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Naruto Smut Plot Anthology

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Toy-Bride Tobirama: Version 1


Wanting to make his brother happy by easing along the Senju-Uchiha alliance, Tobirama offers to retire and marry Madara. Tobirama has no real experience as far as sex goes (child soldier, strict parent, unusual appearance, no super social with adults, etc), so he does what Tobirama does best and researches sex acts. 


Tobi offers himself up to Madara to do whatever he wants with, having read up on every sex act that he could find. He wants this marriage to work out very badly, so he keeps coming up with ideas and seals that could make things better for Madara:


  • Seal on his throat that allows him to breathe through his skin so that Madara can keep his cock down Tobi’s throat for hours or even days.
  • Seal on one asscheek that allows for self-lubrication.
  • Seal on his lower back that, when chakra is applied, jump starts the healing process for minor issues (predominantly to bring his asshole right back to virgin tightness). 
  • Seal on his stomach to allow him to get any nutrients that he needs from sperm, regardless of which end that it gets pumped into.
  • (Eventually) Seal over lower abdomen that changes his sex genitalia (simply adding an extra hole with accompanying womb) with added lines that allow him to be impregnated should Madara or whoever activates it fully. Partial activation = new spaces, full activation = knocked up unquestionably.
  • Seal on the back of his neck that puts him to sleep when activated.
  • Seal on his balls that allows him to orgam without physically coming, causing his balls to get more and more backed up.
  • Seal covering most of his back that allows chakra to be added into his system preventing total exhaustion, preventing clones from popping and preventing him from aging.


Hashirama gets sad seeing Madara having so many kids while he only has three (the most Mito was willing to allow), so Madara offers to let him have sex and knock up Tobirama while he’s asleep. He only finds out when he’s finally giving birth that he was carrying his brother’s kids (or that they’ve been gangbanging him a lot since then anytime Madara puts him to sleep).


Madara eventually decides that it isn’t fair that Hashirama has to come over to the Uchiha compound anytime that he wants to use their cum dump. He has Tobirama make four shadow clones (the “add chakra” seals keeping them from popping as long as chakra is applied every so often from someone reasonable powerful, no matter how roughly used). No one bothers deactivating the sleep seal on these, so they’re essentially dolls. They are distributed as follows:


  • The Hokage gets one. No matter who the Hokage is, that particular doll is handed down to the next Hokage/their family when they take office. The Hokage’s job is hard, after all! Stress relief is necessary.
  • The Senju clan head gets one. (yes, this means that Hashirama has two for himself during the time that he’s Hokage. He needed one to birth more children for him, after all.) This doll is used by clan head though may be borrowed by the head’s family. 
  • The Uchiha clan head gets one. With Madara in the works to become the Nidaime Hokage, Izuna became clan head, so this one went to him while Madara kept the original one.
  • The Uchiha clan as a whole got one. This one was kept in a “shrine” at the back of their compound, where anyone who wanted to could go and have their fun with it. Sometimes an infertile couple would have him cleaned out, activate the seal allowing for pregnancy and use him to have their children.


Madara ends up keeping the real Tobi asleep for the last few decades of Madara’s life and taking a real Uchiha bride later. When knows he’s dying (of old age), Madara chooses a day, shoves his cock into Tobi and shoves all of his not-inconsiderable chakra into Tobi and then requests that Tobi, unable to wake unless the seal is intentionally deactivated, be buried with Madara, dick still buried inside him and all. He does so knowing full well that the amount of chakra will allow Tobi’s body to remain preserved for a good 100-200 years.


Nobody questions any of this.