but Jotaro pulled you over to him, wrapping an arm around you and glaring at Kakyoin. Kakyoin laughed, “Finally!” Jotaro dropped his glare, but still kept his arm around you.

“I was wondering when you would finally get angry enough to do something. I’ve been trying to piss you off enough that you would finally act like a couple.” Jotaro released you turning away as Kakyoin continued to laugh. You were beet red, staring off into the wide river trying to ignore what happened.

“Come on, I know you two are a thing. She was wearing your hat and sleeping naked in the same room as you. I’m not that oblivious.”  You tried to shrink into yourself, no longer able to hide how red your face was. Jotaro didn’t speak either, and Kakyoin seemed proud of himself. “Joseph, Avdol and I had a bet running… Joseph will be happy to know that we won. Avdol’s going to have to pay up when he can.”

You turned to him, and before you could ask, he nodded his head. “Joseph told me, don’t worry. My lips are sealed.” You looked to Jotaro, who was still avoiding looking at the two of you. “Yare yare… You could’ve just asked instead of pissing me off.” Kakyoin reached over you and nudged him, “If I had, would you have answered?”

Jotaro stayed silent and Kakyoin laughed, “See? And besides this was much more fun.” You sighed loudly, hoping to change the subject. “What’re Polnareff and Joseph doing?” Kakyoin tapped his forearm, “Joseph had weird growth on his arm and went to get it removed, and Polnareff’s probably somewhere off with Nena.”

“He should’ve just asked me to use Chevelle, and even then, my Hamon could’ve done something. Unless it was a tumor, then it’d be a bad idea.” You mulled it over in your head, debating on going to find the old man, but something disturbed you. “Wait… Those assholes! They both said something about not going off alone, and yet they get to go off on their own. Ugh, we need to go find them, with our luck, those idiots have already gotten into fight.”

Chapter Text

Turns out you had been right, and Joseph had been framed for a murder that Nena, a Stand user in disguise, had committed. Joseph explained that the woman you saw was actually a puppet, and the real woman was hiding inside her, which was why her aura appeared normal-ish. Apparently, this discovery was quite traumatic to Polnareff, who was still visibly shaken.

Because Joseph was now being sought after by the police, the hotel was a no-go, but the older man had still found a way to procure a vehicle. He offered the key to Polnareff, landing the key in the man’s odd hairstyle, and the journey to Egypt continued.

For a while the roads were empty, save for scattered wildlife, until you came across an older fashioned red car. It was driving pretty slowly, pissing Polnareff off. He huffed, flooring the petal and speeding around it, almost hitting it and the rock wall. Joseph was worried about Polnareff accidentally flinging rocks at it, as he was worried about crossing the border without incident.

His speech went to waste as Polnareff slammed on the brakes, surprising everyone. However, the thing that surprised everyone the most was what he had stopped for. In the middle of the road stood Anne, thumb up for a ride. She grinned, “Hey, looks like we meet again. Give me a lift?” Jotaro sighed, “Yare yare daze…”

You chuckled, unbuckling yourself from the middle and jumping into the back with the luggage. Due to the events of the trip, only a couple bags survived, leaving just enough space for you to lounge somewhat comfortably. “Aren’t you glad she doesn’t understand Japanese?”

Jotaro peered at you, still speaking Japanese, “That’s why I’m speaking it.” You and Kakyoin laughed as the young girl came and sat in the middle and buckled in.  “What about you? You’ll need a seat belt with how Polnareff’s driving?” Joseph was worried, but you weren’t as you already had an idea in mind. “Hierophant Green can hold me in place.”

Kakyoin raised his eyebrows at this but complied with your idea without complaint. You directed the semi-fluid Stand to attach itself to anchors in the car, essentially looping itself around you like a tie down strap. Anne went on to explain some weird bullshit reasoning for her adventure; you had tuned her out to as you and Chevelle played a version of version of eye-spy, Hierophant occasionally joining in.

As the trip went on, you started playing cards with Chevelle and Hierophant, who had some help from Kakyoin every now and then. However, your game was interrupted by the revving of an engine. “Hey, this asshole is back. Probably pissy about earlier.” Polnareff rolled down his window and waved to let the car pass, although as soon as it did, it slowed down. “Called it. That car’s a little bitch.”

Your comment was lost as another conversation was going on, but before you noticed and could join in, Polnareff passed the car only to slam into a semi-truck. Jotaro used Star Platinum to act as buffer between the two vehicles, but the impact still sent the car flying.

Hierophant tightened and Chevelle helped hold you in place, and you ended up being the most secure person in the whole car. While the group debated the car and the possibility of it being another Stand user, you sent Chevelle to the truck. The driver was okay, save for the fact he was scared shitless and had some minor whiplash. The truck itself was completely ruined; the impact of Star Platinum’s punch practically ripped a hole through the engine compartment.

“Just pretend you never saw it. Ignore it.” Jotaro’s nonchalant statement earned a swoon from Anne who, although she tried to hide it, was blushing. “Well, for now, lets just worry about crossing the border. If they come after us again, we’ll take them down, no matter who they are.” Joseph declared, earning several grunts in agreement.

You returned to trying to play cards with the two stands, Star Platinum joining in. The cards had been scattered everywhere in the impact, but Hierophant had found nearly all of them, save for one of the two Jokers. You ignored the bumps in the road trying to teach them a game aptly called “Bullshit.” However, since only Chevelle really spoke, it was now more pointing than anything.

“Bullshit!” You yelled, making the rest of the car jump. You excitedly revealed the top 3 cards, revealing the bluff that Star Platinum had tried to pull off. It was hard playing against a Stand who’s whole thing was precision. You had ended up picking up most of the deck, which although it meant you lost, you could now call out the Stands you were playing against. “Ha-ha! Pick it up!” You shoved the pile of cards towards the Stand, happy you had finally caught him.

Your glee was interrupted by Joseph, who nudged you, trying to get you to realize Anne was there. “Oh, my bad. I’ll say something else.” You turned around, but got flicked on the back of your head. “She can’t see, y’know…” He gestured to the Stands in the back of the car, and it occurred to you that to her, it looked like a bunch of floating cards. You grabbed her attention, “It’s magic. Here, watch this.” Chevelle then flicked a card at Joseph, landing it smack in the middle of his face. Anne giggled and you returned to your game, aware of her watching and Joseph’s glare.

“You’re not getting this back.” He sounded as if he was pouting. “Okay. It’s the other Joker, we don’t need it.” He huffed, and Anne tapped your shoulder, “Next round, can I play?” You shrugged, but then remembered Star. “As long as you don’t mind losing. That one there,” You gestured to the area where Star Platinum was, “has like, crazy fast vision and reflexes, so it’s kinda unfair to play against him.” She shrugged, “It’s better than doing nothing.”

Chapter Text

The game continued for a short while, until the group found a small road stop and decided to take a break from traveling for a bit. There were a handful of men there, but you had no interest in them as you stretched your legs. You walked along, enjoying the scenery but were interrupted when Joseph exclaimed.

You turned to see that they were looking at the red car from before. Jotaro and Polanreff went to go look at it, and when they didn’t find the driver, they glared at the men sitting at the café. Joseph asked them as a group who the driver was, but none answered. “That leaves us with only one option. Right, Jotaro?”

Jotaro had a mean look on his face and your gut dropped. “It’ll involve some innocent bystanders, but we’ll just beat them all down.” He went to grab one of the men by his shirt, but Chevelle blocked his way. “Did you forget about me?”

“And you were over here saying we need to be careful until we cross the border… Good grief man.” Before you could taunt the older man, the car started up, peeling off down the road. This led to the men scrambling to their vehicle taking off after it. You hopped back into the back, Hierophant providing as a seatbelt once more.

Polnareff was driving like mad man, and you felt that you were going to be launched out of the car at any second. He followed the car into a mountain range, the roads narrowing along the inclines. The sheer drop alone made you nervous, but in addition to Polnareff’s driving, it was enough to make you afraid. “He’s going to kill us.”

You summoned Chevelle to help hold you in place, straddling you as she used her legs to hold you and her arms to hold the back of the seats. Your precautions had been a smart thing, as Polnareff ended up slamming in the breaks yet again, lurching the car and its occupants forward violently.

At first you were pleased to see that there was road behind you, but quickly realized that you were on the edge of said road. The feeling in your gut worsened when the red car came up from behind, intending to shove your vehicle off the cliff. “Don’t you take your fucking foot off that damn brake Polnareff!”

Your comment came too late as the Frenchman had already tried to flee the vehicle, releasing the brake in the process. The vehicle hurtled over the cliff, spinning as it fell. In addition to Chevelle, the centrifugal force was enough to keep you in place. Content knowing that, Kakyoin sent Hierophant up, attaching the car’s tow line to the vehicle above.

As the car sat dangling, the metal creaking in complaint of the weight, your muscles also complained. You were now clinging to the back of the seat for dear life, the only thing keeping you there was Chevelle and your own adrenaline-fueled panic.

Chevelle helped with holding your weight with her legs, it helped immensely, except you could still feel the fatigue on yourself. “Do like sumo Kakyoin?” Jotaro said this nonchalantly, as if he forgot that you were hanging freely from the backseat. “If you have an idea to save our asses, please don’t waste more time!” Jotaro sighed, but complied, and you felt the car lurch upwards into the air before landing roughly.

Upon feeling that the car was now on the ground again, you crawled out and laid there, muscles feeling like jelly. Jotaro came over and peered down at you, nudging you with his foot. “You good?” You huffed at him, sitting up. You were still getting your breathing under control, and your heart had just barely stopped pounding in my ears.  Kakyoin came over apologizing, “I forgot that Hierophant was back there, I just acted in the moment and – “

You cut him off by raising a hand. “Kak, you saved us, don’t worry about it. If there was anyone to be upset at, it’d be the two muscle men that completely forgot about me.” You sneered playfully at Jotaro, “One of which can definitely lift my weight.” He tucked his hat down, sucking his teeth at you.

You were interrupted by the radio of the car, saying “It’s not strange at all.” Polnareff, the absolute mastermind detective that he is, shouted “It’s the radio of our car!” The radio ignored him, “it’s able to do that because it’s a Stand, Joestar!”

You laid back on the ground, rubbing your hands on your face before gesturing to the sky. “Can we have someone not trying to kill us, for more than five fucking minutes?!” Jotaro offered you hand up just as the ground started quaking. Joseph yelled for everyone to get to the car, but Jotaro interrupted hi. “No! Everyone, get away from the car!”

Just as he said this, the ground under the car erupted, the red car slamming into the undercarriage and spiraling it off to the side. The car, or rather Stand looked hideous, like a crumpled can, before it started bending and pooping sporadically. The spots that shifted were now clean and in perfect shape. It also seemingly grew claws, and it looked like some bizarre open-maw.

While it sat still, you used Chevelle to touch its aura so that you could mimic it. Meanwhile, Jotaro stood in front of it, accepting the challenge the Stand provided. However, before anyone could see, several holes appeared on him, each sputtering blood. No one saw or heard any gun fire, but yet it was like he had been shot.  He started to fall, Kakyoin and Polnareff running to catch him, but also being sprayed by the invisible bullets.

The car started revving its engine prompting the group to run. You didn’t; instead you stood in the way, like a matador to a charging bull.

For a split second, you thought you might’ve made a mistake. At the very last moment, the car slammed to halt, spraying dust and pebbles. “What! What did you do?” You said nothing as the man panicked. You stood, glaring at it, but couldn’t help but grin when you noticed Hierophant’s hand in your peripheral, ready to give you a lift.

You sprinted towards the wall, grasping the Stands hand, and used your momentum and his aid to get halfway up the cliff wall without any real effort. He helped pull you up as you climb, lessening the work on your already sore muscles.

At the top, Jotaro and Joseph helped pull you over the edge, Jotaro glaring at you. Before anyone could say anything, the car below started changing once again, the tires suddenly shaking and protruding spikes. You ushered the group back and way from the edge, watching as the demon car started scaling the wall.

“I can’t see anything in these wounds but I can feel something digging in.” You turned around and joined the group, joining Kakyoin in as he looked at his arm. He was right, there was no bullet, but something had made the hole. “I’ll heal you after we figure this out, I don’t want to trap something in you.” Kakyoin and Polnareff nodded, understanding your reasoning. However, when you turned to see if Jotaro was listening, you saw him once again challenging the approaching car.

“Jotaro, wait, we still don’t know what it’s shooting!” Joseph yelled after his grandson, but he didn’t listen. The car finally reached the edge, shooting over and landing perfectly. The man inside laughed, starting a monologue about his Stand, Wheel of Fortune. You ignored it, smelling the faint fume of gasoline.

You looked at the car to see if it was leaking before realizing where the smell was coming from. You sniffed Kakyoin, much to his confusion, to confirm your theory. “Jotaro, he shot you with gasoline! Be careful!”

Just as you yelled this, the man inside the car unplugged a cable on the side of the car, sending sparks flying. A rogue spark drifted just close enough lighting Jotaro aflame. The man started laughing manically as the group panicked. Kakyoin held Joseph back, trying not to catch the rest of them on fire. Anne screamed horrifically, and you had to hold her back.

When the screaming stopped, the man whooped, yelling, “I win! Part three is over!” Anne stopped fighting against you, Kakyoin turned to you, asking his question silently. You shrugged and the man turned around, defeated.

“Oh? And who’s going to replace me, Jotaro Kujo?” A fist busted from the ground, earning surprised gasps and an excited cry from Anne. “You didn’t think it’d be you, did you?” Jotaro was snide as he crawled out of the ground staring at the hand sticking out of the car window. It shook, panicked, and the man’s voice was no longer confident either. “You burrowed into the ground with Star Platinum!”

The group of men finally noticed the cloth still ablaze, and Joseph made the connection. “The only thing burning was your jacket.” Anne was swooning over Jotaro, his buff arms accentuated by his tank top. Jotaro gave some speech about roads as he summoned Star Platinum and the Stand pummeled the car, repeating “Ora” for every punch thrown.

The driver of the vehicle was thrown out the opposite side, the impact causing a trail up until the man’s body. Jotaro looked over this proudly, rubbing his thumb and pointer finger on his chin like an artist critiquing his work. “Good, good.”

Kakyoin went over and inspected the man, who had to extremely buff arms, but had a tiny body and a large swollen gut. “Talk about a bluff. What a weird looking character.” The man snapped to, crawling away and clinging to someone’s leg, unaware that it was Polnareff’s. When he realized, he let go and tried to scramble away again, crying. “Please don’t kill me, I was only in this for the money!” The group laughed, Polnareff nearly in tears, and a small smile on Jotaro’s face. Behind them, the car deflated, changing shaped into an old beat up thing that looked similar to a military jeep, but red.

“Oh god, to think that stand was disguising such a shitty looking car. It looks like a sheep that’s just been shorn.” Joseph started the group laughing again, this time he and Polnareff both in tears from laughing so hard.

Chapter Text

You healed the group one by one while the others collected stuff from the other completely totaled car. When Kakyoin came over to you, he asked you why you shrugged at him earlier. “You guys seem to forget that I can see auras. While I can’t see through most materials, I can see through clothes and fire. I was healing him as he acted dramatically, which allowed Star to dig a hole without being noticed. I hid Chevelle behind him so the driver couldn’t see her, but I was sure you guys could. I guess I was wrong.”

He nodded, looking at Jotaro and realizing the man had no burns. His look returned to you, “Do you know what that guy meant by ‘part three’?” You shrugged, “If I had to guess, it might be because Jotaro is the third Joestar to go on some crazy adventure for whatever reason; and maybe DIO is telling his side like it’s some story? Your guess is as good as mine.” He shrugged, somewhat satisfied with the answer he got.

You stood, your muscles screaming in protest, and walked over to the scraggly old car. You sat on the rear bumper, doing some Hamon breathing to help yourself recover. “Do you think you could heal me?” Jotaro’s deep voice startled you, ruining your breathing. You looked up, only to be blinded by the sun. Jotaro squatted, coming down to your level. “What did you do?”

He grunted, “My hands.” You scoffed, “Tch, what a great explanation. Let me see.” You took one of his hands gently in yours, for both your sakes. “You’re burned.” You nodded, looking at his damaged knuckles, bleeding from punching rock and metal, even though it was through his Stand. “What happened?” When you let go of his hand, he took yours, inspecting it before grabbing the other. “You were on fire as I was healing you. Fire burns, you know.” His eyes widened, “What?”

You took your hands back; they were still sensitive to the open air. “I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.” You restarted your Hamon breathing, but far less focused this time so you could keep conversation. He grabbed your arm, drawing some of your attention to him. His eyes were back to normal, except a hint of worry and anger in them. “You should’ve waited to heal me. You didn’t need to burn your hands for that.”

You shrugged, still keeping your breathing going, “I wasn’t going to let you go through that pain. Burns hurt; burning alive: much worse.” He sighed, looking back down at your hands. It would take another two days for them to heal, but if you kept your Hamon constant, maybe just a day.

Kakyoin grabbed a wrap from your suitcase at your request, tossing it to Jotaro. He was delicate as he handled your injured hands, wrapping them as gently as he could. The rest of the group had piled into the car, but once again there were only 5 seats. There was no place for you to sit on the back, which meant you or Anne would be in someone’s lap.

As you were going to suggest that, Jotaro lifted you and got into the car. He sat with you sitting across his lap, both arms around you and holding you close to him. You rested an arm on his shoulder, and the other in your lap, trying not to blush. Anne huffed from the backseat, and you saw her glare angrily at you. You couldn’t help but smirk, which earned a look from Jotaro. “It’s nothing. Don’t mind me.” You closed your eyes, focusing on breathing techniques. The specific one that you did was just to distribute it through your body, but apparently had also spread to Jotaro.

He shifted and sighed. “You’re making me feel tingly.” You held in a laugh, as it was an odd statement to hear from him. “It’s my Hamon. I’m using it to refresh my muscles before I focus on my hands. If I completely concentrate on them, I may be able to shorten how long it takes for them to heal.” He nodded; a content look settled on his face.

However, the peace was interrupted by Anne, who grabbed your hand. You inhaled sharply from the resulting pain, and Jotaro was quick as he tried to protect you. “Why does she get to sit in your lap? I’m smaller!” Jotaro’s eyes closed as he tried to hide his annoyance. “Her hands are burnt, don’t touch them.”

He was clearly upset by her, but was trying his best not to be overly angry. She let go, but the pain lingered. “But why her? She doesn’t even like you!” Kakyoin laughed at this, but shut up when you glared at him.

Joseph stepped up for you, “She’s got a special breathing technique to help heal, so she can’t be squished between people. And, because of how small this car is, one of us guys would have to sit up front. It just happened to be Jotaro.” Anne huffed and sat back down, snug between the two large men.

“You’ll be going back to Hong Kong on a plane.” Joseph added this nonchalantly, as if trying to avoid getting a reaction. It failed as Anne threw a fit demanding why. As Jospeh started explaining, Polnareff piped in. “Because you’re in the way and annoying! That’s why!” She groaned at him which caused Jotaro to sigh at her loudness.

I can put you to sleep if you don’t want to hear all this.” You said this in Japanese so that the others wouldn’t hear our offer. Except for Kakyoin of course, who wasn’t paying attention anyways. “If you don’t mind. But what about you.” You dismissed his concern with an eyeroll. “If I focus on my Hamon enough, I just kind of tune it all out.” You finished your statement in English aware that your Japanese was not the smoothest.

He nodded, and you used Chevelle to mold his aura so that he would pass out. It took you a minute to realize that he had fallen asleep, as he had stayed completely still, the only thing changing was his breathing. You smiled to yourself, enjoying how relaxed and at peace he looked in his sleep. After, you shifted, focusing completely on your Hamon, visualizing your hands and sending the energy through them, resulting in a tingling sensation in your fingertips.

You were brought out of your focus by Joseph, who had shaken you violently to snap you out of it. You were at an airport, in a different car, and no longer in Jotaro’s lap. He let you regulate your breathing, returning it to normal so you wouldn’t collapse like before.

“We need you to wake him up. Anne’s plane is getting ready, and we’ll be leaving when she does.” You looked at your hands, they felt better, no longer agitated by the wrap or small movements. “How long have I been out?” You went to stand, but wobbled, Joseph catching you and offering a hand to balance yourself on.

Your joints were stiff, as if you hadn’t been moving for some time. “About a day.” You grimaced, your stomach gurgling and complaining in addition to the rest of your body. “Ugh. I hate that. Time always goes faster when I’m that focused.” You brought out Chevelle who stretched and did her “yawn” before changing Jotaro’s energy.

He was draped across the backseat, out like a light. It was a funny occurrence, as his head was lulled back, dangling with his mouth agape. You let out a small chuckle, nudging him gently. He woke with a start but quickly oriented, looking at you. “How long was a I asleep?”

You shrugged, “Uh, well I was meditating for a whole day, so I guess you were asleep for that long too.” He climbed out of the vehicle, stretching, before looking at you. “Want to go get food?” You nodded, realizing he was probably as hungry as you were. “Jiji, my wallet got burned.” Joseph handed his grandson his wallet, no questions asked, and you rolled your eyes. “I can’t even imagine having enough money to be able to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Not be bothered by the fact my wallet got burned, or hand it off like he just did.”

“If I remember correctly, he’s pretty much a millionaire.”

“Don’t say that like it's something trivial, damn. No wonder your house is so damn big.”

Jotaro looked at you blankly, and you rolled your eyes. “Dude, I’ve been so broke before that I washed paper plates.” He continued to stare, and you huffed. “Not everyone can suffer from rich bitch syndrome.” Joseph laughed from his spot in the car, earning a glare from you.

Chapter Text

Jotaro followed you through the airport as you tried to find decent food, but you lost him to a tailor’s shop. You found him discussing the design of his school jacket with the tailor, including his modifications. The lady looked at him like he was odd, but complied nonetheless, starting the alterations to a coat he had picked out.

When he finally came out, he explained, “She said she could make it look right, but it’ll take her a while. I’ve already paid, so now I just have to wait.” You folded your arms, “You’re attached to that jacket, aren’t you?” He said nothing, glowering at you. “Can she do the modifications you want?”

He nodded, “It’s 100% wool, too.” You smiled at him and he turned away, hiding his face from you. “You’re cute. Just so you know.” He grabbed his hat, pulling it so he could hide in its shadows. “Come on, let’s get breakfast before Anne’s plane gets here.”

The place you went to was unremarkable, but after going a while without eating, it felt like it was gourmet. It was a small café with an overlook across the tarmac, and you took a seat close to the windows. The airport was a pretty small one, a few small private planes scattered around. “Must be a private airport.”

Jotaro sat across from you smoking a cigarette and lounging in the stiff chair as if it was his throne. “How do you know?” You pointed to the cluster of suits gathered around a plane, queuing to board a very fancy jet. “Commercial places tend to have larger, cheaper planes. Not cheap as in held together by duct tape and glue, but not as expensive as that. Besides, everyone here looks like they have a stick up their ass, and don’t get me started on the shopkeepers.” He took a drag on his cigarette, flicking the ashes into the tables ceramic plate. “They seem normal to me.”

“I look dirty, poor and unclean. They only want rich snobs in their store, so the give me mean looks to try and scare me off. The tailor did it, didn’t you notice?” He shook his head and you shrugged, “It’s the rich bitch syndrome.” You threw away your trash and went to wipe off the table.

“Why are you doing that?” You stared at him incredulously. “Wiping the table? Because I’m a decent human being?” He looked at you blankly, flicking his cigarette into the ash tray and missing. He got up, leaving it, and you glared at him. Picking it up, you blocked his way, shoving it down his shirt.

He could tell he was hiding his entertainment by acting annoyed. “Quit being a dick and throw it away properly.” He took it out of his shirt, dramatically making a show of its disposal. “Was that so hard?” He sighed, “Yare yare…”  He brushed past you, and you scoffed.

“Are you butthurt about your rich bitch syndrome being called out?” He glared at you from the corner of his eye, giving you your answer. “I’m just trying to piss you off.” You knew he was bluffing; you weren’t sure how you knew, but you did. “Uh-huh. If you say so…” His upper lip curled slightly, a look of disgust on his face. “You don’t think it’s a thing? I’ll show you, come on, watch.”

Jotaro indulged you, following you to a directory where you found directions for the perfect example. “Holy shit. This is definitely a private airport. They have fucking Prada and Gucci stores…” You made your way over to the Gucci outlet, the smell of perfumed leather wafting out of the doorway. “When I walk in, I’m going to get looked up and down, get an ugly look, followed by mean treatment. Just watch.”

You walked in, the man sitting behind the counter coming over to greet you. He did as you had said, sizing you up, and giving a grimace as he spoke. “We probably have anything in your price range.” He sounded just as snobby as he looked. You looked at Jotaro, who was glaring angrily at the man. “Where’s the most expensive things you have in this store.”

The man grimaced, walking over to a display case and gesturing vaguely over it. “Our store carries luxury items not available to common people.” He said this while eyeballing you. Jotaro ignored him and nudged you over to the counter, “Pick what you want.” The man huffed, rolling his eyes, but Jotaro was unphased.

You scanned over the several objects, ignoring the rather large numbers on their labels. You settled on a pair of earrings, a set of gold lion heads holding a pair of aquamarine gems. “These.” The man sucked his teeth before going behind the counter and opening the case. “These cost – “

“That’s in Rupees, right? Here.” Jotaro took a stack of cash and flopped it on the counter, his expression blank. The man stuttered. “I’ll have to count that. Give me one second, sir.” Jotaro leaned over the counter, “Why are you speaking to me? The lady is the one who made the purchase.” The man nervously apologized and nodded to you, shoving the money into a machine counter.

When it was done, he handed you the change, which was nearly half the stack, and nervously apologized to you once more before you left. You handed Jotaro the cash, who promptly stuffed it in his grandfather’s wallet. “Did you see it?” He nodded with a blank expression on his face. “Are you going to put those on, or just stare at them the whole time?”

“Huh? Oh, no. I picked these for you.”


“I thought the blue would match your eyes.”

“Why didn’t you pick something for you?”

“I don’t know.”

Jotaro sighed, silently taking the bag from you and walking into the tailor’s shop. You waited outside, looking out the airport windows as a plane landed. It seemed lazy as it slowly rolled across the runway, parking next to the building. You watched as a small group of people left and the crew buzzing around it to refuel and re-stock the plane.

After a short while, you noticed people boarding the plane, Polnareff and Kakyoin standing off to the side. “Oh shit, that has to be Anne’s plane.” You turned to get Jotaro and he was talking with the tailor. “Jotaro, come on, Anne’s getting ready to leave!”

The two of you made it outside as the plane was leaving, Anne waving from her seat aboard the plane. She was saying something, but you had no idea what. Jotaro rolled his eyes as he continued towards the others. You caught up to him after waving good-bye and noticed that his normal gold studs were replaced by the earrings you had picked out.

Chapter Text

Joseph had acquired a vehicle, another jeep-like thing, an you were crammed in the back between Joseph and Jotaro. You were focused on your hands, using a less focused technique so that you could keep with the conversation if you needed.

“I say we stop and find a hotel in that town down there for the night.” Joseph’s voice drew you out, and you peered at where he was pointing. The fog in the town was thick, coating the buildings obscuring the streets. Polnareff was complaining about toilets as he drove, but you your attention was elsewhere. Jotaro was peering back at something a grimace on his face.

“What’s wrong?”  He shook his head, “It’s nothing.” He turned back around but he looked like he was thinking about something. You didn’t push it and returned to looking at the town. Even though you knew how thick the fog was from the view from above, it was still surprising once there. It made the air thick and it tasted stale, although the people in the town did not seem to mind it.

Polnareff parked the car, and Joseph gave a short lesson on how to greet the locals. He butchered the pronunciation, but he was too happy and excited for you to correct him. He approached a doorman at a nearby restaurant, greeted him, but was met with silence.

“Man, this is a weirdly quiet town. Every city we’ve been to has been super crowded and noisy.” Polanreff wandered towards the street, peering at the people walking past. Joseph sighed and returned to the man, who suddenly changed his open sign to closed. “O-oh, you didn’t have to close up so suddenly. We just wanted to ask if there was a hotel nearby.”

The man stared silently, before abruptly turning around. “I don’t know.” Joseph gave a confused grunt, stepping after the man, but was interrupted by Polnareff. “I’m sure he didn’t understand you because you butchered the pronunciation. Let’s just ask that guy right there.”

He stepped to the side of the man he gestured at, but stepped back gasping. “Hey, you, what wrong?” He grabbed the man’s shoulder, only to quickly let go as the man fell backwards. His face was contorted in horror, his eyes wide and mouth agape. A lizard crawled out of his mouth, prompting the group to yell in confusion.

You went to see if he was alive, but found no pulse. The quartet immediately turned into a group of detectives, notating everything about the man’s appearance. You didn’t bother, instead deciding to see if you could see anyone’s aura was abnormal.

You brought out Chevelle, and Joseph nodded, “That’s a good idea, just be careful about it though.” Using Chevelle, you peered through her eyes, only to be greeted by a horrid sensation. It felt like you were drowning as the fog sank into you, but you were helpless as you fell to the ground.

Yare yare daze… quit acting dramatic.” Jotaro sighed to himself, watching as you began gasping for air. “Hey!” You stopped suddenly, no longer gasping but panting. He watched as you got up, stumbling forwards and flailing around like a drunk. Grabbing your wrist, Jotaro noticed your eyes still had Chevelle’s shimmer to them. “What’s wrong?” You squinted at him, tracing a finger down his chest. “Can’t hurt me, but I’m so very useless. I can’t breathe. It’s so heavy.”

“It has to be a stand user. It may not be able to hurt her, but it might be able to make her inebriated enough that she can’t help” Kakyoin grabbed unto your shoulder, gently bringing you back to the group. Jotaro mulled it over in his head, trying to make sense of your gibberish. He was interrupted by you, as you clung to his arm and gave him a less than graceful look.

“If we can figure out what happened to this man, maybe we can figure out how to fix her.” Jotaro nodded, watching as you let go and flopped on the ground like a child. “I’m so tired. I don’t like the air. The air, oh the air.” You started rambling, yawning and drifting off in between words. Jotaro was growing more concerned about your condition with every passing minute.

Joseph placed a hand on his grandson’s shoulder, stirring him from his thoughts. “We’ll figure this out.” The older man’s words were only a shallow comfort, but Jotaro appreciated the effort nonetheless. He gave him a slight nod as Kakyoin returned. “I asked a lady to call the police, but the way she was acting was odd. There’s something wrong with this town.”

Jotaro heard him, but didn’t respond, staring at a dog that seemed familiar. The memory of it flashed into his head quickly, and he grimaced. It was exactly like the dog he had seen before, except it wasn’t impaled on some roadside spikes. “This fog keeps getting thicker, it sure is creepy. Doesn’t that part look like a skull?”

Jotaro looked up to where Polnareff was pointing, noticing that indeed there was a vague shape of a skull. However, it shifted, destroyed by wind, leaving an uncomfortable feeling in Jotaro’s gut. “What do you want to do Jiji?” Jotaro nudged the corpse, “you don’t think that it’s the work of a Stand user, do you?”

Joseph mulled over the man, taking a pen from his pocket and shifting the man’s clothing. “Well, why would a stand user after us kill him, there’s no motive. Although, it may be possible, his death seems pretty extraordinary.” Jotaro grunted, “Let’s find out what we can without disturbing the body too much before the police arrive.”

Using his pen, Joseph rodded abut the man’s clothes. “It looks like he was a traveler like us. Look, he has bus passes and train tickets. It seems he’s Indian, as he’s carrying Indian Rupees. He’s not from this town.” Jotaro got up from his squatting position to check on you. You were slumped on the ground, asleep.

“Oh?!” Jotaro returned to his grandfather’s side, peering over his shoulder to see what he was looking at. “Under his throat, there’s a hole, the size of a 10-yen coin. Could it be the cause of death?”

“But why isn’t there any blood coming from it? With a hole this big there should be tons of blood gushing from it. Normally, at least.” Jotaro pointed to the body, “Looks like this isn’t any ordinary murder. We need to know, let’s not hold back.” With that, he reached down and tore the shirt off of the corpse, the rest earning gasps form the group.

Several holes coated the man’s chest, Polnareff reacting the loudest. “What’s with this body? There are holes all over it. He looks like the cartoon cheese you’d see in Tom & Jerry!” Joseph peered at the body, adding on his own discovery. “And none of these holes have blood coming from them. How on earth was this man killed?”

Jotaro rolled his eyes, “We already guessed there was a Stand user; the odds of one being here to kill us just grew.” Joseph took off, yelling about getting into the car as he jumped a wrought iron fence. He yelped suddenly, using his Hermit Purple to keep him from getting impaled on the spikes.

“Oi, Jiji, what the hell are you doing? Are you stupid?” Joseph relaxed on the ground for a brief minute before yelling at his grandson. “On, no! What do you mean, ‘what am I doing.’?! The car was just here a minute ago. Polnareff spoke up, “Car? We just parked the car over there.” Jotaro looked over to the car, noticing a small shriveled woman walking by it, towards the group.

Joseph came over to greet her with the rest of the group and she bowed her head in a silent greeting to them. Jotaro gave a curt nod with everyone else, but didn’t trust the woman simply because she was old and used a cane. “You seem to be travelers. With this fog being as thick as it is, its dangerous to leave town right now, there are many cliffs, you know. I run a little bed and breakfast, if you’d like, why not stay there for the night? I’ll make it cheap.” Polnareff relaxed, “We finally met a normal person.”

Kakyoin nudged him, “There’s high chance there’s a Stand user hiding here, we can’t let our guard down tonight.” Polnareff nodded, “Yeah, even though we haven’t been attacked directly, this place is still pretty creepy. Jotaro sighed, earning the frenchman’s attention, gesturing to you, slumped over his shoulder. He feigned a grin and shrugged, “She doesn’t count.”

Kakyoin elbowed him with a frown on his face and when Polnareff went to defend himself, Joseph interrupted. The old lady spoke up, “Come now, Mr. Joestar. This is my hotel. I shall lead the way. Please, come with me. This hotel is small but about twenty years ago, one of the 007 films was filmed here and John Lennon from the Beatles stayed here once.”

Polnareff lit up like a kid, “What?! Really?” The woman smiled before curtly stating, “No, not at all. But it is still quite a nice hotel.” Polanreff sighed, somewhat disappointed. “there are currently no other guests. Is meat for dinner all right, or would you prefer fish?” Jotaro interrupted, his suspicions gnawing at him.

“Hold it, old lady. You said Joestar just now, didn’t you? How did you know that name?” The woman froze for second before turning and acting coyly. “That man right there just said ‘Mr. Joestar’ just a moment ago,” She pointed to Polnareff, who mumbled to himself about how he might’ve said it. “When you’ve been in customer service as long as I have, you learn to memorize people’s names quickly.”

She cackled, but before anyone could say anything more, you woke up, squirming off of Jotaro’s shoulder. You fell to the ground whilst yelling, something about somebody being evil. You looked amongst the group, scanning each person’s faces before settling on Jotaro’s. Your lips where turning blue, and you were panting. “There’s a, there, um there’s, there’s a standing, no there’s…” You grabbed unto his coat, frustrated and confused, “What was I saying? The air… I can’t think…”

You collapsed against him and Jotaro scooped you up gently. He noticed the woman, an expression of worry and fear on her face. It quickly changed when she noticed him looking at her, replaced by a look of fake concern. “Your friend doesn’t seem to be doing alright, is everything okay?”

Joseph placed a hand on your shoulder as you slept in Jotaro’s arms. “She’s had a bit too much to drink, you know.” Jotaro was less than pleased with his fake story, but it was the easiest way to explain your condition to a non-stand user. If this woman wasn’t the stand user who had done this to you.

A look of relief briefly crossed her face as she laughed. “Well let’s get her inside so she can sleep it off then.” Jotaro watched your breathing, worried that you weren’t getting enough air. Your breathing was quick and shallow, way too fast for his comfort. He held you tighter but gently, determined to see you back to normal.

Chapter Text

He was signing your name in the checking book for you as you slept in a chair when he had a realization. When he went to sign his name, he changed it and quickly informed the group not to call him Jotaro. Once he was done, he closed the book, “There, its done.” The woman looked at him happily, “Very well, I’ll show you to your rooms.”

After setting their stuff down, Joseph and Kakyoin came back to Jotaro’s room, inspecting Jotaro’s TV. “This one doesn’t see, to work either.” Joseph nodded, “It must be the fog. Either way, I won’t be able to use Hermit Purple to get information on the enemy Stand user.” The two continued their conversation briefly before being interrupted by Ponareff.

“Does this room have a bathroom? Mine doesn’t.” Kakyoin Shook his head, “Maybe the bathroom here is communal.” Polnareff lit up at this, taking off down the hall, earning a sigh from Joseph. “He’s so carefree. An unknown stand user could attack us any minute…” Jotaro was irked by this, trying to remain calm as he grabbed his grandfather’s shoulder.

“What do you mean, 'at any minute'? She’s being attacked right now, they may not be able to kill her, but she’s not okay, just look at how she’s breathing.” Joseph grabbed the hand on his shoulder, “You’re right. But the question is, why aren’t they doing the same to us, why not just suffocate us all at once?”

Kakyoin spoke up, “Maybe they can’t. She did say that she can exert some amount of control over those Chevelle mimics, maybe she’s commanding it to not suffocate us.” Joseph nodded, a finger to his chin, “Maybe it can only suffocate one person at a time.” Jotaro shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, we need to get rid of them, before they can come after us again.”

The other two men agreed before leaving to there rooms. Jotaro had his own room, but he wasn’t leaving you alone just yet. He leaned over the bed, watching your breathing, it was slow and deep, like when you zoned out using your Hamon. The blue to your lips was the same, but he was glad that it hadn’t gotten any worse. He nudged you shoulder to see if he could get you awake, but you barely stirred at his touch.

It was odd, this feeling he had. It was the same feeling he felt when he found his mother collapsed on the floor. It was hard for him to place for the longest, this feeling of dread, and he hadn’t expected to feel it in regards to you. He hadn’t expected a lot of things, including falling for you, or you falling for him.

After thinking about it for a while, it occurred to him that his feelings about you were something he had for a long time. He just never acted on it. He sighed, removing his hat and running his hand through his hair. He had protected you when you weren’t looking, from yourself and from others. The others generally being his absurdly obnoxious fangirls who liked to threaten you from time to time.

You weren’t like them, sure he could fluster you like could them, but it was different. You weren’t constantly bickering or bothering him. The few times you talked to him on his way home was always pleasurable and he enjoyed it. Even when you didn’t speak to him, he was content just to walk with you; even missing you when you weren’t there.

Now, he sat helplessly next you, unable to do anything against the unseen force suffocating you. He rested his head in his hand, but was jolted by a familiar tingle. He turned to you, and saw you looking at him, Chevelle’s shimmer still in your eyes. “It’s the air, its in the air. It haunts me, it... doesn’t want me to speak, it hurts.” Jotaro placed a hand gently on your shoulder, guiding you back down to the bad. “You need to rest.”

You reached up and kissed him, drawing out Star Platinum. Jotaro watched in confusion as you kissed his Stand. The he felt it, something snaking out past his lips, like a stream of air. Using Star Platinum, he held you close and inhaled, pulling a thick fog from your mouth. He released it and it dissipated on the floor of the room. You were gasping and coughing, panting in-between to try and catch your breath. He waited for you to finish before he gently placed you on the bed.

He was concerned, but not only for you. He wanted to stay and make sure you were alright, but he needed to go check on the others. He looked to you and you nodded. “Go, I’m okay.” Your voice was somewhat raspy from all of the coughing. “I’ll be back.”

Jotaro took off, leaving you in the room. The weight in your chest was gone and it finally felt like you could breath. Whatever the stand was, it had sat in your lungs and made it hard for you to catch your breath. Your head was pounding from the lack of oxygen, a tingling sensation coating the extremities of your body. You were cold and your hands were paler than normal, which all added up to the idea that although it couldn’t kill, it was trying to knock you out.

You were sluggish, your chest hurting immensely with every breath. You tried to use your Hamon breathing but weren’t able to get a deep enough breath. You mulled over your training, hoping to remember something that you could use.

Caesar’s daughter came to mind, when she was teaching you her own technique. She was particularly talented with water, often using it or wet cloths as weapons. She had mastered Lisa Lisa more hostile regimens, training underwater to truly control her breathing. She taught you these techniques, and while you weren’t on her level, you could pull it off when it came to it.

One of which was how to breath with limited air, with short shallow breathing. It wasn’t nearly as effective, but it was enough in emergencies. You focused on the memory, remembering everything form the way she looked to how she smelled.

You relaxed, mimicking the memory, brief bursts of pain from your still sore lungs, but accompanied by the tingling of your Hamon. Nothing had been damaged, simply irritated beyond belief. Either way it was enough to hinder you.

You shifted, no longer focusing on the memory, instead focusing on the breathing while making your way out of your room. The group was downstairs already, Polnareff coughing and blushing furiously. You walked towards the stairs, only to meet Jotaro once there.

“I was coming to get you.” His expression was blank, and you couldn’t figure out the look in his eyes.

“I was coming to see if I could help,” you paused, taking a breath, “or if anyone needed healing.”

“You’re still out of it, you need to let yourself recover.”

You waved at hand at him, attempting to dismiss him, “I’m fine.” He grabbed your waist and pulled you to him, knocking the wind out of you in the process. “If you can’t handle that,” he paused, lifting your chin and kissing you briefly, “How am I supposed to kiss you for longer than that?”

You stuttered, blushing, your already irregular breathing a mess. You turned and looked at the group downstairs, none of them had noticed. They were laughing at Polnareff. You ignored his grasp on your waist and nodded towards the men. “What happened?”

Jotaro sighed, releasing you and resting on the banister, “Polnareff was forced into licking a toilet. They’re making fun of him.” You gave him a confused look and he sighed again. “The stand had the ability to make these holes in us,” He pulled up his pant leg to reveal a large hole, similar to the one on the Indian traveler from before. Chevelle came out, beginning to heal it, but the size and depth made it take longer than his previous wounds. “Thanks.”

You nodded silently, watching as his flesh regrew to fill the hole. It was both disgusting and fascinating, watching as the tissue reappeared like threads, before fleshing out into a seamless patch. “Anyways, the old lady used the holes like puppet strings. Polnareff’s hole was on his tongue, and he was forced to lick the toilet.”

You cringed, “Ugh… Well, the least I can do is heal it for him before it gets infected.” You passed Jotaro to begin down the stairs but he grabbed you, swiftly scooping you up into a bridal carry. “I said you need to rest.” You blushed, “I can walk down some stairs…” He grunted at you and you fell silent, quite comfortable in his arms.

Chapter Text

You healed Polnareff as you explained to the group what had happened to you. It seemed to make sense to most of them, but you had to explain to Polnareff that the lack of oxygen was causing your delirium, and not that you were not actually drunk. While you explained this, Jotaro wandered off, looking outside.

“Hey, guys, come look at this.” You peered over his shoulder, immediately noticing the large expansive graveyard. “What the hell? We step out of the hotel and this place is…” Kakyoin finished Joseph’s sentence, “it’s a graveyard. She was using her stands fog to make this graveyard, and a hotel?”

“So, we were talking to the corpses that were buried here…” Polnareff said this with a disgusted look on his face. “Maybe that’s why Chevelle wouldn’t give me up; she was making sure I didn’t see things.” Kakyoin nodded, “That’s very likely, Mr. Joestar nearly impaled himself because of the fog.” Joseph gave a sheepish grin and Polnareff snapped to you, sticking his tongue out.

He tried speaking as he showed you the whole before realizing his mistake. “Do you think you could heal this for me?” You were about to nod when a thought occurred to you. “Not until you and I talk.” He frowned but then a look of realization came across his face. “I already forgave you a while ago.”

“I haven’t even had the chance to talk to you about it.”

“I know that we all say things in were upset that we don’t mean, and before he… Avdol told me how you regretted it, and it took me a while, but I got over it.”

He came closer to you and whispered, “And you were partially right, they would’ve been ashamed of how I was acting, but I won’t admit that.” You frowned, “but you just did.”

“Did what?” He smiled coyly and you punched his shoulder, earning a hurt look. You healed the whole in his tongue, and even gave him something form your suitcase to clean his mouth. He was grateful, as Joseph had yet to give him what he had said he would.

Kakyoin brought out an old lady, who they found to be named Enyaba, as Joseph explained to you everything that had happened. He was interrupted by a car starting and the group turned in surprise as it started driving off. “Hol Horse, that Bastard!” Polnareff took off after the car, stopping after a few meters.

“Oh, yeah. Hol horse was here, too.” You gave him a dubious look, “You forgot… about an enemy stand user?” He shrugged, giving you no real answer. “And I thought I need to pay attention more.” Polnareff came back to the group, sighing. “At least our luggage wasn’t in the car.”

“Wait! How are we going to carry our luggage?!” You took a deep breath, and brought your hands up. “I don’t know, with our hands?” His shoulders slumped and he huffed, but didn’t complain anymore. “I’ll use Hermit Purple to carry Enyaba on my back, if someone will carry my bag for me.”  You nodded, “I’ll do it. Let’s head out before the sun gets too low.”

The heat wasn’t unbearable, your body finally getting used to it. the group wasn’t making much progress, and it seemed to be a long while before you would come across another town. You were relieved to see a carriage, but when it came closer you were set off by its appearance. It was needlessly ornate, complete with ornate metal decorations on top.

There was an obese man driving it, draped in ornate fabrics and lounging across the front seat. He held the reigns lazily, not really paying attention to the horse dragging him along. He stopped and yawned, eyeing the group lazily.

“Ah, this should be easy enough.” He brandished a blade, throwing it at the ground in front of Joseph. Th group was already on guard as he had approached, but this triggered a reaction. Polnareff, the closest to the man, had Silver Chariot’s blade to his throat. The man laughed, putting his hands up, “are you sure you want to do that? My Amaryllis already has you in it’s grasp.”

You looked at the blade, no longer a small dagger, but a long sword, decorated in silver flowers. The flowers seemed to emit a fume, something sweet smelling that was affecting Kakyoin and Joseph. The two seemed to be out of it, drooling and mumbling incoherently. “Hoolllllyyyyy….” Joseph stumbled towards Kakyoin, hugging him. Kakyoin accepted it, crying quietly

Polnareff looked between the man and the sword, not quite sure what to do. You looked at Jotaro, who was spaced out like the other men. “Polnareff, cover your mouth, it’s a fume!” You yelled this and the Frenchman reacted, but it was too late. The wind had shifted just enough to catch you both, and you used Chevelle at the last minute to change your aura.

You could feel the effect of the man’s stand, it made you tired and changed how the world look. You watched as the sky warped and changed. It morphed into the ornate hall of Caesar’s home. She came out of the hall to greet you, “Rose… what are you doing here.” She laughed, a sound you hadn’t heard in a long time and it made you relax.

She closed the distance between you, seemingly floating. You frowned, something didn’t seem right, but you couldn’t figure it out. She wrapped her arms around you, bringing you in for a hug. You breathed in her perfume, a gentle rose scent teasing the air. “Something’s not right.” She pulled away, but still holding your shoulders, “What do you mean?”

As you opened your mouth to speak, you felt the unnatural coldness against your neck. Rose grimaced, and you looked at her hands to find a knife being held to your throat. Chevelle snatched it away, quickly stabbing the fake Rose in the stomach. She gasped, before falling into a pile of dust as her house around her crumbled.

“You are doing to regret making me get up.” You snapped to, remembering the situation. You watched as the man got out of the carriage, his fat giggling almost unnaturally. You tried to move and felt no response from your body, a pink dust covering you and the area around you. Everything felt sluggish, like you were stuck, and the man laughed, “I don’t know what you did to my Amaryllis or how you got out of it, but I can just kill you with my bare hands.”

He walked slowly over to you, dragging a finger over Polnareff’s chest, licking the pink dust off his finger. “My Stand’s pollen causes paralysis, hallucinations that trap you in your mind. It makes sure you’re comfortable, and then, when your comfortable, it kills you. You could’ve died happily, but now, I’ll have my fun with you before I kill you.” He grabbed you by your neck, lifting you, grabbing at your clothes. Panic shot through you as you realized what he meant to do. You hit at him, but it did nothing. Chevelle came out, trying to hit him for you, but unable to do anything.  You started gasping, your lungs still sore from Enyaba’s fog.

You focused on Chevelle, directing her to Jotaro, the one closest to you, and grabbed at his aura. It split, and in the corner of your eye, you saw Star Platinum lunging at your captor. He landed a solid punch, causing the man to drop you as he fell over. You crawled closer to the purple stand, how hovered over you, trying to make sure you were okay.

“Blow…  dust… away.” You coughed out unable to speak just yet but the stand understood. “Ora!” You leaned back against Jotaro’s legs as his stand let out an immense wind, blowing the pollen off of his user as well as the others. Jotaro was surprised by the weight on the back of his legs, stumbling slightly but adapting quickly.

You pointed at the fat man that had just gotten up, and he got the message. The group didn’t do so well as they watched in confusion as a man flew in front of them, beaten and bloody. He landed next to the sword, which shrunk back into its original shape. Joseph released Kakyoin, blushing, “What happened? Just few seconds ago, I was holding Holy, not…” He gestured at Kakyoin, who looked away just as embarrassed as the older man.

“He had a stand that causes paralysis, hallucinations, and kills you when you get comfortable.” Polnareff huffed, obviously annoyed that his vision was fake. “How’d you get out of it?” Jotaro asked, offering a hand to pick you up.

“She doesn’t smell like roses.”

Chapter Text

Jotaro gave you a confused look but waited to ask you about it further until the group continued on, using the obscene carriage. “You remember how I said I knew your grandfather’s friend, Caesar? His daughter, Rose, taught me my Hamon. She always smelled like different flowers, commissioning perfumes of several flowers. However, she refused to wear rose scents for some reason. I never found out why though.”

He was satisfied with that answer and you became aware of Polnareff in the backseat whispering. You turned and looked at him and he looked away, a hint of a blush on his cheeks. You looked at Kakyoin, who seemed annoyed, with a raised eyebrow.

“He was bragging about his dream that stand gave him. He was surrounded by pretty women, fawning over him.” Polnareff opened and shut his mouth, deciding whether or not to say something. He settled on not saying anything, instead hitting Kakyoin in the shoulder like a mortified schoolgirl.

“What was yours about Kakyoin?” He shrugged, “I was back home, and my mother was hugging me, happy to have me back home safe.” You chuffed, “Which turned out to be Joseph.” He looked away, the look on his face saying that he really didn’t want to talk about it. “How about you, Joseph?”

“I was back home, Holy was perfectly fine and visiting Suzi Q and I, dragging Jotaro along.” He let out a laugh, “Even in my dreams, he’s still a pain in my ass.” Jotaro scoffed, rolling his eyes, but not reacting further. “Well, I’m pretty sure you can guess what my dream was about, so… Jotaro?” He scowled at you, making it obvious he hadn’t intended on sharing.

“Oh, come on, take the stick out of your ass.” You sighed as you folded your arms and pouted at the man. “Yare Yare daze…” He grabbed the edge of his hat, hiding his face in the shadows as he sighed. Just as you were about to give up hope, he spoke. “We were at home, and my mother had made us a huge meal, like it was a celebration.” He didn’t elaborate further, but you were content that he even answered.

At some point you lulled off to sleep as the carriage rolled into a town. You had been using a low focus Hamon, but failed to keep concentration and ended up falling asleep slumped against Jotaro’s shoulder. You awoke to him nudging you awake as Joseph stopped the carriage to get some food.

You hopped out, stretching you muscles and enjoying the passing breeze. “Hey! That old lady is awake! You turned just as several tentacles began writhing forth from various orifices. They began flaring about, and the woman was crying hysterically saying something about not betraying DIO as she fell out of the carriage. More tentacles sprouted from her, making their own holes, spurting blood and shooting out violently enough to shatter various parts of the carriage.

The three that had still been seated with her jumped out of the fray, Jotaro putting a hand out to keep you from getting near her. “I might be able to heal her!” You sent Chevelle ahead of you and tried to heal her but it only seemed to worsen her condition. “It’s alive… a flesh bud.” Kakyoin was disturbed by this discovery, grimacing as he watched the tendrils flung her blood everywhere.

Polnareff got close to her but still out of the way of the flesh tubes. “Old lady!” His Silver Chariot manifested, slicing the tendrils and sending them flying. You watched as they burned up in the sun, turning to ash and disappearing in the wind. “It melted away in the rays of the sun… The flesh bud! It’s DIO’s own cells!”

“Precisely! I’m surprised you were able to figure that out. That’s what a flesh bud, of DIO’s own cells, looks like when its fully grown. I grew it just now inside of Enyaba.” You turned to see a man talking, this time to the barely conscious woman on the ground. You touched his aura and it was cold, but it didn’t split. You looked to Enyaba, now being held by Joseph, hoping to see if any signs of his stand possessing her. You saw nothing, but you knew that this man had to be a Stand user. There was no way he wasn’t.

You mimicked his aura, just in case, and went to Enyaba’s side, no longer blocked by Jotaro. You tried to heal her, but it was like she was running out of her aura. You tried, but it was like something was blocking your way. No, it was more like it was just repeating the damage as soon as you healed it. “Goddamn it!” You glared at the man, who had a look of pride on his face. “My name is Steely Dan, and the card my Stand suggests is The Lovers. I am here to make sure you all meet the same fate as dear Enyaba.”

Joseph tried to convince Enyaba to give up on DIO, to tell him the secret of his Stand, but she died, remaining loyal to the man she admired. Polnareff sighed, “Enyaba was connected to my sister’s death, so I’m pretty conflicted about this, but… I will kill you.” The man had taken a seat at a small café across the road as Enyaba died, and he sat drinking his tea as the men surrounded him. They all shared the same pissed off look, and their auras were filled with hatred and disgust.

You closed Enyaba’s eye’s and gently laid her on the ground. When you returned your attention to the group of men, something caught Chevelle’s eye. There was as small spot, a fleck almost, sitting at the base of Joseph’s skull. You stared at it, inspecting and a familiar chill ran down your spin. You saw Jotaro summon Star Platinum but as you tried to warn him, he hit the bastard.

Both Steely dan and Joseph went flying, however, Joseph much more forceful and with blood spurting from his mouth. While you were unable to catch him, you healed him as he flew through the air and as he impacted, minimizing and reversing the damage as it came.

You turned to look at the group of befuddled men, who were looking for the enemy’s stand. “You fools. No matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find my stand easily.” You laughed, gathering the attention on you as you helped Joseph up. “It’s in Joseph. I don’t know how it works specifically, but I get the idea that it reflects the damage on you to him, but worse.”

The mad glared at you, utterly pissed that you ruined his moment. “Well it was going to be him, but now it’s going to be you, bitch.” You gave him a snide, shit-eating grin, which he took as a challenge. He pulled out a dollar and flagged down a kid that had been sweeping the streets. “Hey, brat, I’ll pay you a tip if you hit me on the leg.”

The kid hesitated, but only for a second, slamming his broom handle into Steely Dan’s leg. You felt a slight tingle in the same spot, causing you to giggle. Dan panicked for a second, pinching his arm with enough pressure to make his Knuckles white. You laughed, and Jotaro took his shot, punching him, sending him flying backwards once more. Jotaro turned to you, catching you as you stumbled from the unseen force on your body.

“Be careful, he might move it again. I’ll have Chevelle look.” Chevelle appeared behind you, inspecting your head almost as if she was looking for lice. As she looked, Steely Dan got up and brushed himself off, cackling. Jotaro went to punch him again, but you grabbed his arm to stop him. Chevelle pointed to Joseph, and just as you were about to say something, Dan decided to do so instead.

“I don’t know what kind of bullshit Stand you have, but I figured your little trick only works for you, so I though I’d send The Lovers back to Joseph. You know, where it could be more… appreciated. Because you stopped JoJo just now from hitting me, you confirmed my theory, thank you for that. Oh and, even if you don’t attack me, I’ll still kill him. The Lovers has implanted DIO’s flesh bud in your brain, Joseph. It’s growing within your body, and soon, you’ll end up like Enyaba.”

As Joseph panicked behind you, your snide grin returned, confusing Jotaro and pissing off Steely Dan. The latter had no time to really process what went on, as to him, it was instant. He had neglected to watch his back, and his speech was the perfect distraction to keep him busy. Chevelle had, on her own, molded the man’s energy, changing it to a mix of emotions. Several sections were exhausted, some sent you into a euphoria, and others made you feel drunk or delirious.

His aura was much smaller, too, as Chevelle was now wearing much of it as bracelets. You caught Steely Dan as he fell; he was completely out of it, lulling in and out of sleep. You pinched his arm softly and looked at Joseph, who winced in pain. “He may be out of the picture for now, but his Stand is still a problem, let alone the flesh bud. Anyone got any ideas?”

You were met with black stares from the group, as well as concerned looks from onlookers. You nudged Jotaro’s leg, “Lets get dumbass here somewhere, well, not in the street.”

Chapter Text

The group moved to through alleyways, eventually coming to an empty lot. Jotaro dropped Steely dan with a flop, earning a series of pained moans and groans from Joseph. “Be careful, I can’t heal him, his stand just repeats the damage as I fix it. For now, lets just remove that flesh bud.” Jotaro tolled his eyes as he summoned Star Platinum. Joseph removed his hat and brushed back his hair, only to reveal that there was no pulsating glob of flesh. “Oh shit! Where is it? It’s inside me, isn’t it?” The old man turned pale, clasping his hands to his face.

“Calm down, Joseph. You can just use Hermit Purple to find it.” He relaxed, thinking it over, “Uh, yeah, let’s find a TV.” He had embarrassment written all over his face, and he was trying very hard to hide it. He stepped out of the alley, peering out into the shopping plaza. “Over there, Mr. Joestar. That place sells televisions.” Kakyoin pointed to a shop across the way, and the two took off towards it.

“You should go with them.” Jotaro spoke up, and you shrugged. “I can’t do too much as long as I’m keeping him asleep. I asked Chevelle as we came here how long she could keep this up and she told me as long as I could stand it. I want to give them as much time as possible, so I’m trying to stay relaxed and nearby.”

Jotaro nodded, picking up Steely Dan and walking away from you. “Hey, wait, where are you going?” HE continued towards Kakyoin and Joseph, who had his stand attached to one of the TVs in the display. Polnareff had wandered off ahead of you, and was watching the screen with Joseph. “I’m making sure your nearby, and also able to help.”

“Jotaro, that not what I meant. By holding his energy, I lose energy myself.” He looked at you confused, “Then why are you holding it?” You rubbed at your wrist, “I’m… not strong enough to manipulate someone’s full aura for longer than a few minutes. So, Chevelle reduced it into bracelets, and changed what was left. If I return that energy, he’ll wake up.” Jotaro placed the man down, leaning his back against the wall of the store before turning his attention to Chevelle.

When he reached her, he grabbed her hand, and lifted it, feeling the weight if the man’s aura, his life. He took a bracelet off, and it threatened to tug off towards its owner, but he placed it on his wrist instead. Once there, it was satisfied with its new host, and fit itself to his wrist. He took 3 more, two on each wrist, relieving the some of the weight from Chevelle.

Chevelle, ecstatic about it, floated above him, placing a “kiss” on his forehead, his hat and her mask in the way. You blushed, but thankfully he didn’t notice. She remained floating in the air, dragging her coat across the occasional passerby. Her natural coldness made them jolt; it was a major surprise in the Pakistani sun.

 “Our stands are going to enter Mr. Joestar’s body, and defeat that Stand.” You turned to the conversation, noticing something on the screen. It was a small insect-like bipedal creature, holding a bit of flesh in its claws. “That ugly thing is in your head? Eugh…” Joseph shot you an exasperated look, “I know, alright? Take it easy on me.” Polnareff interrupted, “Kakyoin, how do you plan on doing that?”

Kakyoin sighed, his calmness radiating onto Joseph and Polnareff, calming them down as well. “Stands are just images of energy. They should be able to shrink.” Chevelle perked up at this, swopping down and standing in front of Kakyoin. “Like me?” She whispered; her words barely discernable in the ambient noise of the plaza. Kakyoin smiled at her as he summoned Hierophant Green.

“If we fail to do it on our own, will you help us, Chevelle?” She nodded happily while scooting off to the side so that Kakyoin could focus. As he did, Polnareff summoned his Silver Chariot, and the two stared off intensely as they focused on their stands. They both shrunk, except Silver Chariot, failed to get small enough to fit into a person. He was about the size of an ant, while Hierophant Green was already microscopic and unable to be seen. “I’ll go on ahead to find his Stand.” Joseph scoffed, and Kakyoin rolled his eyes. “No pun intended, Mr. Joestar.”

Jotaro eyed you discreetly asking for an explanation, and looked at him incuriously. “Really? You know, ‘a head’ cause its in his head?” He rolled his eyes and you shrugged at him, “Why even ask if your going to get annoyed about it.” He shook his head, “I’m not; it was a shitty joke.” Polnareff coughed, trying to interrupt the conversation politely. You turned and saw Chevelle fondling Silver Chariot molding him into a sphere, much to the Stand’s dismay.

You eyed her, and she untangled him, helping compress him by squishing and rolling him in between her fingers. Polnareff wobbled, not prepared for the sensation. Eventually, she stopped, and Silver Chariot was but a small speck on her gloved hand. “Chevelle will have to go with me, so I know where I’m going.”

You sighed, “I won’t be able to maintain this for long, so I’ll catch you up to Hierophant, and return from there.” Chevelle nodded early, launching herself at Joseph, causing the man to flinch, but she shrunk immediately as she came close, disappearing like a magician’s cloth. You looked through her eyes briefly, tuning out her aura-sense so that you could see as you went. Silver Chariot was grabbed onto her leg as she floated through, fighting the flow of Joseph’s blood. “I need to cut through this blood vessel, it’s the closest way to get to his brain stem.”

Kakyoin’s voice brought your attention back to the outside world, and you felt cold. You looked at the screen, noticing a green, blue and yellow dots following a path towards a red one. The diagram was the rear view of the brain, showing the brainstem and the lobes. “Joseph, you need to let me know immediately if you have any hearing or visual disturbances. Kakyoin, you went the wrong way, your headed towards the pituitary gland. Sure, you’ll get to where you need to be, but I’d rather not touch those. Head down, towards the trochlear nerve.” He frowned at you, so you pointed at the screen, “That thin line there, follow that. Its how the Stand is tapping into his muscles.”

“When did you become a doctor?” Polnareff asked, utterly baffled. “I’ve studied my share of medical books, ever since I learned I could heal people. Thinking of being a nurse, maybe a doctor. Who knows, people are gross things.” Joseph groaned, “Don’t say that whole you’re in my body, that’s just mean.”

Jotaro sighed, grimacing at the people who decided to stop and stare, scaring them off. “Hurry up.” You wanted to turn and hit him, but you couldn’t because you were only able to do this because he had taken some of the weight off of you. “I’m trying.”

In the minute or two it took you to catch up to Kakyoin, you were sweating profusely, and yet you were cold. Hierophant was waiting at a blood vessel wall, which Polnareff quickly sliced, causing Joseph to turn pale and wobble. “Why couldn’t you go through it? Oh, shit… I don’t feel too good.”  You had Chevelle heal the hole behind them, sealing the microscopic leak. “They can’t shrink down small enough to go through it like that. They’re about the size of blood cells, which this vessel is meant to keep in, or out.”

You retreated, Chevelle popping out of Joseph’s ear in the same dramatic fashion she went in. You collapsed to the ground, concerning the group. “I’m fine, it just took a lot of energy out of me. Just et it done before I’m completely exhausted.” Jotaro reached out towards you, but you lost focus, falling asleep.

Chapter Text

You woke up to Joseph yelling, something about Jotaro not knowing something. Joseph was carrying you, flung over his shoulder, which was digging into your gut. You groaned and he stopped moving, gently lowering him off of you. “Welcome back. About a minute after you fell asleep, Chevelle disappeared, and that guy woke up. Jotaro lured him away from us, but we defeated the stand and it fled, heading back to his owner.”

You rubbed your eyes, noticing a line above Josephs head. “Is that...” Kakyoin nodded as he spoke up, “So far he hasn’t noticed Hierophant's tendril, so we are using it to find him.” You nodded, brushing the dirt from your pants as you stood. “Well, lets go make sure he’s not in too much trouble.” Joseph laughed, “My grandson, not in trouble? I doubt it.”

At some point, Kakyoin had to pull the Stand out of someone’s ear, which effectively cut off your navigation. “Don’t worry, I know where it came from.” Kakyoin took the lead at that point and soon you came up to a wide dirt road. One of the building on the side had a hole in the second story with two legs sticking out of it. You figured it was Dan, since there was no way his Stand would’ve been able to put Jotaro up there.

You were right, greeted by a bloody and beaten Jotaro. You ran over to him, Chevelle already ahead of you and healing him. “Jeez, I’m out for a minute and the world ends. I have no idea how you guys would’ve made the trip without me.” Jotaro said nothing as he looked at you, and the intensity of his stare made you look away.

“We have enough time today to catch a boat to the United Arab Emirates, once we’re aboard, we’ll rest for the night.” Joseph declared, content that his grandson was safe. “Here, Joseph, let me heal you since I haven’t been able to yet.” Joseph blinked rapidly, remembering the assault on him earlier. He pulled his pants leg up, revealing a horrid bruise; it looked as if the muscle had torn. Polnareff gasped, “You were running on that?”

Joseph said it was adrenaline keeping him going, but with Chevelle, you could see that was really just concern and determination. He’d do anything to make sure his grandson was safe. You said nothing as you healed him, letting his story go as he bragged.

The trip to the harbor was short, and the Speedwagon Foundation already had a boat there waiting. You checked the crew, none of their auras were odd in anyway, and you were finally allowed to rest. If you hadn’t shrunk down, you would’ve been able to keep Dan asleep longer, and Jotaro wouldn’t have been beaten up. You sighed, laying on your bunk, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing, but it wasn’t a boat made for comfort. It would serve well enough, but as you closed your eyes, someone knocked on your door.

You got up and swung the metal door open, revealing Jotaro. You waved your hand to invite him in, and he followed you into your room, taking a seat in a cheap metal chair. He straddled it, sitting backwards and resting his arms on the back. “If you couldn’t handle it, you should’ve said something.” He didn’t sound angry, nor did he look it, but you felt that you were getting scolded. “I’m sorry, I know that means nothing considering you were the one who got beaten to a pulp. I thought I could handle it. I'm so sorry.” He shook his head, slightly tilting it and hiding his eyes in the shadows.

Yare yare… I meant…” He petered off, grabbing his hat, “Never mind.” He stood, but you grabbed his hand, holding it in place on the chair. “Jojo?” He tried hide even further in the shadows at the mention of his nickname.

“I was concerned.”

He spoke quietly, still hiding his face from you. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you guys I was having a hard time. I’ve been useless in combat up until now, save for one or two punches, and I was so stuck in my pride I over-shot my abilities. It was my fault; I won’t let it happen again.” He grabbed your hand on his as he looked at you, the look on his face indiscernible.

“No, you’ve done a lot, and you were right earlier. I don’t know how we would’ve gotten this far without you. I was concerned, not because you messed up, but because you hit your head when you fell.”


You blushed, even though neither of you said anything embarrassing.  He sighed, letting go of you and flipping the chair around as he lounged in it. He said nothing as he looked at you, but your attention was drawn elsewhere. You watched as Star Platinum appeared next to you, curling up and resting his head in your lap. You ran your fingers through his ever-flowing hair, and the stand closed his eyes, completely relaxed.

Your fingers ran across the braid from all that time ago, and you were surprised it had stayed so long. You undid it, at which the stand frowned, causing you to let out a small laugh. “Don’t worry, Star, I’m just fixing it.” He turned so that he was looking up at you, watching as you braided a much larger chunk of his hair. It was much tighter this time, fitting against his scalp along. It sat between the side of his head and the top, causing his hair to sweep over dramatically.

You smiled as you looked at him, “You look amazing, Star. Absolutely flawless.” The stand lit up, grinning as he let out a booming “ORA!” Jotaro sighed, earning your attention once more. “He meant that as a ‘thanks’ I think.” Star nodded, agreeing with him and you couldn’t help but giggle. “He’s so cute.” The stand blushed for a second before standing up and pulling you with him.

He wrapped his arms around you as he spun, swinging you through the air. You laughed, lost in the moment. He stopped before you got dizzy, instead just holding you close in a warm embrace. You peered over his shoulder, noticing Jotaro looking at you both. He quickly looked away, hiding behind his hat. 

Chapter Text

You wiggled out of Star’s arms, giving him a silent gesture to wait. Before you could think about it long enough to change your mind you walked over to where Jotaro was seated, and straddled him. He snapped his attention back up to you, a slight blush just barely perceptible on his face. You were blushing already, embarrassed, realizing you had no idea what to do next.

Jotaro placed his hands on your sides, pulling you closer to him. You followed his lead, looking down so that you could kiss him. It started out gently, but it quickly deepened, and you lost yourself in it. You pulled away briefly to catch your breath, but Jotaro quickly started kissing at your neck, causing your breathing to quicken.

As you sat on his lap, you felt him harden underneath you, a prominent bulge straining against the fabric of his pants. You reached down between your legs, gently rubbing it and teasing him, causing his breathing to hitch. He looked up at you, his eyes desperate yet determined as he started fondling your breasts. He sucked at your neck, before gently biting it as he pinched your nipples, causing you to gasp. He stopped suddenly, wrapping his arms around you again and pulling you closer.

You yelped as he picked you up, surprised by the sudden movement. As he did this, he also used Star Platinum to close the door and lock it. You had barely enough time to notice the Stand as Jotaro dropped you unto the bed.

He leaned over you, his aquamarine eyes scanning over you as you waited for his next move. He bent down, kissing you as he ran his hands around your body. He finally settled on your chest, grabbing and kneading at your breasts as you tried to control your breathing. He broke off, and Star Platinum appeared above you, his eyes hazy with lust and desire as well.

Before Jotaro could command his Stand to do anything, you scoffed at him, “I take it you two are a package deal?” Jotaro raised an eyebrow at your mocking, but he was further interrupted as Chevelle appeared, tackling Star, and putting him out of the picture.

“I love Star, don’t get me wrong. But right now,” Your voiced lowered, close to a growl, “I want you.” Jotaro gave you a smirk, a satisfied and prideful smile as he undid his pants. You raised your hips and he helped you out of yours, running a finger against your already wet heat. “You must want me bad. You’re already soaking wet and I haven’t even done anything to you… yet.” His voice was low and sultry, making you shiver.

He let out a long heavy sigh as he felt you, teasing you with his finger. He stopped, waiting with an expectant look on his face, doing nothing more to satisfy you. You squirmed, bucking your hips in an effort to get him to quit frustrating you, but he simply held you down as he raised his eyebrows.

“Jotaro, please…” The prideful looked returned and you could tell he loved hearing you moan his name. “Please?” His voice was low, and you could tell he was losing his patience, “Please just fuck me!” He let out a long sigh as he positioned himself at your entrance, pressing into you, barely giving you time to adjust. “Ah, Jotaro, you have to…” He slowed, gently moving back and forth to allow to adjust while still fucking you.

After a minute, he starting going deeper, causing you to arch your back as you lost control over your body. “Oh, fuck, Jotaro, please…” Instead of teasing you as he had before he groaned, quickening his pace. “You feel so damn good.” He was panting, his voice low and gruff, but he still bent down to kiss you.

You could feel as your walls tightened around him, making him moan. He broke off from kissing you, and you noticed his hat was no longer on his head. You ran your fingers through his hair, grabbing onto the hair at the nape of his neck. He seemed to like this, as he sped up. He was fucking you at a brutal pace, slamming himself deeper into you with every thrust.

You lost yourself in the feeling, reveling in the ecstasy of him fucking you. However, just as you could feel an orgasm start building, he stopped. You whined at him as he withdrew, at which he rolled his eyes. You waited, watching as he finished removing his pants, before taking of his jacket and shirt.

Following his idea, you followed suit, and he studied your body as you sat up. He picked you up, and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He lowered you onto him, slowly, allowing you to adjust to the new angle. Your eyes flittered, and he groaned against your neck.

He pressed you up against the wall as he started pounding up into you, while clustering desperate kisses up and down your neck. Once again, the fire in your belly grew, threaten to burst as he kept fucking you. At this point you could feel his movements getting more erratic and his breath was uneven.

“Oh, Jotaro, don’t stop, please I’m about to come, oh fuck…” Your words trailed off as he started fucking you at an ungodly speed, and you felt the coiling pressure snap. You moaned, loudly, as your walls clamped down on his cock, further stimulating you as he fucked you through your climax. The sensation was enough to send you into another, leaving you shaking in pleasure. You were too enthralled to notice how random his movements became, until he buried himself deep inside you, feeling as he came inside you.

He stayed still for a minute, panting as he caught his breath as he held you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he kissed along your chest in between breaths. You could feel him in you still, slowly relaxing and your walls involuntarily flexed around him, and he groaned. “Sorry… I…” You hummed at him as you kissed his neck, sending Hamon through you both.

“Hamon works on anything focus it on, and I can also remove anything not made out of myself, so don’t worry. I can take care of it before anything happens.”

His blue eyes were transfixed on you, entranced by the feeling of your Hamon going through him. He finally shifted you from off of him and off of the wall, letting you down unto your unsteady legs. He had a prideful look in his eye, watching as you sat down on your bed. “I had been planning on showering.” He raised an eyebrow, his voice sultry. “Can I join?”

Chapter Text

You had expected him to try something in the shower with you, but he didn’t. He occasionally kissed you very gently on your neck or shoulders as he washed your back, but didn’t do anything to try and get a reaction from you.

After the shower, you got dressed and he stayed wrapped in a towel, his clothes folded neatly on the small corner desk in the room. He asked if you had any spare clothes and you handed him the same pair of shorts from before, and a large white turtle neck undershirt. He raised an eyebrow, and you shrugged, “You never returned the other shirt…”

It fit him snugly, showing off his musculature, and he rolled his eyes when he noticed you staring. “Why the fuck are all you Joestars so buff?” He shrugged, collecting his clothes in his arms, his hat on top if the neat pile. “I’ll be back.”

He left without much ado, leaving you in your room with Chevelle taking it upon herself to float through the air gleefully. You laughed at her causing her to ‘glare’ at you. She ultimately decided to mock you, straddling you as you had Jotaro. You rolled your eyes and laid back, but your Stand didn’t move. You ignored her as she sat on you, falling asleep.

You were stirred from your drowsiness as you felt her get knocked off of you. You looked over to see Star Platinum holding her down on the bed next to you. He had a grin on his face as he shifted her, pulling her into an embrace. It was odd, as the two of them were floating in midair while hugging at an almost 90-degree angle.

You rolled your eyes, turning to look for Jotaro, who was standing in the doorway. “Took you long enough.” He grunted, and you patted the area next to you, ignoring the two stands in the way.  He did too, as he sat next you as you leaned your head on his shoulder.

You yawned, and he placed an arm around your shoulders which made you blush. “So, are we a one-time thing, or are we dating?” He looked at you, shifting you from his shoulder to his lap. “What do you think?” He posed his question more like a statement, but you weren’t entirely sure if it was on purpose. You shrugged, looking up at him, “I mean, you never did ask me out.”

He scoffed, “Really? I shouldn’t have to after you tried to fuck my Stand the first time we shared a room.” You blushed as you looked away, stuttering as you tired to defend yourself. “It’s not like we… I just... He was the one who kissed me first!” You pointed at Star Platinum, who mocked an innocent look.  

Jotaro laughed, the sound of it made your heart flutter. You looked at him, he was smiling at you as he gently brushed a hand along your cheek. “I know, I was the one who told him to do it. I just like making you blush.” Your frowned at him, your mouth agape. He laughed again, so you hit his shoulder as you sat up, flopping to the other side of the bed. He raised his eyebrows at you, “Really?” You huffed, rolling over so your back was to him.

He shifted and you felt his arm wrap around your waist as he pulled you closer to him. He kissed you gently as he rested head on the nape of your neck. You felt his warmth radiating against you, so you didn’t bother with the covers. You closed your eyes, listening to his breathing. Just as you started feeling your tiredness grabbing you, you hard him whisper, “We’re dating, if you really needed an answer.” You responded, but it ended up sounding more like a hum, as you were too asleep to speak.

 You were awoken by Star Platinum, who gently shook your shoulder to stir you from your sleep. He smiled at you, and you gently caressed his face before you stretched. You accidently hit Jotaro in the face, as he was still tucked up against you. “Hmm… Good morning to you, too.” You pulled away quickly, Chevelle ready to heal him at any moment. “I’m so sorry. I forgot you were there.” Star Platinum started rubbing your shoulders, trying to relax you. “I’m fine.” Jotaro grunted as he stretched, damn near filling the entire bed.

“I was quite comfortable, so I had him wake you up for me, but I guess that backfired.” His blue eyes looked at you from a sideways glance emphasizing the “was” in his statement. “I said I’m sorry. Do I need to heal you?” He rolled his eyes, a small smile on his face as he shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. But we do need to get up, Kakyoin came down to get us for breakfast. We’ll be at the coast soon.”

He didn’t bother going to his own room to change, as apparently, he had brought his stuff over at some point. He handed you the previous the shirt you had given him, as well as the shorts, but kept the turtleneck as he slipped on his jacket. “You look good in white.” You hummed at him, but he didn’t respond as he waited for you to finish getting ready.

The rest of the group was already upstairs, in the small mess hall, Kakyoin behind the counter, making pancakes. Joseph and Polnareff were still groggy, drinking stale coffee from plain white mugs. You immediately dumped yours in the sink, and started working on brewing a new batch. “I just made that!” Kakyoin, but when you poured the cold drink on his hand, he frowned. “I guess it was a few hours ago…” He wiped his hand off on a towel, returning to his pancakes, leaving you to your task.

As the room filled with the smell of coffee, you noticed the time. When the realization hit, you groaned, to which Joseph laughed. “It’s going to be long day.” He placed a hand on your shoulder as Kakyoin arrived at the table with an armful of plates. Polnareff sighed in relief, “You’re a god, Kakyoin. How do you do it?” Kakyoin eyed you and Jotaro warily, “I never went to sleep.”

As you waited for the ship to make port, you taught the men how to play Bullshit, Chevelle, Star Platinum, Silver Chariot and Hierophant Green all joining in. Luckily, due to the number of players, and spread of the cards, Star’s precision was rendered useless, and he was on qual terms as the rest of the group.

As the coffee and food kicked in, the game became more enjoyable, resulting in several accusations and bouts of laughter. However, it was ended prematurely as one of the crew came into the room. At first, he didn’t notice the floating cards, but when he did, his confusion contorted his face. “Don’t think to hard about. What do you want?” Jotaro barked, breaking the man’s attention back towards the group. “We’re about to dock, captain said to tell you guys so you could get your things.”

Chapter Text

The morning passed without any commotion, save for Polnareff throwing a fit about his hair getting messed up my Joseph. You ended up crammed between Jotaro and Joseph in the backseat of a car that he bought, Joseph made himself comfortable with no regards to you or Jotaro’s personal space. Kakyoin ended up falling asleep during the car ride outside the city, missing out on Joseph’s plan. He was left to sleep though, as he would need the energy to cross the desert.

Jotaro complained about being in a plane with a man who’s been in three plane crashes. You shrugged, “He’s always lived through them, so I think that means he’s got some kind of luck.” Joseph chuckled, “You could say that. It should be fine anyways, as it will be just be us. Less of a chance of an enemy stand user going unnoticed.” Polnareff remarked about the houses, but you didn’t really notice as you were looking out of the window. Jotaro nudged you, but you shook your head at him, “It’s nothing really, just a feeling.”

Eventually, you arrived at a small village on the outskirts of the desert, Joseph trading the car he just bought for camels. It stunned Polnareff and Kakyoin, but it made sense to you knowing he could just throw money away like that. "Ugh." He ignored you, collecting the camels and the group off to the side of the small village of tents. He then tried to demonstrate how to get on a camel, failing miserably as the other men watched. You however, had better luck than him, able to get the camel to do as you wanted with ease, going completely unnoticed by the group.

Once upon your camel, it got up, and you brought it over to the group of men. It huffed, nudging at chewing at Polnareff’s hair, earning a disgruntled cry from him and a frown from Joseph. The three then continued to watch the older man fail at trying to get his camel to work with him. Once he finally got on, he failed to control it, falling off partially as it walked away.

When he finally got it under control and fixed himself, he came back to the group, clearly disgruntled but trying to hide it. He denied your offer to heal him, even though he was at least bruised from the incident. As the other men got on their camels, with no difficulty either, you healed him when he was too distracted to notice. The group took off from there with Joseph taking the lead.

You maneuvered yourself over to Kakyoin, who seemed to be on edge. He looked over his shoulder, studying the empty surroundings, while also checking that the bushes on the camel’s tails were indeed covering their trails. “You okay Kak?” He looked at you, his brows furrowed, “I just feel like someone’s following us.” You nodded, “Yeah, I can feel it too.”

Jotaro and Polnareff joined in on the conversation, bringing their camels parallel to yours. “Why not just use Chevelle?” Chevelle popped up from your shoulders at the mention of her name, her cool temperature a welcome sensation in the heat. “I have, I haven’t seen anything, its all empty.” You peered through Chevelle’s eyes again, “The thing is though…” You paused as you confirmed your theory.

“What? Do you see something?” Jotaro grunted, noticing the look in your eye.

“Using Chevelle always makes me cold, but I’ve noticed that when she actually sees something other than air, I get colder, faster.” Polnareff waved his hand at you, “Pfft, I wouldn’t complain about being cold in the desert.” Jotaro rolled his eyes, “Yare Yare… She’s means to say she’s getting too cold for there to be nothing nearby.” You could see as the idea clicked in Polnareff’s mind, his face lighting up. “Which also means you’ve seen it!”

You nodded while signaling Joseph to fall back to the group. After you filled him, Jotaro finally spoke up, “Yeah, I can’t help but feel a presence too…” Joseph rummaged in a pack, tossing Jotaro a pair of binoculars, “Look into it, Jotaro.” As he brought the binoculars up to his face, he stopped, allowing Star Platinum to peer into them in his stead. He brought the binoculars down, Star disappearing as well. Joseph looked expectantly at his grandson, who shrugged, “There’s nothing, but something… Something is off.”

Polnareff gulped down some water sighing, “Hey, lets just hurry up and go.” Joseph nodded, agreeing while turning back towards the west. “Let’s get as far as we can before night. Its to dangerous to travel in the dark. Polnareff huffed again, wiping his forehead as he brandished a small disc which turned out be a thermometer. “Man, is it hot, it’s 50 degrees Celsius.”

“it is hot, but its always like this at this time of day.” He brought out his pocket watch to check the time, gasping dramatically. “Eight o’clock?!” He turned to Jotaro, “What time does your clock say?” Jotaro rummaged in his pocket, pulling out his watch. “Ten after eight… Hey Jiji!” Joseph grunted, “So it is… I know we lost track of time, but what is going on? It’s just past 8pm!”

His announcement stunned Kakyoin and Polnareff, as the two hadn’t been near enough to hear the conversation. “So why isn’t the sun going down?!” Joseph put his pocket watch away, and Polnareff gasped. “Impossible! The thermometer just jumped to 60 degrees Celsius!” You peered at the sun as best as you could, realizing it was moving. Before you had the chance to say something, Kakyoin spoke up, “Not only is it not going down… It’s rising higher in the west!”

Joseph stuttered, “C-could be, that sun is…” Jotaro grunted finishing his sentence, “A stand?” Using Chevelle, you glanced at the rays coming off the sun, and say that it was indeed radiating an aura. “It is! I see it now!” Joseph yelled, “I can’t believe this! We’re in the middle of the desert! Try to hide behind some rocks!” At that the group dismounted, and you could feel the heat of the sand burning through your shoes. The group jumped down into a small indentation, just barely tall enough for the men to hide behind. “We were careless, I didn’t even realize…” Polnareff trailed off and Kakyoin spoke up, “I felt like we were being watched but I couldn’t see it at all!”

You placed a cold hand against him, causing him to jump. “I didn’t even notice with Chevelle, don’t blame yourself.” Chevelle draped herself across Polnareff, attempting to cool him off. You used her vision, using her freezing side effect for your benefit as you huddled between Kakyoin and Jotaro. You were radiating cold, and if wasn’t for the fact the sun was trying to kill you, you might’ve gone into shock like before.

“Damn, we can’t even tell if that thing is close or far away!” Polnareff gasped yet again, “It’s already up to 70 degrees Celsius! This thing is trying to boil us alive through the night!” Polnareff was staring at his thermometer, which was getting to hot to hold. He dropped it, and Joseph picked it up with his metal hand. “It won’t take that long to kill us. It’s dangerous to be in a sauna longer than thirty minutes.”

Jotaro shifted, hiding more of his body in the shadow as he spoke. “The best way to defeat this is to take out the user.” Joseph grunted in agreement, “He’s got to be nearby, only weak stand user can have long range stands.” You frowned, but Kakyoin spoke up in his defense. “He means stands like the Lovers…” Jotaro interrupted, “This isn’t good, the camels are collapsing from the heat!” You turned and saw that three camels had collapsed on the ground drooling fervently.

Kakyoin turned, standing up at the edge of the pit, peering at the sun. Hierophant Green appeared around him, and Joseph yelled at him in protest, but he waved the older man off. “I’m only going to find out how far away that stand is.” You called Chevelle from Polnareff, ready to heal Kakyoin if anything went wrong. He counted the meters as he went, and you grew more nervous with every second. At 100 meters, the sun seemingly shifted, sending something out from it.

Hierophant Green was hit multiple times, Kakyoin falling backwards with the same pattern of wounds. As you healed him, you notice that the wounds were cauterized; whatever made them was incredibly hot. You found you were right as several drops of molten substance pelted the area around you. Polnareff summoned Silver Chariot, deflecting as much of the assault as he could. As he did this, Star Platinum appeared, roaring his signature battle-cry as Jotaro spoke. “I’m opening a hole in the ground! Get in!”

Star ripped through the dirt, sending a cloud in the air, helping to deflect the rest of the assault. The hole that Jotaro made was more like an odd cave, as if he assembled an igloo of rocks. You climbed into the cave, curling yourself in the middle as you possessed Chevelle. Kakyoin and Joseph took up the room in the entrance, so you clung to the ceiling above them, peering at the Sun. As Chevelle stayed there, her drape covered the two men below, cooling them off, while you were sitting in the middle serving as a melting ice cube.

It only brought the temperature down a few degrees, but they were grateful for it nonetheless. You were overworking your body, the two extremes causing you to shiver and sweat at the same time. You focused on Chevelle, maintaining her as best as you could as time passed. You left the men to figure out a way out as you fought to keep from passing out.

Kakyoin started laughing, drawing your focus from Chevelle, accidently causing her image to fade. You were panting, not just from the heat but how exhausted you were. Joseph started freaking out as Kakyoin started laughing wildly, concerned he was suffering from heat stroke. The way he laughed didn’t help, it was wild and uneven, changing sounds every time he breathed.

As concerned as you were, you became distraught as Jotaro startled you, laughing like a mad man. Joseph looked from you to his grandson, wrought with concern. “Jotaro, you too?” Polnareff let out a huff, and started laughing as well, the three of them clustered together, laughing themselves to tears. Joseph looked to you, waiting to see if you’d break down too.

When you shrugged at him, he furrowed his brow, a horrified look on his face. “We’re the only sane ones.” He tuned back towards the trio and grabbed his grandson, who was the closest, shaking him as he begged him to get a hold of himself. Jotaro continued laughing, unphased by his grandfather’s panic. You mustered Chevelle, and as you went to heal them, Kakyoin placed a hand on Joseph’s shoulder while wiping a tear away with the other. “Don’t get the wrong idea, Mr. Joestar…” Joseph let go of his grandson’s jacket, dropping him as he payed attention to Kakyoin.

You watched the other to as Kakyoin pointed out of the cave, saying something about a rock. Your vision was blocked by Joseph, so you didn’t pay attention, instead concentrating on maintaining Chevelle. She would be needed to heal the camels, which meant you needed to stay awake. Jotaro looked you over, concerned by your ragged appearance. He turned to the conversation taking place at the opening of the hole.

Polnareff let out a giggle, “It’s so stupid…” Joseph was still confused, and Jotaro sighed. “Move. Out of my way, Jiji.” You and Joseph both tried to stop him, but you were unable to hold him back as he passed you both and exited the small cave. Joseph yelled at him that it was dangerous to go out, to which Jotaro scoffed. You heard Star Platinum’s booming yell, and Joseph gasped. “A hole open in midair?!”

Yare yare… Your pathetic, old man. I’ll just assume the heats to much for you. Otherwise, it’s hard to believe you’re my grandfather.” As Jotaro spoke, the sky darkened as night fell, the temperature dropping rapidly. Kakyoin and Polnareff climbed out of the hole, joining Jotaro, content that it was now safe with the enemy stand defeated.

Jotaro barked at Joseph, “How long are you going to stay in that hole?” The older man mumbled something, climbing out of the hole, leaving you behind. You shifted, attempting to follow suit, but your head was pounded harshly, making it painful to even breath. While you could, you sent Chevelle out to heal the camels as she wouldn’t be able to if you were unconscious.

You used your Hamon to move, focusing on your breathing over the pain in your head. You crawled out of the hole just as Jotaro had bent over to peer in at you. You tried to stand, using the hand he offered you, but fell over instantly. You were caught by Star Platinum, who elegantly scooped you up holding you close. You looked from the Stand over to his User, the rest of the group circled around a hole in the air.

“What did you do?” Jotaro asked briskly, his face neutral. “I guess… my body doesn’t like being hot and cold at the same time.” Jotaro placed a hand on your forehead, “You’re burning up. yet your sweat is freezing.” You felt horrendously lightheaded, and you lost all energy, letting your head drop against Star’s arm. “Hey!” Jotaro shook you, but it felt as if you were on a boat, lulling gently on the water’s surface. He kept calling to your name, but it sounded as if he was miles away. You tired to say something but the world faded to black before you could.

Chapter Text

You woke up on someone’s back, your head still pounding as the world seemed to be swaying. You realized quickly that it was indeed swaying as you were on a camel. You shifted, earning a grunt from the person you were on. You saw that you weren’t on someone, but rather, on Star Platinum, who was alongside Jotaro.

You lifted your head, shifting it from the Stand’s shoulder, aching from being in an odd position. “Oh, hey, she’s awake.” You heard Kakyoin’s voice but didn’t bother to look for him. Utterly tired, you laid your head back down on Star’s other shoulder and sighed. Joseph appeared, suddenly and in your face as he placed his hand on your forehead. “Ah, good, you seem to be getting over that fever. How do you feel?”

You simply stared at him past Star’s face; with the best sarcastic look you could muster. “Fucked up.” He laughed loudly, much to your dismay. He winced at the face you made, quickly realizing his mistake and ducked away.  You closed your eyes while tracing a finger across Star’s chest as you feel back asleep.

The hotel you woke up in wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best either. The room had two other beds, both looked used, but were empty. You stretched, your head much better than before, before swinging your legs over the side of the bed. You sat there for minute, getting oriented, as someone came in. “Here.” The voice was gruff and tired and you looked up to see that it belonged to Jotaro. He was holding his hand, a sandwich in it.

You took it, but didn’t immediately go to eat it to which Jotaro grunted. “If you aren’t going to eat it, then don’t take it.” You shrugged at him, “Dude, I just woke up.” He sat down on the bed next to you, eating his own food while he ignored your comment. “What crawled up your ass and died this morning?” He glared at you, so you rolled your eyes. He didn’t take this well, and he grabbed your wrist to get your attention. “You could have died. What happened to being more careful?”

You snatched your hand back from him, pissed. “You guys would’ve been fried if it wasn’t for me. People start dying at 40 degrees Celsius, let alone 70, you dickhead!” He looked away from you, hiding his face “I don’t like seeing you hurt.” You paused, mouth agape. “You really suck at expressing concern,” you muttered.  He scoffed, shaking his head but still not looking at you.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, and you sighed, “You’re not much for words are you.” He sighed, “It doesn’t matter.” You frowned, not sure what he meant, and you placed a hand on his shoulder, “I know you’ll never hurt me.”  He looked at you then, his blue eyes filled with an unreadable emotion and just as unreadable expression. He said nothing as he stared at you, “I don’t know what you meant by ‘it doesn’t matter’, but I feel safe with you, and you’ve protected me. Shit, you’ve kept me safe from myself. From night terrors, of all things!" You sighed, "I can give you some patience.”

The look in his eye changed, but his gaze stayed on you, fierce. You blushed and looked away from him, but he stood and kneeled in front you, bringing your gaze back to him. He placed a hand on your face, brining you into a gentle kiss. When he pulled away, he didn’t remove his hand from your face. You blushed more, “Uh, hm… Where the others?” You had no idea why you were so embarrassed, but something about how tender he was being made your heart turn to putty.

“They’re downstairs eating breakfast. I came up to see if you were up and ready to eat. Once they’re finished, we’re flying out of here. They already have the luggage downstairs.” The two of you stood up and you nodded, “Well, I don’t want to keep them waiting.”

The two of you joined the others downstairs just as they finished breakfast. You had finished your sandwich on the way down, so you followed Joseph and Jotaro out to the plane as Polnareff and Kakyoin payed. It was a short walk form the hotel to the airstrip, literally across the street. Jotaro and you stayed by the luggage as the older man went to sort something out with the man who seemed to own the airstrip.

As they got into an argument, Kakyoin and Polnareff caught up, concerned about the commotion. Jotaro explained that there was a sick baby that needed to fly to a doctor. You had mentioned to Joseph that you could use your Hamon on it, but he denied it, saying it would draw too much attention. While the older man figured out what to do, you focused on your group, noticing Kakyoin staring off with a distraught look on his face. “Kak, what’s wrong?”

He shifted, rubbing the back of his head as he looked at you. “I-I’m not sure. This morning I woke up screaming from a terrible dream, but I can’t remember it either. It doesn’t help that I keep getting this feeling, like when we saw that de- ugh!” Polnareff shoved an elbow into Kakyoin’s gut, causing him to double over. Polnareff then leaned on him, laughing loudly as he dragged him off to the side.

You watched the man, who was bent over whispering. Using Chevelle, you snuck behind Polnareff so you could hear the conversation, which now seemed to be ending. “… Just don’t tell her that we found a dead dog, she’ll be upset.” Polnareff then peered over his shoulder at you, grinning. “She’s suspicious, act normal.” Kakyoin sighed, returning to his normal posture, but still holding the spot, “Yeah, like elbowing someone in the gut is a normal thing.”

You used Chevelle to heal him, as the spot was already bruising badly, but when you tried to bring up the prior conversation, he dropped it. “Oh, its nothing really. I’m probably just being paranoid.” You sighed, admitting defeat for now as you returned your attention to the group. Jotaro was piling the luggage in the plane, while Joseph stood off to the side holding a baby.

“I told them it was dangerous to take him, but they wouldn’t have it.” With his free hand, the older man rubbed at his face as he sighed. The small Cessna could hold 5 people plus cargo, but the baby’s small size allowed it aboard the plane. “At least we know the plane isn’t a Stand!” Polnareff clasped a heavy hand on your shoulder suddenly, causing you to wobble. “I’m not worried about enemy Stand user’s, I’m more worried about Jiji’s piloting.”

You ended up in the copilot’s seat, as you were the only one who had yet to ridicule Joseph’s piloting capabilities. It was comical to see three buff men shoved into a back seat, stuffed tightly together. Kakyoin was the one sandwiched in the middle, the baby on his lap. For a good while, the ride was uneventful, Kakyoin and Polnareff drifting off into fitful dreams. That was until the baby shit himself.