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Pure Sin

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It was common knowledge that Zenitsu should’ve never presented as an alpha. He was whiny, always scared and submissive. His body had, despite the gruelling training, never lost all of its pudginess. But worst of all, he thoroughly enjoyed the punishment that was bestowed on him when he messed up again. It had been established, way before Zenitsu joined, that the students that didn’t do right during training were to get fucked by the older and better students as punishment. A technique quite that was quite effective because every alpha hated the humiliation that came with the forced submission. Well, every alpha except Zenitsu. 


Zenitsu had joined shortly after presenting as an alpha, his vagina not yet closed. Of course, that was the hole that was used for his punishment. At first, Zenitsu had been scared of the punishment. He had seen how it had affected the other alphas before him. So when his castigator pushed into him, he couldn’t help but whimper. But as he started moving, Zenitsu started to wonder why the others reacted so negatively. He felt good . Of course, it stung a bit at first, but it went away quickly and only left behind pleasure. His whines turned into moans and he spread his legs further in order to feel his castigator even deeper inside of him. Which was a bad move, apparently. Because as soon as Zenitsu did that, he gripped his hips harder and went from a rather gentle pace, to ramming into him quite roughly. And shortly after, Zenitsu got knotted for the first time.


It wasn’t usual for the ones punishing to knot those who were punished - it usually only happened when someone had messed up badly. But Zenitsu’s castigator couldn’t hold himself back after Zenitsu’s balant display of submission. That was the moment that opened Pandora’s box. Or rather, that was the moment Zenitsu found out he loved being knotted. The incredible pleasure he felt in that moment he was forced to orgasm made him come so hard he nearly blacked out. His limbs were so weak he wasn’t able to get up even minutes after his castigator had slipped out of him and left him lying on the ground in a cooling puddle of come. When Zenitsu finally got back to his senses and slowly got up to go and get himself cleaned up, he decided he wanted to feel like that again. He needed to feel like that again.


It became routine. Zenitsu would mess up (not that he did so on purpose, it just happened), he would cry and whine, and then he would get fucked and knotted. He loved it. It never felt like a punishment to him. And the other students realized that after some time. So when it was their turn to punish him they wouldn’t even hold back anymore. And then it got to the point where they would just come to him, push him down and take him then and there regardless of whether he had messed up or not. He especially loved it when they came to him in the mornings before he got out of bed, and fucked him while he was half awake, or even fucked him awake. On those days, he’d go to practice with come running out of him and down his legs, and he would feel dirty in the most pleasant way.


From time to time, they would make fun of him. That his knot was never going to get any use. That even after presenting years ago, his vagina still hasn’t closed because of all the use it was getting. That he was a disgrace of an alpha and should’ve presented as an omega since he enjoyed getting knotted so much. Then he could’ve actually gotten bred and been useful. Zenitsu didn’t really care about those words, because at the end of the day, they still came to him and he got what he craved. He thoroughly enjoyed being everyone’s bitch.

He enjoyed being everyone’s bitch until he got dragged to the Final Selection, actually lived through it and became a demon slayer. In just a few days, he went from getting some regularly, to getting nothing at all. And he loathed it. He never noticed how spoiled he was until that moment. 


It was bad. It was so bad that he started fearing that his vagina would close up now it wasn’t getting used anymore. It was so bad he started hitting on every claimed omega, just in the hopes of getting fucked into submission by their alpha mate. It never actually worked out and instead, he’d just get a bloody nose. That was until it did. 


In one town, which name he didn’t know, he found an omega who was very obviously claimed by an alpha with a capital A. For a bit, Zenitsu contemplated if it would be worth trying, but to be honest, it wasn’t even a question anymore. He was desperate. Despite fingering himself daily, his vagina had started to close up. Not to mention those orgasms were entirely unfulfilling, even if he found the spot inside himself that made him see stars. He needed a knot. And he needed it now. So he went and hit on that omega in the most obnoxious fashion. It didn’t take long for her mate to notice. And as soon as he did, he was pissed. The look on his face made Zenitsu reconsider if this was actually a bad move. He hoped he would get out of this without any broken bones. He knew he couldn’t run from the other alpha, even if he tried.


He got punched in the face. Hard. It hurt like hell. Instantly, he started crying. His assailant froze for a second when he saw the tears. Zenitsu was sure he looked pathetic. A sad excuse of an alpha lying in the dirt, with a bloodied and bruised face, crying.


The other alpha caught himself quickly enough, though. He pushed Zenitsu’s face into the dirt. It stung. Zenitsu expected more blows to litter his body soon. But instead of inflicting any more hits on him, he gripped his hips, put him into a presenting position and then pulled his pants down to the middle of his thighs so quickly he nearly tore them apart. Zenitsu’s head was spinning. Was he actually going to get what he had been wanting for the last month? Yes, he was. In one swift thrust, the alpha buried himself inside of him. 


Zenitsu yelled out. Fuck. He was big. Bigger than any alpha that had taken him before. Plus his vagina had been closing up slowly but steadily with disuse. Zenitsu scratched at the ground he had been thrown upon, arching his back. It hurt. It felt like he was getting split apart. But it’s what he’d wanted for so long now. His body had been so, so sensitive for weeks. Still was. So even though he felt like he was being split in half, only after some of the alpha’s thrusts, he came. It was the most painful orgasm he’d ever experienced. He was full on sobbing now. Not that it stopped the alpha from continuing to plow into him. He pushed his head harder against the ground, gripped his hips so roughly he would leave marks that would stay for weeks, and continued to fuck him through his oversensitive state. Zenitsu saw stars. He was in a place between heaven and hell. He tried to present himself better by spreading his legs further apart, but he didn’t come far as his unbuttoned pants held his thighs together.


Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was aware that they were still on the street, in public. But that didn’t stop him from being loud. He had always been loud, but this alpha brought out the worst in him. He was crying, whining, moaning and sometimes outright screaming at particularly hard thrusts. He knew he was making a scene. And he absolutely loved it. Maybe there was another alpha willing to fuck him among those spectators. 


Zenitsu was pulled out of his thoughts by the alpha’s pace getting frantic. His thrusts got even rougher and more uneven until they finally stopped. And with a low groan in his ear, Zenitsu felt the fattest knot he’s ever had lock into place inside him. Nearly blacking out from the pleasure he was flooded with, he came again. He was so out of it, he didn’t even register when the alpha pulled out and spat at him, before leaving some minutes later. He just continued to lay there in the middle of a populated road in his own mess.


Someone must’ve picked him up shortly after, because when he came back to his senses, his pants were pulled back up and he was walking somewhere, heavily supported by someone. Another alpha. Zenitsu licked his lips. Today was looking good.


They arrived at a house and Zenitsu was ushered inside. In a daze, he followed the other’s orders and started not only taking off his shoes but also the rest of his clothes when requested. He was told that they would be washed for him and that they’d be ready in the morning, but that didn’t matter to Zenitsu in that moment. What mattered was how he was laid down on his back on a futon. What mattered were the praises that fell from that alpha’s lips when Zenitsu held up his legs by the back of his knees when he was told to. What mattered was how the alpha pushed into him immediately after he did as was requested.


He wasn’t as big as the one who had taken him just minutes prior, which was good, since Zenitsu already felt very sore. Unlike the other one, he went for gentle but deep thrusts. It felt amazing. Zenitsu was still on the high from the last knot he had gotten, so every movement of the shaft inside of him felt more intense. He was crying again. He just felt so good being folded in half, completely at the mercy of this new alpha that had brought him to his home with the clear intention of taking advantage of a dazed alpha that had been fucked into submission. He was muttering something into Zenitsu’s ear, but he couldn’t understand him, too focused on how good he felt. He imagined they were some more praises. He liked getting praised, even if it didn’t happen often. Zenitsu threw his head back and let out a guttural moan. He was burning up. He could feel the other’s knot begin to swell inside of him. Yes. He really wanted it. He really needed it!


Suddenly the alpha’s hips stuttered and the gradual swelling was replaced by an instant knot that took Zenitsu by surprise. The orgasm that was forced into him this time hit him so hard he actually blacked out. Before he lost consciousness, he heard the alpha say something along the lines of, “You can’t just scream something like that”. Seems like he had babbled his thoughts out loud. How embarrassing.


When he came to again, he was cleaned up and dressed in a yukata. He still felt kind of floaty, and when he stood up to look for the alpha that brought him to his home, he had trouble walking, since his knees still felt weak. He found him in the next room. The alpha introduced himself and then brought him to the dinner table to serve him some food. While Zenitsu was eating, he asked him some questions about if he remembered what happened, and Zenitsu acted like he didn’t really remember. He got a watered down retelling of events, that he had fucked Zenitsu as well was strategically left out. Just like he had expected, this alpha had gotten off on taking advantage of him. What a despicable creature. But Zenitsu was just as bad, he had wanted to get taken advantage of by the other. After he had eaten, he was ushered back into bed with the promise of getting his normal clothes back in the morning.


Zenitsu woke before sunrise to the soft opening and shutting of the door to his room. Just like he had thought, the other alpha was back for more. Zenitsu kept his breath steady, pretending to still be asleep. He knew if he were to “wake up” now, he wouldn’t get what he wanted, which was getting knotted one last time before he left the town the next morning. He felt the covers being pulled back. Zenitsu was lying on his back, which gave the alpha perfect access. Quickly, he was exposed, the yukata that had been covering him had been pulled aside carelessly. Zenitsu shivered, but the cold of the air was soon replaced by the warmth of a body between his legs.


The other alpha put his hand on Zenitsu’s cock lightly, and then started stroking up and down the shaft, gripping especially tight when he got down to the light swelling at the base of his dick where his knot sat. He continued the ministrations until Zenitsu was half hard. Then he stopped. Zenitsu had to hold back the whine that was building up in his throat. But his resolve was futile when he felt a tongue going from the base of his cock to the head. The noise startled the alpha, but when Zenitsu didn’t show any other signs of “waking up”, he continued. He sucked lightly at the head and then went down again to his knot where he tongued at it for a bit. Apparently satisfied with playing with Zenitsu’s cock, he went even further down, first his balls, which he didn’t give much attention to, and then his vagina.


For better access, he placed some of the blanket beneath Zenitsu’s hips to elevate them. Then, he went down on him in earnest. Zenitsu had never been eaten out before, but he decided he liked it. A lot. The alpha’s technique was sloppy. It was obvious he was getting impatient and wanted nothing than to finally fuck Zenitsu’s wet hole, but he still indulged himself. When the alpha finally couldn’t control himself anymore, Zenitsu was wetter than he had ever been. The futon beneath him was drenched in his juices and the alpha’s spit. And soon it would be drenched in come as well, because finally, the alpha pushed into Zenitsu again. He couldn’t stop the loud moan leaving his throat, but unlike the other times Zenitsu had made a noise, the alpha’s movement didn’t falter. He continued to fuck him quick but deep, with Zenitsu’s knees thrown over his arms.


Zenitsu was so turned on. The thought alone of getting taken advantage of in his sleep by another alpha was making him hot. Maybe that’s why he always loved getting fucked awake back during his training days. He liked feeling helpless and at the mercy of other alphas. He really was messed up. But he didn’t care, if it made him feel this good.


It didn’t take long for the alpha to lock inside of him and fill him up, which made Zenitsu come. For the third time that day, he was covered in sticky white liquid. Before passing out, he thought that he wouldn’t mind living like this.


He woke up again when the sun was in the sky. The alpha had mostly cleaned him up, it seemed. He went into the adjacent room again. Like the day before, he was ushered to the table and given food again. After breakfast, the alpha handed him his clothes. Zenitsu got dressed and after thanking the alpha for his help, he was back on his way. His bruised cheek and sore hole were the only reminders that the day before had actually happened. He really was lucky with how everything had played out. And he got even luckier. 


Before he left the town, he found a booth selling omega heat helpers. Between them was a dildo with simulated knot. Seems like he’d found the solution for the problem of his vagina closing up - this should keep him stretched enough. All was good.


Nothing was good. Well, one thing was good. The dildo kept his vagina from closing up. But that was it. The fake knot did nothing to sate his hunger. In fact, Zenitsu felt like it only made it worse. Like his body just knew that it wasn’t a real knot.

And he craved. He craved so much. It had been over a month since that wonderful day. He needed an alpha. Preferably yesterday. And lucky for him, there was a new chance for him the next day. He met a claimed omega while he was wailing in self pity on the side of a road. Time to try and repeat that fateful day.


However things didn’t go according to plan. Apparently, her alpha wasn’t close. There was no one to stop him from hitting on her in the most obnoxious way. So it went on for some time - all the while, Zenitsu hoped that her alpha would appear soon. He didn’t, but another alpha did. Zenitsu wondered why he seemed so familiar, and then it clicked: he was one of the survivors from the Final Selection. Awesome. Now he could cling to him, since they were both demon slayers, and he could work on him until he snapped and punished him for his incompetence. A great plan.


A great plan in theory. Tanjiro seemed to have limitless patience. He didn’t care for Zenitsu’s whining and his dramatics. He took everything in stride and even shared his food with him. What a gentle and kind soul , Zenitsu thought. Maybe he was falling in love. He just wondered why Tanjiro was traveling with a demon in that box of his. He surely has his reasons , he mused, and didn’t ask. Not that it was at the forefront of his mind at that moment. How to get him to fuck him was.


Then, the creepy demon house happened and he somehow acquired another alpha. An alpha that couldn’t be more different from Tanjiro, even if he tried. He acted first and thought later, or not at all. He was completely feral and wanted to fight all the time. His name was Inosuke, and he would do as well. Might be easier to crack. He really was desperate.


However he couldn’t get Inosuke to fuck him either. He thought that being together with them at the Wisteria House was his chance to get at least one of them to take him. His resolve had hardened when Inosuke had thrown himself at the futon and his yukata had opened just right to show Zenitsu just what he had been hiding beneath that dirty fur loincloth of his. He had nearly presented right then and there, a “please I’m just a hole” on his lips, but from earlier encounters, he knew that seldom was the right approach to get an alpha to do as he wanted. So he used all his strength and turned away from the delicious sight. Tanjiro shot him a weird look - Zenitsu was sure he could smell the desperation on him, but he didn’t say anything.


After that, he tried his best to get them riled up just right. He whined, he cried, he complained, he lost fights against Inosuke, he submitted in not so subtle ways time and time again. Hell, he even hit on Tanjiro’s sister. Nothing worked. Zenitsu was at his wit’s end. He couldn’t understand why nothing worked on them. It was just his luck to find not one, but two alpha companions who wouldn’t fuck him.


And then, they were assigned a new mission. And the creepy spider mountain happened. And all of them nearly died. And Zenitsu ended up with shrunken arms. Great. Just great. Now he wasn’t even able to get himself off properly. He couldn’t finger himself anymore, and because of the dildo’s fake knot, he couldn’t ride it just like he wanted as well. 

And this is how he got into this predicament. He had tried to ride his dildo and in his wanton state, he had sunken down on it too deep, and now the fake knot was locked inside of him and he couldn’t reach the thing with his tiny arms. He really wanted to cry. Maybe he should have considered just begging Tanjiro to knot him. He probably would have done it if he had asked him to. But instead, he had gotten himself into this situation. Zenitsu sniffled into his pillow. Life really was unfair. 


And it got even worse. He could hear someone approaching the room. That was just his luck. Rest in fucking pieces me , he thought, and hid himself beneath his blanket before the door opened and someone stepped inside. Maybe if he acted like he was asleep, the other person would leave the room soon enough.


That’s when he felt a warm hand in his hair.

“Are you all right Zenitsu? You smell like you need some help?”

Zenitsu looked up at him from beneath the blanket with bleary eyes. He could feel his tears run down his cheeks again. Just like that, a dam was broken.

“Tanjiroooo,” Zenitsu cried in his whiniest voice. “The whole world is against me!!”

Tanjiro was obviously confused. “Did something bad happen?” he asked while petting Zenitsu’s hair who leaned into the touch sniffing.

“Yes!! I just wanted to get off, since I haven’t been able to in ages, and now that dumb dildo is stuck inside of me and I can’t pull it out with these stupid arms!” Zenitsu cried. Tanjiro looked dumbfounded. He surely hadn’t expected that. “And it’s all your fault too!” “Mine?” “Yes, yours! If you’d just caved in and properly knotted me, then I wouldn’t even be in this situation! Aren’t I pretty? Aren’t I pudgy and soft in all the right places? Aren’t I submissive? Don’t you just want to put me in my place?”


Zenitsu was sure his whole face was covered in tears and snot. A true picture of beauty and grace. Yet, Tanjiro pulled him against his chest in a very loving embrace.

“I can’t just go around knotting people. That’s wrong,” he said softly. Zenitsu could see where he was coming from, but for real… He hit against Tanjiro’s chest with his fist.

“How can you be so blind? I’ve been acting out and sending signals for ages! Can’t you smell how desperate I am?”

Tanjiro was quiet for a second. He was probably connecting all the dots in that big head of his.


“Yes, oh!” Zenitsu nearly yelled. “Now, are you going to do something about th...mhhph!”


Before he could finish his sentence, Tanjiro had cupped his face in his hands, pulled him in and kissed him square on his mouth. Zenitsu couldn’t believe what was happening. This was his first kiss and it was nothing like he had imagined. Not that he was complaining. Tanjiro’s lips were soft and moving against his deliciously. He was just so gentle with him, Zenitsu felt like a precious gem in Tanjiro’s hands. Maybe he really was falling in love. No other alpha had treated him like this, and Tanjiro hadn’t even done anything yet.


They kissed for a while, soft pecs, only a soft press of lips. It was nice. Zenitsu really liked it. But he wanted more. He needed more. The fake knot was still inside of him, stretching him nicely, but the pure thought of getting filled up for real got his blood boiling. So he got rid of the blanket that was still barely covering him and pulled Tanjiro down on the bed with him, sadly breaking the kiss in the process. He spread his legs so Tanjiro could nestle between them, effectively presenting his still stuffed hole to the other alpha. It earned him a deep growl from the back of Tanjiro’s throat. A sound that vibrated in his bones and spoke of utter want. Zenitsu was leaking at this point.


After they settled down again, Tanjiro dove back in to claim his mouth, but the kisses he pressed against him were more needy and wet this time, until suddenly, there was some tongue. Zenitsu let Tanjiro in immediately. It was messy. Tanjiro’s hands had started wandering, running up and down Zenitsu’s sides, along the insides of his thighs and then back up into his hair to tilt his head into a position where Tanjiro had even better access. Zenitsu was whining into the kiss. He wanted Tanjiro’s hands further down. He wanted Tanjiro to take off his clothes. He wanted Tanjiro to finally pull out the fake knot inside of him and replace it with a real one. He was so desperate could feel the tears in his eyes again.


After a few more minutes of Tanjiro mapping out his body in the sweetest and most torturous way, he finally took pity on Zenitsu. He finally started taking off his clothes. Zenitsu could do nothing more than watch as Tanjiro sat back and unbuttoned his shirt first, and then slipped out of his pants. When he was in front of him in his full glory, Zenitsu only made grabby hands at him, and with a soft chuckle on his lips, Tanjiro leaned back down. Instead of going for a kiss, though, he went for Zenitsu’s neck and started licking, sucking and sometimes even nibbling on it. One of his hands found its way into Zenitsu’s hair again, and without getting urged to do so, Zenitsu tilted it in a way that showed utter submission. Tanjiro let out a deep guttural moan, and finally, he brought his other hand down between Zenitsu’s legs.


With a wet and squelching sound he pulled the dildo out of his wet hole. Finally , Zenitsu thought. But once again, Tanjiro took his sweet time. Instead of immediately pushing his dick inside Zenitsu’s waiting hole, he inserted two of his fingers first. Tanjiro’s fingers reached deeper inside of him than his own ever could, but Zenitsu wanted the real deal.

“Tanjirooooo, please, I need you to knot me right now !” he cried while spreading his legs even more, and arching his back to get his fingers deeper inside of him, not that they could.

Tanjiro laughed again, and kissed away the stream of tears that ran down Zenitsu’s face, then he sat up and pulled his fingers out of him.

“Okay, okay, let me have a quick taste first,” he said, and then put the fingers that were wet with Zenitsu’s juices into his mouth. That was so hot, Zenitsu couldn’t take it. His hands fisted even tighter into the bedding, and he threw his head back again.

“Please, just get inside of me!” he whined. And Tanjiro did.


One of his hands pushed Zenitsu’s legs further apart while he guided himself into the waiting wet heat with the other. Zenitsu cried out in ecstasy as he finally entered him.

Tanjiro set a slow and steady rhythm, just like Zenitsu imagined he would. Usually, he would prefer a faster and harder pace, but he was already so close from getting teased for so long that it didn’t matter at that point. What mattered was that Tanjiro was inside of him, thick and hard.


Zenitsu unfisted the fabric of the bedding and put his hands on Tanjiro’s shoulders to pull him back down again. He really wanted that mouth of his back on him, and Tanjiro obliged immediately. He peppered some more chaste kisses all over Zenitsu’s face, before he claimed his lips like he did before. Like this, Zenitsu could feel the low moans in the back of Tanjiro’s throat. He really liked this. He felt so good. He was so close. And judging by Tanjiro’s pace quickening and getting more and more sloppy, he was too. Zenitsu could feel his knot thickening with every deep thrust until it finally, finally locked inside of him. Zenitsu came hard with Tanjiro filling him up in the most delicious way - maybe the wait was worth it after all , he thought. 


Zenitsu was a bit out of it while Tanjiro was still locked inside of him, but he still noticed the other nuzzling into his neck and adding some more marks. In that moment, Zenitsu thought that he would really like it if Tanjiro were to claim him.


The peace didn’t hold for long, though. While Zenitsu was still running his hands up and down Tanjiro’s back absentmindedly, the door to the room got pulled open, followed by a scream. Both were extremely startled, Tanjiro so much that he actually tried to get up, but he didn’t get far since he was still locked inside of Zenitsu, who couldn’t help but let out a moan from the new stimulation.


“This is so unfair! First, you scold me not to go and knot him because we ‘can’t just go around knotting people’ and then you go and do so behind my back!” Inosuke yelled.

It took a brief moment for Zenitsu to comprehend the words.

“So I really could’ve gotten my way a lot earlier if you hadn’t been cockblocking me?!” he screeched, hitting Tanjiro over the head.

“I told you he wanted us!” Inosuke yelled, and it looked like it took him every ounce of will in his body not to pounce on Tanjiro, since he was still locked inside of Zenitsu. Wow, he actually had a few brain cells. 

“I swear, as soon as I’m able to, I’ll push you off this bed and present real nice for poor Inosuke! I can’t believe you actually did this to us!”


And he actually did. As soon as he felt Tanjiro’s knot go down enough, he pushed at him, and Inosuke, who understood the situation, sent him tumbling on to the floor.

“You better stay there on the floor and watch while I show him how much better I am than you,” he told him, and those words alone got Zenitsu throbbing.

There was already a huge mess between his legs with Tanjiro’s come mixed with his own wetness, but he couldn’t wait to add some more to the mix. Like he promised, he got on his hands and knees while Inosuke positioned himself behind him, and then pushed his chest flush to the mattress of the bed, effectively presenting himself in the perfect way to make any alpha go mad. And Inosuke didn’t waste any time. With one quick thrust, he pushed inside, leant down over him with his hands caging Zenitsu’s head, and started up a brutal pace immediately.


Inosuke fucked him just like Zenitsu imagined he would. His thrusts were quick and hard and went deep . He fucked like it was a race. And he was just the tiniest bit thicker than Tanjiro was for Zenitsu to notice. That, and the fact that he was still tender and oversensitive from getting knotted just seconds before had him twitching beneath Inosuke and clenching around his shaft. It was so intense Zenitsu knew he would come soon, but judging from Inosuke’s sloppy thrusts, he wouldn’t take long either. 


Zenitsu was moaning and whimpering beneath Inosuke like an omega in heat. He kind of felt bad for Tanjiro, who had been ordered to watch them. It was never easy for an alpha to share what he had just claimed. But when he turned his head and opened his eyes to look at him, he was met with a look of pure wonder. When their eyes locked, he scooted a bit closer to him, but was soon stopped by a warning growl from the alpha currently fucking into him.

“Inosuke is making you feel so good, isn’t he?” he asked, and Zenitsu could only moan as an answer. Anybody watching could see just how good he felt. “You’ll feel even better when he finally knots you. You’ve been waiting for it for a long time, huh? Why don’t you arch up into his thrusts a bit more to show him how much you like what he does for you?”


What a great idea , Zenitsu thought, maybe he’ll reach even deeper inside of me . So he did. He spread his legs a little wider and brought his hips up higher than they were before, and the new position hit him just right. Inosuke’s thrusts became erratic, and only after a few more, he locked inside of him. Zenitsu came so hard he nearly ripped the bedding when he buried his hands in it to ground himself. Inosuke’s knot was bigger than expected, and stretched him out so well, it felt amazing. He felt so good that he was out of it for the longest time. Getting knotted for two times in a row usually did this to him, and he loved it. No thoughts, head empty, only pleasure.


He forced himself to pay attention again when he felt Inosuke slip out of him. Without the other holding him into place, he collapsed onto the bed immediately. He could feel Inosuke’s (and probably Tanjiro’s) come leak out of him. He was such a mess. He really needed a bath.

“Such a waste - I really liked it when his stomach bulged from all the come I pumped into him,” he could hear Inosuke pout somewhere behind him. Then he could feel him lean over his body again. “Now tell Tanjiro how much better I was, and that you choose to mate with me instead of him.”


Zenitsu could hear Tanjiro start moving somewhere to his side, and let out a small laugh.

“You were incredible, but I’m not going to choose you over him. You wouldn’t be able to sate me alone.”

The other two alphas were quiet for a moment, before Tanjiro started talking again.

“Are you saying you want to mate both of us?”

Zenitsu nodded. “If you’re both okay with it?”

“Well, I am, but I don’t know about Inosuke,” Tanjiro tried to say before he was interrupted.

“I’ll make sure you’ll say I’m your favorite mate!” Inosuke yelled, which brought a laugh out of the other two.

“Well, I guess it’s settled,” Tanjiro said with a smile, which was heard in his words. “Do you want us to help you clean up?”

“Yes, please,” Zenitsu said, and he found himself cradled in Inosuke’s strong arms immediately. Having two mates look after his needs was going to be great, Zenitsu could already tell. And off they went.