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Snow Fall

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The next day Matt sat in the front passenger seat of Mike’s Jeep. It was quiet, with nothing but the soft hum of the radio filling up the air between them. Matt didn’t mind, actually Matt was grateful for the silence. It’s easier to wallow in your own guilt when you don’t have to keep a superficial conversation going at the same time. He’s staring out to the snow-covered scenery as they drove by. The storm let up a few hours ago, round about the same time that they decided to leave.

They were supposed to stay for the weekend but after what happened the night before, there was absolutely no way they could  all stay huddled up in a cabin together for two more days. Not even in a lodge as big as the one that belonged to the Washingtons.

It was all such a mess. It was such a stupid stupid idea but they went ahead and did it anyway. Now Josh is pissed at them, Hannah and Beth are pissed at them and they’re all kind of pissed at each other.

Matt sighed as he turned around to the back seat, reaching back to grab his duffle bag and pull out his water bottle. It’s just him and Mike in the car.

When they drove up, he was riding with Chris, Ashley and Sam. Emily was riding with Mike and Jessica and Josh was leading the way with his sisters. But after what happened the night before…

Things were tense after Hannah ran into the woods. Emily and Jess kept trying to rationalise what happened. Emily called Hannah an idiot for running into the forest in the middle of the night and Beth even dumber for going after her. Sam just kept pacing back and forth in front of the door as she waited for them to get back. Josh and Chris were still passed out, none of them had the nerve to wake them after what happened. Mike didn’t say anything, just sat there as Emily and Jess kept going. Ashley and Matt sat stewing in their own shame.

Matt regretted everything and briefly he wondered why on earth he went along with the prank. The look in Hannah’s face broke his heart and the look of betrayal on Beth’s face made him flinch. It was awful. Why did he agree to play along? The prank wasn’t just mean it was downright cruel. Even worse since he was filming it. Matt hates hurting his friends, he doesn’t want anyone upset. So why did he do it?

Oh yeah, because he hates seeing anyone upset. Emily asked him to play along, so did Jess. Ashley was going along and Mike seemed OK with it too. Matt wanted to fit in, he didn’t want to be the odd one out, the buzzkill. He’s gotten enough of that from the team.

He wasn’t  a straight A student like Emily and he didn’t have a million-dollar trust fund like Josh. He was counting on a football scholarship to help him get into college, but to get to college he had to get through high school. He’s the guy that turned down partying on a school night to study for a math test a week away. He’s the guy that never drank more than two beers because he needs to get up early if he’s going to get around to practice and tutoring the next day. He’s the guy that just sat there in the corner chocking on smoke while everyone else got high around him.

Mike, Emily, Jess, Josh, Hannah, Beth, Sam, Ashley and Chris were the only ones that got him and didn’t make him feel like shit whenever he had to blow them off to study or needed help with an assignment. He didn’t want to lose any of his friends. He didn’t want any of them to be mad at him. So when they told him that it was just a harmless prank, no big deal, he managed to convince himself that they were right. But then Hannah actually walked through the door and he instantly regretted everything. But he was in too deep, he couldn’t turn back so he hoped that they were right and Hannah wouldn’t take it personally.

God. He’s such an idiot.

The night before they waited for Hannah and Beth to come back. Understandably enough neither one of the twins was interested in hearing anything from them when they did, not even from Sam. With the mood sufficiently slaughtered they decided to call it a night and went to their rooms.

Ashley is the one that suggested that they go home the next day. Staying at the lodge after what they did suddenly just felt completely inappropriate. Jessica agreed, so did Matt, Sam and Mike. To her credit Emily agreed too. Ashley helped Chris to bed, Sam did the same with Josh.

It was around dawn when he heard arguing coming from Emily and Mike’s room. Which is why he wasn’t surprised when Emily ordered him to Mike’s car while she rode with Jess, Chris and Ashley that morning. Josh had gotten up and found out about what happened. Ashley’s suggestion turned out to be a good call since he would’ve kicked them out if they didn’t decide to leave themselves. Sam managed to talk it over with Hannah and Beth the next day, so she was staying to try and make things right with her best friends. Chris was confused by the whole thing since he was passed out during the ordeal, being severely hungover wasn’t helping.

So now he’s in the car with Mike. Briefly he wondered what the other teen was thinking, but he didn’t say a word. Matt wasn’t sure if he wanted to know.

“I feel like shit.”

So much for that.

Matt looked over to the other, “What?”

“What we did was really fucked up.” Mike explained, not looking away from the road for so much as a second. “Hannah’s really sweet too you know. She didn’t deserve that. I shouldn’t have agreed to any of it.”

Matt paused, “Why did you?”

His voice was soft, unaccusing. Matt didn’t want to start a fight or push any buttons that didn’t need to be pushed. But he was curious, if only a little, if Mike felt that way then why do it? Mike was plenty popular, well liked. He didn’t have to do anything just to appease his friends. So why…

Mike glanced over to him and shook his head, “You know what Em is like. She was mad cause she found out about Hannah’s crush. I said no at first but then she started accusing me of liking her, said that if I didn’t then this prank wouldn’t be a big deal.”

“So you did it to make her happy?”

“I did it so I could avoid fighting with her all weekend.” Mike scoffed, “A lot of good that did.”

Matt looked away, out the window, “You’re not the only one that feels like shit. Hannah’s basically the reason I became friends with you guys to begin with. I don’t even know how I’m going to talk to her on Monday.”

“Talk to her?”

“I just… I want to apologize. Like you said, what we did was messed up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never forgave any of us though.” Matt said with a sigh.

“I’m not sure that would help.”

“I just, I get it you know. She really liked you Mike and for a moment she thought that you liked her back and then…” Matt paused and shook his head, “It was really really messed up. She might not accept it but, I at least want to try.”

Mike glanced over to him just as Matt let out a humourless scoff, “This is not how I saw this weekend going. My parents’ aren’t expecting me back till Sunday night. What am I even going to tell them?”

“Who says they have to know anything?”

“I’m a terrible liar. One look and my mom’ll know something’s up and she won’t let it go till I spill my guts.”

“No, I mean, who says the weekend has to end right now?”

Matt frowned as he looked back at Mike, Mike shrugged.

“My parents are out of town, you could hang out with me till Sunday night.”

“Hang out and do what?”

“Does it matter? We can do whatever, man.” Mike let out a soft sigh, “To be honest, I’m pretty sure Em’s going to start blowing up my phone the second we get home and I’d rather just not deal with that right now.”

Matt paused, he didn’t really want to go home. He worked all semester to earn this weekend off. Now it’s totally ruined cause of a stupid prank he couldn’t say no to. But he’s never spent any time with just Mike before. When they hung out it was always with Josh or Chris or Sam and Ashley, Emily and Jessica. It was never just the two of them. Matt wasn’t even sure what they’d talk about. It was bound to be awkward.

But again, he doesn’t want to go home. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.

“I don’t really have anything else to do.”

“Then its settled.”

Matt’s head gave a tilt, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather hang out with Emily? It’d give you two a chance to talk-“

“Trust me, talking to Emily is the last thing I want to do right now. Besides, I don’t think we’ve ever hung out before. It’ll be fun.” Mike said with a smile and Matt just took in a deep breath before doing the same.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.”




“Hey Mike, how about you guys go check out the guest cabin I told you about.”

“Normally I’d be all for getting as far away from certain people as possible,” Jess said shooting a glare at Emily who only scoffed and rolled her eyes, “But we just got inside the house. I am not going out into the freezing cold all over again.”

“I meant, Mike and Matt could go out. It’s dark out there, I figured it’d be safer for Mike and Matt to check it out first and if you like it, you can come grab Jess and spend the night there.” Josh explained and Mike shrugged.

“Sure. I’m game.”

Matt’s eyes went wide, “I’m not. Jess is right we literally just got inside, I’m not up to hiking out there. What’s wrong with everyone just staying in here?”

“Yeah, somehow I don’t see that going well.” Chris said, glancing between Jessica, Mike and Emily. Josh gave him a smile as he stepped closer, “C’mon man, it’s a bit of a walk but I promise it’ll be worth it. Get rid of some of the tension hanging around here.”

“Why can’t you go with Mike?”

“I gotta make sure everything is set here first.”

“Matt just go.” Emily huffed as she dropped down onto the couch, “The sooner they get out of here the better.”

Matt’s hands clenched and he swallowed hard, trying to think of something, anything to get out of the situation he was being pushed in.

“What if something happens?”

Emily frowned, “Like what?”

“I don’t know, it’s still snowing out there doesn’t that make it kind of dangerous?”

Josh shook his head, “Nothing’s going to happen, it’s not that far out. If the weather gets any worse or if you guys get stuck out there or something you can just spend the night in the cabin and we’ll meet up in the morning.”

“I don’t-“

“C’mon Matt,” Mike said giving the other a grin as he grabbed a flashlight off the side table, “You’re not scared are you?”

“What’re you five?” Matt said incredulously only for Emily to suddenly break through with a screech of frustration.

“Oh my God, Matt would you just go already.”

Matt shook his head, jaw clenching as he walked over to the door, pointedly ignoring Mike as he walked by him. “Fine whatever.”

Mike scoffed, giving a wink to Jess as he followed behind the jock, “We’ll be back soon.”

Matt didn’t bother looking back as he opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch, folding his arms across his chest as the freezing cold hit him right in the face. Mike stepped out shortly after, Matt instinctively moved away and the other’s head gave a tilt just before Josh came out behind them.

“O.K you’re just going to follow the path. There are signs that’ll show you the way.” Josh explained, “You’re going to need to turn on the generator too, its dark out there.”

“Exactly why we should be staying here.” Matt mumbled out, Josh heard him and smirked. “Don’t worry Matt, I’m sure Mike’ll keep you nice and safe. Right Mike?”

Josh gave Mike a knowing look and Mike gave a snort, Matt couldn’t help but frown at the exchange before Mike suddenly spoke.

“Yup, let’s go superstar. Wouldn’t want to keep your girlfriend waiting.” Mike said as he started walking off the porch, Josh shut the door behind him. Matt took in a deep breath and followed behind Mike, he didn’t have much of a choice. It really was dark and he didn’t grab a flashlight.

It was quiet between them with nothing but the sound of snow crunching beneath their shoes and the occasional rustle of the forest somewhere in the distance. It was a little bit creepy. Matt kept his hands on his arms folded over his chest, keeping his attention focused on the breaths leaving his mouth while making sure he didn’t lose sight of Mike as they walked. It was uncomfortable but he hoped that this is how it would go all the way to the cabin and back.

Mike didn’t say anything all the way through the gate and up to the generator. It was almost unnerving how quiet he was but Matt tried not to think about that for too long, he didn’t want to talk to Mike, he just wanted to get this whole mess over with.

He hadn’t even wanted to go up to Blackwood Mountain that weekend, not just because of what happened with Hannah and Beth, but also because he knew Mike would be there and he just didn’t…

They haven’t really talked in the last few months after he started dating Emily and before that things between him and Mike were… complicated.

The generator suddenly roared to life. A bright light suddenly beamed on above his head and Matt shielded his eyes.

“And then there was light.” Mike said with a grin, “This should make it a little easier.”

“Yeah, great.” Matt said lowering his arm once his eyes seemed to adjust. “Can we just get this over with.”

He turned to start making his way up the path, Mike jogged to catch up to him.

“Hey, what’s the rush?”

“You mean besides the freezing cold?”

“The cold, is that what you’re going with?” Mike asked as he moved so he was walking backwards in front of Matt, “This isn’t just you avoiding me?”

“I’m not avoiding you.” Matt said walking faster so he could bypass Mike while the other kept pace beside him.

“You know, this doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable. We could just talk about what happened.”

“I don’t want to talk about Hannah and Beth. I still feel guilty enough as it is.”

“I don’t mean them.”

“I don’t wanna talk about you and Emily either.”

Mike grabbed his arm and forced him to come to a stop, turning the jock around, “I’m talking about what happened with you and me.”

“Nothing happened between you and me.” Matt said taking a step back only for Mike to move with him.

“Emily isn’t here Matt.” Mike said walking right into his personal space, “You don’t have to play the devoted boyfriend right now.”

“I’m not play-“

Matt was cut off when Mike suddenly reached out to put a hand on the back of his neck and dragged him in for a kiss. Matt gasped, or at least he tried to. His mouth opened but Mike deepened the kiss before he could take in a gulp of air, slipping his tongue inside. Matt stumbled back into the side of a tree, Mike moved with him. He could feel his face catch fire but couldn’t stop himself from kissing back, it was almost instinctual. A needy desperate moan escaping his throat as he leaned in for more, his hands grasping at Mike’s coat. Mike’s free hand went up under the letterman jacket, under his turtleneck and undershirt onto his skin. The cold from Mike’s hand seemed to shock him back into reality. He pushed Mike back.

“Mike…” He gasped, taking in a gulp of the cold air as he kept pushing at Mike’s shoulders, “Mike stop-“

“Why? You know you don’t want me to. You never want me to stop.” Mike whispered as his hand went down to the drawstring on Matt’s pants, “You literally begged me not to stop last time.”

“Last time was months ago, now let go.” Matt shoved Mike away, panting hard to catch his breath before he started walking up the path. He kept tugging at his clothes trying to set them right only to stop when Mike’s arms wrapped around him from behind forcing him to stop. Matt started tugging at them trying to pull loose.

“Exactly, it’s been months.” Mike said huskily against the jock’s ear, “You’re not lonely for me yet, Matty?”

A shiver ran down Matt’s spine, “Don’t call me that.”

“C’mon be honest, you still want me. I can feel it all over you. I know I want you.”

“I have a girlfriend.”

“Never stopped us before.”

“Yeah, well it’s stopping us now.” Matt said wrenching free as he kept pushing on up the path. Mike let out a heavy sigh as he followed.

“Emily’s a bitch. I should know it’s one of the reasons we broke up.” Matt didn’t say anything to that, he just kept walking as Mike caught up.

“You could do better than her.” Mike gave a scoff, “I mean I probably don’t deserve you either but I bet no one’s going to make you feel as good as I do.”

“You would think that, wouldn’t you?” Matt bit out and Mike rolled his eyes.

“It’s not cheating if she cheated on you first. Then it’s just evening the score.”

“Emily is not cheating on me.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“Did you tell Josh about what happened?”

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about it.”

“I’m serious Mike.” Matt finally stopped and turned to face the other with a glare, “I’m not stupid. He kept dropping hints back there and they weren’t subtle.”

Mike rolled his eyes, before letting out a sigh. “O.K yeah I told him.”

“Mike what the hell-“

“Look after the thing with Hannah… after what happened last year, we all kind of split up right. So a month ago Josh calls me up to catch up and I didn’t want to turn him down.” Mike dragged a hand through his hair, “He seemed, I dunno, for a minute it felt like old times. He said he wanted to catch up and he asked me how I’ve been doing since we’ve all kind of been avoiding each other and I still felt bad about what happened. I couldn’t lie to him so I told him that Em and I broke up, partly cause of the Hannah thing, and that you were there for me and, I guess he figured the rest out on his own.”


“All I said, was that you were better to me in that month than Emily was the entire time we were together.” Mike explained and Matt couldn’t help but feel his face flush ever so slightly, “Then he asked me if we hooked up and again, after what happened last year, I didn’t want to lie to him.”

“So you told him we fucked.”

“I told him we got close and he said he was happy. He said he was glad we could find some comfort in each other.” Matt shook his head to look away. Mike stepped forward to put his hands on Matt’s arms. “We did find comfort in each other didn’t we. We were good together.”

“We were never together, Mike.”

“But we could be.”

“No we can’t. I’m with Emily and you’re with Jess.” Matt said pulling free of Mike’s grasp and turning to walk up the path again, “Let’s just find this stupid cabin and get this over with.”

“Wait, hold on. Let me ask you something.” Mike said running around to stand in front of Matt to force him to a stop and Matt let out a sigh as he folded his arms over his chest.


“If I wasn’t with Jess and you weren’t with Emily, would you still be avoiding me then?”

Matt paused, shifting uncomfortably  before he spoke, “But we are-“

“But what if we weren’t?”

The jock looked away and made to walk around the other, “Maybe.”

“Maybe? Maybe isn’t an answer Matt.” Mike said blocking Matt’s way before he let out a frustrated sigh, “Just for once, stop trying to make everyone around you happy. The others aren’t around right now. Right now, it’s just you and me. So just tell me what you want,” Mike said stepping closer to Matt all over again and the jock just kept still, even as Mike’s hands went down to his waist and he leaned in to press a kiss against Matt’s neck, “Do you want me to stop? Just tell me right here, right now. Tell me to stop and I’ll never touch you again.”

Matt felt his pulse quicken despite himself and his skin flush, “Mike-“

“Say stop, and I’ll never touch you again.” Mike whispered as he leaned in and sealed their lips in another kiss, wrapping his arms around Matt’s waist to draw him closer. Matt gave in, wrapping his arms around Mike’s neck as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. He felt a shiver run down his spine when Mike’s hand went back up under his clothes, onto his skin but this time he didn’t pull away completely. Instead he gasped, breaking the kiss.

“Tell me what you want.” Mike said softly and for a moment Matt almost lost himself in his eyes. He swallowed hard, trying to breathe deep and get his thoughts together, but Mike was a warm solid presence pressed right up against him. He still smelled like that cheap body spray Matt got him that one weekend after Mike and Emily broke up.

“I want you…” Matt breathed and a grin spread over Mike’s lips before the jock finished, “But I don’t want to hurt Emily or Jess. They deserve better than that-“

“Then they don’t have to know,” Mike said reassuringly lifted a hand to cup the side of Matt’s jaw, as always clean shaven. Mike almost gave a snort, Matt hated facial hair. Mike asked him if he wanted him to shave his constant five o’clock shadow once. Matt just kissed him and never brought it up again. “It’s just you and me out here remember. For once you can have what you want and no one has to get hurt. Just for tonight.”

“We need to get back-“

“We’ll go back in the morning. Tell them we got caught in the storm.” Matt let out a deep breath.

“Just one night.”

“No one else has to know.” Mike said leaning in to press a kiss against Matt’s throat, dragging his hand up under the jock’s shirt exposing his skin to the blistering cold. He shivered even as he tilted his head back to give Mike more room.

“Mike… it’s too cold out here.”

Mike let out a shuddering breath and gave Matt one more earthshattering kiss before he pulled away and grabbed the jock’s hand, “We need to find that cabin, right now.”




It turns out that the cabin was more than just a bit of a walk away.

In fact by the time that they actually reached the cabin, Matt had time to regret everything he said to Mike including agreeing to spend the night with Mike in the cabin. The guilt of potentially betraying Emily had taken its toll, with his conscience calling him every bad word in the book and ripping his resolve to shreds.

They got to the cabin and Matt started rubbing at his arms. He watched as Mike looked around. And he did the same, shutting the door behind them.

It was a decently sized space, there was a couch in front of the fireplace and sparse furniture here and there. He watched as Mike found a lamp and turned it on and set it aside, pale blue light spilled over the room Mike turned to face him. Matt felt anxiety wash over him.

“We should get back to the others.”


Matt had already turned around to  walk out only to stop when Mike grabbed his arm and turned him around.


“Mike. I don’t… I’m not so sure about this anymore.”


“If we go back now, we’ll make it back before the storm can really set in-“

“Matt.” Mike had put his hands on both sides of Matt’s face forcing the jock to look in his eyes, “Don’t get cold feet on me now. I want to be here with you and I know you want to be here too.”


“Matty. Just relax.” Mike leaned up to press a kiss on Matt’s temple and started pulling urging him further into the room, “Everything will be fine.”




It was always a delicate balance with Matt at first. Mike always needed to make sure that the jock was settled in whenever they got together. He was always so nervous, so ashamed. He was desperate to please everyone and make sure he didn’t hurt anyone. Mike had to do a juggling act those first few minutes with Matt.

Like approaching a wounded animal. He had to knock off the jokes and come ons. He had to be careful, gentle and once Matt was settled and he’d sufficiently pushed his conscience way back to the back of his mind where it couldn’t bother him then Mike could let loose and just be himself. It was a bit of a pain sometimes, but Mike decided that Matt was worth it.

He realised that Matt was worth it that first time they hooked up. Not that weekend after the prank. That weekend they’d both been drinking and Mike didn’t think that fumbling drunken mess of them rutting against each other like a couple of clueless preteens really counted.

He realised that Matt was worth it a month after that. Emily had come over the week after the trip to Blackwood Mountain to make up. She did her variation of an apology by not apologising and implying that she’s the one that forgave him for the fight they had. They had sex, somewhere in the back of Mike’s head he realised that that was basically how he and Emily made up for most of their fights.

It’s what happened afterwards that set Mike off, they hadn’t really talked since the thing with Hannah. Mike still felt guilty about it so talking about Hannah wasn’t really on his top ten list of things he wanted to do. But of course, Emily had other ideas. It’s even worse because Mike knew why she was doing it. She felt guilty too, but instead of showing some kind of remorse and talking about it like a decent human being, Emily decided to badmouth Hannah and call her an idiot instead. They ended up fighting and Mike was just over it all. They broke up.

A couple of days later Matt showed up at his door. He heard about the breakup. Matt had sort of been checking up on everyone since the Blackwood Mountain incident. Mike couldn’t help but scoff at how needy the jock was, so desperate to please his friends and keep them that he was willing to put up with some unnecessary bullshit to do it. But Matt wasn’t like Emily, Matt was nice. Mike didn’t mind giving in to Matt and hanging around the jock even when their group had broken apart. It was a few weeks later that it happened. Mike’s parents were out of town. Matt had nothing to do for the weekend.

They agreed to get together and hang out. With neither one mentioning or even acknowledging what happened the last time they were just hanging out at Mike’s place while his parents were out of town. Up till that point Mike had managed to convince himself that it was a fluke. Matt barely drank if he could help it, cheapest date that Mike had ever seen and Mike was frustrated and horny enough that the heat off Matt’s body as they lay sprawled together on the living room floor, was all the encouragement he needed to make a move.

But it was different the next time. They had maybe two beers each that night, Matt talked about football and homework and his parents. Mike cracked jokes and clowned around for a bit. Matt laughed. It was easy and relaxed and warm and fuzzy despite neither one having had much alcohol at that point.

The conversation was easy and simple. It went from football to the elections at school. Matt’s parents and Mike’s parents, eventually they got to the subject of girls. Mike talked about his breakup with Emily before asking Matt about his love life. Matt shook his head with a laugh. He had a lot of things going on in his life, not a lot of girls were willing to take a backseat to homework and football. They didn’t get it, Mike understood.

Matt made a joke.

“Maybe I should just switch to guys instead.”

Mike looked at him just then and smirked, “Hey now, you need to be careful. You could get a guy’s hopes up talking like that.”

Matt gave a snort as he took another swig from his bottle. “In your dreams Monroe, we both know I’m too good for you.”

“Seriously? You wish you could land a dream boat like me.” Mike countered and Matt rolled his eyes.

“Sure I do. I dunno, man.” Matt paused to look in the bottle in his hands and spoke hesitantly, “I’m not… I’ve thought about it and, look, I’m not gay. I don’t think I’m gay but I feel like I’d be O.K just trying it to see if I was into it.” Matt shook his head, “It’s stupid.”

“It’s not stupid, I mean, how do you know you don’t like something unless you’ve tried it.” Mike said and Matt scoffed as the other continued, “If you want, I could help you out.”

“Very funny asshole.”

“I’m serious. I have a little experience in that department so why not?”

Matt paused, “No way.”

“You’re really that surprised that a man as manly and virile as me would have a couple of guys under his belt.”


“A gentleman never tells. My point is.” Mike set his bottle aside and started leaning over towards Matt from where they sat on the bed in his room, “I could help you out if you want.”

Matt’s eyes went wide and he immediately put his hands up to keep the other at bay. Mike paused as well, he didn’t know what he was doing. He has no idea where he’s going with this but right then he suddenly realised how pretty Matt’s eyes are. They were big and round, a warm chocolate brown. It suddenly hit him how smooth and soft Matt’s skin was. Matt’s lips looked soft and full, a little chapped but it didn’t stop Mike from remembering what it felt like when they were making out that first weekend and wanting to feel them again.

He can’t be that drunk already.

“Whoa dude,” Matt said with an awkward chuckle, “You can’t be this drunk.”

Mike almost gave a snort, “I’m not drunk. I just want to kiss you right now.”


“I dunno,” Mike’s head gave a tilt, “You know, you’re kind of pretty.”

“O.K you’re definitely drunk.” Matt said as he tried to sit up a bit more only to stop when Mike pushed him back on the bed.

“I’m not drunk, I know what I’m doing, I know what I want. But if you don’t want to then we don’t have to do anything. We’ll just go back to drinking and pretend this never happened. But if you want to, we can.”

Matt frowned, “Why me? Cause you’re horny and I’m on your bed?”

“Kind of?” Mike admitted and Matt started to glare before Mike quickly spoke, “But also because I like you and I mean, if you want to try something with a guy, just to see of you’d be into it then  why not try it with me. We’re friend’s right? Shouldn’t I want to help my friend out? And if you hate it then we never have to talk about it again. Just like last time.”

Matt didn’t react to that last part. He remembered last time, even if he never acknowledged it.

Mike expected Matt to refuse, he didn’t expect Matt to pause and hesitate before he suddenly leaned up and kissed him. It was different from the first time since, for one thing he could remember what he did and his mind was clear enough for him to fully process it.

Afterwards, they didn’t argue like he so often did with Emily. Didn’t have to walk on eggshells to keep the peace or worry about what he said next. He made a joke, a stupid crude joke that would have had Emily yelling at him in a heartbeat. Matt just scoffed and kissed him again.

They got together more and more after that. They’d hang out, hook up and pretend like everything was totally normal come Monday morning. As far as everyone else knew, they were close friends, Mike never saw the point of correcting them on that. And then Emily and Matt started dating, and they started seeing each other less and less until they eventually stopped. Mike started hanging around Jess and they clicked. But he never got over Matt.

He hadn’t really planned on going up to Blackwood Mountain, mostly because he wasn’t up for facing Hannah back at the lodge. A whole year had gone by and he’d somehow managed to talk to her only once, that week after the prank. He apologised, made some stupid joke. Hannah seemed to be softening to him again only for the moment to break when Beth came up to them and told Mike to get lost. He couldn’t really blame her for that reaction. He avoided the Washingtons after that, he apologised and said what he wanted to say and decided that he couldn’t really do more than that.

He found out about the party from Chris. He wasn’t planning on going but then Josh told him that his sisters weren’t going to be there, which was a relief. But then he promised that he could make sure that Matt was there too. Mike had rolled his eyes at the stupid smirk on Josh’s face at the time, but he hadn’t spoken to Matt in what felt like ages so he agreed to go.

Now they’re on the couch in front of the fire. With blankets wrapped around them, the blankets were about the only way he could get Matt to agree to take his letterman off which was important if he was going to make sure the jock didn’t suddenly get cold feet on him and walk out the door. Their jackets were on a chair in the corner of the room.

Josh managed to come through for them and stashed some food and booze in a cupboard in the kitchen area of the cabin. He instantly knew that Josh somehow knew he wouldn’t be spending the night with Jess when he saw what was there. Jess didn’t mind alcohol, but she hated whiskey and there were about three bottles in the cabin. But Mike decided that the food and drinks could wait. Matt was still a little fidgety, he was a flight risk. So Mike decided to try and get him calm the only way he knew how.

He kept the blankets around them as he moved over Matt, keeping his arms on either side of the jock’s head as he leaned in to seal their lips in a kiss. Matt tensed, ever so slightly but slowly relaxed into it, letting his hands rest on Mike’s hips since he wasn’t sure what else to do with them.

Slow and steady, careful of any sudden movements, Mike broke the kiss to start kissing down Matt’s jaw moving down to the other teen’s neck. He had to fight back against the urge to leave any marks, it’s too soon for that.

There’s so much he wanted to do.

He wanted to ravage Matt senseless, flip the taller teen over and plough into him relentlessly. Hold Matt down and make him scream his name, promise to never let anyone but Mike touch him like this ever. It’s been such a long time that trying to restrain himself was agonizing.

But again, it’s been a long time. A few months ago it seemed like Matt was finally getting used to Mike’s possessive behaviour. Now normally Mike wasn’t a possessive guy, but he loved how submissive Matt could be sometimes. How the jock would let Mike do whatever he wanted, to the point where he would actually beg for more.

In a way it made sense for Emily to latch onto Matt so easily. Matt was so eager, so desperate to please. He was a little jealous and possessive in his own way and so eagerly drank up praise. Emily was a control freak, it made sense for her to gravitate towards Matt.

Mike however wasn’t too pleased with Emily’s latching onto Matt. He didn’t like the idea of Matt submitting and being so eager for anyone but him.

A few months ago, Matt was more comfortable with Mike asserting his control. But it has been months and Mike doesn’t want to scare Matt off. So, he’ll go as slow as he needs to.

But for what wasn’t the first time and probably wouldn’t be the last, Matt surprised him.


“Yeah?” Mike asked moving up to press another kiss on Matt’s lips while his hands worked on loosening the drawstring that kept the jock’s pants up, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s cold.”

“You’ll warm up soon.” Mike said reassuringly, leaning over to nip at the shell of Matt’s ear when the jock suddenly spoke again.

“I want to be warm now.” Matt took in a deep breath, “Fuck me fast.”

Mike pulled back a bit to look at him, “What?”

Matt leaned up to kiss him, it was a passionate almost desperate kiss as he grabbed a hold of Mike’s wife beater to pull him close and whispered, “I missed you.” Matt said bucking up against the other, eliciting a groan reminding Mike of just how much he missed Matt too, “Fuck me now and fuck me fast.”

Mike was breathing hard, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I don’t want to think about anything but you. Please…”

“Ok,” Mike kissed him again, “OK, turn over for me baby.”

Matt obeyed turning over so he was on his knees, arms braced against the armrest of the couch. Somehow Mike managed to keep the blankets over them as he leaned up to  grasp Matt’s chin and turn his head back to seal their lips in a kiss, while the other hand went down under his waistband to wrap around Matt’s member and stroked. Matt moaned into Mike’s mouth, moving back and rolling his hips into the raven’s lap. Mike hissed as he broke the kiss with Matt still moving back against him.


Mike then immediately pushed Matt’s head down onto the couch’s arm rest and grabbed a hold of the jock’s pants and boxers to drag them down so quickly he barely even registered his own movements before he had pulled the blankets over his head and Matt’s back to duck down and spread Matt’s ass apart wasting no time before he leaned in and licked the jock’s entrance.

Matt let out a sharp gasp but didn’t lift this head from the couch as Mike kept licking at the tight ring of muscle making him squirm before he plunged his tongue inside and Matt let out a deep moan, hands clenching in the material of the worn out couch as Mike kept thrusting his tongue in and out, licking all along the jock’s insides and stifling a moan of his own as Matt’s ass seemed to clench around him. He pulled back to take a deep breath, sucking on his own fingers for a moment before he plunged back in, thrusting his tongue in and out  before a finger joined the appendage.

Matt tensed  for a brief moment, breathing deep to try and control his breathing and forced his body to relax as Mike’s finger started thrusting in and out of his hole along with his tongue and then another joined it. Mike resurfaced from the blankets moving up Matt’s back while his fingers moved in and out of the jock’s entrance.

“Matty.” Mike groaned as he leaned over to Matt’s ear, nipping at the shell as his fingers started stretching him open. Matt hissed, shut his eyes tight. “Do you want to slow down?”

Matt shook his head, though his hands stayed clenched in the couch. Mike’s fingers continued to stretch him out while his free hand went around to wrap around Matt’s cock all over again and stroked in time with his thrusts.

Matt cringed at the sharp stings of pain, but slowly got used to it and that familiar feeling of tremors started running up and down his spine. Pleasure mixing in with the pain to make his skin feel tight and hot, he could barely feel the cold anymore.

Mike curved his fingers around, searching for that spot that he knew would make Matt scream until.

“Ah…” Matt gasped and Mike smirked leaning down to start biting and sucking at Matt’s neck before he added a third finger. Matt almost whimpered in protest when Mike’s hand left his member only to moan when the hand went up under his shirt to tease his nipples, first the left and then the right twisting and squeezing until they were so over sensitive it almost started to hurt and groping his sculpted pectorals hard. He moved the fingers in his ass slowly moved in and out and his body clenched against the sensation. When Mike suddenly pulled them out.

Matt whimpered at the loss. He started moving back, chasing the feeling of having them inside of him, arching his back as he did and Mike groaned.

“Fuck, so pretty Matty.” He said pulling the jock up against his chest causing the blankets to slip off as Matt just kept moving back against him, grinding his exposed ass against Mike’s jean covered dick. Mike licked all along Matt’s throat up to his ear as he continued to tease the jock’s chest, “You want me baby?”

“Yes, Mike, please fuck me.”

Mike didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly undid the belt on his jeans and pulled his cock free from the confines, he pulled Matt back against him again. Hissing in pleasure as the jock’s ass ground against him and Matt seemed to moan at the sensation as well.

Mike wrapped his hand around Matt’s dick and started stroking, pulling more and more pre-cum from the head.

“Mike…” Matt groaned as Mike peppered kisses against his neck.

“Almost there just hold on for me.”

Once he had enough, and he couldn’t hold back anymore Mike nudged Matt forward a bit and spread the pre-cum over his own member. Hissing softy before he pulled Matt back again, spreading his cheeks apart and holding his cock up to the other’s entrance. Matt seemed to gasp at the feeling, but gave no resistance as Mike slowly pushed up into him. Mike pulled back a  bit before pushing back in again, going slow to avoid hurting the other until Matt was fully seated on his lap.

They were both sweating by that point. The freezing cold completely forgotten as they both took in gasping breaths.

“Are you O.K?” Mike asked and Matt nodded.

“Yeah.” He gasped as he pulled up just a bit and Mike’s cock pulled out of him before he sank back down again before repeating the action, each time pulling out further before sinking down harder.

“Matt.” Mike groaned unable to stop himself from thrusting up into the other and Matt cried out as his prostate was hit and his vision blurred, a burst of static pleasure flowed through him and he pulled back out to repeat that action again.

They moved against each other, with Mike groaning and moaning into Matt’s ear, whispering praise as his hand continued to play with the jock’s chest. Matt was so far gone by that point that he barely heard it. Waves of pleasure flowed through him, heavy tremors ran up and down his spine. He felt like something was clawing at his skin begging to get out. He barely heard Mike speak.

“Gorgeous. So pretty for me Matty.” Mike whispered hoarsely, “Harder, you want me right, show me how bad you want me.”

Matt moved faster and he could feel his climax start to build, heat coiled in the bottom of his gut and he could feel his release inching closer he reached back and tangled his fingers in Mike’s hair to grip him tight  and pull him over his shoulder, locking their lips in a kiss despite the awkward angle. He moved faster, repeatedly impaling himself on Mike’s hard cock while Mike thrust up into him. Then Mike’s hand wrapped around his member to stroke and he lost it. Coming with a scream as his walls closed around Mike’s cock. He let go of Mike’s hair as he spiralled down into a haze and the raven bit into his shoulder, drawing blood as he thrust harder and faster into the other before it all became too much  and he came as well.

They collapsed on the couch with Matt under the other, breathing hard as they tried to catch their breaths.




The snow looked like it was coming down hard outside the window. Matt suddenly realised that they never would have made it back in time if they left earlier. Spending the night with Mike was totally inevitable.

“So tell me the truth.” Mike started as he moved so he was propped up on his arm on the couch, “Why did you really hook up with Emily?”

Matt rolled his eyes, “You say that like you don’t know her.”

“I do know her, that’s why I’m asking. You’re way too nice for her Matty.” Mike teased as he leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

Matt shook his head, “She’s nice when she wants to be and…” He sighed, “You didn’t see what she was like after you two broke up she was in a really bad place so I just tried to be nice to her and we ended up the way we are now.”

“You felt sorry for her.”

“It’s not like that. Emily’s a great girl, I really do like her even if she’s a bit difficult sometimes.” Matt sighed, “She’s tough and ambitious. I’m motivated when I’m with her, she makes me want to be better. Sure she isn’t always nice about it, but I really do like her.”

“Okay but,” Mike moved so he was snuggling closer into Matt’s side under the blanket, the fire was starting to die out but the cabin was still warm. “You still like me better right?”

Matt’s lips twisted into a smile, “Do you like me better than Jessica?”

“Jessica’s a nice girl.” Matt gave a snort and Mike swatted his head, “Shut up, she is. I get along with her better than I did with Emily but-“


“But you have a much better ass than she does.” Mike said reaching down to slip his hands under Matt’s ass just to prove his points, Matt squirmed out of his grasp.

“Knock it off. I am not letting you plough into me already. Be serious you creep.”

Mike gave a snort, “I like Jess, she’s cool. We click but, yeah, I like you better.”

Matt moved down so he was under the covers as well, wrapping his arms around Mike’s waist and leaned in to kiss him. Mike put a hand on the nape of his neck to draw him closer. “I think I like you better too.”

“And hey, if you really want some motivation then I’m sure I could find a way to-“ Matt could feel Mike’s other hand slipping over his side, “Motivate you.”

“Wow, O.K.”

“Reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour.”

“Oh my God.” Matt chuckled, “Please tell me you don’t have some kind of undisclosed BDSM thing.”

Mike shrugged, “Well, I don’t but if you do then hey, I don’t kink shame.”

Matt laughed, “You’re ridiculous.”

Mike smiled, “Look in all seriousness, Em can be great and Jess is cool, and I don’t want to hurt them either so if you want to keep this quiet then that’s fine. Long as I don’t have to stay away from you.”

“Thank you.” Matt said with a soft sigh, “And for the record, you’re pretty great too.”

“For the record, if you ever want to reconsider the BDSM thing…”

Matt laughed  giving Mike a playful slug under the blankets, “Shut up.”

The curled into one another, enjoying the warmth that radiated between them. For the moment, calm and content even as the storm raged on outside.