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You're Hurting too because You're Mine

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Alphas don’t cry. His father has told him that since the day he was born. If he was going to be the next Pack Alpha, he needed to be strong and being strong meant no crying. So instead of focussing on the sting of the salve, he focuses on the one applying it.

“You’re so stupid.”

Jeongguk can’t help but smile at Jimin’s tone, a mixture of frustration and fondness that is reserved only for him. He tries to put his hand on Jimin’s cheek to comfort him but Jimin swats it away. Jeongguk smiles harder.

“I’m fine, hyung,” he whispers, not wanting to upset the omega even more.

“You promised no more fights!” Jimin grumbles, “You promised you’d let me handle it. I had it under control-”

Jeongguk’s voice hardens, “They crossed the line.”

Jimin startles. Jeongguk may be young but he was every bit alpha and Jimin still wasn’t used it. Jeongguk holds his stare until Jimin looks away, a light flush on his cheeks.

“They’re just words, Jeongguk,” he mutters.

Jeongguk growls, “I don’t fucking care. Those assholes-”

“Don’t swear.”

“Those jerks think they can treat you like that just because you’re an omega and I won’t fudging let them.” He reigns in his anger, going back to whispers, “You’re mine and I’ll always protect you.”

Jimin hands freeze, his voice so quiet Jeongguk can barely hear him, “But I’m not yours…”

“You’re mine.” He leaves no room for argument. Jimin doesn’t address it, just goes back to applying the salve as carefully as possible. He hesitates one more time and then looks up at him, tears in his eyes and Jeongguk’s heart aches. His wolf whines and he reaches forward to comfort the omega, pulling him into his arms. He scents Jimin, whines in apology and kisses his neck, right over his scent gland, where mating bites go. His gums itch but Jeongguk ignores it, knowing this is not that time. 

They hold each other for a while, until Jimin finally pulls away. He sniffles but seems to be okay. He looks up at Jeongguk and Jeongguk swears his heart skips a few beats. Big beautiful brown eyes looking up at him beseechingly. 

“Please, Jeonggukie,” Jimin pleads, “I can’t see you hurt. I hate it, especially when it’s because of me. So please, for me, please stop.”

Jeongguk would give Jimin the moon if he asked for it, but he can’t seem to get his lips to move. His wolf won’t let him. Jimin reaches out for his hands. So small.

“I’m scared. So scared that I’ll lose you.” 

“You’ll never lose me,” he leaves no room for argument. He can tell from the way Jimin sighs and rolls his eyes that he doesn’t believe him and Jeongguk almost growls in frustration. He takes Jimin’s face into his hands and brings him close, until they’re almost nose to nose.

“I know you think I’m just a pup, hyung, but please listen to me right now,” Jeongguk insists, declares, “It doesn’t matter what happens, I will always be here. I will always find you. Because you’re mine and we’re meant to be together.”

Jimin goes a little cross-eyed trying to look into his eyes, searching for something. Jeongguk’s not sure if he finds it but his heart sings when Jimin finally replies.


“I promise.”



Jeongguk stares up at the stars, letting the memory fade into the recesses of his mind, safely locked away. He sits up in the grass, cracking his back as he makes sure there’s enough wood to keep the fire burning for the rest of the night. He stretches as he stands, bones stiff from staying in his wolf form for too long. That’s what he gets for hunting elk. After one final stretch he goes inside his cave, his home for the past ten years.

Ten years of a solitary existence with nothing and no one but himself. For the most part, it's been fine. He's always preferred being alone. Even as a pup, he preferred sitting on his own drawing, while the others played. He wasn't much for scrapping, didn't understand the appeal of fighting for fun. When Jeongguk faught, it was for real stakes or not at all. Out here there’s no room for play fights. Hunting meant the difference between going to bed full or not going to bed at all due to hunger. One of the lessons he’s learned in exile.

Exile. His ten year sentence is almost over. After the full moon he'll finally go back home, back to his pack, back to his family. 

Back to Jimin. 

He flips through his sketchbook to his favourite drawing, the one that kept him alive for ten years, alone in the wild. He traces over the charcoal lines with reverence. The sketch comes to life and it's like he's there again. The image of Jimin spread out beneath him, hooded eyes glazed over, irises pure gold, neck painted with reds and purples, swollen lips slick with spit and cum. Beautiful. So, so fucking beautiful. 

Jeongguk could picture every detail perfectly, he'd never let himself forget. How big and bright the moon was through Jimin's bedroom window. How the whole room stunk with the combined smells of jasmine and  sandalwood. Jeongguk had worried his new scent wouldn't work with Jimin's flowery one, that Jimin would find it repulsive, but all the worry was for nothing. Jimin would never reject him. They were meant to be, afterall. 

"J-Jeongguk… please. Please, please, please." 

Jimin had wanted Jeongguk to bite him, Jeongguk knows it in his soul that's what Jimin wanted. No one knew Jimin like he did. He knew every corner of Jimin's heart and Jimin had wanted it all. He had wanted Jeongguk to come to his room that night. He knew Jeongguk would seek him out, he had to have known. He’d let Jeongguk fuck him, was going to let Jeongguk claim him. Would have, if they hadn’t been pulled apart, hands pulling him away from Jimin, away from his mate. 

The room filled with the scent of Jimin's distress. They later tried to tell him that it had already smelled like that but that wasn't true. Jeongguk remembers it all perfectly and Jimin wasn't in distress until they showed up, their pack. Their family. Jimin had wanted to mate, he’d wanted Jeongguk's bite, Jeongguk knows it. 

His sentence is almost over. Just a few days and he'll finally be back with Jimin. His Jimin. His mate. His. 



He doesn't say anything. Doesn't lift his arms when his mother embraces him, doesn't move when his father scents him. The Alpha frowns but doesn't comment on it, just moves back to join the rest of the council as they decide Jeongguk's fate. 

They start the meeting with questions, a lot of questions, too many. Has he learned his lesson? Does he understand why he was banished? Does he understand that he left them no choice, that they did it for the safety of the pack? They ask questions disguised with fake love and concern. He knows they don't give a shit about him. They're looking for a tell, a sign of weakness, any excuse they could use to send him away again but he won't let that happen. He answers with nods or as few words as possible, ready for this to be over. 

He had hoped Jimin would be here, that he'd be with the others who had been waiting for Jeongguk to return, but he understands. They kept Jimin away, are still keeping Jimin away. As they lead him around the pack territory, he doesn’t see Jimin and he knows that’s intentional too but he doesn’t say anything. He’s been careful not to mention Jimin and so has the council, atmosphere tense but both parties ignore it. Jeongguk’s fine with it, he doesn’t need them to find Jimin. Even now traces of jasmine float in the air and he itches to find where it’s coming from.

They show him to his cabin, so far from the rest of the pack he almost laughs out loud. It’s a small shack on the edge of their territory, a room split into a kitchen and bedroom, with an outhouse out back, but Jeongguk doesn’t give a fuck, eager to have them gone. 

As soon as he sees them disappear into the forest he takes off, following the scent of jasmine. He had picked up on it immediately, before he even reached pack territory. He recognized it the instant it hit his nostrils, his wolf baying, wanting to be free. Somehow Jeongguk held his composure, somehow he was able to hide the urgency he felt surging through him as the old wolves yammered on, but not anymore. He shifts and runs. 

Showing him around had been a waste of time. Jeongguk grew up on this land, in this forest. He and Jimin spent days exploring it, as wolves and as boys, and he knew every inch of it. Ten years hadn’t changed much and he finds himself practically flying through the trees, a shadow running on pure instinct to the source of the sweet scent, his mind body and soul screaming Jimin, Jimin, Jimin. He knows he’s close. Can feel it, taste it, taste Jimin. He’d survived on his own, become more animal than man, a true wolf and a wolf always finds gets its prey. 

He’s right here. Right beyond those bushes, by the lake, of course he’s by the lake. That’s where they always went when they wanted to escape, be alone away from the world. It was their spot. Theirs. His and Jimin’s. Jimin, Jimin, Jimin….

He hurdles over the bushes, shifts in the air and lands on all fours. He looks around frantically as his brain drowns in the scent of jasmine, inhaling deeply through his nose as he searches for the omega. He smells the other wolf just as he spots him. Pushed up against a tree by someone he doesn’t know, someone who isn’t Jeongguk. 

He can’t see what they’re doing and he doesn’t care, doesn’t give a flying fuck, all wolf in nature as he jumps at the other alpha. He had taught himself patience, taught himself how to keep control because he knew it would be important for when he came back. He couldn’t let the things that had happened before happen again, couldn’t let himself be separated from Jimin once they were reunited. He’d really thought he was good. But as he pins the alpha down and punches him in the face, he realizes he never stood a chance. Because when it comes to Jimin, there is no rationale, it’s just animal instinct. A wolf protecting its mate. 

He pummels the other alpha into the dirt, teeth bared, canines out, eyes red. His wolf cheers, growls its encouragement. Jeongguk growls too, drool trickling down his chin. There’s a ringing in his ear that almost prevents him from hearing the omega’s cries.

“Jeongguk stop! Stop! You’re hurting him! Please Jeonggukie!” Jimin yells.

Jeongguk, please .

He freezes with his arm drawn back, panting as he comes back to his senses. The wolf under him isn’t moving.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Jeongguk what did you do?!” Jimin weeps and Jeongguk finally looks up at him and he’s breathless for another reason entirely.

Jimin was beautiful even then, when they were pups newly presented, but he is downright enchanting now. He’s taller, but just slightly. Slender without his baby fat but still curvy, his muscles toned. His silver locks are longer now, falling over his eyes in a way that makes Jeongguk want to brush them back. His lips even fuller and Jeongguk has to bite his own from the need to kiss them, bite them. And then he finally meets Jimin’s eyes. 

Beautiful brown eyes full of tears, sparkling like stars.

He forgets the other wolf and stands up, moving slowly. It’s been so long he almost can’t believe the vision before him is real, wonders if this Jimin is another from his imagination, but when he’s close enough that he can feel Jimin’s breath on his skin he knows he’s real.


His voice is raspy from lack of use and growling, but he speaks the name like it’s precious. Jimin is here, he’s real and he’s here, right in front of him.


Jimin seems to be just as frozen, looking up at him like a rabbit caught in a trap. Jeongguk appreciates how far up Jimin has to look now to meet his eyes, he’s grown over the years too. He’s taller, thicker, grown up. He’s had little else to do besides hunt and exercise. He spent most of his time swimming and training and he knows his body shows it. He knows he’s handsome and from the look on Jimin’s face, he knows it too. Jeongguk smirks when he catches Jimin staring at the scar on his lip, cheeks flushing. This seems to snap Jimin out of whatever trance he was in.

He looks towards the man on the ground, which is a mistake because Jeongguk immediately blocks his view of him with a snarl. 

“Don’t look at him.”

Jimin tries to walk around but Jeongguk blocks him again, grabbing Jimin by the waist when he doesn’t stop to hold him in place. Jimin tries to pull his hands away but when he fails, he crosses his arms and glares. He shouts, “Jeongguk he’s going to die!”

“If you keep worrying about him, I’ll make sure of it.”

Jimin’s eyes go wide, mouth hanging open and he looks around as if to make sure no one hears. Jeongguk takes the time to look him over again. He really is gorgeous, the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen. He moves his hands up and down where they sit on Jimin’s waist, so tiny, slowly moving them to his lower back. He pulls Jimin closer and Jimin gasps, bracing himself by putting his hands on Jeongguk’s biceps. Jeongguk flexes because why not, and it’s worth it to see Jimin face turn bright red, his breath hitches, and he stares at where his hands are with fascination. It lasts until the mutt on the ground groans.

“Shit! Jaebum!”, Jimin almost tries again to move past him but stops when Jeongguk snarls.

“We can’t just let him die, Ggukie…”

Jeongguk wants to ask why not but he’d rather not upset Jimin even further. He’s pictured their reunion over a million times and none of them involved someone dying.

“I’ll carry him to the healer.”

Jimin gnaws on his bottom lip and Jeongguk almost gives in, wanting to catch that lip between his own teeth. He leans in the slightest bit but the look on Jimin’s face and the bit of fear trickling into his scent freezes him in place. 

“You’ll get in trouble,” he whispers.

He shrugs. Not much they can do about that now. They’re not getting rid of him again, Jeongguk knows that for damn sure. He won’t go. But Jimin seems to be conjuring up worst case scenarios, trying to come up with a plan. Jeongguk goes back to letting his hands roam, moving over smooth skin up Jimin’s back, then back down to where his shorts hand low. He leans in a bit to get a better whiff of his scent, jasmine seeping into his soul, letting out a breath he’d been holding since the day he’d been made to leave. 

“I got it,” Jimin says with a snap, unaware of Jeongguk’s train of thought. “Okay, pick him up. We’ll take him to Yoongi.”

Jeongguk reluctantly lets go as Jimin steps back, still yet to acknowledge how close they’d been. Jeongguk gives him a look as he bends down to pick the now unconscious alpha up, not particularly careful as he tosses him over his shoulder, “Yoongi?”

Jimin nods, “He’s the healer now. His father passed away a year ago. He should be at his cabin. Let’s go.”

“Not even going to offer to help?” Jeongguk asks.

Jimin looks over his shoulder and purses his lips, trying to appear casual as he assesses Jeongguk’s body from head to toe. “You look like you’re doing fine,” he mutters, and starts walking.

The silence stretches between them, Jeongguk’s mind buzzing with all the things he’s wanted to say but can’t seem to find the words now. It doesn’t help that Jaebum keeps moaning and groaning with every step he takes, reminding everyone of his presence. Jeongguk figures if there’s any place to start, that would be it.

“What were you doing with him?”

Jimin looks back with an arched brow, then turns around once again and keeps walking, “Nothing, especially not what you obviously thought.”

Jeongguk’s growls in warning, “It looked like something. He had you pushed against a tree.”

“He was doing his job.”

“What job?”

Jimin hesitates, walking for a full minute before he speaks again, “Keeping me away.”

They don’t need to say from what, from who. 

They continue on their way to Yoongi’s cabin. Yoongi’s on his porch talking with someone when he spots them. Surprise, shock, and anger flashing across his face before he’s able to get himself under control. He stalks towards them, glaring at Jeongguk and Jeongguk rolls his eyes. He used to be close to Yoongi, he was once like an older brother to him, but from the way he’s approaching them now, Jeongguk’s sure those feelings have changed greatly.

Jimin steps in front, holding out his hands like that’ll somehow help keep the beta at bay, “Yoongi hyung…”

“What the fuck did he do?” Yoongi practically barks as he reaches them, Jimin holding him back. Jeongguk frowns at how Jimin’s hands are on Yoongi’s chest. 

“Nothing! It was a bear-”


“It was!” Jimin insists, now struggling to hold Yoongi back as he tries to get Jimin behind him. 

“I don’t smell bear on any one of you. What I do smell is the stink of feral alpha.” He punctuates the words with a scowl aimed at Jeongguk. 

Jimin puts strength behind his words, every bit of his mother’s son, voice full of authority, “Well I’m telling you it was and that’s all you should need,” he softens slightly, “Please, hyung. He needs help.”

Yoongi turns to Jimin for the first time and Jeongguk frowns again at how Yoongi looks at him. Everyone’s weak for Jimin, he’s had the whole pack wrapped around his finger since he was born. Jeongguk’s never liked it. He hated it when anyone took Jimin’s attention away from him. Only he’s allowed to look at Jimin, only he’s allowed to touch Jimin. Only him.

Yoongi sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “Jiminie-”

Jeongguk growls. Yoongi notices.

“I’ll handle it,” Jimin cuts in before Yoongi can comment, “Tell me as soon as he wakes up. I’ll handle everything else. And...don’t tell anyone. Please.”

Yoongi clearly wants to argue but Jaebum’s painful groans finally seem to register. He sighs again.



They walk in silence. Jeongguk doesn’t know where they’re going and doesn’t quite care. He follows Jimin to a small little cabin and just from the outside, Jeongguk knows it’s Jimin’s. It’s got windchimes and crystals hanging out in front, sunlight refracting through to create rainbows. There’s a little garden and a white picket fence, everything Jimin had always said he wanted. Jeongguk’s glad, if a little resentful. He wishes he could’ve given all of that to Jimin. But there’s time.

Jimin leads him inside and it’s just as charming as the outside. Full of yellows and blues, colorful and bright just like him. Jeongguk immediately feels a sense of home. Jimin pours water into a kettle and takes out two cups from a cupboard, putting a tea bag in each.

Jeongguk sits on a stool by the kitchen counter and watches him. Jimin moves with a grace now that he didn’t have back then, an adult now instead of a kid. It’s almost like he’s dancing as he flitters around, opening and closing cupboards, pulling out bread and jam and everything else. He has crystals hanging inside too, rainbows bouncing off the yellow walls making the whole scene almost look like a dream. Jeongguk pinches himself to make sure he isn’t asleep.

He makes sure their fingers touch when Jimin hands him his cup of tea, pleased when Jimin blushes. His first sip of tea in years, exactly the way he used to like it. Sweet and milky, Jimin remembered. They sit quietly for a few more moments before Jimin finally cracks.

“You look so...different,” he says.

Jeongguk chuckles, “No shit, really?”

“Stop!” Jimin whines, “I mean, you look so grown up. Look...good.”

Jimin’s holding back but Jeongguk still puffs his chest with pride, his wolf pleased that they’d pleased Jimin. He doesn’t feel the same need to hold back when he replies with a breathy, “You look beautiful.”

“Jeongguk don’t start.” Jimin’s voice is quiet but insistent and Jeongguk doesn’t want to have that fight yet. So he changes the topic.

“How have you been?”

Jimin smiles, relief obvious, “I’ve been good! I was put in charge of a hunting group. Of omegas and betas, but there’s a couple of alphas, too. We, um, hunt small game and stuff. We also do the harvesting and handle the greenhouse. Mom helped me a lot in the beginning because I was really nervous.”

He’s rambling and it’s so cute, Jeongguk almost coos. He lets Jimin talk about everything that’s been going on in the pack, every little update that he’s missed. Jeongguk sits with his chin in his hands, his smile ear to ear, eyes shining. It’s perfect, everything is perfect. He should pinch himself again.

He doesn’t know how much time passes by, could be minutes, could be hours, or even days. Jeongguk could stay in this moment forever, watching Jimin talk about how he caught a deer last week all on his own. Jimin beams when Jeongguk tells him how impressive that is. He shines like the sun, getting brighter and brighter at Jeongguk’s encouragement and fascination. When he finally runs out of things to talk about, he grows quiet, almost shy if Jeongguk isn’t mistaken. Jeongguk knows what he wants to ask and waits patiently, silently encouraging him.

“’ve you been?”

Jeongguk could tell him the truth. Could tell him about how he slept in the snow the first couple of years because he couldn’t find shelter. How there were many days he didn’t eat anything at all. How his ruts had been unbearable, his soul craving its mate, wolf wailing as if in mourning. It had been every bit the nightmare it was intended to be, a true punishment. He could tell Jimin all that, and perhaps one day he will. But that won’t be today. So he sums up the truth in as few words as possible.

“I’ve been good. Missed you.”

Jimin smiles, soft and sweet, “I missed you, too, pup.”

He gets up and stalks across the counter, reaching for Jimin, ready to finally put their pining to an end, when someone starts banging on the door.

“Jimin! Open this door right now!”

They both freeze. It’s the Pack Alpha. 

Jimin moves but Jeongguk grabs his hand, holding on tight. No, no, no! He was finally going to-

“JIMIN! NOW! Or I’m breaking it down!” Alpha Jeon roars, the hinges of the door shaking. Jimin tries to pull free, asks Jeongguk to let go but Jeongguk won’t, his wolf ready to challenge the Alpha’s authority if necessary. The Alpha’s anger must mean he knows about Jaebum. He wouldn’t be separated from Jimin again, never again.

Jimin pulls again, harder, but when Jeongguk doesn’t let go he changes tactics. He keeps his voice low so their Alpha doesn’t hear, “Jeongguk...Jeongguk, my good pup.”

Jeongguk was always Jimin’s good little pup. Always so eager to please his hyung. He fights against that urge now. Jimin steps into his space, his free arm wrapping around Jeongguk and after a little hesitation, he bares his neck. Jeongguk dives in like a man starved. He doesn’t have the time to scent Jimin like he wants, but the scent of jasmine calms him instantly, his hand around Jimin’s wrist letting go so he can put both arms around Jimin, hold him close. 

“I’ll handle it, I promise,” Jimin says, a little breathless, his hand tugging at Jeongguk’s hair to pull him off, “But I need you to trust me.”

Jeongguk arms tighten, his nose burying into Jimin’s neck, and he sounds just like the pup he was the last time they saw each other when he whispers, “I won’t go.”

Jimin shakes his head, squeezing Jeongguk back, “No, pup. You’re not going anywhere. I promise. But you have to let me go right now so I can make sure of that. I need you to trust me. You can do that right, Jeonggukie?”

Jeongguk nods. He releases Jimin, whole body tense as Jimin goes to open the door that is almost splintering under the force. 

The Alpha storms in like a thundercloud, all signs of the welcoming father gone as he sees Jeongguk in the kitchen. Just like with Yoongi, Jimin blocks the way to Jeongguk. The Pack Alpha’s attention turns to him, checking over him to make sure he’s in one piece. Jeongguk almost scoffs. Did he really think he would hurt Jimin?

“Yoongi said Jaebum was attacked by a bear.”

Jimin gulps and nods, “Yes.”

“Is that the truth?” Alpha Jeon asks.

The Alpha looks between Jimin’s eyes, and Jeongguk’s impressed by Jimin’s composure. He doesn’t falter, doesn’t crack under the alphas scrutiny. He stands with his head held high, back straight as he relates the events. Jaebum had been guarding him as he was told to, keeping Jimin away during Jeongguk’s return, when a bear attacked them. Jaebum had tried to protect them, but the bear bested him and he would’ve got Jimin, too, if it hadn’t been for Jeongguk. So earnest, so convincing that Jeongguk could swear there really was a bear out there by the lake that day.

The Alpha turns to Jeongguk, “Is this the truth?”

Jeongguk nods.

It’s clear the Alpha doesn’t believe them but he can’t do anything about it, for now. He finally nods, “Okay. Okay, we’ll see what Jaebum has to say about this when he wakes up.”

When neither of them say anything, Alpha Jeon focuses his attention on Jeongguk.

“I know we didn’t say anything but I thought we wouldn’t need to. I thought shame and decency would keep you away from him.”

“Alpha, he-” Jimin’s silenced with a hand.

The Pack Alpha, Jeongguk’s father, flesh and blood, steps up to him. Jeongguk is pleased to see he’s taller than his father now. His old man was exactly that now, an old man. His hair gray at his temples, skin wrinkled by his eyes and mouth. He moved just a bit slower, too, Jeongguk had noticed. He could beat him, if he needed to.

“Since it wasn’t clear before, I’m making it clear now. If you want to be part of this pack, this is a rule you will follow until the day you die,” the Pack Alpha declares, voice like steel, cold and hard, “You will stay away from Jimin. If he is present, you are not. You do not get to see, smell, or hear him. If you can’t do that, you might as well go back into the hell you came from.”

Jeongguk knows he’s meant to be scared, terrified even, but he throws his head back and laughs. Laughs open and freely at the sheer ridiculousness of the request. He has waited a decade to be with Jimin. He’s not waiting another fucking day.

He’s about to tell his father all of that when he catches Jimin’s eye over his father’s shoulder. He has his hands together, eyes unblinking as his lips move to form one word.


Jimin had promised they wouldn’t be apart again and Jimin has always kept his promises to Jeongguk. Always. So Jeongguk swallows the acid in his mouth, he relaxes his body showing he isn’t a threat. 

“Okay,” he grunts.


It’s like being burned alive, his bones kindling for the fire raging inside him. He wants to tear off his skin, rip through the layers of flesh to let the fire out. He bites his tongue to hold back a howl, his mind being split in half as his wolf demands freedom. This shouldn’t be happening. He’s already had his rut this year, this is way too soon. It doesn’t make sense.

But he can’t deny what’s happening. His body is preparing itself to mate, his wolf clawing at his brain, urging him to find Jimin so they can finally claim him. So they don’t have to spend another rut alone, in agony. It’s angry and afraid. A desperation he’s never felt before, like if he misses this chance he’ll never have one again. 


Jeongguk swears he can hear Jimin calling for him, begging them to find him, to finish what they started ten years ago. Jeongguk's gums ache something awful, his canines fully extended, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and he feels almost feral. He’s so far gone he can almost smell the sweet scent of jasmine on the breeze coming in from the cracked window. His nostrils flare as he realizes that it’s real. He smells jasmine and...something else. Something that makes his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth.

Slick .

Jeongguk’s by the door in an instant, yanking the old slab of wood right off its hinges. He sniffs the air. The scent is much stronger now and there's no mistaking where it's coming from. 

It's just like last time. 

Jeongguk takes off into the night. 

Even if he had never been to Jimin's cabin before, he would've been able to find it. He would've found it blindfolded, the scent so heavy in the air it was like a neon pathway all the way to his door. 

He's practically sprinting by the time he hears the wind chimes, the thought of his omega in need driving him forward. When he sees the door, he has to hold back to keep from breaking it down, wolf demanding he do just that. But he couldn't risk the attention. No one was going to disturb them this time. 

He knocks. 

No response. 

He quickly glances around and dares to knock a little louder. Still nothing. 

At this point man and animal both are running out of patience and banging on the door would draw more attention than breaking it down anyway. He's about to do just that when he decides to try the latch just for the fuck of it. 

It's unlocked. 

The strength of Jimin's scent punches him in the face, eyes going red. It permeates the walls of the little cabin, clogs his lungs as he battles his wolf for control. He doesn't want to scare Jimin but his cock is so hard it's painful, and he can't hold back much longer. 

He prowls, just like when he would hunt on his own, zeroing in on his prey. He isn't surprised to find Jimin's bedroom door wide open. He is surprised by what he finds, it almost brings him to his knees. 

Jimin, in heat.


He’s seen Jimin in heat before, but that doesn't prepare him for this. Jimin's eyes are flashing gold and glazed over, cheeks a pretty pink as he lays on his back with two fingers in his hole. A bedsheet is draped over him but it does little to hide what's happening underneath. The air is nothing but slick and sweat and Jeongguk takes a deep breath thinking it would help calm him down. It has the exact opposite effect and now he’s shaking from the effort to stand still, his final brain cell fighting hard.

Jimin peeks up at him through his lashes, body trembling. He’s covered in sweat, whole body flushed like he has a fever. He immediately stops what he's doing, pulling his fingers out and tugging the sheet tighter around himself as a shudder wracks through his frame. Jeongguk gets a whiff of fresh slick and his wolf is pawing at the ground for him to move, to do something.

And then…

“J-Jeongguk…” Jimin whimpers, so pitiful it’d be heartbreaking under any other circumstances, “Jeongguk, p-please…”

Jeongguk charges in. He lifts him up and Jimin clings, wrapping his arms and legs tight around the alpha. The sheet falls to the ground, forgotten, as Jeongguk takes two big steps to slam the omega against the wall. The cabin shakes but neither of them notice, a need so urgent that the whole place could burn down and they wouldn’t blink. 

He latches on to Jimin’s neck, the clear skin almost an insult to his wolf. He would make sure it would never be so again. He was going to keep Jimin marked up always, his body a canvas for Jeongguk. He nips and then licks, soothing the skin before moving on. Jimin throws back his head and keens high and loud, his hands tightening in Jeongguk’s hair, trying to pull him closer. Jeongguk presses his body against Jimin, needing to feel him everywhere. They’re both completely bare, Jimin’s cock dripping between their bellies, slick dribbling from his ass and down Jeongguk’s legs. Jimin moves against him, desperate, his cock and balls rubbing against the tip of Jeongguk’s dick. Jeongguk hisses between his teeth when Jimin moves too high and his dick slips between Jimin’s cheeks, warm slick coating him.

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he groans and Jimin whines.

“So wet for you. Need you, Gguk. Need you now," he squirms in Jeongguk's hold, trying to get Jeongguk's cock where he wants it. 

“Not yet, baby,” Jeongguk says, nuzzling Jimin’s cheek when he whines again, “I want to make this good for you.”

“But I need you to fuck me now . Need you so bad, I-I…” he stutters. 

“I know, baby, I know,” he kisses Jimin’s cheek, nose, and chin, pressing himself even tighter against the omega and releasing pheromones to calm him. Their combined heat is making the cabin feel like a sauna, the air musty and thick with the scent of jasmine and sandalwood. It’s almost impossible to breathe. 

He brushes their lips together, tingles running down his spine. Jimin’s lips are soft, so soft, like rose petals. He had sketchbooks wholly dedicated to Jimin’s lips. He had tried so hard to capture their perfection on paper, but he could never get it quite right. Seeing them in person just proves how pathetic his attempts had been. Everything about Jimin is ideal. 

He can feel Jimin’s stuttered breaths against his lips, his own breathing choppy, like he’d just run a marathon. They stay like that for a while, breathing each other in, sandalwood and jasmine coating their lungs. Then Jimin sobs and the dam is broken. Jeongguk kisses Jimin like he’s trying to consume him, and maybe he is. Maybe he can swallow Jimin whole, capture all that light and warmth inside him.

He plunders, taking everything, and Jimin gives it all, letting Jeongguk lick into every corner. Jeongguk wraps his lips around Jimin’s tongue, sucking it into his own mouth. He continues to explore, all the while Jimin is grinding faster and faster against him, frantically chasing his release. Jeongguk tries to ignore the heat building in his gut, wanting to savor their first kiss but Jimin is not having it and Jeongguk is weak. He kisses Jimin once, twice, and finally draws back, keeping their foreheads together.

“I need you, too. You have no idea how badly,” he murmurs, kissing Jimin between each statement, “All I could ever think about was you. About how I was going to fuck you stupid first chance I got. Going to mate you, Jiminie. Make you mine.”

Jimin kisses back with building enthusiasm as Jeongguk speaks, a fresh glob of slick escaping him and falling onto the floor with a soft splat. There’s not a hint of shame in his voice when he begs, “Yes, yes, yes please . Fuck me.”

There's no chance of misunderstanding this time. No one could say this is just him being young and confused about what is happening. There's no distress in Jimin's scent, it's all want, pure omega want and hunger. His words, his scent, and his body, clear about what he wants. And what he wants is Jeongguk. He wants his alpha. 

Jeongguk hikes the omega up so he can get a better grip on his ass, leaning him against the wall. He bends his head to swirl his tongue around a rosy nipple as he traces over Jimin's hole with a finger from each hand, pressing against it lightly and Jimin howls. Despite the amount of slick on their legs and the floor, and what Jimin had been doing when he arrived, Jeongguk is surprised to find Jimin tight, so damn tight he almost pulls a finger out when Jimin starts shaking his head frantically, golden eyes filled with tears. 

"N-no, stay…" he demands, voice shaky but certain. 

"I don't want to hurt you, baby." Jeongguk says. 

Jimin tugs back Jeongguk's head by his hair, golden eyes meeting red. 

"I know you would never hurt me… my alpha would never hurt me," he says and Jeongguk's whole world tilts on an axis. 

My alpha

Jeongguk shoves his fingers back in, adding another as he kisses Jimin hard and fast. 

"Say it again," a growl and a plea. 

Jimin tries to catch his breath, eyes struggling to stay open as he remembers how to speak. 

"A-alpha… my alpha…" 

Jeongguk's pupils blow out, adrenaline pumps through his veins as the wolf that'd been content letting him have the wheel now steps up to take control, answering the call of the omega in his arms. Everything in him screaming to take the omega here and now. 

He takes out his fingers, slick oozing out after him. He lifts Jimin to right above the head of his cock, lining himself up. Jimin's grip around his neck seems to go weak as he touches his tip to the omega's hole and he almost slips on the puddle of slick as he tries to catch him, Jimin's head bonking against the wall. 

Jeongguk immediately panics. He carries Jimin over to the bed, laying him down as delicately as possible but it's not easy with the way Jimin wriggles in his arms. Once he puts him down, he tries to get a look at his head but Jimin is smacking his hands away. 

He gives up and raises his hands, about to back away to give the omega some space when he sees a tear fall down his cheek, the faint hint of distress hitting his nose. 

He's on him in an instant, hauling Jimin forward and Jimin goes with a sob. Jeongguk nuzzles against his cheek and neck, scenting him like they used to do when they were pups. Back then Jeongguk wouldn't let Jimin go anywhere until they both smelled like each other, would make sure Jimin was dripping in his pheromones. He does the same now, Jimin’s upset agitating his wolf. The uneasiness lasts until Jimin begins to scent him back, gently nuzzling his nose behind Jeongguk’s ear and across his cheek. It makes Jeongguk shudder.

“Jiminie…” he breaths, getting the sweetest little whine in response.

He wants to take more time, could spend days like this with Jimin, but the flames momentarily kept at bay by worry burn hotter than ever, his cock appearing almost purple with the rush of blood and Jimin seems to be in a similar state, a fresh wet patch already forming on the already drenched sheets. Jeongguk wipes away the last traces of his tears before kissing him, starting slow and letting it build, not wanting to scare the omega in any way. Jimin, if anything, seems to be more impatient than him, wrapping his legs back around Jeongguk’s waist, thrusting up wildly, and as oblivious as Jeongguk can be, he understands the meaning loud and clear. 

He hooks his arms under Jimin’s legs, stretching them up and over his shoulders so that he can get a better look. His entrance is all shiny and pink, a constant stream of slick trickling out like syrup. Jeongguk places his nose right against it and inhales, letting out a shuddery breath as his lungs fill with the sticky sweetness. 

Jimin hides behind his hands, suddenly bashful. His blush spreads all the way down to the tips of his little toes. Jeongguk blows against his hole, watching fascinated as it twitches.


Jeongguk looks up to see Jimin peeking through his fingers, his face a bright red, so stinking cute and if Jeongguk wasn’t already whipped, he would be now. 

“Stop what, sweetheart?” he asks, tilting his head.

Jimin blushes anew at the endearment, about to cover his face again but Jeongguk grabs his hands before he can, kissing the tip of each finger. Jimin waits for him to finish, eyes unblinking, fully transfixed. Jeongguk sucks his pinky into his mouth, quirking his brow as he waits for an answer when Jimin remains incapable of speaking. He releases it with a pop, placing his hand by Jimin’s head as he bends down for a kiss.

“Stop what?” he whispers, their lips barely touching. Jimin tries to attach them, but Jeongguk moves away.

“You umm…” Jimin says, clearly uncomfortable but he doesn’t hide this time and it pleases his alpha, “You were staring…”

“Mhmm I was,” Jeongguk replies, “because it’s the most beautiful damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

Jeon Jeongguk! ” the omega shrieks, smacking him square in the chest.

“So, about to smack Jeongguk’s chest but Jeongguk pins his hands by his head and growls. Jimin snaps back and Jeongguk halts for a second, surprised at the omega’s challenge but he shouldn’t be. Jimin has always been fearless, one of the reason’s Jeongguk’s wolf had chosen him as their mate, itching to tame the wild omega. He takes the opportunity now, gets right in Jimin’s face, red eyes blazing as a growl rumbles in his chest. He bares his teeth, an intention to claim not a threat. And by the spike in Jimin’s arousal and him baring his neck isn’t a sign, the spike in his arousal is. 

Jeongguk licks Jimin’s neck, right over his scent gland, right where he was going to put his mark. He grabs on to each of Jimin’s ankles, spreading his legs and pushing them as far back as possible, lifting his ass off the bed. He holds both ankles in one hand while he lines himself up with the other, transfixed on the image of his tip pressing against Jimin’s slick covered hole, his precum mixing with the omega’s slick. He holds his breath, circling a few times before pushing in, letting go of his cock so he can plant one hand. He finds Jimin’s hand instead and laces their fingers together on the bed.

He looks at Jimin, beautifully perfect Jimin. Jimin is watching him, too, fresh tears in his eyes and Jeongguk feels his own eyes sting. His hair falls into his face and Jimin smooths it back, tucking it behind his ear and then placing his hand on Jeongguk’s cheek.

“I want it. I want your knot, alpha,” he says, sounding beyond fucked out but sure of his words, “Make me yours. Please Jeongguk.”

Mine, mine, mine.

Jeongguk grits his teeth, thrusting in all the way with an animalistic howl, Jimin joining with his own, both of them tightening their hold on the other’s hand. Jeongguk takes off with wild abandon, humping mindlessly, like it’s the only thing he knows how to do and right now it is. The effort to hold up his head feels like too much but he has to watch Jimin. 

Jimin looks delirious, fucked brainless with the way his eyes are rolling back into his head, body bouncing uselessly on the mattress as Jeongguk pounds into him. When Jeongguk finds his sweet spot, Jimin cries out, loud. Jeongguk would worry someone heard him but he’s nowhere near the state of mind to worry, currently giving the last fuck he had to Jimin.

“Oh my god , right there. Just like that, Ggukie, fuck me like that.” 

Jeongguk groans in response, picking up the pace. They’re consumed by need, compelled to mate and breed. Jeongguk lets go of Jimin’s ankles, putting a leg on each shoulder before grabbing Jimin’s other hand, the movement allowing him to go deeper, bending Jimin right in half until their foreheads are touching. The air is stifling, sweat drips from his brow to Jimin’s but neither move nor blink. Alpha red meets omega gold as they fast approach their peak. 

Jeongguk eyes ask a question, Jimin’s have an answer. 

“Mine. Always mine.”

With those final words Jeongguk goes for it, intending to make his dream a reality. His canines extend fully and saliva pools in his mouth, thick with mating hormones. He times it perfectly, driving in one last time when he feels the base of his cock begin to swell. He rams in as deep as possible, pressing right up against Jimin’s womb and it’s all it takes for Jimin to release between them, his mouth hanging open in a soundless scream. 

Jeongguk comes with a roar that shakes the walls, knot fully forming just as he releases his load into Jimin. He roars again and Jimin tilts his head, baring his neck, and Jeongguk immediately bites, he bites hard.

At first all he tastes is the sweet metallic of blood. But then he’s overcome with the overwhelming feeling of home, of being whole. It’s like he’s able to breathe for the very first time, like a sip of water in a desert. He can feel Jimin in a way he never knew possible. Squeezing around him, pressed against him, and inside him, inside his heart and soul. 

Hormones pour from his mouth like nectar, seeping into the bite and Jeongguk doesn’t want to waste a single drop. He locks his jaw as their bodies buck together, their release seemingly never ending, draining them completely. Jimin’s a blubbering mess, completely limp as Jeongguk fills him up with come to the point where it oozes out from around the alpha’s cock impales the omega. 

When the seemingly last drop sputter outs, Jeongguk unhinges his jaw, licking the wound even though it’s already scabbed over. The taste of their combined essences takes the strength out of his arms and he falls on top of his new mate, sinking impossibly deeper into the most delicious heat. They both groan in unison.

“S’full...S’big….I c-can’t-” Jimin bawls.

“Yes you can,” Jeongguk rasps, throat spent. He kisses Jimin behind his ear and anywhere else he can reach. “You were made for me, love. Made for my knot, my perfect little omega.”

Jimin preens, tired eyes trying hard to stay open.

“Yours.... Only yours…” Jimin barely manages a whisper as his eyelids fall, “M-mine too…”

Jeongguk closes his eyes, too. Knowing that this time when he wakes up, he won’t be alone. He’ll never be alone again.  

“I’m yours.”


Something’s not right. 

Ten years is a long time for anyone to spend alone. It becomes really easy for a person to slip into madness when all they have is themselves for company. Jeongguk had been aware of the risk, so he’d made sure to prevent it. He had a reason to go back, a mate he had to return to. He had used the name as a beacon, to remind himself of who he was. 

Never did he need it more than during his ruts. Jeongguk has only spent two ruts with someone else, with Jimin. The rest were spent alone, in the dirt, like a wild animal. He remembers the hopelessness, the feeling of utter defeat every time his rut end with him still mateless, the shame. And the pain. Ruts and heats last longer if a person has no one to spend them with, their bodies fighting to remain fertile for as long as possible to allow mating. Jeongguk’s body would often stay in rut for days in anticipation of a partner, his knot refusing to pop no matter how many times he jerked off. Eventually he started fucking whatever he could in an attempt to trick his wolf. From piles of mud to whatever game he was able to catch before the rut hit. It didn’t work very well but it worked well enough and eventually he was able to manage his rut down to four days. Most ruts last about two days if the person is able to find someone to spend it with, one if it’s their mate.

Even though it feels longer, according to the clock on Jimin’s wall, it’s only been five hours since Jeongguk ran out of his shack. And out of that, maybe half was spent fucking and the other sleeping and recovering. Jeongguk had taken some time after a quick nap to clean them both up, sucking his seed and another orgasm out of Jimin’s ass before carrying him to the bathroom to wash them both up. He was about to go back to strip the bed but stopped immediately when the scent of his omega’s anguish took over the room.

“Don’t leave me…,” the omega begged, beyond desperate. 

He managed to strip the bed and get them both fed, all while carrying Jimin on his back. The omega watched with his chin on Jeongguk’s shoulder, occasionally drifting off, clearly still exhausted. Every now and then, Jeongguk would whisper a word of reassurance and scent him, just to keep him appeased. 

They’re laying in bed again, cuddled together so tightly they’re basically one being. Jimin’s listless, poor thing completely tuckered out. Jeongguk knows he should be taking this time to rest as well, but he can’t. 

His rut had been too short. Jeongguk isn’t too sure about the average length of heats but he knows it’s often the same, maybe a bit longer, than a rut since omegas were the ones being bred. He nuzzles Jimin’s neck, grinning when the omega makes a sound of annoyance but doesn’t otherwise move, letting Jeongguk do as he pleases. He rubs his nose against the mark he’d left only a couple of hours ago. The skin is warm but not overly so, not like before where it had felt like they were two lit matches coming together to form a bigger flame. In comparison to that, Jimin is downright freezing now. His heat is over.

The explanation couldn’t be as simple as mating. As relieved as Jeongguk is to have woken up without what he called his “post-rut hangover”, he can’t push away the odd sense of deja-vu. 

He kisses Jimin on the head, petting his hair as he struggles to find an answer. It feels like it’s right in front of him, just beyond his reach. Like he has all the right pieces but in the wrong places.

“Quit thinking so hard. You’re giving me a headache,” Jimin grouses. 

Jeongguk parks his train of thought, giving his full attention to the angel in his arms. Said angel is currently glaring at him, huffing to blow his bangs out of his face to make it more impactful but all it does is make Jeongguk laugh in pure delight. He draws Jimin closer, peppering his face with kisses despite his grumpy protests.

“What if I said I was thinking about you?” he asks, genuinely curious. 

Jimin rolls his eyes but he’s smiling, his facade already slipping. He’s blushing when he answers, “When are you not?”

Jeongguk laughs again. He hasn’t laughed in so long that it sounds odd to his ears now, his throat still raspy from earlier. But he can’t help it. Jimin makes him so fucking happy, he has to laugh. He tells him as much and Jimin goes red as a tomato.

“By the moon goddess, do you ever stop?!”

Jeongguk would worry he’d really upset the omega if not for his sweet scent giving him away. Regardless, he stops his teasing. He has to pee anyway and makes to get up when the sweetness that was surrounding him suddenly turns sour. He immediately flops back down, yanking Jimin close and scenting him. The sweet smell of jasmine returns, with hints of sandalwood, but it’s still slightly tainted. Jimin is trying to wriggle free, wanting to say something, so he reluctantly pulls back, but only slightly.

“Why’d you s-stop?,” Jimin asks, voice so small it makes Jeongguk want to move mountains for him.

“Jiminie, sweetheart, I was just going to the bathroom, I swear! I was going to come right back!” he knows he sounds desperate but he doesn’t care. Jimin is unhappy and that is absolutely not allowed. 

"Not now, before. When we were...when we were making l-love,” Jimin mumbles, troubled, his teeth digging into his lips. He looks so precious and Jeongguk could coo but he doesn’t. Instead he holds his hand, kisses his fingers as he waits for him to continue. 

“When you were going to mate me, why did you stop all of a sudden?,” he asks, “Did you change your mind?”

Jeongguk’s taken aback by the sudden question, “What?! No! Baby, I-”

“Did you have doubts? About me?” Jimin murmurs, head down in shame, “Was it because… because I’m…” he sniffles, his scent going sour again and Jeongguk’s throat burns with his need to howl. 

“Jimin, look at me,” he demands, all alpha.

Jimin peeks through his lashes, hair falling over his eyes. Jeongguk brushes it back before taking Jimin’s face into his hands, rubbing his thumbs across his cheeks. He really will never get over how pretty Jimin is, thanks each of his every god and goddess he knows that this omega is his, even if he doesn’t deserve him.

“I have wanted you as my mate since the day I learned what mating was, maybe even before that. I wanted you back then, I craved you when I was gone, I will always, always want you. Only you. Do you understand?” 

Jimin looks shocked, the fool, like all of this was somehow a surprise. He opens and closes his mouth a few times before he can find his voice,“Then why-”

“Because I hurt you,” the alpha whispers, his own shame coming through now, “Because I was worried about your head.”

Jimin blinks, mouth open in an “o”, and then he bursts into giggles. Jimin has a tendency to throw his whole body into a laugh and Jeongguk watches on, surprised and fascinated, as he laughs with abandon, smacking Jeongguk’s arm playfully.

“Oh my god, Ggukie, you still worry too much. I’m fine! I didn’t even feel it.”

“Yeah well, you could’ve been hurt. I never want to cause you pain.” Jeongguk replies dumbly, fully captivated by the vision before him. 

Jimin eventually stops laughing, beaming up at Jeongguk from where he lays against the pillows. He wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck pulling him down so he can kiss him, slowly, gently. 

“Trust me pup, I was feeling a lot of things but pain wasn’t one,” Jimin says, gaze softening, “You’ve never hurt me.”

The statement hangs between them, loaded and heavy. Jeongguk gulps. They’ve never, ever talked about that night. Jeongguk hadn’t even seen Jimin between the incident and the sentencing. Everyone had been careful to keep him away, had told Jeongguk Jimin didn’t want to see him, that he was too injured to see him, that he hated him. Lie after lie after lie. Jeongguk never believed a word.

But he was still young at the time. Not quite a pup but not a man either. He knew he couldn’t win if he tried to fight. The odds weren’t the problem though, he would fight entire armies for Jimin without blinking twice. But he couldn’t provide for him, he was too young to take care of him. Jimin deserved to be treated like a king and Jeongguk couldn’t do that then. So he had left, but not without making a promise to himself. That he’d survive, that he’d return, and that when he did, he would make Jimin his.

Now he was more than capable of taking care of Jimin. He could build them a home, hunt for their food, protect them from the world. He had spent ten years training himself, preparing for his life with his soulmate, the one he was born to be with forever.

“Jimin… I...”

Jimin shakes his head, wiping at his face and Jeongguk didn’t realize he had started crying. He swipes at his face, feeling dumb - Alphas don’t cry - but Jimin stops him. He grabs his hand, pressing a kiss into his palm and on his wrist, before placing it on his chest, right above his heart. 

“I love you.”

Jeongguk can’t breathe, his heart feels like it’s inflating in his chest, pressing against everything else inside him, crushing his lungs to dust and he can’t bring himself to care. 

Jimin bites back a grin, eyes showing his delight at Jeongguk’s reaction but he still looks a little nervous when he speaks, “Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk grunts.

“Do you… love me?” he asks.

There’s a saying about how there are no dumb questions. Jeongguk has always thought it was stupid but never before more than he does at this exact moment.

“Do I love you?” he parrots.

Jimin giggles, nodding slowly. He puts his hand against Jeongguk’s cheek in encouragement, “Do you?”

Does he love Jimin? Is the sky blue? Are the oceans green? Does the Earth go around the Sun?

“I do,” Jeongguk whispers like a prayer, “I really fucking do.”

Jimin’s eyes sparkle as his face splits into the biggest smile ever, looking like someone just granted every one of his wishes. Jeongguk wants to keep that look on his face forever.

“I love you,” he says and then kisses Jimin’s left cheek.

“I love you,” right cheek next.

“I love you, I love you, by the gods, Jeon Jimin, I love you so fucking much,” each declaration is sealed with a kiss and by the end Jimin is covered in his slobber but he doesn’t seem to care if his shrieks of laughter mean anything. It’s not until Jeongguk starts blowing raspberries on his tummy that Jimin finally stops him.

“Okay then we got to go,” he says and goes to get out of bed. Jeongguk pulls him right back down, confused by this turn of events.

“Go?” he asks, head tilting.

Jimin coos, “Yes, pup. We got to move quickly if we want to get out of here by daybreak.”

He tries to get up again but Jeongguk’s still got him pinned down, still not understanding what’s going on. Where were they going? Why were they going? What is Jimin talking about?

He doesn’t know what to ask first but finds he doesn’t need to, Jimin’s always been able to read him like a book. Ever since the day he was born. Jeongguk’s never been good at expressing himself. Words were too plain, they never captured what he wanted to say so he found himself not bothering with saying it. But Jimin always knew.

He pushes against Jeongguk’s shoulder, rolling them over and coaxing him to sit. Jeongguk ends up with Jimin in his lap, hands automatically finding his waist. Jimin kisses his nose for no apparent reason at all other than he wants to. Jeongguk likes that.

“We’re mated now. Which means we’re all each other has. Don’t!” he covers Jeongguk’s mouth before he can speak, “I know that’s always been true. You’ve always been the only one I could count on. Were always there when I needed you. Even when I didn’t need you, you were there! Following me around everywhere, copying everything I did, getting into fights when anyone would even look at me wrong,” Jimin chuckles, trying not to cry and failing but Jeongguk doesn’t comment.

“You were my protector, my family, my everything,” he says as he starts to cry and Jeongguk never thought there would be this much crying involved when he pictured this, his own eyes starting to sting.

“You were my whole world. And then you were gone,” Jimin wipes away his tears, gaze hardening, “I’m not letting them take you away again. I’m not letting you leave again. Not fucking again,” he may be crying but his voice is steady, strong. Jeongguk doesn’t know what to say.

“I packed up our stuff after you left last night. Well, my stuff. I had to steal a few things for you. From Jaebum, actually. Funny, huh?” he says with a wink and then hops off the bed towards his closet. Jeongguk takes a moment to appreciate his limp. He did that. 

Mine .

“I got blankets, clothes, a sewing kit, I even got dad’s old hunting rifles and some ammo, in case we run into a bear or something. Did you see any bears out there?”

Jeongguk nods, still temporarily mute.

“Cool! I’ve never seen a bear before. Well, a live one anyway. I got some furs from Mom and I think one of those is black bear. Oh! I got some tanning supplies, too. And I had Seokjin make us new hunting knives,” Jimin continues as he putters around, gathering little knick knacks from here and there, packing it up in the middle of his small cabin. All while Jeongguk sits on the bed, absolutely useless.

“Okay I think that’s everything. What do you think, baby?” 

In exactly thirteen minutes, Jimin got dressed, gathered everything he has been preparing for gods know how long, and packed it all up. In those same thirteen minutes, Jeongguk realizes a few things.

He and Jimin were running away.

They would never see their pack again.

They would never be on this land ever again.

It’ll be just the two of them, forever. Them against the world.

Just like it was meant to be.

He finally gets up and walks over to where Jimin is trying to fasten the strap on a tent, reaching over and doing it for him. He checks to see if it’ll hold before checking over everything else. It’s everything they could ever need, more than enough to start a life together. And it was just the start. A new beginning. 

He throws on the clothes Jimin’s laid out, the stench of the other alpha isn’t as strong as he thought it’d be and he realizes Jimin’s aired out the furs for him. He did all of this for him, to be with him.

“Jimin this, it’s incredible,” he says, voice full of pride, “You’re incredible.”

Jimin beams. 

Day breaks just as they’re about to step out the door, the first rays of sunshine reflecting through the crystals and reflecting all over the cabin. Jeongguk watches as they dance across the now almost empty kitchen, except for a canister on the counter.

“Hyung, don’t you want to bring some of your tea?” he asks as he hoists a pack onto his back.

“Huh?” Jimin replies, busy with his own pack straps.

“That special tea you got from Yoongi’s dad. You’re always drinking that stuff and I don’t think we’ll find those herbs in the wild,” he finally gets his pack on and helps Jimin with his, the rest of the supplies going into a wagon Jimin had made himself. He really thought of everything, Jeongguk wonders how long he’s been preparing for this.

“O-oh. Nah, it’s stale anyway,” Jimin says brusquely, herding the alpha outside

“Really? It tasted fine yesterday. Tasted exactly the same as the last time I tried it. Isn’t it the same batch?” He tries to remember when they had gone to get it. Jimin had made him wait outside, said it was important omega business. Jeongguk pointed out that Master Min was a beta but Jimin was already gone. It took forever, Jeongguk was about to fall asleep when Jimin came rushing out the door, blowing right passed him.Jeongguk was about to call out to him when he saw Master Min with Alpha Jeon walking towards the cabin. He doesn’t know why he ran, just remembers Jimin made him some tea as an apology. That had been right before...

“Uh yeah, but I’m over it. Been drinking the same crap for ten years. It’s boring. Now hurry up! Dad’s going to be up soon,” Jimin exclaims as he straps himself to the front of the wagon, handing Jeongguk his own.

“For fuck’s sake, is he still rising with the fucking sun?” he grouses. Jimin giggles in response.

A true leader is one that kisses the moon good morning and good night ,” Jeongguk recites, a near perfect impression that has Jimin leaning back onto the wagon with laughter. 

“You’re so stupid.”

Jeongguk can’t help but smile.

They shift together and take off.




Mine .

The pup clings to his brother as his mother tries again to take him to bed. “Jeongguk-ah, please. It’s late, honey. Let’s go to sleep and you can see Jiminie tomorrow.”

The pup doesn’t respond, just burrows deeper under the covers, hiding his face in his brother’s neck where the scent of jasmine is the strongest. Instantly, he feels at ease, his wolf calming down a bit. But it only lasts a moment as his mother tries again to pick him up. No! Mine, mine, mine...

She sighs in frustration as he grabs onto Jimin even tighter, “Jeongguk…”

“It’s okay, mama. He can sleep with me.” Jimin whispers, his voice almost too sweet. 

Jeongguk grins, knowing he’s won. Their mother sighs one more time before giving them both a kiss on the head and smacking Jeongguk on the bum, “Now I don’t want to hear a peep out of either of you. Jiminie?”

“Yes, mama?”

“I trust you to take care of your brother. Make sure you go straight to sleep, okay?”

“Yes, mama.”

Both pups cuddle closer as their mother turns off the lights and shuts the door, shrouding them in darkness. Immediately, Jeongguk rolls on top of his brother, nose seeking jasmine. Jimin giggles and gently tries to push him away, but there’s no real effort and they end up in a big ball of limbs, squeezed together as tightly as possible. 

“Jeonggukie...stop! That tickles! We have to go to sleep.” Jimin says between laughter, trying to stay quiet but unable to as Jeongguk nips at his skin. Jeongguk was still a pup and new to scenting. He’s used to being scented by the pack but he only recently started scenting others. Well, scenting Jimin. 

He only scents Jimin. 

And Jimin only scents him. He used to scent other people, their parents, their packmates, but Jeongguk didn’t like that, hated it in fact. Something about the scent of jasmine with anything else made his wolf really mad. It made him want to jump on people and bite them, but he couldn’t because Jimin said biting is bad and only mean people bite. Jeongguk didn’t want Jimin to think he was mean, but he also didn’t want to smell Jimin on anyone else. Or anyone else on Jimin. So he screamed and cried and threw a fit until Jimin pinkie promised he’d never scent anyone else except Jeongguk. Only Jeongguk. As it should be.

“P-please, pup.” Jimin whispers, biting his lip to keep from laughing, “If we don’t go to sleep, mama’s not going to let you sleep with me anymore.”

Immediately, Jeongguk stops, a stubborn look on his face, “No! Stay!”

Jimin smiles, puts his hands on Jeongguk’s cheeks, and kisses his nose to calm him. He whispers even softer, “I know you want to stay, pup. That’s why we got to sleep, okay? You’re my good pup, right?

Jeongguk nods. His eyes drift down to Jimin’s neck as he feels his cheeks go red. 

“I don’t know...You’re not acting like a good pup.” Jimin teases.

Jeongguk’s eyes snap back up, pleading, “Ggukie’s a good pup!”

Jimin giggles again, peppering the pup’s face with kisses before pulling him back down to cuddle. He tucks Jeongguk in under his chin, leaving one final kiss on his forehead. 

“Yes you are,” Jimin says as he falls asleep, “The best pup in the whole wide world.” 

Jeongguk’s face splits into a grin as he closes his eyes, his wolf wagging its tail. The smell of jasmine mixed with his own sandalwood permeates the air, the only sound that of Jimin’s soft snores, and Jeongguk finally allows himself to drift off.

Jeongguk may only be four years old, he may still be a pup, he may not yet understand his wolf, but he does know one thing. Jimin is his



“Jeonggukie! Want some tea?”